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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 10, 2019 9:00am-10:00am EST

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lauryn, aok wintry mix coming through? >> later on today. get out and about and getxd yor sunday going, grocery ñistore, meal prep for the week and errasus doingñi onay as all dayñi to do it. we won't see this move in until later on tonight between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. tonight. movingrom the west to the east, so we will see that move in. again, not until later on thisw evening. go ahead and take a look. it's chilly outside. if you're headed e1outside just know. hello, winter. we' paying for the 60s and 70s. now temperatures are in thexd 2 and 30s across t board. winter weather advisory 7:00 modayt( mo+fr'g. now, i'm sorryok guysok inñr spotsylvania, couc northern neck and king george and outw3 here through extreme southern maryland. you're not in the winter weather advisory. l aks like this may b rain event for you. there could be some periods of iciness around here and it's not enough toxd createe1 any major issues.ow
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could have some issues as we ing. into monday mo look how far this is coming all day to do it. we'll time en that's goingto what to expect because that's the big question as we getw3t( 3(@onday and tuesday morning. i'll show you comingokt( up in minutes. >> meantime, lieutenant governor justin fair forecasts continues under threat of and two women accusing v)' of f1 otwo women accusing v)' of >> yesterday one of his alleged victims vanessa taylor said she's prepared to testify at any ame beforex+oç m"nedithfáñi watson said faiax rape her inlp 2000 while they were at duke university.xd enounters were son sunsial and as found some african-americans
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m are questioning why democratic leaders are so quick to turn their back on one of our own. >> we'll have our say. i'm confident of the truth. >> reporter: we'll ve our say, the message to reporterst( hour before a second woman stepped of sexually assaulting her when both were students at duke university. in a new statement,xd fairfax repeatsi] his position that th writing iotñr sexual assault ras tyson or anyoneok else. i call on on appropriateand impartial, investigative )qj including the fbi ta the alko gigses against mew3 b nearly allcbim in the commonwealth are callgq on fairfax tow3 koresign. an one lawmaker threatening to introduce articles of impeachment on monday. >> my sincere hope is that this won't be necessary and lieutenant governor will heed
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the calves many to resign this weekend. if he does not, we will move ay forward on mo >> some t(african-american or not to ok hremove frvróxd office. past when many weret( assaulted over allegedçó ññiaccusations. >> reporter: some say that it's especially troubling that some same>4%me that governor northam attorney general mark herringlpo will remain fice despite having dressed up in blackface. >> to say that democratsp) are going to offer articlesñr of k"vbvmocratic lieutenant govern when theyokxd couldn'tq putlp t
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mouths isq abhorrent. we won't allow the toe1fá do th withoutxd pushw3çóe1 back. african-american voters, however, will remember at thep ls in november. >> meanwhile, the governor made since last saturday attending thefáçóok famous of a lal state trooper who was killed in a fá shootout whilee1 serving earlie thisxd week. resign and across the statet( voters are split ot( what he should do. a new "t washington post" poll shows 47% think he should resign and 47%qhink the government should day. the same poll shows's h getting more support and mor!d thançó h do not think hi should t(resign
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post" he won't resign and wants to focus the rest of his career on inequality. first he admitwad he in theçó walked it back. he told "the post" i overreacted and iflpb. had t take it çóbace says i would step b/#áe1 and t a deep going forwardq northamym wants introduce sensitivity training in his governme agencyxd and in schools across virginia. he also wants to address issues of inequality likeñ healthcare, >> and, of course, there is a lot mob< going on to cover this in "meetuáhe press" which comes onñi ata5xd a 10:30 right afte 4 today."'l be watching. after an intense townhouse fire inñrq alexandria. mastersushing to thisxdxd home saturday morning. scary rs watching the scenexd and officials say that e
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frigidok temratures made itxd harter to put oe the sm and flames. >> the conditions that our firefighters wet when we got taniously causing a drop in their body temperature. >> the fire was put out sadly, firefighters were notñr able to save theñi man from inse the house. officials say that this fire likely started with an jf unattended candle. ek; ifxd your weekend plans ine attending the chinese new year's áuét! hegrp the metro reminder. parts of the system remain closed. they are stalling now lighting between dupont circle and judiciaryw3 squde and n both tracks to dofá the work.fá for today'sfá parade metroçóñr they are providing extra bus services to hale thee1 crowds. keep in mind the eenfá and
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it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to hit the ground running. only at a sleep number store. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 24-month financing on all smart beds. only for a limited time. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. xd we're following break new int( prince george's county. three people arelp dead. w our derrird is live ot the scene. what do we know about all of this? >> good morning. and more are injured. four peoplet( were in the car w hind me. we're at glen willow drive and mlk highway, route 704.
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prince george's county police say this crash happened around believe -- thexd car left the rd and hit an embankment and then flipped. as we said four people were insiha the car been oiotq)son has serious injuries. it's nott( believed that speed s a factor and we talked to the policief and hee1 said what apparently no one in the car wa3 wearing a seatzv belt and we c ssume some people were ejected. it is a serious crash and it does stress thet( need to wear seat belts. the chief tells us that thisar seemed to haveht beening to a speed appropriate for the hit an embankment and some5a
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utility equipment onq the side f the roadouplowed thr that and ended up on itse1 roof. 704 isñr blocked. u'll have to make a work-around. traffic is going in the other d&xq(urjz and people can getjf and out of the glen willow this happened. investigation. we don't have identities of any of theok people involved. prince george's county police do ask if anyone might have seen them because, again, axd(g. sin car crashee withñr t people dead george's county.çó ward. >> canines are trained and tested right here in virginia area and then sent across the globeñi to help figh terrorism. >> butxd a news investigation b the news 4 i-team raises questions about what happeo to the3 after the leave the country. >>@@n scott macfarlaneound
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there's multiplenquiries into whether theñi state department q to t ensuret these well-trained dogs are well cared for overseas. >> reporter: a terror attack targeting a place americans travel. five killed as gunmen stormed a hotel in the nation oally.i]fáf climbed higher mally policeh fought back. partment. e thingcxd we learned from 9/11 is thee1 fact that we need parc>áy department official frank taylor is describing the agency's c anti-terrorism program ort(xd a. this program teaches 150 othere nations, including mally, how to fight terror. >> we wanted to give themxd wor class cape snooblt that gave them 100 bomb-sniffing canines to countries likeçóok jordan as shown by this video posted by the u.s. embassylpçói] there.
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this gift, do youelieve it ves lives? >> reporter: the training is provided to improveçó and helpt( protect americans everywhere. >> the dogs are fabulous. t> reporter: which is why so striking to hear this. are you concerned that some of the dogs are not wellxd cared f? >> i know some ofçó those dogs e not well cared for. >> come on. >> good y. >>i] jz was aw3e1 veterinari thejft( training center and it a job shee1 loved until shelpu red warnings that thets7ç dogs were being not properly cared for. >> reporter: tick diseases are rampant in warmer climates, not eing welllp cared for. >> report]ró this case picts÷ a suspected heat stroke death and a photo was provided but(1d i-t
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could not verifying that itlp depicts underweight dogs in the country's care. >>ko we'rexd sending these dog an area where there'sñi lot ofu poverty and they don't see how they would be treated here in the united states. aseries of allegations were dealt against theçó contractor o ran the canineñujps as well as ncerns that were being properly cazep for over's,t( ap cont she believes led to her firing. dog andñi you were fired? >> correct. facilitye1 declined an intervie with the i-teazt( citing confidential agreements signed state departmente1 denies any retaliation claims. karen isn't only one with concern about the state department canines. e u.s. houseoversight committee launched a review of the caninet(xd center inr winchs
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last year asking the stateñiçó department to hand over all agreements ofw3 recipients of t dogs through the anti-terrorist assistance programok and the u. state departmentnspector general tells news 4 he's the departmentxd itselflp decli to comment. the embassy of jordan has not yet responded to thee1fá i-team ink d)pers andlpe1çóe1 she helps stonowledge will lead to a tougr stance. >> karen isn'tjf alleging tm mistrt of the animals she just wants the u.s. governmentçvo impose tougher oversight ofw3 dogs once they leave u.s. control. investigations into their welfare are ongoing and the news 4 i-team will be watching. >> 9 sack right now. beautiful scene out there and a bit chilly on thisok sunday t(r morning, i]n, snow, sleet, iceó2
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reports in 2019xd believe they won't getfá as much money in refunds andxd already those hav lashed out on president trump on twitter. i did my taxes and made the same as last year and owe 4,000 more. ixd voted for trump and will no be nextlp election. ipon't vote forl you againxd specially after i worked on my 2018 return. >> we passed a newfá tax cut. middle class americans giving workers a modest paycheck bump from pure withhold that is may have gone unnoticed. as a result the irs tells nbc áhp &hc% especially if theyxd did not chu nd their holding inñi 2013. expected to owe the irs. >> if you're surprised byxd you bill the most important thing is to update your whoelgd, go back
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to your employer and chane withholding. >> the average refund last year 2,541. this year expected to be 1,681.d >> those who rely on their refunds to pay bills and others put itñii] directly intoxd savie which could m this year's painful than last year's but it also could be ae1 surprise they are just not ready for. >> this is tough news to swallow then. ívu more. ívu some people aren't gettingjfok back. >> just alert your tax preparer that this might be happening. >>okaking a live loutside right now at national harbor. e and the w out th ä/ ree about to change in a big way. wctually in a weatherñr alert mode. >> we're in a weather alert mode.i] mainly for tonight because if people have things to dooll be all rt(v doing thato because this isn't in
9:21 am
>> not a massive storm that's cogling. >> i'm you said that. not a massive storm but just the timing of it and any time weet something during the morning or evening commutes that really gives a lightg, and say hey, we need thisc closely to say evn an inch of snow, not that much on a saturday morning at 10:00 a.m., but get little inch ofw sndxd some ice thrown in at 7:00 a.m. on a monday morning, oh, yeah, that can create some problems around thelp d.c. area. as i said. you've got errands to dorm.e1fá grocery store and meal all that looking good through today and then as we continue through the evening, that's when mpu're going to want to watch out. atures have come on up. see those temperatures right around 40 degrees and then they winter weather advisory in effect starting at 7:00 tonuntilq 10:00 a.m. on your monday.lpe1 so, gain, %+eá maryland,
9:22 am
george and spotsylvania and tk"pmaitl/ you'll see just rape. from us and moving away fromt( kentucky and also portions ofe1 tennessee. we're dry right here, and we'll continue to be dry through much the day today.e1 so as i said after 5:00 in the terno'@ when thatoves in. 40 degrees will be the daytime high and increase crowds. not quite as pretty as it isi]i aater on. as for slick tomorrowjf morning. once again mainly north and west through d.c. frederickq county county, we'llhave icy spotsxdeq% around the p,cd.c. corridor an then areas down to the south you'll start to see añr little t of wet roads. there could be isolated slick spots down there and for the i most par's wet. let me show you what's going on. still dry o there. still lookings7 good at 3:00 a then we'll get intoto lateght after midnight andñr snownoo th th and mixed between i-270 and 66.xd that's going to be the swee
9:23 am
spot where we have a chance to see that mix really get going throughout the overnight and then rain to thec southe13w lt tle bit of mix in there. then as we head through tomorroi mid-morning warm air starts to move in from the south anda es a lot of this over to rain, but iflp you're through northern maryland, you're likely going to stay snow, and as we temperatures dro changing back overfx.= snow ana wintry mix and then eventually changing all over rain tuesday morning and the reason why. a s on tuesday afternoon. whead intoxdi] tuesday night an wednesday looking a lot better, a little on the blustery side.xd we'll talk totals for snowi] an what we think for school close and that's coming up in 30 minutes and a next chance ofn rfter we warm up a little bit will be on friday. >> we've got more news right after this.
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should the democratic party be aspiratiol on policy or audacious. >> representing the you a days side of the democratic party are could announce hisfá presidenti id in the coming weeks and elizabeth warren as they push for medicare f/áe all sile-payer healthsystem as combat climate change. tot( ui >>q and on th aspirational side you have democratic politicians like sherrod brown of ohioxd an amy klobuchar of minnesota who verage +w% throughfá incremental approaches, like allowing those 50 and older i to bto medicare. >> already a liberal@gcre brand l oets7ç alexandrsio-cortez r)jqsq'tal approach to policy. thate1 are the senate votes in
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welcome back. we're in weather alert mode. looks like the kids may be excited. possible they could bei] gettina two-hour delay. >> have to do e pajamase1 inside and fáout. >> my kids flush ice cubes down toilet. >> that's what they do now. >> whatever works. >> whatever works. >> lauryn rickettswillbe back
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9:31 am
tonight we'll see theñ1fá wintrx move in. >> today, nice and dry. a nice february day.e thosgñeratures today will be reaching tot( right around 40 degrees but then as we hed/ ino tonight that's when we have he issue. a clear day out there. we'll have some sunshine.ok clouds moving in after lunchtime and plenty of time to gete1 the errands and5a get out a about. ome before 5a get out a about. 5:00, kr6 tonightem >>ratures around 20, 30, come up a little bit. started this morning the teams. listen, clouds will continue to roll in as we go through the day today. the temperatures will be right degrees. we start to see the precipitation move to thexd wes justoutt( 5:00, 6:00 and then everybody will see it by 9:10, 00 tonight. listen, today drive through the day and the wintryx#sr, comes .thisñi eveni slick spots overnight. wintry weather continues early tomorrow morning.ta we'reng cold tomorrow with more snow north and thenxd raino
9:32 am
area but tuesorning we have icyxd spots beforefá it becomes rain.t( neighborhood and we'll have more on detoys and cancellations of schools. that's coming up in 15 minutes. >> thanks very much. the latestxd development in a scandals swirling around virginia's democratic leadership. pressure is mounting on virginia's lieutenant governor to step down after a second assault. >m,uhat's right. á my his llegations calling for á my own investigation, in fact. nbc's chris pollone has >rter: just one week ago,xd to become virginia's next governor after the commonwealth's current leader apologized for this racist (r pictureppeared on his medical school year book page. now ralph nortm is still in the governor's mansionc and it' faiax facing thres of impeachment. >> on monday i intend to introduce articles ofen
9:33 am
impeaconfá l fairfax. >> reporter: fairfaxe1 is nowe1u facing assaultfá allegations from two women, the latest from meredith was the won who says fairfax raped t"e 2000i] when theyre students at duke university andt( watson's attorney general says thsd released messages fromt( thefr nds in which it was written justuniauz in college and last week dr.fá vanessa tysonjf accused of beingw3-9 skaultedx being sexually assaul inñ1 2004 in boston. with the women were núfáconsen but still many in congress are calling for him to quit. >> i believe it's timeé@ for h to stwn, tolp resign. > reporter:q as fairfax huddle q=imsaturday, veoá!5ok made his first public apx9rance
9:34 am
sinceq announci he willmy not resign. he didé@ p not spelic include but told he was planning on racialé@ reconciliation. >> chris pollone, news 4. >> meanwhi votersre split on what the governor should do. a "washingt post" poll shows 47% of people say he should resign and 47% say he should the same poll also shows that he's getting more support from afraan-americans in the , more than half do not think he shouñi resign. >> the governor told "the washington post" he won't resign and wants to focus the rest of his time o racial equality and the question remains whdid he change the store? he admittedñi he was nuke and tn walked it back. and he said if i had to do is
9:35 am
again he's take axd?yóm step t(. fierce backlash on social t(mei. sxd all over a tweet that some say makes light of the endured on the trail of tears. yesterday the president mocked nator elizabeth warren asking if she's going tosoi run as ourr firstxd native americane p r(t&háhp &hc% caps he said see you on thesá trail. criticsxd immediately saw this where thousands died being forced to march too eservations. reaction yet from senator warren. she hasfá apologized for misrepsenting here1 heritage in the past.j] cf1 o she called the president yesterday the most extreme symptom of what's gone wrong inm ica.
9:36 am
announce hernt presil runxj( from minneapolis. well as a lookxdav6 aheadxdi] t catch that right here8b 10:30 getting four-doorfá sedan on the night heq disappeared. the apartment complex son monticello drive. lp owner of rging the the garage and the people inside to contact them. on saturday family members and people in the community organized a search. they passed out flyers and we've got m)kq details on brandonmhvwhite'sfb disappearan our nbc washingdn app. >> a former alexandria police officer is making a e remarkaxdt( recovery. officer petera5 laboy was shot the head aboutñi six years.
9:37 am
>> the cab drivers who alsoçó with the?xlouvil. officer almost died a tering u stop. man who3w allegedly pulled th trigger and was laterñr release as been arrested on new charges. you're not surprised? >> no. found guilty by reason of insanity in theñi shooting and d received treatnt at?; a psychiatric facility and mental june he woelfá knowledger exhibited signs of schizophrenia and was ready for release withl restrictions. the judge agreedle and him go. do you feel beyoid by the ñrcjf officials? >> yeah. >> and now -- he was chargedok with burning or destroying a
9:38 am
attempting to burn personal propertyq and two kinds ofof possessioe1ñi aok firearm. >>e1xd iok told everybody. >>ñi laboy will never return to duty. disabled, but he wantsi] to wat the case every single step of the way and hope for justi. >> he needs to goi] back around has toss stay there rrever. >>orter: for now bashir being held without bond. darcy spencer,ok news 4 news 4 has been following officer laboy's road to recop'ry. %ykuá( find all of our stories on the nbc washington app. you just have to search laboy. >> a local woman tradesfá in he business suitxd for a chef's co to create something that's more than ju feel. than ju feel. we'l redfin, we charget you a 1% listing fee.
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it's said that some of the best mveals you'll eat are usual lit ones made with love. to special ingredient. >> got have that. >> leon harris is here to introduce us to this week's hero who is supporting an often forgotten populationt( with foo ¤!añ( love. >>ñixd that's right. chef sheryl bell is the chef h miriam'sc kitcheni] and here stg believe is endingxd chronic homelessnes begins with onejf meal and here's is extremely top shelf. >> topping. >> i'm looking for string beans here. nd cookingxd for hundreds of >> from 7:00ñr to 8:00 we serve hot entryfáe1 breakfast.çói] we'll do --?;qp/!%m5ñ no churc kit wee1 do home cooked food.
9:42 am
she started volunteering at miriam's kitchen in d.c.nd ti u discovereder is veng and cooking for theme was my passion and be. heme was my passion and >> for three years ago she turnedii] it intoi] a career. >> miriam's kitchen serves more than 300estaurant caliber meals. conditions outside. mondayñi through friday. >> doesn't matter. >> you guys are like the post office. >> that's right. they are always here. >> make everything fresh, nothing canned. >> weur make o own salad dressing and applesauce from s it's not a soup i]kitchen,ñi it r kitsch enfor usure.
9:43 am
are vibls, that peopleo ca aboutçó them. 90% of the food they getst byw3 slowçó dayses. trader -9joe's, capital grills meatxdcfárafters here, forok us volit's a[z#vjq to get people into. set the tone for the day.r i never hear óçó some going int meal. i move. i love that. i love that. >> it's>.&t a soup kitchen. it's a super kitsch en2z i want one of her meals. every meal that leaves herki hen. it doesn't stop there. they also sendfá people home wi meals and grocery. >> if you want took learn more,o to our nbc news 4 washington
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getting s how we'llok be our food and groceries in the future. this little device that yomó se behind us robots on wheels have arrived in
9:47 am
our region because this is a big these devices are being rolled out in northern virnia and d.g÷ @r(t&háhp &hc% (>> i've seen them. >> interesting. and because they dolp most ifi] alhe weeks. andily, wdar(t&háhp3 jim's easiest job so far. >> reporter: they are turning heads for an agegroup not easily impressed. what do you guys think of it, i love it, lover it a lot. >> a fleet of 25 rolling robertq spans outfá over more than 800 acres delivering doughnuts,t(lp coffee, pizza and groceries. what have we got here? >> hotfá chocolate. >> what else have you got? >> wow. this is like a campus with 40,000t(lp students.
9:48 am
>> we've developedçó our own 3- the re a,8 with center sweep that the robot uses to navigate. a robot is hands-free. in the testing phase there were human monitors wv/÷ followed behind and beside 20ñi to 30 yas away. times thee1 delivery optionsq h a feww3 bugs to work tout. >>s operates in the pedestrian environment? >> yes, ithñudoes, and it pauses. evençó if there were ice, snowr in this is six-wheelmy drive. it's got cameras rigged all the way around it and it operates on radar, too, and at night there are lghts that come on. >> and because this is a pubic street it's required toñi ask permission from a remote sitting inho would be our washington, d.c. office jusi
9:49 am
to cross. >> no trouble on my shi, but if a battery is needed or it runs into the unforeseen, a runs into the unforeseen, a otherwise thexd delivery robots are 99% autonomous. their cell pho and tracks it doo"gñto door from three brick and mortar business eds. oithis isng to ñif9, a gluten-free crustñi pizza. >> all right. >> open it up, lay it flat in here and latexdñi itt[( on. >> that robot issx safe until unlocked. >> that's 25 degrees, would you have had to walk clear acrossxd never even beençót( to the
9:50 am
kung donuts on the camera. >> thanks, ve a nice day. >> can we not walk to the store anymore? >> the wave of the future. >> i'm not resisting it is what it is. >> you've got the ambassador for everything. now we'veqlp got the robots. >> okay. >> gmu is thejf .i&st delivery college in the country tot( use how much snow, lauryn will we see? not very much. but when you were in college you woul have loved somebo bring you food all the -- let's just roll that back. what did you shay? >>e1e1 that's true. >>i] see,t' listen,é@xp beautif out thereb. right you a fond ni
9:51 am
continue to b. temperatures rising to around 40 degrees and clouds byb. earlyr 30 degrees right no and we'llt( precipitationé@ starts to move into the west and i say going to get snow, freezing rain and possibly a little bitfá of sleet and also some snow, freezing rain, rain and vote, i named all of them except for hail. the next couple of hour we're this isn't going to arrive until later on this evening. winter weather advisory in areas in purple startsñi at 7:00 p.m.t tonight 10:00 a.m. monday morning. now, that's with the exceptiono of stafford,ñi spotsylvania cnts and our northern neck friend. he have wet roads all way down here and some are going to be icy around the greater washington area going down i-66
9:52 am
an mostlyjf icy upq through the ü9 and bridges and over wasses, that's slick. >> we'll have the wintry mix r . it the looksw3 to change over t rain. ndafternoon at 3:30 you canxd see byxd this evening and late tonight snow to the north and thexdt( way down to i-66 with r to the south. we'll start to seat changeover to rain and areas to the north stay snow and then we're talking about that snow possile on tuesday morning before it changesokw3 over to rain we ge into your tuesday afternoon. areas to thei] north will have o cancell and then areas to the south possibly will have those delays. we wi talk snow totals and ice totals, and i'll show that you ten-day forecast. that's comingxd up inc just -- sie other de of thibreak sie other de of thibreak
9:53 am
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are. check this out. could your onlinei] beviorjffá affect what you pay in carfá insurance? we all know what we do onlines being tracked byt(ok countless companies. >> and are auto insurers taking 8 peek, too? consumer reportern su hogan is looking at howxd digitalr >> reporter: every timeq you
9:56 am
click, it says something about us. hour digital footprint and how companies trackfáfá us andok lel about our consumer behavior. dé+up'd shop for a pair of shoes and't they d1fábuy, it laterxd they are on %%1 media andfá they se that pair of shoese1 marketed t em. >> reporter: a comparison websiteñri] zebra said what if an like activity was determined to determinexde1xdi]w3 hour. shouldxúpá -- >> reporter: researchers at zebra admit the2"ñráh'o evidence auto insurance companies use and of thea to set our rate, butt( auto insurance industry isok tracking our online activity for other reasons su[ as marketing and fraudn e1 detectio
9:57 am
just trying to vify thingsw3 application, whether or not you were honest abt( it, you'rexd driving history, things like." that. certain items that mightmy crs a redfl g. >> reporter: but when it comes to settingñrates, stateñ7ç of information that auto insurerse1 can use for now. your aiming. your marketings7 history, thos at risk for people when theyok apply forñiinsurance. >> reporter: more than half say it would be up fair for companies to use their digital footprints toñi determinexdokçó insurance rates, even if it meant lower rate >> some people don't care about money at all and are just privacy. >> susan hogan there, good point. might just want toq keep it all to yourself. >> hey, taking a live look io
9:58 am
outside at nl harbor. pretty picture out there right now, but it'slp going to get mey tonight, folks. tonight, folks. lauryn has a - so, what are you in for? (laughs) - well, according to this discipline slip i was allegedly talking during quiet time, again.
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