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tv   Today  NBC  February 25, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EST

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. good moing, green is gold. >> "green book.." > "green book" wins big at the oscars on a night filled with surprises. >> this is hilarious. >> and first-timeer s. >> i may not have been the bvious choice, but i guess it worked ou >> we've got all the big moments from hollywood's big nights from the red carpet to backigage. hh stakes, low expectations, president trump heading to vietnam today for his second summit with north korean leader kim jong-un, while back in washington, the fight intensifies over the mueller investigation, and if f theal report should be made public. >> we will bring bob mueller in tongestify before ss. we will take it to court ifne
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ssary. >> we are live at the white house a in vietnam. wickedweather, severe storms creating majoralroblems across the country. heavy snow in the midwest, a rare and deadly winter in the south, high winds lashing the northeast. this morning nearly a half a million people without power. al's got the latest forecast. all that, plus, new twist, does actor jussie smollett have evidence to dispute claims by police that he paid two men to stage a hoax tack? royal baby moon, an inside look at meghan markle and prince harry's last official trip before the baby arrives. and stealing the show. ♪ tell me something girl >> lady gaga and bradley cooper wow the audience at the oscar's with a veryntate performance that everyone's talking about. ♪n e shallow
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>> today monday february 25th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc new this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller hey, everybody, welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this monday morning, savannah i going to join us from hollywood in a bit. craig is here. i know about a billion people probably watched the oscars, but when you watched thaor pence with lady gaga and bradley cooper you would think those were the only two people in the room. >> they sang to each other. they were more than just co-stars. it was something spe al to watc >> i've got to say it was a great awards show. i didn't miss no host. i kind of d it. let's get right to it, the winners, the fashions, the performances. natalie morales is up with the highlights. i'm sureatie did not sleep a
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wink. >> it was an incredible thoscar. 91st academy awards relied on a non-traditional format. lots of big name celebrity presenters and unlike previous years theawards were spread around with no major runaway winner on the on hollywood's biggest night, diversity and inclusiveness were the big winners.he "green boo film about a pianist traveling through the segregated south in 1962 won three oscars including best picture, and best supporting actor with mahershala ali picking his second oscar in a supporting role. >> i want to dedicate this to my grandmother. >> regina kinginning best supporting actress for her role in be"if e street could talk." >> i'm example of what iooks like if supporting love is poured into soosone. >> the animated of the night, spike lee for his critically acclaimed film bla
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"blackkklansman." >> 2020 presidential election is around the corner. make the moral choice between love versus hate. let's do the right thing. >> "bohemian rhapsody," the pie yo pick about the rock band queen won four oscars including best actor for rami malek. >> i'm a first generation american, part of mys story being written right now. >> reporter: overall, well over lf of the awards represented diversity in some form. the superhero movie "black panther" breaking barriers winning three oscars formusic, costume design, and production design. d "roma" a story about an indigenoussoman won three well, including best foreign film and best director for alfonso cuaron, his fourth oscar. >> thank you so much. >> in an effort to keep the show to time, several speeches were cut off or muted, something
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surprised bestne actress w olivia coleman lightheartedly avoided. >> i did spend quite a lot of my time imagining this.oh please wrap up. >> coleman beating out heavily favored glenn close who's been nominated seven times but never won. with a rocking opening number by queen nic band ♪ we will, we will rock you >> the broadcast got off to a quick start, no host, no problem. >> good evening, and welcome to the 1000000th academy awards. >> a bevy of comedian a-listers helping to fill the void suddenly. perhaps the most stirring intimate moment of the night was dy gaga and bradley cooper's performance of their oscarnn ing song "shallow" from "a star is born." it's not about how many times you get rejected or you fall down or you're beaten up, it's about howany times you sta up and are brave and you keep on
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going. thank you. ♪ we're f farm the shallow ♪w >> beautiful moment. one of the big moments of the night happened, i guess, off camera. i didn't see it, but rami malek who took home the award for besk actor t stumble when he was leaving the stage? >> yeah. i don't know if you guys -- i an, photographers captured that moment. he was getting ready to walk off the stage, and look, he fell off the stage. paramedics rushed to his side to help him out. don't worry, guys, he's doing ne because he was at the governor's ball popping champagne a little later o in e night. all is well with rami malek, little scare there for the oscar performers and presenters who imre all there, everybody like gathering around making sure he was okay. >> i'm sure that's going to be like the last thing he rhaembers about night. we're going to have a lot more on lady gaga and bradley cooper's big night ahead. also savannah is going to join us with a closer look at all those fashions. ms. guthrie looked pretty good herself last night. >> yes, she did. this is a big week for
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president trump. leaves for vietnam today for his second summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. while here at home, the presiden faces new turmoil and unanswered queions on the investigations surrounding him. we have reports from the whiteu and hanoi. we start with nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys, from vietnam where they'repr aring for trump/kim, the sequel, president trump getting ready to lve by plane early afternoon, kim jong-un already on his way by train to a nuclear summit where the stakes are , hiut expectations are low. kim jong-un is now in china on hi slow armored train to meet president trump. he's in no rush, and president trump saying the same last nigh i'm not in a rush to strike a deal. >> i think it's going to lead to
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something very good and maybe not. i think ultimately it will but ybe not. no testing. there's no rockets. there's no nuclear testing, and we get along well, very well. >> reporter: it will be their second meeting. re asirst summit in singa much about symbol as substance. history in a handshake, but at the end only a vague promise to owworkds denuclearizing the korean peninsula, and sinceve tn little progress. after it, president trump declared north korea was no longer a nuclear threat. so will kim agree to destroy any nuclear weapons? will tre be an agreed timetable? e bar is higher at this summit south korea's president moon suggesting today it's possible they're declare an end to the korean war, which technically ig still g on, but that alone won't satisfy the summit skeptics. president trump will get here tomorrow. kim jong-un will be hereirst
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and reports this morning that the two of them will have dinner wednesday night before their huddle in hanoi. guys, back to you. >> bill neely for us ivietnam. lester holt will also be in vietnam as well to bring us the atveryt on the summit. you can look for his report starting tomorrow here on "today" and nbc "nightly news". the president's trip is not overshae dove overshadowing major developments tied to robert mueller's inveorigation. >> rr: the president's hike stakes diplomacy in vietnam could belouded this week by a fl flood of headlines related to the russia investigation with robert mueller's rept expected to be turned over to the attorney general seen, the calls are growing louder for it to be made public. this morning anticipation is building for the report from special counsel robert mueller. the democratic chairman of the house committee adam schiff isg warn attorney general bill
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barr that anything less of full disclosure of the findings wtl ff a showdown with congress. >> we will obviously subpoena the report. we will bring i bob mueller to testify before congress. we will take it to court if y. necess and in the end, i think the department understands they're going to have to make this public. i think barr will ultimately understand that as well. >> reporter: barr has said he intends to share whatever is possible w ich could comthe form of his own summary. >> i am going to make as much information available as i can consistent with the rules and regulateons. >> rep and while a senior justice department official tells nbc news the report is not expected to be released to theal attorney genhile the president is in vietnam this week, president trump asked friday wheer he's spoken with barr about the report's release. ll no, i have not. there was no ion. there was no obstruction. special counsel has already submitted a scathing assessment of the president's former campaign chairman paul manafort. in a 25-page sentencing memo
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focusing on manafort's past illegal lobbying, fin crimes, witness tampering, and lying, mueller's team writes mi manafort's cl actions were bold, some of which werele committed w under a spotlight due to his work as the campaign chairman, adding ti manafort's vio of his plea deal reflects a hardened adherence to committing crimes and lack of rehirse. and witn days, the president's former fixer michael cohen takes center stage on capitol hill, set to testify before house and senate committees for three straight days including a public testimony wednesday. cohen is expected to focus on his work for president trump, including the trump organization's finances and hush money payments made to stormy daniels and karen mcdougal in 2016. >> kristen, also morning that the president's emergency declaration related to the wall could bfi facing its t challenge this week. what more do we know about that? >> reporter: you're a right, craig. tomorrow the democratic led house of representatives is expected to vote on and pass a resolution that would block the
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president's emergency declaration. now, house speaker narcy pelosi ing over the weekend, the president's move undermines constitutional power of the purse. she called it lawless, but even if the legislation does pass both chambers, president has threatened to veto now congress can of course override the president's veto with a two-trdsmajority. at this point it's just not clear that the votes would exist for that. for his part, president trump is up andut tweeting a the issue today saying quote, without the wall you cannot have bder security. craig and hoda. >> kristen welker at t white house. ntsb investigators are still trying to figure out why a cargo plane flying for amazon went down in a river eastst of hou killing all three crew members. nbc's tom costello is at the scene for uhis morning, and tom, we understand there's a big push now to find that plane's black boxes. >> reporter: that's right. this plane went downn this marshy muddy trinity bay behind
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me. there was no distress call. at the moment this plane went down, the skies werning dark, the wind was picking up and now investigators say those critical black boxes m be buried in the mud and muck. lpey're bringing in divers and maybe dredgers to ind them. terrifying moments saturday as houston air traffic controllers tried desperately to raise atlaf air flight 359r it suddenly went off radar. >> we're looking for a lost aircraft about 11:00 and two miles, is a heavy boeing 767. >> reporter: while on the water. >> we're looking for bodies, be looking for bodies. >> reporter: locals were already speeding to the crash scene on trinity bay. >> we were thinking about trying to save whoever mik hurt or could still be alive. > reporter: but there were no survivors, only cardboard boxes and clothing. >> at this point we didn't know it was a cargo plane. we're seeing all these shoes, clothes, dresses.he >> reporter: 767 cargo plane
7:14 am
was flying for amazon from miami to houston whent controllers l contact at 6,000 feet. witnesses report heavy wlad as the suddenly went into a very steep, very rapid descent. aaideo camer at a nearby jail t captur plane in its final seconds. >> it shows the aircraft, a we've g the last five seconds of flight. it shows the aircraft in a steep nose down attitude a it literally flies into the ground. >> reporter: investigators have now recovered two of the three crew members who died in the crash. among them mesa airlines company shawn archuleta who was riding in the jump seat. >> shawn was a great guy, super individual whose life was coming onstrong. >> reporter: the airline's ceo saying our thoughts are with , sean's famihe families of the two atlas air pilots, and the whole atlas air organization. this is a loss for a of aviation. while investigators have begun examining pieces of the wreckage. >> ain't nobody live this.
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>> reporter: the most critical e evidence the plane's black boxes are buried in the mud and muck of trinity bay. >> this is a mystery and i think what's key tunlocking this mysteryg is findose black boxes. >> which are somewhere out there? >> which are somewhere out there, and we believe finding them i going to quite a challenge. >> reporter: so when black boxes are submeed in water, the pingers should be activated. that allows for the crews of the water to find them. today the ntsb isoping that they can start listening for those pingers. the concern is that those black boxes may be buried so deep in the mud they can't hear the pingers. guys, back to you. >> toms costello for in houston. thank you. we have a lot more to get to this morning, incluweng wild her all across the country. we're talking snow, high winds, even a rare february tornado. nbc's kathy park joins us with what tens of millions are facing this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. from the midwest to the
7:16 am
northeast, nearly hal a million people are without power this morning,se and it's becf the combination of the wintery weather as well as the strong winds. here in new yk the wind gusts are really starting to pick up and are only expected to intensify. >> reporter: overnight howling winds turning hazardous in the northeas toppling tre and knocking out power to hundreds of thousands across the region. wind gusts reaching up to 74 miles per hour in some areas. >> it's aoittle hard walk. i feel like the wind pushes my legs for me. >> reporte p theowerful storm part of a system that also slammed the o midwer the weekend. crews there working to restore electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes. in northeastern mississippi, a thil town is recovering morning from a devastating tornado that killed a woman and left a path of destruction in its wake. in tennessee,ov thenor declaring a state of emergency after a day's long deluge reads to record-breaking rainfall in nashville, and f deadlyoding
7:17 am
damages hundreds of homes. >> you can't control it. a fire you can put out, but water, there's nhing you can do about it. it's just going to keep coming. >> reporter: meanwhile, millions in the upper midwest slammed with sn, whiteout conditions wreaking havoc on highways. icy accidents in nebraska, i-35 sh down in iowa, and in wionsin a 131-car pileup leaving one dead and more thanju 70 d. >> you just see vehicles backwards, vehicles sticking straight up, and just, yeah. it was just scary. >> upon the scene, that was the worst conditions i've ever seen. >> reporter: rescuers saving dozens of stranded drivers in minnesota, winter's latesthe wrath, sign bitter season is not over yet. and a higng wind war is in effect until 6:00 tonight in parts of new york and just to give you a sense of how windy it is already right now in battery park, according to t wind meter, the wind gusts are reaching up to 30 miles per
7:18 am
guys, back to you. >> all right, kathy. thank you. you can hear that wind rocking and rolling ltst night. i like our building was shaking. mr. roker what do we have inst e. >> that building's rocking, don't come a 80 million pfrom north carolina to come knocking. high win warnings advisories. buffalo, 23 miles per hour. niagara falls, niagara falls, got a wind gust of over 75pe mis hour. pittsburgh 28. 37 in philadelphia, new york city wind gusts of miles per hour. why so windy? big strong high pressure ridge in the midwest. low pressure in canada. the pressure gradient between the two squeezes those winds. that's where we see the greatest look at gusts we're expecting later today and tonight. 55 in buffalo, 55 in philadelphia, boston 55. back in cleveland, 60-mile-per-hour winds. the impact we could see up to 4d mile-per-hour usts. harder to drive. like unsecure objects
7:19 am
trash cans blowing around. up to 60-mile-per-hour winds. it's difficult driving, damage to trees and power lines. by the time you get t 60, miles per hour, loss of roofingl materis, damage to gutters and sidings. we see a million people without power today and that n going to increase. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. >> good morning, everybody. i'm storm team4 meteorologist chuck bright sunshine and strong wind. a high wind warning for d.c.
7:20 am
metro area andwh everywheret of there to the pennsylvania border today. winds are already gustingo over 40 miles per hour in places. 38 miles per hour gust here in washington. 47 miles per hour the currentnd gust there in annapolis. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40s this plenty of sunshine. again, watch out for high winds today. quieter weather for the rest of >> big storms brewing out west. >> aren't you so happy to see al roker back. it ain't the same when you aren't here. >> good tk.have you b you look refreshed. ahead, overn developments in the jussie smollett case. could the "eire" sta have evidence that disputes some of the allegations against him? muche m on the oscars and that performance that had the audiencend a lot of folks at home going gaga. >> i see what you did there. >> you like that? >> first this is "today" on nbc.
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we style the stars behind the scenes in walmart fashion. 7:26r is y time now on this monday february 25, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. wind a brought down tree in fairfax county. >> this was on old dominion dre at franklin park road. it's all causing a number of power outages and schoo delays in west virginia. impairment county public schools in maryland are now closed. the full list is in the nbc washington app. now let's cck on your commute with melissa mollet. >> montgomery village had lane , blocsouthbound. beltway, inner loop ramp to
7:27 am
university boulevard, tree down across part o roadway there along the ramp. in bethesda, massachusetts avenue between goldsboro and sangamore, a tree down. you don't want to try it. >> maureen gentzler will take a look at popular dna kits. >> tonight, the big surprise one northern virginia woman experienced with one of thesets we'll take a break now and your forecast is up next. why are all these business owners so excited? we're going to comcast. it's ahead of the game, ahead of the curve. comcast business is for me. it's switch and save days at comcast business. right now, get fast, reliable internet for $49.95 a month and save $600 a year. just one more way we take your business beyond.
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but hurry, switch and save days ends april 7th. i can't wait to go home and tell everyone about it. i just wanna get it right now. guess what i'm gonna do. (laughing) call today. comcast business. beyond fast. ♪vacuum] introducing fresh step clean paws, with low tracking litter. your vacuum becomes a cat toy. let's make litter less of a mess. let's start fresh. good morning, everybody. happy monday. it's going to be a very wo dy starte week. a high wind warning for all the d.c. metro area and aas north us. temperatures will be in the 40s today but the winds gusting here tween 30 and 45 miles per hour already. winds could gust between 50 and 60 miles per hour during the course of the late morning and early afternoon. still sunny but w lessd and staying on the chilly side the eext couple of days.
7:29 am
showers arrive l thursday. that could be a snow chance early friday. >> thank you,chuck. another local update in 25 minutes. >> now back to the "today show" after the short break. have a great day.
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♪ we are the champions, we are the champions ♪ ♪ no time for losers because we are the champions ♪ back now 7:30, with last night's kickoff to the academy awards, that is how you start a show. that was a performance from queen and singer adam lambert. the he or soscars went hostlesse first time in 30 years. almost everyone in the audience was mouthing the words to the song. >> did you miss the host? >> not at all. >> did you? >> in one way, i guess everyone was a os starting our check of
7:31 am
today's headlines.ri hollywood'stest stars out last night to honor and celebrate the best of the big screen. >> and the oscar goes to "green book." >> "green book" took home three oscars including the night's top prize, best picture. best actor went to rami malek and one of the night's biggest surprises,vi olia colman won the best actress oscar for her role in the favorite. and spike lie for "blackkklansman." pope francis closed out an unprecedente four-day summit in preventing clergy sex abuse by wing to confront abusers with the wrath of god. he called predator priests of satan and promised an all out war on the abuse of children, but his powerful condemnation disappointed som survivors who want more concrete measures in place. the vatican says the pope will issue a new law to protect children and create a task force
7:32 am
and a handbook to help bishops with less experience deal with abuse claims. aer pl winter storm left at least two people dead and dozens of others hurt as it barrelled from the midwest to the east sunday. in minnesota and iowa, blizzard-like conditions made travel quite treacherous. wind gusts measured nrly 50 miles an hour. in wisconsin, a deadly pileup involving more than 100 vehicles shut down part of an interstate there. torrential rainfall in places like nashville led to significant flooding throughout the region. al's going to be to be back with the latest forecast. there are new twists in the jussie smollett case including some questions being raised about the evidence against him. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has the latest. >> despite growing calls for isssie smollett's firing, fellow cast members stayed silent unt now. smollett'samous tv dad is now speaking ou reporter: this morning new k drama offscreen for actor jussie smollett after police say the
7:33 am
"empire" star staged his own hate crime turning from victim to suspect, "empire" producers now saying they'll remove his tcharacter from the fin episodes of the season, this as his tv dad, terrae howard breaks his silence for the first time. howard writes all your little homies got you. e le the hell out of you ponding to a critic onlinehe saying jussie i know could never conceive of something so ugly. >> if you're going to break the law, do not write a check. >> charles barkley roasting smollett in thi now viral clip from tnt'se inse nba. the sport legend defending his comments to t. >> he did great injustice to the gay community, he did great injustice to the black community, and that's not cool at all. >> reporter: with smoett now facing charges of filing a false police report, iestigators say the 36-year-old hoped publicity
7:34 am
from the attack would boost his profile. >> bogus police reports cause real harm. th do harm to every legitimate victim who's in need of support. >> reporter: the actor's legal team firing backet saying smo fiercely and solemnly maintains his innocence and feels bet syed by atem that apparently wants to skip due process. >> you do such a disservice when you lie about things like this. >> reporter: s allettllegedly gave cash to brothers ola and abel osundairo to buy supplies one day before the assault. police say smollett paid the brothers with a $3,500bu check, t smollett may have evidence whichhows the money served as payment for abel to train him for an upcoming movie video. tmz a obtaining copy of the check along with a series of text messages which seem to outline a diet and exercise plan days before the alleged attack.
7:35 am
a source familia with bot the check and text messages confirming their authenticity. however, nbc news has not seen or reviewed thoseitems. meantime, chicago police say they hav texts, records, and physical evidence to support their case. ♪ >> reporter: a colossal controversy for theor now dodging the spotlight, who police say was originally trying to capture it. >> miguel,e know this whole case pretty much hinges on the brothers' testimony. it's eyvital. e already spoken to the grand jury. are the police finishedei with investigation? >> investigators say those brothers are the key piece here. they're trying to piece this case together, but they've issued more than 50 subpoenas as swell. they'rll trying to gather more evidence from that. they say they have a wealth of documentation tieing smollett to the staged attack,. gu >> thank you, a story we're going to continue to follow. let us switch gears and get
7:36 am
back to mr. roker. >> looking out west for a lot of our friends out there. you can see already heavyain pushing in. we've got a myriad of all sorts of watches, flash flood, winter wind advisories, storm warnings. it's a slow mover with attached frontal system. it's bringing rain and flooding. threats will mocrease. ow landslides, rock slides possible. highest risk will be near the steep terrain along foothills of the mountain and pushing in, bringing more snow. rainfall amounts could be between mendocino and san ancisco. 9" of rain, generally 3 to 5" o. ra snowfall talking anywhere from 3 to 6' of snow. some places could see snow in the sierra mountain. > good mornin everybody.und the the sun is out. it's a pretty looking day but it is really windy outside this morning. winds are already gting over 40 miles per hour in many locations. so a hig wind warning between now and 6:00 for the d.c. metro
7:37 am
area and north and west of there. curren wind gusts in the 40 miles per hour range across much of the area. dangerously wintoday. watch out for any flying debris. hold on tight to yr steerin wheel. any young kids under 40 or 50 pounds, don let them blow away in the wind. quieter weather for the rest of the week. >> that's your weather. >> still ahead three couples in the spotlight. meghan markle and prince harry on moroccan tour. is it the last outingefore the baby comes. >> kristen bell and dax shepherd stopping by. lady gaga and brad cooper's show stealing moment. patriot's owner robert kraft spd in l.a. as he prepares to fight cha for allegedly soliciting prostitution. soliciting prostitution. the latest on the case a♪ ♪ there's nothing quite as magical as staying at a disney rort hotel. ♪
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today the latest on one of the most powerful men in sports allegedly ensnared in a sweeping sex sting. >> new england patriot's owner robert kraft and other men are accused of soliciting prostitution in a florida massage parlor. over the weekend kraft was spotted in beverly hills leaving a pre-oscar's party. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morn this is the nowsp closed da where 77-year-old billionaire and owner of the new england patriots robert kraft and two dozen other men were swept up in that prostitution investigation. later kraft and others may discover that the prosecutor ups t charges from a second degree misdemeanor ofit solg prostitution to a first degree misdemeanor, which could result in penalties of up to a year in jail. >> over the weekend, the billionaire owner of the super
7:43 am
bowl champion new england patriots robert kraft in los angeles attending a seriesf swanky oscars parties. but the big question this morning, will kraft turn himself in to florida authorities or rely on an attorney tose reprent him on two misdemeanrg c of soliciting prostitutes. in a six-month investigation across several florida countiesu orities allege women were lured from china to what they thought were legitimate jobs. instead, once here they were forced to perform sexualct as in massage poparlors. lice say the evidence includes hidden camera video. >> the video that we obtained, it shows the acts that took place on every gentleman t at you haist of, the acts that took place is recorded on that video. >> reporter: investigators say kraft, who has a home i florida visited the massage parlor twice, one of those tri just two weeks before his team won super bowl liii, a spokesman for kraft says we categorically deny
7:44 am
that mr. kraft engaged a in illegal activity. because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further. kraft not the only business titan caught up in this investigation. also on the list former citi group president john havens a boston billionaire john childs. nbc news has reached out to both n but received no comment. >> it's an old way o thinking hink that prostitution is a victimless crime. >> palm beach county state attorney dave arrenbg speaking exclusively to nbc news but specifics iscuss the of the case. >> nobody's been found guilty, but the high profile nure of the johns has put a spotlight on? >> the high profile nature ofth matter has put a spotlight on the evil of human trafficking. this is abouter modn day slavery. >> reporter: kraft is not charged with human trafficking. the notoriety of wt allegedly happened here now turning this day spa into a bizre tourist
7:45 am
attraction. >> hey, kerry, at this point, do we haveny idea how the n is going to handle robert kraft being charged? >> reporter: well, the nfl says, of course, they're aware of this. they're monitoring the situation. owners just like players have mo clsuses and so this could definitely lead to some sort of fines, and while there areo charges that any of the people who came here wen involved human trafficking, the nfl most recently at the super bowl was ry aware of it partnering with an organization which said in part that human traffickingrs oc daily in response to the market demand of customers w want to buy persons for sexual exploitation. so this isly certa going to lead to a lot of behind closed doors discussions among the nfl owners. >> all right. kerry sanders for us there in jupiter, thank you. coming u next, lady gaga and bradley cooper's big night and big moment at the oscars and what people are saying about
7:46 am
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♪ crash through the surface where they can't hurt us ♪ >> we are back. we love when carson joins the table. he is here. we'realking about the oscars of course, and one of the t' ni unforgettable moment, that performance we were just listening to, lady gaga a bradley cooper. natalie joins us again with more on that. hey, natalie. gosh, i need a fan in here. that heat that was coming off of the two of them. the stars from "a star is born" gave us a little taste of what to expect earlier this year. remember when bradley joined lady gaga on stage at her show in las vegas, everybody was talking about it until last night. they took that chemistry to a whole newlevel, and boy are people talking today. ♪ tell me something girl ♪ >> it's the oscars moment making everyone go gaga. ♪ i'm off the deep end, watch as i dive in ♪
7:51 am
>> lady gaga and braey cooper performing their hit song shallow. the pair diving deep into the hearts and souls of viewers of the 91st academy awards sunday. at star is born co-stars surprising the audience walking hand in hand from their front row seats to the stage without an introduction. ♪in the sha sha shallow but it was the end of the performance, the pair singing cheek to cek gazinnto each other's eyes that sparked this standing ovation. this footage from inside theto audium taken during a commercial break shows the pair returning to their seats arm in m receiving another standing ovationrom the crowd. social media exploding overnight as a meme was born, one fan tweeting definitely get yourself somebody that looks at you like lady gaga looks at bradley cooper, another writing looks are worth more than tweets. can i bottle this? later in the show, gaga winning the oscar for best original song
7:52 am
giving cooper credit for making the song so good. adley, there is not a single srson on the planet that could have sang thisg with me but you. nthank you for believingus, thank you so much. >> reporter: it comes after the pair made headlines during a whirlwind press tour where gaga went viral over this oft repeated phrase. >> there could be 100 people in a room. >> 100 people in theoom you could have and 99 don't believe in you and just one does and it changes your whole life. >> reporter: the life changing event t taking them a way to the oscars and a performance for the ages. ♪ we're far from the shallow now ♪ [ applause ] >> j ot can't get enough that performance. ahead of the ceremony, cooper did admit that he was terrified to sing live. it did not show last night or maybe she just calmed him enough. it was amazing, guys. >> you're not kidding about that look. that look actually spoke more than any -- >> that's how a a looks a
7:53 am
storm system. [ laughter ] >> that's how i look at craig. [ laughter ] >> by the way, that necklacewe e wasing, $30 million. it was on loan. the last time it was worn was audreyhepburn. >> in that moment i didn't even notice it. >> yeah, yeah. >> that was a moment. just ahead, savannah joins the fun. she's out in l.a. to break down the unique fashions on display last night. >> including her. it's absolute confidence in 30,000 precision parts. or it isn't. it's inspected by mercedes-benz factory-trained technicians. or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty, or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned, or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through february 28th. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. dove gives you so you can wear from athletic topsss to zebra d, and everything in between.
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7:56s your time now on this monday february 25th, 2019. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. we're in weath alert mode due to strong winds outside. it's caused power outages a downed trees across the area. let's check on the commute with melissa mollet and first4traffic. >> the ramp t university boulevard, tree down across part of the roadway and the ramp is block. slowdowns inner loop and outer loop there. germantown, copper road warin station, southbound a little slow. arlington eastbound 66 before westmoreland right side blocked by a crash there. >> thanks, melissa. we'll take a break now and check your forecast next. i had been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer.
7:57 am
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good morning,everybody. wind advisories and high wind warnings are issuedor the rest of today. winds are gusting to 50 miles an hour. watch out for high wind gusts. some places could see gus at 60 miles per hour at times. staying sunny and dry for most of the first half. chances o showers thursday and maybe a rain/snow mix thursday morning. >> chuck, thank you. back to the "today show."
8:00 am
♪ it's 8: on "today," coming up, hollywood's biggest night from the big winners. >> "green book." >> to the fashion hit and misses to the gaga performances ♪ in the sha sha shallow >> we are live in l.a. with complete coverage of the academy awardseg then mhan in morocco. we'll take you inside prince harry and meghan markle's latest trip. could it be one of the last times we see the duchess before the royal baby arrives? and love and marriage, kristen bell and dax shepard join us live ino 1a, one of hollywood's most beloved and honest couples opening up about their roles on and off screen,
8:01 am
and the exciting new proeyct 're working on today, monday, february 25th, 2019. ♪ from the big easy to the big apple. >> hello from knoxville, tennessee. >> we're celebrating kathy's birthday. >> it's emma grace's sweet 16. >> hi,! oh >> hi to our kids adam and delaney. girls do it right in jackson hole. >> fm malibu high school in monroe, louisiana! >> well represent in the great state of louisiana, welcome back to "today" on this monday looky looky looky who is joining us from l.a. this morning, fresh as daisys savannah guthrie. hey, girl. >> fresh as a daisy, please. this is my one night out for the year. it's over. we had so much fun. we g to check out all the celebrities, and coming up, you guys, we're going t i geto
8:02 am
the oscar fashions. we've zana here and natalie, we're going to break it all down including besterformance by a scrunchie. >>nn sa's hoarse. >> it's mom and dad jailbreak from the kids, we went to bed like four hours ago. >> that dress was everything. >> yeah, you looked thesome. >> anks. >> we'll see you in just a nd seco. first let's get right to your news at 8:00 -- oh, there'r the s. we'll get back to it later. president trump heads to for his second meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un, but the turmoil over the russia investigat will go on without him. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker joins us with the latest on all of this. >> reporter: good morning. with he president poised to leave for vietnam in hours, he's tweeting about his trip saying quote, wh complete denuclearization north korea will rapidly become an economic power house. without it just more of the same. chairman kim will make a wise decision.
8:03 am
still, his high stakes diplomacy will contend with political controversies he at home, among them the mounting fromipation for the report special counsel robert mueller. the democratic chairman of the housco intelligence ittee, adam schiff, he's warning attorney general bill barr thatt anything lesn full disclosure of mueller's eventual findings will set off a showdown with congress. a senior justice department official telling nbc news the report is not expecd to be released while the president is in vietnam this week. also on the horizon, the or president's fr fixer michael cohen set to testify before house and senate committees for three straight days. hoda. >>right, kristen welker at the white house, thank you. r&bge s r. kelly spent another night in jail after being charged with ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse. nbc's ron mott is in chicago with more on the mmogul's arrest. good morning. >> reporter: hey, craig, good morning to you. k ly as you mentioned waking up for a third straight day out of jail here at cook county.
8:04 am
he is due back in court in a few hours on those ten cnts of aggravated criminal sexual us e. this morning r&b star r. kelly behind bars unable t make bail this weekend. the 52-year-old singer first appearing i courtn saturday is expected to enter a plea of not guilty today on felony charges of sexual abuse. >>en counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four victims. >> reporter: the 36-page indictment alleges that three of the victims were minors at the time of the alleged assaults. kelly, who was acquitted of child pornographyha crges in 2008, has consistently denied anyl sexua misconduct. >> he did not have sex with underaged girls. >> reporter:te attorney greenburg is representing kelly. >> he made people sign statements. he didn't ever knowingly certainly have sex with someone who was derage. >> reporter: attorney michael
8:05 am
avenatti represents two alleged victims and says he provided a video to authorities allegedly shows kelly engaging in sexual acts with an underaged girl. >> repeatedly on the video both thean vicd mr. kelly refer to the victim age as being 14. kelly's lawyer says the high ure of the case makes it more difficult to find an unbiased jury. >> we're going to have to find jurors who we really bieve are going to hold to this standard of reasonable doubt, not go by what they've heard in public, so here i think it's an uphill battle. >> reporter: breaking this morning, michael avenatti says he plans to tven a second video to prosecutors. he tweeted that this morning. he says this tape shows r. kell alleged wily abusing a minor. if corroborated this could aal additi charges. a film about friendship and race relations in the '60s won the top honor att the 9
8:06 am
academy awards. "green book" captured the oscar for best picture and two oer awards. "bohemian rhapsody" another big winner with four oscars including best actor for malek. oliv olivia colma upset glenn close to win best actss for "the favourite," and spike lee won his first oscar, best adapted screen play for "blackkklansman." savannah's going to have more on the fashion. first a little boost. >> got a little boost for you. there is nothing that d 91-year-lie torletta enjoys more than dancing. here's how she celebrated the o succes her spinal surgery. ♪ okay. julie had to wait five months after surgery until the doctor said it was okay for her to dance again. as soon as she could she laced up those shoes. she was danng witer doctor there at the hospital.
8:07 am
she's a great grandmother. she's always loved dancing and she said she would never stop. she's going to be going, we think for a long time. >> yeah, love that. thank you, thank you. just ahead, inside the latest stop overnight on meghan and harry's royal tour of morocco. bold suits, bright colors, big statements. zana ie and savannah and roberts rossi on the hottest looks at the oscars red carpet right after this. today's golden moments, the emotions, excitement from hollywo hollywood's biggest night sponsored by stitch fix. personal f styling everybody because we think everyone deserves to be in the spotlight. >> it's wonderful to be celebrating a movie about family with my family. >> i'm celebrating with all of you and anyone who has a dream. it can happen. >> where are you going to put your oscars statue at? >> in bed with me. >> in bed with me. beeen me and my husband.
8:08 am
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with kids from eight dollars, adults from fifteen dollars, only at old navy. e' wre back at "today" here in studio 1a, today at the oscars,avannah and natalie out in l.a. they had a long, long, long night. hi, guys, good morning. >> night's stillgoing. [ laughter ] guys, you know how it goes. the only things hotter than the show f itself is thions on the stars. you saw it all. >> got to see it up close and fierce fashions out ere, bold shapes, colors, textures, lots of bling of course. no doubt about it the stars and designers put theas best fhion foot forward. ♪ the weather is warm here in hollywood, but nothing was as hot a the stunning fashions the stars were rocking on there oscs
8:14 am
d carpet. >> who are you wearing? >>scar de la renta. >> i'm wearingrandon maxwell. >> the night's top trends, bright, rich shades of pink and fuschia, lots of ladies sporting chic pants instead of dredes an gown after gown made of shiny, glitteringmetallics. >> and the power shoulder. >> i love that. >> it's something to be, ooh. >> i love the strong lines of it so i thought this is how i want my girls to see my going out. >> and the slit. that is some slit. >> you know i got to give some leg. how many squats went into that leg? hese squats have been going on for years. >> reporter: shining as bright as the gowns, all that bling. lady gaga wore a necklace t th 128 carayellow tiffany diamond worn by audrey hepburn. and this gender bending tuxedo, many other men wearing statement suits in bold colors and
8:15 am
designs. >> you all neverwh ask us we're wearing. >> i'm asking you today. who are you wearing? >> the nominees and performers, this was just the beginning. >> whaheare your plans after t oscars? >> i'm going to take at least two weeks off. >> is tonight a chance to have fun or are you all nerves right now? >> it's a bit of both. >> whe is your oscar? >> my oscar, s at hod it sits on mantle. >> one thing is for sure this crowd couldn't wait for the after parties. >> where are we going? what are we >>ing? definitely the governor's ball becau i will be starving by then. >> i'm usually like i'm tired but i like i'm going. i'm going fghl steam tot. watch out. >> do you have a dance move when you get out there on the dance door? >> i haveifferent moves apending on what the event is. when you're in tux, it's very specific moves. it's just about the shoulders when you're in a tux. >> you've got jay-z and beyonce. >> i'll take you there. we'll go >> oh, my god, they're hooked up. we're going tonight. whoo! >> that's the party, the big
8:16 am
ticket aroun >> i know. natalie, exactly. with the rest of the story we'll hear later. hjoining us now w more on the red carpet, glitz and glamorous enews correspondent zanna roberts. >> good morning, ladies or good evening. >> i know, we han't know. >>s your verdict overall? >> so much fun. s,ere was a lot of silhouet loads of fun colors, my best dressed of the night, laura hairier, the classic shape but had this modern day twist with a sustainability aspect. this dress was all ecoconsciou. >> that's the b buzz around here, sustainable dresses. >> people are wearing things that stand for more than a pretty dress. they're sending great messages. you had a gentleman who you thought was -- rami malek. >> loved it. viously the big winner of the night. i saw him and he was saygow he was very involved in the shoulder sha of it, very
8:17 am
detail oriented is our rami. >> w p love theer pink on the carpet. it was everywhere. >> so pretty, ultra fem, b super powerful as well. >> that was my favorite. >> gorgeous valentino coture, and angela bass set, it was stunning. iove the asymmetry and the big ruffle on theul shor and also helenir miam looked stun ing. she couldn't stopndtwirling. >>ulia roberts also in pink looked beautiful. >> it's the flip side of feminine, a lot tougher. j.lo wowed in this. it's like a broken dress, not an inch of skin but still so sexy. then we also had the beautiful girls -- >> brie larson. stunning in that.
8:18 am
she had the celine dress on. very modern red carpet for the oscars, actually but she looked fantastic in that one. >> natalie wore metallic and was quite b. utiful al >> a little gold. >> you did. >> we saw a lot of women embracing the pantsuit. >> it's kind of like blowing the lines of gender. gender neutral, melissa mccarthy in the brandon maxwell, auk kndn there was a ment where billy porter came out in the siriano number which was obviously ago . he was with us on the e panel. he was telling us they only fit t actually have a fitting. he made it only last the fit model was his assistant. >> okay. >> wow. >> that s an incredible red carpet moment, never to be forgotten. what about ruffles? i liked the ruffles. are they a little divisive, though? >> i love the ruffle.
8:19 am
it's more of the '80s vibe, larger than life. bigger than better. casey menisc casey menisc casey menisc casey musgraves. >> the pink ruffles as well. >> if you're going to do it, the oscars is the time. >> we saw a lot of bling. i think the the accessory of the night goeso jason momoa. he had the scrunchy. >> it was so good. it was a fendi scrunchie. >> it was like $1 billion. >> oh delaggerfelt. fantastic and i guarantee there will not be a scrunchie left in any store today. >> nat already, 6.99, velvet pink scrunchie target. >> let's go backd. to be sure to catch enews tonight 7 eastern and pacific, full oscars fashion recap. we've got even more on the night's best looks at guys back to you.
8:20 am
we had a great time. i'm out i'm catching a tflight. >> wught you two looked the best. hold on natalie, we want to check out your dress 'sfirst. he natalie morales's dress on the red carpet. >> see what i mean. > amazing. savannah, we should point out and i'm going to brag for one second. re at the "vanity fair" party last night, and thees choe their dressed, and who was on the list? sg. >> looking good. >> i was like on my mother's best dressed list, but it was so fun. we had the bt time. we were like -- we had the best time. >> he also looked qui handsome in his tux as well. >> he bought some new blue cuff links. they were very fashionable. >> he's way off to the side in the picture. >> he's looking at you, the way bradley cooper was looking at lady dy gaga. >> i wish. >> hurry home. >> all right, mr. >>always.
8:21 am
>> who knew ruffles were divisive. i didn't. ow you what's happening around the country. heavy rain, snow in the pacific northwest, bitter cold in the plains, strong winds northwest. 84 million under some sort of wind advisory. sunshine in the southern tier states. > good morning, everybody. very windy weather outsi on your monday. high wind warnings are in place. whitecaps on the bay in the potomac today. winds out of the northwest gusting 50 to 60 millimete a times. already 54 mile-per-hour wind gusts in leesburg and 4 miles per hour in martinsburg and prince george's county. be ready for the wind today. sunshine and quiet weather for the next couple of days. chance for rain perhaps starting at snow friday morning. dax and kristen are looking at each other theame way. >> you all are so cute. >> you're like gaga and bradley cooper over there. >> we're not ready! >> so adorable.
8:22 am
it's like they met last night and they're in love. >> look at them, get a room. >> before we get to a that, little pop start. do we have time for a little pop start? >> yes, we do. we're going to start with the show over there -- >> a little sha la la la. we're going to start with the duchess of sussex who is currently very sy. she wasn't home long before she head off to her nex royal engagement. that is a trip to mocco with prince her rarry. >> reporter: the duke and duchess look like they're enjoying themselves here at the andlusian gardens, what really has been a whirlwind tour from the capital to the atlas mountains and back again. >> it may be the royalup 's last official trip abroad before they become parents, and the duke and duchess of sussex aren't wasting a minute. this morning time with therapy horses and special needs children they help part of a three-day tour of this north
8:23 am
african cotry. they flew commercial and landed two hours late on saturday night. meghan wearing lentino, red like the moroccan flagth after star-studded baby shower last week in new york. >> the mountains of morocco a little different than the streets of manhattan. >> dressed down, the duchessnd princeoo harry met sgirls in the atlas mountains, meghan speaking frenchng sha a joke and getting a traditional henna hand painting for luck in her lastte trim >> she's an example for us. >> reporter: the main focus of the trip, girls' atedn, women's empowerment, and the next generation all issues close to meghan's heart. no walk-abouts but plen tu ty o ucfans, two thess clearly couldn't resist. >> hi girls, how are you? >> t sisters who are briansh and moro waited hours hoping for a wave, instead shaking
8:24 am
meghan'san >> she was pretty. >> she was pretty. >> reporter: at an embassy party draped in dior meeting womenes executnd entrepreneurs, meghan said women have to challenge everywhere in the world. the duk anduchess wrap up their tour today. they'll meet with the king of morocco and have some private time tonight before heading back to theiracwn p tomorrow. guys. >> good shot there, kelly. thank you so much. p next, taylor swift gave one couple the surprise of a lifetime over the weekend. alexander goldschmidt long-time swift fan reached out to taylor afte g deciding he wang to propose to his boyfriend, one of swift' songs holds a special meaning to the couple. here's how taylor responded. there was a person who's not here who sort of playedt a p in all of this, and so i would like to welcome and if you would give a warm welcome to my friend
8:25 am
taylor. what? >> so alex e-mailed me and said he was going to do this and that there was a song that was really special for you two called "kg of my heart". ♪ you are the one i've been waiting for, king of my heart, body and soul ♪ >> oh, looked exactly like taylor swift, right? hter ] >> it was. taylor showing up to serenade the couple in person at their engagement party. safe to say that is your oscar for best proposal perhaps right there. nice taylor to donate her time and make their extra moment extra special. >> very cool, thank you, carson. coming up next, kristen and dax, we can't wait to chat with those two love birds after your local news.
8:26 am
this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. good morning, everybody. 8:da now on this m february 25th. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get to melismollet. she has a look at our first4traffic. >>hi, aaron. inner loop, ramp to university boulevard, tree down across the road. we have the d ramp shutn this morning. that's causing a lot of problems for people. westbound, bowie enterprise at chantilly, downed trees there. lots of downed treesacross the area. 66 and 95 overall looking okay through avirginia. right, melissa, thank you. we'll have a check on our forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:27 am
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8:29 am
sunshine the next couple of days the next chance for rain rolls in late thursday. >> chuck, thank you. you can get the latest news and weather any time, just open the nbc washington app. one of the windiest places in america. and home to three bp wind farms. in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... the lights can keep on shining. thanks to our natural gas. a smart partner to renewable energy. it's always ready when needed. or... not. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their carra pay an a of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation
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now at we buy y car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ a cold mondaymorning, the 25th of february. we want to give some camera to the folks on the plaza. they have been standing out here in these temps all morning. okay, you guys, i think i have a pretty cool crowd hamoment. >> w do you got? >> all right, look over here. [ applause ] thane are the bgle bells,
8:31 am
they're a dance team fr neville high sool in monroe, uisiana. hi, you guys. are you so excited? >> yes. >> they're going to do a quick rnce for uslly fast. it's one of the favorites in louisiana. it is called choppa style. you all ready? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> how awesome was that? >> that was good. >> you guys, that was >>perfect hat was really good.
8:32 am
our dancear that's for the super bowl, you got it? >> wasn't that fun? >> louisiana, my goodness. >> didn't expatted that. as awesome, guys. >> coming up, one of hollywood's most beloved and down to earth friend of ours, that is kristen bell and dax shepard. they're known for their roles and honest takes on marriage and parenting. we're excited to catch up with them. also when it comes toth treating eveg from stress to sleepless nights, essential oils are all the rage these days. nest ahead, what you need to know before givingf those essential oils a try. just ahead on the third hour of today, we've got gloria steinem and we're also going to be kicking off a new series called abandoned. first up, my vil sit to plaza and subway station frozen in time, new york city's first subway station. >> you've been talking about this one. i can't wait to see that. >> before all of that, another check of the weather? >> i first went >> that's right. i first went to that subway station in 1094.
8:33 am
very windy in the northeast. heavy snow out in the heavy rain northern california. mild and dry in the midsection of the country, ahough icy conditions through the lower mississippi river valley by wednesday. weak clipperringing snow across western new york. mountain snows in the northern plains by friday, showers in the northeast, heavy snow in the upper mississippi river valley, west third of the country sunny and dry. that's what going ond the country, h wo> right here at home, it is sunny and windy today. winds are already gusting over 50 miles per hour in many spots. high wind warni posted for the rest of the daylight hours today. winds are gusting between 40 and 50 miles an hour. these are not temperatures, current wind gusts across the area. be ready for a windy day today, not terribly cold. with thed wowing like that, it will feel plenty chilly. more sunshine and wind. next chae for raindrops thursday. maybe a little wet snow early >> so your grandma is watching
8:34 am
the baby. why aepn't you sleg in? e> i don't know. >> we came to you, al. >> that's awful nice. where are the bies. >> indianapolis. >> why don't you say hi to them. >> hi, harvey, hi, walter. >> i like that. good strong old school names. >> thank you. >> let's head back inside. guys. >> all right, upping el al. now to one of hollywood's most beloved couples. d's boast beloved couples, that is kristen bell and dax shepard. >> from starring in must watch tv showssnd movo raising two adorable little girls. we're so happy they made time for us this morning. they have a new business and a project you're going to talk about in just one second, but first we have to commcht. we were wg you guys. you didn't know that we were all staring at you. you're talking like a normal -- >> it's palpable. >> you're cozy. you look like newlyweds. what's going on? what's happening with you guys? >> w spend about 11 months a year apart. >> yeah. when we get to be gether, it's very exciting. >> i haven't seen her since july 4th. we got together for a picnic.
8:35 am
o the night july 3rd. >> how did you guys meet? r >> at a wings, kings game. >> hockey game, yeah. >> i read somewhere yhat weren't so smitten in the beginning. sure, it you weren't didn't strike you as -- >> it wasn't love at first sight. >> for either of us, let's be fair. >> until we both started talking. but what you're probably remembering is that he broke up with me a month in. that, daould you do sm. >> who does that? >> okay, real talk, i felt unethical abo- i could sense that she was at another place than i was. i had just broken up with someone. >> i was ready to jump in, and he was still exploring options and it was in retrospect. o speak for you. >> please do. you've already begun. >> in retrospect it was the nicest thing he could have itne, as out of respect for me that he was like i think you're in a different place. and 36 hours later i was like i am in tt place, i screwed up. >> and i was like i'll see if
8:36 am
i'm available. >> you guys are so honest about everytng. >> i lov it. >> i think it's cool that you share even your fights a lot of people keep their fights and dirty stuff over here. >> not us. >> we'll fight right now. i think you just got a little >>ste of it. hat's the right way for you guys to argue? >> respectfully. we have a sort offl cting ideas about what this whole relationship goals thing means, and for him it's very -- for me it's very important that we lead inestly and says a lot of hard work and here's an example of how t can bedone. it's putting in the hard work. >> and it makes me nervous. i don't want to pertuate the myth that you're going to bump into somebody at the gap and that person is going to fill yourissing piece and there's no work and now it's off to happy ever after. >> you got to fix yourself. >> i want everyone to know this was a lot of work fto us to get this point where we can sit and talk with you. >> that's good because people thin. it's so ea >> it's not. we love being together because of that work, and we love
8:37 am
working together skprgs , and w started a business together. >> tell us. >> we've now been resng children for five and a half years at our house. >> we have two test subjects. >> and my wife is meticulous about what gs on ourabies in our babies. >> near our babies. >> we had access to l.a., we had access to everything under the sun, and we fet wasn't fair that our relatives in michigan didn't have the same ncess. we're this very unique position where we can go to walmart and say if we can start huge, we canake this very affordable. >> what was the affordability miing? >> in baby caroline, diapers, wipes, lotions and potions. i read the ingredients on everything. i want to avoid harmful chemicals. >> petroleum based stuff. >> use something sustainable like coconut oil based things ol instead of pem. use organic materials whenever possible, botanicals and
8:38 am
sustainable farming practices and all the things i want in a line but make it accessible for people. >> there's 100 stores in l.a., boutiques you c go to. >> generally to have those ingredients it's so expensive ecause your volume is not there. because we started on such a big scale, we have the volume to make it a third les than our competition. >> it's accessibility because everyone can get to a walmart, and it's also the availability for your budget. a lot of i people, and mean a lot of people in this country have to choose between what's good for their babs or wha good for their budget, and we generally did not tnk that was fair. >> what's this called? >> hello bello. >> yes. >> hello bello good-bye shepard is the goal. >> what's in the line of hello bello? >> is diapers. wipes, sunblock. >> fully organic bug spray. >> lotions and potions. >> bubble bath, shampoo and body wash. >> yeah. >> and the price point's good? >> the price point is about a third less than premium products. >> that's cool. how are your kiddos? >> they're so annoying.
8:39 am
>> whoa whoa whoa, hold >> you wanted real talk. they've become impossible to parent in a great way. >> in a rewarding way. >> because they've figured out how it defend each other.ay a couple ago i watched the older one square clock the little one in the face, and i mean -- holyfield. >> and i said if you hit her again, i was taking away something special for a day, i'm going to get kitty from the droom, and all of a sudden i start to see this from the victim. and she said don't tou taket kitty away from my sister. i was like i was defending you. they won't lets punish the other one. >> there's something about thate loyalty that'sal though. >> i think they call it stockholm syndrome. >> that is >> you guys are so fun. thanks for coming, and with this. that sounds cool, really cool. >> thanks for having us. >> what are your time-outs? i gave my little one a time-out, and she's in her roomoy with everywhere.
8:40 am
>> where do you do your time-outs? >> it depends on the circumstances. >> you need to create a prison. >> ifhey don't need help with their emotional stability, andu theyneed a consequence, we'll do that. >> if they're ruining our time because they're mad they can't get candy. >> u next, who gets one and who doesn't, the new ground rules when it comes to tipping. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:41 am
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8:42 am
and we're back with the new rules of tipping. does your ubeet driver one? what about your barista? according tont a re survey, 27% of americans say there are more situations where tipping is now expected than just two year. here to break down the results and give us a little guidance, consumer reports digital lifestyle editor elliott wyler. always good to have you. according to this survey, 46% of americans say they would favor a system that did away with
8:43 am
tipping altogether. >> this was in restaurants so you could just sort o have that built in service fee at restaurants. some places have tried that, right? here in new york denny myers restaurants have tried it. it has not taken off widely. people say it wouldake away that varyability of how much to tip. and then you get w itn you check comes. >> let's talk about the new rules here we'll start with 'rdining. if y in a restaurant, somewhere between 15 and 20%. what if there's a line on the receipt where they've included the tip, and there's a line for additional >> if you thought the service was exceptional. if the server had a per wnal connectih you, feel free to add something extra. if the service charge was built in, that is the tip. >> if you gohe on a regular basis, should that also factor > in? hat might be nice. >> if you've got a large group of people. >> i hate these battles of you had the calamari, i had the
8:44 am
chicken fingers, if you want to do it with technology, there are two apps, settle up, that can dividingawkwardness of tip out of it for you. it will do it automatically. let's moveown to our next rule of tipping. takeout and delivery, a lotpe o le using apps like grub hub, a lot of folks getting their food holivered. whatd we do with our delivery drivers? >> our advice says tip about 20% on thathich may seem like a lot. they're doing quite aervice r you, particularly if the weather is bad. i ordered out over the weekend.w saturday night not particularly pleasant. these guys are coming to your house, either walking or driving there in all kindsr.f weat 20% is the rule of thumb for delivery people. >> i found this very interesting as well. we all go to these coffee shops. when you get a coffee, are you supposed to t the barista? >> 1 to $3 is the general rule. we get some friends over on saturday night. i get a blacoecoffee. that't require a lot.
8:45 am
>> same here, that's what i order. >> there's not a lot of artwork. if you're looking for something fancier and that person extra time, you might want to tip. sometimes local coffee shops, the baristas there might get a tip, but if you work at a national chain, people might be less inclined, which doesn't seem fair for the barista, but it's that local feeling ofki care of people. >> if i order a skinny triple grande caramel macchiato upside down or hot. >> throw them a buck or three. >> so much for that black coffei. >> that's fancy. last but not least, when we're talking about n rules for tipping, we're talking about goods and services, what's the rule on tipping housekeepers at a hotel? >> think 10 to 20% of the bill, maybe 3o $5 a day. again, check the bill, though. some of these might be included in that. you don't have to tip above and beyond that. housekeepers are often forgotten in some cases. they do a lot of work for not a lot of money. if they've done a particularly nice job, a tip would be nice. >> especially if you have small
8:46 am
children in your room. >> speaking from someone who may have had small children in their room. here's something for a lot of people in major metropolitan areas, uber drivers or lyft drivers. how much are we supposed to be tipping these drivers? >> 1020o this is somewhat new for uber. they had the tip built in before, now ubers allowing you to tip drivers, even encouraging it in some cases. if the service was good and you feel like you want to give a little extra, 10 to 20%, much like you would a taxicab. >> it's not our imagination. there are more instances now than there were a few years ago. >> the gig economy isut there, and look at all these apps and the ability to pay by an ipad. oftentimes the tip will come up first, and it might default to 20% ormore. technology makes it easy. we're not dealing with cash. it's a simple touch a it comes on your card or from your venmo. >> thank you so much. useful information there. >> forore on the ever changing guidelines for tipping, be sure to check out p next, looking to treat a
8:47 am
headache, maybe even boost your mood,educe stress, the esseials of essential buoils. t first this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
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. this morning on "today, wellness inside the multibillion dollars industry of essential oils. if youe stressed t, you can't sleep, you're suffering from headaches, there may be an what do you need to know before you dive in, and how do they how did well do they work? maya feller is a registered dietitian. . good morning. >> g yd morning. hear a lot about these essential oils like if you go to a spa, but i don't feel like it's been mainstreamed enough. how long has this been around? this has not been mainstreamed enough. essential oils b really han around for srnl centuries in latin america, africa and the caribbean. >> i've seen the little bottles
8:50 am
all over the place, do you put a dab on you, do you put in a machine? what do you do with these oils? >> there are three different ways they're generally used, one capsuley either with a or a dropper. >> oh. >> i know, really interesting. the other is topically, that's when we're seeing it in skin care, hair care, and also for aroma therapy, maybe in a diffuser or a household product. >> like this. >> exactly. >> you've got lavender blowing here. when i walked in, i have to tell you i felt totally soothed right away from walking in. this one in is oreganoregano. that surprised me. what does oregano oildo? >> it's really the concentrated version of kind of the oregano we cook with? plen we think about essential oil, they're the c compounds found in plants. to get the essential oils you have to extract t e essence, ither vapor distilled or pressed. this oregano oil has a number of great properties, anticterial,
8:51 am
anti-inflammatory, there's even some investigation on whether or not it's going to be good for tt health. >> you takes orally? is that what you do with it? >> you can take this caorally, u also use it topically as well as in a diffuser. lemon. what are lemon oils used for? >> you know what i love about this is that there's some manufacturers using lemon oil as a covering for berries so they don't s. il as mu >> oh. >> and that's because lemon oil has really great antioxidant capabilities, great smell, also mood boosting. >> all right. this is peppermint. >> yum. >> peppermint i would think would wake you up. is that what it's used for? >> absolutely. super invigorang. you see these cherry tomatoes, this is being used as a food grade coating. so they don't spoil. >> does it change the taste? >> no, you wouldn't even know. >> if you wanted to feel iergized? >> you could p in a carrier
8:52 am
oil and rub ir on yody or put it in a diffuser to boost the room. >> let's go t lavender. this seems soothing. >> this is one of in my practice i do have some patients where we use lavender internally >> for what is this. >> ait little b of anxiety, not high anxiety but low level so we use it internally. alul wonderf smell. it's like ahhh. >> what are tse red things?he >> these are capsules. they're in a carrier. >> so you pop it. >> you actlly pop one right on in. >> i saw this on the no, argan oil. i've seen it in the st?es. what is >> it comes from a nut. it's native to morocco. here we're seeing the argan oil used in hair care oducts. you can also cook with it. you can put it on your pan and it has a high antioxidant value, lots of vitamin e, heart healthy and earth think and nutty. >> all right, i learned mething today. appreciate it. there's more essential oils on
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if you're looking for more stories you will absolutely love, you have to check out >> all day! >> we'll get even more on the oscars and the must-see looks from the red carpet plus, we're going tote get you ready for the spring showers, spring is right around the corner. the ten best rain boots for women. all that and more on >> allday! journalist, feminist, sactivist, gloria steinem going to be here. also your look . >> at the first new york city subway station of 1904. we're going to give you a ploo it'st of our series called abandoned. we're going to exploring that. >> we should say on the fourth hour, too, we're going to do
8:56 am
so of the iconic voices in television are going to give a little shoutout to kathie lee. it's a great spot you'll want to see. though, a all of that, little local news, a little local weather as well. >> a little song, a little dance, a littlealsa down your this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. 8:56 is your time now on this monday february 25th, 2019. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. melissa mollet is keeping an eye on the roads and she has first4traffic. >> inner loop cleared ramp to university boulevard had a tree across the roadway. ramp is open. still delays inner loop and h and outer loop. 270 southbound looking better going about 4 a miles per hour
8:57 am
you head south through rockville. 66, 95 okay. fairfax county parkway at popes head road had a brand-new proble vehicle firthere. eun. >> melissa, thank you. we'll take a break and checkwh your forecas we come back. stay with us why shop marshalls? (engine revving) because shopping should thrill you. (horn honking) with big brands at small prices. mwah! (laughing) for the whole family! whoo-hoo! woman: and unexpected finds you never knew you were looking for. so every trip feels like an instant victory. that's the fun of marshalls. (gasp) with brands that wow and prices that thrill, marshalls is never boring and always surprising. (horn honking)
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good morning, everybody. sunny, windy today, temperares the 40s this afternoon. winds will gust between 50 and r 60 mileshour. hold onto your hats and hair tieces today. sunny the n couple of days. a chance for snow friday morning d turning colder next week. >> chuck, thank you. get the latest news and weather any time on the nbc washington app. have a.
9:00 am
>> announcer: fro neebc news ths is "today" live from studio 1a ller plaza. good monday morning, hope you had a great weekend. >> welcome backment. >> thank you very much. >> it was nice, y missed guys. >> traveling the world. >> i wouldn't say the world, but around the country. >> you look refreshed. >> i feel refreshed. actual, i don't. >> [ laughter ] >> you need a vacation from yr vacation. >> i'm telling you. so who stayed up to watch the oscars last night? >> a good b it, not the whole thing. >> well, calvin stayed up a little later. lvit's like tv's off when goes to bed. i never turned the tv back on so i didn't get to see that much. >> i think it was the first time i watched it all the way through in years beginning to end. ev watchedhe


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