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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 4, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EST

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news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. s >>w for some. rain and sleet for most. we're kicking off the week in weather alert mode. what turned into a major snowfall for a lot of people north of the city, turned out to be a soaker for closer in folks in the d.c. metro area. good mornin everybody. >> while the snow may have missed us, cold temperaturesgh over may make those roads and sidewalks pretty slick. ts arel school distr taking notice. >> here's a list of the delays
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and closures for you.rk ey, jefferson, hampshire, hardy, mineral andty morgan co schools are closed. grant county schools are on a three-hour delay. in virginia, shenandoah county schools a closed. in washington, two-hourdelay. >> let's get a check o the roads and the latest on the recast. melissa mollet is looking at our commute. we'll begin with chuck bell and the chill in the r. >> yes, ined. the good news about the forecast is we're going to be dry, starting this morning a the way until the weekend because it has to rain on the weekend. heat's the law. temperatures in0s this morning. 37 in arlington. gaithersburg, . leesburg, 32. winchester, mainsburg, hagerstown, 32 degrees. those are the areashat had in the way of snow. it stayed colder during the
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overnight. just be on the lookout for potentially ice-covered sidewalks, side streets and some of the quieter roads. otherwise, we're not expecting a whole lot of weat.r impact he the highs will be upper 30s to around 40 degrees. average.low on top of the chill, it will be very blustery here today. hold on to your hat.>> i will hold on to my hat. shady grove road, we look good here. but maybe some moisture on the road. some of the spots b could slick. just be careful that roads are out. potom potomac, river road, nearrs mon tree road. hopefully they get that out of the way soon. that's a big route for lot of people. laurel b.w. parkway between 32 and 19. uneven pavement, that speed limit is 40 miles per hour. aimee cho wille live for us this morning.p inner l and outer loop, no
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issues. >>hank you. sunday's rain startedarly for a lot of people. news 4 cameras were there in rockville when the first drops began to fall. now that colder temperatures set in, those roads may be slick this mornin stin finch is live in frederick county, maryland. >> he h been monitoring conditions on the road for us there. how are things looking? >> reporter: a bit of a change than what we saw earlier. sw, we're here on market street, you can where the problems may arise. right now, we're hovering just above freezing here. we're seeing slush on market and on some sidewalks, as well. right now, it's not been so bad driving. ets you can imagine, as it colder and the little ponding spots get icier, what kind of mess we could b in for. just bear in mind, as you are driving today, this is what rsu're going to be up against as
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the day w on. right now, not hearing anything about delays for frederick county, for government work or school. conditions right now, are not bad. know, afterhat, you that snow, and it's now kind of melting, thafr the ze is under way and will bepr a oblem. >> justin, thank you. our coverage of today's rough weathernu con on the nbc washington app and you can find a listf school closures and delays. breaking news out of alabama. rescue teams will be back out looking for survivors trapped in rubble. two powe through eastern alabama yesterday. take a look. this drone video shows you the extent of the damage. you can see homes after homes just leveled. 23 people are dead, including an 8-year-old girl. the death toll could rise as
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search forue t people who have been reported missing. weather troubles mississippi. this is not a lake. this is farmland with a two-lane road running. througho the entire area became flooded when nearby rivers and lakes ooded. happening now, drivers will need to pump the brakes along the baltimore-washington parkway. >> road conditions are so poor that the national park service is taking drastic ms to keep drivers safe. mee cho is live with what commuters need to know. good morning. >> good morning. if you take the b.w.wa pant you wao head out earlier this morning. the speed limit is decg from 55 miles per hour to 40 miles per hour. u.s. park police say they had to make the change to keep the drivers and the repair c safe.
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the hope is that a new speed limit will give drivers more time to react. here's a view of the pothole damage from chopper 4. if you've drin on the b.w. parkway, you know that's a bumpy ride. that's because of the constant changes in the weather. the park serviceas been making quick, short-term fixes to the potholes every day. they will repave the parkway. that will be a long-term solution for the bumpiness. you will want tolow down. there will be more police officers out there this morning. new this morning, surveillance video for montgomery county police shows a suspect that may be behind multiple bank robberies. detectives say the man you see here is accused of robbing the same bank twice. theank is located inside the safeway grocery store across the street from shady grove medical center. the first robbery was in the second in february.
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call montgomery county police io you knowhis man is. this morning, police are trying to track down a wom and her 4-year-old daughter. no one has seen them since friday. police found the woman's vehicle parked at lake forest mall. the pair could be headed to family or i frien another state. we're told that she has shorter hair than this paragraph. and her daughter may be wearing a leopard print jacket. ter a failed summit with north korea, and testimony from michael cohen. >> we're looking at what's at stake. plus, dollar stores up country-wide. not everyone is celebrating the suess. cc
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you're wtoching news 4 y. >> if you see a lot of dollarer to store in your area, it's not your imagination. there's more dollar stores in america than walmarts or mcdald's. who knew? while the stores offer different items at a reduced price, there's a concern that the amnt of these stores keep other businesses away or taunab toopen. in tulsa, oklahoma, the city council is trying to reduce the number of dollar stores to make way for other stores fresh fruits and vegetables. many people complain that dollar stores are the only options in
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urban areas where grocery stores aren't being built. >> you get the things that yougr would go to ery store for. but some of the places saying we would rather have grocery store move in. >> who knew there were so many of them other brick and mortar stores is struggling with what is called a retail apocalypse. >> three major brands announced they are closing 300cos combined. gap, victoria's secret and jcpenney says it's closing stei stores after slumping stsales. eople are going online to do their shopping. >> having it be onne is just so easy. it comes to your door. you can return i at your own convenience. >> some of my friends are obsessed with amazon and order things on there all the time. > >> new brand new tesla, closing brick and mortar stor s.
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>>n of the times. >> drove through friendship heights. l of the high-end stores are closed. i was surprised. >> aot of areas i feel, parts of georgetown, don't have places to go. we head to break now checking in with storm team 4's chuck bell, at 4:42. school day forecast. most of the d.c. metro schools are going to school on time this morning. no break for you today. there are a few delays and closures. it will be a breezy and blustery monday afternoon. and cold weather hangsal around l week. ten-day forecast coming up. and mondays aredifficult. it's the start of a new week. there's a long list of things that cane taken care of. this 're the president, week may prove to be especially challenging. continues.ain when news 4 today continues.ain when news 4 today for 50 years, cracker barrel
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. monday morning and a weather alert day atst snow, sleet, rain, ice, everybody in the region saw something different ernight. thismorning, the roads may be a little slick. that's led to several school closures and delays today. you can find anupdated list on the nbc washing app. a storm of a different sort has settled over the white house. democrats are making quick work of keeping president trump in check. this week,our congressional committees will look at his businesses, his taxes and allegations of obstruction. add to this, another round of testimony from michael cohen. >> tracie potts joins us live this morng. put t investigations into context for us. how big of a threat is this to
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the trump presidency? >> reporter: together, they could be more than the russia investigation. we wait, these congressional committees are taking action this week. the housemi judiciary comee says they believe there's been abuse of power and corruption within the administration. plans to subpoena 60 people close to the president, including the cfo of the trump ornization and his son, donald trump jr. you see michael cohen, who has testified publicly. his private tesmony before the intelligence committee continues this week. the house oversight committy has a deadline of today. they want xhudocuments from the white house on security earances, on reports that the president overrode the recommendation of career staffers who said there were problems with the background check of-l his son-, jared kushner. and you mentioned the tax returns. that committee going slow, as they build a case on to whether or not they request the t president' returns.
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two committees are looking into his finances. several have been takie ining a this week. we try to follow all of the investigations. >> tracie tts for us this morning. thank you. the president's weekend speecht e conservative political action conference at the national harbor will be a topic of discussion today. it was the longest speech he's delivered since being elected. it was over two hours. he blasted the democrats and the media. he used expletives and made a prediction for t 2020 re-election campaign. >> i think we're going to do even better in 2020. we're going to do numbers tha people haven't seen for a long time. with your help, we are reversing decades of blunders and >> pdent trump took aim at the green new deal and the lawmakers supporting it. the 2020 election wasn't only on mtrump'sd this
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weekend. bernie sanders kicked off his campaign in brooklyn. thousands of people showed up to hear him speak. he promised to fight for economic, social, racial and environmental justice. he called president trump, quote, the most dangerous president in modernmerican history. and breaking his silence, for the first time, we are hearing from virginia a morney generak herring since he admitted to wearing blackface in college. herring spoke in leesburg. hepologized to the group for what he did when he was 19 years old. we asked herring if he was planning on staying i office. >> i am listening to virginians how they've been impacted by this. listening to them to see if they would like me to continue, if i still have their trust. >> hringsays, he hopes positive change will happen as a result of the controversy. people a the church praised herring for appearing at this event. call it the refund rebound. more and more americans complete
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their taxes, refund numbers from the irs are tickingup. many people complained the refund w in years.rge as it was many people owed money. according to new numbers from the irs, refunds are about $40 more than last year. three weeks ago, the average refund was nearly $200le . new this morning, maryland's house of delegates is considerin a bill that would eliminate the statute of limbatilim limitations. the house judiciary committee heard testimony on the bill last week. survivors and organizers processd how the legal is part of the healing process. the bill appli to civil claims and not criminal cases. nt's unclear when the committee will votehis bill. the d.c. region has seen its fair share of snow this season. but our numbers are nothing compared to the midwest. >> the weather in wisconsin is
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bringing down the house. the snow on the roof of this camping lodge was so heavy, bang, just like that, caused the entire structure to collapse. no oneas inside at the time. but the cabin was in e. the campers were outside, when they noticed the cabin was grakigrak i making a groaning noise. they caught the collapse as it happened. the buildings were constructed decades ago. >> wean look at that video and laugh. my goodness gracious, the fact that the cabins were in use and someone could have been trapped inside, is insane. >> seattle, washington, has one of the snowiest months n 50 years. parts of california, squaw valley had 300f inches snow in the month of february. i looked it up. >> this is why we don't live in the squaw valley, right? >> winter is not over here, either. >> it isn't. the snow is. we're done with snow for this
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week. >> i like the haircut, chuc >> what a lovely non sequitur, eun. northwest winds have started to increase across the area, averaging 15, gusting to near 20 miles per hour. that will be the case for the entire daytoday. northwest winds, 15 to 25 miles per hour. 4 storm tea radar, scanning the skies. a couple of drops over the central parts of the bay. otherwise, it is allea dryer around here for now. the last of the rain and snow that we dealt with yesterday, is now off of the eastern seaboard and moving away. a couple of snowshowers up in pittsburgh. they're not going to bother anybody.op mism reigns supreme in sky cover this week. plenty of sky cover today. it will be cold around here the next couple of mornings. keep that in mind. not just a littlebelow freezing, hard freezes. teens and 20s for the next
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couple of mornings, coming up. tomorrow, mostly sunny day. and rn and snow chances, really staying away from us, for most if not all of thursday morning, just a little more cloud cover. we'll m go tly cloudy by thursday afternoon. that will set the stage for at least a little chance of rain and snowuring the day friday. you can get a sense of it here on thi pictur not a big chance. an outside chance. not a lotng of agreement ahe computer models. it will be cold all week 30s as you get the day going this morning. afternoon highs right around 40 degrees. 30s, if you see snow on the ground, you wl probably stay in the 30s today. look at this cold snap around here. 38 for a high tomorrow a and subfreezing high temperature on wednesday. that will be almosre 25 d colder than average on wednesday. thursday, back up to near 40. and dry weathergain from today through thursday at least, friday, a little chance of what will probably will be mostly rain.
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and cloudy skies near 50 on saturday, and a likelihood of rain coming up on sunday of next week. once we get past the middle of this week, melissa, winter will finally start to relax its dprip. grip. >> i like that. i'm just about ready. inner loop and outer loop on the beltway, no issues on the belty, as chuck has been saying, the roads are mostly just wet in mtreas of the metro region. washington, southbound 295, after malcolm x avenue. we had traffic stopped at the crash. we just spoke wit police. now, it sounds like you can get by in one ne. potomac river road near persimmon tree road. the road is still down. and laurel parkway, unevenpa ment there. aimee cho has been driving north and south to show us the situation. speed limit is now 40 miles per hour. nk you.ssa, t today, first lady melania trump will promote her be best
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campaign. the first lady is scheduled to make stops in tulsa, oklahoma, and seattle, washington. the f be best initiativeuses on what children faces today. the overall goal is to encourage the kids to be the best they can be in their individual paths. as we eagerly await the warmer weather, stuaecurity exps say we need to be ready for the most common pr yourself and your property is more affordable and easier. there's garadgets designed to kp an eye on your home. lfu c set up the surveillance systems yourse. many of the wireless systems can be controlled from your smartphone, too. homes without security systems are three-times more likely to be broken into. popular personalities on social media might be ipiring your children to eat junk food. this i according to british
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researchers who finished up a new study. they asked children to look at bloggers. they said promotional pictures of unhealthy snacks ate more junk food than the cldren who didn't see promotional pictures of food at all. experts say half of the children between 8 and 11 use instagram. man, that seems young. seeing chance the rapper eating doritos, i could eat a whole bag mew. >> don't b him. the tooth fairy isn't being usual.rous, as >> that's according to delta dental, which is tracking much cash kids are given. >> last year, the cash gift was sh $4. $4 for a tooth? >> that's highway robbery. >> that's 43 cent decrease from the year before. more than 1,000 parents were surv surveyed. this is the co-consecutive year the tooth fairy has
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tightened the wallet. i >>on't know what he got. my godson lost two fro teet >> together? >> i think they had to both come out. >> okay. >> it's a good look. >> maybe he gets a ten-spot for that. next at 5:00, a bizarre win for the washington capitals going viral thisg. mornin >> the puck never made it in the net. why was allege ovechkin given the goal? we'll explain the play you'll hear about all day today. plus, a new twist in the murder of a maryland woman. her husband said she was stabbed to death by a panhandler. now, months later, he is the won in jail. where he was arrested makes the story more we'll fill you in on news 4 today at 5:00.
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last years' ad campaign was a success for badda book. badda boom. this year, we're taking it up a notch. so in this commercial we see two travels at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like,
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"wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. we are still in weather alert mode this morning. working for you on this monday. it is just about 4:00 and a warning as you head out. the roads, sidewalks and your dreway may be icy. the snow a rain from last night is moving on. but the temperatures in some parts of the area are cold enough to freeze e is left.that not a good combination. i'm eun yang. >> winter does not want to let go. holding on, right? >> west virginia, berkeley,
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hampshire, hardy and mineral enand morgan county schools are >> in vi, shenandoah county schools are closed today. in maryland, washington couns schoe on a two-hour delay. >> we will update you on the closings. youan find those delays and closures in the nbc washington app. let's get to our team coverage. we have you covered on the roads this morning, checking out the conditions, plus, a big change on a local highway that could sl down your commute. >> first to chuck bell. he's here with our forecast for the week ahead. just cold and colder. >> oh, yeah. temperatures will be crazy cold by march standards. 15 to 20 degrees colder than average, just about every d this week. the lone exemption of today. st because that's not -- it doesn't mean it's going to be warm today. it'snot. temperatures in the 30s now. and these temperatures are


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