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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 21, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EST

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if yesterday was all about the falling snow, today is about t melting of it. the latest bout with winter came an wwent. but wh left behind is still leading to closures this morning. good morning to you. >> the temperatures are set to rise. until the sun comes up, things may be slick. school districts have issued some closures and delays. the federal government is open but workers have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. >> here's what we know about closings. in maryland, frerick, montgomery, prince george's, an rundle and washington county schools will open two hours late. >> in virginia, arlington, manassas, manassas park, alexandr alexandria, staord and spotsylvania schools will open two hours late. in fredericksburg, king george, loudon and fairfax county schools. grantounty schools in west virginia will open three hours late.
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virginia, warren,clark, rappahannock, prince william and frederick county schools are closed. culpepper, shenandoah, fauquier and page countyol scho burkely, mineral, hardy, hampshire and jefferson county schools are closed today. >> the roads will be an improvement across the region. cars slid on highways, back roads and parking lots. team 4 has the mess left behind. >> let's start with te ologist chuck bell and see what we're dealing with at this hour. >> good morning, everybody. thursday is off to a quieter sdstart than wed was. that's for sure. all the accumulating snow ise long gt this point. a couple of rain drops len't be out. a lot of slush and tag around early this morning. a big-time meltdown comes in later on i theafternoon, with the return of sunshine and
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temperaturesn the 50s, will eat up the snow quickly. saturday is in real trouble from a rain perspective. we'll talk about the weekend coming up in the half hour. right now, on the freezing mark. frederick, maryland, martinsburg, winchester, leesburg, front royal, almanass, 32. 35 in arlington county. forecast, then, for toda after some clouds and fog around early, temperatures will jump into the low0s f afternoon highs with more and more sunshine coming up later on in then. aftern complete check of the forecast for today and on into the weekend, is available on our nbc washington app. you can find and follow me on my social media pages. any good pictures of the snow, tweet them over for me. what do you have going on >> thankfully not much right now. that's a very good thing. folks will start head back to work and school. 66, eastbound and westbound, waples, no problems. the main roads will look wet.
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maybe will be slick in spots. your side streets m different than the sidewalk. if you haven't taken care of that. 66 on the map. 95 northbound, through wood bridgethe tinniest brlip of a slowdown. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, nice and green. tro opening, regular rail and bus service on metro, onanarc vre. >> thank you. if you were out on t roa at all yesterday, this may be a familiar rain fallingh hitting your windshield. a lot of local roads and highways were slick. until the sun comes out and wa melts it that may be the situation for your commute. >> we ben with news 4's justin finch, live in frederick, maryland, this morning. good morning to you. how are things looking? >> reporter: we're seeing roads lookg good so far.
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right here in frederick, old farm road. looking ahead here, the roads are mainly there's been some slush spots left over by cars or plows in the roadway. they spread and melt and cause an icy patch. watch out for that. we have seen sidewalks 50/50 here.ed many cle and many have not been. that's a hazard, too, given that school may beur starting two late today based upon conditions that turn out here. you can see somef the slush. some not clear. we know that frederick county public schools are opening two hours late today. they're weighing whether or not to go forward with school. we're seeing a glimpse of the entire ghunty. as of now, here we are. we're seeing mostly clear roads. 270 and ki l good.
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we know that not every area is going to be that clear. watch for the overpasses and ramps. they freeze sooner. justin finch, thank you. there's some slick spots throughout the region. molette green is tracking conditions in prince george's county. she continues our team coverage in laurel. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to ryu. we moved ealf hour to get a good perspective of how things laurel. and so, now, we're here, at laurel elementary school. and it looks pretty good. i'm happy to report here,lo the parkinis clear. you can see, no icing to report.
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laurel got just under 5 inches of snow. we wanted to get a good picture. let's look at some video we took, when we went through some of the residential thneighborhoods. e, you're going to find some sidewalks that have some slush, some snow, som sidewalks that have not been shoveled. and so, you're going toave a little bit of slickness there. but for the most part, let me tell you, the plow operators did a very good job ug getting th the neighborhood streets. and the main road, 198, looking good in some of the secondary roads that we have seen all a-okay. schools are delayed for two hours in the county. it gives parents enough time to really get out here and get their skkids to school safely. looking good in laurel. later today, find out who won pat collins snow stick
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challenge, ahead of this weekend's oscars we asked you to dress up as your favorite movie characters. you saw "rocky" there. his is -- what's the tom cruise -- >> "risky business." >> "star wars," "e.t.," all that stuff. our coverage begins at news 4 at 4:00. >> p are creative. >> they stepped up, for sure. developing this morning, a potentially devastating terror attack stopped in its tracks. >> a coast guard lieutenant is behind bars, accused of trying nkto kill civilians, high-g democrats and television personalities. >> the names of potentialic victim and a huge cache of weapons and ammunition has been seized from a montmemery county drew wilder has the latest on this case.
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drew, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. investigators say in addition to all of that, they found 30 bottles of hgh, or human growth hormone. they think he was trying to build up his strength for an attack. an attack thatever happened. still, hasson will appear here in federal court today and will have to answer to disturbing charges. prosecutors say hasson, quote, wanted to murder innocen s civilians atle never -- rarely seen in this country. hasson was arrested on friday. lling him a domestic terrorist. prosecutors believe he stockpiled a dozen guns in silver spring. court documents claim he is a self-identified white natialist who called for focused violence and dreamed of ways to kill people on earth. he had a lisof targets, that included presidential targets, senators, even msnbc and cnn show hosts.
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he wanted to use focused violence to create a white homeland. a google search included things where in d.c. do congress people live. and civil war if trump impeached. the searches may have led to his arre. investigators first caught on to hassan, because of odd searches on his work computer. with all of the allegations right now, he is not facing terrorism charges. he is scheduled to appear in court in green belt this afternoon.>> rew, thank you. major developments in the case of the "empire" star who e claimss the victim of a hate crime. actor jussie smollett is being called a suspect in his own attack. police charged him with filing a false police report today. he claimed that two men attacked him last month, yelling racist
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and guy slurs. smollett's attorneys say they intend tconduct a thorough investigation to mount an aggressive defense. he is expected to be in court today. and this morning, we're following developments on two c investigationslosely watched by the white house. >> we begin with president trump's former attorney and fixer, michael cohen. he's expected to testify publicly before the house committee on oversight and reform. he is expected to talk about the president's alleged hush money payoffs, his finances and business practices. last night, he tweeted, he is ready for the american people to hear his story. that hearing is set for wednesday morning. . judge delayed cohen's prison sentence until may he pleaded guilty to multiple crimes, including lying to coxtress. neeek, the russian investigation could up. special counsel robert mueller's report is nearly done. the new attorney general,
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william barr, will decide if any of it will be made public. during his hearing, he suggested he could release a summary. the report does not haed to be releublicly or to congress. this morning, the vatican launchedts summit about clergy sex abuse. >> church leaders from around the world are holding a conference to confront the ongoing sex abuse scandal. david culver is in the newsroom with the latest >> reporter: i'm monitoring the feeds come inrom rome. we just heard from a cardinal who choked up as he delivered the keynote speech. he told the nearly 200 other church leaders that each of them east take personal responsibility to the wounds caused by the scandal in their communities, adding this -- take a listen. >> faith would lik to close its eyes to people suffering is just an illusion.
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>> reporter: hede demthat church leaders no longer run in fear or turn a blind eye to the harm cau abuses and their cover-ups. pope francis opened up the conference, saying the catholic church would listen to thery of the young seeking justice. he told the superiors that the catholic faithful are demanding more than just condemnation of the ceymes. want concrete action to put an end to the scandal. each day of theonference has a different theme. today's is responsibility. powerful words. the question, though, will that lead to action? we'll continue to mon >> that's the big question. david culver, thank you. an update on school delays for you. allegheny county public schools in maryland are on a two-hour delay. in reportsave cited the health benefits of marijuana.
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but many people use it purely to get high. >> our reports on weed and can you become addicted to marijuana? plus, working out to ward off serious disease. a look at the new research when we come back. chuck? >> many people have to go in on time. the temperatures will be on the freezing mark for your waitth f bus this morning. maybe not really an outdoor recess day. a lot of puddles on the afternoon activities should be okay. sunshine and into the 50s. don't get ed to the sun, gh. it's time for the ultimate sleep number event
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you're watching news 4 >> w back. all this week, news 4 has looked at the potential impact of marijuana legalization in the d.c. area. there's debate over whether someone can become addicted to marijuana.
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>> as scott macfarlane shows us, there's no dispute over the increase of people seeking help to get off oit. >> we flipped the car three times, did a needle spin in theu middle hour. >> reporter: matt said his life turned around and began improving after this car crash on i-2 seven years ago, as he drove toward d.c. to buy drugs. you started off with marijuana. >> yep. >> reporter: it wasn't casual, was it? >> it was never very casual.te >> rep now, a dad and a counselor, he says his drug dependency started in high school, eventuoply leading to id abuse. but he was hooked onuana from the start. >> i was smoking before i got up, before i went to bed, every chance i could get. >> reporter: every day. a review of maryland and virginia state health records, shows an increase number of menn women are seeking state-supported drug treatment on marijuana. and especially young women, as
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the drug becomes more available to some through legalization. >> you're not going to die from overdose. but it does not discount the effects. >> reporter: drug counselors says marijuana has addictive properties for s de people. >>'t want some people to think it's okay for everybody to do it and it's unharmful. >> coming up, what makes peoe more likely to become dependant. how this impacts you whether you use marijuana or not. and what you can do if someone yoknow is dependant on marijuana. scott macfarlane. another startling statistic on america's fight against drugs. the united states has more overdose deaths than any other wethy nation on earth. a new study from the university of southern california shows that drug mo ality in the u.s. is twice what the rate is in finland and sweden, the next two countries on the list.
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the overdose epidemic is affecting overall life expectancy numbers in this country. researchers say the u.s. has lost more years from drug deaths than any other high-income nation. ge> exercising in middle aan help your brain down the road. researchers in sweden tracked 800 won for 40 years and found those that were physically or mentally active when they were younger, were less likely to develop dementia later in life. some of those mental activities can be reading, writing or going to a concert. >> staying active is good for you. >> i'm t not surt counts. forecasting the weather may shorten your life. yesterday, i was telling you to plan mentally for a 3-inch to 6-inch here's some of the big winners in our maryland counties. close tohat 3-6-inch rain. 3.2 in college park.
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5 inches inva . rockville, just a smidge. thurmont and columbia 5 inches of snow. a little fogginess ound. be careful for that. lower visibilities and temperat tes closer to freezing mark. you want to assume that evything is frozen. most of it is in the form of liquid and slushiness. use care and caution. with sunshine coming into the late reternoon, we'll ver in the low and mid-50s. there were drops of rain in southern maryland and one or two more spray drops can't be ruled out. it's a drying trendor the rest of the day today. here you go. that little chance for a, show first thing this morning. clearing out this afternoon, all-dry for your evening plans and dry overnight into the early parts of tomorrow.
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and this time tomorrow, 6:00 a.m., maybe a sprinkle or two of rain. that's not going to last all day. that will tutnd ard. most of your friday and evening plans, sack edsocked in with cl will berain-free. rain likely to move in. fure weather. saturday afternoon will be rainy. saturdayight it will rain hard around here. with a gusty west wind on sunday, a big jump in temperatures. so, 50s today. 40s and clouds tomorrow. mid-40s and rain saturday. but mid to upp 60s. a few spots might even get close to 70 degrees on sunday afternoon. no one will complain about that, melissa. >> 70 degrees sounds good to me. 301 at 5, looking good. northbound and southbound, no major hssuesded into town or out of town this morning. 66, no problems. 95 northbound and southbound, also rolli along nicely here right now. taking a look at the beltway.
5:21 am
inner loop, outer loop, no delays there. nice and clear. massransit here, remember, metro, marc, vre, some problems yesterday. seems like everything should be back on track, no pun tended. regular service on bus and rail. regular on marc and regular service expected on vre. [phone ringing]
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>> right now. how many of you have an inbox like this or you know somebody like this. maybe instead of thousands of unread e-mails -- this might b your notifications and texts ee that you can'tto stay on top of. we're talking about clearing the clutter from your life. >> it's not just your the des we use each day d needs someluttering of their own. texts,-mails, instagram updates. it's the clutter that is distracting all of us from staying focused.nt >> we're beingrupted and interrupted. it's this infinity pool of information that comes at you, whether you choose it or not. >> kim has a few suggests stay on track. start limiting the number of notifications that your phone sends. >> when you look at that information, it distracts you
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from what you are doing. >> and make the apps that distract you the hardest to find. >> take anything that's nonessential from your home screen. >> moving apps will prevent you from clicking on them as often. using folders in your e-mail can keep your inbox from overflowing. itother easy way to see progress, move moss off of your desktop. a clean computer screen won't just look better. it will improve efficiency when it comes time to track down what you need. >> you just have to do it. swipe and delete. decluttering your devices is important for productivity. it takes us an average of 23 minutes to get back to a task after we've been interrupted. 23 minutes. all that wasted time. you can imagine. one notification that distraats us canp a lot of time throughout the day. >> tomorrow, we continue the clear the clutter series.
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it's jim handly's desk. you can see it right there. riw you can apply the koma method to your work space. you don't wa to miss that. coming up in our next half hour -- new video and results of a crash test, report released overnight. which cars are best when it cos to stopping a crash? chuck? >> wake-up weather for your thursday morning, some clouds and fog around this morning with temperatures near freelng. there we a little recovery later on in the morning and sunshine later in the as far as getting the car washed for today, not much of a rain chance foroday or for tomorrow. you may want to get all of that road salt and grimmieness off of there. there's rain coming over the weekend. ten-day forecast in th half hour. a developing story. a terror plot stopped. tre on coast guard lieutenant arrested in our area and his alleged planto kill. s
5:27 am
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here's your buick sir. actually, that's my buick. your buick doesn't have a roof rack! this is my buick. how are we gonna fit in your mom's buick? i lit new buick. me too. i was actually talking about that buick. i knew that. did you? buick's fresh new lineup is full of surprises. get great deals on our expectation-shattering lineup. pay no interest for 72 months on most buick models. team 4 weather alert. >> right to the weather alert this morning, ahead of a potentially icy commute for some of you.
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the roads look pretty clear. you see the patchy of snow on the side. te threat of the trouble roads isn't over. beware black ice and some areas dip below freezing. good morning, everyone. several schools are closed or delayed.rn the federal gont is open. employees have the option for leave or telework. frederick, marand and prince george's, anna rundle, and washington county schools will open late. >> in virginia, arlington, manassas, manassas park city. fredericksburg, falls church, king george, loudon and fairfax county schools. in west virginia, nt grant c schools will open three hours late. >> now, to the closings in warrenk, rappahannock, and prince william closed today, shenandoah and fauquier and page county schools. >> in west virginia, morgan,
5:31 am
berkeley, mineral, hardy, hampshire and jefferson n schools are closed today. all of the updates are running on the bottom of your screen. you cafind the list in the washington app. we have team coverage to get much more on the conditions on the roads. we'll check in with drew wilder on the latest into the terror plot arres >> let's begin with chuck bell. and today's forecast, hoping things warm up, chuck. >> yeah. no problem with later on today.t once we the sun up here, just after -- just before 7:00, sunrise, 6:52 today. and our day length continues grow. today, we recovered all the way back to 11 hours ofht dayl an hour and a half more daylight than on the winter solstice two months ago. things are going steadily this rning. a mile of visibility in leesburg. a mile visibility in gaithersburg, as well.
5:32 am
watch out for a little fog early this morning. temperature, 35 in washington. but there's quite a few of the heltered valleys and rur suburbs that are down at or below the freezing mark this morning. beer very, careful. assume it's a little slippery here for the next couple ofho s. improving weather picture for your thursday. clouds and ice aroundarly this morning. clearing skies this afternoon, with a high temperature up near 56 degrees. clouds and rain chances are back before you know it, including yoe weekend, melissa. >> thank chuck. looking at the roads. a live look, 395 north of edsal road. most of your roads like like this. there can b slick spots. careful out there on the bridges and overpasses. 66, 95n virginia, no issues. taking a look at 270, from 70 down to the spur. 57 miles per hourg lookin pregoy good there. g to take you 31 minutes. no complaints as you head
5:33 am
southbound on 270. as you headnorthbound, it is nice and open. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, looking good right now. and as sofar as metro, arc and ver, running normally. we have team coverage of hos yesterday'now will impact you this morning. if you've been outside at all in the last 24 hour you probably saw that sno turned to slush. it wasro treache for drivers. there were more than 800 crashes in virginia yesterday. >>ti and today, navi on the sidewalks could be tricky. justin finch is out of the car. he's in frederick, maryland, with more. hey, justin. >> hey, aaron. right here off of fairview avenue on west 2nd street. finds ice like this on the sidewalk. that's heavy, slushy stuff that's compacted on the . sidewa as students are getting up and ready for school, this is what they may see at the bus stop. you can see that catching the light there.
5:34 am
that's some veryce thick there, coating that sidewalk. as you can see, it has been partially cloo lly cleared. but between the melt of that snow and the rain yesterday, it's causing ice patches that could be troublesome, spilling ff to the street, causing problems for drivers. making that turn on west 2nd street. most of the road here is clear. you will see some slick patches here and there, as you're driving beul as you are waking up, making your way to work and school because you may see a surprise on the roadway. live in frederick, i'm jtin nch. >> thanks for showing us the conditions there. let's check in with molette green. >> she's checking out conditions in college park now. you moved from laurel to college park. what are you seeing >> reporter: much the same. college park is ready to get back to school and to work. they had about three inches of
5:35 am
snch to fall here. k out this neighborhood, just off route 1. this is musskogie and 47th street. just a little bit o snow and slush on the streets. you can see a stream of water there, from t snow that is melting this morning. we can s drops coming to the trees, as well. looking good in college in el, the same situation with the sidewalks in that community. having the snow and the slush there. but the streets, the main roads, neighborhood streets looking od. happy to report. we're ready to get back in businesse in colleg peark. >> molette, thank you. >> keep an eye on the nbc washington app, for updates on the impact the winter storm and they recover effort. we'll continue to update the forecast on air and online. developing in maryland this morning, a coast guard officer is in jail after prosecutors
5:36 am
called him a domestic terrorist. christopher hasson faces gun and drug charges rightnow. but investigators say he was planning to, quote, murder innocent civilians, onra a scal ly seen in this country. >> drew wilder is in green belt th more on the disturbing allegations against this military officer. what led investigators to this lieutenant? >> reporter: aaron, nbc news hag learned inveors started looking into christoasson after discovering curious searches on his work computer. investigators say they found disturbing searches on hasson's computer that inkeuded things where in d.c. do congresspeople live? and civil war if trump impeached. ha he was arrested on friday on gun and drug charges. right now, he's not charged with terrorism. but prosecutors call him a domestic terrorist in court documents.
5:37 am
they believe he stockpiled more than a dozen gd over 1,000 rounds of ammo in an apartment in silver spring. he is a self-identified white onalist, who called for focused violence and dreamed of ways to kill almost every last person on prors say hasson was forming a list of targets that included presidential candidates, senators, and msnbc and cnn show hosts. with all of the allegations, hasson is not charged with any terrorism. just gun and drug charges, which he'll begin to answer for in federal court at 1:00 today. drew wilder, news 4. >> thank you. here's a looat other top gnories this morning. there's growing that special counsel robert mueller's investigation is winding down. he could submit his repo to the attorney general as early as next week. william barr will decide if any of it will be made public. coming up, we'll check in with tracie pottsor the latest on the investigation. catholic leaders from around
5:38 am
the world are meeting to discuss the ongoing sex abuse scandal. priests are meeting with each other as well as abuse survivors during the summit. each day of the conference wille have a t today is responsibility. tomorrow is accountability.d turday is transparency. the summit ends with a prayer session on sunday. jussie smollett is a suspect in his own attack. authorities charged with actor l withg a false police report yesterday. he claims he was a victim of a hate cri attacked by two men in chicago last month. the men say they were hired by smollett to stage thattack. basketball fan or not, it is an injury you're going to hear about alday. how one of the best in college basketball ended up sidelined by his shoe. plus, more team coverage on the storm team 4 weather alert warning. i the big mecoming. not before the big commute, though. what the roads are like near you. stay witus.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> one of d.c.'s favorite morning radio shows is making a major comeback, starting on monday morning, tommy mcfly and kelly thomas will bring back "the tommy show." this is the team's new studio, s whicctually in kelly's basement. the duo will live stream their new show on spotify and i heart radio. tommy will join us this eving with more details on his new show. a lot of folks were upset when their show left on radio. >> i can't wait to do a show from your house. an we will lose our real jobs. one of the moscipated college games in the country did not go as planned. we're talking about last night's game between duke and unc. >> top prospect zion williamson is center stage. he is insanely talented. plenty of celebrities were in
5:42 am
the crowd. barack obama was next to reggie love. 30 seconds into the game, the duke forward sprained his knee after his shoe blew out. it is torn up. a big disappointment for a lot of people. this is one of the biggest rivalries and two top teams. without zion, unc won the game, 88-72, at duke. huge loss. >> he was there. >> was he >> wow.? it must have been the shoes then. >> yeah. jack here. little jack russell terrier mix. 14 yearsold, a low-impact pet for you, if you need somebody to keep you company when you're watching tv. temperatures near freezing this morning. the walks can be slushy o slippery. extra miles later in the day tlday with sunshine coming back.
5:43 am
ten-day k with more chances for wintry weather coming up. a reminder, we're working 4 you in the community tomorrow morning. c 4 and telemundo 44 are hosting a job fair with national career fairs and the university and the district of columbia. join us from 6:00 until noon at the udc student find out information in the nbc washington app.
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5:45. we're tracking a weather alert this morning. a warning as you start your thursday, depending on where you
5:46 am
live, your sidewalks, driveways, roads, may be a bit slipry this morning. >> part of our area dipped below freezing overnight. that could mean there's some ic outs your front door. that could be dangerous. even a little bit of ice. we have closures and delays of schools. those are running at the bottom of your screen and in the nbc meshington app. the federal gove is open on time. but employees have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. storm team 4 meteorologist, chuck bell, will be back wit utur forecast in a few min. today trump's ally, roger ste, could have his bail revoked. he will have to explain to a judge why he posted a picture of her with a crosshair next to her head. he posted on instagram with a fund-raising appeal. stone is charged with lying to congress, obstruction and witness tampering. robert mueller is wrapping up his report about meddling during the 2016 election. >> he could it subt his new
5:47 am
report to william barr. tracie potts joins us live with more. could that report be made public? >> reporter: it could be made public. we don't know that it will. it is certainly, after more than a year of this investigation, one of the most anticipated re rts, not just in washington but in the country right now. it goes from robert mueller, to special counsel, to torney general. he does not have to release it he sd he wants to be transparent but left the door open when he testified before re co and the public. the rules do say he has to brief congress and a brief outline and the reasons for prosecution or not. as for president trump, he says hands off. he will leave that decup to the attorney general. >> all right. tracie potts for us this morning. thank you. ralph northam will not ctend an event at a historically blalege in richmond.
5:48 am
he was going to commemorate the richmond 35, the group of students that protests ond.egation in ric but student leaders asked him not to come because of the 84cist photo found in his medical school yearbook. tey were concerned his visit would overshadow tbute. he says, he appreciates the invitation but will not attend. he will host the richmond at the executive mansion tomorrow. we are working with you to avoid any penalties. sidewalks must be cleared in montgomery county 24 hours after the snow stops smalling. prince george's county residents have 48 hours t clear. and in alexandria, between 24 and 72 fours.
5:49 am
d.c. homeowners must clear the sidewalks within a 24-hour peod or fac a $25 fine. i wonder to what extent that is. walking down nebraska avenue yesterday, you know, the sidewalk outside ourence ne, but not close to ourosecutprope. there's a church next door. >> i live in a row house. right along wre the hou is. >> right there. >> we will clean our neighbors if we see - not measuring the walk. >> right. speaking of d.c.,ay bowser is celebrating a win today that has nothing to do with politics. ck she is the owner of her own pat collins snow s >> i checked the snow stick rule book.d found out that if you're elected mayor r two terms, you're entitled to an honorary pat collins snow stick. mayor this, is all yours.
5:50 am
you can put it in your office, when all of the dignitaries thao to visit, they will be jealous. >> i love it. i hope we don't have to use it too often. the oscars are this weekend. so, pat asked people to dress up as your favorite movie character or scene. amazing contributions here. "star wars," "bird box," "jaws," "e.t." oh, bilbo baggin' s from "the lord o the ngs." >> as we wait for the snow to melt, we want to remind you the weather we were dealing with this time last year. it was 82 degrees here last year in 2018. that was a record for the warmest day in d.c.
5:51 am
it was 25, 35 degrees above the average temperature for that day. >> one month later we had snow again. >>itith mye graphic there. february 21st, 82 march 21st, 4 to 8 inches of snow. we haveegitimately another month of actual snow chances left. once we get past the third week of march, snow chances dry up quickly. yesterday's snow totals, mostly in the 3-6 inch range. national airport, 2.6 inches. almost a -ifoh surplus in snow for the air. dull4. dulles, that was a daily record. over two feet of snow now at dulles. that's in7. inches above. right now, cloudy skies and pockets of fog. visibility down under a mile in pockets. be on the lookout for lower visibility this morning.
5:52 am
it's cold. 5 in washington. a lot of our suburbs are on the freezing mark this morning. 32 in prince george's, 32k in freder county, maryland. your commute today, take it easy in case of a little ice and fog. it will be a nice ride home from work and school, with sunshine back. mo of the rai chances for today will stay down to our south. doese weather, though bring a chance for a few sprinkles of rain back in. abou 6:00 tomorrow morning. won't be heavy. a sprinkle or two early.ou skies and rain-free for friday afternoon and evening. rain chances snen back first thing saturday morning. it will rain all saturday afternoon and night. to sunday morning. sunday afternoon, a bigwarm-up. 46 and rain saturday. 68 with afternoon sunshine on sunday. melissa, that is something to look forward to.
5:53 am
that's a nice number. 95 at cherry hill road. northbound and southbound, everything looks good,ost of your main roads look like this today. you're talking about maybe a little een, maybe still looking a little damp. frederick, 270 to the spur. 49 miles per hour gets you there in 37 minutes. a tiny delay. nothing major. most ofur commute is shifted because of the school delays this morning. 66, 95 in virginia, looking good, too. beltway, inner loop and outer loop, moving along nicely. >> thank you. just in,nt loudon c public schools are now close ed today. they were openi late. but now, closed for the day. new testw results s which vehicles rate best for preventing pedestrian crashes. >> susan hogan is working for you, with the results that can keep you safe on the roads.
5:54 am
>> the assurance institute for highway safety, recently tested 11 different small suvs to see how well their automatic emergency braking systems detect and brake for people in the road. researers tested three different scenarios. an adult entering the road from the right. a child darting out from behind two parked cars and an adult walking in the lane near the edge of the road. the bmw x1 earned no credit in the ratings, hitting the dummy in all of the mitsubishi outlander reduced its speed in the test, earning i basic . the other nine models earned advaed and superior ratings. the detection systems used cameras and radar sensors to scan for pedestrians and some standard in many of the models. you can see the complete list of suvs and how they rated right
5:55 am
now on our nbc washington all you o do is search pedestrian crashes. back to you. >> mitsubishi stld us it will y the test results as it develops new vehicles and systems. the outlander has scor good and superior in other types of crash tests by the i bmw did not respond for comment on performance of the x1. good morning. i'm flank h at cnbc headquarters. msung knows when to folthem, literally. it has revealed the todayible smartphone, a 4.6-inch screen when closed,nd 7.3-inch screen when opened up like a tablet. it has six cameras. it has an eye-popping price, almost $2,000. analysts say samsung is clearly going after a higher-end, early adopter crowd. and for now, the galaxy will be a status symbol, like the first iphones were.
5:56 am
wi your cnbc morning business report, i'm frank holland. >> $2,000. who is going to buy that? still ahead, is marijuana addictive? >> we continue our series of reports looking at mar's growing impact here in the district and across the country. plus, continuing coverage on a big arrest. a local coast guard lieutena charged with planning to kill civilians, high-ranking democrats and tv personaliti. how police caught him before the worst could happen. you're watching news 4 today. stay with us.
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news 4 begins with a storm ceam 4 weather alert. >> what a differ4 hours makes. if yesterday was all about the fallg snow, today is about t melting of it. the latest bout with winter came and went. but what was left behind is still leading tomolosures this ing. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchris coming up on 6:00 a.m. now. une temperatures are set to rise. l the sun comes up, things may be slick.
6:00 am
school districts have issued some closures and delays. the federal government is open but workers have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. >> here's what we know about closings in maryland, frederick, montgomery, prince george's, an rundle and washington county schools will open two hours lite. >> in virginia, ton, manassas, manassas park, alexandria, stafford and spotsylvania schools will open two hours late. in frericksburg, king george, fairfax county schools. grant county schools in west virginia, will open three hours late. virginia, warren, clark, rappahannock, prince william and frederick county schools are closed. culpepper, shenandoah, fauquier and page county schools. in west virginia, morgan, burkely, mineral, hardy, hampshire and fferson county schools are closed today. >> the roads will be an improvement across the region.


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