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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 11, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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their own. a law school student was killed in an ethiopian plane president trump and congress are on track for another budget battle. the president will outline a suspended plan and it includes a request for border wall money. >> news 4 today starts now. it is monday. it is 6: a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're a little sleepy afte springing forward. at least i am. >> we all made it here. >> and on time, too. >> melissa mollet has an eye on the roads for us. we'll start with chuck bell. what's going on, chuck? >> it will be a little on the blustery ede. it will breezy but milderth average. dry weather for the next several days aad of us. temperatures are not cold this morning. 47 in manassas. 54 in arlington county. yourlanner for day, the
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biggest thing you notice, notice the time change today. sun not up until 7:26. aot more extra darkness. and a lot of kids are a out dark bus stops this morning. be careful for that. it will be brigh andsunny today. as far as rain chances, most of the rain chances areta scked up on friday. i'll show you the five-day forecast coming up. lookingt the roads. southbound b.w. parkway, after 18 have a couple of disabled vehicles and that vehicle off of the roadway. chopper 4 showing you the problems. look at the potholes in the middle of the road. b.w. parkway is a mess leer becau here because of the cra weather we've been seeing. taking a look elsewhere this mornin as far a what else is happening, have the problem in knunville. east 340 at 17. police telling us that crash should be out of the way. l
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innep and outer loop of the beltway this, is clear. indian head hiway, now open. this morning, we're learning more about the ethiopian airlines crash that left 157 people dead, including 8 americans and a georgetown law student. we'll have m he on in a new minutes. >> here's the latest in the investigation. there' new concerns about the boeing 737 max 8. this is the second deadly crash involving that kind of jet in th recent m t flit 302 crashed shortly after takeoff from ethiopian capital. the captain reportedly asked to return to the airport sihe minutes intolight. the plane then disappeared from radar and crashed into an empty field. >> that jet was the same make and model as the plane that
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crashed off of indonesia last ye . this morning, ethiopian airlines has grounded boeing 737 jets atil further notice. and china aviatihority has grounded its boeing 737 planes for safety checks. hundreds are devastated by the loss of their loved ones. >> a third-year law school at georgetown university is among the dead. justin finch is on campus to talk about cedric asiavugwa's life and legacy. >> reporter: good morning. you c imagine the surprise when students learned that cedric asiavugwa is among the ctims. he is known for the smile you are seeing right now and for his nding academic ambitions. he was also a third-ye student here at georgetown law. and balance that with being asi ntial minister for an undergraduate dorm, offering
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udidance and comfort for freshman ts. >> really great guy. he always had his door opo and talkede students. >> reporter: the georgetown law dean releasing this statement about cedric, saying, with his passgeg, the gewn family lost a stellar student, a great friend to many and a champion for social justice across tast africa a world. and back out live, we've learned, as well, he wasin trav actually, home to kenya, after gething word that fiancee's mother died. heartbreaking news for his family there. and his extended family here at georgetown. i'm live in northwest. news 4. 6:04 right now.
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closer to home at reagan national airport, several passen trash cart came loose and went through the a flttendant says the cart rolled the entire length of the plan one flight attendant and two passengers were taken to the hospital. their injuries do not appear to be one robbery suspect was arrested after a police chase and crash. that began at the corner mall in rginia after the three men robbed a sunglass hut. they made it into the district,t buhe 295 exit, the driver lost control. the driver was arrested and police are searching for two other suspects. president trump try to get funding for a border wall another way. he is set to release his 2020
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budget. in it, he will ask for $8.6 billion for funding for a border wall.e propose budget includes stiff cuts to environmental, anti-poverty and other programs. maciej there many say there's an easier way to get a border wall. >> you can put what i call the smartwall, along the border in all 2,000 milein less than a year and gain control of the border. >> democratic leaders say the president's latest strategy won't work, either. it sets up another possible government shutdown in october.g the latesternment shutdown cost the economy $11 billion. the funding increase comes s as tate is likely in joining the house to reject the president's emergency declaration. four republican senators say they will join with the democrats in joining this declaration. trisie potts will break all down for us.
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officials at an arizona zoo, say a jaguar will not be euthanized after it attacked a woman. this is cell phone video after the incident. you can see the woman on the ound. people try to help her. it happened saturday night in the wildlife world zoo in phoenix. the woman crossed over a barrier to take a selfie and that's when the animal attacked. >> we have eyewitnessethat said she did cross the barrier. when people do not respect the barriers, therchance there might be a problem. >> the woman's injuries to her e ar not serious. and she is expected to be okay. officials say she returned to the zoo and apol actions.her one week after tornadoes ripped through lee county, alabama, killing 23 people, the r community came together sunday providence baphurch was
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packed. there will be a vigil there tonight to remember the 23 people killed in the storms. the f and the family of retired agent bob levinson have renewed their fight to find hi he m. disappeared in iran. his family appears on capitol hi last week, pleading for safe return. levinson vanished while on an unauthorized cia mission. the fbi released a statement saying, bob is and always will be a member of the fbi family. and we share in the heartache that bob's wife and family have experienced every day for the last 12 years. happening today, a heads-up if you havet plans tha would take you across the arlington bring toght. you will have fewer as a construction project continues. we'll have more on thi in our
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next half hour. traffic may be impacted by bethesda. you may see a lot of activity around the walter reed medical center. they plan to srt drills. the drills are meant to help them respond to security-relatea incidents ar to last through friday. it will post the drills on the face what happened to chocolate city? at's being asked in a new documentary that questions gentrification in the district. this documentary follows three generations of washingtonians in a city known as chocolate ci. for the first time, it does not have a majority black population. >> we don't paint development in a bad light. we don't paint change in a bad light. we hope we can expose the issues
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within the system right now andi how th is developing and create a city that is more inclusive, particularly fothe residents who have been here for so long. >> the film's producers hope to partner with d.c. public anschools. theystudents in the communities affected by gentrification to see this film. still ahead, colon cancer once thought to strike people over the age of 50. but doctors are seeing younger patients. what you need to know to protect yourself. plus, have you booked your spring or summer vacation? it's not too late to get out of town without breaking the bank. we'll show you creativ to save money. the next couple of days, it's all about the dry weather and a little sunshine finally. if you're starting to wonder about the weekend, i'm optimistic about that, too. the temperatures will be cooler than average this weekend. but the s looks like it will be making quite the appearance over the saturday and sunday timeframe. more on our coming up next.rain hey, chuck. i know you're a runner. i'm with theer enced runners this morning. and they just have warmed up. when we come back, we'll talk about how you can get started on
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g, as you get fit for spring with me. come on, guys. let's go. let's keep going. - so, what are you in for? (laughs) - well, according to this discipline slip i was allegedly talking during quiet time, again. but there were no witnesses except the teacher's pet. - oh really? - her testimony shouldn't be admissible so i'm here to appeal the decision.
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research is looking at how to treat colon cancer. ecause of the striking difference in the type of colon cancers doctors are finding in younger adults. >> this is not a world that i anticipated or wanted to be a part of. >> kevin hayes was just 28 years old when he was diagnosed. doctors say cancers behave differtly in younger patients. the earlier a cancer develops, the less it looks like standard colon cancer.
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tumors can develop in unusual areas and ha to be treated in new ways. >> they are less responsive to our standard treatments. perhaps this is due in part to the fact different.biology is >> the american cancer society recommend colon cancer screenings starting at age 45. spring break is already here for someamilies. but the official spring and summer travel season is expected in a few weeks. some are anticipating the most expensive travel season ever. that's w anyone who can get away can expect to see higher prices. you might even consider alternative ways to pay. >> your best play when you head to the hot spots, this is when you redeem the loyalty points and you use them for the more luxurious properties. >> and make sure you're booking with the right credit card, one that offers travel protection. equally entertaining destinations including
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louisville, kentucky, and nashville, tennessee. there's a lot of places here in the beautiful unit states. t> it will take a few more dollars to fill up tank, too, if you are thinking about driving to your destination. >> gas prices have spiked 6 cents in the last two weeks. the district, averaging $2.67 a gallon. in maryland, $2.46 a gal lan. and in virginia, it will cast you $2.29. experts predict that gas prices will continue to rise. molette green is challenging you to get fit for spring. in the last few weeks, we've seen her in the gym, working hard. hit thening, she has ground running. >> molette is teaming up with a group of e lelite runners to ge you started on yr running journey. how is it going? >> good morning to you. eun you run. chuck runs. it's something i want to do.
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i would get started and quit. itould be rd. it would hurt. i'm with run farther and faster. you run in the cold weather. >> yes. >> they run in the thrain. not oice. no ice. okay. i have the coaches here with me. i want to talk about getted started. what do you do g as aup for coaches for folks. >> beginner runners whove have taken a step in their life, but just walk, all the way to people training for the boston marathon that want to qualify and beyo. have a motto, do a little more each day. >> and the first thing to start off with, you say is the shoes. you have to get shoes right? >> absolutely. it's important to go to a
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specialty running store. big box stores sell running shoes, they do not have the staff available to lk at your foot and your stride and make ngre you're weari the right shoe for your gate the way you run. if youhe have wrong shoes, that will affect your pain, injury,nd your body that's the only piece of equipment you need. it needs to be the right equipment. >> who is having the experience of having the wrong shoes and it turned outbadly? okay. we're going to give you tips to getting started. i'm incorporating different things. i wt to do it more and the right way. we'll have the tips coming up, a little later o in t hour of news 4 today. thank you so much, guys, for helping me out thisrn g. that's the very latest. we'll be back. back in to you. >> looking forward to that advice. thanks.>> when she said i'm a runner, that's a generous, loose term.
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>> i have had plantar fasciitis. my running has taken it onhe chin. the aging process is not kinds >> there's some way we could stop it, chuck. >> there is. but we don't like that alternative. the only thing worse than gett g older isnot. >> good point. >> another day above ground. >> there you go. it's nice. sunny and breezy at times. nothing to complain about at all. we're in the 40s and0s here on a monday morning. cloudy skies are in place for most of us here to get the day started. those clouds will beovingn out. we'll be left with penaltiy pl sunshine here. if sun doesn't go down until after 7:00. you're going to get walks and jogs in later than you have been
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able to. for tomorrow, be ready for a noticeably colder start. this morning, tomorrow we'll be down in the low 30s. quite a bit colder. the weather pattern is a weather.e one for dry our next chance for rain is this storm, way off the california coastline. for now, it's all about the clouds ming out and the nshine moving in. mostly sunny for today and tomorrow. there will be more cloud cover coming in late wednesday. by thursday afternoon, skies a going mostly cldy. a risk of showers. ur best chance of rain this week, comes up friday during the afternoon. there's your extended forecast. wednesday, nice and quiet. thursday, back into the 60s.
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and near 70, friday. and that comes with an 80% chance for rain. now, let's hear about metro. >> silver, orange, blue delay. a signal problem is the cause at eastern market. a warning for u. southbound b.w. parkway. chopper 4 showing us, they don't look like potholes, they look like craters. this is the section where they changed the speed limit last week. the sign is nothtorking r now. hopefully the folks know what you're supposed to do through that area. traffic was shut down. we have one lane getting . inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, up top, vermal for this time of day. woodbridge, middle of the road is blocked there. 95 at prince william parkway. looks like that's off to the shoulder because w have that
6:21 am
crash on the left side. travel times in virginia, not bad on 66. 270, no problems. b top of ttway, that slowdown we just saw, makes you go 34 miles per hour. listen to wtop when you hop in your car. stillew ahead on 4 today, have you had your cup of coffee yet? we put some of theofemakers on the market to the test to see which ones you can get the most bang for your buck. catch "ellen" today at 3:00. she's followed by news 4 at 4:00. is your furniture ready to handle your kids dreams?
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welcome back at 6:24. the luck seems to have run out for the d.c. st. patrics day parade d.c. area firefighters are not o letting thatthem. firefighters marched in the st. patrick's day friday yesterday afternoon. washington, d.c. won't have its own parade this year, the planning committee says it is determined to bring the parade back in 2020. we lost an hour of sleep and trying to recover this morning.
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>> you may need strong coffee. does your coffeemaker pack the right punch? >> susan hogan is helping you pick the right coffeemaker for your kitchen.y >>ffee grinder goes off at 7:00 in the morning. >> reporter: an eye opener or a pick-mup, we love our coffee. >> a nice way to start the day. >> reporter: the experts at consumer report, put the ke coffee to the test. >> to get the most out of your coffee beans, you want a drip coffeemaker that can heat the water between 195 and 205 degrees and hold itve there for inutes or more. if a coffeemaker can't do that, you're not going to get the best tasting cup ofoffee. >> reporter: this $100 thisuisinart gets the top rating. >> cuisinart earns the top rating for owner satisfaction. >> reporter: for less money, you can get comparable brew performance from this $25 hamilton beach coffeemaker. if getting the coffee fix fast y
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r first order of business, a single-serve or pod machine might be a better opon. but only if you're not picking about taste. >> of the nearly 46 single-serve coffeemakers, none earns better than a good rating for taste, which is mediocre. >> reporter: looking for the bells and whistles? this has a built-in milk frother. >> it's great for a crowd. it delivers the first cup wepecially fast. and subsequent cup speedy, as well. >> reporter: susan hogan, news 4. >> you want a plain coffeemaker. you don't need the extra. >> no. s justar and cream and send me on my way. simple coffee. >> all right. >> i'm a cream and sugar guy myself. i'm trying to cut back on both. car washing forecast, after weeksf settled weather around here, you should get the car washed today and keep it
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clean for many days to come. next half hour, the ten-day forecast that has littley way of rain chances. out of jail and facing more allegations. details on the new videos that could be used as evidence against r. kelly. aeadly plane crash moments after takeoff. next at 6:30, more information on the pilot's ties to our area and thela georgw student who was onboard.
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news 4 today starts now. as we look outside on this monday morning. the potomac river and the capital wheel. hopefully you don't have too much trouble with springing forward. today's forecast may inspire you to get yomoving. have to hear the numbers coming. i'm aaron gilchrt. i'm eun yang. we hope you adjusted your cloc. i forgot the coffeemaker. >> that's a rough start to a monday. >> the team is working for you to start the week offec corry. melissa mollet will have your
6:31 am
traffic. first, chuck bell. >> everybody will be enjoying the sunshine. is not just day. but we have bright, sunny d nny in our immediate future. friday morning, we would have had the sunoming up now, we have to wait until 7:26 this morning. a lot of kids at darkined bus stops again. temperatures are anything but cold this morning. 54 in washington, annapolis. 46n baltimore, not cold by a march morning standard at all. we'll plan on 40s and low 50s here early today. the wind will be out of the northwest andincreasing quite a bit. a breezy and blustery afternoon, with highs around 60degrees. the kids are getting ready for school, and you'll need theke windbr today and the sunglasses, as well. no complaining allowed. a-plus is the daily grade, even though it's a monday. 62 and sunshine. can't complain about that.
6:32 am
>> usually the fact it's a monday, brings it down a little. southbound at 95, chopper 4 over the scene. that's a vehicle on its side. thank you, chopper, for highlighting that for me. we're seeing delays southbound and northbound, as folks look across the road and see what's going on. b.w. parkway, not much better. southbound after 198. we have a crash, disabled vehicles potholes. the road is riddled wit them. we're slow, as well. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, don't have problems right there. northbound 95, before prince lliam parkwa still have a crash in the middle of the road. aaron? >> thank you. developing this morning, 157 people are dead, including a georgetown law student after a aane crashed in ethiopia. flight 302 crasheder takeoff. >> the captain reportedly asked to return to the airport six minutes into the flight.
6:33 am
but it was too late. the plane crashed into a field.r there are co about the type of a plane that crashed. the boeing 737 max 8 was brand-new and didn't have reports of technical issues. hat it's also the same make and model as the planecrashed off indonesia last year. ethiopian airlines and china's civilian aviation authority have grounded jets for safety checks. "the washington post" reports that the pilot has relatives in northern virginia. loved ones tell "the post," he was tes you pilot in the airline's history. he had been flying since july of 2010 and had more than 8,000 hours of flight time. he was a bing captain since november 2017. a third-year law student ate getown university is among the dead.
6:34 am
cedric asiavugwa was on his way to kenya when doe plane went . he was an active member of the campus ministry. coming up, justin finch will have more on how the community is remembering him this morning. here's a look o at theer top stories. a rough landing at reagan national airportast night. several people were hurt after a trash cart became loose and crashed through the cabin on an american airlines flight from new york. they are expected to be okay. we are waiting to learn more about this terrible crash. it happened yesterday afternoon on the eastbound side of the icc. it left seral people the scene was so large e that polichad to use a drone. no word on what may ha caused the crash. the stafford county sheriff's office is wantinroto hearanyone who recognizes this tattoo. this tattoo is on the body of a
6:35 am
man who was found along river road. day, president trump wil release his 2020 budget. he's asking for $8.6 billion to pay for a border wall. that could set up the countrgo for anothernment shutdown. more on e budget at 6:45. this morning, r. kelly is potentially fatrng more legal bles. a man in pennsylvania said he turned over a tape to law enforcement, that allegedly shows the singer abusing underaged girls. cory smith the from >> another twist in the ongoing story. that man says he found out the vhs tape while caning out his home.
6:36 am
his lawyer says the tape was turned over to the u.s. attorney of new york. someone made a child support payment on his behalf. 24 hours later, kelly's attorney is denying saying the singer was any tape. saying it was, quote, open se on on r. kelly. the singer is facing ten counts of felony agavated sexual abuse. the man who found the tape says he almost threw it away. >> to my shock and surprise, r. kelly appeared to be on the tape but t in concert. instead, he was sexually abusina und african-american girls. >> r. kelly denies he is on any pe with underaged girls. the doubting is self-evident, reporting that the man on the tape kind of sort of looks like r. kelly. that doesn't make it him.
6:37 am
nbc's ron mott is going to have more on this story tods s "today" show. you may have to rearrange your evening commute plans if you travel on the arlington memorial bridge. tothere will be fewer lane use. >> it's part of a massive construction aimeis traveling on the bridge right now. aimee, when does this get started?rn >> good g. the closures will last from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. each night. the good news is, this shouldn't affect rush fhour. threehe six lanes along the arlington memorial bridge have already been shut down for months. now, the newest closure means a fourth line will be shut down overnight. the bavdge will only two lanes open, one in each direction and for 15 minutes at a time, they will be shutting down a fifth lane. so, in that case, you only have on lane open and cars will have to take turns crossing the bridge. this is so crews can install
6:38 am
concrete panels. the national parks service says they if they didn't make the closures, the bridge would have eventually become unsafeleor peo drive on. the latest overnight closure will last through the fall. drivers will have to get used to seeing the delays. >> aimee, thanks. we're working to help you get 4 for spring molette green is getting her jog on this morning. hey, molette. coming up, more tips on running farther a faster.nd
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have reliable support.i foy who believes in me.
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they look out for me. and they help me grow my career. t at comcast it's my j constantly monitor our network, prevent problems, and to help provide the most reliable service possible. my name is tanya, i work at the network t.erations center for comc we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. you're watching news 4 today. e have an incredible story of pain and perseverance. years after a random attack here in d.c., the victim is sharing his story.
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years after a high-pro ale and randttack here in d.c., the victim is sharing his story. after years of relentless rehab and determination,maslin has returned to work. his wife, abby, stayed by his side. now, she's written a book about their skroujourney. >> there was no perfect before. there is no perfect now. >> right. >> we had a beautiful life before. e a beautiful life now. we have a very different sense about ourselves and the world. her book i called "love you hard." >> abby will be on the "today" show to talk abo her husband's long road to recoverynd how they decided to expand their family. good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters.
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today is the last day to use gift cards and store credit from payless as the retailer continues with its liquidation. the retailer filed for bankruptcy last month. stores have stopped accepting returns, coupons and reward redemptions. the going out of busxpess sale isted to run through the end of may. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm frank holland. > good mornin everybody. dog walking forecast time. cute amy here, ailable for adoption through the humane rescue alliance. amy's a mixed breed dog. verycute. nice, tiny little friend and companion there. dry weather from start-to-finish. onhe cool side, breezy. but plenty of sunshine today. lots of sunshine today, too.y ten-forecast, in ten minutes. l we haverned one of the dead on the plane crashed in oath ethiopia has close ties georgetown university.
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it's time everyone got a good night's sleep. havertys life looks good you're watching news 4 today. >> your time is 6:45. this just in. ethiopian state affiliated tv reports that a black box fro yesterday's deadly plane crash has been found. a l georgetown student is among the 157 people who died when the ethiopian airlines flight went down minutes after taking off. we'll have much more about him andow he's being remembered this morning in a live report coming up in a few mites. a new border battle is
6:46 am
heating up on capitol hill. >> nbc's kristen welker is at the white house this morning on what that could mean for the government. good morning. >> reporter: hi, aaron and eun. good morning to both of you. it is settle up a btle here. president trump is unveiling the new budget proposal you mentioned for the fiscal year 2020. inside that budget is a call for an additional 8$8.6 billion in border wall funding, a call that will likely fuel a new fight with congress over mr. trump's key cpaign promise. e president's request is almost $3 billion me than his original demand, for $5.7 billion in wall funding and that led to the 35-day government shutdown earlier this year. house speaker nancy posi and chuck schumer insist the second attempt is destined to fail. the latest move comes just weeks after he declared a national
6:47 am
emergency to free up money for a wall. the house revoked the declaration and the senate is expected toollow suit this week. we'll be watching that closely. back to you. >> kristen we'll see you o the "today" show. back to our top story on ththiopian airlines crash 30flight it crashed shortly after takeoff yesterday. the captain reportedly ask to return to the airport six minutes into the flight. the plane then disappeared from radar and crashed into an empty felt. 157 people died, including 8 americans and a georgetown law student. >> justin finch is live at georgetown law and what thiss me for the school and fellow students. >> reporter: good morn hg. of coursevy hearts from yorjtown's georgetown law, for cedric asiavugwa. he was a third-year law student
6:48 am
here at wngeorge the dean here recalling asiavugwa was devoted to eruses, he founded a group to assist women and children fleeing warn somalia. here on campus, he was are dential minister, helping freshmen adjust to college life. on sunday emorning, many w shocked to learn of cedric's sudden death. >> they realize that everyone in the plane, i had someone i knew on it. >> reporter: and a mass for cedric was held last night. we learned he wasdi h home to kenya after getting toward his fiancee's mother had recently died. no they are planning her funeral, as well as his. >> justin, thank you. one robbery suspect was arrested after a police chase and crash.
6:49 am
the chase gan at the tysons corner mall in virginia, after three men allegedly robbed the sunglass hut. at the 295 exit t driver lost control of the car. police say this mangled bmwpe flon the exit ramp. peopl police are looking for other suspects. you know, it's starting to look like spring if you search for it. cherry trees are blooming around the national may not look like the ones you see at the tidal basin. there are now 100 of them near the gaylord resort and convention center.e tidal basin trees will bloom in april. >> know your cherry trees. >> afu beau chuck bell. >> that's right. don't chop one down. never. >> only george washington can get away with that. on a monday morning, skies are
6:50 am
arting to clear out a little bit. the sun is not up now until 26 minutes after 7:00. about 36 minutes from now. over downtown. temperatures 54 at national airport. averaging 12ds are miles per hour now. they will increase later on. it will be breezy toer blu day today. it will not be all that cold. we're in the 40s i the shenandoah valley. 45 in winchester, virginia. 52 in clinton, maryland. your forecast for today, look at that. a clearing sky. breezy, mild enough today, with afternoon temperatures, peeking in t upper 50s and 60s. that northwest wind, 15 to 25 miles per hour. colder. tomorrow morning, 10 to 20 degrees colder. and tomorrow afternoon, most
6:51 am
will stay in the upper 40s. 62 today, 49 tomorrow. you can get a check of our washington forecast, through our nbc washington app. and follow me on my social media pages. >> this storminess off of tco ast of san francisco, has to make the turn, go across mexico, texas and into the eastern corridor here of the university. as a result, will be dry weathee later in week. the skies bosoming mtly sunny today. clear and cold tomorrow morning in the 30s. bright sunshine all day tomorrow and plenty of sunshine wednesday. a thursday chance for showers around. the best chance comes friday during the day. between noon and 5:00 or 6:00. should dry out in time for the coming weekend. 62 today. 49 tomorrow. good weather wednesday. thursday, mid milder 65, near 70
6:52 am
on friday. that comes with an 80% chance for rain. the weekend, tcooler. it will be dry. i have to go back, melissa. it seems like we've been forever since we had an all-dry weekend. >> i know. taking a look here. chopper 4 over the outer loop at 95. a crash is on the right shoulder, not causing significant slow that's good. brookville, southbound new hampshire avee aeo. sohb 95 after 32. off of the road and o its side. southbound b.w. parkway. it's not so great either. we have a crash. disabled vehicles because of potholes. ou north of route 1. centreville, eas 66 at 28. blue line delays. and your travel times, in
6:53 am
virginia, good. 66, fairfax county parkway to the beway, quantico looks nice and clear. 270 south, going 4 hour.s per top of the beltway, about 30 miles per hour. listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car today. today is a good day to rock the red. the caps' winning streak is holding strong at seven games in a row after last night's win over winnipeg. >> this is the second time this season the won seven in a row. tomorrow night comes the test here. theaps head to pittsburgh, taking on the penguins. >> it would be nice to win that one. pittsburgh has won two three games so far this season. it's nice to beat the pens. hopefully this week's warm-et will you outside and ready to get fit for spring.
6:54 am
>> molette green is ready to hit the ground >> good mo to you. the group has dwindled a little bit. andrea is training for the boston marathon. she has to g back to running in a little bit. run farther and faster. this is a group of runners here. we have the coaches here. let's talk about that quickly. >> any gear, a vest like this, we lovse gloves. you can see and bely seen. re important to assume that cars, cyclists, don't seeyou. >> we have video of you running in the daylight hours. let's talk about what you do to help coaches like me.h
6:55 am
we work wit runners of all-levels, to those just getting started those like andrea, who are training for the boston marathon. we coach individuals also. provide the schedule and the support, the accountability and get them to theirgoal. >> we reach out to you whe need our help. earlier, we talked about getting the right shoes. there' tips they wanted to share with you out there. let's pop those up on the screen right now. you start, julie, lisa, with a walk/run then, you run at a pa conversational. and you have to stay motivated. you get a buddy to run with. signing up for a race is a good thing. it'she tangible goals. we have to go. we have more running to do. thank u so much for joining us with these tips.
6:56 am
let's go. back to you guys. >> thank you, molette. 6:56 right now. here's four things to know. tonight, a new traffic pattern on the arlington bridge, beginning a 9:00 p.m. ere will be fewer lanes that drivers can use. more details on that. a jaguar that attacked a woman will not be euthanized. the animal pounced when the woman crossed a barrier to take a picture saturday night. she's expected to be okay and apologized for her actions. more on this story ahead on "today." the black box from the ethiopian airline plane was recovered this morning. 157 people died on that plane. grounded for been safety chex. more on the "todays if show. president trump will release his 2020 budget. in it, he will ask for $8.6
6:57 am
billion to pay for a border wall. that could set the country up for another government shutdown. we'll have a breakdown of what's next on the "today" show. >> your ten-day forecast, with dry weather all the way through thursday afternoon. rain, most likely on friday. that's the only rainy day out o the nex ten. >> that's the news 4 today. thanks for waking up with us. thanks for waking up with us. >> enj your oy hi, i'm jeff. thanks for waking up with us. >> enj your oy in my johnsonville commercial, we open up in the forest. i'm out in the wild eating my breakfast. and all of a sudden, raccoon come up and asked me,
6:58 am
"are those bigger patties?" i said, "yep."es wolf cn and says, "wow, that's a lot of sausage." and we had a good laugh about that. (laughing) johnsonville breakfast sessage has 15% larger pat fits on a biscuit.
6:59 am
7:00 am
breaking news. grounded. overnight several airlihes around tlobe. boeing 737 planesn the wake of a deadly crash in ethiopia. 157 people killed including eight americans. it's the second tragic crash involving the very same type of aircraft. so could the entire fleet have a potentially deadly flaw? we're live with the very latest praef new border battle. unveil budget proposal with a demand for an additional $8 billion for his wall. oris t dehemongcrats and possible challengers in 2020 taking center stage. >> you pick your battles with him, right? you don't


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