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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 2, 2019 9:00am-10:00am EST

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welcome you in on this saturday morning, the 2nd of march,. 20 good morning to you. ndm david culver. lauryn ricketts sg by in the storm team 4 weather center. a lot of folks maybe thought, okay, march i here. is is the first weekend of march. maybe some warmer spring weather canexpect. not today, it seems. >> not today. >> or the coming week. >> listen, a lotf this next two weeks or so looks like we're going to have pretty chilly conditions oute. th of course, the unofficial start of spring is when we get daylight saving time, which is next sunday. again, it ends next sunday. does it end or begin? i always forget. anyway, i can't think about it the fly, but it is next sunday. as far as next sunday is ncerned, you think about spring when that happens. it is definitely not. listen, we have snow on the way. road impacts as we head for your sunday into monday. we're going to be fine today. your sunday morning, we're dry through the middle part of the morning, then we have snow on the way. sunday night to monday morning could ittle tricky.
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now, last night was tricky. we had some ice. we had some snow. we had some rain, and it was falling heavy at times yesterday now, we're drying out. we will continue to be dry through the remainder of the noday. with the and rain that we got last night, watch out for some icy patches, especially north and west of d.c. right now, we're at 38 here in d.c. we're going to be nearing 40s degr- i'm sorry -- nearing 50 degrees today, with peeks of afternoon sun. we have winter storm watches posted for weste d.c. we'll time it out for you and let you know what e weect where you are. that's coming up. >> daylight saving tim does begin. i just looked it up. either way, we lose an hour. >> i always forget. >> prepare for that. >> all right. hit the brakes on the bw parkway. starting today, crews are lowering the speed limit because heof, you know well, potholes. de ick ward is live along t bw parkway with more on this. hi, derrick.
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>> reporter: good morning. this is all about reactn time d some crews are going to be out doing some work. we're at the intersection o laurel buoy road 197 and thehi baltimore wton parkway. that's what you see on the elevated road behind, headed north to baltimore. look at the video. we have cpper foor ge and otheotage of the area. starting today, speed limit will be reduced to 40 miles an hour through llere. it is about reducing the speed soor that you have m time to react to a potholesnd crews that will be out. this is a particularly bad stretch of the baltimore washington parkway. it is a busy stretch, as you caa see from theic today. now, you've got traffic headed to bwi hairport. th a lot to do with it, but it is a heavily traveled road. the park service has consulted now with the park police and traffic roy authorities say this is the best way to doil it unt they can make some permanent repairs. we were out talking to motorists earlier, and this is what they had to say about this.
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>> some of the potholes are not too bad, but some of them close to the sides of the road are pretty dangerous. >>y other c have, but not this car. it's my tires. you have to change the tires a lot more frequently, you know, if the roads are horrible.o >> reporter: is a matter of increased travel times versus damage and cost to repair the damage to you car. expect to see parked police out here enforcing tho limits. now, they've done a lot to deal with potholes, but mostly teorary fixes. they put about 60 tons of asphalt on the road to patch the potholes. there is a long-ter project to repave the parkway between new rk avenue and all the way north to its northern terminal. that doesn't start until this fall. in the meantime, just be aware, slow down, and you'll be okay. we are live outside laurel buoa nd the parkway. derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> derrick,thanks.
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for those of you who thought, i'll ride the rails, unfortunate news here. metro stations are closed for the weekend. blue and yellow lines south of reagan national will not have railervice today or tomorrow. they'll going to have buses running between the huntington and franconia stations. that'll take you all the way up to the reagan national station. metro is closing those stations to prepare for auch longer shutdown of those stations that summer.or this other headlines this morning. tragic news. a local mother sharing a heartbreaking story of loss. bry boy killed. prince george's county police say another child admitted to assaulting the 1-year-old, leadin to his tragic death. paon davis, you're looking at him here, he was dropped off at subabysitter's home on pearl drive in land on saturday night. police say the babysitter left the little boyith her 11-year-old daughter to run an errand. when an adult returned home, they immediately called 911. paxton's family was initially told he had fallen from a bed. police later determined he was
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assaulted. >> how could you hurt an innocent baby? he's so sweet. anybody that knows my baby, they know my baby is so sweet. he's loving. en you see m, it's love. i text her, the mother, and she made it see like she was there with my baby thele w time. >> tanya, who you heard from there,ma had t the difficult decision to take her baby boy off of life support on thursday. the young girleft in charge of him has admitted to assaulting him, according to police, a mains in their custody. you may have caught the pamela butler case. o it w "dateline" nbc last night. pamela lived in northwestsh waington. she disappeared in li2009. never found her body. butler's boyfriend, jose rodriguez cruz, ultimately confessed to killing her. police may have never gotten that w confessionhout the persistence of pamela's brother. >> goal was to keep it going. i felt like if i kept it going, the police would say, you know,
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we have to get this off the news. case. e to solve this >> the case sat cold until the detective took another look. thanks to advancements in technology, police realized other remains found decades bere him belonged to cruz's ex-wife. eventually, cruz told them that he buried pamela's mains along i-95 in stafford county. police have not yet recover them. you can find the full episode of "dateline" on happening today, anational harbor, president trump set to take the stage to close out the conservative political action conference, or cpac. he is expected to speak around 1 11:30. 'll be trump's first appearance since returning early from the north korean summit. a local environntal group complaining about the trump national golf course in sterling, rginia. the potomac river keeper network said the club cut down more than a dozenrees and left them in the potomac river. they claim the trees are aat
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tho people using the river for boats and kayaks. >> concerns are tt this clear cutting caused environmental damage to the river, this created a potential safety hazard for kids that are taught to paddle in whitewater, right at the riverfro near this facility, near the golf course. >> loudoun county officials spent inspectors to the area on thursday. if they determine that there has been a violati, the county can impose fines and order the club to replant the trres. chi across the d.c. area are dreaming big, feeling inspired this morning after two well-kno latina women delivered powerful messages. a ress evan longoria led conversation with justice sotomayor. it left a deep impressn on the minds gathered there at george washgton university. >> she inspired me to be the next latina in the supreme court. th's why, because i want to show people that latinas can
9:08 am la-- there's so many things we behind latinas and their culture that i want to show the whole entire world. >> some strong i latinaluence there. the justice talking about where in the south ga bronx. she is the first hispanic justice appointed to the u.s. supreme court. arlington leaders are going to be coming together for several meetings to discuss amazon's plans for the county. for the next few weeks, board membs will meet with advocacy groups to discuss the tech giant's arrival. since amazon announced its hq h plans, there are concerns over how it'll impact housing prices and traffic. in a couple weeks, the board plans to vote on the incentive package, which would send $23 million in grant money to amazon the next 15 years. virginia has already approved up to $750 million in tax rebates company. 9:08. more than threeecades door to or delivering mail to generations of folks in northern
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virginia. after a 30-year plus run with the u. postal service comes to an end, we'll showne you how o carrier's final route was made extra special. that is ne, right heren o
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i can't wait to go home and tell everyone about it. i just wanna get it right now. guess what i'm gonna do. (laughing) call today. comcast business. beyond fast. welcome back. there is an alexandria neighborhood that will beci missing a s friend this morning. for years, postal carrier ronnib roop hn delivering mail. now, he's retiring. he swe he spent the week s good-bye. his special approach with folks has endeared him to many. >> reporter: inside alexandria's main post office, a giant retirement card from coworkers, wishing ronnie roop well. it is outside, on his route, where ronnie always loved to be. >> i just love going out there. the whole 32 years, i called in sick four days. you know, i just got up and .
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we >> reporter: in that time, you might say he's developed a reputation. >>e,eople are excited to see to see me come, because i've been a fixture in the neighborhood for so long. you know, it's just -- i'm like owlegend out there, you kn here he is, you know? it's like i'm always there, you know? they can always depend on, well, ronnie will be here. >> reporter: unlike most of us, ronnie's favorite day to work is saturday, especially wn the weather is mild. >> about 70 degrees, you know, a little wind blowing, those are the good days. you know, and on saturday, whenh people areome and i get to see the peoplen my route. >> reporter: there have been a few bad days though, sad days. >> the bad days is when you see people pass away. i've been on the same route for 32 years. i've seen a lot of people pass away. that's rough. you know? >> reporter: ronnie says he's guided by a mail delivering philosophy.
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>> i always treat other people's mail like it was mine. you know? it's my i treat their the way i want my mail to be treated. >> reporter: and he treats the people on his route like neighbors, even bringing up the trasr older nois 60s, ronnie keeps a fast pace. back in the day, he remembers he used to have time to stop in for coffee or watch his beloved tar heels play. >> i'd watch half of a north carolina championship game and ight finish my route in hours. i was that fast, you know? >> reporter: this week, s final week, ronnie was fced to slow down. customers wanting to pass along gifts to get and give a good-bye hug. >> i'd do it again. i love it. i'd do it another ten years if l thought i cod. >> reporter: the heart is willing, but these legs that w haveked thousands of miles 2 in 3ars, time to give them a rest. in alexandria, i'm julie carey, news 4. >> way to go, ronnie.
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chances are you or someone you know has done a do it yourself dna test kit to learn
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about your an testce or health. the big companies have millions ofrs custo have you wondered, what happens to the genetic data collected? doreen gentzler gets answers. >> reporter: it's the silicon valley company with the world's largest database for genetic research. >> meet your genes. >> reporter: over the past 12 years, anne wojcicki, the co-founder of 23andme, turned n her dream into a $1 bill empire. e have over 5 million customers. people are empowered with their genetic information. once you get this first taste of learning about yourself, it changes how you think about your health overall and your own sense of empowerment and your health. >> reporter: now, she's venturing into new try, offering customers a chance to give their dna a seconlife through medical research, searching for cures age old diseases. >> how is it i can crowd sourcen all of thirmation, then i
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can partner with academic s. research i can partner with biotech companies, pharma companies, tow say,an we all, who have a common interest, come together and say, i want a solution, anda information. >> reporter: more than 4 million cuomers have opted in. the results have already helped break scientific ground on things from migraines to cancer. one of the most significant finds, the first evegenetic links to depression, thanks to h partnership rug manufacturer pfizer. >> i think about success for me, for the compan it's the impact we have on human life. r: >> reportehe's not done yet. now turning her attention to a topic thatits close to home. >> my ex-husband, sergei, he has the genetic receptor for ndrkinson's. >> reporter: the f of google found out he had parkinson's after taking his then-wife's test.r, last sum3andme announced a $300 million partnership withma
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phutical giant gl glaxosmithkline. it is looking for what causes the stiffness and tremors, changes in the brain. the company's massive database soy be making strides for science, yet it aloses some serious questions about privacy. but wojcicki says your es participation n't have to be permanent. >> you can delete your account. if you don't want to participate anymore, withdraw,or totally. >>n gentzler with the report. there is a setting to withdraw on 23andms website. 80% of customers have opted in to have their dna used for research. now, this story was just one of several that was looking a dna that doreen gentzler put together. check out the rest of the series in our nbc washington app. search "dna." lauryn ricketts with us no crunching different data. >> yes.
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>> as we look live behind us, planeaking off there into the clouds. >> cue it, yeah. >> it n rough. it i looking great. >> no. >> the real issue is going to be tomorrow night, you're saying, into monday really? >> yes, tomorrow mid-morning, that's when we're going to start addy -- i don't think we'll be off air before seeing the snow. early morning to afternoon, the snow spreads in. david, there is a fine linewhf is going to get rain and who is going to get snow. of course, right around -- >> moving. >> -- d.c., as it alwaysoes. let's talk about what's going on out there today. what you see behind me is what you're going to get all day., listhis afternoon, maybe a few peeks of sunshine, but i wouldn't bet on it too much. temperatures will be around 50 degrees today. we do have low visibilities out ere already. so keep that in mind as you head out the door, especially with all the potholes. my goodness. theye all over the place. probably only going to get worse as we t continueough march. current temperatures out there righttr now, everybodng to
9:21 am
get above the freezing mark and having a tough time doing it in the shenandoah valley. that's where we could find slick spots. any rain from overniggh last is out of here. we are dry for the remainder of the day. now, temperatures nearing 50 degrees today with those peeks of afternoon and evening sun. then we have this for tomorrow. winter storm watch north and west of d.c. frederick county, maryland, loudoun county, i-81, including rol county and just north of ba wimore. this ire we could have heavy snow. definitely snow-covered roads and possible delay on monday. beginning any time between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. for us. moving in from the south west, pushing north and east. now, as i was telling david, there is going to be a very fins line of whooing to get rain and who is going to get snow. we're really going to havwa to h the line. it's a fast-moving system. it is moving in, and it'll be out by the morning commute on your monday. some of the heaviest snow will fall through the late afternoon
9:22 am
and into the early evening on sunday. you need to go to church, you have things to do on your sunday morning, the farmer markets, some are open, listen, 10:00 a.m., you'll be fine, but then watch this. here we go. 10:00 10:00/11:00, through the early afternoon, the snow spreads. 'll start light. 95 and points to the south, this is going to be a rain/snow mix. north and west, it'll be mnly all snow. watch this little line right here in pink. it comes back up as we get through sunday afternoon and sund evening. so this line is really going to fluctuation along i-95. another thing, this is a pretty big syst. i'm worried about storms deep south. we're talking about t ining arof mexico. some of the moisture could b robbed because of the convective and big storms down there. we may get robbed of some moisture here, bringing down tota thtals, bringing down rain rates. storm hasn't developed yet, but that'll be something we have to watch. then the snow starts to win out
9:23 am
overnight, but then it is out of here. by the morning commute, we are goingo stay dr let's talk about snow totals real quick. 4 to possibly up inward of 7 inches, especially through central maryland and up towards the mason-dixon line. 2 to 4 inches around the d. area and to the north and west. d.c. coating to an inch with rain to the south and east again, that'll be something we're going to continue to watch as we go through the day. we're goingako bt down zone by zone, county by county, to let you know g when it ng to be moving into your area. to be moving into your area. that'll be com
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this is our speed. the lovef a pet without the responsibility. that really is where we need to be, without having the expectations. >> you have a pet though, and i >> mine is my parents' really. i act like it's mine. i've beenut lying a that. this is a local pop-up kitten lounge. >> i am a cat la. if you want to find a cat, and you really like them, you can keep them forever. ce. >> it is a collabotion between crumbs and whiskers. i found this all over social media. it is d.c.'s cat cafe. homeward trails animalrescue. for a small fee, you can snugglp and with the cutis. >> kitten lounge opened yesterday on m street in georgetown. they'll be there through the end of june. >> i'm going today. >> i think lounge, and i'm like, will there be jazz music?
9:27 am
>> yeah, i don't know. that sounds about right. >> snuggle with the kittens. let's stay on the animal theme. loveha drama iening in the district. this is better than any episode of the "bachelor." >> liberty and justice, two bald eagles mating for 14 years. >> been together a while. >> they appeared to split. we were talking about this two weeks ago. friday morning, after goingg missor so long, the male eagle, justice, finally returned home. right herethe image this is the moment he came back. that's him about to beland. y was left to watch over the two eggs all by herself. she did have a few other me eagles coming in. >> male suitors. >> she was eating a fish at the time thshe. didn't let justice anywhere near that. she's like, get your own dinner. we have to figure this out. >> i've been here, taking care of the eggs, taking care of the men tt come in. that's what she's been doing. she's been busy. the birds screeched at each other, then justice took up post on a nearby branch. looks like he's in the >>doghou. would be so intrigued to know what's going on between the
9:28 am
two of 14 years, that's longer than most hollywood marriages. >> 100%ng >> they're d pretty well. >> they got snow in the nest there. >> i noticed that. >>eore snow in nest possibly. >> what are you thinking? >> d.c., it'll be interesting. we have this rain. we have this snow. it is alway difficult i march. let's talk about your neighborhood. we'll break it down zone by zone. that's all coming up right afr that's all coming up right afr the breatek. i've talked on this phone through the happiest times of my life, and through the saddest times of my life. but i never dreamed in thousand years that it would save my life. boom! 2 i fefeet, completely shattered my pelvis, in the middle of the woods. i called my wife, she thought i was jokin'.elvis, i said, "man, i'm not... i'm not." i was so lucky that day... saved my life. (vo) there for you when it matters most. unlimited on the best network now comes with apple music on us and a free samsung galaxy when you switch. only on verizon.
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nou "news 4 today" starts now. >> welcome back to "news 4 today" on this saturda morning. i am david culver. it's the 2nd of march, 2019. if you look behind me, it is a foggy start to your saturday. icy in some spots out there. lauryn ricketts, you're focused on what will come tomorrow. >> yup. >> not even night, tomorrow midday, you're thinking,stt could art, and linger to the monday morning commute. >> this storm hasn't formed yet, david. it'll be coming out of the lower mississippi river lvalley, the gulf or mexico, and boogie to the carolinas throughout the day tomorrow. mid-morning, snow moves in with some rain, depending onu where e, then that will continue to push on out of here before that monday morning commute. we're dry today. seems like for the first saturday in quite some then we he snow coming for tomorrow. then we dry back out for monday and tuesday. we're dry today. t al rain we had yesterday, gone. thank goodness, it was a steady
9:32 am
rain last night. current temperatures in the 30s. most of us are above the freezing mark, so icy patches that were out there this morning shoulde melting right now. north winds at 8 milesn hour. temperatures will be around 50 degrees today. upper 40s. quite today. most clouds, could have peeks of sunshine later on. no sun forto rrow. we have clouds in place and snow moving into the area. is is the winter storm watch starting tomorrow morning at 7:00 and going until monday morning at 7:00 a we'll break it down zone by zone, and let you know when rain or snow is headed for youor neigod, coming up. this up and down weather, all the moisture added to 's, made for a bumpy ride. you've seen it around, especially along the bw parkway. starting today, crews are going to lower the speed limit because of potholes. they've been popping up all over the place.
9:33 am
news 4's derrick ward is live parkway. bw he explains what exactly they're planning here. derrick, what areg? they think >> reporter: well, they think, oow down. that is the tal this story. we're at 197 and baltimore washington parkway. you see it going north on the elevated road. now, for the next a five a half miles, there will be new restrictions in place. take a look. this is another look at the stretch. it goes between 197 and route 32. the speed limit is going to be lowered into about 40 miles an hour. increasing about your reaction time. you kn, potholes are a problem. if you come across one at speed, it can be dangerous. trying to change lanes or brake abruptly, that can also be dangerous. the park service, park police, and traffic authorities have t decide best way to do this is to slow people down during that stretch. now, you'll see pothole patching crews out, and you'll also see other things that will tell you what o lookfor. take a look.
9:34 am
>> there are a few things on the parkway d are going to be able to see to let them know conditions have changed. we're going to have signs o that have a variable message, that show that they're approaching an area with a lowered speed. we're going to have speed limit signs updated. they're also going to see signs everywhere that workers are presenou >> reporter:e also going to see more park police out there to enforce this. now, they've already put about 60 tons of pahwork,atches in the roadway on the parkway. that's just not enough. it is going to be a reoccurring problem with freez and aws. now, there is a long-term repaving project in store for the baltimore washington parkway, pretty much fro new york avenue at southern terminus to the northern terminus. meantime, slow down and be aware. we are live along the wabaltimo washington parkway. derrick ward, back to you.
9:35 am
>> thank you. 9:34. a tragic story. toddler killed allegedly at the hands o 11-year-old. that child was watching the baby boy alone last weekend. as you can imagine, the boy's family is heartsick. they're devastated.ak they want to sure the adult who was supposed to be watching the baby boy is held accountable. this is the intervie'll only see on news 4. ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: paxton davis's arrival into this world was anticipated, and his short life was filled with love. his mother, tanya davis, and her partner, jennings, lavished him with care and attention from the top of his head to theips of his toes. >> how could you hurt an y? innocent bab he's so sweet. anybody that knows my baby, they know my baby is so sweet. he's loving.ou when yee him, it's love. or >> repr: what happened to paxton after davis dropped him off at a babysitter's home on pearl drive in suitland saturday night? jeings was out of town for work. it ended in his death.
9:36 am
the babysitter left him with her 11-year-old daughter sunday morning. a vis got a frantic call the boy had been fallen ofd and been badly hurt. by the time she raced from d.c. to suitland, the ambulance she directed the babysitter to call was there. davis and jennings began a life or death vigil at paxton's bedside that ended four agonizing daysat. >> just from the injuries, a cracked skull, he fell off a bed, it didn't line up for me anyway. >> reporter: davis says when the couple's suspicions of foul play were confirmed, there was horror at the idean 11-year-old might be responsible for pack tonxton death, and what she sees as a babysittery the >> i text her, the mother, and she made it seem like she was there with my baby the whole time. >> reporter: the 11-year-old remains in custody in a juvenile
9:37 am
detention center, and she could face additional char in suitland, jackie benson, news 4. a teenager's unsolved murder has haunted her family for more than 40 years. this morning, montgomery county police need your help solving this cold case. kathy lynn beatty wassslted and killed in 1975. her sister found her in the woods behindhe kmart on connecticut avenue. she died days later. police released this video, explainingow the crime sce has changed in the last 43 years. >> and this is an image fro 1979. there's currently a shopping center there. we wanted t show where the woods were. this is an o imagethe trail that leads back to the woods. this is the area called the a rocks whe lot of juveniles would hang out. she was found not too far from the rocks. >> detectives hoping this video will jog someone's memory. there is a reward.
9:38 am
for m information on kathy's death. to the commonwealth, where virginia'stt embattledney general is planning a public appearance. mark herring will be attending an inter-faith healing gathering. it is his first public appearance in more than a month since admitting to using blackfaith. it'll includehe naacp and or organizations. they'll discuss racial reconciliation. the largest st. patrick'e day par the region is set to start at 12:30. that's happening today in alexandria. the largest parade since the d.c. parade w cancelled this year. more than 2,000 people expected to be marching. there's gng to be fun dog show at 11:00 this morning. those dogs are going to lead the pa they'll be kept busy. the parade starts at king and alfred streets.t it ends aee and cameron streets. all t ofs happening in old town alexandria. what if we told you onef the most important parts of
9:39 am
getting in shape is lying in bed? well, it's not exactly that simple, but coming up next, important a u how good night's sleep t is forse of you hoping to be fit for spring. that's straight ahead, right here o
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all weeke long,ve been giving you important tips to get fit for spring. here's the thing, all wrking owrk i working out and eating right means nothing without onecr ical component, sleep. molette green explains why. >> without the proper amount of rest, the early mornings in the gym and salads over sweets will be in va. let's recap getting fit for spring. first, get the plan in place, then nail down which routine will work for you. after that, refine the nutrition plan. then getting enough sleep.
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adults need anywhere from 6 1/2 to 8 hours every night.'s hewhy. sleep is such an important part of getting fit because it gives your body the time to recover from the wear and tear. it helps c youserve energy and repairs as well as builds up those muscles and helps process the nutrients. d if you't believe me, hear expert. >> i think if you don't sleep when trying to get fit, it is ating junklent of food and trying to get fit. sleep is so critical for your overallg. function if you're talking about fitness, yohave to talk about mental health fitness, as it is not just about the body. >> now, there you have it. the journey, it's just beginning. we really want to hear from you. i want you to share your .ogress with send me your before and after pictures. tell me your story on socia media. that's twitter, facebook, instagm. use #get fit for spring. a sign of progress, i'm in this ess. i wasn't able to fit it in several weeksago.
9:43 am
progress. >> way to go, molette. live look tside. kind of a foggy start to your saturday.ur ricketts tracking good sleeping weather. we're talking about winter weather, snow. weather, snow. we'll checkn with her on i
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your favorite restaurants now it doesn't matter dash. where you are. ♪ it doesn't matter what you're hungry for. it doesn't even matter how many you are. ♪ restaurants come to you. delicious at your door. download doordash. first order, no delivery fee. as women's history month begins, the head of loudoun county's board o supervisors is pushing back against her title, chairman. phyllis randall prefers chairwoman or chairperson. a group of virginia delen,tes,
9:46 am
all voted down that option. i caught up with chair randall to see what she makes of their decision. >> reporter: when philip was elected as the chairman of loudoun county, she was unsure of one thing, her title. >> my name. -- lis j. randall, chair chair -- hmm. >> reporter: watching the clip three years lar, she laughs. thinking when she started calls herself chair randall or chairwoman or chairperson, it'd be no problem. legally, it is. the only state approved title for her position when signing off on official documents is chairman. much to randall's surprise, wher delegate davd proposed changing the law in the general assembly to include chair or chairperson,t got voted down by five >> fivjust told me that i don't ve the option of legally being called chairwoman. >> reporter: as first reported,
9:47 am
the delegates against the change exessed concerns that this would restrict free speech bbecause constituents wou required to call the county executive a specific term as opposed to calling them wh they liked. >> in the space of things, this is not that important. >> reporter: randall initially didn't want to dwelln the , te, telling me she has bigger issues to focus but acknowledged she wants it changed. >> the fact thatyou know, men can call themselves chairmen, while i have to be a chairman, also, not chair, chairwoman, chairperson, it's just silly. >> reporter: some of you weighing in on riting, these sorts of titles should be changed to chairperson. ile kristi considers chairman or any title "man" to mean mankind. randall has a simple solution. >> when you see me in the elevator, the grocery store, please call me phyllis >> she pointed out several times, david, let's talk about something more pressing, abi er issue. she does say she's going down to
9:48 am
richmond this next ssion t come to push for it. >> good for her, man. doese what she speaking of bigger issues, snow, it is going to be a problem. >> iis going to be a problem for some sporportions of our ar into monday morning cht thermor. there's going to be delays. hard to tell if there will be cancellations. it'llmoe sunday night to ay. it is going to be a good period. it's so funny. they do a such good job treating the roads around here. >> right. >> it mes us look bad because the roads are fine usually. they've been out days treating >> friday was great. >> it's really not that bad. kudos to the crews out there doing that and working overnights and doing that. then again, people get on the roadways and, of course, kidsau hate us b it's fine. >> were going're go school? >> i'd hate me, too, if i was a kid. unless iiv canthem a snow day, which we might be able to squeeze out a few into monday. nothing happeningtut there rinow. we saw some snow. we saw some rain. weawome mix yesterday.
9:49 am
last night, it was gross outside. today, it is just not the prettiest of days. we have plenty of cuds in place. again, for the most part, we are dry. re today.dy out t current temperatures out there right now in the 30s, trying to get to the 40 degree mark. annapolis is up to the 40 degree mark right now. we will continue to see those temperatures come right on up. we're planning over the next 12 hours temperatures in the mid to ifper 40s to right around 50 degrees. e're going to see sunshine, it's going to be few and far between. it will be this afternoon. quiet conditions today, thank goodness. everybody can take a deep breath before we start to see snow moving in for tomorrow. winter storm watch starts at 7:00 a.m. tomorrowmorning, goe until 7:00 a.m. monday morning. northwestern suburbs, loudoun county, northern fauier, i-81 corridor, heavy snow and snow-covered roads. of course, the crews are already out there treating it rht now. let's break it down zone by zone to what you canexpect. we've got our friends in the
9:50 am
northern neck. we have ourow friendsthrough stafford county, going down into southern maryland. listen, this is mainly going to be -- oh, i havo stand on this side. it is mainly a rain event for you. moving in after lunchtime. snow is unlikely. it'll be a mainly rain event. i'd bankn the kids going to e hool. no dam the roads. for the d.c. area, bethesda, am columbia, springs, manassas, spring william county, for this area,ndight snow rain. it is going to be that rain/snow mix, but it is going to be light to start andoves in around lunchtime. now, that line for rain and snow is going to fluctuatictuate rig here. that's where it is, through the counties. these counties right here are going to be on that edge of rain and snow. we could have a coatin that's aboit. i'll show you that map in a minute. western zones, frederick county, maryland, down to orange,
9:51 am
fcludingquier in warrington, snow arrives 10:00 a.m. and noon. the main roads will be wet. could have slick spots around there. delays might be possible, especially for secondary roads and sidewalks and that kind of thing. henandoah s in the valley -- oh, i thought i took the inches off.t doay attention. known they're gone, good. hagerstown, i-81, friends in the shenandoah valley, snow will arrive to the south and east right here. sorry, south and west. it is going to start by 9:00 a.m. and continue until 11:00 a.m. that's when it is moving in from the south and west and moving to the nor and east it's all going to be a snow event for you guys. snow-covered roads, dels likely on monday, possible cancellations in the areas. let's talk about the futurecast. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, you have church. you have things to do tomorrow morning, you're going until 10:00/11:00. that's when we'll start to see everything move in. by 11:30, middle part of the morning, mix along i-91.
9:52 am
rain to the south and east. as we get through theooafte heavy snow, the heaviest snow will start falling through the late afternoon and into the rly evening. watch this line right here. it really just moves back and forth right ong i-95, d.c. to points north. mainly rain to the south and east. here we go. watchinghis line moving back and forth. this is sunday night. still all snow north and west. still all rain to the sth and east. really, this area right down through here, that's the area that's going to be of concern because we'll have to watch to see how this line develops. the march is really difficult to figure this out. plus, this is a bigem sy we've got some pretty strong storms in the deep south, right around the gulf of mexico. with those storms, it may rob us of moisture up here in the mid-atlantic, if those storms really get going. tat's goingbe another factor that could lead to less snow totals. here wego. 2:00 a.m. monday morning, starts to move out.
9:53 am
it is gone by 7:00 a.m. we're looking good monday morning in terms of the commute. no precipitation falling at that time. 4 to 7 ches, maybe more, especially through central maryland. suay to early monday. 2 to 4, north and west. and the south once we get rain, it'll wipe away the snow. east, o the south and again. i believe the roads will be wet to the south and east. yellow, roads will be slick in some spots. snow to the north and west. as far as you ten-day forecast is concerned, upper 40s today. weather alert fortomorrow. blustery on monday, but all the snow will be gone by daybreak. tuesday, dnesday, thursday dry, more chances of rain and dry, more chances of rain and snow come friday.
9:54 am
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it's saturday. president trump set to close out the cpac convention at national harbor later today. he's expected to speak around 11:30. vice president mike pen spoke at the conference on friday. the spacex dragon mission launched early this morning. it is aest flight for the company's first mand mission, possiblys soon as july, that could come. blue and yellow line metro stations south of national airport shut down this weekend. they've got buses running stations.e the closures are to prepare for a much longer shutdown set for this summer. massive potholes like these are forcing officials to lower
9:57 am
the speed limit on part of the bw parkway. starting today, it iso going t go from 55 miles an hour to 40 between routes 32 and 197. slow dow tthere. as moisture, more to come, heading to trouble on the roads. e> yeah. we'll watch for s snow and rain moving in through the middle part of tomorrow morning. everybody should have precipitation by the time we head throu the early afternoon. listen, firing up my facebook live on my facebook andbc page now. join in for questions. tomorrow it's me, you, and. adam you'll give updates throughout you'll give updates throughout dae
9:58 am
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