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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  February 12, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EST

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prince william, fauquier,fr erick, warren and loudon county schools are on a two-hour >> in west virginia, berkeley and jefferson county schls will open two hours late. hardy o wiln three hours late. they are on the bottom of your screen and we will update them as they come into the newsroom. we'llin beg with chuck bell. another weather alert day. chuck, alert us. >> okay. i can do that. >> to the weather. >> a very unpleasant beginning to the tuesday morning around the. ar mostly rain around the d.c. metroarea. that's all a mix of rain and sleet and snow. it'simpacting northern maryland and the shenandoah valleyost significantly this morning. around town, a little glaze on the untreated surfaces not ly out of the question we're literally right on the
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edge. the freezing line, essentially, goes to the osnorthern-west suburbs to the shenandoah valley. and snowfall amounts near the pennsylvania border are averaging 4 to 6 inches. it's a very different weather oory depending where you live. the mix everything that mother nature can throw at us thismorning, especially northern and western parts of the viewing area. it becomes all-rain and quite a t of ittoday. rainfall amounts could exceed an inch today. a very pleasant day. and no warm-up coming. tomorrow, we will get back to sunshine. mo with that and a peek at the weather coming up. ndlet's get to traffic melissa mollet now. >> looking at the roads now. all of the green showing you the radar over the roads. it is slick in spots. it is gross as you head ton at southbound glebe and 66. the w66tbound ramp to glebe is also shut down because of
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this situation inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, no major issues. 66, 95 and 270 looking okay. more live pictures coming up. >> thank you. there's amrglimmer of hope for thousands of workers this morning. congressional leaders have reached a tentative agreement to avoid a government shutdown. >> they've reached an agreement in principle, which means it's not final yet. itomes three days before the temporary funding runs out on friday. here's what we know right now. the deal funds fence bug not the concrete border wall. about 1.4 billi$1.4 billion is . it will be limited to the rio grande valley section of the worlder. the department of homeland security would get $1.7 billion for technology upgrades. there's n cap for the number of
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beds for detained migrants. and lawmakers emerged last night fromng the meeounding optimi optimistic. >> we reached an agreement in principle. between us, on h lanlland secury and the other six bills. >> i was please wed were able to work together and come to an agreement. d our staffs are working out the details. >> the agreement must be sigyd off president trump. so far, he has not made any comments. >> the wall will be built in the areas identified by border agents as having the greatest need, while safely directing people and commerce to ourul ma la ports of entry, which we're beefing up in every way. >> while lawmakers were hammering out a deal on the hill, president trump was at a campaign rally.
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less than half a mile away, former congress, be o'rourke, spoke at an anti-border rally. b spoke afterng at what he called the truthch -- the m for truth. >> a president who described mexican immigrants as rapists anin crs, we have the chance to tellim and the country, that immigrants commit crimes, including violent crimes, at a lower rate than those born in this country. >> o'rourke says he will make a decision whether he will run for president at the end of the month. we will update you on air and in the nbc washington app. search shutdown. president trump wasted no time weighing in on the crisis in the commonwealth. the officials embroiled in career-ending controversy. the president spoke about ral
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you will recall that racist photos were found in his yearbook page. here's what the president had to say about thescandal. >> so, in virginia, the governor, he's got a little publicity lately. he keeps us out of the papers. i like him. the woman accusing lieutenant governor justi fairfax of sexual assault will be speaking at aymposium today. it is foe cucusing on betrayal courag in the eriaeera. she says that fairfax assaulted her at the democratic convention in bostonas or mark herring, he is staying out of the spotlight, since h admitting dressed in blackface when he in college in 1980.
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and breaking news right now in the district. there was a deadly pedestrian accident overnight. >> korey smith is at the live desk with the latest. >> a sad situation taking place overnight. let's get to the video of the scene. thisappened on north capitol street at florida avenue, inrt est d.c. there's a retail corridor and exstn gas ion. the roads are wet out there. when we spoke to police, though, they did not know what caused this crash. what we do know is they are able to speak to the driver of the vehicle because he or she stayed at the scene. we will update you as we learn more. pedestrian accident in largo. the man ander woman hit when walking near prince george's community college in largo last night. the driver did stay on the scene. no word if the driver will be
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charged. princor 's county police say a 23-year-old man was shot a killed in an ambush. >> the gunman targeted terrell co caldwell as he came out of his apartment building saturday morning. you can m he bullet holes. police say sald caldwell was shot five times. >> we didn't go here the door. >> what m do youe of this? >> it's sad, man. olice do not believe this was a random crime. an awards there for convict and arrest. now, calls for changes on the indian highway areetting louder. 60 people have died, including 3 childr just before the new year. there's been 134 crashes with
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injuriesong route 210. a grassroots effort that began two years ago, resulted in a fixed speed camera going up. but community members are saying that's not enough. >> youut typically p speed camera at trafficlights. cameras ad light traffic light slights. >> last week, officers set up a sobriety checkpoint on route 210. e working group is pushing for increased fines on that road. two men have bn sentenced for a decade for shooting inside the mall. police say it started as an argument nearhe food court between four men. two of them, lucas graves and david montalvo. they will serve 12 and 15 years in prison. new federal charges were file against the m accused in the shooting massacre inse a
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pittsburgh sin bog. robert bowers pled not guilty in the shooting that killed 11 people and injured 7 others. prosecutors filed new charges, including hate crime now, to an update on the drama unfolding between the r world'shest man and t"the national enquirer." the brother of jeff bezos' mistress, leaked the text messages. no word on how the brother obtained the messages. last week, bezos accused the parent company o blackmailing him. hundreds are expected to attend the funeral for theng t serving member of congress. the 26-termti democ congressman john dingell of michigan, was instrumental in the passing of the 1964 civil rights act and in the affordable
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care act. a second service will be here in august on thursday. speakers at that service, will include former president bill clinton. dingelled retired from congress in 2015. today, the man hoping to be the next chancellor of d.c. public schools will testify before the council. heeen acting superintendent since january. he has spent the last couple months meeting with parents and leaders. he's trying to build up trust among parents and educators. no word on when a final vote will takeplace. if you live in southern prince george's county, youte pressure may seem low today. wssc is conducting aat so storage exercise beginning at 8:00 a.m. this is a map of the placeshat will be affected. they are shaded in green. e thrcise will last for several hours. yomay notice discolored water. valentine week,
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neighbors are now zhaoishowing appreciation for their prid via song. >> you're d.c.'sel e, on a call, on a case, on a beat ♪ >> reporte >> oh, my. tho neighbors a handed out valentines and g gagts to the officers. the officers say this is their favorite tradition. >> that's a nice gesture. >> showing a little love. it's thursday. chocolate is an easy and affordable >> i'm going to text robert right now. this just in shenandoah county public schools will be closed today. still ahead, a warning for those of you searching for a valentine online. >> what y need to know about romance scams on dating sites next. and the push in the maryland general assembly to raise the age to buy tobaccots prod
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you're watching news 4 today.>> t is going to be another soggy, cold morning with the possibility of ice. wee working for you, so you trouble spots befor you head out the door. chuck bell and melissa molletoi are to be along with your weather and traffic. >> there's a number of school delays. and you can see the complete list in the nbc washington app. the northern part of oregon received snow. kids took advantage of a day off
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from snow. and road crews workedhe around t clock to clear roads for iv ers. s in alanche warning effect for the mountains, too. the new government report claims the popularity of e-cigarettes is undoing years of progress in youth tobacco control efforts. for decades, the numbers of children and teenage smokers were declining but not there's nearly 5 million middle and high school students who use some form of tobacco. that's up from about four million two years ago. the food and drug administration has b threatened toan flavored e-cigarettes until manufacturers come up with a solid plan to keep them out of kids' hands. in maryla, kidsay not be able to smoke until they can drink. there's a new law being to raise the smoking age to 21. darcy spcer reports it comes as tobacco use by young peoplhe is on ice. >> reporter: according to new
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numbers from the cdc, about 4.9 million middle and high school students were using some kd of tobacco product in 2018. that's up from 3.6 million in 2017. this increase is driven by a su e ine-cigarette use. daryl barnes hhe black caucus. the group is behind a bill that would raise the age for tobacco products in maryland from 18 to . >> we se want to be one of the seven states to raise tobacco uge to the age of 21. >> reporter: a coalition of supporters called tobacco 21 maryland, plans to lobby lawmakers to pass the legislation this year. supporters say it's failedn years past when there was app situation fr opposition from the tobacco instry. the coalition is hoping the alarming statistics will boller
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the bolster support for the bill this a warning this valentines if you or someone you know are using a dating site or app. >> some are falling victim to scammers online. one was matched with a man who said he was a doctor, butnce the courtship took off, he asked her to send him money on a gift card. the romance scams are growing. there's 21,000 reports to the federal trade commission. some lost on average, $2,600 before realizing their interest was a scammer. >> when somebody asks you for money, that is a huge, huge red flag. >> i would say so. >> yes. >> if someone is asking you for just say no. >> just met. >> i'm not an pert. >> the experts warn line daters to do their research. scammers use phony pro profiles to hook someone.
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>> do you want to give money to someone you just met? >> no. >> you are going to ask now? .> this is for the kid's education, honey >> his money is my money. it's long gone. same with you guys. >> sure. >> you separate >> what's his is mine. what's mine is mine. it all works out. some slippery roads especially for our friends andn neighbors northern maryland, east and west virginia in the top end of the shenandoah valley. if you live or travel in thurmo thurmond, hagerstown, chester, frederick, be carefulhis morning. snowfall amounts have been impressive along the maryland/pennsylvania border. the mason/dixon line. down here around the washington area, it's been all in the form of rain. just barely rain, too. if it will be this cold and this wet, i wan to get the next three degrees down and change this over to sn g.
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that's nng to happen. the overall trend this morning will scour all of the freezing temperatures out of the viewing area. where you see the pink along i-81, into parts of northern maryland, that's a mix of rain, ezing rainsnow and f pockets this morning. this will all be gradually coming to an the pink shading areas disappearing with time. green overking that. just plain old rain around here. it will be a very rainy afternoon. a burst of moderate rain just in time of the evening commute, a weather front goes by. it will rain steadily untilni about mt and taper off quickly thereafter. and we'll be here for sunshine for tomorrow. temperatures hoverin just at or above the freezing mark forrn nort maryland. highs today will occur about the time the sun goes down. above freezing for everybody. near 40 degrees today. mid to upper 40stomorrow. very blustery tomorrow. at least the sun will be back.
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thursday is the nicest day of the week. rain chances hanging around for friday. and turday, maybe a little chance for a mix. probably mostly rain, melissa. >> a lot of rain. a lot of rain. speaking of stuff falling from the sky, we have a lot of different spots that are wet this morning. westbound 70 at south mountain and myersville. some roads are still slick. we haveome of the sleet or freezing rain coming down this morning. taking a look at 270, just south of there. 70 to the spur, 64er miles hour. that's going to take you 28 minutes. if you're headed northbound, nothing is inr way right now. that is very good news. taking a look elsewher arlington, southbound glebe at 66. house fe there. fire traffic activity blocking rains. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no problems. still ahead in news 4 today, we'll get a sneak peek at the newly renovated mt.vernon
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you're watching news 4 today. welcome back. man served 19 years in prison after he was convicted of the isrder ofwn mother when he
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was 16 years old. last month, a new york judge vacated his conviction after a discovery that detectives coerced the man into falsely confe confessing. nbc's craig melvi interview with the man since his release. >> at 16, i had never that had never been in the back of a police car, let alone a precinct, being questioned about a murder. also, i was taught by my parents, my mother i particular, to trust law enforcement. and whatever they say, i gs for your od. and i believe that. >> you can watch the full o intervie the "today" show after news 4 today. we're getting a sneak peek at the work just finishe at the mt. vernon estate. historians and craftsman spent
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two years to re-create the parlor. it looks the same way that it did when washington had it opens to the public this saturday. a reminder that nbc 4 and telemundo 44 are working 4 you with our grant program. local nonprofits have until this friday, february 15th, to app fo grants of at least $5,000. we have $225,000 of grants this year. it will be shared by organizations based ere in the washington area. for more information, go to innovation. ou if haven't decided how to celebrate valentine's day or what to give, time is running out. yesterday, we suggested writing a love letter to your significant other. it wasn idea that was part of the "today" show's share the lovecampaign. the show unveiled its wall of love notes. some are addressed to a specific person.
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others are notes of inspiration and encouragement. we've been writing notes t dt willivered to the d.c. ronald mcdonald house. we are encouraging you to writ note, as well. head over to nbc washington, to our app, for the ronald mcdonald house. d stay tuned to the "today" show to see how the small filling up. >> there's something special a about handwritten note, a handwritten letter. a lost art. >> a nice though lovely. still ahead, the blackface scandal forcing schools andun ersities to look at their own practices. >> specifically old yearbooks. one university did just that and it wasn't happ wh what it found. impacting your children. a new study reveals how many children sufferrom mental health disorders and how many are being treated properly. >>to another team 4 weather alert day for you this morning.
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news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> good morning, everybody. 4:30 right now. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. another day, more sleet and snow and the winter combination. aren't we ready for it to clear out and get niceweather. >> let's get to april. >> we have school delays to tell you about. >> in virginia, shenandoah county schools will be closed prince woman, fauquier, frederick, warren and loudon county schools are on a two-hour delay. >> in west virginia, berkeley and jeffersoo county s will open two hours late. schoolsd grant count will open three hours late. >> a reminder that all of the delays are at the bottom of your screen and can be found on the nbc washington app. and let's look at your forecast and theoads. we begin with chuck bell. cold


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