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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 11, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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phone and read that a fellow georgetown student passed. >> this morning, a georgetown community is mourning one of their own. a law school student was killed in an ethiopian plane crash. president trump and congress are on track for another budget battle. the president will outline a suspended plan and it includes a request for border wall money. >> new4 today starts now. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're a little sleepy after springing forward. aaron says he's good to go. >> i got some sleep. >> fresh and whatnot. >> melissa mollet is keeping ane eye onoads. we'll start with chuck bell. he has our first forecast. >> good morning, aaron. a dry start to the work and school ek. that's good news. our umbrellas have been getting quite a workout in the last 12n
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, 14 months in a row. really nice weather, considering it's monday outside. it will be bezy at times. northwest winds, 15 to 20 miles itr hour. good flying weather. follow cold weather will that weather in. it will be a mild day. and we get to sy dry for the next few days, as well. >> you'reaking up, 45 in charlestown, west virginia. 47 in poolsville, maryland. there's youror planner a monday. 40s and 50s here through the morning hours. and up around 60 to 62 degrees for highs during the course of the afternoon. back into t 40s by about 8:00 this evening. get the latest from our forecast. follow men social media, as well. let's hear something good on aa mo melissa mollet.
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>> i know. southbound on 270, as you're approaching clarksburg, you will see the brake lights before 121. left side is blocked by the accident there. northbound, we also still have w the work zonh two right lanes getting by. it looks like they will clear here 66s fine. 95 northbound, southbound, okay. little slowdown southbound, after quantico. and fredericksburg, southbound 95 near 17. the work zone withhe left lane blocked. eun? >> thank you, melia. this morning, we're learning about the ethiopian airlines crash that left 160 people dead. >> here's the latest on the investigation. there's new concerns this morning about the boeing 737 max 8. this is the second deadly crash involving that kind of jet in recent months. >> flight 302 crashed shortly after takeoff from the ethiopian
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capital.n the careportedly asked to return to the airport six minutes into the flight. the plane then disappeared from radar and cr hed into an empty field. >> that jet was the same make t d model as the plane tha crashed off of indonesia last year. this morning, ethiopian airlines has grounded boeing 737 jets no until furthece. and china aviation authority has grounded its boeing 737 planes for safety checks. hundreds are devastated by the loss of their loved ones. >> a third-year law school at ni georgetownrsity is among the dead. justin finch is on campus to talk about hispact on other students. >> reporter: good morning here.f that g is being felt. a mass was held last night. and for those who knew him well and for those who didn't, many he the georgetown
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community, are leaning on their faith. dly, we have learned it was another loss that put him on that fateful flight. he was heading home to kenya afterf the deaths fiancee's ther. he was a notable presence here. a promisinghird year law student, with a passion for social justice and a minister for anrg unduate dorm, where he helping students acclimate to college life. he was a great resource. it was amazing, too. he was going to school for law. he still made ti. to talk to >> they released a statement on sunday. reading here, in part, with his passing, the georgetown family ha lost a stellar student, a great friend to many and a dedicated champion for social
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justice across east africa and the world. back live, grief counseling is being held for students and staff, who are struggling with e this sad and sloss. back inside to you. >> justin, thank you. the pilot has relatives i, this ar as well. we'll take a closer lookea at t 28old pilot. closer to home, at reagan national erairport, s passengers were hurt after a crash cart became loose and d through the cabin duri landing. josh leaderman was on the american airlines fight when it landed last night. a flight attendant says a cart rolled t entire length of the plane the back to the front. a flight attendant and two passengers were taitn to the ho. their injuries do not appear to be serious.
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one robbery suspect was arrested after a police chase and ash. the group made it into the exdistrict, but the i-295 it, the driver lost control of the car. police say this mangd bmw flipped and crashed on the exit ramp. the driver was arrested and the police were searching for two other suspects. today, president trump is thing to try to get money for a border wall in a way. he is about to release his budget. in it, he will ask for $8.6 billion for a wall. many, including republicans, say there's an easier option for the borderall. >> you can put what i call the esartwall, along the border in all 2,000 miles inthan a year and gain control of the border. >> democratic leaders say the es ent's latest strategy
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won't work, either. it sets up another possible government shutdown in ostober. the laovernment shutdown cost the economy 11 billion dollars. the funding increase comes as the senate is likely in joining the house to reject the president's emergenc declaration. four republican senators say they will join with the democrats in joining this declaration. tracie potts will break all this n wn for us. officials atizona zoo, say a jaguar will not be euthanized after it attacked a woman. this is cell phone video after the incident. you can see the woman on the ground. people try to help h it happened saturday night in the wildlife world zoo in phoenix. the woman crossed over a barrier to take a selfie and that's when the animal attacked. >> we have eyewitnesses that said she did cross the barrier. when people do not respect the
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.arriers, there's a chance there might be a probl >> the woman's injuries to her arm were not serious. and she is expected to bs okay. officiy she returned to the zoo and apologize for her actions. ane weeker tornadoes ripped through lee county, alabama, killing 23 people, the community came together for sunday worship. providence baptist church was packed. there will be a vigil there tonight to remember the 23 people killed in thes. ke> the family of retired agent bob levinson has whard to find him. his family appears on capitol hll last week, pleading f safe return. levinson vanished while an unauthorized cia mission. the fbi released a statement saying, bob is and always will be a member of the fbi family.
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and we share in the heartache that bob's wife and family hav experienced every day for the last 12 years. > happening tonight, a major traffic alert. if you plan to use the arlington memorial bridge, you will fewer lanes as a construction project continues. aimee cho has more on what you need to know about this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you plan to take theng arn memorial bridge, you want to allow for extra time. e good news is, the closures are in effect from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. not dusing any of the hours. as you know, three of the six lanes on the bridge have been h shut down for montan. a fourth line will be shutting down overnight. the bridge will have two lanes open, one in each direction. and for 15 minutes at a time, they will be shutting down a fifth lane. during that time,you will o have one lane open and cars will have to take turns crossing the bridge.
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this is also that crews can install concrete panels. the bridge is in desperate need of trepair ovehe years. the national park servic says if they didn't make the closures, the bridge would eventually become unsafe for people to drive on. this latest overnight closure will last until fall of this year. and the repair project will take o moreyears. drivers will have to get used to eing delays. eun, aaron? >> aimee cho, thank you. traffic may be impacted in bethesda. you may see a lot of activity around the walter reed medical center. they plan to start drills.dr thls are meant to help them respond to security-related incidents are said to last through friday. it will post the drills the facebook and twitter pages. what happened to chocolate city? that's being asked in a new documentary that questions gentrification in the district.
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this documentary follows three generations of washingtonians in a city known as chocolate city. for the first ti, it does not have a majority black population.>> e don't paint development in a bat light. we don't paint change in a bad light. we hope we can expose the issues within the system right now and how the city is deveping and create a city that is more inclusive, particularly for the residents who have bre for so long. >> the film's producers hope to partner with d.c. public schools. they want students in the co unities affected by gentrification to see this film. still ahead, colon cancer once thought to strike people over the age of 50. but doctors are seeingtsounger pati plus, have you booked your spring or summer vacation? it's not too late to get out of town without breaking the bank. we'll show you creative ways to save money. first thing on a monday
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morning, what's the weekend going to be like? by the time we getthere, temperatures cooler than average. i'm more optimistic this coming weekend will be our first coming weekend will be our first in-free weekend in ara ♪te not alr is created equal. there are over 326 million trillion h.gallons of water on ea
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it's 5:14. we're working 4 you health this morning. smoking while pregnant is bad. rot there's new numbers showing just how dan even one cigarette can be. researchers at seattle children's hospital, found ba es born to smoking brothers had twice the risk of buying suddenly. the risk was higher, the more a man smoke during pregnancy.
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the lives of 800 babies could be saved each year, if all women could be sav during pregnancy. i researc looking at how to treat c coloncer. that's because of the striking difference in the type of colon cancers doctors are finding in young isults. >> thiot a world that i anticipated or wanted to be a part of. >> kevin hayes was just wh years ol he was diagnosed. doctors say cancers behave differently in younger patients. the earlier a cancer develops, the less it looks like standard colon cancer. tumors can develop in unusual areas and have to be treated in new ways. >> they are lessouesponsive to r standard treatments. perhaps this is due in part to the fact that eir biology is different. >> the american cancer society recommend colocancer screenings starting at age 45. >> a growing number of americans are using plastic surgery to shape their bodies. the american society of plastic
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surgeons said 17.7 million people had plastic surgery last year. many of them opted for shaping procedures, including noninvasive procedures, botox and other parable fillers were the most common procedures in 2018. today is the last day to use ft cards and store credit at payless shoe stores. last month, the company declared bankruptcy and has been closing several locations. liquidation sales are expected to continue through the end of may. spring break ise already h for some people. the travel season is beginning in a few weeks. some areos anticipating the mt expensive travel season ever. that'sny whye who can get away can expect to see higher prices. you might even consider alternative ways topay. >> your best play when you head s when hot spots, this you redeem the loyalty points and you use them for the more
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luxurious properties. >> and make sureou're booking with the right credit card, one at offers travelpr otection. equallyntertaining destinations including louisville, kentucky, and nashville, tennessee. there's a lot of places here in the beautiful united states. >> so myplaces. and you never think to go. i would love to see the grand canyon. mt. rushmore. all that stuff. it will take a few more dollars to fill up the tank, too, if you are thinking about driving to your destination. >> gas prices have spiked 6 cents in the last two weeks. but in the district, averaging $2.67 a gallon. in maryland, $2.46 a g. and in virginia, it will cast you $ experts predic gas prices will continue to rise.
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>> as soon as memorial day hits, we get really higher prices. >> the summer blend. don't drink the cagasoline. >> i like thewe warmer her, though. so nice. i was hoping yesterday was going to be a little warmer. >> i wasoping so, too. >> sunday, we might get the clouds out of here earlyenough, to leave us within a whisper of 70 degrees. those clouds hung in tough yesterday. most areas eked in above 60. same story again for today. the cold air will settle in the second half of the afternoon. the northwest winds will be increasing today. temperatures hasn't dropped off much during the overnight hours. mostly in thes and 50s here. 46 in leesburg 49 at dullesirrt. 53 in annapolis. 48 degrees in quantico.
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border.ryland by the your hit-the-road forecast, dry pavementstart-to-finish today. that's welcome news. and afternoon ghs, mostly i the upper 50s and 60s. 61 or 62. a complete forecast available on our nbc washington app. you have a weather question, you can tweet me @chuckbell on twitter. the high pressure builds into the mid-atlantic. setting the sta for several days of bright sunshine around here. for now, a little cloudiness this morning. that will be gone by 5:00 or 6:00. clear and chilly tomorrow morning. sunshine, start-to-finish for tomorrow, a few more high clouds later on the day. now, up to thursday afternoon here, becoming mostlcloudy thursday. and a risk of a few showers, probably for most of us, not until after the sun goes down.
5:20 am
and 80% chance ofain for most of the day on friday. hopefully leaving us dry by the weekend. there's yourfive-d outlook. .2 tod 49 tomorro on wednesday, 55. 65 thursday, as the clouds come back. near 70 on friday, with a high-rain chance g let' over to first 4 traffic's melissa mollet now. >> looking at the roads now. southbound 270 before 121. had the left side blocked by a crash.he that's out of way. good news there. same situation, in the northbound lanes of 0, after clopper. two right lanes were getting by and that's gone. inner loop/outeroop of the beltway. no complaints. earlier crash has cleared. looking at 95 in rginia. 68in miles per hour gog to get you there in 18 minutes. >> thank you. still ahead on news 4 today, have you had your cup of coffee yet? maybe some of you had two. put some of the coffeemakers to the test to see which can get the most bang for your buck.
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catch "ellen" today at 3:00. she's follow by news 4 at 4:00. is my nam elaine barber, and i'm a five-year cancer survivor. surviving for five years is a big deal. i had so many people at ctca helping me find a way to go through e treatments. the reality of cancer is not everybody survives. at ctca, they have a huge celebrate life eve. that was amazing because the whole day was about all of the survivors. i'm excited about my future. learn more at
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the luck has run out for d.c. st. patrick's day parade. it was canceled because of high security costs.
5:24 am
d.c. area firefighters are not letting that stop them. firefighters marched in the st. patrick's day friday yesterday afternoon. washington, d.c. won't have its own parade this year, the planning committee says it o is determined bring the parade back in 2020. >> it's sad in a way. it was a big parade. we would love to see it get back up and rolling in the fure. >> maryland governor, larry hogan, you see there, marched in yesterday's parade, as well. we lost an hour of sleep. if you were having trouble waking up this morning, we know how you feel. >> you may neestrong coffee. does your coffeemaker pack the right punch? >> susan hogan is helping you fpick the right coffeemak your kitchen. >> my coffee grinder goes off at 7:00 in the morning. reporter: an eye opener or a pick-me-up, we love our coffee.
5:25 am
>> a nice way to start the day. >> reporter: the experts at consumer report, put the coffeemakers to the test. >> to get the most out of your coffee mean beansou want 205 degrees. if a coffeemaker can't do that, you'reoing to get the best tasting cup of coffee. >> reporter: this $100 this cuisinart gets the to rating. >> cuisinart earns the topra ng for owner satisfaction. >> reporter: for less money, you can get comparable brew performance from this $25 femilton beach coffeemaker. if getting the cfix fast is your first order of business, a single-serve or pod machine might be a better option.u' but only if not picking about taste. >> of the nearly 46 single-serve coffeemakers, none earns better than a good rating for taste, which is mediocre.
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>> reporter: looking for the bells and whistles? this has a built-in milk frother. >> it's great for a crowd. it delivers the first cup es cially fast. and subsequent cups were speedy, as well. >> reporter: susan hogan, news 4. >> i think it depends on how discriminating your palate is. >> i like froo-froo coffee. >> you look at the sign and there's all these different things. just coffee. just regular coffee. oh, we don't make that. 5:26 right now. all right, chuck bell. >> all your ft for getting in the car, finally cleaned off. yes, indeed. you can do it drtoday. weather for today and dry weather for several more days well.he future, as i'll let you know when the next most likely chance for rain is, oming up, in the next half hour. plus, out of jail and facing more allegations.
5:27 am
details on the new videos that could be use as evidence against r. kelly. and a deadly plane crash, moments after takeoff. next at5: , more information on the pilots' ties to our area, and the georgetown law student who waonboard. s the ross spring dress event is here-finally!
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news 4 today starts now. >> your time is 5:30, as we look outside on this monday morning. look at the flag. >> a bit of a breeze. >> yeah. we hope you aren't havg too much trouble after springing forward yesterday morning. it may feel like an extra hour earlier, today's forecast may inspire you to getmo ng. we like this little warm-up. >> 55 degrees, already. >> gd morning, everyone. i'm aeun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we hope you adjusted all of the clocks. we don't want you to b late the whole team is working 4 you. melissa mollet has theng war in traffic. chuck bell has more on the sun we'll be seeing today. we like that, chuck. >> absolutely right. it was cloudy over here in the
5:31 am
weekend. precious little in the way for sunshine saturday or sunday. we're going to increasingnt am of sunshine as we go into your monday, late morning and afternoon temperat courtesy of the wind staying up and a little cloud cover overnight. no rain has held tllperatures bove average. we're 55, now, in washington. 53 in annapolis. 43 in mamma ma nas sas. don't worry about t umbrellas or the winter parkas, either. blustery and breezy. northwest winds around 15 tour5 miles per what you need in the what to wear forecast, is a windbreaker and your sunday glasses. a-plus weather to get you work and school week started today. more abo the cooler weather for tomorrow and our nextinhance for raith the ten-day coming up. >> can't get better than that. i like it. inner loop and outer loop of the
5:32 am
beltway, looking goodight now. looking at 270, a couple of earlier problems. southbound a crash. and northbound, work zones. all of that is clear. southbound, fr 70 to the spur. ft. washington, brand-new crash. northbound indian road highway. we're seeing a tiny slow downthere. and 66 at 29, a little delay inbound. not terrible, though. developing this morning, 157 people are dead including a georgetown law student, after a plane crashed in ethiopia. flight 302 crashed after takeoff. >> the captain reportedly asked to return to the airport six minutes into the flight. but it was too late. the plane ashed into a field. there are concerns about the th type of a plan crashed. the boeing 737 max 8 was brand-new and didn't have
5:33 am
ports of technical issues. but it's also the same make and model as the plane that crashed off indonesia last year. ethiopian airlines and china's civilian aviation authority have grounded its fleet of 737 max 8 jets for safety checks. the georgeto university law school student killed in that crash was on his way to a funeral. cedric asiavugwa was on his way to kenya when the plane went down. >> justin finch is at georgetown law with what this means for the school and his fellow students. go morning. >> reporter: good morning. shock and grief over the sudden loss. the dean here at georgetown law describing cedric asiavugwa, as a dedicated champion for social justice. he was in his third year here as a student at georgetown law. a he was residential minister for a freshman dorm, as well. balancing that with the
5:34 am
internship of the campus ministry. his life was off to such a promising start. he was remembered not only for his work here at georgetown, but also with several countries in africa. he graduated in szimbabwe with philosophy degree. he recently was an assistant director at a free high school for orphans who were living with hiv and aids. as y havementioned, as well we learned he was on that to kenya, because his mother had .one there to comfort here of course, he never made it. live here in northwest, justin frinch finch, news 4.t
5:35 am
the pi that ethiopian flight has reportedly ties to our area. he has relatives in northern virginia. loved on tell "the post" he was the youngest pilot in ethiopian history. had more than 8,000 hours of flight time. he was a boeing captain since 2017. stay with news 4, as we continue to follow this to developing. we're working to find the names of the eight americans killed onboard and for updated ion on the ethiopian plane crash, you can open the nbc washington a. here are the other top stories we're following on t monday. one robbery suspect was arrested after a police chase and crash. the chase began at the tysons cornerni mall in virgia, after three men allegedly robbed the s sunglass hut. the driver crashed t car. he was arrested. we are waiting to learn more about this crash.
5:36 am
it happened yesterdayon after on the eastbound side of the icc and columbia pike. itef several people injured. the crash scene was so large that police had to use a drone. no word on what may have caused the crash. he stafford county sheriff's office is wanting to hear from anyone who recognizes this tattoo. this tattoo is on the body of a iver ho w found along road. today, president trump will release his 2020 budget. a he'sing for $8.6 billion to pay for a border wall. that could set up the country for another government shutdown. still ahead, news 4's tracie potts will joinns with more the cuts included in the budget. the university of maryland women's basketball team may have lost the big ten tournament. but don't countt them ouof march madness yet.
5:37 am
the lady terps fell to iowa. a tough loss. expected to have a high speed in the ncaa tournament. the official rankings will be released this sunday. better news for the capitals fans this morning. the team's win streak is holding strong at seven games in a rowht after last n win over winnipeg. >> it was a true teart, as the caps put in three goals to the jets' one. this is the second time this season they've won seven in a row. get a couple of those. an eighth or a >> right back to a stanley cup. the caps come to pittsburgh n takee rivals, the penguins. >> they are hoping to even out the season. pittsburgh has won two out of three games. it would be nice to have a 3-3 record there.>> coming up this morning, possible new evidence against r. kelly announced hours r he leaves jail.
5:38 am
details on the new videos you'll be hearing about today. reflectiat on a brutal ck years later. a man beaten on his walk home in d.c., opening up about his recovery and how it changed his life. stayus.
5:39 am
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4 you're watching news today. >> welcome back at 5:40. this morning, we have an incredible story of pain and perseverance. years after a high-profitt and randomk here in d.c., the victim is sharing his story. in>> doreen gentzler is jous with that man's will to recoverd and how it chahe course of his family's lives.or >> rr: a devoted husband and father. but you have to look closely to understand all he and his family ve endured. he was beaten up as he walked home after a nats game. s skull was shattered by baseball bat.
5:41 am
a traumatic brain sure that nearly killed him. his wife, abby, has been by his side. and now, she's written a book about their journey. >> there was no perfect before. there is no perfect now. >> right. >> we had a beautiful life before. we have a beautiful life now. we have a very different sense about ourselves and the world and whats important. t pre-injury, i was very, like, future-oriented ms of planning, financially, and career. and the kids and house things like that. now, i think i'm way me in the esent moment. that's good, i think. enjoying what we have right now. it shifted my mindset drastically. >> reporter: there's quite a significant story between then and now. abby's book is rth and honest, account of her husband's recovery and their journey together. she will be on the "today" show wi monday morning.
5:42 am
then, we hope yo enjoy our sitdown and i will talk with them about how they reinvented their relationip, monday on news 4 at 5:00. >> we will be watching for sure, doreen your dog walking forecast for this morning. cute amy he. 7-year-old, 8-year-old mixed breed. adopt amy by going to the website. dog walking weather for today. not bad at all. dr weather start-to-finish, a little breezy or blustery in the emternoon. withratures in the 50s to near 60, can't complain too
5:43 am
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prevent problems, and to help provide the most reliable service possible. my name is tanya, i work at the network opations center for comcas we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> it is 5:45 and we're working for you to bring you updates on our t story, the deadly crash ethiopian airlines flight 302. a georgetown law student is among the people killed when the plane went down moments after takeoff. hwe'll have much more abo and how he is being remembered ead at 6:00 a.m. now, to capitol hill, where president trump is trying to get billions for his border wall. >> tracie potts is here with details. he's declared a national emergency, why is this in next year's budget? >> reporter:esecause the ent needs more money to build more wall. what he is getting from the national emergency, the other money he set aside, what congress approved, isn't nearly
5:46 am
enou to build as much wall as president trump wants. so, the budget rolling out in a few hours will request another $8.6 biion, that doubles what he's already set aside. it's six-times what congress finally approved to end the shutdown. the democrats are saying no way. the president will get theame swer on money for the wall. the budget also includes another 750 billion for the military boosting the pentagon's budget. but cutting almost everything else by5%. education, health care, the environment, safety net programs that help millions of americans. we'll hear about that budget when it rolls out, in three hours. >> tracie potts for us this morning. thank you. this morning, r. kelly is potentially facing more legal troubles. a man in pennsylvania said he turned over a tape to law siforcement, that allegedly shows the singer a
5:47 am
underaged girls. cory smith is tracking this from the newsroom. >> the hits keep coming for r. kelly. inat man says he found out the vhs tape while cleout his home. his lawyer says the tape was turned over to the u.s. attorney of new york. someone made a child support yment on his behalf. 24 hours later, kelly's attorney is denying saying the singer was on any tape. saying it was, quote, open season on r. kelly. the singer is facing ten counts of felony aggravated sexual abuse. the man who found the tape says he almt threw it away. >> to my shock and surprise, r. kelly appearedo be on the tape but not in concert. instead, he was sexually abusing underaged african-american
5:48 am
girls.>> . kelly denies he is on any tape with underaged girls. the doubting is self-evident, reporting that the man on the or tape kind ofof looks like r. kelly. that doesn't make it him. that's the latest on the saga that continues to grow after that surviving r. kelly show aired last month. back to you. >> cory, thank you. you may have to rearnge your evening commute plans if you travel on the arlingtonme rial bridge. there will be fewer lanes to travel on. >> it's part of a massive construction project. aimee cho is traveling on the bridge right now. when will the closures begin? >> they will begin at 9:00 p.m. each night until 5:00 a.m. this should not affect the rush hours. as you know, threeix of the lanes on the arlington memorial
5:49 am
bridge are shut down for repairs. and the newest closure means that a fourth line will behut down. you'll have oneop lane . two lanes open in each direction. at 15 min es at atime, only one lane will be open in each to ction and cars will have take turns crossing the bridge. the national park service says if they didn't make the closures, the entire bridge would become unsafe for people to drive on. the overall repair project will take another two years. the drivers willave to get used to seeing the delays. >> aimee cho, thank you. a world-class nonprofit that provides cultural and social services is adding d.c. central kitcn as a partner. i'm talking about the arc.ll and the oration will offer on-the-job training for young adults.
5:50 am
the anniversary of the wacky anm cal tea. these are some of the girls, including my daughter in the middle, enjoying the festivities there. this has revitalized neighborhoods and transformed lives. thank you to the president of tharc, bernard and the co-chairs. they had a record breaking year in terms of raising funds for the programs. it's a lifeline, the facilities there in southeast. >> doing great work. you know, it's starting to look like spring if you search for it. chndry trees are blooming ar the national harbor. bese may not look like the ones you see at the tidin. they are a bit little darker.
5:51 am
there are now 100 of them near the gaylord resort and convention center. e tidal basin trees will bloom in april. >> they are so gorgeous. i have lived in this areamy almt ntire life. they never get old. >> the cherries around the basin, about three weeks away. unless we get things unusually warm. >> are you telling us that's a possibility? >> well -- it's always possible. the cherry trees will work their way into full bloom. it will take another 2 1/2, 3 weeks before we see progress there. 55 degrees right now with aes nort wind at 9 miles per hour. that's at national airport. northwest winds will be up in
5:52 am
the 10-mile to 20-mile range. gustier than that at times. that will be the knock today's weather, a little breezy at times. 're off to a mildt. st our average high temperature is 54. verage highs above and the sun is not even up. and becausef the daylight saving times time, the sun is not up until we7:25. ave early morning darkness again. temperatures around 62 degrees with increasing amounts of sunshine for today. and hardly even a cloud to be found. tomorrow will be cooler. we'll be in the mid-30s tomorrow morning. nowherer as mild as this one. the overall weather f pattern us is a favorable one for the week. this next area is off of the coast of san francisco. that's our next chance for rain.
5:53 am
it will take a lon time t get here. between then and now, enjoy the sunshine. 62 today. 69 and sunny tomorrow. 55 and sunny on wednesday. 65 with clouds increasing osd th. a little chance of rain on thursday evening. fy and large, the best chance for rain out the whole next ten days will be this coming friday. could even havef rumbles thunder. it will be chillier for the weekend, melissa. but looks like we will get sunshine both da. >> i like it. southbound b.w. parkway. a car off the road inside. right now, the l lefte is blocked. chopper 4 showing you the delays inthis g. in knoxville, frederick county, 314 near. all traffic stopped at the crash there. we got on the phone with police. they say the lanes are closed because of all of the response. inner loop, outer loopf the beltway. ft. washington, northbound indianhighway. blocked by an accident. 66 at 29 there. you can see some volume headed
5:54 am
inbound. as far as travel time, 66 looking okay. 95 north, quantico to the beltway is atl leitgood. listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in the cary. to right now, need a little luck as you start your monday? this virginia woman seems to have some to share. deborah brown won the lottery 30 times in 1 day. >> one day? >> she bought 30 pick 4 tickets with the same coination. and it turns out those were the numbers she needed. she initially bought 20 tickets but kept seeing the numbers throughout the day and decided to buy more tickets. that's how she ended up with the checworth $150,000. >> you have to play to win.
5:55 am
i don't win anything. good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. today is the last day to use gift cards and store credit from payless as the r continues with its liquidation. the retailer filed for bankruptcy lastnt stores have stopped accepting returns, coupons and reward redemptions. the going out of business sale is expected to run through the end of may. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm frank holland. >> thank you. hopefully t week's warm-up will get you outside and ready to get fit 4 spring. this morning, we're taking our workouts to the streets and running trails. >> moleten is live in gaithersburg, with an area group ready to hit the ground running. molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. running is something i've always want to get -- couldn't really quite get it. i'm with the group run farther enand faster this morning. they hel you get started. they coach you along in your journey.
5:56 am
they have folks from all fitness levels. we're ready to get started. start with a slow walk or run this morning to get warmed up. going to get important tips, running i get fit 4 spring. one gentleman who is out here, let's get started. let' start with a slow run. we'll be back with much more throughout the hour, coming up. okay. >> good work, molette. >> catch you later. it's not t late to find vacation get away for the spring or yosummer. have to act quickly to save somemoney. > are you looking to buy a new coffeemaker? there's many choices with a lot of bells and whistles. of bells and whistles. we'll look at the latest
5:57 am
of bells and whistles. we'll look at the latest dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. st your sense oe. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. y've led revolutions.. of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. s it'st not in your nature. instead, you'll . quietly make history cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the momen you step on boar
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5:59 am
it's tough. it's tough to get out of work on a sunday ening, check your phone and read that a fellow georgetown student passed. a sunday evening, check your phone and read that a fellow georgetown student passed. >> this morning, a georgetown community is mourning one of their own. a law school student was killed
6:00 am
in an ethiopian plane president trump and congress are on track for another budget battle. the president will outline a suspended plan and it includes a request for border wall money. >> news 4 today starts now. it is monday. it is 6: a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're a little sleepy afte springing forward. at least i am. >> we all made it here. >> and on time, too. >> melissa mollet has an eye on the roads for us. we'll start with chuck bell. what's going on, chuck? >> it will be a little on the blustery ede. it will breezy but milderth average. dry weather for the next several days aad of us. temperatures are not cold this morning. 47 in manassas. 54 in arlington county. yourlanner for day, the


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