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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 4, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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fit for spring. the low cost equipment that's just as effected i'ive at home is at the gym. it looks like somebody took a kfe andcraped the ground. >> that's how one sheriff described the devastation in alabama after a string of tornados hit the area over the weekend. right now there's a search for su 2ivors. at leapeople are dead, dozens more injured. >> and it wasn't just in alabama. this storm system did damage in south carolina, georgia, mississippi and other places across the southeast. jay gray starts our coverage this afternoon from alama. >> reporter: a day later, the images are overwhelming, eastn alabama leftins. >> we lost children, mothers, fathers, neighbors, and friends. >> reporter: right now, teams
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are sifting through the rubble searching for survivors and victims. >> i would say describe the damage that we have seen in the area as catastrophic.m >> reporter:hat forecasters say was an ef-4 tornadoith winds of 170 miles an hour. >> i estimated the path widst at .78 miles or almost a mile wide. >> rorter: ripping apart everything in its path. >> next thing we know, the wind starts ripping the house apart. daylight becau there's no roof. then the ceiling -- well, the ceiling fell on our heads. >> reporter: families who lived through the storm described the horror. >> we got down on the floor and hugging each other, and i told them hang on. we was just all holding onto each other. >> reporter: when the winds finally stopped, little was left. >> when i got there, it washi - ever was wiped out. like there was nothing left. >> reporter: the landscape andev
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lives here f changed. >> nbc's jay gray reporting there. t>> now we have more photos of the damage t these tornados created in the nbc washington app, just goe to site and search tornado. turning now to our forecast. the big story for us is the cold. may be march but we are still firmly in winter's grip. let's go to storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer in the storm center. it's just beginning to get real cold? >> yes, this cold air is going to be with us through most of eethe as we move through thursday and friday, thtoo. storm system we saw yesterday, snow, sleet, freezint rain, raining around our areas, tornados down to the south. that storm system is way out into the atlantic. you can see the front heregith the str thunderstorms way off towards the east. for us it is just bringing in very cold air.
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this was a monster of a storm system that has changed everything for the next couple days. wind chill, 35 d.c., 24 in hagerstown, 9 in pittsburgh, 19 in morgantown, this lks like a january temperatures rather than march. frigid air contioving to in, wind chills in the teens, tomorrow night into the day on wednesday, maybe thursday too. most of the week, dry. boy doe need time to dry out before our next storm system comes. guess when? leon, i guess you know whe that one i going to be. >> i'm going to guess it's going to be on a friday. >> andenhe week >> here we go. at least you on're consistent. >> trying. breaking news on a story we've been working since last wece. poay they have identified a murder victim in bethesda. police say the man's name is de
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la cruz. his body wasid found i a bus stop near old georgetown road. last week they released various images of aecace and tattoos on the man to help identify him. there still have been no arrests made flake. ade in this case. more on our breaking news this hour. luke perry has died 's been less than a week since he suffered a massive stroke. >> he ver recovered from tha and we're told he passed away this morning. wendy rieger joins us from the live desk with what we know. >> isn't this just so sad, he was just 52 years old.ld we're hat luke perry was sur lourounded by his children, fiancee and close friends when he passed. perry's rise to fame was quick. he defined cool back in the '90s as the teen heart throb dylan mckay on 90210. most recently he was on the cw's
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you river dale his 90210 cast mates have taken to twitter, ian ziering tweeting, please god give him a seat close to you, he deserves it. last week a reboot of the '90s hit show was announced, perry had not signed , but he was open to the idea of guest starring on it. tocan expect more tributes come in as news of his passing spreads. he was a tremeous presence o television for many decades. back to you in the studio. >>es, he was. he'll be missed by many. >> right now you can find more on the nbc washington app. just search luke perry. you'll find pictures of perry,
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his latest role and tributes to the star. a new twist in a high profile murde iestigation in baltimore. policely initihought a p panhandler was responsible for the murderf jaclyn smith. now iestigates say her husband and stepdaughter were response. police say kristoff st. john and sergei skrip with investigates originally said smith was trying to give a panhandler money when she was stabbed and she died at the hospital. now thenvestigates say keith hatth and his daughter made story up. a 14-year-old killed on her walk to school back in 196. now the man who went to prison for killing nia owens t is set be released tomorrow and the girl's mother is outraged darcy spencer shares that outrage.
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>> it's been devastating to me. it's made me a prisoner in my n house. >> reporter: angela wood is feeling angry and betrayed. her daughter killer is set to get out of prison after serving 8.5 years. he was given a 15-year sentence as part of a plea deal. >> i thought there was a way i s horrible t catastrophe to find out not even the judge can do anything about it. >> reporter: nigh yawens was abducted and strangled on her to high school in 1996. 14 years later, matthew bithay was arrested. a rape charge was dropped as part of his pleadeal. >> a rapist, a predator, a murderer, is coming home tomorrow after serving less than nine years.
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>> he was able to reduce his sentence using especially off for good behavior in prison. >> how can a murderer come home time?d my daughter will never have good time. >> reporter: wood knew the day would come when her daughter killer would go free. but she never thought it would happen so soon. darcy spencer news4. turning to politics now. call it the democratic dozen, a former colorado governor throws his hat in the ring today making it 12 democrats running for president in 2020. john hickenlooper made it official. he said he will take action on key issues like gun and climate change. he touted a record of bipartisan efforts during his time as governor. one personot running is attorney general eric holder. he said he will continue his
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fight to end gerrymandering across the country. he believes state and local races are the first step to ensuring a more representative congress. let's turn to our current president. >> political analyst the telling us one of the takeaway from the midterm checkons is voters want a on the executive branch. >> now the house committees asking for documents on more than 80 individuals and entities related to donald trump. >> reporter: that's one of the things we did hear repeatedly after the midterms, once democrat c take housetrol we would see a slew of new . investigatio that's what we're seeing right just d it appears they're getting started. today the house judiciary committee announcing a new tevestigation into president trump, his wouse and his campaign. requesting documents from at leasth 81 entities wit ties to the president. including the white house and the fbi, along with the trump
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organization, the campaign even members of the president's family. asked today if he will cooperate? >> i cooperate all the time with er odybev collusion, it's all a hoax. >> reporter: the democrat leading the committee says the investigation will delve into obstruction of justice, public corruption, and abuses of power. all three of which could lay ground work for impeachment proceedings but nadler and other top democrats s that is not their focus. >> we don't need to make the president a martyr. so we should proceed with caution. >> reporter: this latest oblopment promising even if special counsel rert mueller is close to wrapping his russia probe, the cloud of igations over the white house will not lift soon. over the weekend, even before today's announcements, president trump defiant, speaking to his base for more than two urs, the longest speech of his presidency, calling the democrats' politically motivated.
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>> we're going to go into his finances, we're gng to che his deals, we're going to check -- these people are sick. >> reporter: and late today, three more top democrats announcing they have requested documents and white house interviews a any communication between president trump and russia's vladimir putin. now the latest nbc news "wall street journal" poll show the president's approval rating is 46 which is up since january. keep in mind this was taken before the most recentews of investigations and before the president's failed north ktea summit l week. >> thank you, blaine. blayne alexander reporting live. ave no doubt heard about a controversial new hbo documenta documentary. >> "leaving neverland" dea tails the alleged sexual abuse two men suffered at the hands of michael jackson. still ahead, a sneak peek at the interview with theac cusers. getting fit for spring,
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molette green shows you inexpensive equipment to get fit at home. getting equal pay for women. march is history's month, today we're highlighting the first woman to win a tzpu prize. >> see you back here in 90 seconds.
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a terrifying moment caught on camera. imagine this, watching an avalanche of snow coming down the i mountain colorado this weekend. you can see the driver here slowed down as the snow -- and it created a white out situation. most of it did not make it to the thghway. drivers were okay. a second avalanche later in the day closed down i-70. at home, the story is the bitter blast coming our way. look a these numbers, the current wind chills outside. later this week neighborhoods will have wind chills close to it may not feel like it now t it will soon be spring and we're working for you helyong to get fit for the weather.
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molette green shows you how to exercise from home or do it on the go. >>hat was horrible. we ain't putting that in. >> that' going on. >> reporter: not going to lie, it's hard. i'm a fussy client this early in my journey to fitness. >> we're going to get at least 30 seconds, mo. your getting to where you're at didn't happen overnight, so your fitness isn't going to happen overnight. > i get a good sweat and full body workout with coach leona brown. >> go get it, mo. >> reporter: on this day we use a resistance band, kettle ball, and sliders, items you can u h atome or when you're traveling. >> doing a squat press.te >> rep you see how easy she made that look? i may us the for now,ut i am in good hands. >> three, come.
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three, come on, push. >> you can'tun >> reporter: lb who's clients include prossional athletes and lydia shell who just won a competitn last october,as taken me on. >> keep saying i can't because after a while you're going to be saying i can. >> reporter: and she's dedicated. >> you're using muscles you haven't used in a while so it doesn't feel like you other anything. but when dom sets in -- >> what's dom? >> delayed onset ofe mus soreness. >> rooting for you, molette. >> go, molette.n >> tomorrowws4 molette is getting back in the gym, checking in with the trainer anh ing you easy workouts to do. >> she looked like she wanted to punch her but e's t tired. >> trainer is doing her job. >> i'm excited to see how molette comes out on the other
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side. it takes so etch to into it, once you get into it, but if you ever get o of it -- >> it's tough. >> way to go molette. >> we're just getting started. with the cold. we saw the storm come through th area yesterda i thought for sure you folks towards damascus, frederick, north of leesburg, i thought for sure you guys were going to get into the 2 to 4 inch range,in . rederick. i knew i wasn't getting anything in bethesda, but up there, nothing. areas around hagerstown, martinsburg picking up 3 to 5 inches. but most of the region saw just snow. north and west i did expect acculation and we didn't get it. that storm bringing what we knew it would, the cold air. it looks pretty but it's chilly. 42 degrees, winds out of the northwest at 13 miles per hour. look at these numbers, 24
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hagerstown, 23 particulin marti. it is a cold day out here. not in the first weeks of ma out there right now, radar wise nothing to show. the storm system tha through it's long gone. look at this line right there. that's the snow. this is frederick just to the west of frederick, emmettsburg porting some of the snow. back towards martinsbur south of that line, not much at all. big snow arod boston. we got less than expected, they got more than expected, 6 to 10 inches, some areas picking ut 16 inches of snow in the boston area p. you can see the front associated with this that brought the severe weather down to the south. now it is bnging everybody cold. guys, this is real arctic air here.
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look at the cold, 44 in atlanta, 48 in mississippi, houston, 38 degrees, dallas at 30 degrees. 42 in d.c. 25 in lexington. 12 in chicago. this is not the wind chill. this is the current temperature. that's the arctic air that continues to mover in o the next couple days. your wind chills for torrow. 24 d.c., 17 frederick. wednesday is going to be a breezy day for. su 11:00 single digits in the west tuesday night. wednesday morning, below zero for someel 1 in hagerstown, 8 degrees in washington. it's not going to take that much of a wind,ur 10, 15 mile an wind gives you these wind chills. how about 1:00, 19 in 19d.c. in manassas. talking real cold air the next couple days. a 35 f high on wednesday. 39 on thursday. 44 on friday. tracking a chance of rain or n
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snow expecting much from that. much more onex the big storm just in time for your weekend, everybody. see you at 4:45. a potential medical break through for people struggling with depression. >> details behind the new treatment that could start working in a matter ohours. first a look back on luke perry's most memorlele we're talking live with live from the starlite lounge. ♪ one plus one equals too little too late ♪ ♪ a sock-a-bam-boom ♪ who's in the om? ♪ love is dangerous ♪ but driving safe ♪ switch and save ♪ yes, ma'am excuse me, miss. ♪ does this heart long to you? ♪ ♪ would you like it anyway? [ scatting ]
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last night hbo aired its controversial documentary on michael jackson and his alleged abuse of youngys >> his family has defended him sayinghe's not hered to def himself against the accusations in "leaving neverland". s accusers also spoke with >> natalie morales joins us more on the documentary. this has a lot of people ta talking. a lot of people talking and a lot of people struggling with how they feel about the documentary and michael jackson. you heard their claims of being sexually abused by michael jackson staing at the agef 7 and 10. it's all very disturbing,
4:24 pm
graphic, theyto tell the in the hbo documentary, and part e aired last night. part 2 airs tonight followed by the oprah winfrey special, airing on both hbo and own. and here's a little bit of what you can exthct. >> one o interesting things about michael and hisatarticular sin is that the grooming had started long before we ever met him. you know, because he was who he was. he was such a massive figure and represented himself as such an angel. and no, i didn't have a childhood, and i love children so much, that's why i love being around children, i want to help other children have a childhood. so long before meeting him the first time, so much had been set up already, that i was, and i think my mother, my whole family was already surrendered before we met him. >> you saw that pattern of grooming with not just wade
4:25 pm
robson, but james safechuck had the similar story with his family as well and it completely devastated these two families and young men and they felt that they wanted toel their story as survivors in the era of the meoo movement, and now was the ime to do it, especially as fathers now and having kids of their own. >>ing very difficult story to watch and hear told, especially by those who were fans of michael jackson and his music. again, pointing out the fact that he's not here to defend himsel another big story today is of course the passing of luke perry. many we rooting for him and hoping he'd recover from the stroke. >> last week he had a massive stroke and sadly today we learned h jus didn't and couldn't recover. his family wereurrounding him along with very close friends, but sad at the age of 52, luke
4:26 pm
perry passed away today and lots of peoplon social media, especially those who worked closely with him, ian ziering, shan acetaminophnen doherty, se love and prayers. >> thank you, natali an update next on that line of deadly tornados in the deep south. >> new video of the destruction s s communitiesrt to come together. >> amelia joins us with a look at why the damage was so extreme. protecting women at work,th law one leader is trying to change and the impact it could ha on how much amen make. >> maryland man going above and beyond to help children learn. chopper 4 over breaking news in fairfax county. look at this scene, a car crashed through a garage. you see that under the deck a wound up in the back yard of his home, this is in
4:27 pm
centerville, along sapphire sky lane, fire officials tell us the driver was not hurt and the people inside the home were able to get out safely too. we're working to learn how i then
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now at 4:30, back to that breaking news rocking the entertainmentorld toda actor luke perry has died.
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>> his health deteriorated after he suffered a massive stroke last week. nbc news dan shenaman has the tribute. >> reporter: his big break was on one of the bigge shows of s.e 1990 >> where are we going? >> field ip. >> as dylan mckay on "beverly hills 9021" but today, heart break for millions of fans. luke perry passing away at age 52. the actor, surrounded by family and close friends ugh susuccumba massive stroke. his spokesperson releasing a statement, the family appreciates the outpouring of support and prayers that have been extended z to luke from around the world. perry, a prolific actor. >> you stopping by the site later? >> reporter: his most recent role on "riverdale" on the day
4:31 pm
he was hospitalized last week, news broke of a "beverloohills 90210" perry had yet to sign on but told the "today" show he was open to it in 2017. >>e i wouldteresting in doing it at this time. >> 90210 coast star an zeroing posting, godase give him a seat close to you, he deserves it. to the other breaking story at this hour,t' a race against time in alabama as crews sear for survivors after tornados tore through the state. >> the death toll stands at 23 right now. jim handly has the latest. >> a long road to recovery, aos knit community in alabama is haeart broeken.
4:32 pm
nearly 2 dozen people killed one of them a little girl. officials say this afternoon they are warningha that death toll could rise as crews get into the hardestit areas. today family members of the little girl say they can't believe's gone. >> we were hoping it wasn't true but then p theyer chains on our phones say she's gone to heaven. she'snly 8 yearsold. it's heart breaking, it feels not real. >> today thema governor of ala declared a state of emergency. president trump has ordered fema and other federal agencies to give alabama, quote, a plus treatment. >> they're going to need. it wasn't just alabama, this storm system carved a wide path of devastation in several states. amelia draper takes a deeper dive into the damage across the coungey. this was >> absolutely. just incredible out there yesterday.
4:33 pm
this was the sam storm system that was bringing us rain and snow showers throughout the day. check i out. i've put the tornado reports from yesterday, only yesterday, on the map here. every dot that you'reeeg is potentially a tornado. over 40 of them were reported to the storm prediction a look at the storm yesterday moving through the g southeast dure morning, midday and evening hours. you can see lots of bright colors down there a it did bring severe weather from louisiana up to the carolinas. why was the storm system so impressive?ou before i talk that, i want to point out that last thursday the storm prediction cter had already started talking about thef likelihood severe weather in their a ya. so folks as long as they were paying aention to the weather forecast did know about this incident that was going to unfold throughout the day yesterday. here's why it was so impressive. there was a lot ofnsble air
4:34 pm
to work with. think f on our area in the summer when we get thosecr ible thunderstorms, there was also a lot of moisture right there with th gulf. e winds were just right yesterday in the atmosphere to get that rotation to produce so many tornados. also we're now hearing tha tha tornado down in lee county alabama has been upgrated to an ef-4 tornado with maximum winds of at least 170 miles an ur. crews are still outthere investigating the damage. we're going to update you as we hear new information not o about the weather there but the extreme cold in our area, pat. a montgomery county council member is introducing new legislation to close t gender pay gap in the county. the bill would prevent the county from asking a question that many of us had to answer. >> reporter: originally ending the pay gap was not a
4:35 pm
but he realized asking females about their salary history was unfair. >> when you rely on reef history. >> reporter: go down the list and you'll find pay disparity protection mental and finance to health and human services where he said he discovered one of the largest gaps. >> 13 individuals hired, 12 women andne man. and the one man makes more money than all the women. >> reporter: tom glass will intro deuce the county pay equity act. the bill will prohibit from asking about salary history or usin to determine starting pay. >> the lost wage woman won't receive because of that, could mean a down payment on house, mortgage, getting out of debt. >> it also has an impact on our ability to retire. >> reporter: rouuthin ma five years afterpr watchinident
4:36 pm
obama sign executive orders on the same issue, she said glass' bill iong overdue. >> it stops wage disparity. >> reporter: martin says the new law means her daughters won't have to be super heroest work to earn fair pay. >> our kids won't have to fight the battles we have been fightingand our mothers and grandmothers have been fighting. all work nos paye name of an exhibit. it cline uds aprons and house dresses women have worn through the years for cleaning and cooking and taking care of children. and there's afair yoga pants, those are from today. the curats want tohow case the invisible work done at home, which is typicallyunpaid or underpaid. women still do some cooking or
4:37 pm
provide food, provide child care, they do cleaning even if if it's a robotic vacuum. it's the responsibility, not the actual doing now. >> there will also be a nversation table at the exhibit where women can share their stories for the museum's archives. the exhibit will be on display there f at least a year and a half. new hope for people struggling with depressi. >> a break through treatment is expected to get the green light from the fda. doreen gentzler will break down how it works. 4 storm team tracking a bitter blast heading oury. some of us will feel wind chills near zero. an inspiring story in our y. communit why a local barber
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an update now to someng brea news we told you about 20 minutes ago. here's a live picture. it's aifferent look at the damage done in centerville, virginia, at this house where an suv slammed through a garage and into the bac yard o the home there. this is happening on sapphire sky lane, fairfax county fire officials on the scene. they tell us ihe driver not hurt and the people inside the house were able to get out but thate door is gone. >> that garage now has two doors, one in the front anckone in the not supposed to happen, though.
4:41 pm
here's something that's inspiring. a local program that's encouraging young boys of color around the country to read but n anynot taking place classroom or library. >> barbershop booksbi cs lessons on literacy. aimee ch introduces us to one barber who's making a difference while cutting here. >> reporter: owner james green it is to important stay sharp. that's why whenever he's got a kid in his chair, he makes sure they have a book in their hands. green is part of the barbershop books program. it teaches barbers like him how to help kids like dylan with their reting. >> i w to have the positive influence. i think we're the first role models they come across outside of home. >> reporter: in this case, two weeks. dylan won't let anyone else cut
4:42 pm
his hair. though he may be little, he has big plans for the future. >> do you want you want to do whenou grow up? >> be a doctor. >> you want to get them started as early as possible to get them reading. hey are allowed to keep the books. it's love, it's fun, it's teaching. >> reporter: dylan says he already knows the power of a good book. >> i makes you be smart. >> i love it. i pray that one d someone walks up to me and says you don't know h you changed my life. >> reporter: changing lives through a program that's a cut bh above the rest. >> you become family. >> that's a great use of time. got a captive audience there. >> working on their heads moreays than one. >> liter >>. one year ago a massive mistake that crushed the dream of hundreds of would be pants.
4:43 pm
>> an equipment malfunction that ruined hundreds of eggs. next a new break throughea ent for depression. i'll explain why this new approach could help millions of people who haven't seen success with other treatments. plus our average high is now 52 degrees. every single day through friy we're below normal. wait until you see how cold it feels
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ow♪ ♪ 'cos i hat it means ♪ to walk along the lonely street of eams ♪ ♪ here i go again on my--- you realize your vows are a whitesnake song? i do. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. let's get you caught up on four things toknow. first '90s heart throb actor luke per has died. >> the actor most recently starre in "riverdale" had a mass i have stroke laseek and never recovered. his representative said he was surrounded by his family and
4:46 pm
friends when he died, he was a yes old. a death toll remains at 23 afte a string of tornados ran across daalabama. toy president trump ordered fema to provide support. ring a news conference, the governor helped the people get back on their feet. a man charged with killing his wife in baltimore have agreed to be extradited to maryland. police say keith smith and valeria smith agr td to come ba maryland. the house judiciary committee is launching a sweeping investigation into president trump. t todahe committee sent more than 80 heaters to people and entities connected to the president and his company. the r letteuest documents related to actions taken before, during, and after the 2016 election. new hope for people suffering from depression. news4's doreen gentzler is
4:47 pm
working for your heth. she's in our news room right now with a look at break ttough treatm expected to get approval from the fda shortly. >> this the development that has the potential to help a lot of people, especially those who have tried other treatments for depression and nothing has worked. 16 million americans suffer from depression. it is most common among 18 to 25 year olds. a major area of concern iso thing called treatment resistant depression, those are the patients who have tried at least two different t hrapies anen't seen any relief. now a new drug that could be approved by the food and drug administration as early as today could be a gaman r. it's called s ketamine and comes in the form of a nasal spray, the treatment will be administered in a doctor's office, and it works quickly, showing improvement in a couple hours. inlinical trials, the
4:48 pm
treatment helped decree suicidal thoughts in treatment immediately. as ketamine is a variation of the an stet you can ketamine and used as a party drug, there are some side effects that can include dizziness, nausea and a feeling ofdissociation, and the potential risk for addiction. but the fdaays for some the benefits outweigh the risks. and experts say this drug is safend effective when used in a medical setting with a low dosage. we're waiting to hear about fda approval o s-ketamine but it could be a big improvemt for a lot of people with depression. >> that's amazing ift can be effective within hours. and life changing, too., than doreen. news4 is committed to changing minds about mental health issues if you oru someon now is suffering from
4:49 pm
depression, there is help out there. head to our website and click changing minds for a listing of urcal resources. ng back to the weather. doug, when do we start to take the di >> it's coming in today, coming in tomorrow, andia espy tomorrow night into wednesday morning, that's when you'll notice it the most. wind chills on wednesday stay in the teens. this is arctic air makes its way march. take a live love at the reston camera, looking okay out that way. plenty of sunshigh, th one thing you don't see is snow from yesterday's storm, most it around our region was rain and sleet. right now temperature 42 degrees. dropping through the 30s 337:00 and 30 by 11:00. most of you in the teens overnight tonight and that's the actual temperature. look at the numbers, he 42
4:50 pm
d.c., 34 hagerstown. 22 back towards pittsburgh. sohis cold air continuing to move in overnight tonight and really over the next couple days as we toss over to amelia. this is kind of winter's last gasp p here we think for the xt week, week and a half of much colder than average temperaturte. >> abso. but signs of spring are all around us, one being daylight saving times this weekend. we have astronomical spring starting march 20t we're talking about the park theyce announcing when think peak bloom will be. starting off with your out the door forecast, make sure thet kidse bus stop every single day this week are bundled up, the warm coat, the puffy coat, probably the hat, scarves wd gloves. tomorrow start off around 24 degrees by 6:00 a.m., by 8:00 a.m. still only in the mid 20s, cooler in the suburbs, but at
4:51 pm
least we have plenty of sunshine out there there. youhe need warm coat and the sunglasses for the majority of the work week. check out the wind chills versus temperatures. a high temperature tomorrow around 40 degrees but with the winds feels like around 30. wednesday brutal from start to finish. 35 for a high t feeling about degrees wednesday afternoon at best. thursday a high temperature near 40 but the wind chills in the mid 20s. this is wednday, the colde day out of the work week, 8:00 8:00 degreesling in washington and single digits just about everywhere else as well. up towards hagerstown potentially feeling one below zero. at recess on wednesda lunchtime, it's still only feeling like we're in the single digits andteens. and it doesn't improve as we look to wednesday night. as we look to the ef the work week, into the weekend, the temperatures start to moderate but rain moves in. >> we need a storm system to bring us warmer air from the south and we don get that
4:52 pm
until friday. we have a dry, cold forecast aythrough thur friday a small system, 40% chance of rain orsn , depends on the timing of this one. earlier on friday could be some snow. later on friday that would give the atmosphere a little time to warm, temperature up to 44. 52 on saturday. saturday looks great. and spring forward on saturday night into sunday as we move into spring, high temperatures on hesunday, 64 forirst day of spring but that comes with rain, no we cannot g ary weekend my friends. >> down and up we go.u, thank doug. you'll be seeing a lotl mo logredients on the menus when you dine out in loudon county. local food pro deucers hooked up with local buyers today at an p event called speed dating. >> i think everybody is seeing
4:53 pm
the benefit of delivering on that promise ofoudon grown, made, and the loudon taste. 's an important part of what visitors want today. >> a ringing bell means a deal is made. music to the ears of anyone who loves to eat farm to table. l soundse a good deal. >> smart idea to keep all those ideas working withi the community and helping each other out and helping to make money. that's what it's all about. let's get a look at what's coming up at 5:00. busy monday, of course, we're going to continue to remember actor luke perry this evening. > celebrity tributes are sudden in after his death at 52. tommy mcfly is going to join us live in the studioal toabout that. >> more trouble tonight for the silver line, a new mro parking garage that's sinking into the ground. instead of kiss and ride,
4:54 pm
it's kiss and run. adam tuss shows us what project leaders are doing to fix this problem. working for your money tonight. we love a trip to target but that may not be the best way to shop. >> consumer reporter susan hogan avs the secret to saving. you may already it. >> it's big savings too. we'll total up at 5:00. see you soon with those stories and more, about six minutes. >> we want
4:55 pm
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it's been a year since thousands of froze even eggs and embryos were destroyed at fertility centers in two states. nbc news' ericka is looking at a g inoversight. >> reporter: her hope of ever having a biological child was destroyed one year ago when a cryo tank storing her only egga d embryos malfunctioned at university hospital center necleveland. >> i still drive past the building and get mad. >> reporter: more than 4,000 eggs and embryos were lostth at ohio facility, and a similarbu separate incident occurred in san francisco the same weekend. the incident exposed a gapn
4:58 pm
oversight at the fertility industry. both centers passed their most recent inspections and u had to date credentials but it wasn't enough to prevent the failures. an nbc news investigationed reveal no agency has authority over storage tanks because thes tare not labeled as medical devices. this loophole can lve fertility centers and patients in the dark about potential problems with s. >> it's just really difficult to get rigorous high quality information about fertility topics. >> former patients, deborah and jake anderson started a platform fertility iq to make up for what they say was a void of quality information for those struggling to start a family. >>p it's to the patients to step up and ask the specific questions and hope theet honest answers. >> to date the site has 300,000
4:59 pm
participants. c signaling strong desire for accurate data and greater protections for their hopes of becoming s.pare first at 5:00, tornado terrow. >> all of a sudden it sounded like a train or something coming through. >> the deadly path of destruction, leaving an entire town wiped out. actorperry dead just days after suffering a massive stroke. hollywood pays tribute to this lost star. one shopping st, two very different trips to target. >> i'm consumer reporter susan hogan unloecing thet to saving big on your next target run. but first, a mother's message. >> killing my childhe's only done less than nine hyyears. >> man who kidnapped and killed a local teenager is about to walk free. >> it is that moer's trage
5:00 pm
boiling over torcht one day before her daughter's murderer is to be l out of prison. >> darcy spencer is there to tell us what's next in the case. >>a' body was in the slope there. >> angela wood's 14-year-old daughter was found dead in this area 20 years ago. her killer was arrested years later and sentenced to 15 years behind bars. but now he's set to walk free tuesday after serving just eight and a half >>years. my child had her college degree money set aside, and this monster just came and took her life from --ro me. >> owens was abducted and strangled on her way to northwestern high school back i 96. a dna hit solved the caseye 14 s later, matthew bethia was arrested. he pled guilty in a plea deal and was sente


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