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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  March 1, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EST

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we're in weather alert mode ain. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> we cannot escape the winter. i'm eun yang. here s what we know far. the federal government is open. employees have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. in maryland, frederick and for instance george's county schools are on a two-hourdelay. >> in virginia, prince william county schools are closed. arlington, fairfax, loudon, falls church, manassas are on ar two- delay. >> morgan countychls in west virginia also on a two-hour delay. let's get a check on the forecast and the comme. melissa mollet is standing by with a look at the roads. we'll begin with meteorologist chuck bell. what do we need to know? >> these forecasts, dealing with the rain/snow line, it's death by ahousand cuts. it really is. rain and snow this morning. acculations around t d.c.
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metro area will be 2 inches or less. and temperatures are just at or above freezing for the immediatb su road chemicals are effective at these temperatures. the winter weather advisory, in all of the shaded counties, not uded fauquier county, and and southern maryland have been dropped out. 2 to 3 up near the pennsylvania but the metro area, 2 ouborder. inches or less, mainly on grassy ear areas. 35 at dulles. and your planner for today, of a messy, slushy, rainy start to the day todal that w taper off in a bit. more rain coming in the afternoon. most areas will be up close to 40 degrees. >> going to warm up quite bit here. looking at the roads right now. southbound70 at 109, old hundred. this is what a lot of l things
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loe. the main roads look okay. the grassy areas just havecoati. when i c wasing down 270, i had a little bit of slee and it was slick? spots. inner loop anduter loop, no issues. we radar showing you where have the snow fall right now. outer loop at route 1, crash blocking both side and man nas sassas, and montgom parkway. the rain, slow and sleet mix has been sputtering for hours now. our team coverage begins with justin finch in wudon county. are things looking where you are? >> hey, aaron, eun. look outside. atlantic boulevard here, just off route 28. a light coating of snow on the
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grass. on theain falling windshield right now. the roads have been looking pretty good. the temperatures here hovering around freezing. 33, we'veer seen out h consistently. the roads are certainly wet. but w haven't seen many slick spots yet. we kno given the temperature, that's a very likely hazard to look out for. but the highways getting out here, the beltway looking good, as well. the main roads have been looking pretty clear. we've seen v-dot crews on standby, ready for changes in the forecast. s you are getting up this morning, preparing your routine for work and school, it will be smart not oy to give yourself time but also be weary of the rdconditions. o see at first, that you don't want to come on to something too late and get in trouble. we're live in loudon county. justin finch, news 4. back inside to >> justin, thank you. we're working 4 you with a look at the winter blast across our area. we continue o c teamerage in 4'sgomery county with news
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amy cho. amy, where are you? >> good morning. we're headed up 270 towards frederick, maryland. we're seeing a freezing rain out there myte than ng. a little bit of snow on the ground. but it's very slippery and ushy. temperatures are hovering around the freezing mark, 30 grees. visibility is pretty low. we've seenng cars g slower than normal. that is a good thing. and we've seen saltck t and plows posted along the roads, ready to do their thing. e big question for all of the kiddos in montgomery county, will there be school today?ch thel system has not announced but they we schuled to have a half-day today. opening late is not a option. if you are headed on the roads this morning, snow hough there is not coming down, the roads are slippery. >> aimee, thank you. our coverage of this morning's blast of winter will
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continue throughout news 4 today and on you can check out the app for the latest details on schoolur cl and delays. your time is 4:05. new details in the searchn for uber driver who has been missing more than a month. he wasnast seen january 18th, around 3:00 a.m., when he picked up a passengndi heisnesnd h missing. his family believes the car can be a piece of evidence. his brother is asking anyone who may have seen it to call police. >> we know there is aif siant chance that the car d i surrounding areas. so, i just, you ouknow, like everyone to look for the car, to watch outor the car. and report it to the police, if they happen to see it. >> shifa was driving a black
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honda crv with d.c. plates, fk 6885. the family is offering a reward for information on this case. you may see snowflakes outside of your window, but a storm of a diffent sort has settled over the white house. "the new york times" is despiteg that objections from tolevel officials, president trump ordered that his son-in-l, jare kushner, be given top security clearance. the presidentas the legal authority to grant clearance. but "the times" points ou in most cases, a determination is made based off of recommendation for security officials that complete a backgroun check. nbc news reached out for comment. an the press secretary sai they do not comment on security clearances. of three days of testimony on capitol hill, michael cohen announced he will return again next week. on wednesday,ub duringc testimony, cohen alleged that president trump committed crimes while in office and in runningr
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president. cameras caught cohen leaving yesterday's session. >> there's not much i can say, other than it was productive. i'm committed to telling the truth. i'll be back on march 6th to finish up.e there's mo discuss. >> stick around next week for more cerage of the cohen testimony. president trump is getting partisan support for his decision to walk away from netiations with kim jong-un. >> the president returned to late yesterday. talks broke down over sanctions. kim wanted the u.s. to do away with all of the sanctions leveled against north carolina. but president trump said kim wasn't willing to give up much in return. >> he wanted to denuke certain areas. and i wanted everything. and the sanctions are there. i didn't want to give up the nctions unless wead a real program. >> president trump said he would
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be interested in meeting with kim again, but nothing is scheduled. delegates cenred one of their own for making a racist slur.nn mary a lisanti called an "n" word district she's beentripped of two leadership assignments. lisanti has apologized. and despite calls h f r resignati resignation, he has no plans to step down. the defense may have ramos -- jarrod plead not criminally responsible because of his mental state at the time. the judgeas asked for more information from the prosecution. the defense is trying to determine how prosecutors will present their case. an american and delta airlines face fines by making
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passengers waiteveral hours on tarmacs. thear dent of transportation has fined american airlines $1 million and delta $750,000. both airlines had instances where passengers were stuck on rmacs more than three hours. federal rules bar airlines from allowing planes t sit o the tarmac for long periods without f.lowing people the opportunity to get american and delta will not have to pay their entire fines. they were credited for providing ssengers compensation for the delay. after a long and intense process, bryce harper has decided to play for a new team. >> the nats isupersta taking his talents to one of d.c.'s rivals, the philadelphia phillies. report say harper has a megadeal with the phillies. 13 years for $330 million. wrap your head around that. for seven years, d.c. has watched aeenager develop into one of baseball's best. now, instead ocheering for
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harper, fans will have to get used tog see him with a different team, a diforrent red un >> knew there was a chance he was going to go. i thought it would be on the west coast, where we wou wn't have torry about him for a while. ease going down the road the philadelphia. not really happy about that. >> not the outcome nats fans want -- it's a big deal what harper has done while he was in d.c. he mad theall-star team six times, won mvp and rookie of the ard. harper and the phillies will be in d.c. to take on the nates in nsapril. that m we have to, like, cut him off. we're done. sorry. if you're n as fan, we loved him when he was here. now, bye. >> i'm sureil he count his money and not be hurt at all. somehow the world didn't spin off of its axis, eith'm. >> not sure yet. still ahead, we wrap up our series of reports on dna test kits. >> what do you thinkpens to all of the dna collected?
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morning's snow continuh w molette gree n. >> behind you. >> reporter: not bad at all. but we have changing conditions out here. look at the road where i am, at this major stretch, this corridor leanto the city. we're at east-west you can s the snow that hasmu acted only on the grassy areas around me. yes, changing conditionals here. when we first got to the area there was just a little bit of light rain, not much to talk about. then, it changed over to some freezing rae ining rain. now, we have straight rain coming down, right now. just a little light rain, not eld at all. i have to you that coming out of my house, my residenal area, in prince george's county in the bowie area, it was a little slushier. slushy snow that was a over the ground. once you get to the major
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okroadways, everything is, except when i got to the beltway in prince george's unty. we were behind a stretch of plow trains. it got a little dicey because there was so much slush on the ground and a lot of road spray. all in all, in thisrea of hyattsville in prince george's county, looking prey good so far. as you can see, the cars are moving about here. the schools are delayed a couple hours. enough time for folks to get their bearings and for us to assess the situation, before t kiddos head out to the bus stops ooand walking to s in the county. that's the latest live, here, from prince george's county. >> molette green, thank you. it's 4:15. residents in sonoran california tare trying clean up afterdi fl this week. >> look at the video here. homes and businesses have been
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ruined in some roads in wine country wereovered in muddy water. is sonoma county officials say homes and businessese flooded by water up to eight feet deep. don'trun, chuck. take your time. you have that boot on. officials think the roads will be accesble some time later today. >> he's next. he was just making sure he wasi si where he was supposed to be sitting. >> i hear the cues of death in my >>ear. 'm sensitive to the boot you have o your foot. >> chuck can handleit. >> i like the way you were reading with a dramatically slower pace. snow and mess again. >> yeah, it's really messy out there. >> t are painful events. it's cold enough to snow but it's nothold eno to be all-snow. and we don't have enough moistu to make it a lot of snow. it's the inconvenience of the cold without the pay-off at the end. 34 in washington right now.
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northeasterly breeze at 12 miles per hour. the windchill in tmi 20s. it is a cold and ugly and wet start to otherwise friday. temperatures,ar enough below freezing. it is all-snow in the shenandoah ulley. for hey rain/snow mix the northern suburbs. and mostly rain, when you go from the quantico area southbound, fredericksburg and southern maryland, just in the farm of rain. temperatures will recover in 30s to around 40 today. most of our snow chance ends by about 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. laterten the oon, should be passing light rain drops with temperatures around on40. radar, the composite, it's not a lot of moisture to work with. you have a push this morning. and then, a m little moresture down to the south of tho. this als will be an impact late tonight into early saturday. let me walk you through it. the lightsn showers, loudon county, fauquier county,
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northwest washingto here over e next little bit. future weather, carries that opportunity for snow in and out of here fast. just rain. steadier, light rain, comes inn later on the evening hours. tnd by late tonight into early tomorrow, j cold enough near the pennsylvania line, where we could see another little rain/snow mix. that's not likely to happen around the washington area or points south. just a little hint of a snow chance early tomorrow morning, for our northern-most viewers. tomorrow afternoon, mostly cloudy. most of the rain and snow chances tomorrow are done before lunchtime. i think your saturday afternoon and evening plans will not be rain.ted by and early sunday, not a problem. sunday, during the da here comes another shot. just cold eugh for a snow chance north and west. ostly rain around the city of washington. sunday afternoon into sunday evening, late sunday night inton monday g, here we go again. another chance for a rain/snow mix, northern maryland and the northern end of the shenandoah
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valley. everything is gone by monday afternooea ther, no chance for rain or snow after about early monday morning. but it will be real cold around here next week. there's the whole five days. near 40y. to near 50 tomorrow. and back into the low 40s for afternoon.unday a very cold and blustery monday afternoon. hangsat cold weather around all the way through next week. melissa mollet, wait until you see the ten-day forecast. you'll think ait's janua over again. >> i would rather not. can i put some blinders on. outer loop at 1, just getting by on the one side this morning. one le is open. outer loop at route 1 because of this crash and response. inner loop has some lanes blocked because of the problem at route 1. i-70, just west of 270. you can see the ramp here, just warning you. e e ramps and overpasses can freeze first andre slick even if the rain moods are not. southbound 270, a crash blocking the left side. you can see a blip showing you
4:20 am
that slowdown. the rest o 270 looks okay. lanham, westbound 50, the ramp to the utter loop, has a light pole down there. beltway,the rest of is fine, as well. in arlington, we have a water main break. this should be wrapped up b 8:00 a.m. this morning. it's westbound wilson boulevard atrt cuse road. right lane is getting by there. millions of people use dna testing kits every year. from finding out health risks to locating family members. it's a boosing ss. >> what do the companies involved do with your dna? still ahead. we're looking into it. check out "ellen" today at 3:00 and thenun stick a for news 4 at 4:00.
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...perfectly seasoning our ohillshire farm smoked sausage. so by simply adding the right ingredients... can end each day crafting a perfectly delicious dinner. it is a storm team 4eather alert day on this friday morning. 4:23. the snow is falling in some parts of the d.c. region. could make for a messy morning commute for some folks. the live picture on the left side ofour green and the radar lit up on the other side. a lot of schools arepening late or closed for the day. that information is on the bottom of your that's also in the nbc
4:24 am
washington app. millions of americans used dna testing kits to learn about health.cestry or their >> but do you wonder what the companies involved with this do with the data that's collected? doreen gentzler takes a closer look. >> it's the silicon valley company with the largest database for geneticse ch. >> meet your genes. >> reporter: over the past 12 years, ann wojitski, co-founder and ceo of h 23andmeas turned her dreamnto a billion dollar empire. now, she is offering customers a chance to give their dna a second life through medical research. researching for cures to age-old diseases. >> how is it i can crowd source all of this information? and i ccan. partner with academic researchers. i can partner wi biotech companies and pharma companies that say, i want a solution and
4:25 am
information. >> reporter: more than 4 million customers have opted ma ee eed . and the results have helpedk br scientific ground, on everything from migraines to cancer. b one ofi the most sigcant finds, the firsever genetic links to depression, thanks to h partnership wrug company pfizer. and she's not done yet. now, turning her attenon to a topic that hits close to home. >> coming up tonight, see how anne's ex-husband is inspiring her next efficientti.initiatetie >> it has the chance to impact tens of thousands with ati debiling disease. it is 4:25 right now. chaos in a school cafeteria caught on camera. coming up at 4:30, the story behind this fight between a student and a school resource offic ficer. plus, it's finally friday. plan to slp in this weekend? hope so. a new sdy warns against
4:26 am
playing catch- with your shuteye. >> do i have to get u at 1:30 on the weekend, too? that's not going tojuhappen. a little wet snow across the area. real chances of accumulations of an inch or two is contained to northern-most maryland. close look at the weekend coming up in the next half hour. to a live picture on thes ro in northern virginia. we're back with our live team roads nearhowing the your homes. melissa is back with a warning in your first 4 traffic, as well. 4:26 is our time rig. stay with us.
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news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> right to the weather art thismorning. it's our friday. and the month of march starting off with snow, sleet and freezing rain. that's right. it's march 1t, everyone. it may be the first of me meteorological spring. >> something is not working. this system moved into our area en you were sleeping. once the snow stops it will be repled by in.
4:30 am
so much joy on a friday. 4:30. our time right now. >> the federal governms open and employees have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. here's some school closings. in maryland, frederick, prince george's county schools on a two-hour delay. arlington, fairfax, loudon, fouls church and manassas schools are on two-hour delay. >> alexandria, manassas park city, and shenandoah and morgan county schools are on a two-hour delay. all of the delays and closings are on the bottom of your screen and in the nn washingapp. we'll let you know about changes as they come in. some school districts haven't reported yet. we'reouorking for with team coverage. we have reporters live on thyo roads to sho conditions outside. let's start with chuck bell to see how much longer we can expect the snow and such to be


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