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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  January 31, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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60s move back in. we're rid dy for a break. >> yeah. >> that'she only thing keeping us going, the 60s. while so many of us hunker down, firefighters are forced to do their job out in the frigid conditions. a number of fires this morning had crews across our region, and temperatures well below freezing. s coreth joins us now with our team coverage in silver spring. corey? >> reporter: we've been following these fire crews all day, very busy. they just put one out here in silverspring. we thought that would give us an opportunity to talk about safety how many times do you hear us talk about space heaters, when used incorrectly they present a fire danger. say you own a fireplace, that can present air too. today signsere evide across the dmv, firefighters a little bitting flames and frigides
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temperat it appears efforts to stay warm overnight may have led to at least two accidents. investigators say apa heater overnight led to an electrical fighter i this germantown home. a reminder to leave space around your space heater and plug it into a wall. and in laurel, investigators are looking at a possibly that improperly stored ashes rekindled and started this fire. >> people put it in a bag, and put it in the garage. >> reporter: he says about three to four y fires perr are caused by ashes that haven't been put away properly. ug >> alt it seems cool and you had the fire yesterday, f ose ashes retain their heat and a little bit owind is enough to get the embers going. >> reporter: how do you protect yourself? >> fireplaceshes should be in a galvanized metal htcan, t
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lid, away from anything that may burn. away from the house. >> reporter: whether it's storing ashes or using a space b heater, tt advise we can give you is check these things before youo towork, to bed, make sure that space heater is off, plugg into a wall and make sure the ashes are stored as far away from the home as possible. >> corey, great advice. we'll check back at 6:00. wendy? >> a group providing a little relief from the it's a nprofit called corner stones, distributing free wter coats, hats, gloves and scarves to people in need. tonight a until 7:00 the north county government center. it'll go on until march. this is good to hear. this group is so well stocked,o it not need any additional
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donations. help for people displaced by the massive fire at the senior home in southeastast september. today they were presented with a $10,000 check to get them winter coats and other items. many of theenrs who lived at the home are low income residents. the donation is part of a panership by united healthcare and the wider circle. storm team 4 is working for you as we ride out this polar vortex. download the nbc washington app to track this cold and to get specific alerts in your neighborhood. check out the massive recovery made by cusms and border protection agents this morning in arizona. the agency said it's the largest single seizure of fentanyl in their history. agents found more than 250 pounds of fentanyl and nearly 400 pounds of meth on a truck carrying produce from mexico into the u.s.hrough a legal port of industry. officials say the drugs had a
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combined street value of more than $5 million. >> it consisted of more than 100 packages of fentanyl, mainly powder form, ten of which wer in pill form. in addition, officers removedn more t 300 packages of methamphetamine. >> the driver of that truck, who's from mexico, isn federal custody tonight. law enforcement officials say in recent yearsl fentany has become the biggest source of fatal overdoses in our country. meantime, president trump, who has claimed a southern border wall would stop the flow of illegal drugsryn the cou is once again signaling he might declare aational emergency. he said republicans in the bipartisan focussed on cutting a border security spending deal are, quote, wasting their time. >> on february 15th, the committee will come back. if they don't have a wall, i
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don't want to waste my time reading >> there's not going to be any money in the legislation. technology, infrastructure at the ports of entry. >> house speaker nancy pelosi. she did not rule out what she called norman dy-style fencing in some areas. democrats are offering $22 billion in border security funding that does not include money for a wall. federal workers who have been paychecks if their for more than a month now, should get relief today. many a governmentncies sent out a special paycheck for money at was owe during the shutdown. some agencies will be sending out pay in one lump sum. others will be sending out two paychecks since the pay periods were missed. there are some agencies that ve not issued checks. workers should check with their individual agencies for
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guidance. people came home to this unsettling scene, flashing lights, someone shot and killed two men in the driveway of an uiapartmenting here on 57th . avenue prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins talked to concerned residents today. >> i'm moving today. >> reporter: the shootings in this neighborhood have become too much fors tman. >> i've been here five years and there's been at least ten. >> in this immediate area. >> yes. >> reporter: the latest lght at the drive of her apartment complex in bladensburg. >> my wdow is there, god throughhe bullets come my window. >> reporter: one victim was found inside the car, one ow outside the the shooting happened around 5:00 p.m. on wednesday. >> it hd fairly busy time, even with the cold weather we're
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hoping someone in the neighborhood may have seen or heard something that can help us. >> reporter: police are looking for a motive and possible suspects responsible deadly shooting. >> what safety measures do we have? >> reporter: this resident say while's moving in hopes of finding a safer neighborhood. ut >> what a these murders, these young people being these families left with no answers. >> reporter: they confirm there's been a nber of shootings in this area and a few homicides in the last few years. they believed that problem had turned a corner until last night. they're asking anyone with information to help case contact the police. now bladensburg are increasiincreas increasing prols in that neighborhood. a man accused of making bomb threats against the pentagon, cnn, and otherocions have entered a guilty plea in court, his name is george tomasack.
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he admitted to making threatening phone calls. as partis of plea deal he admitted to threatening to blow up those locations. and phone records show he made calls to the white house, the department of justice, the f bi tv stations in fbaltimore,t worth texas and sacramento. he's facing up to five years in prison. you won't be able to pla a legal bet on the super bowl in our area but you'll probably be able toet on nba and nhl playoffs. the wizard's and cap's owner said it should be at the arena by he made comments to our partners at wtao radio today. >> reporter: ted has been steadfast in his support of expanding legalized sports betting. of. at are we so afraid
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>> reporter: appearing on wtoa's radio, the owner of the wizards and capitals, pointed to april when betting will be available inside his arena. >> my expectation is there will be built a very, very high end, world class restaurant called the sports book. there'll be televisions showing games from all over the world and that people will be able to come in and watch games and dine and bet. and that is something that happens all over theworld. >> leon the arenisa so you can placeet on your lunch break or dinner, not just when a game is going on. >> it'll drive traffic throughout the day. i don't think it'll be 24/7 but we would like to utilize where city.cated in the i'm sure the nats are a lookingt something similar. >> he's alsownhe of two
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arena football teams and sai arena betting will be the first big test. you know how to gamble on football. here's a way to do it in a real-time way. we want to make the arena football league not only a great spectator sport but the first sport to do gaming and gambling on. >> the nationals could also be offering betting this spring. as for the mobile app, that's been delayed leawhi as the d.c. company debates who gets that contract mark segraves, news4. a setback if you wereoping to gamble in casinos in virginia because a state senateommittee just amended a major casino bill that would have allowed local areas to voten this issue as soon as november. the amendment now extends time to 2020. that's when the state will hold another vote on whethero allow casinos. the bill also calls for a casino
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study. the bill now heads to the full legislature. a horrific crime brought into the light. teenagers sold for section in our communities. and sometimes caught on camera. a local survivor tells her story to our news4 i team. >> this could be happening in hotels, in bars. >> reporter: broken glass, n th what you want to see when you come back to your car at a metro parking lot. i'm adam tuss i'm going to tell you about a rash of break-ins and where they happened. we have a winter eather advisory going into effect because some of you could see snow
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well, ate's about 5:1 folks. we have another night of brutal cold on tap. ande there is s light at the end of the tunnel. doug is back in 30 minutes with aec ft that includes the 60s.
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atonight, rare glimpse at what's often considered an invisible crime. we're talking aboutuman trafficking. >> an investigation by the news4 i team reveals a fast rising number of trafficking rings booked and broken up by the feds. including one operate a few blocks from the white house. as scott macfarlane reports, the cases are difficult to crack, even though the bad guys are suspected of operating throhout our region. n>> reporter: atht in the heart of d.c. so many people, so much action. it's easy to miss something that might not look right. like this car and a young girl, just 15 years old in the lobby of a d.c. hotel. surveillance images captured her walking in an upstairs hallway with multiple men. >> this could be happening in
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hotels, in rs. >> reporter: this is what some human trafficking cases look like, s blocks from the white house. it's an affluent area. >> reporter: t fbi helped shut down this week. the fs said these two men met the 15-year-old girl at a relative's house and then pulled her into a trafficking ring. advertising her for sex on back >> they move them up and down the east coast. generally it travels through richmond, d.c. and baltimore. >> reporter: both men face 11 years in prison. the hotels near i-5 corror, a magnet. it's an age-old crime, ineasing in frequency, as technology makes itr eas to
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match seh maellers with buyers. we analyzed data and found a spike in investigations requiring t fbi. a 20% spike. more than 300 major cases in one year. >> it's like living in a war zone 24/7. >> reporter: elizabeth corey of vi ainia is survivor of sex trafficking. the crime happened a generation ago but still impas herfe. >> just because the trafficker goes to prison doesn't mean the victim feels safe. >> not at all. you can't completely convince a survivor they're not in danger. >> reporter: experts say the number of victims isde stimated. the number of victims identified by prosecutors should not be umconfused with ther of actual victims. therosecutor said the trauma can go on for years. >> a number oicthems are till under control of their traffickers, they've been mentally ma lip nated.
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a number of victims f.l trau >> reporter: a spokesperson for holiday inn told t i team our hearts and prayers are with the victims of this crime. t said it could not comment on the case since it was not a named defendant. scott macfarlane, news4 i team. >> you can wat the i team story by visiting our nbc washington app and you can send them any tips they should be checking out doug kammerer, it was -- we don't use that word brutal -- >> no. >> -- tay was little biting out there. >> especially this morning. that's why it was so important for the kids to ha a delay today. the sun came up. you heard in some of the pie we've done today, that was the only way to have any heat on your body. it was so cold. wind chills below zero early this morning. not quite as cold tomorrow morning so we may not have delays because of that. we may haveec delaysse of the snow coming in. >> whoa.
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it's not going to be much and it's not going to be like belie thishis was buffalo. tc histo blizzard around the buffalo area. upwards of 20 ines of snow so far in buffalo. most of this was lake effectmi off lake erie, just amazing theee cold, 21 de below zero, near whiteout conditions throughout the day yesterday. hours of this yesterday, they are still under a winter storm warning right now. a lot of times buffalo misses the heaviest snow. it's normally just down to the south. but this time it s upper perfectly for them coming right off the lake. it it's nasty. for us, not nastyt all, it's nice and bright. let's take this down a little bit. i know we can't, i'm kidding. 24 degrees right now, winds out of the south at a 7 milhour. we need the brightness and sunshine.
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11 degrees martinsburg, 10 in gaithersburg. notice where we got 20s, no wind. reere is no wind chill so the current temperas 27 in culpepper. everybody below freezing. that's going to pla a role in what happens tomorrow. the wind chills around the stat college, five below inla pittsburgh. we're warmer than to the nord c, 52 below yesterday, 19 below right now. here's the storm. it'soing to make its way across the country to our area. this is anlberta clipper, we see these all the time. a clipper because it moves fast and it will be here early tomorrow morning. 11:00 tonight, no problems. but temperatures are falling, still well below freezing and because we have the frozen ground, anything that falls tomorrow sticks mediately.
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7:00 a.m., snow down towards part of northern virginia and i tho the d.c. metro area and gets going around 10:00, 11:00 around the region. notice how this is setting up, ound the beltway, points to e north, to the south. look at the whole, that's why this is not under a winter atheradvisory. just like i was showing you where the snow is, not much at all down to the south. the fredericks hagerstown area is where we'll see the most. 30 degrees saturday.48 on i'm calling it mild because it's going to feel like a heat wave. 53 on sunday, near 60 on monday. super bowl sunday looking great. esoking at the l numbers right now, amelia and i will it take a look at see you at 5:45. coming up this day, not a good one to be without heat. >> that's what happened at an
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area school. what it was like for those they had to sit in glass with no heat and no power. >> we are in the trenches on the coldest day of the year with the siest folks in town, the men and women of wsse. busy today working on broken valves and water
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metro wants to know who smashed a dozen car windows at one of their parking lots yesterday. now some people who use that lot
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regulasy tell they're concerned about their personal nafety. our transportat reporter adam tuss is at the southern avenue station tonight with new details. >> reporter: broken glass over and over and over and over again. at the southern avenue metro station. >> make you thinkwice when you park your car? >> yeah i'm going to move my car now. it's crazy. >> reporter: hearing the news that a dozen cars were broke into wednesday. >> you would think the security around here is, you know, kind of legit because they always n us us we're safe, depend for your cars. there's signs around saying we're here for your safety. so why would it happen? >> tralator: whoever did all this was clearly looking for something. here's one of the spots a break in happened. yo can see amongst the glass is a granola bar, a pen, another granola bar. this person was looking for something specific.
5:25 pm
they said the thooef or thieves got away with a tap let and handicapped placard. overall crime is down in metro parking lots, according to police statistics. 349 incidents in 2017, compared to 219 last year. drivers here say they've learned >> i don't leave anything valuable in my car. if somebody breaks in they'r going to be disappointed. >> there's nothing in my car but cat thuff. to have muchng luck breaking into my car. >> reporter: police investigating and they do say they have a lead. at the souther avenue metrost ion, monadam tuss, news4. metro is reminding all ndrivers toer leave valuables in plain sight. the steps in gorgetown, now protected byc the histo preservation office. the set of 97 steps between m
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street and prospect, is most famous for the pivotal death een in the movie "the exorcist". it's next to the old capital station, the transit hub for treat carsack in the y. the steps were built between 1894 and 1895. >> long before "the exorcist" movie. >> and it takes a hundred years to get up there. >> it does. >> it's a stat that makes your heads turn. nearly half of all americans have heart disease. dr. john torresoins us to break down what that means and what we should be doing about it. a power outage leaving two chools without electricity and heat. i'm david culver. just ahead how the students kept warm on what is the coldest day of the year. > after this deep freeze comes
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the law. and the water company is preparing for what could be a very busy few ds
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cancen won't wait for appoin to open up, test results to come back, or treatment plans to start.ce at ctreatment centers of america,
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we make time for cancer patients. time to answer questions, relieve worries, and turn indecision into good decisions. because cancer won wait, and we don't think you should either. ca or go online anytime to set up an appointment with our team of cancer experts. cancer treatment centers of america. tappointments available now.h our team of cancer experts. this is drone that goes over lake michigan right a portions of chicago. look how cold that looks. but this is showing the
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cinolteraction bet air t and is, aifferent body of water. this is actually the hudson. ice b wakerse out on the hudson earlier today, breaking up the ice so that, yeah, they could continue to traverse the hudson river because of the extreme cold. look at the wind chills, 23 below in minneapolis. chicago up to i 6 below,s warming. buffalo still 20 below after a his or the you can blizzard there, up to 2 feet.we e tracking snow, and because temperatures are below freyting ng that falls tomorrow morning will stick. we're not expecting a lot ofsn but a winter whether advisory is in effect from 6:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. we have a new snowfall total mak we'll bt down for you. amelia joins me in about 15 minutes. he cold hard facts were in the lesson plans at sever schools today. >> students from four schools started their day in the cold,
5:31 pm
dark classroom. david culver is liveutside falls church high school. the power is back on, but students were not orhappy. >> rr: they were not. they were tweeting their frustration. some of them calling our news4 news room saying it is cold and wease in we need to get out. many of them telling me they hsh schoo been called off. tonight, class dismissed, students back home after a frigid start to the day. >> i'm not going to take my sweater off. >> reporter: we met this student heading into class. her friends had already texted her the power was out and with it the heat. >> a l of people were saying it's too ridiculous to be here. they want to t pt theirents and go home. >> i saw a lot of people come to school with blankets and coats. >> reporter: this is the coldest day of th year and to not have heat -- >> yeah, that's definitely an experien. not the most pleasant. >> reporter: ethan's mom dropped
5:32 pm
him off but did not go too far. >> i'm kind of concerned. i'm staying in the areaust in case i have to pick him up. >> reporter: with a delayed stlt, the sch tweeted before 9:30 they were out of power. dominion's outage map showed 1,000 people affected. itncluded three other schools, including timber lane. when we got there at noon, their power had been restored. >> hour power has been restored. please resume your noresl day activi >> reporter: by midday, falls church tweeting their power was back on. >> we didn't do much. >> it was hard to focus. and teachers couldn't use their computers and power points. >> reporter: we asked the school system why not let the students go home rl go back home? their point, there was an area wi outage, their concern you let the kids go out into their
5:33 pm
homes that like wise would not have heat. so they decided to monitor the temperatures in the sools and they had a plan should the temperatures drop too low to relocate students. orocal water workers, these frigid temperatures mean one thing. get ready for water main breaks. many of us know all too well how they can affect your homes and our commutes. believe it or not, what happens in the pipes has a lot to do with the potomac river. >> when that rer temperature hits a new low for the season. we know we're goingo see an increase in water main breaks. because the colder than normal water is moving through the pipes and in a matter of speaking it shocks them. >> coming up in the days ahead i got down ithe trenches with water workers, my hat was off ts them, but it on. we'll show you what it takes to fix a broken water main and
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melve and keep the water flowing to your it's the next hand it to handily in february. you can count on news4 to keep you ahead of any developing weather. get theorecast for any neighborhood in our nbc washington app. there's some alarming health news about america's number one killer. a new report from the american heart association now finds nearly half of all americans have heart disease. that's more than 120 million people. joining us to put this in perspective is nbc's medical correspondent, dr. johns torres. those numberspe j because of the guidelines that classify high blood pressure and its dangers, correct? >> yes. every year the american heart association comes out with thi report. what hasn't changed is heart disease isti the number one killer of adults in
5:35 pm
it'sally cardiovascular ,sease, stroigh blood pressure, the newest one they included and they changed themb s of what's diagnosed as high blood pressure. in the past 140/90 is what we were looking at now they're saying 130/80. which means a lot more people are in that bucket. the important point hers since so many people now have this new dinose, that means more people need to look at themselves and take care of themselves. it's important to get your blood pressure check and looked at it td bring your blood pressure down. main thing people do is take blood pressure medicine. that's what ty've been doing for decades, but there are other ways to treat it't that d require medication. >> exactly. there are other ways to treat it. not everyone nesds blood re medication. that's another big thing that came out of the report. if you're in the area just above
5:36 pm
130, they say try indidiet and g it down. if we can't get it down we'll talk about medication. unless you have a history of heart disease in the past. but the other thing, there's good news and bad new to the report. they found out obesity, blood pressure and diabetes have gone up over the years. the good news is inactivity has gone down and smoking has gone down. there'shings we're working on, things we're doing well. and there are things you can d to bring your blood pressure down, simple dieting, exercise, and the importantmportant is sleep. 7 hours is important we get that. >> that explains why we were showing people video of people in bed sleeping while you were talking. >> exactly. >> that's critical and that is the new deprivation it apprs for man americans, not enough sleep. your. can watchtorres' full
5:37 pm
report on nbc "nightly news" at 7:00. a backlash on a national level over a bill to loosenio restri on abortions. during the third trimester of pregnancy coming up at 5:00 we go indepth to find out what the bill is about. bringing the arts to southeast d.c. coming up i
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helicopter from the vietnam war era as the future national army museum. this was the huey as it was called, used for medevac evacuations, air assaults. we're told this one survived eight years o combat missions in vietnam. next week they'll install the sicorsi. the army is hoping to on this new museum sometime next year. >> cannot wait to see it. bringing the s artsth of the anacostia river. 8 where ce in ward neighbors can create paintings, sculpturnd a lot more. and as aimee cho found they're connecting through art. >> from the outside it looks like any other apartment building.
5:41 pm
right now i'm doing this trance lucent yes local. >> step inside and you find pictures. welcome to nonstop art. it's a maker's space offering free supplies to the people who live herenderhaps the only colorful than the artist's work is their commentary. and keep my mind occupied keeps me out of trouble. >> reporter: residents like edith come down stairs and pick up a pen. >> i live by myself. >> reporter: the residents aren't just limited to drawing. they have sawing machines, and 3d printing. the founder crew up in southeast. >> this is home. i think that southeast has given me so much.
5:42 pm
and my personal career, everyone from ward eight to 1 is welcome here. >> you add my e, the bones are rattling and you feeling bad sometime so you do something to make yourself feel>> good. ot only do some of the artists learn how to make beautiful pieces of clothing, they also you learn the business side and sell their works of art. >>t's a joy to do something. if you can't do it, someone is here to help you. >> reporter: aimee cho, news4. it's television's big night. the super bowl, but some don't care much about the game, they're there for the commercials. just ahead we'll look at some of the more anticipated ads. controversy over the bill to liftic resons over third trimester abortions. >> coming up we go indepth on this issue that's put virginia in the spotlight. cloud will beincreasing overnight tonight and tomorrow morning scattered showers out there with a winter weather
5:43 pm
advisory. thankfully chopper 4 was up in the air and able t capture this beautiful shot stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stl nger is being a typid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier ... and coming home soon. stronger is seeking answers... and not givihe up, until you find because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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there is new reaction to a virginia lawmakers's billwo tha d loosen some of the rules on late-term abortions. 're hearing from the delicate herself whose comments t led a huge social media backlash. in the legislature they exchanged some heated words today. and chris gordon reports president trump is also weighing in on the debate. >> reporter: virginia republicans expressing outrage over a bill to loosen restrictions on late-term abortions. >> i don't think there's a more
5:46 pm
important issue. >> the battle began with this video when the house speakeras askas abortion y tran if an could be done even when a woman is giving >> my bill would allow that. >> reporter: president trump eeting democrats becomin the party of late-term ortion. virginia governor's comments on the bill inflamed opponents. >> i can tell you exactly what would happen. the infant would be delivered, kept comfortable, resuscitated if that's wha the mother and family desired. and then a discussion. >> reporter: delegate tran reduced this video. >> right n women are able to access an abortion in the later stages of pregnancy under certain conditions.
5:47 pm
i've done nothing tohange that. what i have done is try to make sure that women are able to make these decisions and access these services in had a timelyer ma >> reporter: virginia governor ralph northam spoke out at this news conference. >> misinformation has been circulating on where virginia democrats stand on issues related to women's reproductive health. we believe that women and their doctors should be trusted with decisions about reproductive health. >> reporter: now somngpeople are ashy is this controversy getting so much attention now over an abortion bill that is already dead? it never had a chance of becoming law this year in virginia? well, it's about politics. that's the answer i got today om mark rosell, he says abortion is a highly emotional issue that motivates voters to turn out and 2019 is an election
5:48 pm
year for virginia state legislators. back to you. >> chris gordon, thank you, gchris. dou told us to layer up, i think i counted 5 head to toe on me today. >> you needed every one of them. now you know what it's like for those guys to be out ere. >> it's something. >> it's going to be that cold again ottonight, quite as cold as last night. there's no wind chill advisory in effector the me troe area and most of the region, that's good news. not dealing with wind but still a cold night. we have clear skies and that allows temperatures to cool 24 degrees but notice i have us going down a d fewrees between now and 11:00. maybe 20 degrees, it'll be frigid but we have cloud coverage coming and that helps temperatures stay warmer than last night. last night one below zero. 16 the current wind chill in
5:49 pm
d.c. 10 in gaiterhersburg. there's no wind to talk about, so that's good news. here is somethingo talk about. this system here. here we are in d.c. chicago they' been hit the hardest with this cold air, 52 below yesterday. now they're at a balmy 6 below zero. so they've warmed. but this is a slclippe t moving do our area tomorrow. because of the cold air anything that falls will stick. this is not a big storm, but it comes during the morningrush. that's why the winter weather advisory includes fairfax county, prince george's county and most of maryland. how much are we going to get? like i said, not alot. we're talking a coating to an inch in mostio loc but even that will stick on roads, especially untreated surfaces could become problems tomorrow
5:50 pm
morning. >> we can't stress enough it's because of th it looks like we could have snow moving into the metro area, the beltway between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m., you know what that can do to area roads arod re. anything falling from the sky is traffic. slow down our forecast map, it's not a lot of snow. but check it out, around t beltway area, back through prince williams and fallear counties, seeing a coating to an inch. thinking the most snow falls north of washington, the mason dixon line and northern maryland, with 1 the 2 inches for loudon county, and back in the mountains about 3 to 6 inches in thet. forec tonight, no worries out there. tomorrow morning certainly slick spots ale poss especially as we move towards 6, 7:00, 8:00
5:51 pm
a.m. but you have no trouble coming home on friday. here's a look athe snow timing. now until 6:00 a.m. keepingt dry. 6:00 a.m. till noon tracking asow showers out there. especially aroundngton and areas to the north from noon till 30 p.m. just chance for lingering snow showers. around an inch or less, the timing could impact the morning commute and then the weekend. i know we're all ready for it. saturday a high temperature of 48. 53 for a high on sunday. doug, probably a greatnd weeke to hit the slopes because we have some warm weather in the forecast next week. >> good call. if you're a skier and you don't care about football. sunday is a great day to go skiing. 53 hedegrees. we alert tomorrow. 48 on saturday. 53 on sunday. 59 on moay. and the let's get into the 60s my friend. 66 on tuesday ahead of our next storm system. brings in if showers on wednesday. anotherayne on thur better chance of rain. and then i'm watching this area
5:52 pm
here. we could see another storm. we'll talk about that over the days.couple but now all eyes on tomorrow, fantastic friday. it won't feel like it. >> thank you, doug. ount down to kick off. advertisers save some of their best stuff for the big game, and this year no exception. >> cosmo poll tan. >> no. tonight i'll have a stella artois. >> that's their new spot featuring sarah jessica parker and jeff bridges as their famous characters. super bowl ads are selling for a record $5.2 million for a 30-second spot this year. >> wow. us tds of people spending thousands of dollars atiuper bowl lhis week. some will be spending their money on art at the 14 annual
5:53 pm
smocks and jocks art auction. onethember o redskins staff submitted some incredible work got a sneak urruss peek before this weekend's art show. >> you'll be seeing the burgundy and gol -- one coach heading to atlanta for the team. malcol i black head of player development. so when his day is done, he tus to making art, one piece he's submitting this year, a t tribute a washington legend. >> the fun part. >> malcolm is mixing his love of football. >> as a young kid i wanted to play in the n'l, i w good enough. >> and his love for art. >> i remember sketching motorcycles in th first and second grade at recess. and just getting better and better and i never put the pencil down. >> how do you find the connection between your art and football?
5:54 pm
>> i think art is made to be powerful. i used to be a strength and conditioning coach in this league, so i used to train men to be powerful on the field. >> reporter: the washington redskins didn' make it to super bowl liii but their presence sill still be felt. >> i a tribute to the late, great sean taylor. i still hear people say great bout him. and i thought it would be really special to do a piece this ar -- that's a real jersey that's been manipulated. i could have very easily just glued this number on, but i wanted to stitch it in. texture is big thing for me. i think it comes across where it's mor rugged and it's more that this person lived. he lived on the he lived for his family. he lived to play this great sport we all love being a part of. no matter who's ithe super bowl, his legacy covers the nfl. >> the story unfos as he
5:55 pm
paints it. 23 yearsn married you'd think i'd be used to it, but it's still amazing to watch him create it. fore's created pieces current redskins players, too, and even collaborated with vernon davis. >> that is impressive. powerful stuff there. >> serio tent he has going on there. we want to turn to breaking news right now. two arrests have been announced in the double murder of two young men. >> erika gonzalez is wking this story from the live desk. what are you learning? >> reporter: we just got this information into the news room, g nnlis a story pnsolat tvehe week. we know twold 18 year have been arrested. dante hunt of silver sing and noah barnett, both 18 years of age from silver spring.ed arre in connection to the homicides of jordan a radwa christian roberts. if you remember earlier this
5:56 pm
weeke hadeported that there was some sort of a 911 call, people hearings shots, t vehicle you see here involved in some sort of a crash ane we that radway and roberts had been shot and killed. now we know two people have been arreed in connection to all this. a developing story at this hour. a developing story at this hour. ay with usts
5:57 pm
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now at 6:00, another night of frigid air, and more snow coming tomorrow. power lutages todayeft students hold up in cold classrooms. >> it's too ridiculous to be here. they want to text t parents and go home. while keeping warm led to fire after fire. back pay finally here for federal workers b the battle over a border wallngtill hol up the next deal. >> the only thing that works. >> announcer: news4 at 6:00 starts now. one more night of extreme cold and then we've got more snow to talk about. i'mzl doreen ge. >> i'm jim handly. we are in folkser wea alert mode once again. wind chills dipping down into you guessedit, the single digits once more. thatou will feel it now that sun has gone down. >> tomorrow the focus turns to snow that will falling in the morning. doug and amelia are tracking all
6:00 pm
of i from our storm center. >> another very cold night tonight. not nearly as cold as last nillt. no wind c advisory out there. we haven't heard of any school lays and closures. we don't think it's because of the cold tonight buthe snow could add a caveat to tomorrow's where you shall. >> it's difficult with the timing, if schools delay you delay putting them on the bus when snow is falling. you dt early you get ahead of the snow but you'reit dealing the cold. >> current wind chill 9 below in cleveland. 22 below in minneapolis. but look at d.c., 23, no wind, the wind is calm. the current temrature is 23. nothing like buffalo with an ongoing blizzard, 18 below zero. not good for them. temperatures around the area, 14. that's the current temperatur a no wind chill. 18 at


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