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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 8, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EST

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cry now. love on your people, hug them, >> all of them. bye. all the president's men. did get off easy? and what about muccichael c now suing th organization. a shooting at an i hop. a man whoce ly got out of jail for stocking tlor swif arrested again after re allegedlyaking into her new york city apartment. alex trebek's difficult battle ahead. he accidently lift his lot ticket at the store but through tslot of luck he's richer.
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"early today" stight now. a court roomer stun the case against paul manafort. a judge sentenced theormer campaign manager to nearly four years in prison, far lighter than the special counsel recommended. he's due next week for sentencing in a second trial. tracie potts joins us for the latest. >> reporter: what an interesting case to come to a resolution. the trial happening next weekr i should say the sentencing next week should add ten more years to his time behind bars. but this virginia judge said he lived an otherwise blameless life. manafort was facing up to 24 years for a financial that had nothing toit do his time on the trump campaign and we saw manafort speaking in court in a
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green jump suit. manafort said he felt shame during this trial. he felt like he was being punished. and his attorney focussed onco ections or lack of connections to russia. >> most importantly what you saw today is the same thing we had said from day e. there is absolutely no evidence paul manafort was involved in any collusion with any government officials from russia. >> i thought it was intereing. it was as if preoedent trump his lines, bizarre and unrelotted to the case in virginia >> reporter: and manafort will get nine months credit f time served and as of now president trump is not considering a pardon. >> thank you. with the dust still settling om his explosive testimony, president trump's one-time fixer
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and personal lawyer is suing the trump organization. he accuses them of breaking his contract after his offices were raided and he began working with prosecutors. >> reporter: michael cohen once again going after his former client, now t suing thempti oron for $1.9 million in legal fees after he says they stopped paying legal bulls once he started cooperating and speaking out. >> he's a cheat.nd >> reporter: scrutiny over this comment t talkicongress about whether he'd accept a presidential pardon. >> i have not asked for norwo d i accept a pardon from president trump? >> reporter: but he didt one point direct his former attorney to explore possibilities of a
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pardon with ump's lawyers. but says that doesn't conflict because he's no longer cooperating with the president's legal team. rudyiu gani firing back never means never. cohen is heading to prison in part for lying to congress and are escalatic their attack. >> that furthers the narrative that maybe he's nothe best conveyer of truth. >> michael cohen lied like a dog. >> reporter: the white house has consistently said michael cohen is a liar. it's been a tough f weeks with the korea summit falling apart an of course everyone awhatting the mueller report. >> we have been for a while nowh k you. > the house overwhelmingly passed a bill 407 to 23.
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this capped off a tumultuous week o capitol hill after omar made comments wide seen as anti-semitic. it did state thatotful expressions of intolerance were ntradictory to the values and asperations of the united states. chaos breaks out in an i hop long island. police believe the shooting may be gang related. reporter fromw nbc news rk as the it details. >> seems like a scene out of a moe. >> reporter: only this is real.r we've b faces but you can see customers running for cover and parent shielding a child in a highchair, all after a lone guan opens fire. >> you're in a local place having dinnernd a allhe sudden.
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ep>>ter: she left her travel agency's door after the shooting. >> i was watching tv and i heard bang, bang, bang, like four shots. >> reporter: the gun fire william heard outside his home wednesday night was the third shooting, investigators believe could be connected to the ihop incidents. >> we believe it's a dispute from blood gang members from different sects. >> reporter: his actions in the restaurant, police believe may have touched off a series of retaliatory attacks. in rockford, illinois, an officer was fatally shot by a suspect who then fled more than 150 miles. that man is in custody and has been charged with first degree murder. floyd bro was eventually
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stopped on the interstate. pointing his rifle at officers, at one point during the chase. brn barricaded himself for hours before police apprehended him. he has been identifd as jacob, a 12-year veteran. he's been attempting to serve an arrest warrant. he was transported to a local hospital where he later nje said of hisies. >> reporter: a man has struck again. hey arestsed roger avl roddo after he allegedly used ar lat to gain access to taylor swift's apartment. w noas inside. he was recently released from jail after serving six months for brockin into swift's home
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last april. >> in colorado wide-spread danger after several major avalanches left drivers trapped in their cars. we get more from miguel almaguer. >> reporter: it's the worst avalanchseason, calling this widespread across colorado. they're trigging slides this one to mitigate the threat. one burying cars, another cutting off i 70 before sunrise, the third rupturing a gasline. >> this is an unusual season. quite historic. >> reporr: with traffic at a stand still for hours, the risk isn't over. >> the avalanche pushed us straight sidesways. >> reporter: they were on i 70 earlier this week when cascading snow buried the highway. >> i saw it coming and i was like sean, sean, avalanche.
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>> reporter: with more winter weather in the forect, officials are warning of a looming threat. with snow on mountains like this can be as dangerous as it is butte foreigminister. >> that is terrifying. those are the things nightmares are made of. scary, scary stuff. and year looki at more snow in parts of the country sunday. we are frigid oncegain. well below freezing in so many spots. 21 unboston.wa we wil up. it's going to be a slow warm up for the next couple of days. cooled down to the south. by saturday getting closer to normal. still nine degree below what is typical for this washington d.c.n
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heres r here's a closer look at the day ahead. and frigid air that's going to set the scene for blizzard-like conditions in the northern ains. the northeast we're cold once again. temperatures around the freezing mark unso many spots. and don't forget to turn the clocks ahead to daylight savings sunday. et>> we fo about it, right? happens just like that. and pabst brewing company are getting into the whiskey business. philadelphia has beme one of the major cities to ban so-cald cashless stores who against discriminate people who don't have a bank count or credit card. scientists say they found a new type of orca roaming around the southern most ocean and may be a new species. tell me all the ways ♪
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thousands of people across the globe are celebranang internatwomen's day. honoring the social, economic ch and politicalvement oz of women. dove chocolate is bndaking grith new marketplace in the ivory coast, helping women have safe place to sell goods. meanwhile gap has words of wisdom that you can wear a special t-shirt clexz featuring inspirational quotes and vans is holding their girls skate jam to encourage women to learn how to skateboard.nd the diagnoses that has so many people talking. alex trebek has revealed who's battling pancreatic cancer. >> hi, everyone -- >> reporter: in revealing his stage four pancreatic cancer
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diagnoses, alex trebek was pragmatic and positive . >> i plan toeat the low survival rate statistic for this disease. >> reporter: it as the lowes survival rate, estimated to cause 46,000 deaths this year. the third leading cause of karngser death ahead of breast prostate. >> oone, there's early detection test standardly used for patients and it's very difficult to treat. >> reportes she says t type of cancer is resistant to combination chemotherapy. she's working on discovering a screening test. how close are you to that early netection blood test? >> i think wit the next five years we will have such a test. >> reporter:uch as anyone with a family history of pancreatic cancer. symptoms can include sudden unexplained weight loss.
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it's claimed apple founder steve jobs, allen rickman and patrick swayze. atnow trebek will try to he odds. >> keep the faith and we'll win. >> reporter: as doctors work to turn months of survival into years. nbc news, >> hoping that's exactly what happens. still ahead how a woman was big family doubled incise in a blink of an eye. and what are the odds a man hates $273 million jackpot all thanks to a complete stranger.
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gathering of. [ bleep] anywhere in amica. >> i'm there cooperate and i will continue to cooperate so. [ bleep] you very much. >> why would i. [ bleep] all these women? >>e took a hard. [ bleep] for all of us. rember that. he took a hard [ bleep] for all of us. >> i love it. lhtening may not strike twice but luck does. he was aubl to take home the $273 million prize.
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cathy park tells us how. >> reporter: mike wersky is winning $273 million. but his lucky break began with a mishap. >> i put the ticket down, put m money away and just walked away. >> reporter: heforgot to take the ticket he bought at this new jersey convenience megaons could have been claimed by someone else except employee turned it in. ar my pts raised me to be a good person, honest and sin veer and i would do it again. . >> reporter: and that night hit the it big and plans on sharing his good fortune with store's good samaritan. >> i'm going to do something for him. got to. >> reporter: why? >> i wouldn't have $273 million
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time to check in with will geist. >> this week onun y today" my guest is academy award winner, bree larsson. her latest starring role and we talk about how the bes actress oscar from the film run changed her life. our sunday sit down with bree lars andn the latest news and politics this weekend on "sunday today." yo i can catch the morning or set your dvr. we'll see yoall on sunday. >> and bree larssonnoery hot righ >> superhero and the marvel universe. do you know anything about the
3:54 am
marvel? mov >> like literally nothing. >> we've seen it everywhere. bree larsson is everywhere this week. >> and they're huge andall was blockbusters and i havhinot seen one, is terrible. what's wrong with me? i feel bad saying it. anyway, let's talk about the weather. i have not great news for saturday. going to be quiet, sunny. you can tell it's going t be a busy, busy day for many on saturday. we're looking at blizzard conditions for some. an a potential for another round of severe weather. we're going to be watching very closely and maybe watching that movie.ic >> thanks, mlle. when we comeback, how one woman in texas, her family basically doubled incise. and look up to 5 years younger in 12 weeks with no7 laboratories new line correcting booster serum.
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3:58 is your timeight now. i'm eun yang. >> i'm adamss tu. a manhunt that started in new jersey several years ago ends in maryland. >> find out how this member of the fbi's most-wanted list was finally caught. we're trackingf a chance rain and snow today. probably not a half-inch
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news 4 today starts now. >>ood morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm adam tuss in for aaron this morning on this frigid but friday morning. >> we are expected to climb out
4:00 am
of the freezing temperatures th then, storms will be moving through. >> melissa mollet is tracking what is happening on the rots. let's start with chuck bell and afternoon snowshowers. >> just cold enough to support a little snow. plenty of light snow, across west virginia, invi, out to kentucky. it's just cold enough. literally,hin a few degrees of the freezing mark. this is all generally sliding towards the east. our light rain will go up. 28 in dulles. 30 in quantico. 30 in port all clouds and cold all day long. temperatures in the upper 30s to arnold around 40 uggrees. cool e to have a little snow. i any it's too warm to stick on any paved


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