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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 8, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> i'm adam tuss in for aaron this morning on this frigid but friday morning. it is cold. w e are expected to climb out of the freezing temperatures this mornims. then, stor will be moving through. >> melissa mollet is tracking what is happening on the roads. but let's start with chuck bell and more on the afternoon showers. this is a beaiful shot,chuck. >> and i think that license plate of yours,s that s all about me, spot-on. >> i don't know if you should be inting fingers. >> what to expect on your friday. a cold, morning ercommute. s snowflakes across virginia. rain and snow likely. conversational in nature. snow between nothing and light in spots. there's virginia towards the winchester area. moving out towardspe culp as well. temperatures are below freezing. that's all light snow at thi point in time. it's likely to start in
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snow closer to the 95 corridor. temperatures will get up to 4 degrees. still cold enough for a rain/snow mix. that's not going to stick to pavement like that. a cold and wet friday. "f" for friday. >> i don'tat like you're a tough grader. >> leaving right there. >> i will back up from that. >> chopper 4 over this crash. northbound georgia avenue at university boulevard. two areas involved. northbound and southbound lanes. hopefully the get that cleared out of the way soon. northbound 95 at old keene mill road. you may want to think about the express lanes.
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iber lo eninner loop d outer loop of the beltway, everything is looking okay there. one of amica's most-wanted men has been living on the streets in our area. >> lamont stevenson was arrested in prince george's county yesterdaand charged with murdering two women. one while he was on the run. officers found stevenson sleeping in a truck in new carrollton. they told him his real name and said he was wanted in connection with crimes. poli say he killed his girlfriend in 2018. police say he murdered his new girlfriend inside her ent. her family says they're relieveo stevenson is the streets. >> i just want to know why. i don't know if i'll ever know
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why. but we got a good god. we got a good god. i'm sad but >>m happy, too. t is unclear if and when stevenson will be extradited to new jersey to face charges there. a a family is devastater their father is killed by a hit-and-run driver. willie williams was feet away from his apartment when he was killed. this happened near the 1500 block of rhode island avenue around 9:00 p.m. a gray minivan with a bike rack hit williams and kept going. his daughter doesn't understand how anybody can do this. >> reporter: the family of willie wil missed.s he will be they are looking for justice in this case. look at this surveillance video here. this is the vehicle in the deadly hit-and-run. it is a gray minivan and has a bike rack on the roof. this happened around 9:00 tuesday night. investigators said that williams was crossing outside of the crosswalk in the 1500 block ofve rhode islande, when he was
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struck with the minivan. the driver kept going. he has still not been found. williams died of his injuries on weesday. she says her father didn't deserve this. >> just know that the family -- i don't understand how could you do this to someone. he's an innocent man. reporter: the family is hopeful that someone will recognize the nivan in that surveillance video and give investigators acall. >> megan, thank you. new this morning, a federal judge has tossed out stormy daniels' hush money lawsuit against president trump.ju the dge said the suit was irrelevant, after president trump and his former personal lawyer, decided not to enforce the nondisclosure agreement. that means that daniels can talk the affair she had with the president without retribution. cohen, meantime, admitted in federal court that he arranged
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the payment to silence daniels more than a decade ago. the president has denied that affair. the president will get a look at the damage left behind by several deadly tornados in alabama. >> 23 people were killed and 90 people were hurt. the damage is massive. take a look. house after house tornpart. personal belongings were scattered for miles. this is the result of several twisters that hit eastern alabama on sunday afternoon. the entire area is under a state of emergency. later today, the president will meet with families affected by the tornados. sticking with the president, a surprising end to a trial ulat's been in the headlines for weeks. anafort received a light sense tensing after being convicted on eight felony counts including tax fraud. he could have been sentenced to 19 to 24 years. but the deral judge called those guidelines excessive.
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instead, sentenced manafort to 24 months. with the sentence, his legal problems are not over. in a separate case, manart will be in a court to face f counts olegal lobbying. also, a former top montgomery county official will spend up to 15 years in prisonr stealing $7 million. he was diverting county money to a shell company he created in 2010. prosecutors say he spent the cash on casinos around country. his attorney says his client has a gambling addiction. a prince george's county
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police officer is off the job this morning. he is accused of punching a man he had just arrested for eaking and entering a store in temple hills. last year, steven downey handcuffed the man and buckled him into the police cruiser. they saw dney punch the man several times in the face. in his behavior, the county leaders say they refuse to tolerate. >> this behavior is unacceptable in this county we will seek justice on behalf of vtims in every case, including those who have been assaulted by officers. >> corporal downey is suspended while the case is in court. the owner of an antiques shop will be sentenced with selling endangered species. our cameras were there en officers raided the outpost, that specialized in merchandise. that store sold wildlife-soued
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merchandise. the owner relied on a shipping company to falsify impt record to hide wildlife itemsnd avoid inspection. fairfax county families are out of their homes. 24 apartments were damaged after a fire erupted. the fire broke out along oak creek lane in the fair lakes area. when fire crews arrived they found smoke and flames shooting out of the top floor and attic. everyone made it out safely. big changes coming to the national rzoo. the zooeived final approval to close half of its entrances. the main entrances will be open. but the side entrances will close by the end of the year. the officials will add more fencing. y montgomery cous
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proposing an early care and education the proposal would help get kids ready for kindergarten. it would be introduced next week as part of a budget al. a major commuter route in and out of the disict is getting more confusing.e jor construction project along the douglabridge or the south capital street bridge. here's what's happening next week. eastbound traffic on the suitland parkway will shift to the left and share the westbound lanes. the traffic lights wil occasionally stop traffic from coming off of the bridge. and there's feedback signs on both ends of the road to understand the new traffic pattn. turning to sports now. football season may be months
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away, but the skins may have found the answer to who their quarterback may be. m not convinced of this. >> you're not buying this? the burgundy and gold made a deal with the denver broncos for case keenum. according to reports, d.c. will be giving up a late round draft pick. keenan started every game last year. he threw 18 touchdowns. not bad. >> in previous years, he helped ote minnes a kings to the nfc title game. the deal cannot be official l unthe new nfl year ofcially begins next wednesday. if you compare him to colt mccoy, is he that much better in terms of his report? >> keenan's upside is pretty big. but the big thing is that smith may never get back on the field.
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country in the dark. political unrest continues in venezuela.g rivals are try figure out who is to blame for a blackout. and months after an electric t ock hurt a young girl, a family's case agaithe resort can go to trial. an update on this case is straight ahead on news 4 today. we'll be dealing with rwn and s for your friday afternoon. and your weekend will start dry. our highest chances for rain arn sundn saturday to sunrise on saturday. i'm apt mystic that somebody will get near70 degrees on sundays. that's something to sing about and givehanks for, isn't it, molette? >> absolutely. in harmony and ready to perform among the best in the next week, you can help the t.c. williams high school choir on th natiol stage.
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you're watching news 4 today. welcome back. the t.c. williamsch high school r are taking their talents all the way to indy. >> molette green is live with the group here as they prepare to head to a major national mpetition. they sound fantastic. >> they do. they're so excited. are you ready for the choral festival next week? t.c. williams,nl the high school picked out of virginia. we're very excited. what does this mea for you guys? >> an incredible opportunity for the young musicians to get on the national stage and show and
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represent the state of virginia. >> indianapolis. >> indianapolis,in ana, in the national festival for all. >> i love it. d this could set them up for an opportunity to be on the world stage, as well, right? >> yes. we're looking to do the world choir games in brussels, belg m belgium, in july 2020. >> it takes a lot to make that happen. the resources that they need. we love o supportin schools and the young people doing well. >> every dollar, every time, everything you can give to this choir will be greatly appreciated. >> we will put a link on our app. .e want to hear them sing. you hit you guys do it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> they will be performing next week in indianapolis. we have more coming up on how you can help them with their expenses, on news 4 today. >> just stunning. beautiful, molette, thank you. >> wow. >> yes. "remember the titans." fantastic. i want to hear more of that. let's take our attention out of the country right now. most of venezuela is actually in the dark.
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a blackout is affecting 22 of 23 states. the capital is also in the dark. the state-owned electricity operator is blaming the outage onn attack on a dam. violent winds are responsie for tearing affolding from a building in london. look at the video here. winds up to 55 miles per hour rocked the city yesterday. it caused the scaffolding crash in the street. no injuries are reported. the trial athe center of a tragic electrocution at mgm last summer is moving forward. the lawyers say the trial will start next february. green was shocked by a handrail on the casino patio last summer. the girl suffered a brain injury and cannot speak or move. mgm has not responded to the laveuit, arguing they don't enough information. the green family lawyer caed
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that a delay tactic. >> we laid out our complaint. 42 paragraphs, being very specific about what the ce neglignvolved and how they breached their duty. they wanted to delay, so they made a motion. >> mgm did release a statement late thursday, saying, ok we are heart over the suffering of the green family due to the tragic accident that occurred last year. we are continuing to talk with the family in hopes this can reach conclusion. marvin gaye is getting a big honor for what would have been his 80th birthday. he is getting a commemorative stamp from the u.s. postal the design of s to mimic viage vinyl cover art. the stamps go on sale april 2nd. he is an incredible artist.
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recently, he painted a portrait. that's given him praise. >> good job on that picture there. there's only one person we need to getby. >> get by? >> you're all i need to get by. play along with me. >> i was out of step with what's going>>on. come on. playing it all morning. >> nicer on the weekend. >> you've hrd thi on the grapevine itnow. will be near 70 on sunday. that's welcome news. i was a kid when he was singing. >> what do you think i was? >> it's mostly cloudy. a few peeks of clear skies. there goes another planeload of folks saying, it's too cold. we're going somewhere else. come back. it will be near 70 on sunday, i programs. temperatures below freezing
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across much of northern virginia and maryland now. 33 in fredericksburg. only 25 in winchester. your planner for today, the temperatures in the upper 030s o around 40. and increasing chance for light rain and snowflakes into the day. there's the low pressure swirl across west virginia. that's bringing the moisture our way. it will become overcast in the next couple of ur future weather brings our best chance for a mix of rain and snow. late morning until noon, it will be mostly rain, if you're south of i-95 and a rain/snow mix from our northern and western suburbs out to the shenandoah valley i maybe anh of snow on the grass, out closer to the blue i ridge ando the shenandoah valley. frederick, to leesburg, and warren, and winchester, those places have a chance for maybe an inch, o the grass and not on
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the roads. temperatures will be above freezing your weekend will start off mostly cloudy and rain-free. plan for rain saturday night. that lingers into very early but a little clearing sunday afternoon and a gusty southwest wind, promises a big-time warm-up. 70 is wha we're shooting for on sunday and still nice. low 60s of sunshine on pomonday. let's check in on the commute. good morning. southbou b.w. woparkway. overturned vehicle on the right side of the road. no report of injuries. right now, a three-mile backup as you head southbound on b.w. parkway near 19 is slow through that area. that might be a good idea for you because it's not so bad there. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, nice and clear now. that'sgood. silver spring, northbound new jersey, university crashing. some northbound and southbound lanes.
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ch chopper 4 is over that a little ile ago. old keene mill road. it's cleared butslow. g.w. parkway. g.w. parkway. car into the trees.
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welcome back. if you wake up suny thinking you slept an extra t.ur, you did >> whether you know it or not, you have homework to do this weekend. you will be losing an hour of sleep and that can be tough. >> and you have little, little ones. >> they are terrible.h >> justin fiked a doctor how we can get ourselves and our families ready. >> reporter: from high in the skies, to the runways below, frequent flyers know too well how your monday could feel. and maybe you do, too.ah >> sprind is like going from chicago to washington, d.c. right? you have a one-hour time changen you're not going in the direction that human beings li to typically go. >> reporter: that's because our bodies prefer gaining time as if we were flying west. sorry we're losing time.
6:26 am
this doctor says, you can make it easier on yourself and your family, by acclimating early. >> we need to prepare to get up a lot earlier than we are accustomed to on monday morning. so, preparing for that can be very, very helpful. >> why is that so critical? >> firstf all, if we wake up at 6:00 a.m. to go to work or for adolescents to go to school, that means it's 5:00. >> reporter: you hear that? your body is at 5:00 a.m., at 6:00 a.m. clock is ahead but your body could be behind and may not catch up on one weekend. >> to shift those, across time zones, which is what we're doing, it takes some time. >>eporter: young people ma have a harder time adjusting sleep habits, something that dr. lewen has studied. as soon as today, he suggests going to bed 20 minuteearlier per night a ease your family into healthier spring sleep schedule. >> just that small change can have an impact on the regulation of the sleep, on improving
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functioning, how they look and feel. >> reporter: and have you ready to take on your monday. justin finch, news 4. >> it will be painful this weekend. still ahead on news 4 today, new twists in a baltimore murder investigation. >> we're talking aut the man accused of killing his wife and making it seem like a panhandler did it.e we'roing to tell you what police said he tried to do first. plus, a controversial debate takes over the maryland statehouse. should someone have the right to end their own life if diagnosed with a serious illness? details ahead. chuck, how about weather? >> dog walking forecast. my two knuckleheads here. poke ka dat wants her to play here. you need to adddo a go to the humane rescue alliance and add humane rescue alliance and add one that's up for adoption.
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humane rescue alliance and add one that's up for adoption. (music throughout)
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4 today starts now.
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>> news 4 cameras were in silver spring, looking at people bundled up and protecting themselves from the cold. >> it is still winter. >> it is march 8th. >> i want the warm weather as anyone else. >> it is coming. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm adam tuss, in for aaron this morning. dialing up a beautiful sunrise here. >> are you taking credit for this? >> i will give it to chuck. chuck should get credit for things around here. melissa mollet is checking the roads. we'll che in withher. but first, chuck, it's frigid this morning. >>below freezing this morning. this is the prettiest 5 or 20 minutes of the day today. skies will be more and more cloudy shortly. e3 in washington. there's already s areas of light snow on i-81, through the shenandoah valley. some of the snowflakes through fredericksburg and culpepper. if you see the snow, send it to
6:32 am
me ontw ter. it is below freezing, for most of the area. this wil start off as snow. snow accumulations, if any, on grassy areas only. maybe half an inch to an inch. out north and west of washington. today's highs, around 40 degrees light winds out of the southeast. if you have a picture of the snow, send it to me on twitter. you can get the detailed forecast our nbc washington app. good morning, mr. bell. southbound b.w. parkway. as you head southbound, chopper 4 showing u the delays. a four-mile backup. u want to take 95 through that section. that looks better than this does. arlington,orthbound g.w. park sa way before reagan national. serious crash. on the phone trying to figure out about that for you. northbound , atld keene mill
6:33 am
road. it's moving but very, very you might want to do the express lanes there. inner loop and outer loop of t beltway, no major issues. beltway right now, looking good onfrhis ay. we're following a developing storying out of fairfax county. police say aan has bare kated himself with a knife at the jefferson apartments. police are asking anyone who lives near the complex to stay inside their they say t no threat to public safety. officers have made contact with the man and are working to end the situation safely. arince george's county police officer is accused of punching a man he had arrested for brking and entering. after finding him at a temple hills store. steven downey allegedly handcuffed him and put him in a cruiser and fellow officers say ey punched the man in th face. corporal downey is charged with second-degree assault.
6:34 am
he is suspended while the case plays out in court. western avenue in northwest d.c. is back open. a portion of it had to be osed so a big sinkhole could be fixed. this was the 5700 block, right before chevy chase circle. you see drivers taking it easy to drive over that giant dip. and the roads are so rough right now. >> a mess. a here look at the top stories we're following. one of america's fugitives has ested in prince george's county. lamont stevenson was wanted for murdering two women. he was found seping in a truck at a rental cacompany in new carrollton. police say he murdered his fiancee in 24.ic d.c. pole say he also murdered his new girlfriend inside her apartment on wednesday. and today, keith foster will be sentenced in loudon county.
6:35 am
he was convicted of importing and selling items made from endangered species. he relied on a shipping company to falsify records. he hid wildlife items and avoided inspection. he transferred thousands of dollars worth of items. president trump plans on touring the area hit by the ef-4 tornado hit this week. 23 people were killed and another 90 were injured. and president trump's former campaign chairman, paul , manafowas sentenced to 47 months in prison.g he was fac24 years but a judge called that excessive. manafort had been found guilty of multiple financial crimes. manafort will have a second sentencing next week in the district. c that case, he pleaded guilty to two counts ofspiracy and agreed to cooperate with the special counsel's office. thatwneal was withdecause he lied to investigators. listen, skins fan.
6:36 am
there is a new quarterback coming to d.c. >> you h maye heard his name before, maybe not. the burgundy and gold are g up case keenum from th broncos. justin finch is live at fedex field this morning, with the big trade. who do the skins have to give up, justor? >> rr: we'll see about that. i'm a believer in vibes and energy. when it comes to case keenum, i've gotno ing. but it remains to be season. this is the second-straight season we've seen washington opt for a quarterback trade. and case keenum has been called up in deal that is set to give us and the denver broncos late trade picks in the 2020 draft. will case be the closer? s hetarted every game, good. 1 he t8 touchdowns. and also, 15 interceptions. oncos went 6-10 last season. keenum now set up to not finish
6:37 am
year two of his two-year, $36 million deal, with the broncos. espn now reporting he's brokering aone-year multimillion dollar deal with the burgundy and gold. he may have to duke it ut to see who gets the first string spot. alex smith,recovering from a nast l leg injuryast season. as of right now, we may not see him play at all next season. does he bring talent to the bench? you can say that.wi he pack fedex field here? it's too soon to sayat but by next week, we should know more about this the league starts next wednesday. more about this deal and where he fits in r theskins puzzle next season, guys. back inside to you. >> always about the quarterback. >> yes. we'll see what happen justin, thank you. in the past few days, we've heard about pancreatic cancer.
6:38 am
joe was diagnosed with pancreatic ncer. he learned that the cancer spread a little to his lungs. he had beateit there's new lesions that he found. like alex trebek, he is determined to continue fighting. just heard from joe. he says he has no signs of sickness. feeling well and determined to fight this. coming up, barbara harrison talks with him a his wife about his plan of attack. he's taken up the cause, as well. if you get joe krebs behind something, you know it will be a good thing. >> your co-anchor for a while, right? >> we love joe and wishing him and maryland theest as h continues this fight. he is an inspiration. airbnbs can provide a nice alternative to a stay at a hotel, offering the comforts of
6:39 am
someone else's home while you're away from your own. >> but can it put your privacy at risk? and this morning, listen to that. molette green in the community with talented local teebns. who are you with, molette? >> t.c. williams high school. help, coming up next. the ross spring dress event is here-finally! so you can say yes to the biggest selection of the season. yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross spring dress event. on now!
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yes for less. you're watchinnews 4 toda >> it's 6:41. now, to a story that'sdistu disturbing to anyone who has stayed at an airbnb. >> a woman says she found cameras inside the home that she was renting. she found two cameras in the home she thought was private. she reported the cameras to airbnb to update the listing. the company requires owners to disclose cameras ahead of time. an only be in common are like a living room. now, let's check in more from your cnbc business repor
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good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. disney is unlocking its vault. erbob iger telling shareho the upcoming streaming service, disney plus, will include the entire movie library. this would mark the end to the vault system that allowed movies to be in stores for a certain time. now, all 57 animated feature films will be available to stream at some point from "snow white" to "ralph breaks the internet." it is expected that other movies will eventually be available on disney plus. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm frank holland. as we head to break, we check back in with chuck bell. o indeed. temperatures nea below freezing for the wait for the buses this morning. grab your winter coat and a rain/snow mix for today.ol cloudy, and wet. it's friday but the daily grade ro a big "f." twoems on thearkway.
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on pe y
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're watching news 4 today. >> it's 6:45. ca it a tale of two legal troubles. a judge sentenced pau manafort to 47 months in prison. this week, president trump's p formsonal lawyer, michael cohen, testified before congress again. psident trump is at the center of all of this. at one point, both men were part of his inner circle. >> kristen welker joins us live from the white house. what's the reaction to manafort's sentencing? >> reporter: the reaction is
6:46 am
still poringn after the stunning fall from grace. paul manafort, now, a convicted n, sentenced to nearly four years in prison. manafort asking the judge for compassion, saying he has been humiliated and shamed. he had been facin 24 years in prison, but the judge called that excessive. manafort, convicted of financial crimes, including tax and bank raud, while president trump is distancing himself from manafort. he flipping on him.or not that's in contrast to what president trump called michael cohen, calling him aiar and a rat, and cohen suing the trump foundation for legal fees, saying the organization broke its promise to pay legal bls when he started cooperating with the prosecutors. the democrats saying the sentence was too t light and
6:47 am
white house is trying to turn the page. we'll have all of this on "today." >> kristen welker at the white house today.t her full rep coming up on "today." we're learning details of what led to t death o a woman who was thought to be killed by a panhandler. she was stabbed to death in december. her husband, keith smith, told police, a stabbed now, "the baltimore sun" reports, smith tried to hire someone to kill his wife. he was the beneficiary of his wife's insurance policy, worth $500,000. smith and his daughter are chard in connection with the case. they were arrested on sunday in texas, trying to escape the country. they are expected back in maryland to face charges on march 20th. the search is on forer a dr wanted in a deadly hit-and-run. >> this has a devastated family
6:48 am
kes funeral plans for their father. willie williams was feet away from his apartment when he was killed. it happened near the 1500 block around 9:00. megan mcgrath is live near the crash site with more on how his kids are remembering him this morning. >> reporter: good morning. he was a husband, a father and a retired army tveteran. an family of 65-year-old willie williams says he will be missed. take a look at this surveillance video here. poli say this is the vehicle that was i involve this deadly hit and run. it's described as a gray minivan with a black bike rack on the ro. it happened on tuesday night. investigators say williams waso crng rhode island avenue. he was outside of a crosswalk when he was struck by a minivan. williams tdied of his injuries n
6:49 am
wednesday. williams spoke t his daughter an news 4. she w the driver to come forward. >> you don't keep going. going?you keep how do you live with yourself. please, come foo ard. own up. just admit it. >> reporter: the search for driver continues this morning. family members are hopeful that someone wil recognize the minivan seen in the surveillance video and give investigators a call. >> meganra m. thank you very much. want to tell you that the maryland house of delegates has approved a bill allowing terminally ill patients tor end theiwn lives. that vote was 74 in favor, 66 against, the end of life option act. it allows patients with six months or less to live toca request meon toentd the end the life. that bill heads to the state
6:50 am
senate. if approved. >> maryland will join seven states and d.c that have laws legally assisting death. facebook announct would change the way users communicate with each other. it will do awa with the public forum style of conversation. now, the company is taking sts t reduce misinformation about vaccines. if users search for l topicse vaccine controversy, they will no longer see groupshat spread misinformation. help will beenlisted from organizations such as the cdc, and the world health organization tus spot dange hoaxes. we earlier in our newscast called an opening that formed on the westernve ae inorthwest d.c. a sinkhole. the roadway failed because repairs are being made by the water department and caused the road to sink. you get these and they're called
6:51 am
utility thcuts. is on the 5700 block right before chevy chase circle. in any ways, the road was rough. >> and avoid them. they hurt your car. especially chuck bell's nic car. >> i want a ride. >> it's a one-seater. >> one-seater. >> dissed. >> itou will get to work in a hurry. cloudy skies outside. sun is coming up. clouds will bethowering and kening this morning. this is as pretty as the sky will be all day. 32, la ray. 25,wi hester. 27 in gaithersburg. 29 in clinton, maryland, this morning. your plan for today, thickening clouds and chances of a rain/snow mix. afternoon highs around 40 degrees. already some pockets of light pow acrossts of the shenandoah valley. that's the only place there's a slig chanceor accumulation.
6:52 am
winter weather advisories for more than two inches around the chest of the blue ridge. most of us will be limited. between half an inch and maybe an inch, only ongrassy areas. future weather, 1:00 this afternoon. a rain/snow mix, mostly rain in calvert county, and light snow in frederick and montgomery counties in maryland. that persists through the afternoon hours. after 6:00, things dry out nicely. most of the saturday daylight hours will be dry. but rain will likely be tomorrow morning into sunday morning. sunday afternoon, look at this. how about 70 degrees on your sunday afternoon withst gu wind. and relatively quiet whether we start next week. let's go to traffic now. good morning. southbound b.w. parkway. chopper showing us and overtued vehicle on t right. slow because of this delay. 95 is a good choice if you're
6:53 am
headed out soon. arlington, northbound g.w.or parkway b reagan national. a car into the trees. lanes shut down. a serious crash. you want toatvoid as well. northbound 95. old kee mill road. we had the earlierccent blocking lanes. westbound 50, beforcolombia wo road. beltway, no worries at all. travel time 66 inbound is fine. quantico, 95 north, no issues. 270 looks okay. and the top of the beltway, 95 over to 270, 34 miles per hour. >> thank you, melissa. they're among the top ten choirs in the entire country. the t.c. williams choir. >> molet green is live with the teens, a they get ready for
6:54 am
a manger competition. >> reporter: it'sappening next week. can we give it up to this choir? the only school from virginia. all right. under the leadership and direction of their choir director, we're going to sing in a second. i want to talk about how you got here. this was a rigorous procesad but you it. >> it was a very rigorous process. >> reporter: y have your eyes set on a world stage. it takes resources to do that belgium is your goal, right? >> brussels belgium, the world choir games in 2020. >> we're going to put a link on our website. you can support them. let's hear them sing. let's do it. ♪
6:55 am
♪ ♪
6:56 am
here's 4 things toow kn today, keith foster will be sentenced in loudon county. he's the owner of an antiques and specialty shop who was andicted of importing selling items made from endangerendanger ed species. we'll have more on how he pulled this of chang coming to 295 next week. eastbound on the suitland he left will shift to and share the lanes. the will be signs to help understandiche new tra pattern. there is a new quarterback coming to district. the skins are picking upase keenum from the denver broncos. the deal can't be official until the new nfl yearegins next wednesday. you can read about this in the nbc washington app. and trump gets a look at the damage left behind byy dea tornadoes in alabama. 23 people were killed, more than
6:57 am
90 hurt sunday afternoon. some snow possible. >>ra /snow mix in the afternoon hours today. it will be a conversational evt, not a shovelible event. and we'll be near 70 by sunday >> woo hoo. >> i can show myself in public again. >> and the clocks ahead. thanks for joining us for "news 4 to y." th"today" show is next. >> have a great day and a great weekend. this is you shopping. and this is you maximizing at t.j.maxx. you shopping, you maximizing. you shopping, you maximizing. find the brands you love and get more you for your money, every time. it's not shopping, it's maximizing. start maximizing today!
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. good morning, . good morning, blaking overnight. outrage overenient sentence given to paul manart, the president's former campaignch airman, just four years in prison,ct a small fraion of what federaluidelines recommended. >> extraordinarily lenient sentence. >> i think i spent more days in detention in high school. >> this morning what his lawyer said on the courthouse steps, is manafort angling for aptal pardon. the house versus hate. lawmakers on capitl voting to condemn bigotry. in response to the comments from a democratic congresswoman viewed by many as being anti-semitic. five years, few


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