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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 6, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EST

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amazon's etails about arrival in articlingtop. when and where you can expect to feel the impact o this tech giant in our backyard. and stopping sexual assault. one restaurant at a time. the simple phrase you can use to signal workers that you need help. >> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now.s first torning waking up to more cold weather. it's 5:00 a.m. 23 degrees outside our studios here. your wednesd m will not beuch yrmer than it is right now, folks. ou can see the flag blowing in thee.reeze th yesterday's temperatures were just the beginning. it is going to be even colder today and thatil means you wl need extra layers to stay warm. here we go. >> good morning, everybody i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. melissa mollet has a look at tht co first we have to check thest fore with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. it is march? >> yep. >> you sure? >> i'm positive. and the way you know that is notice how long the days are
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ougetting. have noticed? >> little bit. >> sun is out. and today when we chang the clocks ahead this weekend, you'll really notice. those who have to go to bedly super e the days of going to bed in the dark are coming to a quick end as sunsets will be after 7:00 starting on sunday. right now the cold wind is blowing. wind chills are going to hover between about 5 and 15 degrees this morning. and stay in the teens to around 20 all day. barely above freezing.hi i only national airport for two or three hours today is likely to get above most of the outlying suburbs especially northern maryland and the shenandoah valley not going to get above 30 or 31 degrees owtoday. righthe temperatures in the teens and 20s. that only tells half the story. the gusty northwest winds have wind chills now at 7 in montgomery county, 9 in loudon county and 11 down in southern maryland. there's your planner. plenty of sunshine, plenty of
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wind. temperatures today struggling to get above 30 degrees for most areas. downtown probably closer to 35 degrees. not going to stay this cold for too much longer. i have the five day outlook coming . melis melissa? >> thank you, chuck. silverr spring outeop after georgia avenue still have a work zone blocking the right lane. it's not impacting anything. that's the good news. taking a look here at 66 into town, out of town,o worries. 95 northbound is fine through virginia. uthbound after quantico seeing a little blip of the slow down on our map there. hyattsville southbound bw parkway before 50 crash is on the left shoulder. we were seeing quite a slow down and nowhat has cleared because the crash is on the shoulder and mountrainer, if you're headed into northeast this morning and that's your typical route, the left lane i the only thing getting by this water main break. we're not sure when that'soing toclear. eun? >> melissa, thank you. it's now 5:02. we begin with yet another troubling school lesson during
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black history nth. white principal at a maryland private school admitted using the n word during a blast history month assembly. >> coming less than two weeks after students at a loudonty cochool were instructed to be slaves during an activity. news 4 jtin finch is live outside new hope academy with more on the latest incident. justin, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, eun, good morning. wellhe princip here has apologized, but for some parents here at news hope that just not going to be enough. in a written statement that we now have on our nbc washington app and our web page, principal joy moro says she gave a here last thursday stepping up after their scheduled black history mon speaker had to cancel. she says that she grew up in iowa. she is white in the 1970s and used the n word to convey the racial charge of that word in that time. and she apologized, she says, after it became clear that students were offended despite
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context. but some parents say she should have known tter. >> well, addressing students is always you know something that professionals need to take great care in and especially using that type of word that holds such weight in an educati environment just in any environment really is nacceptable, but especially in an educational environment. >> reporter: now, morrow spoke with news 4 off camera a shared this apologize reading in part here, i apologized. i look at it and think i could have handled that differently. my approach may not have been the best, but i am a passionate educat educator. b the n word is just a wd you do not use around them especially more than once. we're live here in hyattsville, i'm justin fih, news 4. >> justin thank you. it's now 5:04.
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montgomery county elementary schoolteacher has been arrested for possession of child pornography. damon has taught physical education at ash burton elementary school in bethesda. polion say the investiga does not appear to involve any pictures of students. the news 4 i-team reports he is a 28-year veteran of the school district. he has been on leave from the school since january. developing this morning in police areashington trying to track down a driver who hit a man and took off. this happened near the intersection of rhode i and avenue and franklin street northeast just after 9:00 p.m. last night. the roadway was shut down for hours overnight to investigate. its open this morning. we expect to get an update on the victim's condition later today. lawmakers in county are pushing to make some drastic changes to how police-involved shootings are investigated. this stems from a shooting last ndar. an officer shot killed robert white outside a conn silver spring. the officer thought white was armed. he was
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inigate -- the death investigation was turned over to the howard county prosecutor's office for impartiality and now county council members are proposing a law that require these investigations be handed over to another lawennforcement and unaffected prosecutors. council members say that move woul increase impartiality the county police chief says the plan mht be hard t put into practice. >> so i'm not opposed tn impartial outside investigation. what i can't have is the chief of pice in this county is response time that leaves a victim, a body in the street for hours waiting for someone from another jurisdiction to get there. >> now in a few weeks therc law enent trust and robertrency act or the white law will be on the agenda for the unty's public safety committee. happening today on capitol hill, another round, the president's former personal attorney michael coh will testify before congress for the fourth time in a week but you won't be able to see it. the meeting with the house
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intelligence committee will happen behind closed doors. cohen is set to start serving a three-year prison sentence in may for several charges including lying to congress. this time last week the nuclearummit with president trump and north korea's kim jong-un was falling apart. w nbc news reports that north korea is rebuilding a long-range rocket site. a washington think tank released tuthese ps following their full report last week. one of the authors of the report says it appears the north is preparing to build a nuclear tercontinental ballistic missile. these pictures were reportedly taken just two t days afterhe summit tks broke down. we're learning new details following a deadly tornadoes that cut through eastern alabama over the weekend. the local coroner says 7 of the 23he victims are from same family. the victims were between the old.of 6 and 89 years this morning a handful of people are still unaccounted for. president trump is scheduled to visit southeastern alabama on
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friday. p d.c.lic schools officially has a new cechor. his nomination was approved yesterday by the d.c. unl. ferebee comes from indianapolis where she was a superidsendent. he h masters from george washington. he is the third chancellor under mayor muriel bowser. eight minutes after 5:00 be extra careful on the parkway again this morning. the plans to repair the many potholes on that road were postponed. we toldd you this r would be shutting down for those repairs yesterday morning. turns out the equipment that s needed broke. the national park service sayst ey're not sure when those repairs will be rescheduled. ated, try to keep you u though this morning, we're getting a better look at how amazon will develop the national landing te in virginia. >> arlington county just eleased details of its agreement with thretail giant. news 4 drew wilder is live where amazon's h 2q site will be.oo
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drew,morning. eun and aaron, good morning. amazon wants a slice of arlington county's hotel tax revenue, but to do that, it needs to build out its infrastructure in accordance tive here is how that's going to look. by july of next year, amazon ll need t take up about 64,000 square feet here in crystalcity, whichs about the size of the white house. but, then by july of2021, amazon will nd to grow more taking up a quarter of a milton square fee which is the size of four white houses. but by 2034, the last year of incentive payments, amazon needs to take up more than 5.5 million square feet. t nore is some criticism of this deal because there aren't specific requirements for amazom when it to hiring contractors or how much they should be paid. nonetheless, arlington county board will vote on this march 16th. for what it's worth, aaron and better ried to find a visual for what 5.6 million
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square feet looks like. this is really the best i could do. it's close in size to the barcelona airport or maybe even e magson healthcience center in seattle. i don't know if that helps much but a shoutout to t news 4 graphics department who put 83 white houses on a graphic for us. doing the lord's worke out h this morning, guys. >> that's a good point. >> that's a visual, righ >> that takes some work. drew wilder. >> >> reporter: anything helps. 5:10 right now. it's almost spring which means we're weeks away from the national cherry blossom festival. later this morning, organize will annou when they think the cherry blossoms willeach ak bloom when 70% of the blossoms are open. this year's festival opens on march 20th, the first official day of spring. today christians around the world will observe ash wednesday which marks the beginning o lent. one alexandria church is making it easy for busy worshippers.
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the alfred street baptist church is oeringashes. ashes to go will be given in front of the church at the corner of duke and south alfred st wets. anesday means the arrival means that mardi gras ns are officially over as you can see from the live picture here. just a few people stillut wandering a hoping that eventually they'll remember where their hotels knare. now yo you see all that trash on the side of the street there. it will take a few days to clean it up after the parties there. new orleans city officials say that during last year'sas carnil 1,200 tons of litter were collected. that in perspective, that's about 480 full size pickup trucks. it's estimated that about 25 osllion pounds of beads will have beend during the week's of celebration leading up to yesterday. 5:12 almost now. ming up, an eagle nest invader. d.c.'sfter a reunion for most famous flying there's a new animal in their
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nest this morning. >> get out. plus, birthontrol warning. why the pillsom millions of wen rely on to prevent pregnancy may be faulty thi mont chuck? got to love that video the fat tuesday walk of sme back home from new orleans. >> you two know it so well. >> i was going to say. familiar? >> melissa a do it all the time. it's fun. your weekend looking a little milder but pretty rainy day on sunday. closer look at cancer won't wait for appointments to open up, test results to come back, or treatment plans to start. at cancer treatment centers of america, we make time for cancer patients. time to answer questions, relieve worries, and turn indecision into good decisions.
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they're not talking about how our pre-chopped veggies are perfect time-savers. they're also not talking about our unique assortment of over 1,300 nature's promise items. or our fresh grab and go salads and sandwiches. they're not talking, because they're eating. oh hello, that looks so good.ia at, it's the little things that make meal time easy, so you have more time with thpeople you love. >> annchncer: you're wg "news 4 today." talk about a traffic nightmare. causedy roads may have more than 09 cars to pile up on a busy highway in ohio. take a look at the scene not far from cleveland. police say one car spun out of control on the icy road etsterday. thatff a chain reaction. dozens of cars wered. crushe several people taken to the hospital. all of them are expected to be
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okay, though. out in colorado, avalanches e being triggered on purpose near some mountain roads. transportation crews used explosives to send snow flying off the slopes yesterday. a 15 mile stretch ofsountain road to be shut down as they cleared up to 15 feet of snow that fell. that's a lot of sn. this is a method accidental avalanches which have impacted traffic in the last few days trying to get ahead of all that snow. remember we showed you thisrd video yeste of one of those natural avalanches look at that. covered that car. >> nobody was hurt here but left a lot of drivers stranded on sunday. better to do it in the controlled way you can shut down the road. >> if you'reru driving that tck and all of a sudden an avalanche fallsn your car what would you do? >> we're learning more about a suspected case of measles in marylandfter additional testing health officials in saint mary's county found the patient does not have the virus. the results came back negative. artment had issued
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a warning and opened a hot line. that hot line has since been deactivated. the young man who publicly challeng mother's views on vaccination took center stage here in washington. ethan lienburger's mom didn't have him vaccinated as a child but as soon as he turned 18 he did it himself. he spoke before congress taking on the anti-vaxers and social media heyesterday. old congress sites like facebook are to blame for spreading misinformation about vaccine safety. >> for my h mother, love, affection and care as a parent was used to push an agea to create a false of stress. and these sources which spr misinformation should be the primary concern of the american people. >> 17 states allow vaccine exemptions because of personal beisefs. he says younger sibles are still not vaccinated. 5:16 now. therents an impor recall for women who take birth control pills. the food and drug administration says birth control pills may not arranged correctly in the
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packages. meaning you may take a placebo pill insteadua of the a hormone pill and puts you at risk of getting pregnant. if you're unsure of which company b makes yourth control pills it's importa to call your pharmacy to find out. a new code word is floating around bars i arlington county. >> three simple words, ask for angela. part of an effort to keep people safe and preve sexualsault. here is how it works. if a partner or stranger, a date online makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened, you go to the , r. you say, h angela here tonight. the staff member will pull you aside and ask what you need. >> discreet way of just letng th bartender know or the waitress know that something is not right. >> bar staff members all around arngton are training with arlington police on how to respond to customers in
5:18 am
a complete list, people who are participating in this ask for angela program, head to the nbc washi 5:18 right now. chuck, i had the scarf wrapped all the way up to my eyeballs. >> the scarfidn't do any good. >> really? >> with the wind blowing this morning? >> sure. >> right through my clothes. >> i don't understand. this was completely ie forecast. how did you not know? we knew but it's -- once you feel it hitting your face. >> just tell us again right now. do it. >>ere is the headlines. it will be cold and windy everybody. don't get caught off guard today and i did peeking the record here. today will be the 11th day this cold season and because we had snow in november last year and because s oftentimes we havee exceptionally cold days in march, ratherhan just say for the winter, the cold season, november through march, we' d 11 days. today will be the 11th 10 degrees or more colder than average.
5:19 am
last winter the same time we had 21 such days and the two winters before that,h pretty m where we have been this year, 10 to 12 cold, cold,s cold d during the winter season. today will be one for northwest are blowing out there near 14 miles per hour. 23 the temperature in washington. but it feels like 11. and when you get outside the city now, wind chills are down close to zero 9 the current wind chill in frederick, maryland. in quantico and 14 in annapolis, so frigid waiting for the buses this mo kids, layer up. prepare for those wind chills hovering between 5 10 degrees. lots of sunshine. if you have an outdoor recess day today,ake sure you have your heavy coat for sure. hat with the tie downs whatever you got, scarf, mittens and sustlasses. at lhe sun will be out. high pressure will keep us dry around here for today and for tomorrow. we are still watching for a chance of some rain which could mix with wet snow in the
5:20 am
shenandoahaly late friday morning. saturday looks dry, fair number of clouds around, highs near su. back to near 60 degrees.ut melissa, good morning. >> good morning, chuck. taking a look at t road. hyattsville southbound bw parkway before 50 cra on the left shoulder, so we're not seeing too much of a delay. it is still there. tow sound like on the way. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway not seeing any problems. had that earlier situation. outer loop there after georgia with a work zone, that is also clear so that is gone from our system. mount s rainerthbound route 1 at 38th street left lane still getting by the water main break. the repairs still under way. no word on whenhat will be wrapped up. 95 in virginia, 18 minutes. aaron? ♪ thank you, melissa. it is 5:21 right now.
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still ahead, one of theseomes
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everyone can relax, including me because i was worried. d.c.'s longestasting bald eagle couple liberty and justice e back together. oh happy day.
5:24 am
>> sometimes that time apart really shows you how much you belong together. >>yes, it works. >> according to the earth's conservation core on saturday the two love bir were seen mating for the first time since justice left the nest unexpectedly for 18 days. while justice was gone, liberty sought out new suitors. liberty abandoned the two legs she laid just before justice disappeared, so the window for liberty to lay new eggs apparently has probably closed for the year. >> maybe they'll have another opportunity next year. >> i'm sure theyan l. they can have a good time, spend time getting to knowr each ot again. kicking this thing out of the nest. >> they need to get this thing out of there. >> shod up on t eagle cam last night. >> disrespectful. >> kind of sad, though. the raccoon made a bit of a feast. >> i don't want to know. >> out of the abandoned eggs there. >> yuck. >> so you know, nature. raccoons will eat anything. so this will probably catch your eye pretty onquickly. row house out of a whole treet that will be two stori taller than other homes on the
5:25 am
street. >> look at that. this is happening on a street in northwest d.c. right now. news 4 cory smith talked to neighbors about the controversial popu and the surprising law that allows it. >> reporter: in a world full of row homes, one developer has decided to build a popup. it is not going down wellith neighbors. kennedy 00 block of street, homeowners and passer byes are taking notice of the extreme contrast and size and style between their homes and the five story behemoth. >>us prefer to jt be a regular one family home. >> reporter: his neighbo deborah powell feels the same. >> it's really an injustice to the neighbors. isit really who would approve something likh ? >> reporter: the city did. we captured someone on site this morning. the designs have been approved and reapproved and currentaw zoning allow for the home to reach 50 feet into the air. >> this is really wrong. it's a bad decision. >> reporter: the developer sees things differently. for powell, it's a signal that this is a sign of the times.
5:26 am
>> you think your going to start seeing more of this. >> absolutely. that's just the beginning. >> reporter: we reached out to the department of consumer and regulatory affairs about the complaints t surroundi construction site but have yet to hear back. in northwest, cory smith, news 4. 5:26. still ahead on news 4 today, a long serving d.c. councilman issues an apology over an emill that many o his colleagues said crossed the line. >> we'll tell you what that was about. plus, chaotic moments on board a passenger cruise ship bound for florida. a strong wind gust rocked the boat to its side. we're taking you on board for that wild moment. chuck? four things to know about the xt four days. three of them are cold related. freezing cold today, staying way cold againtomorrow, maybe even wet snow flakes on friday. all hopes for feeling a littl bit more like march rest on saturday. ten-day forecast comg upn the next i h
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>> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. frigid, freeng,rosty i'm sure you can think of a few choice words yourself. whatever you want to call tit, is down right cold outside, 23 degrees outside of our studios here in northwest washington.
5:30 am
bur. good morning, everyone i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. it's 5:30 right now. whatever item of clothing you use to stay warmest, get it this moing and the put something else on top of it. messa mollet has a che on our commute but let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuus well to seet how bad it is outside. chuck? >> t wind chills are down close to 0. that is significant cold snap here espouially when consider we're into the first week of march. in washington, the temperatures fallen to 23 degrees. northwes wind averaging 14 miles per hour so it feels like the city. otherwise, it feels like 2 in wind chester, 4 in martinsburg. 7 in gaithersburg and leesburg and 14 for our wind chill in an allis. this cute guy available for adoption, he has short fur coat, so he needs an extra layer of warmth this morning as will the
5:31 am
dog walkers themselves. layer up and keep the pace up here early this morning to generate body loheat. 20s again with wind chills in the single numbers. afternoon temperatures will barely get to the freezing mark. that wind will be with us all day.or wind chilledour wednesday. >> it really is chilly out there this morning. thank you, chuck.ta ng a look at a brand new problem here real quickly inbound suitland parkway southeast reported crash just popped up. laurel southbound 29 after johns hopks road have anncident being reported. not sure what's going on. it's brand new. s hyattsvillethbound bw parkway before 50 crash on the left shoulder not causing any big problems. frederick, 270 southbound here from 70 to the spur 54 miles per hour and gets you there in 33 minute now the beltway overall is looking good this morning and that is great news because we had two different incidents earlier a crash. both have now cleared. 66 and in virginia no major
5:32 am
problems there. eun? parents at a prince georges private school are upset after a white principal used the n word. >> she used the word three times during a black history month assembly. news 4 justin finch is live w oh mo what parents are saying about what happened., justood morning. >> reporter: aaron, eun, good morning. as you might imagine a lot of pares here at n hope are not happy. and some are demanding muchore than an apology. many are saying now that it might be time for new hope to get a new principal. principal joy morrow did admit to using the n word at the black history month assembly last week. she says she was filling in for a speaker who cancelled last minute. so she shared aha talk she had not shared in more than two decades, recounting her youth growing up in iowa in the 1970s during what shecr des as a racist culture. now, principal morrow is white
5:33 am
and s speak to us off camera here at news 4 and offered this apology. reading in part here, i've apologized. i look at it and think i could ve handled that differently. my approach may not have been the best, but i am a passionated ator. maybe my words were ill chosen nd i own that. but please do miss what i was trying to say. but f some parents that may not satisfy them. poorthink that it was a decision and i think to follow it up with a statement that es deflected thensibility for the decision that she made added insult to injury. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of parents saying their children came home not only upset but w also tooh some very difficult questions as well. e school here happens to be majority minority, so given the context of a white woman using that word several times in assembly, a lot of parents saying their kids were confused by that. but you can see that full statemen from therincipal on our nbc washington app as well
5:34 am
as our website. we're live here in hyattsville, i'm justin finch, news 4. >>justin, thank you. it's now 5:34. a bethesda man could spend time in jail for allegedly hanging white supremacist fliers. a student at the university of rochesters has been sited in connection to fliers and stickers posted in western new york last fall. hodgeman's lawyers say the fliers weren't hate speech or a crimeonust a violati of the town's code. he faces up to 15 days in jail. this morning, man convicted of kidnapping and killi a 14-year-old girl in maryland is free. matthew walkedut of prison yesterday. dna evidence linked him to t murder back in 196 to nia owens. she had been sexually assaulted and strangled. he was sentenced to 15 years in prison but because of good behavior hwas released before completing his sentence. the top prosecutor in prince georges county says she is disappointed but because of state law she could not prevent
5:35 am
the early release. a montgomery countyen elry schoolteacher has been arrested for possession of child pornography. he taught physical educational at ash burton elementary school in bethesda. police say the investigation does not appear t involve any pictures of students. the news 4 i-team reports he is a 28-year veteran of the school district. he has been on leave from the school since january. well, you know the saying, if at first you don't succeed, try and try agn. >> that was clearly the motto of a group of would be thooefs in marylando you're aboutee not one but two extremely botched robberies. here is the video. here they are backing the pickup truck into a 711 on blatensburg road a few weeks ago. they were trying to steal the atm b just couldn't seem to get it on to their dolly and they he pickup truck, so went a few miles away and tried again on new hampshire avenue but this te seems like they waited until they were inside the store to try to strategize.
5:36 am
>> it appears they couldn't get their act together what they wanted to do and hy wanted to pull off this theft. the would be thieves took so long their get away driver lef them. once they made it outside, the hapless three fell over a parking lot -- parking stump there with the atm landing on top of them after they struggled to their feet and surely after an argument ey ran away, not without their dolly, though. so maybe they'll -- >>ry again? >> try again. >> the police ofitcer said they couldn't get their act together. >> yeah. >> that's aboutri t. >> genius. 5:36. a look at your other top stories we're following for you this morning. president trump says on friday tour l visit alabama t the areas hit by those deadly tornadoes. the national weather servi says it was an ef-4 tornado that tore across the small town of salem. 23 people were killed. the youngest victim was 6. the oldest 89. a handful of people remain missing. > plans to repair potholes on
5:37 am
the parkway yesterday had to be the equipment needed to make the repairs was broken. inthis morng, national park service says it'she not sure those repairs will be rescheduled. health officials in saint ounty say a person who was suspected of having measles tested negive for the virus. they have deactivated the hot line. the d.c. counsel till approved the nomination the next chancellor of the school district. me comes to d.c. f indianapolis where he served as the superintendent. he isrd the t chancellor under mayor muriel bowser. happening today, michael cohen makes return to capitol hill. >> this will be his fourth day of testimony before lawmakers, t it will be behind closed doors. you'll remember last week during a public tny cohen told lawmakers that president trump was a racist, a liar and a cheat. he even said the presidente broe law while he was in office. that testimony along with two other days ofoo closed hearings led lawmakers to request cohen come back todal he'lpeak to members of the
5:38 am
house intelgence committee. cohen has been found guilty of lying to congress, so many lawmakers think he has a credibility problem, but cohen says all of his lying was done onreehalf of psident trump. the president dens all of the allegations cohen has made against him. today, a coalition of muslim and jewish aroups will release letter of support for congresswoman omar. she is one of the first twoenuss limb w elected to congress. she has drawn fire from conservaticcs whouse her of being anti-semitic. her most recent comments were last waik she sd people who were pro-israel had an allegiance to a foreign country. house speaker nancy pelosi is olconsidering a rion condemning omar's remarks. still ahead, 5:38, it's o of the world's leading conspiracy groups often accused of pushing dangerous theory. >> now they have a best seller amazon and a lot of people want it removed. plus, imagine finding out fellow air travel passenger brought a rocket launcher on board. details on this wild tsa find
5:39 am
when news 4 t od
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5:41 am
>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back. 5:41 now. there are certain things you should nev take on a plane. but this really takes it to a whole new level. a florida man tried to take a grenade launcher through airport security. get a load of this. tsa agents stopped a passenger carrying this disassembled launcher in his checked baggage in pennsylvania. it was just a replica, that's why he t take it on board apparently. taking weaponsover replica weapons can cos violators up to $13,000. >> you just leaves youhi scra your head, what were you thinking? look at that thing? >> the replica, somebody see this, it wouldn't create a panic or anything? this is just not smart. >> this day and>age. his morning amazon is
5:42 am
facing a controversy over a book that's climbing its best seller list. >> the book pushes outlandish and danrous conspiracies. the dark web covementled qanon was only available on fringe parts of the internet. the anonymously wtten book contains a compilation of unproven radical conspiracy theories, including claiming th the government created aids. the bookge currently ave five stars on amazon and amazon's algorithm seems unintentionally reward that by pushing the book up the best seller list t let'sn back to chuck bell and see what's coming in the weather. >> car washing forecast for the today, the one upside of all the wind and the t cold,ast it will be bright and sunny so you can get the car washry. it will behe next day or two. watching a chance for rain and maybe some wet snow on friday. that, plus the ten day forecast coming up.
5:43 am
plus, cruise ship chaos. cameras are rolling. when a gust of wind clocking in at more than 100 miles an hour pts the side of aassenger pts the side of aassenger
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you're watching "news 4 today." playing offense. president trump takes to twitter expressing outrage over the expansion of invtigations into his business and administration by house democrats. but whatnt the presi calls harassment, the democratic party is calling oversight. >> now, heays the investigations are all about trying to hurt his re-election
5:46 am
chances. news 4 tracie potts joins uno treysy, is it business as usual at the white house or have these investigations consumed the oval office? >> they seem t consume the president not only is he on twitter but he's speaking out publicly against these investigations, particularly the test expanded information by the house judiciary committee says is all about politics the democrats to get leg up on the 2020 election. but democrats say they have to build a record here, pulling documents, getting witnesses under oath whoas not interviewed when republicans were in charge of this committee. and ctics are also wondering whether or not this might be a bit of an insurance policy in case robert mueller'si r investigation comes up with nothing. we're expecting that report any day now. >> all right, tracie potts live for us this morning. tracie, thank you. 5:46 now. 2020 race for president may b shaping up a bit more, but it will not do so with michael
5:47 am
bho bloomberg. he announced he will not seekhi the house and focus to help the democrat win and moving america to 10 clean energy economy. the head of the food and drug administration is stepping down. fda commissioner scott got league submitted his resignation yesterday. he wants to spend more time with his family. they had to tackle difficult health issues including the opioid crisis and teen vaping. he will stay on the job for another month. ng ime d.c. councilman jack evans is apologizing this morning. his cef of staff used her government e-mail to send out business proposals for non-government work for evans. while it is legal to earn money outside of the job,ome of the councilman's peers think this crossed ali . councilman phil mendleson sa that he plans to reprimand evans. others say evans should be stripped of his chairmanship over the d.c. finance committee.
5:48 am
>> he peddled influence with the chairmanship. he should no longer be in charge of that committee. >> in retrospect, i would have done a lot of things differently and certainly made some major mistakes. >> the d.c. council is set to vote on theepmand in the next two weeks and also is also the champl of the metro board of directors. metro launched its own review of e matter. meanwhile, metro is trying to handle another major ise. new numbers from the transit agency are showing the lowest ridership totals in decades. erage weekday ridership from july to december last year was justut 595 thousands trips that is down from a high ofth me 750,000 trips weekdays. just a few years ago. tro has been refocussing efforts on how to win back riders but c ocedesions such as lyft and uber are taking some riders away. now you probably heard that amazon is coming to northern
5:49 am
virginia. this morning we're getting a better idea how they will develop the national site. ng >> drew wilder is live with new etails on its deal with arlington county. drew, how is this all going to work >> reporter:well, part of the incentive package, aaron and eun inclones arlin giving amazon a portion of its hotel tax revenue, but amazon has to meet certain benchmarks and building out its infrastructure to qualify for that money. here is how those benchmarks are going to work. the first one isp coming next summer. amazon will need to occupy about quarter of a million squaur feet by july, which is about the s te white house. then coming up, the following july, amazon needs to grow even more and occupy about quarter of a million square feet almost the size of four white houses. and then by 2034 the last year of the incentive payments amazon needs to take up more than 5.5illion square feet.
5:50 am
there so some criticism of this deal because there aren't any specif requirements for amazon when it comes to hiringnt ctors or how much those contractors should be paid. nonetheless,he county boa plans to vote on this deal coming up on march 16th. aaron and eun? >> drew wilder live for us in arlington. drew, thank you. let's heao the high seas now. this morning we're getting our first look at wt passengers on board a norwegian cruise ship experienced when they were rocked by really strong winds. >> one passenger captured what it was like on board with their cell phone. take a look. you can hear that commotion. the glasses wentz flying. a lot of passengers were holding on for dear life. furniture going across. the captain says a sudden
5:51 am
extreme gust of wind clocking in at little over 100 miles per hour hit that ship and tossed it to the side. several people were hurt, but the ship itself was not damaged. >> the open sea is not aie ly place. >> this is why -- >> at all. >> no. i haven't been on a cruise. it worries me a little bit. >> big gusts of winds make the waves big. >> it's a big ship, too. >> usually takes a lot to cause a pr >> that's just it. you can imagine a ship that big being able to list over, that is truly they've done a lot of great research on what they call rogue waves and i how they crossthe ocean like that. somech waves can be as as 80 or 100 feet high. thanks for that, chuck. >> i'll take my chances. sunshine aplenty for today. n't let that foo you. the sun will do very little to help the chill that will be in the air all day. this morning, 23 now in washington. northwest winds today are going
5:52 am
to average as much as 15 to 25 miles per hour at times. so the feels like factor now feels like 11 in washington. outside the suburbs wind chills are getting down close to 0. 3 in hagerstown, 7 in gaithersburg. so layer up. your wakeup weather is a frigid one. teens and 20s early thisg. morn rising into the mid 20s by 9:00. again, those wind clls not going to see much improvement today. so you will absolutely need your puffy coat, your hat with the tie-downs, your scarf and sunglasses. b high todayely making about 35 downtown. most of theur s will be around 32 or 3 for a high. sunny for today. there f goesure weather. few fair weather clouds in and out that's it. tomorrow a dryar a cloudy finish later on in the day tomorrow. on friday, there's stillch ce for a little rain or wet snow mixing in. snow lovers, thisois not to be an easy one at all.
5:53 am
it will probably be any snow chances along the i-81 corridor long and west of the blue ridge where the cold air will be trapped longer st of the blue ridge towards i-95 southern maryland w thatl be cold, cold rain drops in and around the city. not expecting any accumulation. turday morning, still mostly cloudy. it will stay fairly cloudy through the day on saturday, but i don't think it will be much of a rain chance until late saturday evening you'll be raining here fyst thing sun morning and probably going to rain much of the day. at least until about 4 or 5:00 p.m. sunday afternoon. there's the ten day outlook. low 40s tomorrow. just warm enough friday to make it mostlyain and notsnow. clocks ahead saturday night before bed. near 60 with the rronps on sunday. that's actuallyiv rely mild, melissa? >> yeah. i don't mind that. i can tell you l we're dealing with right now, 23 degrees. single tracking on the red line between nom and rhode island avenue. wanted to let you snow about that one. right now mount rainer
5:54 am
southbound route 1 at 38 street chopper 4 over this problem water main break blocking the right side there. obviously still working. could be there for some time. headed into northeast, just a warning for you. southeast, inbounnd suit parkway at first sterling avenue still have that crash hanging around. laurel southbound 29 after johns hopkins road an incident t re well. in virginia 66 inbound no problem. 95 northbound still nice and green here. a taking a look 270 no issues in the top of the beltway 95 to 270 o the outer loop, 49pe mile hour. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in you car today. good morning, i'm frank holland. google is taking cues from instagram andes pint so, for example, if you find a picture of the perfect table or detailtop a shopping tag to see basic details as well as a link to buy it. this onlyopplies sponsored ads. it is currently visible to a
5:55 am
small percentage of users who search for broader topics such as home offices. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm frank holland. >> thank you, frank. 5:55 right now. getting fit for spring may be getting easier for many of you, but now it's time to see just how far you can push yourself. >> news 4 molette green is down for the chalnge. e's throwing on some boxing gloves at a new classt in northewashington. hey, molette. >> reporter: check it out. i am going to put these gloves on, yeah. we were invited to come out to this technical boxing class. here is our coach for the hour. okay. this is the next stop on my get-fit for spring journey. folks here are wrapping their hands. we've got somebody warming up with the rope. i love theck motto kno down your comfort zone. that's what it's all act in the 6:00 hour we're going to talk about ft work, abs and see how good of a t workouts is. it might be for you. all of that coming up in the 6:00 hour of news 4 today.
5:56 am
you'll ready? we'll see you. >> can't wait to see how it goes, molette. thank you. next at:00 a.m. aswell, one of these homes is not like the other. more on the new construction that could soon beve towering or this historic row house district in d.c. plus a warning for millions of women who use birth control. why the pills you rely on to prevent pregnancy may be faulty ais month. we're back at 6:. stay with us.
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she referred to the n word, but she didn't say the n word. shaid the word full out. day, ght now on news 4 parents outraged over a principal's language in front of their why she says using a racial slur was part of a black history month lesson. and stopping sexual assault one restaurant at a time. the simple yhraseou can use to signal workers you need help. and reunited and it feels so good. >> sing it, aaron. >> liber and justice back together again. this morning, though, there is a new intruder inside the eagle's
6:00 am
nest. weell you about this. >> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. first, though, we'll have request and dedaaation from n -- no. we'll wake up to more cold weather. it's 6:00 a.m. and it is only 23 degrees outside of our studios in northwest washington. probably feelsolder in some places. and your wednesdet not gting much warmer than this. sorry. >> yesterday's temperatures were just the beginning, folks. it will be even col today. that means you'll nd even more layers to try to stay wm if you're outside. that's when you wrap the scarf all the way up to your eyes trying to stay warm. >> and you're still co. >> right. 6:00 a.m. now. good morning, everybody i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. melissa mollet has a look at the wednesday morning commute. first we have to check forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and forecast that feels more like january. >> sure does. i bould sayy it's cold outside but in the metoo movement i don't want to


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