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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 30, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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tonight the coldest blast in decades turns deadly. temperatures plummeting even further, feeling like 50 below zero. >> worst i've ever seen. >> records shattered, flights canceled, schools cled, mail delivery stopped. president trump blasts his l own inteence chiefs telling them to go back to school after they publicly broke with his threat assesents on everythingom orth korea to iran. it was a $10 billion promise touted by the president to bring back american manufacturing jobs. but tonight there's word it may be a major promise broken. i s devastating for the taxpayers of wisconsin. this is something that's been typed up and it appears it was all, you know -- all for sho the nfl commissioner breaking his public silence on super lown call and th bowl controversy. a miraculous rescue caught
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on camer a father and son who pulled a teen from this fireball crash. how everyone made it out alive. underground mystery. a 50-yard tunnel found leading right under a bank. the fbi on scene investigating a wild criminal plot. and another major recall of chicken nuggets. 120,000 pounds in two the food sy alert your family needs to know. good eveni, everyone. cities are virtually paralyzed tonight in the midwest as the polar vortex holds millions in a dangerous and icy grip. a blast of atic air sweeping across the upper tier of the country now rapidly pushing toward the northeast. the weather blamed for at least six deaths so far. windchills are dipping as far as 50 below zero. so cold in chicago that fires were actually lit to keep commuter rails from freezing.
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r miguel almaguer is in the frozen zone tonight. >> reporter: it's not just the winter whiteout conditions and treacherous roads making headlines. it's also the bone-chilling deep freeze. hard to see but easy to feel. >> it's like stinging, it's like having a needle into your skin. >> reporter: today 210 million americlow freezing by emrning. 58 million of th waking up to subzero temperatures. records shattered in more than two dozen cities. among them chicago, the windy city a frozen tundra feeling like negative 52 >> it's brutal, man, this is the worst i've ever seen. ven see out of your glasses. >> can't see out of my glass, no. >> reporter: across the country it's just as brutal. >> i'm in des moines where we broke the record o13 below zero, right now it's 20 below, anat's without windchill. >> the feels-like temperature between right now anafsaturday ternoon will increase by 90 degrees. >> that cold weather is moving east and we're already seeing it and feeling it.
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overnight it's forecast to drope to 4 degrees iw york, and it will feel like 20 below zero. >> here in washington, d.c. it's also going to drop into the single digits anthe wind is going to make it feel like it's 15 below. >> reporter: many schools and universities in the midwest and northeast canceling classes.ra the ils and roads either empty or a nightmare. ying ice shattering windshields. thousands of flights canceled or delayed. ie homeless facing imminent danger, some huddl shelters. >> to me it's just hoping that can just srm for the night. >> reporter: it's so cold, if you go outside in wet clothes, this is what it looks like in just four minutes. so tough you can't bend it, and you can hear it. the u.s. postal service suspending deliveries in 11 states, too dangerous for mail carriers. you definitely don't want to be out here too long. my ears are frozen right now. >> reporter: at this minneapolis hospital, they've seen more frostbite patients this month
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than they do in a typicayear. >> the first signs of frostbite are pain, numbness, tingling. those types of things are warning signs that you should get inside. r orter: a killer cold, not ready to thaw out yet. with cities like chicago coated in thick chunks of ice, it is colder here than on mt. everest, in parts of apt artica, and siberia. to give you more perspective, lester, we were in l.a. yesterday. it feels 123 degrees colder here than there. lester? >> two words, good grief. miguel, thank you. let's turn to al roker. al, how much worse does it geto and whenit finally warm up? >> a snow squall line has opened the backdoor to brutally cold temperatures in the northeast, heavy sn moving through boston. lake-effect snow could drop up to 4 feet in ste new york. meantime, tomorrow morning brutally cold again, minus 4 in minneapolis.s mi for windchill. minus 45 chicago.
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minus 25 buffalo. the good news is we've got warming temperatures c in fact, believe it or not, by sunday, some places could feel like an 80-degree warmer swing in just 48 hours. that's the news we like tohear. lester? >> indeed we do, al, thanks very much. meantime, with much y the coun the grip of this freeze, president trump tweeted, quote, windchill reaching minus 60 degrees what the hell is ing on with global warming? please come back fast, we need you, end ntists say the invasion of record cold is in fact likely the result of climate change. and there's more evidence. in the form of scorching heat rand fires around the worht now. here's tom costello. >> reporter: across the globe, the weather picture is one of fire a ice. bone-numbing record cold in the midwest, fire and record heat in australia. s 120 degrees and hotter t month. >> what that really means is that fires will be uncontroable. they'll be fast moving. >> reporter: and yo-yo weather cycles.
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after the deep freeze in the u.s., a 50-degree rebound in th some cities wi days. hard to believe when you're frozen like an icicle, but experts say that arctic blast is in fact further evidence of climate change. in response to president trump's skepticism, the weather experts at noaa tweeting, winter storms don't prove that global warming isn't happening. here's why. at the north pole, scientists say the melting sea ice and ocean temperatures have caused the walls of the jet stream or polar vortex to break open like a dam in places. that has allowed arctic air to escape, rushing south into the midwest. >> notnly is greenhouse gas warming impacting the planet, ea but it'sy beginning to kick in and it's kicking in in the parts of the planet that are most sensitive, in particular arctic sea ice regions and the arctic. >> reporte all of us are feeling the effects. still, over the past decade, the u.s. has broken gh temperature records twice as often as cold ones.
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lester? >> tom costello, thanks. from government scientists i conting the president on climate change to his own intelligence chiefs publicly ntradicting the president on his threat assessments on north korea and iran. the president lashing out telling them to go back to school. hallie jackson has that falloutr orter: the president calling intelligence officials he hired passive and naive, suggesting in a tweet today they go back to school. after they publicly contradicted him, not just on iran -- >> i withdrew the united states from the horrible one-sided iran nuclear al. >> at the moment, technically they're in compliance -- >> reporter: on isis. >> we have won against isis. we've beaten them and we've beaten them badly. >> isis is intent on resurging. >> reporter: on russia. >> is russia still targeting the u.s., mr. president? >> no, next question. >> we expect russia will continue to wage its information against democracies. >> reporter: and on north korea. >> north korea's working out very well.
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>> the capabilities and threat that existed a year ago are still there. >> reporter: behind the scenes multiple sources tell nbc ne intelligence officials felt frustrated by the president's tweetsnd debated a response, but in the end decided that would be counterproductive stayed silent. republicans did not. >> it's the best we have, and of course we need to rely on them. ge reporter: the democratic head of the house intele committee warned rhetoric like the president's is downright dangerous. >> i'd ask the president this. you've got the best intelligence es in the world, listen what they have to say. when you ignore them, you do that at our country's peril. >> reporter: hallie jackson, nbc news, the white house. and while that drama plays out in washington, president tr p's jobs agenda took a hit far away in wisconsin.ia tech foxconn is rethinking plans for a multibillion-dollar plant touted by the president that was supposed to bring thousands of jobs. with more on that here's kristen welker. >> reporter: for president trump, foxconn's new $10 billion plant was personal. >> foxconn.
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>> foxconn. >> reporter: even marke groundbreaking himself last year rgisconsin. >> one of the laest jobs ever built in the world. >> reporter: the promise, to create 13,000 jobs, many blue collar, to manufacture lcd panels for tv screens and other products. in a surprising development overnight, foxconn told reuters the company is now considering significantly scaling those plans. n' terms of tv, we have no place in the u.s., we compete, one executive told the news outlet. now instead of a factory, foxconn sayst wants to create a technology hub.ed the state promore than $4 billion in tax incentives. >> it's devastating for the taxpayers of wisconsin. this is something that has been hyped up. it appears that it was all, you know -- all for show. >> reporter: tonight foxconn tellnbc news, we remain committed to the creation of 13,000 jobs, adding, the globalv marketonment that existed when the project was first announced has changed.
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but the company didn't get specif. so what are the implications for president trump and the economy? >> i think they can deduce that the presidenwasn't paying attention to what works in manufacturing. he's got his name all over thisl e. >> reporter: no response yet from the white house. for his part, president trump tried to put the focus on the stock market which topped 25,000 toy. mr. trump calling that tremendous news. lester? >> krist welker at the white house, thank you. od also tay, president trump spoke with venezuela's opposition leader who's locked in a standoff with embattled president nicolas maduro as large protests against maduro once again filled the streets.dr nbc's mitchell has the story. >> reporter: tonight massive cr ds supporting opposition leader juan guaido calling for the ouster of venezuela's embattled leader nicolas maduro. it's a cold war showdown. guaido supported by the u.s. anr most of latin a, challenging maduro, bankrolled by russia, appearing on russian
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state television thanking vladimir putin. maduro accusing president trump of ordering a hit squad to hill him, trying to show military strength. u.s. officials warning maduro s.ainst any violence toward guaido or americ president trump tweeting he called guaido and reinforced strong united states support. >> this is not a u.s. initiative. this is an initiative for which althe credit belongs to th venezuelan people. >> reporr: tonight the white house is tightening the financial squeeze on maduro, blocking him from getting any revenue from h state-owned oil mpany. lester? >> andrea mitchell, thanks. back home, breaking news in chicago where police say they're seeking potential persons of interest in the alleged attack actor jesse smallet, star of the hit show "empire." nbc's ron motis there and has more for us. >> reporter: tonight, chicago police say detectives have spotted potential persons of interestn the alleged assault of "empire" actor jesse smallett after poring through hundreds oe hours of slance video. smallett says he was the victim
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of an attack early tuesday morning. police confirm the actor was nptured on video inside a subway restauranr his apartment building shortly before he says he was attacked. smallett's manager called police to the actor's apartment 40 minutes after the alleged attack. when the officers responded the actor was still wearing thin rope that he says was used in the assault. according to authorities the actor had light cuts and a scratch on his face. police say officers arrived with r body cameras rolling. as is procedure they asked smallett if he wanted to stop recording exaldne that he hem yes. chicago pd say they have a dozen detectives on the case and they're expanding the search of the city's surveillance network, one of the most extensive in the asu.s. smallettot responded to our request for comment. tonight the search for potential persons of interest wante for estioning now in a high-profile alleged assault. ron mott, nbc news, chicago. another deepening mystery in st. louis where a young officer was laid to rest today after a deadly alleged game of russian roulte with a fellow officer
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now prosecutors suggest police have obstructed the investigation. here's nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: today in st. los, a funeral for 24-year-old police officer kaitlin alex. at >> kie was the best child. >> reporter: now her family desperate for answers. >> we need to sort through the fact and the fiction. and what's rumor and what's real. >> reporter: but tre are only more questions. after this sharply worded letter from the city prosecutor blasting police for immediately calling alex's death an accident. al discharge of a weapon. >> reporter:hat the prosecutor says was a predisposed conclusion about the outcome of a case.ce offir nate hendren has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after shooting alex in his a late-name of russian roulette turned deadly, according to investigators. hendren and his partner, who was also there and has still not been identified, were on duty. alex was not. the city prosecutor sa and alcohol may have been
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involved. her letter accusing the police department of appearing to obstruct the investigation by collecting only urine and a breathalyzer when her office wanted blood samples. the directorf public safety hit back. >> to suggest that an officer is engaging in any obstruction of justice is ludicrous. >> reporter: hendren suspended without pay. while his attorney writes, there is no evidence nor will there ever be that this was anything more than a agic accident. stephanie gosk, nbc news.> night the nfl commissioner's breaking his silence on that blown call leaving the super bowl in turmoil, and his answers aren't likely to make saints fans happy. with more, here's gabe gutierrez. >> pass is incomplete, no flag. >> reporter: ten days after the refs decided n to call this pass interference penalty, dashing the super bowl dreams of the new orleans saints -- >> we understand the frustration. mi >> reporter: cioner roger goodell finally broke his silence saying he never considered changing the outcome
7:15 pm
of the nfc championship game. >> should the saints be here, and is this game tainted? >> the game of footbal played on the field. and they're played by humans, they're coached by humans, they're officiated by humans. we understand the disappointmeni of the snts fans, the organization and the players. >> reporter: fans so outraged some have sued. goodell's comments not satisfying matt bowers, who's bought several billboas to make it clear he thinks the saints were robbed. >> it was devastating. it's insulting to me that roger goodell would somehow insinuate he understands how we feel. >> reporter: the saints head coach saying he's trying to get past it. >> i eat ice cream and watch netflix for three straight days -- >> reporter: goodell says the league will consider expanding the use of instant replay but cautions a judgment lester? >> gabe gutierrez in atlanta. and by the way, if you're planning a super bowl party, y befo put chicken nuggets on the menu, there is a food safety warning we need to tell you about. here's nbc's steve patterson. >> reporter: tonight a major
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recall from one of the country's leading food producers. tyson foods is recallingore than 36,000 pounds of chicken nuggets that may be contaminated with rubber. the voluntary recall is for the company's white meat panko chicn nuggets sold in five-pound packages with a best use date of november 26, 2019 printed on t package. the announcement comes after the company says it received consumer complaintabout extraneous material, specifically rubber, found in the nugget >> we have to worry about the rubber itself causing people to choke -- >> repter: so far, no nfirmed cases of injuries. purdue foods recently recalled n68,000 pounds of chickenuggets that may have been contaminated with wood. inspectors are recommending anyone with the recalled products to return it to the store or simply throw it away. steve patterson, nbc news. next tonight, the father and son who rescued teen after a fiery head-on crash. then the mystery police found under what they thought was a sinkhole.
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next tonight the shocking video, a fiery head-on collision and the and son good samaritans. with more,st these nbc's kri dalgren. >> reporter: no one saw it coming. >> they're going about 50 milest an hour in wall of fire. >> reporter: 18-year-old sam la chance headed back to college in new hampshire when his jeep veered off course and into a le tractor-tr all captured on mark cramer's dash cam. so what ensued was a miracle. >> reporter: he anjohn were on their way to the dentist. but ended up saving a life. pulling sam from the burning wreckage. >> we don't know what's going to happ, if it's going to explode -- >> reporter: sam's family got the call their son was in the hospital >> it's terrifying. >> reporter: but then they saw the video and realized just what a miracle as sam was alive at all. >> if he didn't have those people there to help him, we'd be telling a different story. >> reporter: sam still has a long way to go.
7:20 pm
he has a brain injury and severe burns. but tonight he's sitting up and talking. >> there's no rds. m just incredibly grateful. >> reporter: grateful to heroic strangers who happened by at exactly the right time. kristin dalgren, nbc news. >> brave men. amazing everyone survived. next, the secret te nel and thot police say it's linked to. but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor for postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer, approved, with hormonal therapy, as an everyday treatment for a relentless disease. verzenio + an ai is proven to help women have significantly more time without disease progression, and more than half of women saw their tumors shrink vs an ai.
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back to tell you about that underground mystery, a tunnel discovered leading right toward a bank.e i trying to figure out if there's an elaborate heist plot. behind i here's kerry sanders. >> reporter: at first it just sm looked likall sinkhole.en th the fbi found boots, a winch, a wagon, extension cords, a generator. a 50-yard tunnel leading to a bank. >> even if you could get into the bank, isn'the vault the real problem? >> i want to talk to them. i want to talk to them, yeah, lese are great questions. >> reporter: the fking for a suspect that one agent joked must be about the size of an
7:24 pm
abnormally fat gopher, able to i in a space only two feet wide. agents sayhe caper was foiled by mother nature. the soil here in south florida is mostly a diy sand, unable to support a tunnel after the ground was soaked by recent rains. m likeie, a mysterious tunnel, a criminal plot, a suspect that got away. least for now. kerry sanders, nbc news, pembroke pines, florida. >> ptty unbelievable. up next, fans celebrate the fab four's farewell 50 years later. irection. irection. talk to your doctor about xeljanz, a pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis. xeljanz is the first and only fda-approved pill for moderate to severe uc. it can reduce symptoms in as early as two weeks, improve the appearance of the intestinal lining, and provide lasting steroid-free remission. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections
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even fans who weren't born thenu paid t around the world today. here's kevin tibbles. >> reporter: it was 50 years ago today.♪ ♪ jojo was a man who thought he was a loner ♪ep orter: the fab four played live for the last time. ♪ get back get back >> reporter: abewildered lunchgrs and london bobbys gazed up from the street below. 1969, the beatles were on the verge of breaking up when john, paul, george, and ringo tried out new tunes high atop the band's london offices. today the beatles were celebrated with rooftop concerts around the world. from where it all started in liverpool -- ♪ back in the uss >> reporter: to austin, texas. miami. ♪ don't let me down >> reporter: even in frigid new york. >> greatest band of all-time, bar none. bar none. anybody argues, they're wrong. >> reporter: music that gets you moving no matter the temperature. >> i always listened to thems
7:29 pm
was growing up. >> reporter: a half century later,ust two beatles remain. but their music, well, let it be, forever. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. g >>ss what will be on my playlist going home tonight. that's "nightly news." i'm lester holt.
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lights, camera, access. >> the "empire" family, was attacked byunch of hiyenas today. >> as the report for jussie smollett grows, wt


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