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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 10, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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baddeley to be coming back. ernie's place was primed and ready and molinarias ready for his sunday close-up. what a route. as the engraving, i'm sure, is alreadyif finishe not done and he will come out of here with confidence going into the first big championship of the seasona ets the stage for one a month, six total, four majors and fedexcup playoffs. >> you certainly have to give baddeley som credit. over the years, his game has seen some l prettyn time, zinger. he has always kept a positive attitude and work ethic hasn't dropped off and maintained the belief he could get back into that winner's circle. he's been out here a long time,
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17 years. he has a beautiful looking swing but has never been a great ball amriker. incredible shorte and a lot of gut he knows how to think his way around a golf course, noda. >>e certainly does. knows the game management stuff and just a matter of getting a little better handle on to green. >> he sure has his hands fullgi manang tour life. he has five kids. he and his wife, rochelle did a great job raising them and that ing process of the pga tour juggling the act, zinger, you know a l about that back in your day, you and tony takin k thes around. >> we lived in a motor home for a while wd wee an 11 suitcase family with two kids. figure out how many suitcases aaron baddeley goes with. >> wallace forar in just his eighth pga tour start.
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thisoh was -- , wow, not a good wa to end it. bogey bogey finish for wallace. drops him back to 8 under. takes him out of that tie for third. and into a tie for sixth with that costly little short miss. he willake his first appearance at the players next week where 50 of the top 50 in the world are committed to play rightmc now. roy in the final group ready to finish this off. >> 165 left.
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>> that's about where he made the winning putt last year. now, fitzpatrick, soloecond ght now par, keeps that spot. >> not wasting any time. >> 136. >> now, it's official with fitzpatrick doinghe t gamez and one for the pga tour. one by one they fell out of contention, and now it is official.
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so, we turn our attention, zing, to the players championship. it is always a good one. those final three hol there, par 5 16th, final green, tough par 4 18th. everybody knows how it finishes by nori familtion with the players and first time in a long time since 2007, back into the month of march, first time since 2006, actually, back in that time frame, we talked about it. orw you think the golf course was designed f that period of the season. >> yep. >> can't wait to get there. g >>y and i were talking about it the other day, pete and i built that course in march. going back to march, a great thing, if that wind get up, it's into the players' face on 17 and 18. >> all right. we've got the winner, with steve. >> dan, thank you. you're a winner with your last three pga starts. what does that say about you
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physically a mentally? >> i don't know. i'm just super glad. the first weeks a calloway player. happy to see t switch i made wasn't that crazy as some people thought, i know. the clubs are good for me and i shot it this week. it's great to do it here on this place knowin that my wif and the kids were watching it back home is just a special special one. mo we start with six huge events over the next sihs. you w faredl before at the sawgrass players with aop five finishes. what does this mean for you next week? >> i lovegr ss. the players, with the new schedule is the first big appointment on the calendar. i can't wait to get there. kind of a mixed bag there. v soy good weeks and missed
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cuts. just curious toee howt will play with a different date. viously, the game is in decent shape. looking forward to next week. you alluded to the family watching and it's arnold palmer's tournament. what does it mean to you to have this on your resume? >> incredible. high up the with the best wins i've had nie was a special player and most of all, a special person and liked himam for the and coming here obviously, he and jack were up there as gods. to win here, t it's reallly special. >> aggressions. >> thank you. thanks. get>>o's k butac just two putts from here, o he'll take solcond. >> sometimes the hardest thing in the do is log it w told up
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with a give me two-putt. >> he has a little left. doesn't want to fall back into the group at 9 under. cilroy, if he's able to drop this in for birdie,sc willd in the top 10 of the fedex standings, rory a fedexcup champion two years ago, a chance to rise in that season long race. >> rory's fans areisappointed again really. this is seventh time he's been in the last group. >> that zing is in the last 12 months. seventh time in the last 12 months he's been in the final group final round on tour, no wins, scoring average in those rounds more than 71. he just hasn't been able to strike the right balance. we were talking about this earlier today. you have a guy like rory who has all thater firepow. you don't want to go crazy
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aggressive, totally freewheel it but you have to be carefree to a degree. it's hard to do. really hard to do, asd.ou s >> he has to be wondering, what do i need to do? >>there's the fedexcup standings we talked about. rory is 11th. just missed getting inside that top 10. if that birdie would havehe faln would have gotten in. not a lot of movement in as we get ready for the fedexcup championship with more points. patrick for par, second for 10 under now. >> this is not automatic. this is a little slider. >> matthew able to handle it. second. e international leaderboard set, spain, england, nor
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ireland. and the first american to appear on the board with a spot at the open championships. molinari wins a it withn incredible 64. more continues on golf channel in california and nport beach. join us again thursday. coverage of the players begins at 10:00 o'clock etern time on nbc saturday at 2:00. coming up next, the west coast and your local newnd the episode of "world dance" and "good girls." saying so long from the arnold palmer invitationaly presented b mastercard. francesco molinari, 64, closing birdie at 18 was impressive. he's the champion at arnie's bay hill.
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breaking right now at 6:00, eight aricans among the more than 150 people killed after a plane crashes in ethiopia. why some are starting to question the maker of therl er. also breaking tonight, virginia state police say they chased a car. that vehicle later crashed in d.c. we're live with aho witness says they saw it all go down. and the first day of ylight saving time is bringing warmer weather, a later sunset and nice view of the cherry l trees at natiorbor. want totonight, the world unn grief after people from 35 countries dd after an ethiopian airlines flight crashed minutes after takeoff in east africa. good evening, i'm erika gonzales. and now there are questions
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about why thisra-new plane with a good safety record crashed. nbc's sara harvin has the breaking details. >> reporr: this was a new plane, less than a year old. on board, 149 passengers and 8 crew members traveling from ethiopia to kenya's capital, winairobi. radang the flight lost contact just six minutes after takeoff, the plane crashing 30 miles from the airport. it's unclear what caused the crash, but the model i question, a boeing 737 max8 is the se involved in the indonesi indonesian l indonesi indonesian line air jet disaster. boeing offerin to help with the investigation. ethiopian airlines has a good safety record and theof reputatn
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eing one of the best airlines in africa with a modern, n fleet of planes. sarah harman,bc news, london. >> there is more information on this tragedy. boeing is facing new questions about its 737 max8. days after the crash in indones indonesia that killed nearly 190 people, boeing sent a notice to airlines tha fault information from a sensor could cause the plane to automatically point the nose down. the notice reminded pilots of how to handle the tuation. safety experts caution against drawing too many comparisons between the two crashes until we get more details on this latest disaster. htly news" will have much more on this crash, and you can find updates in our nbc washington>>pp. we are now following breaking news out of northern virginia. a wild police cha started in tysons, ended in d.c. at the i-295 exit a for malcom xnue in southeast. that's where police say the car flipped and crashed.
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news4's dar spencer live at the scene with what authorities are sayin darcy? >> reporter: well, erika, i can tell you this came to a very quick end here on the ramp behind me in that muddy field. police have cleared the scene, so we want to get you right to the video of that car that was involv. it was a bmw. and can tellyou, nobody is going to be dring that car any time soon. you can see it was towed away from the virginia state police began chasing the car out of tysons corner this afternoon. police tell us, this iolved a robbery of an sunglass store i the tysons area. police chased the car over the woodrow wilsondg bri the driver lost control on 295, wrecking on the ramp to malcolm x avenue here in southeast. then the car flipped over. police conf pm, threeple were in the car, and they ran out into that muddy fie only one has been caught so far. khelicopter was up searching, and police too their dogs into a wooded area, but so far those
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othe suspects have not been found. let's hear now from a witness who saw police racing across the bridge and saw the aftermath of that chase. >> the wheels were still spinning. he had already come around the corner too fast and the vehicle was upside down a you could see that there was a person running up the hill, and right behind was virginia state police ching him on foot. >> reporter: that witness also tells me that the suspect who tody wasn into c absolutely covered in mud. he was then placed in an ambulance and taken to the hospital. no word yet on what cha he'll face. erika, back toyou. >> my goodness. quite the scene. darcy spencer, thau. we're going to turn to the weather now. it is the warmest day i some time, and also the first day of daylight saving. how are you feeling? at means the sun is getting even later. should even later, i say. and we can show you these live
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pictures of the tidal basin. somara tells us howe' warm going to get. >> we were shooting for the upper 60s, but those clouds stick around, the warm front to but i would say it's pretty nice out there. we definitely hit 6e degrees in istrict. let's look at the current temperature. 57 degrees with the sun getting ready to setretty soon here. let's go ahead and take a look temperatureured notice the time stamp. 2:00 a.m., still in the upper 40s and low 50s. so it's not going to be a shock to the system or anything. i'll let you know how long this warmup is going to last in a moment and help you plan out your monday and how warm we get athe end of the week. that's actually kind of interesting. erika? >> all right, somara, thank you. detailsot about a sg in the district last night. officers flooding the area of galton street, finding the victim on georgia avenue. he was unconscious and later died at the hosowtal. right nd.c. police are calling this a death
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investigation. they have not released the man's na ktrnows bor aderew wall. tomorrow the president will ask congress for an additional $8.6 billion to pay for the wall along the southern border with mexico. the money is for the fiscal year of 2020. it is more than six times wcot ressional low indicated for border projects in each of the past two fiscal years. top democrats criticizing the request, funding legislation needs to be passed before october 1st orld we cou see yet another government shutdown. all right. next on news4, this arizona zoo was the site of a horrifying attack. we're going to show you the moments after a jaguar went after a visitor. and an upte to that story that we brought you as breaking news last night at 11:00. we are getti a clear picture from inside the cabin of that terrifying turbulence d-air thatmi l
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now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? we are getting new video tonight of some violent mid air turbulence that injured 30 people last night. the turkish airlines flight from istanbul was approachingjf airport in new york when chaos unfolded. you can hear some of the ssengers kind of moaning and screaming in the background. oxygen masks had been deployed at that point. medics tsk some passenger on stretchers and loaded them into ambu 3nces. nearly50 people were on board. al the injuries, we're told,
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were non life-threatening. thet. d.c. patrick's day parade does not seem to have the luck of the irish tsear. the parade was cancelled due to high security costs. but ls of d.c. area firefighters are not letting that stop them. ♪ theych m in the annapolis st. patrick's day parade this afternoon. among the groups, d.c., prince george's county and montgomery county firef whters. althouhington, d.c., won't have its own parade this year, the planning committee says they are determined to bring the parade back in 2020. >> it's kind of sad, in a way. it was such a big parade. hopefully it brings some crowds to the other parades here.nd but we would love to see it get ack up and rolling in t future. >> and there's maryland governor larry hoga marching in today's parade, as well. in other news tonight, a jaguar goes after a woman at an arizona zoo. we want to warn you, some of what you may see here, you may consider tbe disturbing.
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do i use a toothpaste that whitens my teeth? or one that's good for my teeth? now i don't have to choose. from crest 3d white. the whitening therapy collection. now with charcoal or coconut oil. it gently whitens. plus, it has a fortifying formula to protect your enamel. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. take prilosec otc and take control of heartburn. so you don't have to stash antacids here... here... or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn. a woman taking a selfie at an arizona zoo ended up getting attacked by a jaguar. the woman crossed the barrier in
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phoex just before closing. we have the dramatic video, and we do want to warn you, some of you may conside this disturbing. >> reporter: a woman gasping, deep lacerations seen on her arm. people trying to help as others' cell v phoneeo shows a jaguar at arizona's wildlife zoo and awa aquarium. the woman was trying to take a close-up picture of the jaguar. >> we don't have any other information about it, except we have a witnesses that said she did cross the barrier to getcl e shot and put her hand right up against the barrier with the cat. when n people do respect the barriers, there is always a chance that there may be a problem.he >>woman's injuries non life-threateenng. the inc at the zoo immediately sparked concerns on social media for the jaguar's fate. many feared somethild happen to the animal. but officials at the zoo say the female w jaguarl not be euthanized. there is a new d tumentary fikling the issue of
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gentrification in the district of columbia that follows threer geons of black washingtonians. it's called "what happened to chocolate city." it's centered around the experiencesa o-year-old girl, a 45-year-old man and a 75 year-old man. the f lmks at how gentrification is changing black communities in a city that fori the time in many decades does not have a majority black population. >> we don't paint developme in a bad light. we don't paint change in a bad light. we just hope we can, you know, expose, you know, the issues within the system rht now and how the city is developing and create a city that's more inclusive, particulaor the residents who have been here for so long. >> the film's producers are hoping to partner wh d.c. public schools to host esreenings for students in some of the communi affected by gentrification. all right. turning things over to storm team 4 meteorologist somara theodore. we got to the warmer side of
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temperatures, but it did take a minute. >> it did. if we had gotten there a little earlier, we probably would have been able to go for the upper 60s. but we have another c to do that this week, folks. for now, we're going to settle with these upper 5s, low 60s. not a bad evening to be out about, headed down to national harbor. take a look at some of the cherry trees. not the cherry blossoms.e those at tidal basin will bloom in a couple weeks. we have some time before tha happens. but spring has kind of sprung. maybe not ofcially, but take a look at these temperatures. these numbers. right now in washingto d.c. 64 in manassas. who made it to 70. 66 in culpeper. so we are pretty warm out there for this time of year. d we areoing to be warmer by the end of this week. but for now, let's talk about tonight, because maybe you're still going to capitalize. temperatures dropping through the 60ou of us. by 8:00, we should be in the upper 50s. a lot of us. and by 10:00 p.m., still pretty mild in the low 50s. so notice these temperatures
6:28 pm
aren't justoting downward. we've got to wait for the front to pass. pretty is going to be cloudy out there, i must say. not losing the clouds. it's been a real struggle today. but atomorrow, that' different story. in fact, what you need to know about the week ahead is t tre's goinbe plenty of sunshine out there. temperatures will stay mild, pretty much all week, outside of the outlie that is tuesday. and then we're tracking some rain thursday. and, of cose, with spring-like conditions, temperatures near 70, that's when we start to think about unsettled weather and possibly a thunderstorm or two popping up. i'll show you that in theda te for now let me help you plan your monday. what you need to know about tomorrow, it is going pretty mild and warm out there. himperatures will be in the upper -- should actually be -- sorry, guys. this should beto close0 degrees. tomorrow we'll be in the upper 50s, low 60s. plenty of sunshineor your monday. notice the sun rise and sunset times. that hour did go forward. it is going to be a little
6:29 pm
bree in the afternoon, early afternoon. ta a look at the temperature trend. we'll be the upper 50s, near 60 tomorrow. tuesday, upper 40s. don't worry, we rebou nicely. 50s by wednesday. 60s on thursday. and wait untilou see friday. storm teamst ten-day fore dry all the way through much of your thursday. thursday afternoon, late in the day, that's when the clouds will start to build in and that's when we could see the chance for showers and rain. friday is when we could possibly hear a fewru les, as well. temperatures near 70 degrees on ciday. when is thed air coming back? i'd say -- i don't really see any cold air on the unten-day, ss you consider the 40s cold, right, erika? what's cold to 4 you? s is still chilly. you need a coat for that. so this is not -- i walked out wi denim jacket today and a soeater and i was very cold this morning. - all right. we still have a ways to go. let's go back to our
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breaking news. our top story this evening. the deadly ethiopian airline c plansh in africa. we have now learned that a georgetown law school student wa on that ill fated flight. the dean of georgetown's law school sending out that information to the school community. cedrick aishavugwa was born and raised in kenya and headed home to attd the funeral of his ibancee's mother. the school des him as a stellar student who championed social jusce around the world. he was one of 157 people killed when the flightly crashed sho after takeoff today, a story we will continue to follow this evening. in sports tonight, the caps goingheir seventh straight win. coming up as the team pushes towards the playoffs, hat is the biggest keyhe to anot stanley cup run? the voice of the


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