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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 3, 2019 6:00am-8:00am EST

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give you a live look outside on this sunday morning. we're storm team 4 weather alert around here. around here. dry right you still stressed about buying our first house, sweetie?
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yeah, ib i thought doing some hhi grilling would help take
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my mind off it all. maybe you could relieve some stress by calling geico for help with our homeowners insurance. geico helps with homeowners insurance? they sure do. and they could save us a bundle of money too. i'm calling geico right now. cell phone? it's ringing. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and condo insurance. well, know is on the way, and for some of us especially to the north some of us could be under a lot of snow by this time tomorrow so a tricky forecast. like the 's nothing very heavy snow that fell in wisconsin over the last week. we need to bring lauryn in on this one. got to see this, okay. he walls of thiscottage, check that out. >> oh, my gosh. y>> there t are. they collapse under all that wet snow. exact did they know the moment it was going to fall?
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maybe it was going tofall. >> like how they had the video going? >> good news nobody was inside. that fell on top of it each. > it's heavy. >> it alldepend on what kind of snow you out. >> yet the white and heavy snow. >> yeah. we've seen that before. i mean, with buildings, and when we've had the blizzards, the schubaker that happens around the area. wisconsin has gotten blasted with snow and each out west. we haven't obviously seen that tekind of w around here, but we're going to get a little taste of winter today sot's t quite done with us yet. dry through the early morning hours so if you need things to do. if you're headed to church that's fine. when you step out of church, that could be an issue depending on your location. i'm going to show you. rain, snow, sleet falling this afternoon. it's moving in from abo 9:00 in southwestern virginia and then pushing to the north and
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east from there and then it's going to beoving out overnight, and we'll slick road continues today and slick road conditions tomorrow morning. it looks like it's snowing. a lot othis will hit the ground. it will hit ground as we continue through this morning. a lot of is moisture wi stream right into our area as we continue through the day. nter storm warnings in pink and winter weather advisories in purple. obviously the warnings are a little more seri these are areas that could have a little bit more in terms of cc snowulation. i'll show you that snow map in a minute. let mow show you temperatures. they will need to come down if they are going to get anything. they need to come down heading through the morning most of the day spent inthe 30s. we'll have snow throughout the morning so let me show you what's going on right here h.6:00 a.m. it's moving in from the south and west. here we go 7:30. still looking good in the d.c. area, and then as we continue, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, it really starts boogeying getting north and eve.
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likelytarting off. some rain and snow mix to the south and east, but it's going eto be all snow to orth and west, and watch this line. again, that warm air pling tug-of-war as we go through the afternoon, so we'll get some snow here in d. and th we'll get some rain, some sleet, some snow. if you're in a line from harrisonburg up to warrenton and dulles and baltimore and poirts and west, all snow for you. this will continue into the fternoon, into the overnight and then is slips right out of here as we go through monday morning let's talk snow totals real quick. hasn't changed us at all. four to seven. maybe we could see six or seven here in central maryland. two to four nth and we and a coating to just an inch in d.c. and rn to the south and eve. probably will have problems on the roadwayat on this afternoon. >> meantime, "reporters notebook"s up next. >> back in 15 minutes with more of the morning's top stors. good morning. i'm pat lawson muse.
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a maryland dell interrogates facingrowing calor her resignation after use the "n" word to refer to african-americans in princeun george's y. the comment was made at a bar in annapolis i january by maryann lasante. not only did she use theord she's sure everyone has. she's apologized but apparently that's not enough. > since her apology there's been more peoplo have been calling for her to step down. in prince george's couni exec angela brooks talked about this, the idea that a delegate would say som like doesn't everybody speak this way? am the only person who has used thi folks have used terms like tone deaf to referia to her ini response to all of this, but now she's using words like i wt to be forgiven, and i apologize. this is a difficult time for me and is saying she has the support of some of the folks ir district. but, yeah, everybody from the naacp to theth black caucus t democratic party and republican party to the governor to some of
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our national leaders are also saying that sheneeds to go ahead and step down. >> so you've got blackface and r ku klux klan fan photos in the state ofirnia, and now you have this among leadership in anal list. is there any indicationt all she might be considering resigning? >> she's not said that. >> what she's been saying is she wants to work through all of this. she has to go for bias training to get the opportunity to lrn re about how to deal with other people in the -- in the house and her district. you know, but the democratic party said just based on legislation, based on the way that she has doneher work during her first term, she's now in her second saying it's clear to them that this is a woman who has an issue dealing with minorities, period, and they want to see her out o trty. >> minorities in her district. >> yes, she does. >> 13% in hartfordounty so some of those folks are there is her district or 13% african-americans in hartford
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county, anyway. prince george's county, of course, is the predominant african-american county, the most affluent afrcan-american county in the country, so folksp there are notn about what was said, and the county executive has said i invite her to come and learn more about prince george's countuse she's not what we called us. >> it's unfortunate to continue to have totalk about stories like this. moving to fairfax county. the police nge mak their way through an investigation involved nude photosf high school students shared on snapchat. the group sexting was exposed after one of the group members last month. core, do we know why the student went to dolice? >> wot. it was not spelled out in any of the search warrant documents. february 15tu ant at robinson high school approachas student resource officer and tells them i'm in a snapchat group and one of the people in the group is posting nude photos of underaged girls but also
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asking for nude photo, of underage girls from a number of high schools in fairfax.t the invation has been going on for two weeks. we know they are lockg at a dozen different snapchat accounts, but when i spoke to police they were pretty adamant they believe there could be more potential victims oe. th parents are obviously very concerned and here we go again with irresponsible scial media behavior. >> do we know how big the group was and how man people got t photos or how the group got the photos? >> we know as of right now, there are at least four suspects that police are looking at, so h have yo large group of students. one. accounts wasosting the photos, and police have identified the student who owns that account, but they have also identified three other students who had access to it. they were able to logn the account and potentially obviously post photos themselves, so we joey there are at least four students that officers are looking at, but, agndn, they are going aroo
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other high schools in fairfax to find out, a, are there more victims. we know of at least one more victim and also if there were other suspects, other potentiala studentsng these photos who were a part of that. group they have a dozen different snapchat accounts they are looking at but right now four ol sc >> how many totalle? >> five. >> it originated at robinson high scho and four different was ls that the student asking for photo of female students from that car. >> we'll fool up an unattended car becomes a mother's nightmare when unattended car was stolen with a baby inside. >> that's a pretty quiet neighborhood in that area. they heard this blaring mike, look out window and see some
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guys taking the baby in the back of the car and leaving her on the cornerin front of the funeral home. 1-year-old girl,edand they ca police. of course, meanwhile, police are trying to vehicle find out who carjacked this car with the 1-year-old inside of id. the mothero to a gas station there about half a mile away from where the baby was found, and went into store and fortunately left car running and left kys in theig anything, according to a worker there at the gas station so two guys drove in and jumped off quickly. she wasn't in there but for a few secds before the car was gone. the 1-year-old is okay and the mom is okay. police are looking for the suspects. >> still looking for that vehicle. py another story involving a mother had no hap ending. we now know the woman at the wheel during a deadly crash last month on route 301 in bowie w heavily intox kated. five children ant man in the car died. police now say that mother of two of the children had a blood-alcohol level three times the legal limit.
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it was .24 which is horribly unbelievable. >> yeah. and we have heard this from storeses. this has not been confirmed by maryland state police. they are the ones hitting the investigation, but multiple sources with direct knowledge of this investigation have told wo t levels. they have said three times and i've heard two and a lf times depending on which blood-alcohol level you're look at. regardless drunk, intoxicated while behind the wheel. heartbreaking story because this woman, -year-old dominique taylor lost her two doubters in this accident, and she lost three of their cousins in this accident and h friend, the male passenger, who was taken off ofpo life s and died two weeks after the accident. unbelievably tragic. none of the children were belted in or secured, and -- and then this happens. >> and we don't know if there will be charges. >> well, t a process that the state's attorney office has to go through. they are waiting for the maryland state flies finish their report but she cou be looking at six charges of vehicular mott, and there's a
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process to get there, and the first part is to finish everything that they are doing in their ingation. >> we have to take a break. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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michael ñicohen's testimony his past week wasçó must-see t, especially here in washington. his tim in front of the house ht oversiommittee packed local bars and restaurants very early on wednesday morning. cory, youere out there.q% @r(t&h you saw it. what else could drive peoplexd the9$p locali wat holes at 10:00 in the morning? >> onlyñi 10:00, oth%# than a sports event. u that early, and i'm thinking we games are in the morning so the bars are ñiopen.ñi soccer in england because of the time difference and people go in g and drink.xd
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political involvement around the district andok the barsxd were pretty crowded. people enjoying breakfast and beers. i talked to one womanñi who sai nngressional hearinger life and grew up in atlanta city &háhp &hc% tes name michael cohen sos7 sh decided to take a day off of watch it. it was really xdz%tá-see3w ñit drama and a lot of laugh,ñi som he end that's what -- people that i skoke to said that kept themxd i engaged. >>ñi dethem to believe him? >> especially if heñrxd lied an lied he'll get more jail time. w whuld youko increase the amount of jail time you're looking.+i+ r(t&háhp &hc% >> some of the things he said have been backed up not only via the court document but just by journalists reportin'iyjft(xdi]r
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you can tell you that he owned m that hearing f beginning to end. >> how odd was that moment? >> an odd moment. >> the ents. >> and lots of questions. there are also new questions about graduation rates in prince george's county. the rate fell by mour than f points for the class of 201. it's the largest single year decline in maryland schools, and it's thought to be another sign of the fallout from thedu graation scandal uncovered in 2017 under the former school's ceo. many people were surprised by them, but some say the numbers confirmed what they already believed. >> the prince george's county school system is saying this is aood thing because now they know what they need to work, they have changed so much. you know, the idea -- we called re the graduation scandal, but it was so much m complicated than that, because if you talk to the officials inside the ooprince george's county s system their point was there are some kids in the school systemw do not have an ability to
6:28 am
earn a trace did dege and graduate so we have to figure out how they are going to get these kidur through school system and what that looked like in a school system was passion kids who didn't p deserve toss with large absences and failing tests and, you know, low scores, and so now what the prince george's county school system is saying that they are goingdo and have done is clean all of this up. theem state is calling t the st transparent school system and i spoke to a school board member who really championed and prout as the light what going on with the graduation rate scandal, and his perfect sieve we want our degrees to meaning something so if we have lost some points and we're not graduating 80% of our students anymore let's take a look at this and figure out how t make the numbers better. in a true way that starts from e-kindergarten and worts way up so a lot of conversations about the disparities and what' happenth some of our urban school districts. >> and one of the investigat ans
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doner the graduation issue camer up. orts showed improvement but work on the absentee. >> they are tryingo change the policy to deal with the large numbers of an senteeism and that's what the school district should do. there's a lot of work to be transparent and deal with the probndms they had before it's also important, and state officials have said this hand needs to be said, that prince w george's count not the only school system doing these things. the distri of columbia passed some laws to deal with some of the same issues they had in their own school district and other districts have madege chafter that light was shown on prince george's county. other systems said we probably need to change the y that we've been doing things to get kids through and into graduation to get the degree and come upt more transparent ways to do it, too. >> we want to close this morning with aus g heartfelt memorial service for a giant in the african-american church and e of prince george's county's
6:30 am
most prominent pastors. reverend dr. johncher he, founder and former episcopal pastor from the party ministries passed awa after suffering complications from a medical procedure. hundreds gathered frod aro the country at world in their church in suitland. known around the country and the world for his plainn spoki teaching of the bible. cherry oversaw from the heart hurches and led one of the county's first mega churches. he was loved and respeaker-elected bid legions of thefu fai he will be missed by them all, but he leaves a legacy of strong faith, integrity and excellence in ministry. reverend dr. john a. cherry was 79. that's "reporters notebook." i'm pat lawson muse. thanks for being wit us. "news 4 today" continues.
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6:30 on this sunday morning thank you so much for being here with us. i'm adam tuss. look who is here. >> i'm dav culver. >> david culver in for meagan fitzgerald this mning, and eren you are here, there's a lot of wea activity happening. >> is that always the case? >> aast lte it is this morning. lauryn ricketts, i never knew that. i didn't know my presence hereio was a correlwith bad weather. >> according to adam tuss it is. >> let's g to the weather. >> you match, by the way, your graphics. >> i always mrtch myhics when it's weather alert. i'm wearing too much pink today. think i need more red but you get the idea because we're weather alert and you're here, david, and we've go snow obviously. >> it all tiestogether. >> full circle. see what we did there. we've got snow, sleet and raind hear way spreading south and west and moving north and east as weea hd through the
6:32 am
afternoon. again, we are going to have snow across the region especially north and west in d.c. mainly these areas in pink. that's going to be all snow.h a snow event for you guys, and then areas to the south. you can see in the purple that's a winter weather advisory. d.c. is not in that winter weather advisryndo nor i fairfax county and fauquier county and prince william heunty. we're looking at biggest impacts north and west and you know how it goes. we're looking at snow, sleet and rain and to the southeast it's going to be it a rain event. if you're pulling out your apps it may show that it's snowing on the radar, utt of this is not hitting the ground. it will start to overcome some dry air and fall through the ground heading through the afternoon.or mid-ng, anywhere from 9:00 to the afternoon. we'll talk timing coming up. 'll talk totals and school cancellations. that's coming up in a little bit. >> lots to talk about, lauryn ricketts. we want to get to thne breaking out of fairfax county. police there investigating the
6:33 am
deaths of three people. ernight police tweeting the picture of the scene in the 8600 block. this is kromwall drive in springfield. police have not released any details. there's no threats to public safety. we'll bring you the latest n informat it becomes available. >> wtet toll but a neighborhood dispute in southest d.c. that turned deadly. the man shot and killed was a prominentis pni philosopher. >> friend and family are overcome with grieve. news4's derrick ward spoke with the victim's life. >> theirs was a love of en. >> i would much rather pass away buff, and he would say i couldn't bear that so i think i'm going to go before you. >> reporter: the couple's relationship was much deeper tha conversations aboutheir t passing. >> we shared everything. >> the third floor condominium they shared on wade road in southeast was their oasis of books and friends and a community that welcomed with them. it was close to her job in d.c.
6:34 am
>> and so i selected anacostia. >> reporter: hawaid wasjawaid w proossor. >> of his students back home in pack stance, you know, they are activists and teach s so he produced people. >> reporter: friday morning steps from his home jawaid egunned down and pol arrested a 45-year-old neighborhood, jordan gilhan, anded him with murderer. >> we have a neighborhood dispute. somebody decides to introduce a firearm into that dispute and now we have a family who has lost somebody. >> reporter: what happened on this street in southeastas reverberations thousand of miles away as friends and family surround her here,he's hearing non-stop from home. the couple talked about returning up pakistan a of weeks to reconnect with friend and family there.
6:35 am
>> we were planning r trip when this happened yesterday. te>> repr: now they will make that trip together, just not under the circumstances they had wanted. in southeast, derrick ward, news 4. >> a agic story developing out of new orleans. a deadly crash just days before the city is getting red for mardi gras. people say at least two are dead and several are hurt after a car plowed into a groupp ofestrians last night. witnesses had to step in to stop the driver from fleeing the scene here. five people were taken to the hospital, many in critical conditiivn can. the dr is now being tested to see whether alcohol played a factor in that crash. we'll stay on top of that and post any developments in the nbc washington app. this morgng we're hear from the mother of an unarmed black man shot and killed by sacramento police. stevan clark was shot k andlled by officers. the officers are said to have
6:36 am
not committed a crime. the officers said they thought the man had a gun but me was un it ws the investigation found that the officers used lawful or . >> there ice no question that a mabehuing dyed died, but when we look at the facts and the law and we follow our ethical respo ibilities the teens tha question is no. >> what matters is how thoses officame with lethal force around a corner on a vandalsm call after my son and guns him down when he had nothing but a cell phone in his hand. >> the d.a. does not review whether the officers hadny civil liability in this case. the clark family, meantime, has filed ang wrol death lawsuit against the oversnd a the city of sacramento. back here at home we're a hearing fromcal mother sharing a heartbreaking story of loss. her baby boy died days after leaving him at a babysitter's home. paxton davis was 1-year-old ando
6:37 am
hits er dropped him off at a home in suitland. the babysitter later ft the toddler with her 11-year-old daughter and the babysitr violently assaulted paxton and his injuries included a cracked skull. news 4's corey smith sat down with paxton's mom on friday and lked standing vigil at a bedside for four agonizing days before making the hardest decision. >> god gave him to me to borrow and it wo selfish for me o leave you on life support just because i want you to stay with me, so babe, go ahead. go ahead and fly away. mommy goingo okay. >> can't even imagine. the 11-year-old is in custody meantime in a juvenile detention center. she is charged with first-degree child abuse. 6:37 is your te now on this sunday morning. turning to sports where the baltimore ravens havereleased one of their players hours after he w arrested on gun and drug
6:38 am
charges. baltimore county police say running back alex collins was sleeping inside a carafter it had crashed into a treeon friday. officers later searched the car. they say they found marijuana and a handgun insidell ns was released from jail just hours after the ravens decidedto cut him. the 24-year-old running back had been with baltimore for the laso two s. going to want to slow down on thewb parkway or find another way to get aron. crews are patching up major potholes there. park police lower the speed limit to 40 miles per hour between route 197nd route 32 on the bw parkway. the parkway is so rough in spots that police want you to pump your brakes us a drive through the worst area. drivers say there is a huge pothole problem and theyit want fixed. >> i don't think that's a solution. i think they just need to fix roads. they need to fix it quicker. the would rather them lower speed limit than damage my car at this point, but i would prefer they fix the potholes. >> i'll see. the national park service ha
6:39 am
used 60 tons of asphalt to patch the potholes. the bw parkway is expected to be repaved in the fall. you can still get your preak on. women lick co- >> you'll understand it. >> preakness. ug pimlico race cars in baltimore th at least 2020. the track's owner wants to most ace toss a super track in laurel. however, a state law says the preakness can only be moved from pimlico if there is a disaster or emergency. a studyr done last y said that pimlico would need to be torn own and rebuilt to continue hosting the preakness, a project that could cost more than $400 million. pimlico track owners said a project that big would simply not be worth it. o >> word isre the king of getting your preak on. >> very true. i'm not sure what that means, but i'll go with it. >> timeow right 6:39 and good morning to all of the dmv. it's a picturesque scene at the
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an explosive day long hearingto on cahill is looking at how we are looking as pf the special counsel russia investigation. >> here with us now is moderator the press" chuck it's the bro show up here. listen, that was interesting, right, and the thi took away from most of that, aside from all of the accusations and whats not,hat the republicans immediately just took his credib didn't you think that that's the way -- >> well, look, i think what you saw is -- it was easier to attack him rather than trying to uct that y of the co happened there, and it's a lot easier to attack his credibility than try to fend well, why did the president hire him in the first place, right? that's always bee the uncomfortable part two of that
6:44 am
defense. i took awayme- i away realizing that the new york investigation, rather than mueller, is going haunt trump family for years. like that you could tell. they are inside and i think one of the biographers of trump said the trump organization has never had a productology exam so to speak from the legal community. they are about to get one. but i any of it mittically lethal? you can see where the trump organization is probably going to never be the same as we know it, but, again, is it politically lethal to the president? i think until we see mueller. democrats have a bar that says russia conspiracy is impeachable. l of these other crimes, don't know, and that's the question. are you really not going to level impeachment charges if they are just guarden variety financial crimes? >> the line of questioning was real interesting to me because you had some who treat it had ti like pol theater and some
6:45 am
who genuinely seemed to do research and lined up for bigger follow-ups s to spe and -- >> yeah. it was one of those where had you -- you hve to realize 10% of the entire house of representatives questioned miael cohen. there are 42 members on that house oversight coitting and 432 members of congress, 10%. i would say 10% of the 10% did a pretty good job. >> right. >> of being prepared. i think that was one of those moments where you realize they wout sort of all agreed, okay, you five and you five one side goat ask because you seem to actually know how to as questions, and that was my frustration watching the hearing. you would see some momenm and then the next person, fine it was the next, you know, person from the same party wouldn't other to follow up. no, no, no, no, this is my time. more worried about the fact that they were finally on. camer >> the president was in vietnam this past week. that happened as well. did you see that a failed
6:46 am
meet, or do you think there was some progress even though there? wasn't a de >> i think there was some concern that the president would be too eager to cut aeal and the fact is that's what kim johnun decided to test that premise and he decided to see let me see if i can getuc a better greel him th-- better de. it's important that the president was eager to do he pushed it too much and the president walked away. you look at history of nuclear deals. you've got to have a moment like this. i think it's too soon to judge the president on this. i think he went into this extraordinarily unprepared which is why i think it's a good thing he ended up walking away. >> or perhaps a bit distrachad by was going on. >> that was always a concern and is ing away in this moment the safest thing to do done. >> i have a little personal bone pick with you because you went on twitter to trash my -- my -- my bamball t >> where do you live? >> where do you work.
6:47 am
>> i live in virginia. i grew up in philadelphia. >> you're going to -- which market are you working in? >> he's asking you a question. >> what market do you work in? >> i work inwashington, d.c. >> you want to see the washington, d.c. fans unhappy? you want to see people in washington, d.c. >> problem a lot of nationals fans who are happy tobr see e harper go, don't you? i. >> i look at this. with the filly faphilly fanatic >> he said the best way to bring a t back to d.c. is by him going to philly. >> we'll find out. >> ihink they play the second time of the. >> april 3rd. >> you have good seat so i want to sit with you. >> all right. thank you, chuck.
6:48 am
>> chuck's a little fired up. he took to >twitter. you're fired up over it, too? where do you work? >> i'm allowed to have an allegiance to where i grew up. >> you're a packers fan. >> i understand tha but come on, man. >> big show coming up. "meet the pss," that other show, is sunday at 10:30 right after "news 4 today." >> the see it, makes the rivalry fun, buddy. see y in a little bit. >> legislate noors in maryland looking into theays to get absentee ballots. >> right now any maryland voter can use the internet to request an absent ballot. it's designed to make voting more accessible britics say it makes the system more a rget for abuse when people use it . >> t i-team's jodie fleischer >> reporter: from a cyber security law expert.
6:49 am
>> the current process sin secure and ripe for fraud. >> to a group of maryland save our votes. >> we' trying to discourage the use of ballots delivered on line both for their security and alivacy vulnerabilities. >> reporter: severembers of the public told legislators in the wake of russian election meddling maryland should tighten it absentee ballot process which currently allows all voters to receive an absentee ballot through the internet. bad actors would easily obtain voters personal registration and request tm to a fake e-mail address and target unregistered voters and register andoc ate and link the absentee ballots to a fake link indicating that they already voted. 47ther states can only limit
6:50 am
ballots to things who absolutely can't get one. >> something we need to change. >> reporter: other voters would still be able to use an be aientee ballot. they would just need to get it in person ory mail. we did a flort 20in 2018 to see what we can do protect our elections and more. >> reporter: the i-team was told the online system has safeguards in place to protect againstble vublgts but acknowledged to voters that the state cannotg rantee secrecy nor can it protect against all risks when using the internet. >> now, no one spoke against the bil, but that was also case with similar legislation last year, and that bill never made it to a vote. delegate washington says he's confident has more support this. y >> lauryn ricketts on what's a storm team 4 weather alert day. >> yes. >> the question haeen where this line is going to fall. >> that's exactly right. >> it's ernd of sat the
6:51 am
d.c. area. walk us through this. >> that's going to be moving back and forth and fluctuating around the d.c. area. i'll show everybody what we're talking about, but what we're talking about now dry conditions so as you make your way to church services, get some coffee and walk the dog, you're fine right now, but it's when you leave later on in a couple of hours that's when you can run into issues. i think the main roads will art off wet, further north and west that's where, again, you'll have the most pact, but we're dry through the early morning hours but the rain and snow witl attle bit of sleet mixed in puving in from the south and west anding north and east. can be heavy at times, and i think theil heaviestfall through the late afternoon and into the evening. it's moving out overnight, but roads could be inad shape tonight and tomorrow morning winter storm warning in pink. that's wherehe we'll havemost impact. winter weather advisory in purple. you can see the d.c. metro area and fairfax county not in the that. snow, sleet and rain with
6:52 am
snow-cover roads north and west. this will start pushing in here and start actually reaching the rface as we head through the morning and really through the i morning and into the afternoon. temperatures have got to come down a little bit before we start to get some snow right here. look at this, 40s. this could start off at some rain and change back to snow, especially in d.c. from here all the way up to the north and west and back towards western maryland, that'soing to be an all snow type of situation for you guys. temperatures will start to drop as we head through the mid-morning and most of ts.a. 6:30 not looking too bad, but by 8:30 i d believe it's going to start falling on the ground through the shenandoah vallee it spreads north and east from there. again, could smart as a little bit of snow with rain mixed. in all rain mixed in to the south and east, and this lane is going to be moving back and rm. north and west of d.c., all snow. here we go with d.w re in the middle.
6:53 am
we get the rain, the snow and ileet and at times just the sleet and this all push out of here through tomorrow morning dry.hen we're become sunny and blustery. let's talk totals. 4 to 7 inches north and west and i kally th the sweet spot will be through central maryland, a coating to about an inch heree d.c. area. i said we'll talk about cancellations so you can e, i believe these counties will be cancelled for tomorrow. delays just outside. the metro area northfá
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
welcome back. several aregettingwindled byxd scammers who are taking advantage of those confused by the new tax laats. >> right.xd nbc's kristen dahlgren takes a scams out there this tax season and what you can do to protect yourself.q i"áju year the irs says the schemes are morei]
6:57 am
sophisticated than ever. > the3 scams share one thing in common, and that is they arer people into losing their money. scammers filing azv fraudulentu poetsg as the irs to reclaim. it or use malware to track key gaining access to sensitive files. kyle dewer got a voice mail. >> wthey said theye the irs address. >> the caller knew his name and wherek he lives a even piói driver's license info. so hñ( mid a $400 debit card payment. >> prettyfá intimidating as fars information that they had. gift cards. >> any government entity like the irs will not acceptq in the form of gift cards, period. >> other things the irs won't. do they generally don'tñi call
6:58 am
e-mail. you'll usually get a left and they won't ask for at( credit cd numb/rsñ7uju the phone or e-mai. immediately have youq arrested ndand they won't de money without getting you a chance to question or appeato bo fáline. if it sound suspicious it $ájt((sv is. krhlten den, nbci] news, new york. >> 6:58 is your timec now.t( áu day around here. >> we have much re ahead on news 4 today includingxd anour nat midas, with every oil change you get a free tire rotation. makes you feel like a king! king for a day! well, maybe not the whole day. our 19.99 or 49.99 oil change includes a tire rotation.
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7:01 am
and heading into the 7:00 hour here's what we're following for you on news 4 today. weather alert and a winter storm on the d.c. region. storm team 4 is track being the system that could serious limb pact start of the workweek. >> an argument outside of a d.c. apartment building is taking a tragic turn leaving ahisophy professor dead. >> and president trump delivers his longest speech to a rcrucou d at national harbor just days after returning from a failed north korea summit. got a lot going on on another busy sunday morning an i want to welcome you in here. thanks for being with us. >> i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm david sulier. meagan fitzgerald has the morning off. the weather will get pretty rough around here. ow >> no s on the ground just
7:02 am
yet but scene could look a lot different by this me tomorrow this is our front yard in northwest d.c. just a few miles that could be the difference between snow, several inches of sn, just a dusting. there's really only one person that can give us all the details. >> lauryn ricketts knows what's going on. >> she should know. >> well, we hope you know, lauryn. tell us what you do know. >> i've got one job here. >> you've got one nejob. >>ob i have. listen, rain, snow, a little bit of sleet all mixing in and moving from thend south west and pushing to the north and east. liste we could have significant snow north and west of d.c. mainly through the d.c. area we're talking about wet roads and south and east it's going to be a rain event. i did just check out some the observations, and we're already starting to see this hit the ground in some places, so the time line may need to move up about an hout and that's a it. this is all going to push to the north and east. and a lot of this is overdone.
7:03 am
a lot of this isn't hitting the ground. there's only a few places where it's genging g and that's devly towardsrr onburg and the charlottesville area. most of luce stay dry through about 9:00, but that snow is spreading from the south and west, and then through the middle part of the day everybody will start to see that snow andg rain movnto the region. snow, sleet and rain all the way the afternoon and through the overnight but we're talking about slick roads out there. the heaviest is going to fall late this afternoo into the evening. we'll talk about zone by zone who will see snow, who will seed rain ahat to expect in your county. that's coming up right after this. >> all rig, lauren, we'll check in with you then. >> tomorrow morng you can see the gang there. starting at 4:00 chuck bell will have the latest on the forecast. melissa mollet will track the traffic and the all the latest on the school delays.
7:04 am
>> so you're saying we're covered. >> we've got it the. want to cch you up on breaking news out of fairfax county. police are investigating the deaths of three people overnight. police tweeted a cture of the scene. this is the 8600 block of cromwell drive in springfield. police have not released any specific details about this event. ey do say there's no threat to the public safety. more working to bring yo information as soon as it becomes available. meantime this morning famly and friends are morning the life of a pakistani philosopher shot and killed in southeast d.c. >> and here's whate' learned about jawaid bhutto who came to d.c. for b ater life along with his wife. he just stepped outside on wade roadin southeast when police say their neighbor hillman jordan shot him. poli arrested jordan charging him with first-degree murder. bhutto's w e spoke about th love that they had for one another. >> i would say to him that, you know, i would much rather passor away b you, and he would say, no, i couldn't bear that, so i think i'm going to go
7:05 am
before you. >> bhutto stopped teaing after arriving in the u.s. more than a decade ago. the couple met in pakistan wherh was a journalist and bhuttour was moning his sister who had just been killed there. well, we now kn details about a deadly shooting on the suitland parkway. u.s. park police identified the man killed as robert reman from suitland. he and a woman passenger were ot in a car on the parkway near silver hill road on friday. the woman didurve. park police don't know if the shots came from another characters but investigators say this is an isolated incident. >> get to you this tragic story. this is developing out of new orleans. a deadly crash just days before the city there prepares for mardi gras. lice say at least two people are dead. several are injured after a car plowed into a groupof pedestrians last night. witnesses had to step in to stop the driver from taking off from the scene. ve people were rushed to the hospital and many are in owitical condition at this hour. the driver is n being tested to see whether alhol played a
7:06 am
role in this crash. we're going to stay on top of ouis. we'll update through our nbc washington app. meanwhile, out in california we're following a developing story from sacranto. e district attorney there says she will not file charges against two officers who shot and killed an unarmed black man last year. the deadly shooting spartsd prot across the country. the officers said that they lieved stevan clark had a go up and was in a shooting stance before they fired. only a cell pasone though found on clark, and his family neild a wrongful death lawsuith agains officers and the city of sacramento. d.c. police looking for four bold bants wh stole an atm from inside a 7-eleven store in the district. the whole thing was caught on camera. we've got the video. the guys backing their track up to the store and then rammed it in through the glass door right there. they run inside and snatch the atm and load it on to the truck then they take off. we've got to show you the damage left behind, quite a bit of it. the store on michigan avenue in
7:07 am
northeast washington. the heist happened saturday morning. turning our attention toic polnow, president trump rallied his conservative base and told him that he'll win re-election in 2020 by a bigger margin than his 2016 victory. the president was speaking at the conservative political action conference in national harbor. in a two-ho speech the president rehand his 2016 presidential election win and b edlkedt being an outsider. he blast democrats as he laid out his vision for his 2020 n re-electcampaign. >> so i think we're going do even better in 2020. i think we're going numbers than people h seen for a long time. with your help, we are reversing decades of blunders and betrails. >> one topic that the presidentt could resist was the media. he claims that most of the coverage that he's received since entering office has been negative. >> these people are sick, and i'm telling you.
7:08 am
they know the they know the game, and they play it dirty, dirtier than anybody has ever played the game. >> the president also took a swipe at theee gr new deal saying that it would end the use of planes and electricity. that plan does call for a drasticdrop in fossil fuels but it does not ground any airplanes or rely on on renewable energy. >> more on that wild speech from the president coming up a little bit later on "meet the press." chuck and the panel are going to have a lot to cover today from all the development in this week's hearing with michael en coo the north korea summit. "meet the press" starts at 10:30 right here on nbc 4. well, happening today. virginia's embattled attorney eneral will make his first public appearance since admittingo wearing blackface in college. mark herring will be att ading it interfaith gathering that will include the naacp, the oudon freedom center and elected officials. they plan to discuss issues
7:09 am
regarding racial reco liliation. >>ht from your phone, it maybe damaging your skin,ed a ma'am. >> what? >> yeah. next on news 4, doreenenler explaining how this is happening and what you can do to stop it. >> at? wh are peoplen't talking about how much money they saved buying giant-brand chicken. they're not talking, because they're eating. oh, hello. at giant, it's the little things that make mealtime easy, so you have more time with the people you love.
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7:11 am
if you're still little groggy this sunday morning, you okay? >> yeah, i'm fine. >> it could be your phone or table >> no way. >> yeah. >> blue light emitting from your digital devices. >> yeah. >> may not only be keeping you from getting a good night sleep, it may also be damaging your isin. >> thatory for doreen against thrower look into. report. s thus >> the average american is actually using a screen for ten hours a day. >> reporter: it's the light you see but probably never think about. whether you're sitting in front
7:12 am
of a computercreen for hours at work or controlling through instagram on your smartphone or watching movie on your flat screen tv. blue light isry evere, and new research suggests it could be bad for your skin. >> our traditional sunscreens have u, uvb full spectrum protection, but a lot of them ro don't ptect against blue lir:t. >> reporong-term exposure to blue light can speed up the signs of aging causing problems with pigment air, inflammation, collagen and redness, but there are ways you can protect yourself. cskin carempanies like color science were starting to include blue light potection in their products. >> they also have some other things out there that help protect against blue light and that's the shields that you can put on your phones and on your screens. >> reporter: most smartphones also inve a sethat can turn off blue light which is better for your eyes and yo
7:13 am
skin. the bottom line is this. >> minimizing the amount of time at you'reposed to the tablet would bef heul or your esphone. i tfunk it's he for your skin but also probably good for your mind as well. >> reporteaside from sunlight, digit as screens are the most commlu source of light. there are also special glasses to block out the blue lig and protect your eyes, but it's not all negative. blue light also plays a key role in regul te ourbold's sir canad inns stadium rhythm and helps improve your memory and mood and reaction times. back to you. >> you get that weekly report. 's going up and up. >> even worse when we have a report. >> i think we've got to cut down a little bit. disturbing there. >> a little bit. >> time right now is 7:13. if you don't like snow, you
7:14 am
might be a little disturbed this morning because we have eme rain-snow line, that's the key factor here. lauryn ricketts will break it after montwearing only a tiger costume, we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia.
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welcomet(ñi back. a law enforcement officer inr fighting more than crimes since he's opinionq there, he's also been breaking racial barriers. >> he's inspired another officeq
7:17 am
o go on and break racial and gender barriers herself. news çó4's mark segraves. >> glendale hill has beeni]e1lpk sheriff for prince william county for 15 years but a cop for a lotçó long thaern therjf >> in in a 50 ahim h'sñi broke t)p& bal2%ers infá açó starting asjffáfá the first job police officer on theq manassas city police department. was 1969.çó hill recalls it wasn't easy forl açóck man to find ai] place to live in the city. >> nhapartment that i was game here, i only could live in atcouple of places in manassas. >> 35 years hill would achieve two more firsts. >>zv i am the first blackñr sh in prince william countyheñi and first black to benb elected to countywi! position. > captainq tina laguna credits hill for opening the door for
7:18 am
her generation of a can america ofisicers. lagunhe first assistant chief of the manassas police department, the first african-american woman to rise to the secondñr h hest position in the department where hill started 50 years ago. qhe things he did and knowi break and the path that he had to goc through and then some years later then i come through and i'm there at the same police department. áh @ tt&háhp &hc% caret one of the bestym ways m was by being the best police officer he could be. >> when you help beam they will never forget you. they don't caren7 color or come from. >> in prince william cventy, mark g news 4. >> good forw3 hum. a lot of law enforcement out there will have to deal with th( slick conditions asxd well. going to be rough. >> listen. i don't think every is going to be as bad as-jiñi andçót( west
7:19 am
area. we're talking about frederickñr county, maryland and frederick west from this. >> the dreaded rain-snow line. >> around theñr d.c. area as it ends up aroundñi d.c. and fluctuatesxd back and forth.r that's what we're going t see throughout the afternoon. it's march. wuát soar it's toñr accumulate snow in march, but we've seen to have done it every marchfá in the la ten yñiw3ars. we'vee1 gotten some sortjf of s. thank you, w3david. are you fixing -- my hair was a hot mess. nobody would ever have known that you m my hair. my fly-awaysok that are always crazy. thank you, davi&d appreciateñi that. we're ready to go. likely io and i do believe there's going to be some cancellations north and west of d.c. looks like the kids will have school all he way throue summer. another question iómb going to get. there will be some teleworkor the government. thei]ñi reason is because loudo
7:20 am
county, montgomery county where a lot of peo eñiq come from, thosefá areas are likely going monday morning, no. monday andjf breezy through the day and that will help dry out éhv roads.ñrc ing home tomorrow yf a-okay. current temperatures out there riht now. we're starting to #'le down and we need to come town a little bit in the esc. area. that's temperatillxd continue toi] fall.t( as i saw, we're going to brea it down zone byq zone. stafford going through our northern neckñi and out through southern maryland, mainly a rain event forou.r ñr likely. expect wet roads in this area. do not believe there's going to be anychool cancellations or ñr fredericksburg,fáok king george and laplata. now my ms aren't working.ñrlpxd
7:21 am
a littlexd bit. there we go.fá as far asxd the d.c. metro area gaithersburg, bethesdq bowie, slight rain moving in about 9:00, 10, but rain-snow line will fluctuate right around the d.c. western loudon and goingok throh leesburg and percentville, warrenton, culpepper, to+'lpñr right here in northwestern loudon, always the areas that seemi] toñixd get a good snowe11 :00 andow rise 8:00 to to the>x(qáu along i-81 is wher we could havesss. 10:00. an all-snow event. snow-covered roads. this is what we'reñr looking at. 4 to 7 inc this range with highr amounts possibly through centrar maryland.ñi 2 to 4 all the way up through baltimorefáq and back through
7:22 am
leesburg. d.c. area,kwg mainly wetok road. this system moving in so i had to move the time line up a because this is touching the ground in some portions just txp+he south. that will continue to move towards the d.c. areas7 as we through the morning hours. look go ahead and take a atñi the timing right now. &háhp &hc% starting to pu into theñi area. i think it will be a rain-snow mix from i-¢z south andan east snow tç start off north and west and that li,e will fluctuate tght around d.c. look at allis rain down to the south and east, andt( then we head into the overniht starts moving out. it will be gone byro tomñi morning. we're also going to talk about schoolxd cancellations d delays
7:23 am
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i was so lucky that day... saved my life. (vo) there for you when it matters most. unlimited on the best network now comes with apple music on usa anee samsung galaxy when you switch. the military campaign to uproot isis from the euphratesan bn september. >> the u.s. is offering $1 million for information leading to the arrest of osama bin laden's son hamza who is
7:26 am
emerging as a levered al qaeda.r the dent says he has released video calling for attacks on the u.s. asng revee for his father's death. hamg hamza's whereabouts remain a mystery. saudi arabia revoke his citizenship. >> the time right now is 7:26. days after a nuclear summit with nock without a deal the trump administration now announcing a majha policye aimed at resolving the standoff with that rogue nation. the pentagon is ending large joint military drills with south korea. in the two countries will hold smaller exercises. the mo is seen as an olive branch to north korea, but it's likely to raise concerns about military readiness in that region, especially if tensions rise. all new this morning a major milestone in space. spacex's unmanned dragon spacex has reachna the internat space station. earlier this morning dragon capsule successfully docked with the space station. the falco 9 rocket powered
7:27 am
through space just a day after it launched from the k space center in florida. the capsule will be docked there for the next five days. as the tame private spacecraft that could carry american astronauts back to space a little bit later this year. >> saw some video that have launch. they did it in the night. >> thama on twitter that you saw. >> pretty cool. 7:27. looking a lite coolcross the nation's capital. dry right now and rain and snow and just kind o a mess is on the way for
7:28 am
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7:0 on thi sunday morning. thanks so much for being here with us. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm david culver. meagan fitzrald has the morning off. a good day to stay inside once this stuff starts to come down. we're talkin out snow. >> frozen stuff falling from the sky, and there's only one person who can tell u's happening. in all t'honesty, is a trick forecast. >> it is, mainly because that finicky rain-snow line, so we're looking into to wrap around the d.c. area and flukt ate back and forth. i don't think inside the beltway our impacts will be that great, but if you're north and west of
7:31 am
d.c. that's where we could have some issues. listen, this has sped up j little bit over the last couple of hours. so i'm moving up that tim so thanks to you guys i'm already starting to hear snow is falling in luray. crain inpepper that's starting to advance north. we're starting to see this an hour or two earlier and now it's hitting the ground. again, we're look at snow to push north and west and rain pushing south and east and d.c. we're stuck in the middle. the biggest impacts is where we'll see the pink. that's a winter storm warning. purple. that's a winter weather advisorich the warning, a hettle h up, and this is where we could have four, five inches of snow and a ittle lessr areas in purpose. i've got my snow total coming up in 20 minutes. snow-covered and road delays. temperatures out there right now are starting to come down and that means we could see some snow. so, sunday morning.
7:32 am
mostly dry through the mid-morning but be careful ifso you'reh and to the east. sound night, snow-cered, wet and icy. dryer tomorrow night. let's talk about he timing the snow and possible school cancellations. that's coming up. >> a lot o kids will want to hear that. we'll check in with you then at3 breaking news that we're following, this out of fairfax county. police there investigating the deaths of three people. overnight police tweeting this picture of the scene. you're lookiat the 8600 block of cromwell drive in springfield. police have not released aot of spets fcifics here. as soon as more information comes we'll face on. >> a neighborhood dispute turned deadly in southeast d.c.ho the man and killed was a prominent pakistani philosopher. >> friends and family are overcome with grief. news 4's derrick ward spoke with the victim's wife. >> reporter: theirs was a love tone have i. >> i would say i would much
7:33 am
rather pass away before you, and he would say, no, i couldn't wear, that so i think i'm going to go before you. >> report: the couple's relationship was much deeper than conversations about their passing. >> we shared everything. >> the third floor condominium they shared on wade road on southeast was their oasis esof books and friends and a community that we them. it was close to her job in d.c. >> so ied sele anacostia. >> reporter: jawaid was a well known profess of philosophy and a teaching post hadluded him. his degree from a college in bulgaria wasn't recognized and one of his former students said that was a shame >> he worked with people. some of his students back home in pakistan are, you know, activists, you e know. they are teachers, so he produced people. >> reporter: friday morning just steps from his hme jawaid was gunned down and police arrested a 45-year-old neighbor and charged him with first-degree murder.
7:34 am
>> we have a neighborhood disete. somebodydes to introduce a firearm into that dispute, and now we have a family whohas lost somebody. >> what happened on this street n southeast has reverberations thousands of miles away. as friends and family surround her here, show's hearing r non-stop home. the couple talked about returning to pakistan a couple weeks toreconnect with family and friends there. >> we were planning our trip when this happened yesterday. >> reporter: now they will make that trip gether, just not under the circumstances they had wanted. in southeast, derrick ward, news 4. a tragic developing story out of new orleans. a deadly crash just days before the city is getting read for mardi gras. police say at least two people are dead and several hurt af cr a plowed into a group of pedestrians last night. witnesses had to cnn to stop the driver from leaving thecene. five people were rushed to the hospital. many in cricalondition. the driver is now being setted to see if alcohol played a
7:35 am
factor in that crash. we'll stay on top and post any updates in our nbc app hington this morning we're hearing from the mother of an unarmed black man shot and killed by police. stevan clark was killed outside his grandmother's home in sacramento. investigators say the officers who shot him committe. no cri the off theers were investigating a burglary call when they shot clark. th said that thhought he had a gun, but he was unarmed. the district attorney says their review finds the officers lawfully used lethal force. >> was a crime committed? there'stio qu that a human being died, but when we look at at facts and the law a we follow our ethical er to sibilities, the an that question is no. >> what matters is how those overs came with lethal force around a corner on a vandalism call after my son and gunned him downothen he hadng but a cell phone in his hand.
7:36 am
>> the d.a. review does not investigate whether the officers have any civil be responsibility in this cthse. clark family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the officers and city of sacramento. back her at home we're hearing from a local mother who is sharing had a heartbreaking story of loss. her baby boy died days after she left him at a babysitter's home. paxton davis was 1 year old. his mom dropped him off at a home in suit lapd and the babysitter then left the toddler with her 11-year-old daughter, and police say the babysitter violently assaulted paxton including injuries to his cracked skull. news 4's corey mith sat down with paxton's mom on friday and she talked about standing by the bedside for four agonizing days be making the hardest decision of life. >>od gave him for me to borrow, and it would be selfish for me to leave youon life support just because i want you still here with me, so, baby, go ahead. go ahead andfly away.
7:37 am
mommy going to be okay. >> the 11-year-old is in ctody in a juvenile detention center. she is charged with first-dege child abus in. >> at 7:37 on this sunday morning. turning to sport wherehe baltimore ravens returned one of their players hours after he was arrested n gu and drug charges. baltimore county police say collins was sleeping inside a t car after ihad crashed into a tree on friday. officers later searched the car. they say they found marijuana and a handgun inside. collins was released from jail hours after the ravens decided to cut him. the 24-year-old b runningk had been with baltimore for the last two seasons. >> you're going t want to slow down on the bw parkway or find another way around it. crews are patching big pot homes. park police lowered the speed limit to 40 miles per hour between route 197 and route 32 on the parkway. it's so rough there that police
7:38 am
want you to pump your brakes us a drive through the worst area, and drivers say there's had a huge pothole problem. they want the road fixed >> i don't think that's a solution. i think they just need to fix the road and fix it quicker. >> i would rather than lower the speed limit thanramage my >> potholes have been bad. the national park service has used 60 tons ofsphalt to patch them. the bw parkway i expected to be repaefd in the fall. >> you can still get your frea on. >> it's a phrase. it's true. >> itse makes se >> the track's owner wants to most race to a super track lawyer. however, a state law says the preakness can only be moved from pimlico if there's disaster or emergency. pimlicowould be torn down and rebuilt to continue hosting the preakness that. project would be costly though. we're talking about more than $400
7:39 am
pimlico t owners says a project that big simply not worth it. staying with sports now. a huturnout, this is pretty exciting. >> for some local athletes i the district. >> i'll take it, dave, thank you. you're busy getting your preak on. >> i knoll. >> yesterday marked a special celebration for special olympic ath there was an exhibition e basketball gam to market end of the specialic olymps basketball cheerlrs, students and parents cheered on the athletes here. such a cool event.r afhe game everyone enjoyed lunch and an awards ceremony >> hey, how about this. d.c. to new york in a train just about two and a half hours? >> sign me up. >> that could be possible. new plans from amtrak could be a game-chang w a look atat ish
7:40 am
7:41 am
i'm starting to picture it
7:42 am
and i like this idea. you get up from d.c. and catch a train, two and a half hours. you're i newyork, watch "hamilton" and come back that night. pretty quick. >> tod reason to go new york city. >> two northamp hours. >> am soundtrack giving this guy a look at ans for a faster e express routes. >> 250 now on the acela so this would shave 20 minutes off. 20 minutes is 20 minutes. all part of ahigh-speed makeover for the northeast core caor. i was able toch up with officials who are working to make that happen. >> the northeast corridor amtrak experience is going tohange. and soon. >> looking at every curve, every possibility where we can improve the triaktime. >>e a look at this new video. amtrak trains tilting, leaning into curves to get as much speed as >>possible. current acela trains can go as high as 150 miles per hour along the nort corridor and they do tilt a bit but rarely do they maintain that kind of
7:43 am
speed. amtrak telling news 4 had the will be ration trains rolling out in two years and should shave time off of thrips >> 's right. >> caroline decker is the vice president of the northeast corridor service line and listen tothis thought that's being considered. >> if you did a non-stop train, so that meansyou're eliminating your stops between here and new york you could look at approximately a two and a half hour trip time. >> still a lot of work to do on that plan so why has it been so hard to get faster trains between d.c. and sfwhs elaine chou is the u.s. transportation secretary. >> you need a straight riwat of in order to pick up speed, so for many of our communities who are lustered arounda the p of the tracks, you know, difficult for. >> reporter: that's why more upgraded lightweight trains are in the work. the reality is amtrak just doesn't have plans for its trains. it's got big plans for union station here inn, washing hand that could have a big effect on you whether or not you take the
7:44 am
train. unionovations of amtrak's station scheduled to start in the fall. here are some of the renders of what it wll look like. >> we'll still have regular service. it's just the ctomer area where people are boarding, that will be disrupted for several oryears. >> rer: bottom line, amtrak putting huge plans in motion to bring the rrtheast corri well up to speed. one of the things that i don't think everyone tack away from that piece is union station is about to go through a huge change in a -- in the fall. >> you know who is going to enjoy that the most? >> me? >> you and the gonzaga students that. was my route every year. you have to go through there. looki nice. >> sure. >> pretty cool. let's give you a live look outside for folks who are now perhaps heading out of town, probably a good day to get out of town. this morning at least because by th afternoon lauryn ricketts is tracking snow. rain, sleet and snow, a combo of rain, sleet and snow, a combo of all of that. people aren't talking about giant's rain, sleet and snow, a combo of all of that. fresh grab and go salads and sandwiches.
7:45 am
they're not talking, because they're eating. oh, hello. at giant, it's the little things that make mealtime easy, so you have more time with the people you love. z35wdz z16fz y35wdy y16fy
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this morning the consumer alert aboutal poten danger on our roads. new data is showing that more than 26,0 vehicles in our region have had their odometers rolled back and most drivers have no idea. >> iodometer fraud not only llal, it can also put your family in danger. our consumer r sorterusan your working to protect money and your safety. >> reporter: there's something you need to see, something that
7:48 am
happens so fast. it can turn back time. with anve inexpensi electronic device, odometer fraud is easier than ever. >> certainly concern for car buyers who are laying down thousands of dollars for these cars that may be worth half as much. >> reporter: it didn't take long to find a number of cars foral in our area with potential odometer rollbacks. >> i was just calling to inquire about your 2002 ford explorer. >> 2008 lexus lx on sale on your website. >> reporter: and when we called the dealers they assured us the mileage was exttly w their ads claimed. >> good condition. mileage -- >> reporter: when we check the far facts report, we found this 2008 lexus had ati pot odometer roll back of potentially 19,000 miles and this 2002 ford explorer advertised with 160,000 miles,
7:49 am
shows 39,000 miles may have been shaven of course, and here's another one, a 2007 lexus with 76,000 miles. actually it's not. the car facts shows a potential odometer roll bakt year before the dealer bought it at auction, 00.,000 miles down to 62 news 4 went undercover to that dealership. >> how did itly sudd go from that down to 68,000 miles? >> that's a mistake. >> reporter: they made a 60,000-ing my mistake. 12 odometer readings were reported between 2012 and 2016 and the salesman insisted that every singleh one of t was a
7:50 am
astake. >> hed us to stop reporting so we did. the owner though invited us into his office where he told us they actually don't use car facts report despite advertising that they do. he says they use autocheck instead and that report shows no odometer problem on the vehicle. take a look at this. there were no odometer readings reported at all between 2009 and 2018, so what can you do to protect yourself when used car shopping? ask the dealer for both a car fax and autoclerk report. business they ur will run both. and be sure to have an independent mechanic to inspect the vehicle first. t will cost you between $100 and $200, but it will buy you peace of mind and could save you thousands it of dollars down the road. now if you dosuspect odometer fraud, contact your state's dmv. they will investigate. back to you.
7:51 am
>> thank you, susan. car fax offers a free odometer heck. a full repor the best way to vet a car's history. all right. we've got a busyda weatherso we want to get right to lauryn ricketts. >> yeah. hey, guy hey, listen. thank you so much for everybody who has written on facebook, the storm team 4 page, paul from port royal tell me flakes are starting to fly already. again, here we go, down in page county they are seeing that right there and this has gotten just a little earl ier. i didn't think it would overcome and hit the surface so quickly. had to move the time line up a little bit, and we are going to see this continue to spread in from the south and west and pushing north and east through the morning, and i do believe by the time we get to the lunch hour we'll all see this here in
7:52 am
our area. again, you can already see ther shline of who is seeing snow and who is going toee rain. biggest impacts will be north and west from shenandoah county up through loudoun county and up to the other western side of baltimore and points back to the north and west and the pink, that's ato winter warning and these could have several inches of snow, four and e,fi and i believe sweet spot is going to be right here in central winter weathesory in purple. still a few inches ofnow. fairfax, prince william and problem prince george's county not in there. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. they will continue to come down. st are from lorton up through baltimore will come down the spend most of the day i 30s. to the south and east, likely in the 40s or upper 30s, and that's why you're going to have rain we're timing this out. here comes the snow. by 9:30 pushing on the outside of the beltway, but lunchtime, early afternoon, everybody is going to see it, and i really
7:53 am
think i-95 and points to the south and this will be a little bit of a rain-snow mix with more rain neck and rthern southern maryland. this is all a snow event north and west. watch this line starting to play tug-of-war. it's trying to figure out what it wants to do right in the d.c. metro-year and back upou t annapolis. we're looking at a little bit of a mix. snow to the north and that line moves north and west a little bit. we're still look at snow and it will be gone by the time we get out of here. north ndst. 4 to 7 inches north and west and 2 to 4 going lieu leesberg, a coating to an inch in the d.c. area. there cllld be canions, and just to the west of d.c. we'll have delays in the area. ten-day forecast, tomorrow will be dry with temperatures in the
7:54 am
upper 30s and breezy. next chance now on friday. i'm not very confident with that, but then we've got rain we get into sunday into mday. onua" cf1 o
7:55 am
7:56 am
welcome back. snow. >> we do have some snow coming in portions of t shenandoah valley, andfáe1 i docc believ f
7:57 am
just north of pott royal and where there will be issue with snowy roads. slick south and east, andwi it be just wet. the snow is moving in now, and it's spreadi)s north and east. again, expect that snow as we day.through the a little bit of a mix around d.c. south and east9 we're looking rai then we're try monday, tuesday, wednesday, lpthursday, me!e snow on friday. should we call doug kammerer. hew3 is up. back at 9:00. >> all right. l see you then. we
7:58 am
7:59 am
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he's quite a guy and a character. >> he's a conman. >> wow, they're heroes. good morning, welcome to "sunday today" on this march 3rd, i amie wi geist. another major winter storm with 84 millions of you sitting in its path. we'll show you where it is hitting and when in just a moment. president trump sounding off unscripted for more than two hours to a crowd of major gathering conservatives on


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