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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 2, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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right now at 11:00. fr coast to coast, mother nature hitting hard. heavy snow caused a roof at an empty boy scout lodge to collapse. some of this nasty winter weather headed our way. news 4 begins withrm a s team 4 weather alert.
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>> good evening, everybody, i'm erica gonzalez. more o damage in just a moment. first half of our area under advisories. we are in weather alert mode because some of you could see around half a foot of snow tomorrow. >> that's absolutely correct, erica. it's really going to depend on where you are, and this is going to be an interesting system for the d.c. metro area in particular we're going to be riding a fine line of rain and snow. in the pink, that's where we've got a winter storm warning meaning we're going to seeof so ur heavier snow in these areas. in the purple,ontgomery county, howard, down into wuthern loudoun that is where we have a winterther advisory, anywhere from two to four inches of snow is possible there. with this entire system it's going to range from snow to sleet to rain that rain will be primarily farther south of the district
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but start t creep into washington, d.c. through the evening. this is going to cause some delays, of course as far as travel goes tomorrow afternoon,y tomorrow monmorning, that's another question. for now let's focus on sunday. how is this going to impact my sunday? your morning run, aok. you're looking good. dry but cold. your brunch, that's when it starts getting a little dicey. the earlier you go, the better. afternoon errands you're not going to want to be on the roads tomorrow afternoon and evening. we'll break it dn further. i'll let you know what the totals are looking like in just a moment. ohank you. an team coverage continues on this winter storm slamming both coasts. the systems are threatening 52 million americans including many of you. nbc's mgan chesky with the winter weather punch causing a lot ofai >> reporter: from west coast flooding to a northeast freeze encang entire homes in ice, w brutalinter storms have left millions digging out before they
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dig in for the next one, expected torek coast to coast. >> february has been absolutely incredible and record setting. >> inrn cali's sierra nevada up to 25 feet of snow in the shortest month of thear, a blessing for ski resorts, a nightmw.e in the valleys belo heavy rain brought floods and in some areas sinkholes swallowing whole roads. >> a lot of fast moving water down the river, down the street. >> reporter: in the midwest, heavy wet snow too much for the roof in this wisconsin lodge, no one inside when it collapsed. >> look at all the destruction. >> reporter: in south carolina, a rare winter tornado. the high winds damaging at least five homes but no one injured. to the northeast, dangerous conditions led to this wreck outside philadelphia while in new tsrk city a line for ticke to "saturday night live". >> incredible. >> reporter: looks more like a mountainase camp. r ck here in los angeles, recent storms brought f mudslides prompting officials to keep a
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close eye with even more rain on the way. morgan chesky, nbc news, los angeles. we have breaking news out of new orleans, the last weekend of mardi gras has turned lideadly. say a vehicle slammed into a crowd of people killing at least two tonight. the crash was just minutes away from s bourboneet where most people hav gathered for the celebrations. several other people have been injured in this. police have arrested the driver. more developments as they come in. tonight we are hearing from the mother of stefan clark. he was shot and killed a year ago outside his grandmother's home in sacramento. today prosecutors say the officers who shot him committed no crime. the shooting sparking protests across the country. the officers were investigating a burglary call when they shot clark. they said they thought he had a but he wasn't armed. the district attorney says theis reviews f that the officers lawfully used lethal force.
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>> was a crime committed? there's no question that a human being died, but when we look at the facts and the law and we follow our ethical responsibilities, the answer io that que is no. >> what matters is how those officers came with lethaar forc nd a corner on a vandalism call after my son and gunnedo hm when he had nothing but a cell phone in his hand. >> the d.a. says their review does not address whether the officers have any civil liability in this case. the clark family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the officers and the city of sacramento. a couple from pakistan came to d.c. for a better life. ey were planning t return home to visit, but then a gunman opened fire. prominent pakistani philosopher jawaid bhutto, hiseighbor killed him after a dispute.
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he now faces murder charges. bhutto's widow spoke about their love. >> i would say to him that, you know, i would much rather pass away before you, and he would say, no, iouldn't bear that. so i think i'm going to go before you. >> bhutto stopped teaching after arriving to the united states more than a decade ago. the couple met in pakistan when she was a journalist and was mourning his sister who had just been killed. new at 11:00, a raging fire ripp through a frederick county home leaving behind a pile a of inside a smoldering home. you can actually see the flames ashey were gulfing that house today. these are some of thes pictu from the scene here. it's unclear if anybody was living inside or what caused that fire. they're trying to take you out with [ bleep ], okay?
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>> with that language, the presidpt pumping the crowd at sea pac bringing down the house at national harbor with the longest speech of h presidency. >> i'm darcy spencer, it is a bumpy we're talking about the bw parkway where the potholes are so bad. i'll tell you what police are doing to try to slow everyone down. it was a day that nats fans everywhere were dreading. bryce harper makes it official with the phillies. we'll hear from the six-time all star as he's introduced as a inmember of one of waon's division rivals. i know what it means to have reliable support.
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watch your speed if you take the baltimore washington parkwait the speed las been lowered from 55 miles per hour, so that crews can fix all thepotholes. starting today you're going to have to drive 40 miles per hour between route 197 and route 32. ws 4's darcy spencer has more on what else you need to know. zblor zblor >> reporter: it's a bumpy rideh onbw parkway, just trying to get a little o,ll phone vi you can see and feel the rough road. in fact, the road is so rough fromotholes and general deterioration, u.s. park police want you to pump your brakesves you dri through the worst area from route 1 to route 32. policeave lowered the speed limit here from 55 to 40. >> i'd rather them lower the speed limit than damage my car, i guess, at this point, but i'd
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prefer they fix the potholes. >> reporter: drivers agree there is a big potholeproblem, and they want it fixed. some have needed to replace tires and repair their suspension, but some weren't so sure lowering the speed limit is the 'tswer. >> i dhink that's the solution. i mean, i think they just needh to fixoad. they need to fix it quicker, and again, the belt, the parkway is now a two-lane road. it should be a four-lane road right now. >> reporter: the national park service has been patching tholes like crazy. they've used 60 tons of asphalt already, but they say the problem is only getting worse. the bw parkway is typically a high speed road taking drivers from d.c. to baltimore and itck. expected to be repaved starting in thefall. until that happens police want to slow everyone down so they can be prepared in case they hit heone of rough patches or car jolting craters. the will also be more police
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officers on patrol here. along the parkway in urel, darcy spencer, news 4. a local barber's lessons are helping him stay a cut above the competition, the new reading program that's assisting his youngecustomers' mind, body and soul. o>> we want t [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, youig the one with the dr dog collar.
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stress can affect our minds. i call this dish, "stress." stress can also affect our bodies. so, i'm partnering with cigna to remind you that your emotional and physical health are more connected than you think. go in for your annual check-up. and be open with your doctor about anything you feel. physically, and emotionally. body and mind. cigna. together, all the way. that's better. we are learning new details about that deadly shooting on the suitland parkway. u.s. park police identified the man killes robert foreman. he and a female passenger were shot in a car on the parkway
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near silver hill road. the woman survived. a scary sceneunfolding on a busy friday afternoon, park police don't know if the shots came from another car, but insstigators believe this an isolated incident. fresh off a failed summit with noruh korea, the administration announcing a major policy change aimed at at resolving the standoff with the rogue nation. the pentagon is ending massive joint military drills with south korea. instead, the two countries will hold smaller exercises. the move seen as an olive branch to north korea, but it's likely to raise concerns about military readiness in the region, especially if the tensions rise. esident trump wasted no time going off script during today's cotive political action conference in national harbor. one issue that stirred the president and the crowd, russia. especially what the president says are tactics being ud by the special counsel. >> and they leave people for a
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long time that shouldn't be there, and all of a sudden they're ting to take you out with bleep ] okay? >> the president began h appearance by hugging the american flag. he went off script speaking for two hrs during a fiery campaign style speech. he touched onultiple issues including abortion, north korea, and what he aerceives as wave of socialism within the democratic party. >> more than 100 docrats in congress signed up for a socialist takeover of america health care. >> the president also said north korea's economy will only improve if thcountry gets rid of its nuclear weapons. now to a new program that's encouraging kids, particularly young boys of color, to read. but it's not in any classroom or library, barbershop books combines haircuts with lessons
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on literacy. news 4's aimee cho introduces us to one barber charles county maryland. >> at yonkers barbershop, owner tajames green knows how int it is to stay sharp. that's why whenever he's got a kid in his chair, he makes sure they've got a book in their hands green is part of the barbershop books progm. >> mr. alfred, the guidance counselor says. >> it teaches barber how to help kids like dylan robinson with their reading. >> i believe we're the first role models. >> in dylas case, james gav dylan his first haircut when he was 1 years old. dylan won't let anyone else cut his hair. and though he may be little, he's already got big plans for >> do you know what you want to do when you grow up? >> i want to be a doctor. >> you want to g them as early as possible to start leading so it becomes second nature. >> reporter: the program makes
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sure the shelvesreully stocked for the kids. >> they are allowed to keep the books. >> reporter: and dylan says he already knows the power ofod a book. >> it makes you feelt. smar >> it feels amazing. i love it. i pray that someday walks t upo me and says you just don't know how you changed my life. through a lives program that's a cut above the rest. >> they become family. >> in white plains, aimee cho news 4. weurn to somara theodore now. we are in weather alert mode. we know now a little tht more abou timing. how much you get depends on where you live. >> and it's going to be so interesting to see how this plays out for washington, d.c. we'r going to be right on the rain/snow line. depending on where that le teeters, we could see a little more snow or a lot more rain. i've got the futurecast on. i'm starting it at 6:00 a.m. notice how we are still dry early tomorrow morning, so foro early birds on a weekend who are going to be out for a
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tewalk, run, wr it may be, you're looking good. it's not until just aroundch br 11:00 we're going to start to see this move in. it's going to move to the notice how it starts in all blue for the most part. that means we're starting off with snow. farther sou in southern maryland, starting off as rain and staying as r n throughou the bulk of your sunday and this entire eventeay. by 6:00 p.m. towards the evening, that's when we start to see thatch pink line closer and closer to washington, d.c. we're going to be seeing some rain mixing i with snow, some sleet as well, and that's going to be through the evening until this event wraps up and pulls out of here early monday morning. and then we're dry by probably y 4:00, 5:00 monmorning. by 9:00 a.m. we'll actually see some clearing and sunshine coming through. so let's talk totals. i mean, this could be a big -- this will be aig impact for areas north and west of rashington, d.c. this dar shade of purple here, we could be talking four to seven-plus inches anywhere in
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this region. you all are under the winter storm warning. o part montgomery county, woudoun, that's where we're looking at to four inches more likely. washington, d.c., like i said we're right on thatline. so this forecast could shift just a little bit farther to the south, and we do make it to one to two inches, but right now i'n to keep it at a coating to one inch. because it's going to be mixing han likely it's going to be very slushy tomorrow. preparation, don't panic. but what i do want you to know is that you're not going to want to go anywhere tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening north and west of washington dcht early tw morning run to ord.c. the store, grab a few things if you need to. you'll be able to useour roads by at least monday afternoon, speaking of which, let's talk road impas. sunday morning we're dry through the morning. in the afternoon snow will be northng most of the roads and west of washington, d.c. we'll be wet south ofc. washington, onday morning, headed to work, headed to
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school, we're actually probably just going to be wet in d.c., but there could be some delays north and west of washington,t d.c. because is going to be snowing through sunday night into monday morning in those areas. planning out your monday, by the numbers, temperatures will be in the 30s. it's going to be a cold day on top of all ofthis us. we do start out dry. what you need to know is after your weather alert sunday we art dry, just a breezy on monday. plenty of sunshine at the top of we've got a nice little arctic air blast that's going to come set up shop. temperatures in the 30s for most we'll week, and then track our next disturbance at the end of this upcoming week. up.all right, so bundle thank you, ma'am. it's not a sight any nationals fan wants to see, bryce harper donning the phillies uniform. we're going to head down to florida to hear from the $330 million man himself where $330 million man himself where he addressed how he feels about
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z35k8z z16fz 5k8y y16fy this is the xfinity sports desk. >> have you ever been in a really long relationship, break, up, start dating someone new, have a freudian slip, accidentally say your ex's name? that's what bryce harper did today as heut on a uniform other than the nationals. he was formally iroduced as member of the philadelphia phillies this afternoon after an entire off-season of speculation. the all star signed a record 13-year, $330 million deal with no opt so the 26-year-old will be 39 when the deal ends, but after seven seasons with the nats, harper still had d.c.n
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his mind even if he didn't realize it. >> we're goi to go in, we're going to try to do everything we can to win and play hardnd playwell, that's what it's all about. that's what i want to do. we want to bring a title back to d.c. i want to be on broad street on a fricken boat or whatever, thing, bus whatever it , and u know, have a trophy over my head and do that. that's what it's all about. >> that's right, bryce, you ing a title back to d.c. we're for that. gary williams and mark turgeon in baltimore to help the university of maryland celebrate 100 years of basketball. just one of many artifacts oven displace from the century of terps hoops. williams who was both a player and coach for the terps finally has a chance to step back and ok at the legacy of the school. >> 100 years, it's hard to believe until you step back and look a. when you're coaching you never get a chance to do anything like that. so i think about tomorrow, you know, the game on national
11:26 pm
television, millions of people watching the university maryland, seeing the maryland brand, and it's just a tremendous thing. hopefully we've been a very positive thing for the university. more college hoops, patrick ewing a georgetown playing thei final home game of the year takingn o seton hall. we're tied up. hoyas, with the steal, james, no, jh leblanc yes, hoyas take thlead. under 30 seconds remaining, the pirates, michael enzy with a od look, baby hook, ties the game. hoyas up byts 2, jared roden it to fall with 1.2 seconds left, and we're going to double ovtime, and then it was hoy destroya time. georgetown outlasts seton hall 77-71. >> what a great game.
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and the maryland women wrapped up their regular season with a1-62 win over illinois. terps will be the top seed in the big 10 tournament, whichn starts friday. fantastic season for them. >> congrats to them. thank you so very much. that about does it for us. thank you for joining us. we've got a new "saturday night live" coming up next with john mulanla y. have a great one, everybody, and we'll see you back here tomorrow. i've talked on this phone through the happiest times of my life, and through the saddest times of my life. but i never dreamed in a thousand years that it would save my life. boom! i feller2 feet, completely sha my pelvis,
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said >> you're watching c-span. sorry, i read that wrong. you're watching c-span? we now tune into congressional oversight committee hearing where president trump's
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personal lawyer, michael cohen is about tgive sworn testimony. [ gavel ] >> all rise. all rise. [ cheers and applause ] i would like to get this hearing under way. i want this to stay professional. ay? if you hear something outrageous, please do not "ooh" and "awe." this is not "married with children." also, i'm told tast i should this, because it's all anyone cares about ng up, a performance by alexandria ocasio-cortez. [ laughter and applause ] all right. now, for any other president, this hearing would be the most damning and humiliating moment of their lives, but for trump it's just wednesday. so, please welcome our witness, mr. michael cohen. [ cheers and applause ] thank you for joining us today, mr. cohen. >> sorry, who said that? [ laughter ]e. >> i'm right h i'm right here in front of you. >> oh, hey. there you are. ri


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