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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 8, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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that's going to affec the roads. it's just a little too warm for that. >> depending on where you live you might only be seeing cin. yoan see the divide as we t look at stom 4 radar. >> let's go to storm team 4 is chief meteorol doug kammerer in the storm center. beautiful snow, doug. >> this is with exactly what we talked about yesterday, look pretty coming down, stick to the grass, some trees, the cars, as well as roof tops but the roads will be finend soar that's what we're seeing. i want you to look at this. this is really coming down across the region, the rain/snow line wascross the d.c. metro area, but now it's down around southern fredericksburg, all reporting snow. there is rain in the southern zones but this is mostly all snow. as we continue through the evening hours, notice it' not a big storm, it's moving off towards the east and should be out of here through 7:00, 8:00. but that's still a cple hours of good snow coming down in the
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area. the roads should be okay, the reason the temperatures above freezing in all locations. down to 35 in the city, 34 in hagerstown. that's why we're seeing it on the grassy surfaces, on carsnd on roof tops and we will continue to see that over the next couple o hours here. behind the system we get a lot warmer. there are biges in the forecast over the next couple days. tomorrow looking pretty good, sunday looking great, temperatures in the upper 60s to near 7degrees, all of that coming after today's snowfall. so snow to near 70 in just two days. amazing this time of year. out there towards gaithersburg, notice that snow coming dow good, starting to get a coating out there in parts of the area. we'll continue to keep you posted on what to expect the rest of the evening. right now back to you guys. we invite you tdownload the nbc washington app if you don't have it already, it's free and you c sign up to get breaking weather ers.
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breaking news in montgomery county, chopper 4 over a fire in gaithersburg. several people taken to the hospital with smoke .inhalati the fire broke out at sunny brook terrace. fire iestigators are looking into what caused this. we'll keep an eyen this and tell you when we learn more. law enforcement calls it an visible threat. how the increasing use of drugs is exposing officers to a deadly danger. last sprins four offic overdosed after trying to help a drug user. vid culver spoke exclusively with the officers and how the incident is cnging policing nationwide.ep orter: when fredericksburg police officers hit the street they're focussed on the obvious danger. >> we're trained to watch the hands and watch for a threat, making't sure they dave a
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gun in their hand. >> reporter: in april of last year, officers added a new threat to that list, one you cannot it started as a call for help to this hotel, a woman saying her husband was unresponsive. >> i thought i was there to help somebody. reporter: he found kortney burroughs who called police, her husband james wasn the bathroom. >> i noticed white powder near the toilet and needles coming out of a book bag. in my training experience he was probably flushing something down the>> toilet. eporter: three officers handcuffed the couple. at one point she asked for a tissue to wipe her nose. within 45 minunes, by one the officer estarted feeling symptoms of a drug overdose. >> light headed and really hot.e >> you felt the influence.
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>> you first hear a officer has a potential exposure and that grew to a second and third and fourth officer. >> reporter: he would later learn the kind gesture to hand a towel to the suspect likely sent fentanyl airborne. >> this is new to us that officers are going to be threatened with something they don't see. ou>> reporter: two of the officers were treated with for that -- narcan. the officers have now been sued two narcans, one for the user and one for yourself or your fellow cop. >> you have to watch out for everybody to make sur at the end of the day we all go home. an accused of killing a jogger in d.c.'s logan circle's neighborhood has been deemed to stand competent for trial. last month anthony crawford was fund incompetent to stand trial.
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he's accused of stabbing 35-year-old wendy martinez to death. e martinez lawyer spoke to news 4 after the ling. >> his behavior is not blind to anybody, but it sounds likee thy were a to remediate him and get him to a place he understands what's happeningnd he can participate in his defense. >> coming up derrick ward looks at what happened today and what the psychologist had to safe about crawford's condition. president trump and the first lady are in alabama this afternn seeing firsthand the absolute destruction of last week's deadly tornados. the president has vowed full support from the federal government as the state works to recover. jay gray reports that the president's visit comes as families say good-bye to their loved ones. >> reporter: president trump gets an up close look at the devastation on theground.
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s visit included time with first responders and ferily me of those lost. survivors will need help for a long time here. after an -4ith estimated winds of 170 milesut an hour path a mile wide and almost 70 miles long. >> you could see rotation in front of the house like this. to e were like we've got take cover. >> reporter: somehow, the robertson family survived. 23 people trapped in the storms did not. >> why this had toappen like this? everybody that you know and love, at one time. >> reporter: in just minutes cora jones lost ten members of her extended family. >> just that quick my mom and dad and bther were gone. i had no idea i was seeing my mama for the last time. >> reporter: but now like so many here, she's saying one last good-bye. jay gray, nbc news.
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tornado victims have a long road to recovery ahead of them. if you'd like to help, you can searow to help alabama in the nbc washington app. president trump is signing off on two former members of his inner circle, paul manafort and michael cohen. lengthyare facing prison sentences which raises the question of possible pardons. they're getting very different reactions from their former boss. ayne alexander joins us with the latest on this. >> reportes i the tale of two presidential pardons, one was not off the table and the other, according to president trump, asked and rejected. hpresident trump slammin one-time attorney michael cohen, tweeting he directly asked me no. a pardon, i said he lied again. >> that's a stone-cold lie. heied about a lot of things. when he lied about the pardon, that was reay a lie. >> reporter: he told congress last week. >> i never asked for, nor would
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i cept a pardon fro trump. ent >> reporter: even cohen's attorney contradicted that saying the legal team explored ibe poity. cohen soon heading to prison for lying to congress nowg firin back saying it's the president who's not truthful. meanwhile, president trump hasn't ruled out a pardon for paul manafort, his campaige chairman sen to four years in prison. >> i feel badly for paul manafort, it's been a tough te for him. >> reporter: paul manafort's charges brought by robert mueller. d >> the judge s there was no collusion with russia. >> reporter: during the sentencing, judge elsus saidfhe issue clugs was not part of the trial. others outraged by his light sentence. just a fraction of the 24 years. >> s we'ven african-american
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sentenced for far wor foress e agree you actions than manafort did. >> reporter: next week manafort goes before a different judge for a second sentencing hearing on similar charges. and the relatively light sentence during the first hearing is putting a lot of cus on next week where manafort could get up to ten years. pat. >> thanks, blayne. former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning was ordered to jail today after refusing to testify in front of a grand jury. she was first indicted in 2015, she spent years in jail before her sentence was commuted by president obama. before her hearing today shehe said s had no problem testifying, but she wants the hearings to open. >> i don't believe in the grand jury process, i don't believe in the secrecy of this. i have no problem explaining
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what happened, i've done it before why we should go through this in a secret, closed hearing only the prosecutor, no lawyer. >> the judge says manning will remain in jail until she testifies or the grand jury concludes its work. one of r. kelly's formern' lawyers mincing words when it comes to the pop star's legal status. he led the team that got kelly acquitted in 2008. jensen is 77 and spoke to the chicago sun times as he battles cancer. he says he felt the need to speak out about kelly because of his recent interview with gayle king on cbs. when asked about his incites, jensen said this about the charges in 2008. he said,e quote,s guilty as held. i don't think he's done anything inappropriate for years. i'll tell you a secret, i had him go to t a doctor get shots, libido killing shots, that's why he didn't get arrested for
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anything else. r. kelly denies all the charges against him. police have an important clue to help them find the driver of a deadly hit and run accident. ie ulysees williams was hit tuesday night, feet from his apartment. police are looking for this mins van, i gray and has a black raught family members hope someone will see this and will recognize this. >> this is a man that didn't cause no problems for erybody, loved everybody, he was a respectable man. >> if you recognize that van or know anything about this case, d.c. police want to talk with you as soon as possible. cracking down on plastic waste. >> yes, you know the district banned plasti straws at the start of 2019. an update on who's following those rules and the trick you can use to see if your straws are good for our >>vironment.
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> the one thing doctorsen reco you do tonight to help your familyraition today light saving time this weekend. doug'sin tra some big changes for the weekend, including a welce warm up. omth live from the starlite lounge. ♪ one plus one equaat too little too le ♪ ♪ who's in the room? ♪ love is dangerous ♪ but driving safe means you pay less ♪ ♪ switch and save ♪ yes, ma'am excuse me, miss. ♪ would you like it anyway? [ scatting ]
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storm team 4 is tcking wet snow and rain out there depending on where you live.
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but we have big changes to tell you about for the weekend 37 doug is back in a few minutes with what to expect. working for yourealth now, new research challenges the belief that a little alcohol is good for your heart. scientists aor waket university looked at information from 17,000 adults and the s discovered people who had one or two drinks a day were significantly more likely to have high blood pressure than those who were notke drinrs. s could be t because of the extra calories or effects of alcohol on the brain and liver. the clock is ticking for businesses in d.c. to get rid of plastic straws.n a ban plastic straws in the city took effect at the beginning of the ar. ght now city inspectors are handing out warning notic and flyers to restaurants and other businesses. so far a third of thees buss they've inspected are in compliance. nonbiodegradable plastic straws are polluting our water ways and
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endangeringild life. >> the average person doesn't usually nee these small disposable plastic items that end up in our water ways or trash cans. it's part of our general zero waste goal to reduce our reliance on these single use plastic items. >>ju starting 1st inspectors ll begin issuing fines that go from 100 to $800. put a straw in a glass, mpostable plastic will sink and bend it and if it stays bent it's likely compostable. we could all be feeling the effects monday of little sleep over the weekend. >> the clocks move ahead. we spring forward bod our clocks don't do the same thing, we don't move forward. >> tt's right. news4 justin finch got expert advice on how to event that.
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>> on the spring ahe weekend we're losing time. doctors say you can make it easier on yourself and family by climating early. >> we basically need to prepare to get up a lot earlier than we ared accusto to on monday morning. so preparing for that can be very, very helpful. >> reporter: why is that so critical? >> first of all, we if wee w up at 6:00 a.m. to go to work or for t adolescents go to school, that means that it's really >> reporter: your body is still at 5:00 a.m. at 6:00 a.m., so sure your clock is ahead but your body could be behind and may not catch up in one weekend. young people especially may have a harder timeng adjus sleep habits something dr. lewin has studied. as soon as together he suggests going to bed >> just that small change can really have an impact on the
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regulation of their sleep, on improving functioning, how they look, how they feel. >> reporter: and have you ready to take on your monday. justin finch,news4. just 20 minutes a night. can you dot? t >> nope. nope. i might try something. >> most of us can't do that. >> your place is going to be fun monday morning. >> kids are having a hard enough time waking up as it is, and going to be good. ing that hour >> how do they like the snow? >> they love the snow, you know that. it's getting there, you can actually make snowballs out of this noer is enough snow on the ground to make snowballs. i want to show you what's happening in gaithersburg. we will see a cting on grassy surfaces, cars, roof tops. here's gaithersburg, you see no problem on the roadways. this is i-95 around maryland 198 there. roads are fine. you can see a little bit of sno
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inside the median there. a little bit of snow on the grassy surfacesthere. how about another one, we have a drive cam, this is on falls road -- no. fox hall. i put together fox and hall ands got fal road. this is fox road. you see it is on the grass but not the roadways. temperatures are well above eezing now and that's good news. it's really coming down. 4 storm teadar showing where the snow is. it is area wide. yesterday we were looking at the rain/snow line around d.c. i told you most ofouthern maryland would be all rain, it's all snow in parts of charles county, fredericksburg, even heavier snow. looking at moderate to heavy snow around fairfax, bethesda, a coating towards wood bridge as . well a coating from bethesda to the north not to the south but
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you' gting it there too. this is all moving out over the next couple hours, not a big storm but just enoughiv to us mabel our last snow of the season. maybe. maybe. ere's one more chance in about two weeks, but maybe the last snow of the season. so do what i do, get out there and enjoy it as it's makin our way down. this is our tower camera. up about 500 feet, this the view. you can't see anything because it's really coming down. 35 degrees, winds are calm. the temperatures above freezing, 34 gaithersburg, notice wee getting close, 33 manassas, fredericksburg. that's why we're seeing the o coatinthe grass. we should be okay with the roads but as the sun goes down the next hour or two, we'll watch those areas. rain/snow ending around 7:00 to 8:00. weve for theng commute. it is going to be a wet evening commute, give yourself some time. justhiy for the night now, after 8:00, 9:00, just chilly.
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can't rul out a stray shower but should be okay. look at the cold. 68 atlanta, 74 back towards mississippi we want some of that warmer air, don't we? we're going to g it sunday. 48 on saturday. 68 sunday, that clock spring forward, should be right here. i sprung forrd a whole day. 62 on monday, 52 on tuesday. ten day forecas coming up in a little bit. >> someone is l going tok at that and be late for work or their wedding or >> and they're going to blame me. this week we learned the news of alex trebek's diagnosis, stage 4 pancreati cancer. >> one of our colleagues is fighting a similar battle. barbara harrison join us. we are in the community l wh thal students who won a spot in a national competition. wait until you hear them sing.
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and you realize great minds shop alike? yes. or when you find those name-brand shoes that everyone notices? oh, yeah! or when you get exactly what you need for your growing family? ors! that's yesess. yep! yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store pric every day. at ross. yes for less.
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it's international women's day, celebrated with a variety of eventsund the world, including strikes, protests, and lebrations. the day commemorates the achievements of women and aims to ftherhe progress. social media is following the events of the day under the hashtag balance for better. youan find more about international women's day nbc washington app. search women. he has been voted the sexiest man alive, but idris elba iet doihing that makes him nervo this weekend. hosting snl. >> very nervous. snl has always been on my radar, it's one of the pinnacle moments in an actors career if you get
4:25 pm
asked to come on snl. >> this is his first appearance on "saturday night live." how did that happen? he's been around forever. musical guest is khalid. one of the top high school choirs in th nation making beautiful music in our area. >> the singers a tc williams in alexandria are getting ready to perform at a press tee jus competition. higeporter: tc williams school choir in harmony this morning and they have big planse they're tng next week to perform on a national stage with the best of the best. i want to bring in the choir director, theodore thorp to talk about where they're going and what they're doing. the music for all corral festival, that's it? >> yes. >> you had to go through a rigorous process. >> it was a blind audition with national corral conductors
4:26 pm
list >> what will this do. >> an incredible amount for their music education. >> i love that you want t set them up for a world stage as well. how can we help as amm ity? >> you can help in so many way. the best way is to go on the website and donate through papy pal. >> reporter: we want to hear ng them didn't the lord deliver daniel, is that it?nd ♪ the ship began to sail ♪ and never come back no more ♪ daniel ♪ daniel >> reporter: this is one of the many songsll the be performing next week in indianapolis, indiana and we wish them well.
4:27 pm
i'mex molette green in dria, back into you. ♪ beautiful. >> that is very nice. a they've g nice big, full sound there. >> yeah, weish them well, too. >> they should be singing right now jingle bells if you look outside. we are tracking a quick wintery blast to start the weekend here. >> wet snowng faln local neighborhoods tonight. these are live pictures in gaithersburg. doug is back with the changes headed our way for the weekend. the major security enhancements coming to more than 100 local schools. breaking news just coming into the news room. cory smith is live with a plea from d.c. police in a dgerous shanoo
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now at q 4:30 ack shot of snow to start the weekend. >> storm team 4 radar showng some wet or rain, depending on where you are over most of our area right now. let's check in with our chief meteorologist dg kammerer to t the latest. >> we have snow about area wide. the only exception well i down the southern zone, down around the norther neckut everyone else receiving snow. even accumulating snow now. got a report out of the warrenton area of about an inch of snow in that area. take a look at the wider pictu as we move through the next couple hours. here's the back edge.'r going through the heaviest
4:31 pm
right now. that's why it looks like this is going to be ne little snowstorm but it's almost over, we have about two or three more hours to go. this is 355 atidge road, you can see what's happening here, along wisconsin avenue rockville pike there, up that far, again on the roadways, no problems. on the sidewalks and grassy surfaces we are dealingith m some accumulating snowfall. much more ont this and wha to expect this weekend, i'm back in a minute. just after 4:30, if you are just now joining us, let's get you caught up with four things to know. fire officials say everybody is expected to be okay after this bi apartment fire in gaithersburg. chopper 4 is over the scene on sunny brook terrace. firefighters had to use ladder trucks to battle the flames from the three story building. to the residents taken hospital but all are expected to be okay. the man accused of killing a jogger in logan circle is now
4:32 pm
competent to stand trial. a psychologist says after two evaluations, 23-year-old crawford understands his arrest, police say he stabbed wendy martinez last september and there's foot anne arundel jail of footage of a struggle between the two. president trump visiting weabama to see the damage from last 's tornados, and also visiting 23 crosses one for eacs pe killed in the storm. he has vowed full support. the annual rock and roll marthon is in town tomorrow. there will be many road closures associated with this throughout the city. we have everything y need to know about it in our nbc washington appon pat and le back to you. thanks, erika. now to breaking news following in the district. >> d.c. police holding a news conference right now.
4:33 pm
investigators giving out new information about three separate cases. and news4's cory smith has been listening in, he joins us live from d.c. police headquarters. >> reporter: the press conference just wrapped up aew nutes ago. we'll start with the most recent one. the murder of aan w on d street. we have been told that the suspect y arrestedterday in prince george's county, lamont stephenson, who had been on the fbi's most wantedst, has been charged with her murder. police identifie t victim as natina kiah she was found dead in her apartment on d street after prince george's county police arrested stephenson for a warrant in connection to a murder in. new jers they notified metro police, they eslked to stephenson and from there they filed c against him for the murder of natina kiah. the other case that was talked about today was the shooting that happened at a bar on eighth street. you probably remember the video from that shooting. it was an after-hours party at
4:34 pm
an ethiopian restaurant. an altercation between two people erupted into gun fire. one man was shot, he did survive. one suspect has been arrested, police are looking for two more suspects, an tone owe bellton, and tamara williams. they are wanted with assault. a third suspect has been arrest in this case. asked the chief how satisfying it was to announce these arrest obviously it has been a busy 2019 for homicidec dves here in washington, so they were very happy to announce these arrests. coming up in the next hour we'll tell you about another case they mentioned today. this one involving a juvenil suspect who's been charged in a shooting. l have that in about 30 or so minutes. looking forward to it. see you next hour. major security enhancements are being put into effect in montgomery county public
4:35 pm
schools. they're telling news4 they added new security cameras at dozens of elementary schools and expect to do so at all of the y district's 136 elementar schools by august. district better visibility at entrances and major hallways and they want to be able to record and review images of any incidents. each school will likely be equipped with four or five west vi is the latest jurisdiction to move towardun fe coy college, a bill passed the legislature yesterday. the measure allows students who meet certain qualifications to earn a free associate's degree, they have to pass a drug test, keep a 2.0 grade point average and agree to stay in the state for two years after graduation. a similar bill is in place already in maryland but not virginia. a new era in space flig. >> spacex completes a historic mission.
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next on news4 why the future looks bright for sendi american astronauts into space. daylight saving times this weekend. a great time to check your fire alarms and smoke detectors. how does this impact our sun [music pheying] (sashimi) psst you! the one with the designer dog collar. wondering how i upgraded to this sweet pad? a 1,200-square-foot bathroom, and my very own spa.
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now to an incredible story
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of pain and perseverance. doreen g utzler joins with one father's remarkable recovery years after a terrible attack until the district. doreen. >> reporter: tc passenger lin is a devoted husband and fatr but you have to look closely and get to know him to understand all that he and his family have endured. six years ago tc was a robbed beaten up as he walked home after a nats game his skull was shattered by a baseball bat that night, a brain injury that nearly killed him. through it all his wife abbyy hs beenis side and now she's written a book about their journey.o >> there was perfect before. there's no pfect now. we had a beautifulife before. we have a beautiful life now. we have ant very diffe sense about ourselves and the world and what's important. >> reporter: there's quite a significant story inetween then and enjonow.
4:40 pm
abby's book is a raw and honest story of her's recovery. she'll be on the "today" sho monday morning. and then i'll talkth wit about how they reinveed news4 a 5:00. >> sounds like quite a story. >> i'm looking forward to sharing it. they are remarkable people. >> can't wait to see that. a little earlier in the newscast we talked about ways to ease into daylight savings time. >> the shift affects me than just our daily routine. amelia draper in the weather center withore onthat. >> as we look today light saving time beginng thisweekend, there's that moan and groan because weha lose hour of sleep and it can have a serious popact on monday because you're h sllunntyeading still down. how does the sun rise and sunset time change? on sunday s is rise right
4:41 pm
around :30, sunday later by about an hour. we enjoy those later sunsets, though. sunday we enjoy a sunset at most 7:10 and we continue to see the sunset times get later and later we get into the warmer months. by may 1st we'll have sunset time at 8:00. the latest we see is the 8:37, that starts on june 22nd and lasts through early july. i think that is something to look forward to on an afternoon where we tracking snow showers falling across the area with spring less than two weeks away. doug and i are going to have more on the rain and snow we're dealin with today and more rain on tweekend. building bikes and teens from the frame up. a local you programiving kids the chance to tiner and learn and help others all forfr
4:42 pm
. i'll introduce you to this week's harris' hero at 5:00. an outpouring of support for one of our own. joe kreb anchored with barbara harrison for years and nowhe's >
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
jeopardy host, alex trebek's pancreatic cancer diagnose is shining a spotlight on the diseas >> the 78-year-old host revealed he had stage 4 that announcement comes as a beloved member of our here we learned is also fighting the disease. >> joe krebs recentlyearned his pancreatic cancer spread to his lungs. itbarbara harrison talked joe about his treatment. >> good morning. >> good it's good t here. >> good to have you here. >> is this going to be painful? >> reporter: joe krebs with his unfailing good nature is up for his next round in a fight against a disease whose not in his favor.
4:45 pm
>> i'm joe krebs. >> reporter: in his years as a reporter and anchor at news4 washington,is always affable style and quick wit made for winning odds for the morning team. when heetired in 2012 we knew he wanted to travel more on his bicycles and to far-off destinations with his wife mary lin. so we didn't see a lot of traveling joe but one friday in june 2017 he was heading back to a studio for a good-bye party for a long-time coworker when he called in sick. >> i was so sick i cou barely move. it was digestivele pr. >> reporter: he saw his doctor, there were tests, a sonogram and an mri. >> right after the mri my gastroenterologist called me and said i want c you toome in and
4:46 pm
talk to me. >> reporter: it could be a benign tumor but also cancer. >> if we can't do surgery, 're talking about months, not yearsd we were both sitting there and i immediately thought, this was july, and i was thinking, i might not see thanksgiving. it was really ane incredi kick in the gut. >> devastating. i just thought our life together might be coming to an end. >> right in here. >> reporter: the surgery was successful. but about ten months later it was discovered that the pancreatic cancer had indeed spread to the lungs. there was surgery to remove the lesions and chemotherapy. but months after that, more wer discovered. this time he's back at georgetown hospital to begin the fight again. >> arms over my head. >> reporter: and this time they will try a different weaponn the arsenal against this lethal
4:47 pm
disease. >> he has to reconstruct the images of the last scan. >> reporter: joe is being markeo a series of intense radiation treatments that will be done with this machine, the cyber knife, relatively knew in treating pancreatic cancer. >> this machine is a machine that delivers high doses of radiation over a short period of time. the doses are so high it a has very good chance at eradicating the tumor. >> reporter: joe plans to keep upis fight. mary lynn has been beside him. neither can guesshe how journey will end. joe wants to keep up the batt but also remember to enjoy his life along the way. >> i want to do what i love and live the best life possible. i want t live in thenow. >> reporter: and what joe is most hopeful fors this story will help spread the word about this deadly cancer.
4:48 pm
joe 40e7s more research will lead to earlier detection and hopefuey soon a c for pancreatic cancer. and joe, of course, is hoping all of us are going to join in this purple stride walk which will help raise awareness for people who don't know about how deadly this disease is. we hope there'll be a chwge. >> we k joe is a real trooper. he's a tough guy, physically active, loves swimming and biking. >> he hasn't slowed down. he wants to live in the now, he's in l.a. because he still represents sag for our union, he's there, going to come back and go to florida to watch his favorite team, the nationals, play against his other favorite team the cards in their spring training. now, great the advice. keep it up, joe. with're with you. >> he has our love andpr ers. >> when is the walk scheduled? >> the 8th of june washington d.c. we hope everyone will join us.
4:49 pm
a lot of us will be here from channel 4. all of u here planning to be here. >> thank you so much barbara. >> give him ourbe . to the weather. >> to that. >> look at the stuff out here. it's still coming down. >> it's coming down really gd. >> oh, wow. >> i knew we'd see a coating w north at of d.c. i didn't think we'd get it in the ty. towards gaithersburg, this is what we were saying, coating on the grassy surfaces but the roads would be fine, w that't we have up there towards the gaithersburg area. you notice it on the cars as well. this is 495. right around maryland 97. 's georgia avenue the roads are fine, what do you know, traffic is a mess. i don't think that has anything to do with the snowfall, though. probably the wet roads holding things back a little bit. this is 495 as we're approaching the dulles toll road not muc going there. if i didn't tell you it was
4:50 pm
snowing there, you'd think it's plain rain but it is snow making its way down that region as well. 495 not moving at all as you approach the american legion bridge 33 rockville, 32 in camp springs. we're getting close to the freezing mark. i thinke' stay right there and above. atch out, could we see some slick spots tonight? it is possible, especially with the sun going down now. here's the snow area wide. rain down to the snow but it's l snow from fredericksburg to waldorf all to the north and west. this is accumulating. i've seen some locations pick up an inch of snow so far. it's all coming to an end.av we don't much more to go, about two hours or so.h and then m different as we head towards the weekend. i'm not going to show you that yet because it's that different. i have to toss it over to amkiia. we are t the weekend and you have good news for us.
4:51 pm
>> looking really comfortable especially after how cold it's been. the other thing with the system moving through, i checked the road surface temperatures in maryland, just abouton every locas coming in above freezing. again, while there could be somc spots it's not a huge concern. as we look towards the weekend, we start off tomorrow in washington 33, upr 20s in the suburbs. and it's cloudy start to finish. even 5:00 p.m.t's still looking dry with a high temperature of 49. overnight we will have rain showers moving through the area. even as we move towar 8:00, 9:00 a.m. that chance for rain diminishing, 44 grees totart your sunday. a high temperature of 68 degrees on sunday afternoon. hard to believe thy on wednese were talking about wind chills in the single digits. here future weather, 6:00 p.m. saturday, notice we're still
4:52 pm
dry. early dinner plansou'll be okay. 9:00, 10:00, rain across the area. it's raining overnight. the rain pushingbo out by 8:00 a.m. and the rest of your sunday is dry. sunshine that being said, the weather having a low impact on your weekend. i know we have a few st. patrick's day parades going on. those are looking okay. exercise is looking nice, especially sunday afternoon. if you're hitting the slopes, they are still open. i would go saturday. a little more slush out there sunday. but either day works. suay is the day you get the car washed because we're looking at a dice spell for the majority of next week. sundayng dry after the mor rain, remember set the clocks forward one hour. 62 on monday, that's a beautiful day with more sunshine. even2 tuesday, a nice day. a little below average. then going back up to 58. then 66 next friday.
4:53 pm
this looking a littlkebit more spring. we just have to get through today. and, of course, right now we're talking snow. we go fro 8 degreesilor a wind and snow tond 68 by . i'm erika gonzalez here at the live desk with breaking news thisn. aftern former empire star jussie smollett has now officially been indicted by a cook county grand jury on 16 felony counts. if you'll rember, this is a story we've been following since late january when heim c he had been the victim of a racist ttack on the streets of chicago, both physical and verbal, later police revealed that they believed they had evidence that jussie smollett had planned and plotted the attack on himself. the actor has maintained his innocence. shortly after that "empire" later axed his character from
4:54 pm
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4:57 pm
radar. doug is back at the top of the hour with how long this storm will stick around and the big changes ahead for the rest of your weekend. the u.s. is one step closer to sending american astronauts back to space. tonight an unmanned spacex capsule returned to earth aft a short stay at the space station. chris palone shows us what's next. >> reporter: it was a picture perfect and gentle splash down for the spacexe. caps and perhaps another giant step for the space 'mprogram. >>uper excited. >> dragon is seated. >> reporter: the landing about 200 miles off the coast of florida capped an important week in nasa's quest to once again laun astronauts into space. since the program ended in 2011, erican astronauts have flown
4:58 pm
to space on rusan rockets. >> reporter: on this flight a dummy called ripley flew as the only test passenger. next another launch to test the crew. >> the are all capabilities that are leading to a day where are launching american astronauts on american rockets >> reporter: spacex hopes to conduct the first test flights with two real astronauts on lyboard in right now at 5:00 tracking the rain and snow as it continues tcr moves our area. >> as we look to the weekend more rain in the forecast but a warm up as rewell. ndous relief, the family of a d.c. woman killed at random whileas she jogging celebrates a small victory in court.e >> we believn the justice system and we want justice for wendy. >> what they're doing to share
4:59 pm
her a call for help puts police officers in danger. only on news4 those officers share their story. >> i don't know if the word high is correct. plus, guilty as hell? the shocking comments from r. kelly's former lawyer. but we are going to begin this friday evening with for some of you, rain for others and the impacts it's having as we start our weekend. >> look at storm team 4 radar behind us. you can sea se it moving past u. in the silverapring a they're seeing snow. here's downtown shortly afterto 3:00y. >> the snow is not creatining t much of a hassle, just conversational as you say. >> it's covering just about everything except the rghds now.p sitin
5:00 pm
area wide i was expecting the rain/snow to be around the i-95 area it is do to the south. charles county, calvert county reporting snow. a fredericksbuo reporting snow. rain farther to the south. this is 270 around clarksburg. notice 270 just wet but you see the snow in the median, on the sides, traffic ming okay. southbound moving north as we head out of clarksburg towards the shop and towards frederick. always a mess, 270 always a mess, you throw in wet roadway, we have a bigger mess across our area right now. the storm, not a bigstorm. it's coming to an end in the next two hours or so is is the back edge so it's going to move through and you quickly see it wind down. we're seeing a coating in parts of the area but it's not g ng to get much bigger. we'll talk about the weekend and warmer temperatures in a nt


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