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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 4, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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at least 23 people were killed, dozens more are injured. our team coverag begins with nbc's jay gray in lee county, alabama. >> a day later, the images are overwhelming, east alabama left in ruins. >> we lost children, mothers, fathers, neighbors, and friends. >> reporter: right now teams are sifting through the rubble searching f survivors and victims. >> i would describe the damage that we have seen in the area as catastrophic. >> reporter: from what forecasters say was an efh tornado w winds of 170 miles an hour. >> i estimated the path width .78 miles or almost a mile wide. monster tornado. >> reporter: ripping apart everything in its path. >> the next thing we know the wind starts ripping the house apart. we start seeing delay light because there's no roof.
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and then the ceiling fell -- well, the ceiling fell on our heads. >> repter: families who live through the storm describe the horror. >> we got down on the floor and we was hugng each other a i told them, i said y'all just hang on, andlle was just a holding onto each other. >> reporter: when the winds finally stopped, little was left. >> when i got there, it was -- everything was wiped out. like there was nothing left. >> reporter: the landscape and lives here forever changed. >> a live look now just how fast the recgery is starthere. you can see this ef-4 tornado, winds 170 miles an hour, threw a tree through the center of this roof. we are now working to try and pull that out. s leftf the structure but part of it is gone as well, torn away from the home and thrown several feet into the yard. you can see debris scattered across the area here, power lines, trees down wherever you look. it's a scenario playing out
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across the strike zone. and to give you some perspective on thi thing, this storm overnight, more deaths related to tornado than any -- or at all last year. we had more deaths in one night than the entire season last year. >> this one cut a wide, wide path of destruction. thank you, jay gray. >> can you imagine through something like that. >> no. these storms didn't come out of nowhere. forecasters had bee warning about severe weather in the south as early as lastek >> what they got in alabama was about as bad as it gets elia draper is in the studio now with a closer look at the scope and strength of these deadly tornados. amelia? >> when you see the video coming out of the southeast, it is absolute unbelievable. catastrophic image, and it wasn't just in alabama yesterday. check it out. here are all the tornado
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reports, potential tornado reports yesterday from the gulf up through the carolinas over 40 reports yesterday. the national weather service is out surveying the damage but this is the area of interest hearing about the lee county tornado, it's right on the line inab a, next to georgia. you can see the long line. so the national weather service is determining how manyna ts this is and what strength. here's what we know, lee count hit with at least an ef-4 tornado, we could see this go up to an ef-5 winds estimated at 170 miles an hour, that means single family homes absolutely destroyed. and again, investigators are ill determining, do they need to bump this up maybe to an ef-5. so far we have ef-2 tornados reported in four states. to give you an idea when we talk about the enhanced scale and how measures tornados, an ef-4 is extreme damage, ef-5 means winds
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over 200 miles an hour. incredible damage. doug and ihink they could see this upgraded to an ef-5 looking at some of the j homes nott destroyed but wiped clean. >> i don remember a levive tornado in all f on our coverage. >> it's been time. inking back to an ef-4 we haven't had one since 2017 in the. stat >> thank you, amelia. >> thanks, amelia. let's turn to our local forecast now. a lun of out there today, but it's feeling more like january than it's suppose to el this time of year. >> and it's going to get worse, that's the word right, doug? >> y, the same storm system that brought us the rain and snow yesteheay and storms to the south is out over the atlantic but behind it colder air. satellite and radar showing y where the storm is. it's off towards the east. allowed very cold air to make its way all the way down into thesoutheast. they are cleaning up tonight
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with temperatures in the 30s, down into par of alabama and georgia. for us 32 d.c., the currentind chill, 21 in hagerstown, 9 in many pittsburgh. some really cold air moving it tonind it's going to be here all week long, guys. that's the big thing. frigid air moving in wd chills in the teens by tomorrow night. wednesday morning the coldest by far and most of the week is dry. that's what we need. we are tcking two storms, one friday and one for sunday. just in time for the weeken >> of course. but of course. it had to be on the weekend. thanks, doug. >> thank u, doug. to politics now. the house judiciary committee is moving forward with a massive investigation into president trump. >> the committee, chaired by democratic congressman gerald nadler is requesting documents from 81 individuals and entities, a sweep from presint trump's business interests to his political activities before and after his election.
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>> nadler said the committee is oncussed on questions that concern obstrucf justice, public corruption and abuses of power. blayne alexander has been digging through the list a joins us with the latest. hi, blayne. >> doreen and leon, good evening to you. this is something we've been expeing to seeince november. remember after the midterms last year we heardte repy once democrats controlled the house we would see a lot of new sweeping investigations into the president and his affairs. well, it appears now that's exactly what we're seeing and democrats are apparently justd. getting star today the house judiciary committee launching a sweeping new investigation into president trump, his white house, and his campaign. requesting documents from at leastes 81 entiith ties to the president. including, the white house and the fbi, along with the trump organization, the campaign, even members of the president's family. asked today if he will cooperate. a >> i coopera the time with everybody. you know the beautiful thing. no collusion, it's all a hoax.
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>> reporter: the democrat leading that committee, jerry nadler said it will delve into three areas, all three of whi could lay ground work for impeachment proceedings but nadler and other top democrats say that is not their >>focus. e don't need to make the president a martyr, so we should procith caution. >> reporter: this latest development promising even if special counsel robert mueller is close to wrapping his russia probe, the cloud of over the whit house will not lift soon. over the weekend, even before today's announcements, president trump defiant, speaking to his base for more than two hours, the longest speech of his presidency calling the democrats' investigations politically motivated. >> we're going to go into hi'r finances, going to check his deals. these people are sick. >> reporter: late today, three announcing ocrats they have requested documents
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and white house interviews about any communication between president trump and russia's vladimir putin. and in that request letter, democrats pointed to this article from the "the washington post" back in january saying that president trump went to, quote, extraordinary lengths to conceal details of his conversations with ssia's vladimir putin. that's why democrats say they specifically want to hear from the translators who were in that room during those conversations. doreen, this is actually the secondeq time thisst has been filed. they say that the white house did not respond to th first requests last month. back to you. >>e blayne alexander with latest. thank you, blayne. two big developments in the democratic presidential race today. former attorney general eric holder is opting out. and former colorado governor john hickenlooper is opting in. >> i'm running for president because we're facing a crisis that threatens everything we stand for.
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as a skinny kid with a funny last name, i've stood up to bu ies. >> during his tenure as governor thetate passed strirkter environmental rules and gun laws after a deadly mass shooting. eric holder meanwhile has the ed not to see democratic nomination. he says even though he won't rue he will in the fight. he is working with a democratic group to end gerrymandering. mounting questions over whether d.c.'s longest serving elected official violated ethice or broke the law. >> mark segraves spoke to lawmakers today about the growing troubles for jackevans. >> reporter: jack evans is one of the most powerful elected officials in the district. he's chairman of th mro board of directors. e-mails obtained by "the washgton post" reveal that
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evans, with the help of his chief of staff, sent e-mails in 2015 and 2018 to lawir with business proposals offering hips andlatio influence in doing business in the district if they were to hire the council member. d.em counselrs are allowed to hold outside jobs but t e-mails were sent using an government e-mail address. >> members should not use e-mail for personal gain. on the face of it that appears to be what happened which is why i said it's inappropriate. >> reporter: the code of ethics says members should avoidte conflict of st and refrain from using their positions for personal profit orgain. "the washington post" also reported on a subpoena the mayor's office received last year seeking records pertaining to evans' dealing with an outdoor sign company looking to do business in the district.
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mayor muriel bowser is taking a waitee approach. >> my focus would be on the process playing out and allowing the board of ethics and vernment accountability to look at our code of ethics in thegovernment. we're all held to that code of ethics, and determine if there were any lines crossed. >> reporter: reached by phone today,vans declined to comment, but his attorney tells otws4 that evans didng illegal and the use of the government e-mails was simply a mistake. in the district, mark segraves, news4. anymetro's bent us a statement in the last 90 minutes saying the board has requested that itsff ethicser review the matter regarding jack evans. novirginia's gov and attorney general are stepping out for some of their first public events since controversies last month over both menti adm to wearing blackface in the 80s. the governor spoke today, and
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made no mention of the blackface controversy. last night, the attorney general made his first public appearance since the scandal speaking at a interfaith event on race relations. >> i'm still listening about how they've been imcted by this and listening to virginians to e if they would like me to continue, if i still have their trust. >> herring said he hopes the positive change will comes a result of the controversy. people of the church praised him for coming out and making an appearance. hollywood shocked by thede h of former "beverly hills 90210" star luke perry. he was just 52. whwe're learning about the complications he suffered from a massive stroke. the mother of a murdered teenager looking for justice all over again. >> we need to stand together to change a law, because someone is going to hurt like i'm hurting. >> we'll explain why her daughter's killer iso set go free tomorrow. >> disturbing crime in arlington
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reaking news from our live desk. stop what you're doing and watch what we're about to show you. we have new video justn of a white knuckle hold your breath, wrong way police chaseown i-95. here we go. our sister station shared this video with us. this is i-95 outside of philadelphia international t. airpor the driver of the black ford vehicle, speeding south down the northbound side of the .
6:16 pm
interstate after more than a minute it ends as you might expect here. the wrong way driver slamming into that other vehicle, flipping over in the break down lane. police say multiple people are injured here. ne at this point life threatening, hard to believe. this crash has led to a major, major backup on i-95 here we are in the heart of rush hour. doreen and leo back toyou. we'll have more as w learn. >> frightening to watch. thank you, jim. a big loss in hollywood today, actor luke perry has died. the teen heart throb from "beverly hills 90210"ar turned ie's dad on the cw hit show "riverdale" was just 52 years old. he suffered asi m stroke last week and he'd been hospitalized every since. his rep said he was surrounding by family and friends when he died this morning. coming up on news4 at 6:00, his costars react to the news. an arlingn woman startled
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awake in the night by a kiss on the cheek by a stranger who broke into her home. even though the suspect is in custody. regan fitzgerald the woman and her neighbors concerned about their safety. >> that would be a nightmare. i wouldn't wish that for anybody. >> i cannot fathom that happening. >> reporter: it is hard to im e imagine but police say it happened, a woman sleeping inside her apartment here w ie the middle of the night on saturday to a stranger in her bedroom. >> when officers arrived on scene we dermined that th female victim was asleep in her residence when she was awoken to an unknown maleusct who kissed her on this guy. >> reporter: this guy, -year-old dominic dayton. investigators say the victim was terried tha he was still hiding in her apartment, show quick quickly sent a text message to 911 telling police what was
6:18 pm
happening and wre she lives. >> when we arrived on scene, she was obviouslyt distrau from the incident. >> reporter: the woman wasn't injured just emotionally shaken up. police were able to quickly arrest dayton who they found inside the building, but the incident is still unsettling for a lot of neighbors that live around here. >> when you live in the city, you need to take extra precautions. >> reporter: investigators say that suspect was drunk when he entered that woman's apartment. but police want folks to keep two things in mind,ne they say remember to lock your doors and windows in the dayal and espe at night. they also say keep in mind that you can send a text message to 911 if calling is safe to do. you. to >> good to know. thank you, megan fitzgerald in arlington. in maryland a montgomery county council member will introduce new legislation to close the gender pay gap in the
6:19 pm
county. the bill would prevent the county from asking a question many have had to answer. >> originally ending theabender payas not a priority but he realized asking female applicants about their salary unfairy was >> when youry lie on history to set future pay you're per perpetuating the disparity gap. >> reporter: just go down the list and you find it. >> there were 13 individuals hired duringe a t period, 12 women and one man. and the one man makes more money than the women. >> reporter: tomorrow glass will introduce t act. the bill will prohibit the unty from asking applicants about their history or using it to determine starting >> the lost wage a woman won't receive because of that could mean a downpayment on a house, mortgage, getting out of debt. >> it has an impact on our
6:20 pm
abity to retire. >> ruth martin is the president. five years after watching prident obama sign executive orders on the same issue. she said glass' bill is long overdue. >> it puts a stop to women carrying wage discrimination based salaries. >> reporter: martin says the new law means h daughters won't have to be super heroes at work to earn fair pay. >> our kids won't have to fight the battles we've been fighting. it's national consume protection week. so all week long we're working for you, sharing tips to help you be a better informed consumer. >> tonight we'remsxposing s to avoid this tax season. susan hogan is here with what you need to know to protect your finances. >> reporter: that's right more consumers than ever are complaining about imposters claiming to be from the irs or department of justice.
6:21 pm
get this, just last year alone, taxpayers lost nearly $500 million to these imposter scams. let's take ak l at two kinds of schemes you should be aware of right now. both have to do withone calls and e-mails. one is we need your secret service -- social security number. no with matter who the cler claims to be, there is never a scenario the government will call and ask for it over the phone or e-mail. you're under arrest. this scheme they pose as a lal law enforcement official threatening arrest. you'll be asked to use to use a debit card or make a wire transfer. the irs will never mae make the threats. to protect yourself, hang up the phone or delete the e-mail. file early and use security software. the irs also asks if you have an elderly neighbor orve rela make sure they are aware of
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these scams. ov often times they're easy targets for thieves and they're afraid to report it. a $52 million parking garage unexpected sank several inches into the ground. >> adam tuss digging into the story at 6:30. >> reporter: a huge multi-million dollar parking garage has been sinking into the ground, but that's no longer happening. i'm adam tuss i'm going to tell you about the fix that's being made heree. to keep you s up next doug isack with a up next doug isack with a full forecastor a f
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up next doug isack with a full forecastor a f ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> -- not a lot of us. >> it was really amazing. the area we said would be the ll's eye, was. and area we said would get nothing, got nothing. the area in between, which i thought would have ae bit snow had no snow. it was amazing. some of thoseegns like frederick, maryland, clarksburg, i thoug you guys would pick up 2, 3 inches of snow before changing to rain but it was rain all the way to frederick. frederick, maryland reported .3 inches ofnow yesterday. >> why even report that? >> i know. why even get out of bed in the morning. it was amazing how much warmer air came, not just at the surface. in to work yesterday, i was 43 degrees at the airport. we lowered totals before the ow moved in, but still a lot of you seeing more rain than what was expected. places like hagerstowns and martinsburg picked up 4 or
6:26 pm
5 inches. the storm that brought us the rain now bringing in the cold. winds out of the west at 12 miles an hour. we're drying, stayi that week for the most part, the exception is friday. we'll get to that in a second. the f like temperature, the wind chill, 32 d., 25 in gaithersburg, 19 in martinsburg. that's cold. how about tomorrow night, about wher we are right now but watch tomorrow night, 11:00tsingle di wednesday morning, that's the big deal. wednesday morning in the single digits for everybody. waking up, stepping out the front door for theds 5 at the bus stop wednesday morning, 1 below in hagerstown, 7 in manassas. we'reealking s arctic cold and we're talking the month of march. kind of amazing. look what happens around 1:00. wednesday afrnoon, 1:00, in the teens as far as the wind chill is concerned. we do get a little bit better, s wind.hursday, l
6:27 pm
chance of rain or snow friday, tracking that system, it's a small system. bigger system is sunday, first day of spring. right now we've got that as a warm tustem, tempe of 64, the first day of spring, but once again you know i'll be tching that for you. set the clocks forward one hour before you go t bed saturday night. that means one less hour of partying forysou gu >> the shortest weekend of the year. >> letting you know now. >> thank you, doug. still to come we'll update theatest drama along the silver line. a new parking garage sinking and behind schedule. what we're learning about thew ne time line. in darcy spencer in hyattsville where a mom is outraged that her teenage daughter's killer is about to get out of prison after serving only a portion of the sentence. what she plans too to make sure this never happens again. up next the latest on the situation in alabama, teams situation in alabama, teams arching for more choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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>> right now at 6:30 it's a race against time. and search and rescue crews are going through this devastation looking for survivors after the thateadly string of tornados cut through alabama this weekend. >>t least 23 people a known to be dead but officials warning that number could go up because somehave yet to make it to of the hardest hit areas. one of those places the small community of beauregard in lee county. it was an ef-4 tornado with winds of 170 miles an hour.
6:31 pm
victims ranging in age from seniors to an 8-year-old girl. one woman described the moment that tornado barrelled through. >> we got down on the floor and we was hugging each other. i told them y'allust hang on and we was just all holding onto each other. >> theas governor declared an emergency and the president has promised full support from the federal government as well. >> lester holt has made hisay to alabama tonight he'll be reporting on the devastion on nbc "nightly news" at 7:00 right after this newscast. the top prosecutors in prince george's county is talking about a heart wrenchi case, an 11-year-old girl charged in the death of a 1-year-old. >> the child died after an adult left them home alone. >> tonight the parents of the victim said there should be more charges in this case. >> tracee wilkins has the story. >> reporter: paxton's life ended
6:32 pm
shortly aft he turned 1. his mothers say they trusted a friend to wat him overnight at this suitland apartment coadlex. >> he it seem like she was there with my baby the whole r:me. >> reporolice say the friend left the toddler with her 11-year-old daughter who severely abused him, causing severe head injuries that killed him a few days eter. >> polold me that she was left alone and she constantly beat my baby with something. >> this is a worst case scenario, a you have young child who's been accused of a heinous act. this child will be tried as a juvenile. >> reporter: the name of the i-year-old charged not released because of her age. >> the standardil in the juv system is what is in the best interests of the child. however, we do believe in alding childrenountable for their actions. >> reporter: paxton's mothers tell us they did not know the
6:33 pm
family friend left their baby with her 11-year-old. >> you leave somebod that you're watching, an innocent baby, in the hands of another mino with anger issues. >> reporter: now they want to see their former iend, the 11-year-old's mother charged as well. police are not commentingss on le charges for the mother. >> she lied to me, she betrayed me as a friend. >> according to prince george's heunty detectives this is youngest child they can remember being charged with such serious crime. because she's being handled as a juvenile we mayut not know a changes in this case, as they happen. tracee wilkins, news4. f starting a weekrom today, there will be more overnight lane closures on the memorial bridge. only two lanes will be open between 9:00 a.p. and 5:00 a.m.
6:34 pm
this change will allow extra room for workers to install precast concrete panels. the bridge's sidewalk will remain open andt will not affectedestrian or cyclists. there's been a sinking feeling in herndon a a massive garage has literally been dropping into the ground. now work to fix that structure is complete. transportation rep hter adam tu the details. >> reporter: a lot of people who live next t ts troubled parking garage had no idea that at one point it wa sinking. >> i did not know. that's a problem. >> reporter: but now, it's getting back on the right >> the important thing is obviously they get it right. you wouldn't want to betoriving he garage and have a bunch of floors collapse on you. >> reporter: n danger of that happening and project leaders tell news4 the green light's in eace to res work on this $52 million garage, which
6:35 pm
unexpectedly dropped about 4 inches into the ground. the problem had th do w huge foundational supports for the garage, while the exact cause ndr why the structure sank is still investigation, fairfax county officials tell us structuresrt basically weren't put in properly. >> an abundance of caution and safety we issued a stop work order to the epntractor. >>ter: now after the support columns were strongly reinforced, work getting back under way. >> probably a good ideas. it's good they get that right. >> reporter: however the delay means this garage is eight to ten months behind schedule. the saving graces the nearby silver line is also delayed. for residents like redmond handy who movedau here b of metro, he wants it to work. >> i hope they get it resolved and it doesn't delay any opening because think it's going to be awesome when it happens. >> reporter: at least now progress toward a fix. the contractor fesponsible
6:36 pm
this garage, manhattan construction was also building another garage at the herndon metro ation, that garage has checked out and is okay. don't the exact cost w know all of it for the fixes here, but project leaders tell us this is likely headed for a legal bale. along the silver line, adam tuss news4. former "beverly hills 90210" star luke perry dead tonight after a stroke at just 52 ars ol still ahead his former costars reflect on perry's life. amid outcry over the rising cost of prescription drugs, one company is making deep cutso the price of insulin. frigid temperatures across the area in the next couple days. arctic air moves in for the first week omarch. what about the rest of the month? we'll talk a little bit more about it,
6:37 pm
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he died today at the age of 52. >> last week perry had a massive stroke. nbc's dan shenman has l aook back at the actor' long career and tributes from his costars. >> reporter: his big break was on one of the biggest shows of the 1990s. cementing his place as a pop culture icon. >> where are we going? >> fieldtrip. >> reporter: as dylan mckay on "beverly hills 90210." >> i can't tell you what else i'm thinking because yourn parents aree room. >> reporter: today, heart breaky mr passing away at age 52. the actor surrounded by family and close friends succumbed to a massive stroke he suffered week. his spokesman releasing a statement saying in part, the family areciates the outpouring of support and prayers that have en extended to luke from around the world and respectfully request privacy in this time of great mourning. perry a prolific actor. >> are you stopping by the site
6:40 pm
later. >> reporter: h most recent role on the show "riverdale." on the day he was hospital ed lastweek, news broke of a "beverly hills 90210" reboot. perry had yet to sign o but told the "today" show he was open to the idea in 2017. >> i would bete inter in doingep it. >>ter: costar ian ziering, supposed to instagram, quote, god please give him a seat close to you, he deserves it. a local mother waited years for justice for the killing of her daughter. >> now more than two decades later, she says she feels like it's been stolen from her all over again. her passionate plea to change laws now that her daughter's killer is set to go free tomorrow. also ahead, incredible video of an avalanche that came
6:41 pm
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6:43 pm
a stunning turn of events in the killing of a maryland women. baltimore police say t victim's husband and his daughter staged her murder. the pair claimed smith was killed after she gave money to a panhandler. texas authorities arrested smith and valeria smith yesterday near the mexico border. both claimed jacquelyn smith wanted to give a panhandler money as they sat in the enr. listo keith smith talking about the murder last december with his daughterg cry by his side. >> some guy came over to say can
6:44 pm
i thank her, as he did that, i'm not thinking he gonna do what he didding, he commenced to stabbing my wife. >> keith smith has a criminal past. he led baltimore police on a chase nearly 20 years ago. he h a daughter waived extradition today and they could be back in maryland by the end of the week. decades ago a mom lost her daughter to violence in pconce george'sty. and now the pain is rushing back as she waits for her daughter's killer to be set free tomorrow. darcy spencer is in hyattsville with a look at why a cvicted killer is getting out of prison earlier. >> the students on their way to school found her. >> reporter: angela wood recalled the day her daughter was discovered. the ninth grader murdered on her way to school left in the woods. it took more than a decade for 14ear-old nia's killer to be
6:45 pm
caught. ng out of prison . tuesday, serving 8 years of a 15 year senten >> what happened to justice. >> reporter: owens was abducted and strangled on her way to northwestern high school back in 1996. a dna hit solved the case 14 years later. matth matthew bethea w arrested. pled guilty to second degree murder as part of a plea deal and was sentenced to serve 15 ars. a rape charge was dropped as part of the deal. >> ara st, predator, murderer is coming home tomorrow, out of prison after serving less than 9 years. >> bethea was able to rede his sentence using what's called diminutionedits, essentially time off for good behavior in prison. >> he was free for 14 years before he gotcaught. he already had his good time. >> reporter: i asked woods w t she would say to her daughter's killer if she could be when he walks through the prison
6:46 pm
gate to freedom? > were you that sellsh that you thought you could kill my child like stretch ste aing on fly or roach, how could you. >> reporter: now she's takinght her fo annapolis, making sure killers serve all their time. >>here's an injustice in that and i will work to try to correc that injustice. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. another person's dna was foundni o oens at the time of her death, and it was placed in a national data base, however it has not been identified yet. now to the promised relief of le saving medicatioto fight diabetes. a company says the new product will be half the cost and available soon. it comes amid growing criticism
6:47 pm
over patients and lawmakers over the high price of prescription drugs. the cost of insulin hasy nearl doubled, leaving some patients to put their health at risk by rationing the medication because they can't afford it. see howhe move could affect other big pharma companies on nightly news at 7:00. some of the best videos we've seen here. this is interstate 70 in colorado. what you're seeing is what you thought, an avalanche coming down the mountainside. the driver who postedhis said it was a traumatic experience but noas one trapped or injured. another car captured the same thing from the other direction. state police said i f-70 wased clor a couple hours before that could be cleared. i've drivenhat stretch of i-70 is number of times between
6:48 pm
copper mountain and vail. they have seen so much snow out there -- >> it's got nowhereo go. >> the storms we've had, they've seen them out there. some of the ski resorts, ge breckenr open through june. amazing. going through memial day weekend. for us, i'll be in ocean city, as i alwaysam. i will be there memorial day, a three-day weekend for the kids. what are we dealing with right now? we have the cold making its way in, speaking of colorado, denver last night 6 below zero. 15 right now. real cold across the country and the cold air is cominghere. 39 degrees now. dropping through the 30s, below freezing by th. puts most of you into the 20s by 11:00 tonight. i think many of you will end up in the teens. that's where we are right now withhe wind chills.
6:49 pm
29 d.c. -- d.c., 29 towards manassas. here is the cold. the 15 i'm talking about in denver. chicago, 11. these are temperatures, not wind chills. i'm getting confused it's so cold. 18 st. louis. 29 in nashville. 49 in atlanta, 46 in raleigar no air until you get to florida. that's the way this has bee the last month and a half. cold across much of the country. now tomorrow out at the bus stop, a cold one. make sure the kids are drissed. i'm talking theig coats, hats and maybe gloves if they're out there for a while, 24 at the bus stop inside the beltway. many of you 17, 18 degrees. 35 by recess wind chill in the 20s. picking upime we're if kids. it gets colder. wind chills tomorrow, mid 20s to mid 30s. wednesday, teens to around 20. that's it. 20egrees for aind chill on wednesday, that's it.
6:50 pm
thursday teens to mid 20s. we're starting to warm up there, see a trend. friday, low to mid 30s. we are tracking storm system on friday that's going to come through. that storm system may have a chance for a little bit of rain or snow but it's a small storm, just a 40% chance of that pp ing. but really cold the next three days, still chilly on friday.g waito see what happens on friday. if it comes in early it could b an iss for the morning drive but that's it. sturday 52. and thening forward on sunday. saturday night into sunday, set the clock forward and all afternoon, nobody has caught me yet, i'm looking at you guys. i said spring forward, that mes the first full day of spring, 64. it's not spring on nday. no. >> no. i didn't hear you say that? >>omebody onfacebook, thank you for pointing that out to me. spring is on march 20th. i knew that. when i said spring forward, i was very confused. yesterday i saw snow, sleet, rain, i don't know.
6:51 pm
>> maybe you need rest, doug. >> is today friday? >> not even close. >> the exact opposite, thpal. exact opposite of friday. >> thanks, doug. coming up, bryce harper making some history in philelphia and his former general manager had some strong general manager had some strong words for the star.
6:52 pm
general manager had some strong words for the star. dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board.
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you know, driving back from new jersey last night, can i tell y how obnoxious those billboards are in philadelphia, saying welcome bryce, we love you bryce. >> i thought you wouldn't notice the fans in philadelphia wouldn't be excited at all. >> you can see it from thbb l. >> of course you can. bryce harper went from a rival, fans in philadelphia loves to hate to be the most famous athlete in the city of brotherly love. he's been with philly three days
6:55 pm
xpense s sparing no showing him support.rp donningll p gear. according to fanatics, his phillys jersey sold more than any jersey in all time. the harper effect doesn't stop at jersey sales. withhe team selling more than 220,000 tickets over the so for his former team, general manager mike rzo who drafted bryce, wishing harper well just not against the gnats as he told the sports junkies earlier today. >> he's one of our own, we drafted him, signed hi developed him, watched him turn into a star with washington on hisch t. i'll high five him or hug when i see him and then i'm going to
6:56 pm
want to beat his [bleep]. 's going to wan to do the same to me. he's a greatit comp. it's going to be fun. i can't wait to tackleti the al league east. it's no joke. >> no joke. the nationals in action against the marlins. top of the third, zimmerman up, smacks the ball to left all the way to the wall. rendon comes around to store. zim advances to third. the next batter bringing zimmerman home. zim just trotting in. the marlins 1 better than the nats, win it 9-3. i the oriole action against the twins. nunez acquired las summer making his presence felt today, launching this ball over the fence in left center. orioles go on to beat the twins
6:57 pm
9-4. spring training in full swing means we are that much closer to the nhl five more weeks until the end of the regular season, that's when the caps goal of becoming ck-to-back stanley cup champions can become areality. moving up in standings. this weekend a big finish ahead of another big stretch for the capitals. four straight wins including three over metropolitan rivals. with more fun this week with a trip to philly and then home against the devils on friday. the caps are two better than th a day a yeargo and we know how that ended. if the caps want another chance at the c, now is the time to bring o the lucky caps, jerseys, doug eat the wins >> he never stopped. >> it's a fun time of year to be watching and following along. i don't think i -- you don't open up the score app for the
6:58 pm
first three, four months of the year, but now definitely foyou' owing along and seeing what's going on around the league. >> everybody have to understand right now it's time to wake up and, you know, work hard. every team right now close to each othe it's not big difference between us, pittsburgh, columbus, like four or five point. if you lose two game you out of ree playoffs. so you have to by. switching to college hoop maryland's women's head coach named big ten cthch of e year. freezear helpingyland to 25 wins. regular season champs four of the last five years. ction kickingt off on friday. buckle up, folks, it is time for march madness. >> all right. >> that's the bes of the year. >> isn't it, though? >> i agree. >>ifts our spirits with the cold weather coming our way.
6:59 pm
>> thanks for joining us, >> thanks for joining us, nightly hi, i'm jeff. >> thanks for joining us, nightly in my johnsonville commercial, we open up in the forest. >> thanks for joining us, nightly i'm out in the wild in myeating my breakfast.cial, and all of a sudden, raccoon come up and asked me, "are those bier patties?" i said, "yep." wolf comes in and says, "wow, that's a lot of sausage." and we had a good laugh about that (laughing)
7:00 pm
johnsonville breakfast sausage has 15% larger patties. fits on a biscuit. breaking news tonight. the desperate search for survivors from the nation's deadliest tornado outbreak in five years. at least 23 people killed, entire neighborhoods wiped out.r young ch among the victims. what do you want us to know about your little girl? >> she -- she was perfect. she didn't cause any problems. >> did not have hemean bone in body. sh-- >> she was the air in my lungs. >> we're live in the disaster zone. r tributes pouring in "90210" and "riverdale" star luke perry. the surprising cause of death and the warning signs everyone should know. new troubles fordent trump. democrats launched the most


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