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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 16, 2019 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> announcer: "news 4 today" begins with breaking news. good morning to youlv i'm david . breaking news coming in overnight from rome. he vatican releasing this but tin. it dismisses ex-cardinal mccarrick from the priesthood. he was once among the most powerful leaderscn the catho church. this morning, he carries no religious title. sccarrick can no longer celebrate mass a priest, not even in private. a tribunal found him guilty of sexual misconduct withinors and adults, along with abusing his power. and solicitation within the act of confession, th csacrament. we've been all over this story sinc it broke in the summer.
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we'll walk through the timeline of how we got here and what's next for the catholic. chur i'm hearing from a local accuser of mccarrick, sharing his story. he's reacting to the vatican's decision this morning. at 6:01, we want to start you off with your forecast and the sn chances, we're hearing, dwi dwindling for our area., lauryn ricketood morning. >> we are looking at snow chances, mainly south of the area right now. again, if you thought maybe we'd et a snowstorm today, not s much toda we do have a chance for tomorrow midweek as we get into of this week. let's take a look outside. it is a little breezy out there. winds will settl down as we continue through the morning. temperatures already hit the day time high, just in the upper 50s just after midnight. temperatures have come down so much as we head into the eovernight. weoing to stay on the low side today with temperatures in the low to mid 4s. we are dry right now.
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we had some rain to the south. we'll continueig to see shower activity to the south. widen this out a little bit. system.the most of the energy rolling through north carolina. si think by the time it go our area, could have a few showers around southern maryland, northern neck, into fredericksburg. temperatures are pretty warm out there right now. again, we're probably expecting this to be af lot snow as opposed to -- i'm sorry -- a lot of rain opposed to snow. i know i said that wrong. a lot of rain opposed to snow because temperatures in the low 40s. again, southern maryland, northern neck, down by edericksburg, you could get a few rain showers. we'll time that out coming up. we'll talk about chance of snow tomorrow. also, midweek, what to expectat coming up in 15 minutes. >> all right, lauryn. we'll get back at 6:02, the breaking news. this coming from thevat canican overnight. the former archbishop of washington. popes and presidents sought his
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advice. theodore mccarrick, no longer a pr. not even a father. he has been de-fract. allegations against mccarrick surfaced this summer. you're looking at the breakdown. this is a tribunal procs. on january 11th, last month, a decree was issued, finding mccarrick guilty of solicitation in the sacrament of confession. was found guilty of sexual activity with adults and minors. also, abusing his power. he presented what is, in churc terms, a counterargument to the findings, an appeal. yesterday,heecision to dismiss mccarrick from the priesthood, it was upheld and signed off on by pope francis himself. this morning, experts weighing
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in on the vatican's decision. >> mccarrick committed a crime. the church acted, perhaps not as quicklykes some would but in church time,hey acted and reached a good judgment to the crimes mccarrick committed. he can't hols j in universities or hospitals that are associated with the catholic church. he is in no way a part of the church's ministerial life. he can't enjo any of the privileges of being a pre-let or priest within the catholic church. he doesn't enjoy even retirement within the church. this is a massive ruling. i'm going to bring you through the timeline here o how all of this has played out. it essentially surfaced back in june. you're obviously going to hear a
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lot more fallout throughout the day. we get to that, of course, you're going to understand just how major this impact is. bear with l me. i'll pu through some of the most recent events here.he standby . this major decision, we should tell you also, comes days ahead of a major conference of the world's bishops. they're beginnigoing to meetext in rome, discussing how to handle sexual allegations within the church. this scandal started in june. a man alleged mccarrick alleged him when he was an altar server, an underag teen. soon after, a man from loudoun county spoke up anonymously, g latering his identity. he said the abuse started when he was 11 years old and lasted for years. in july, pope francis stripped mccarrick of his cardinal title. he then ordered him to a life of penance and prayer as the church
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investigated. i spoke with james shortly after he testified back in december. he shared what he wanted from mccarrick. >> what i would like to see is mccarrick to be up in front of all of us, in a room where there'sust him. a single pole microphone. he can ln into the phone -- the microphone and say, i'm sorry, what he always called me. >> tou want him apologize? >> yes. >> do you think he'd ever apologize? >> no. >> this morning, james,f ho is oute country, sharing with me his reaction to the vatican's decision. read along with me. quote, for years, i have suffered, as many others have, at the hands of theodore m today, i am happy my troubles have been verified by the pope. i was grieving since july. i am hopeful n i can pass through the anger for the las
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time. this great historical and holy situation, james continues, is giving rise to all catholics and victims of abuse across the world. it is time for uso prepare for the complete cleansing of the church. he goes on to say, i must thank my family, for without their belief and guidance, i would be i must thank my lawyer, patrick noeker, for helping me throuwo the legald. i must thank the important journalists who have listened to me, believed me, and backe me. my intention in july was to put forth all my energies t purge the church from the evil. i have been doing this and promise to continue for the remainder of my life. there is a lot more to come on this we'll follow the twoodevelopmen out of rome all morning long. you can keep up to date on our coverage of the church scandal in the nbc washington app. r6:07 is you time on this saturday. let's get to local headliurs at this d.c. police searching for a shooter who opened fire in
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northeast. this happened yet afternoon in broad daylight in qtreet. one man was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. an eye-witness describing the gruesome scene. >>ent to the window. i seen somebody drop in the middle of the crosswalk. come outside. the guy's head is wide open, blood and everything coming out of it. >> this was the second shooting in northeast d.c. in a 24-hour span. an update to the devastating workplace shooting in aurora, illinois. five are dead, including the a man, after opening fire at warehouse yesterday afternoon. we're learning the suspected shooter was fired from his job. police identified him as 45-year-old gary martin. authorities say he is a former employee of the warehouse, 40 miles outside of chicago. five people murdered all worked at that building where the rampage foed. six police officers were also wounded. several schools were put on lockdown as the chaos lasted
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nearly 90 minutes. >> wake up in the morning, and you put that uniform on. you don't know what the day is going to hold for you. just like those victims that went to work today. >> when police located martin, they engaged innf e, ultimately killing him. they're searching his apartment, trying to figure out what ultimately led up to that shooting. back here at home, a murder arrest months in the making. a man accused of shooting his wife in virginia now facing charges. s.w.a.t. team members took ntex into custody. officials responded to a shooting in fairfax. they found donna andlaszlo both shot. donna was pronounced dead, leaving behind her two children. police have charged laszlo with her murder. they believe he shot and killed his wife. it was a local story that captivated a nation me than 25 years ago. bobbit cut off her husband's
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private parts. a docu-series investigates the case. jordan peele produced the series. he's behind the critically acclaimed film "get out." this calls to attention the abuse bobbit endured. 10. straigead, a story you'll only see here on news 4. he was accused of trying to kill a police officer. some civil rights groups saye is a victim of police brutality. there is a plea deal in case that advocates are trying to stop. we'll have more on thisli coted case in prince george's countyex george's countyex that is n when "news
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police brutality. he is considering pleading guilty tr a les crime. advocates are calling the plea deal unjust, saying he was falsely accused in the first place. prince george's county bureauy this case.see, but there is a prince george's police officer hanging out of the driver's window of this suv. according to theharging documents, officers stopped the suv because of a broken taillight and because there was robbery in the immediate vicinity the previousrright. in thet report, the officer says he dove into the window because he feared the driver had a gun. hehe says driver accelerated while he was hanging from the vehicle. the family of the driver and a number of advocacy groups that have taken on this case say the driver was being beaten by the police officer, causing the drift the officer's report says, after searching the vehicle, no guns or drugs were found. >> i had to fight for him to get out of jail with i he sustained from police
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orficers. >> rr: the driver, 20-year-old kevin smead, had visible bruces after the arrest. the officer charged him with attempted murder of a police officer. two yearedlater, smead is being offered a plea deal. he'll be charged with disordndly productiven a probation before judgment if he signs a waiver, saying he won't sue the police department later. >> it's not about suing anybody. i don't care about that. i want myife back. >> i can't stop him from taking the plea. i'd rather fight. if he wants to take the plea, that's what we're going to do, so we can bever this. >> reporter: the aclu of maryland is tracking cases like kevin's, concerned about folks mising not vers, p to sue. >> doesn't make the community safer. doesn't hold police accountable. it continues the lack of police integty and silencing victims.
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>> reporter: after viewing the videof the arrest, the office of the prince george's county state's attorney felt eed december served a disorderly product charge. that appears that is what he actuely did. sneed family is quest'sning if kevption is a fair one. >> we don't have the luxury to pay for a lawyer, so we have to deal with what we got. >> reporter: ms. huin inin inins so concerned about her son, she never considered c filing ae against the police department. his case is expected to head to course next month. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> tracee reached out to prince george's county police for comment. they said they couldn't comment since it has not gone to trial. 6:15 on this saturday. a live look outside. mild temps as we start off here. lauryn ricketts tracking some precipitation. whether that's rain or snow, we'll break it down, just ahead.
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. the bond between two retired montgomery police officers got deeper one officer needed a kidney. hisen former partner ha to be a perfect match. amy cho brings us their touching story. >> reporter: being a police officer means answering the call. stanley and amber knew that well. >> you don't know wha facing every day. it's sort of looking after each other, makingure each other,
6:19 am
you know, does good by their work and gets home safe. t >> reporter: t used to work as beat partners in silver spring, putting in ten hours a day together, even hanging out in their free time. stanley is the godfather for her daught. >> it a brother/sisterhood. >> it is. >> it's a type of lifestyle you can't even describe. >> reporter: recent, stanley learned he has cysts on his kidneys and needs a new one. when megan learned she was a perfect match, she gave him a card for valentine's day. you had my back on theroad, and now you can have my kidney. >> there was no hesitation. i knew i'd do it. not only work with them, but they become your family. they rely on you,ou and rely on them. you take care of family. >> reporter: the surgery is scheduled may 14th. stanley has just one worry. >> that'll be interesting to see some of my food tastes changes. >> i do a lot of clean, healthy eating. >> oh, my gosh. >> a lot of protein shakes and
6:20 am
exercise. >> this is what i'm in for. >> reporter: even so, it's a gift of a litime. >> youknow, you take care of the job on and off i mean, you're really taking care of me, and i appreciate that, you know? it goes beyond. >> reporter: in silver spring, amy cho, news 4. >> sweet story there. hey, >>lauryn. hey, david. how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> hen't seen you in a while. how was it?f >> tons snow. >> yeah. >> it's been one of the best seasons in three decades. no snow heretoday. >> no snow. i think a lot of people will be upset about that. i think they wanted the snow. >>it'm fine without >> i am, as well. we have a couple chances, not just for snow but chances for a rainw, and sleet mix tomornd possibly snow and mix on wednesday and thursday. >> it'll get messy. >> yeah, messy. we have other chances coming our way. no big systems coming our way,
6:21 am
unfortunately. well, fortunately. or unfortunately, whichever way you wan take that in. listen, today, things have changed. we're not going to have that snow that we thought we were going to ha especially here in the metro area. some portions of our area will see it,nl m south. look at our live tower camera out there right now. not looking too bad. we have the clouds out there. we hit our daytime high just after midnn ht. that wase mid to upper 50s. listen, yesterday, 65 egrees. we wn the mid to upper 60s yesterday. it was so nice yesterday. now, it is not going to be quite as nice out theretoday. now, what has changed? that storm is tracking a little farthersouth, through north carolina. the temperatures have warmed. we are calling for temperatures in the low to mid 40s today. that means that we're not going to s any of that snow. any precip chances for us will lie through southern virginia, north carolina, and then possibly for our friends in the fredericksburg area in southern maryland. i'll show you that in just a second. again, the storm system slipped
6:22 am
to the south. frontal system that passed through yesterday, to the south, as well. a little rain showers coming through fredericksburg and even theern neck. again, all of this will move areasouth of the d.c. you can kind of see the line that it's taking right now. our friends in m southeryland will get a little bit of rain.ou down t the northern neck and fredericksburg. for the most part, temperatures in the 40s. we're not expecting snow. not to say there couldn't be snowflakes mixed in, but i'm not expecting issues. i-95, temperatures in the low to mid 40s rightl now. welip a little bit, then head back to the 40s. i think by this afternoon, we'll all have some sunshine and clear skies overnight. decrease in ot an "a" there. decreasing clouds as we continue into the afternoon and ernight. let me show you what's going on there. saturday morning, again, we have a few showers coming through southern maryland and.orthern ne most of this slipping well south of us. by the afternoon, look at this, we clear out.
6:23 am
night, we're dry and clear. toherrow, this is we're watching. kn els increasing clouds, starting with sunshine. trace amounts of sleet. 'm not expecting issues monday morning. could be isolated ones, but all that gets out monday morning. most of monday and t dry before our next system comes in on wednesday. tomorrow, again, 39 degrees, increasing clouds with tracein f sleet c our way. by monday, once the showers move out, likely before t time we head into the morning commute, it's going to be pretty breezy. temperatures in the low 50s. nlow 40s tuesday. wintry mix possible wednesday as we get into thursday. c again, wld have some issues wednesday into thursday. look at this, we're pretty unsettled. friday, we have rain chances. saturday, rain chances. could hav to extend that to sunday and next monday, rain chances headedwaur we have breaks headed our way. to'll talk
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we're just coming off valentine's rey, and ts this bald eagle drama unfolding in the district. beloved eaglecouple, liberty and justice, we think may have called it quits. for 14e' years, watched via this webcam as they raised their chicks in a nest near southwest. the wtop is reporting justice has not been o seen camera for days. now, a new man, dubbed aaron bird, is hanging around the nest. >> to compl eate thingsn
6:27 am
more, listen to this, liberty is sitting on an egg. >> no. >> oh, yeah. this is a live look -- is that a live look? there we . ere is a live look. i was like, i know the sun hasn't come up yet. at this point, no one knows who the father is. look at he >> i think it is going to be -- >> get it, >> the next episode of "maury povich." >> faexactly right. is going to find out who the father 6:27. she's asleep out in the nice, chilledmorning. kind of mild temperatures. >> she's had a busy couple ofek yeah, she won't have to worry about snow, and neither are you, unless you're south of d.c. we'll talk aut who couee this latest snow and talk about the rest of this work week. we have a couple more snow chances. that's coming up right after
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>> announcer: "news 4 today" begins with breaking news. on this 16th of february, 2019, good morning to you. i'm david culver. it is a busy saturday morning around .he that breaking news coming in overnight from rome. the vatican dismissing ex-cardinal theodore mccarrick from the priesthood. meaning, the man who was once among the mostdeowerful l n the catholic church, this morning, carries no religious title. longer k can no celebrate mass as a priest, not even in private. the vatican says a tribunal found mccarrick guilty of sexual misconduct with minors and adults, alongh wusing his
6:31 am
power and solicitation within the sacrament of confession. we have been all ove this story since it broke in the summer. we're going to walk you through the timelinef how we got here, what's next for the catholic church. this monging, i'm hea from one of the local accusers of mac carrick who shared his painful story with us. this morning, he's reacting to thevatican's decision. at first, 6:31, a pleasant surprise to yourforecast. the chances for snow are dwindling right now. lauryn ricketts tracking it in the storm team 4 weather center. maybe this will turn intoore rain? >> more rain areas south. a lot of areas are going to turn into dry conditions. that's going to be good for a lot of people that have plans on this saturday. again, we're not looking at much for our area. this storm is f trackingther to the south. that was one big question as we were tracking thisarlier thi week, whether it was going to go south or come into our area. since it is going south, look at this, you can see all the snow, the rain
6:32 am
fredericksburg, southern maryland, you'll have the chance to see some of this moving our way. again, it is really taking this line right here. here in the shenandoah valley, they're cooler. that's why they're seeing snow. once they get t east side of the blue ridge mountains, it changes to rain. temperatures are in the0s. dynamics of the storm tracking through north carolina is why they're seein rain. it is also why we are going to be dry. take a look at the it happentem. 40s. not cold enough to support snow. we'll see rain for areas in the south, maybe a little wet snow or sleet mixed in. fothe most part, jusain in the areas. we have several more chances of way.r storms coming our one tomorrow and one midweek. we'll talk about that coming up. >> lauryn, we'll check in with you then. 6:32. let's get you back tngthe breanews. this coming in out of the vatican from overnight. a belove- once beloved and once revered leader in the catholic church, the fmer archbishop of washington, a man
6:33 am
who both popes and presidents sought advice from. riis morning, theodore mcc, no longer a catholic priest. he isot cardinal, archbishop or father mccarrick. as the church puts it, he's been fraught. overnight, the vican explaining its process. it is a tribunal process, not dicial. on january 11th, last month, a decree was issued, finding mccarrick guilty of solicitation in the sacrament of confessionit along that, he is accused of sexual misconduct with minors and adults. the church says he abuse his power. on wednesday, mccarrick presented what is essential an appeal, his counterargument to the findings. yesterday, the decision tosm s mccarrick from the priesthood wasel uand sign au
6:34 am
off on fby pope francis experts are weighing in on the vatican's decision this morning. >> mccarrick committed a crime. the church aed, perhaps not as quickly as some would like, but in church time, they acted very quickly, i think, to reach a good judgment about the crimes that mccarrickad committed. he can't hold even jobs in universities or hospitals that are associated with the catholic church. he is in way a part of the church's ministerial life. he can't enjoy any of t privileges of being aprelet or a priest within the catholic church. he doesn'tenjoy even the support of retirement within the church. >> the timing of this cannot be this major decision coming just days ahead of a major conference of the world'ss. bish they're going to meet next week in rome to discuss how to better handle sexual abuse within the h ch this most recent scandal, this
6:35 am
dates back to june h a man alleged mccarrick abused him when the man was an underaged teen, altar server. james grind from loudoun county spoke up, first anonymously, later revealing his identity. he said he, too, had been ased by mccarrick, who was a close family friend. he said the abuse started when he was 11 years old and it lasted for years. in july, pope francis stripped omccarrick his cardinal title. he ordered him to a life of penance and prayer i kansas at a retirement home there. the church, they ivestigated. spoke with james shortly after he testified in front of a judial vicar. that was back in december. he shared what he wanted from mccarrick. >> what i would like to see is t mccarribe up in front of allus of in a room where it's just him. a single pole microphone. he can lean into the phone -- into the microphone and say, i'm sorry, jimmy.
6:36 am
at's what he always called me. >> you want him to aimg >> yes. ? >> do you think he'd ever apologize? >> no. >> this morning,sjames, who out of the country, sharing with me his reaction to the vatican's decision. quote, for years, i have suffered, as many others have, at the hands of theodore mccarrick. today, i am happy that my troubles have been verified by the pope. i have been grving since july. i'm hopeful now i can pass through anger for the last time. this great historical and holy isuation, he goes on to say, giving rise to all catholics and victims of abuse across the world. it is time for us to prepare for the complete cleansing of the church. i must thank my family, for without their belief and guidance, i would be somewhere else. i must thank my cklawyer, pat noeker, for helping me through the legal world. i must thank the important journalists who listened to me, believed me, and backed me. he ends by saying, myin intenti uly was to put forth all my energies to cleanse the church,
6:37 am
to purge it from the evil. i have been doing so for this period and t promise continue for the remainder of my fe. we're going to continue to follow the developments on this major story coming out of rome this mornin i also want to point out, we reached out to the archdiocese in waon. we're told they're working on a statement right now. as soon as we hear from them, we're goiel to that to you. you can catch up with all the developments in this case and on the church scandal by going nnto our washington app. the time now is 37 on this saturday morning. let's get you to other local headlines. all new, air springfieldnia man facing a second rape charge. 60-year-old king was arrested in connection to a sexual assault of a patient at the community center mvle in springfield. poli say in august, detectives were notified by the victim's family that she'd become pregnant and wot capable of consent because of physical and mental incapacity. investigators used dna evidence,
6:38 am
leading them to ki. poli charging him in another rape of a second woman who is also mentallyincapacitated. they say it happened in early 2017. betts-king is being held without bond. police continue to look for more potential victims. a 15-year-old charged as an adult in connection to a lroker assault will now have his case heard in the juvenile courul that was theg yesterday from a judge in montgomery county. the teen is one of four charged last nection to an attack fall at damascus high school. prosecutors say the boy assaulted teammates on the jv football team. some charges include first degree rape. >> each individual who was a young person, who was charged l with a crimi offense, should be looked at individually. i will tell you, we are not going to take a blanket pition against the rndining defendants. >> it is not a pass. it is just the more appropriate venueor this particular circumstance. >> if the teens are found guilty
6:39 am
of rape, they could be held in the custody of juvenile court unti they turn 21. 6:39 on this saturday. we are less than two months away from the deadline to file your 2018 tax returns. plenty of folks are already seeing smaller refunds, and some are having to pay more taxes for the first time. news 4 is working for you with some advice before you get a surprise from the irs. at is nex rightt
6:40 am
6:41 am
have you done your taxes yet? if not, you may be in for a big surprise. this is thanks to the changes in the tax code. we've seen a lot of popping up on social media from folks who normally see a refund but are now owing the irs. consumerte rep suzanne hogan working for you this morningou with what y need to know about these >> according to the irs, refunds so far this filing season haved ped more than 8%. the average refund last year was just over $2,000.
6:42 am
thisyear,he average is coming in to about $1,865. we went to a tax expert to find out why. >> people aresa ng, well, what happened to my tax cut? i thought i was supposed to pay less in taxes. >> reporter: jay reiner is a certified public accountant in arlington. he says there are two main reasons people may not see a big fund check this year. >> the long and short of it was they weren't having enough tax withheld. >> reporter: if you didn't change your withholdings a year ago when the new tax law went into effect, chances are, the irs started taking out fewer xes, meaning, your take-home pay wentup, even if you didn't noce it. the other reason you may see a smaller refund, a cap ithe deduction for state and local taxes. also known as s.a.l.t. it isimited to $10,000. >> in high-tax state, even around re, arlington county, where you have people who are paying $10,000, $15,000 plus on
6:43 am
real estate tax alone, you're limited to $10,000 not only for the real estate tax but thest ate income tax also. >> reporter: while it is too late to make changes for the 2018 taxes. >> what is done is done. >> reporter: there are ways to make sure you don't get hit with a big tax bilext year. >> look at 2018 numbers. if they have a balance due, tpotentially, they needo have more tax withheldrom their paychecks in 2019. max out on your 401( to the extent that you can take it out of current cash flow and not miss it. ifou have pre-tax flexible spending accounts for medical purposes, pre-tax health savings accounts, t to minimize your income and maximize your deductions. mportant to remember, just because you are getting a smaller refund this year doesn't necessarily mean you are paying more taxe everyone has their own unique set of circumstances. your t preparer should be able to answer any questions you may have and get you on track for 19.
6:44 am
back to you. >> susan hogan in the newsroom with good advice there.r 6:44, yime as we give you a live look outside. a slight breeze on this saturday morning. lauryn ricketts tracking some wet weather and potentially some snow we'll check in with her.
6:45 am
6:46 am
we are less than 15 minutes away from the start of the "today" show here onbc 4. let's take you up to new york.
6:47 am
we have sheinelle jones and a peterxander standing by. busy day, no doubt. probably for you all. >> first, the latest on the mass shooting in illinois, where five people were t killed atir workplace. what we're learning about the gunman, his possible motive,nd the her officers who ran in while bullets were flying. also ahead this morning, answers to your burning tax questions. we're going to help try to clear uponfusion over the new tax laws that have many americans getting smaller refunds or even tax lls. > and the college freshman who is so good at hackingalhe's actu being paid to do it for the pentagon, stanford, and big companies. we'll explawhy. i'll let my family sleep later in northern virginia this morning, but you'll wan up your kids, folks, in the d.c. area today. we have elmo we have cookie monster. we have the seesame street gang on a saturday morning on "today." >> i'll make an announcement. they should be watching you
6:48 am
yway, peter. >> see you. whiskey is making a comeback, and the person liftini the glass not your own granddad. women and younger drinkers a invigorating the whiskey industry. the district has its first distillery owned by women. one of the few in the country. >> reporter: in the barrel room at republic restorive, where the bourbon, like its owners, is gradually becoming a big deal. >> nic that's cool. >> yup. >> reporter: two years ago, two childhood friends opened this craft distillery. >> it was not over a glass of water. it was over some whit we came up with this idea >> carusoneomes from politics, working with gabby giffor it gave her business skills that work with whiskey skills. >> you have to make something happen, advocate for yourself.
6:49 am
> reporter: in 2016, republic restoratives happened. in a storefront on new york avenue northeast, the elers will make up the products. bourbon, rodham rye, in honor of hillary clinton's presidential run, vodka. financially, a young distillery will crush your wallet before you raise your firstglass. >> majority of your capital expense goes into product that sits in a barrel for a few year, right? >> reporter: the ladies put their vodka to work. vodka can be made in a week. civic doing its you know, when bourbon is initially distilled, it is clear, like vodka. how does it get to be this color? barrs. oak barrels that have been charred on the inside. as the spirit rests, it takes on a deeper amber color. >> my name is nicole austin. >> i'm ebony major. >> reporter: more women are seeing their reflections in thim
6:50 am
r spirit. elizabeth mccauls the assistant master distiller. ebony is at bullet. nicole austin is gm and distiller at the home of george dickel, onef the oldest tennessee whiskeys. they credit "mad men" for getting me women into the spirit. >> you saw women, men, drinking a lot of brown spirits and cocktails, manhattan old fashion, et cetera. >> reporter: the female palette, they deserve credit for creating today's smoother brews, so y don't feel like you've been kicked by your horse when it goes down. >> as a team, we think about, would we drink it? would we order it? if we wouldn't, we're not going to put it out. >> reporter: carasone feels the rising tide of craft spisrits will make smallerti deries big. just get the glass o their mout >> i don't want to be a specialty, buy it once a year, get it as a gift. i'm looking to be your every day
6:51 am
spirit choice. >> reporter: corasone is blending politics with whiskey. she gives proceeds to emily's list. >> republic restoratives is broadening new york.ifornia and yn lauricketts, it lauryn ri. it took two weeks to get that story. >> have a bone to pick with her for that. no one asked me. it'll be c compared to yesterday. maybe some white wine. ere's your drinking forecast. 6:51, in case you wanted day, 65 degrees. today, those temperatures dropping. in fact, we hit our daytime h ah juer midnight. those temperatures are going to be in the 30s and 40s for much of the day we're colder today, and we do have the rain to the south. tomorrow, we have rain coming in tomorrow afternoon,omorrow night, with some isolated sleet.
6:52 am
i think there's going to be traces of sleet, and it'll be gone think tomorrow morning. cloudy on monday. more sunshin on tuesda cooler. next chance of rain/snow will be on wednesday. look at this system. system tracking to the south. first, we thought we'd have snow up around our area, but now, we're just looking for rain witm sobe wet snowflakes around the fredericksburg area, stafford, northern neck,la southern ma. this is what you're going to see here in the shenandoah valley. it is a littlecolder, which is why they're seeing snow, but it rain east side o the blue ridge mountains. i am expecting rain the sno south. not going to the north. north of d.c., maybe a little sunshine before we awe sll see this afternoon. 30s and 40s. we're too warm for anything in terms of snow, unless you're in the northern shenandoah valley. sun comes up at 6:58. thank goodness, it is getting earlier. we'll gain 31 minutes of sunlight before february is over. the time i going to keep moving
6:53 am
back. we have rain to the south in the morning. otherwise, a of us are staying in the clouds. l you're north, you may have parly sunny skies. 39 will be the daytime high. it is arbitrary. that's this afternoon. we hit 57 just after midnight. we're in the 40s now. we'll spend this time around the 40 degree mark today. the storm system is tracking south of us. by this afternoon, look, we clear out. we have some sunshine. tomorrow, more clouds roll in. y tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, more rain rolls in with traces of sleet. that's out by monday morning. not expecting issues on monday morning. dry on monday and even into tuesday. tomorrow, temperatures are going to be 39 degrees, increasing clouds, rain w sleet. for your weekend outlook, we have a lot of things going on this if you're traveling, wet heading south. it'll be breezy monday. out and about, you'll need the umbrella sunday night. next change comes on wednesday. wintry mix to rain. by thursday, we could have some fsnow accumulatio us as we get into wednesday and thursday. we keep chances of erain, so
6:54 am
get into your friday, your saturday. sunday is dry. even on monday. it is pretty unsettled through
6:55 am
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pay just $49.95 a month for fast internet and get a $300 prepaid card. comcast business. beyond fast. that breaking news this morning, theodore mccarrick has be dismis from the priesthood. the vatican announcing the decision overnight. mccarrick was accused of sexual misconduct involving adults and minors. you can catch up on our month of
6:57 am
coverage on this major story in the nbc washington app. t this i official bulletin that's come out from the vatican this morning. we are going to continue to update this throughout the morning. we'll be back at 9:00 with more on that. meantime, wet weather to the south? >> stayingo the south. fredericksburg, stafford, into the northern neck and southern maryland, you'll see a little bit of rain. ight snow mixed in, but no accumulation, no problems or anything. some rain and sleet tomorrow night into monday. >> not too bad. we'll be back on air in 25 minutes with a local n update. for now, let's
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. mass shooting tragedy. >> attention all police. aurora h an active shooting. >> five victims killed, pice officers wounded, as a man fired from a manufacturing company in aurora, illinois, started gunning down his co-workers. b >> this respon law enforcement, from centrfederal, state, local law enforcement didn't surprise me but it overwhelms me. the gunmandead. questions swirls. were there warning signs? how can attacks like this be stopped? we're live on thee. national emergency backlash. president trum preparing for a fight this morning, one day after declaring a national emergency to pay for his border he admits he didn't have to take this


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