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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 4, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. >> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> around for a second, he was jumping in my car. i didn't think i was ever going to see h again.t >> 11:00 tonight, a local mother is telling us about the
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scareest moment of her life in detailunding good evening, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> leon harris in f doreen tonight. it's a mistake this woman says she'll never make again. getting out of the and leaving the key in the ignition with her babyth strapped i back seat. >> our shomari stone spoke to the mother about what was going through her mi, an interview you'll see only on negh 4 tonit. >> i was scared. >> reporter: tamara richardson felton helplessy morning. >> i was terrified, i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: she parkear her on the 1400 block of saratoga avenue in northeast d.c. with herr- tsu-yead son marco, sitsing in his car seat in the back. she lefter key in the ignition, got out of the car to adjust his seat bel >> someo told me the seat belt was hanging out, a piece of his car seat. went and put it in. as soon as i like closed the door -- that'srter: police s when 21-year-old matthew walker, walked over, hopped in the driver's seat and sped off with marco. >> i didn't think i ever going to see him again.
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>> reporter: two people saw what to ened and invited tamara get in their car and follow walker. >> i keep telling them, go, go, go, we're going, can you go faster? >> reporter: she called 911. fewce say walker drove a blocks away to evarts street, northeast, parked the car and started to walk away. police arrested him. he's charged with kidnapping a unarmed carjacking. i was relieved that they got him because i was soe angryook my car and my baby because there's no way he didn't see marco in the backseat. >> reporter: marco is spending the night with his grandma. tamara is glad he's okay. >> i feel very, very happy, very happy. like just kind of relieved. >> reporter: she definitely thankful. tamara richardson says we can all learn what happened to her. she says if you step y out ofr car, even if it's for a couple minutes, make sure you take your keys out of the ignition. in northeast d.c., shomari stone, news 4.ha >> glad story has a happy ending. >> yeah. >> storm teamin 4 is tra a
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very cold week. tonight d.c. mayorow murielr activated a hypothermia alert. >> bundle up, folks. we're going to see teens and 20s overnight as a frigid air mass will make its way io our region, making it feel like january. more than march. >> chief meteorologist doug tell us how ere to long this is going to last. what's the word, doug? >> you saw shomari with the hat on, scarf on, heavy coat. that's the kind of clothinoi we're to need the next couple of days. this is january cold in march. t just january cold. this is cold january cold. look at the wind chill. right now in the city 21 degrees, 15 inovagerstown, 28 towards ocean city, even colder back to the north and west. so cold air continuing to funnel on in across our region. we are in for a ver cold couple of days here. frigid air continues to move wind chills will be in the single digits and teens tomorrow morning and really most of the ddle part of the week also dry for most of the week, until friday, and then the weekend. we've got a couple of storms to
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tch for, too, but right now it's all about the cold. much more on just how cold and how long it lasts. i'll seeou in ten minutes. >> we'll see you, doug, thank you. ne details on the death of a man, his body found inside a bag near a busy bethesda bus stop. we learn today that this is the aictim, francisco de la o de la cruz. oman found the bag on the side of a old georgetown road area near lone oak drive. the photos theyis released of tattoos and clothing he was wearing helped them figure out e was. >> we still don't know where he lives. we're still trying to deterne his address. and at this point we still don't know how he was killed. we're waiting for a report from the medical examiner to tell us that. >> his body was found near the popular wildwood shopping center, buts detection't think that's where he was killed. >> a maryland wom stabbed to death by a pan handler, or so everyo thought. now the two people charged in
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her murder, her husband and his daughter. baltimore police say that keith smithrginia layer i can't staged the murder of jacqueline smith back in december. they claimed the pan handler stabbed the woman to death. authorities arrested the pair in south texas yesterday near the border. it's believed they were trying to escape the country. news 4's nicole jacobs standing by in the newsroom with new reaction from the victim's mother. tells about that, nicole. >> reporter: well, leon, it's been a disturbing twi of events with this story. keith smith and his daughter virginia layer i can't went before a j texasge today after they ditched his wife's home in baimore and headed south. we are hearing from jacqueline smith's mother, anna tri sba ne for the first time tonight. she says her daughter was a good person who loved everyone, but the story smelled fishy from the begiing to famil members. jacqueline murdered after giving money to a pandl h in baltimore. at least that was the story her husband told police. but they now say it was all made
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up, and that keith actually stabbed his wife to death. he's now charged with first degree murder andis daughter virgin valeria, police say, was an accessory after the fact. th two were arrested in texas not far from the mexican border. her mother said she last saw couple when they visited her in rhode island for thanksgiving. she had these words for keith at her daught's funeral. >> i gave you a beautiful i you my beautiful daughter avughter. and you let her die like that. i know she didn't deserve to die the way she died. >> reporter: prior to that thanksgiving vit, trisvane said she had not seen her for two keith and valeria have waived extradition and should return to maryland in a matter of days. jim? >> just a bizarre turn of events. all right, nicole, thank you. now to a decades old murder case in prince george's county, tonight a mother's pain is rushing back as she waits for her daughter's killer to be set
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free tomorrow. angela wood can't forget the day her daughter's body was found in hhe woods not far from northwestern h school in hyattsville. it was 1996 and nia owens was just 14 years old. more than a decade later, matthew was arrested because of newna evidence, and eventually sentenced to 15 years in prison. but now he's getting out early because of good behavior. wood wants t push lawmakers to prevent this from happening to other families. >> how can a murderer come home on good time? my daughter will never have good times. she'd dead forever. detectives stiave not been able to identify a second peon's dna found on nia owens the night of her death. leon? jim, also tomorrow congress is going to hear from a teenager who got vaccinated against his parents' wishes and became viral sensation doing it. his name is either an linden rger and he announced today on
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youtube that he's been invited to testify in front ofe a sen committee looking into out breaks of preventable diseases ke mees ls. he said he grew up without being vaccinated because his parents believed antivaccine conspiracies. he researched the issue for himself. when he turned 18 he went and nagot vacd on his own. >> the house judiciary committee is moving forward tight with a massive investigation into president trump and demanding documents from a whole slew of people. the committee chaed by democratic congressman jerry nadler is requesting documents from 81 individuals and entities. 's a wide sweep from president trump's business interests to his political activities, before and after his election. nadler ss the committee is focused on questions surrounding obstruction of justice, public corruption, and abuses of power. today a reporter asked the president if he will cooperate. >> i cooperate all the time with everybody. and you know theul beaut
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thing? no collusion, it's all a hoax. th>> a source o house judiciary committee told nbc news that the 81 names outlined today are just the start. this was only the f document requests. >> now we turn to the crisis at the border that is straying both sidesenters on of the southern border. young migrants from the lgbt c community, it be difficult to find a place to stay while asyl requests are processed. casa ruby is housing 15 lgbt young people who arrivedro overnight san antonio. they traveled from honduras to the u.s. with a caravan last ar. immigration experts say that if the migrants can get a trial, they have a good chance of beinu granted a here. >> because the situation of violence against lgbtq fol in central america is really terrible. there is a lot of violence. geing to the trial is going to be very difficult for them. there are a lot of procedural
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hurdles that areesigned to basically prevent people from making it to a trial in the first place. >> officials at casa rubyold r partners at telemundo 44 erat i.c.e. contacted them because no o group would take those people. >> a woman in arlington says she found a man she didn't know in her bedroom in the middle of the night. >> and that's not all. she woke up to him kissing her on the cheek. police say this man you see here, dominic day ton, got into this woman's apartment through an unlocked ddoor. ven though he has been arrested, neighbors along columbia pike in arlington are still concernedbout their safety. >> i cannot fathom. >> that's terrible. it's disturbing. shouldn't happen. >> when you live in the city, you do need to take extra precautions. >> the victim texted 911. when police showed up, they were able to quickly find day ton in the building. as for that ctim, she wasn't hurt, but obviously pretty
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shaken up about the w tleng. >> you want to see something that would shake you up for real tonigh s an incrediblry of survival because there are not a lot of people who can say theyook a of the head and live to tell about it. staf mcqueen can do that. he was wearingf one o sf thnetts new combat helmets when he was attacked in afghanistan last september. today in fort belvoir, they presented the mcqueen family with that helmet mounted on a plaque. >> this helmet works and i'm a living testament to>> it. i want to kwis it, i want to hug it, i want to love it. i want to hang it in my house. >> mcqueen says from now on his soldiers will never be without a helmet in hostile environments. >> huge loss in hollywood today. actor luke perry diedt today just 52 years old. he never recovered from the massive stroke he suffered last week. perry skyrocketed to fame you'll recall in the '90s as teen heart throb on dillon mckay 90210.
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he's known by a new generation as archie's dad. reinhart tweeting she just can't believe it, and that she's finding it hard to grasp that he'll no longer be around to gi long hugs and share his wisdom with the cast. >> coming up next at 11:00, the federal government turningtp the hean more than a dozen retailers illegally selling tobacco to teens over and over and over ain. >> t desperate search tonight for survivors after the nation's deadliest tornado outbreak in five years. homes flattened, entire neighborhoods wiped out, young children are among the victims. >> plus terrifying video you'll see only on news 4 tonight. this truck barrelling down i-95 going the wrong direction. more of ts heart stopping
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this is o video you arey going to see here on news 4 tonight. it is cell phone video, rather, capturing a wild crash up in philadelphia. a driver going the wrong way on interstate 95. police say the whole thing started when officers blew their horn at a guy who was stopped in the departure lanes in the philadelphia airport. th driver tookff from the scene, jumped the curb, striking two curbs before speeding down 95 in the wrong direction. eventually colliding head on with another car as you'll see here. now, despite that violent scene,
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police say everyone is expected to survive. worsehave been a lot >> new at 11:00 tonight, the fda calling out 15 major retailers. some big names, for allegedly selling tobacco products to kids. walmart, walgreens, as well as a several gas son chains are being put on notice tonight. government officialsent under cover for the past decade and found retailers sold tobacco to kids under the age of 18. more than a million times. the agency is also targeting momp than 40 ies who may have illegally introducedes e-cigarento the market. >> we're working for your health tonight with new hope p forple suffering from depression. the fda is expected to approve a new breakthrough treatment. it is specifically designed for patients who haven't gotten relief from any other kinds of treatments. the drug is calledesketamine and comes in the form of a nasal stra spray. the treatment will be in a
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doctor's office. it shows benefits in a matter of a couple of hours. that compared to antidepressants four weeks e up to to take effect. in clinical trials, the treatment helped decrease suicidal thoughts in patients almost immediately. side effects include dizziness, nausea and the potential risk of addiction. but the fda say the benefits outweigh the w riskn taken correctly. news 4 is committed to changing minds about mental health issues. if you or someone you know is suffering from men depression, go to the website and click changing minds for resource jim? >> ten minutes, that's a all the time people in alabama had escape a deadly tornado. three children under 10 were ong the 20 people killed. this is what winds of 170 miles an houid on the ground, the same system causing damage in south carolina and mississippi. nbc's jay gray tonight with the lives that have been changed forever. >> reporter: the wreckag is
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overwhelming and stretches for miles. east alabama in ruins. you can make out some of the devastation. this car wrapped around a tree, parts of a battered house, but most of what's left here is rubble, unrecognizable. >> i would describe the damage that we have seen in the area as catastrophic. >> reporter: still, the biggest loss isn't measure the by theod splintered twisted metal examine shattered glass. >> the neighbors back here, down here, everybody is dead. >>eporter: at least 23 people died as the ef-4 twister with winds upo 170 miles an hour cut a path a mile wide and more than 20 miles long. parliament of a string of tornadoes that ripped through alabama, georgia and south carolina. as crews clear away what they can, rescue teams continue their search. deputies won't say how many people are still accounted for, but acknowledge thaninumber
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is sigficant. while survivors search for strength, many leaning on their faith. >> the only thing that's getting us through this and family and friends, too. >> reporter: support they'll need for a long time here. jay gray, nbc news, smith station, alabama. >> and we have more photos of the damage caused by these tornadoes. they're on our nbc washington app right now. just search tornado. and there were a lot of them. >> we'll be getting a lot more in the days to come because they're just now getting to some of the worst hit are this hour even. >> really amazing the amount of tornadoes t hy had. thl i saw in parts of georgia was about the size of your fist. i mean, they saw shattered windows. this is going to be a disaster. we talk about billion dolr disasters in the country, could rival that. that's something we're going to be watching over the nt couple of days. four states had tornadoes of -2 or higher. those can cause a lot of damage.
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out there for us, it's all about the cold. same system that brought theo tornadoese south brought us the snow and the rain yesterday and has now broug us all the cold. out there right now currently sitting at 32 degrofs, winds out he northwest, 16 miles per hour. so you add in the cold and then you add in the breeze and you really do get some pretty wicked wind chills at this hour. down to 16 right now. martinsburg 14, gaithersburg 32, down towards fredericksburg, in manassas. this is cold for march, but even in january this would be cold. so we're talking a really frigid air mass. i think we get even colder tomorrow night. right now not much of anying in the way of rain or snow wise. i want to show you just how cold is this air mass. not much going on around our area. the only storm you see going on across the eastern part of the the oman storm is down in the exact same area that saw the tornadoes yesterday. guys, this is bringin sleet a a little snow as far south as southern alabaman towards the middle georgia area. really quite amazing how much
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cold air has made itsay all the way into the deep south. -- i should sho you the temperatures here as we make our way up towards tomorrow morning. 24 degrees is what i'm going for in the city. moment of you start in the teens tomorrow morning.'s thithout the wind. 235 degrees at recess. again, big coats, hats, gloves, you bet you'll need them al d rees by the time we're picking up the kids on your school day forecast. so watch out for that. this is future wind chills tomorrow here we are 7:00 a.m. 7:00 in morning. wind chill 12 in d.c., gaithersburg 1, tomorrow afternoon 22 at noon in d.c., 17 gaithersburg. tomorrow really as we make our way into the evening hours, 27 in gaithersburg, around the winds begin to settle a little bit, but still a very cold night. andha then watchhappens wednesday morning. we're back to 2 below in hagerstown, 8 degrees in d.c. chill.wind this is frigid conditions early in the month of march. watchyhat happens noon, 1:00 on wednesday. yeah, we're not going to lunch.
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16 degrees in gaithersburg, 20 in manassas. that is one really cold air mass and it sticks around. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, all well bow average by 10 to 15 degrees. 44 friday with a chance of rain or snow. this is a system i'm going to be watching very closely. right now it looksyike mos rain. again, we'll be watching that one. it's a smaller system so not too worried about it. 52 on your saturday. spring forrd on saturday ght. set those clocks forward one hour. 64 degrees on sunday. with of course, coming rain on sunday, and then next week we're on the nice side on monday. 58 degrees. and i just have to sayft we spring forward, sun goes down starting sunday after 7:00 at night. monday we'll see it. >> all right. >> thank you, doug. >> coming up, virginia makes the statement, a big o one ahe the acc tournament tonight. plus the caps with quite a few pre-gameal ris. why they're so important to the
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team thisime of year. >> as long as they work. >> yeah. >> sports coming up next. first here's jimmy >> hey, guys. gwyneth paltrow is my guest tonightlus tony hail. music from trippy red. great show. ot change the channel. ot change the channel. comen. o ot change the channel. comen. o (music throughout)
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>> announcer: t the xfinity sports desk. >> college basketball means the most in march for second ranked virginia. they're one of the best teams in the untry, and gearing up for a tournament run. the end of the regular season just around t corner and the cavaliers taking down any team on their schedule. tony bennett's cavaliers at the carrier dome visiting syracuse. virginiahe shooting lights out. c second halfavs down two. kyle guy from three. money. guy gives virginia a one-point lead.r late in the half, shooting from way out nearly half-court. knocking it down, he hit 16. then late in the game, guy putting the finishing touches on this one, just buriesot anr. game high 250 for guy. virginia shoots 72% from three
11:26 pm
as a team. my producer says that's better than his algebra grade back in high school. cavs win it 79-53. the cavs are gearing up for a playoff push ofre h their own, currently sitting first in the division, the cavs have 16 game left before the postseason starts. they are approaching every game from here on out with that playoff mind-set, but making sure they're having fun on the ic too. with the playoff push here, pregame rituals like braden's eye exercises needed now more than ever. all players have a little something. alex ovechkin twirling his stick. even the new guy, carl and tom starting their own trumpet ve playing, whate you call that. but t.j. oshi, one of the leaders daming the pr he friendly tap out a before the game. yeah, it's a lite odd, but it's part of their routine, and his teammates appreciate it as things get serious. >> that's jt who he is. lots of energy and on a day like
11:27 pm
today, a game last night, he's one of the guys around the rink you're so lucky to have because energy.ways got he's always keeping it light and just such good teammate. i think you guys would be blown ay with how many handshake ands all that stuff that goes on before the game. t just habit now, ritual, whatever you want to call it. just kind ofin e, keeps it light beforeha the game. fun, i guess. >> they have so much fun. all right, the nakslways also in action against the marlins the top of the third. ryan zimmerman. smacking the ball to the left. ce comes around to score an rbi double, he advan to third on the throw. first rbi on the spring. curt bringing zimmerman home with a single to left, zim trotting on in. but the marlins one better than the nats. 9-ey win and we are so close, the opening day is at the end of march. >> almost here. >> can you believe it?
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>> all right, bring 'rit. weready. thank you, shari.
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hey, who needs a drive-through when you can hav a slide through? for the first time, yep, the taco bell serving up orders on the slopes. the restaurant teamed up with a it dian resort to make happen. now people can place their orders at the top of the hill, then hop a tube and slide to the take-out window at the bottom to snag their food and indigestion.
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>> north of the border. t. you're probably safer sliding in than sliding might not want one behind you. got it. >> look at that, g the bag. cold tacos. >> that does it for us. the tonight
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- gwyneth paltrow, tony hale,


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