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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 11, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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world's newest airplanes after the second crash in less than a year. we know authorities have recovered two black boxes from the wreckage of ethiopian airlines flight 302. >> we have coverage of the tragedy with darcy spencer learning more about t victims who have ties to our area. >> let's begin with jay gray and get the new developments on the crasio investig >> reporter: as investigators sift through the wreckage, there are questions about the overall safety of the boeing 737 max eight. the ethiopian flight closely mirroring the crash in indonesia. as the crew struggled to keep the plane in the air. in the latest tragedy, safetyte s have not determined the cause for the crash.
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>> a ts stage we cannot rule out anything. >> officials in china aren't waiting for aners,rdering all local carriers to ground close to 100 737 max 8 jets so has indonesia, ethiopia and then ca islands. while others believe all the jets should be pulled from service. >> the company ought to voluntarily itself ground t aircraft because of the similarities between the two accidents. >> reporter: boeing responding nt thatwritten state says in part the investigation is in its early stages, but at this point, based on the information available, we do not have any basis to issue n guidance to operators. carriers that fly the max 8 in north america say they're monitoring the investigation right now, the planes remain an active par of their fleet. jay gray, nbc news. today we learned that several more crash victims do
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have ties to our tarea, t includes a georgetown unistrsity ent and the plane's pilot. darcy spencer continues our coverage from the georgetown campus the darcy. >> reporter: wendy, the first year of college can be a very difficult time for so many people. this student, who died in the crash, was instrumental in making it a smoot transition for so many through the campus ministry, and we learned theay wasn't initially supposed to be on that flight. this was the result ofde last-minutsion. the crash claimed the lives of a giftedow georg law student a leader in climate change at the world bank and o of the youngest pilots to captain a boeing73 cedric asiavugwa was a third year student ateorgetown law center. we're learning today that a family emergency put him on tha flig >> his fiancee's mother passed suddenly, and he was supposed to be going t a board meeting in
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chicago and changed his plans to be with his fiancee instead. >> reporter: cedric asiavugwa was a champion for social justice serving migrants and refugees in east africa rsplaced by climate change. he was also ae model, he guided first year students through the ups and downs of freshmanlife. >> he walked with a quiet wisdom and the students were drawno it, and they have said that over and over again in their e-mails in the last 24 hours. max edcans was p t of the world bank group that advocates for clima action, he was on his way to a conference in nairobi. family members identified the pilot of the plane as a 28-year-old with ties to virginia. he's shown her with his co nin, who wa on the flight. his family said as a confident captain, his seniority at
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ethiopian airlinesomes with a accomplished record of 8,000 hours flight we ask for you to keep our oumily in your thoughts and prayers as we go t this difficult time. now the cpus ministry leader told me today that the student who died would want peoplemo to n his death, of course, to remember him, but also get back to work doihis very important work and she said that's what they plan to you. b wendk to you. >> so much loss. thank you, darcy. and the boeing airliners involved in this weend's crash are still running. two children are missing their mother and a husba is reeling from the loss of his beloved wife. she died in a fiery crash on i-95 during her daily commute to baltimore. megan fitzgald speaks with the
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heart broken husband about the route his wife worried would provedeadly. >> reporter: she was 57-ar-old shan na-subram, a loving mother of two children who are just 11 and 13 years old. and she was thee l of hans bugman's life. >> she wanted to leavehe job for a long time. it's very dangerous going there. to drive.r: >> reporans said she was headed to work saturday morning at around 4:00 a.m. she didn't make it. this is footage of what happened on her way there. sh shanna's car caught on fire. state police thought she may have been driving in the wrong direction in the northbound lane on i-95 when she col aded with
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car head on before crashing into two other vehicles. >> and she ended up in the ditch and the car srted rning. >> reporter: the crash is still under investigation but her husbyd stron doubts it was shana's faul >> someone hit her from behind. >> reporter: while police try to figure out how this happened, her husband hans is trying to determine how he can move onwi thout her. megan fitzgerald, news4.en p and teachers are going to be meeting tonight to talk about a principalmi who ed to using the n word during a black history month assembly, that's at new hope academy. high school sdents are welcome to attend with their parents but the discussion is not for younger children. earlier this mon joy morrow admitted to tracee wilkins using the n word but used it t make a
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point. e has apologized but some parents are calling for her t step down. drivers are calling for road crews to fix one of the busiest roads around these parts. >> massive potholes that have opened uplong the baltimore parkway. look at this view there. adam tuss is along the parkway with a closer look at this growing problem. adam? >> reporter: i can tell sometimes pothole stories are cute. 've moved beyonthat. we're talkingne about of the worst stretches of road i have ever seen. this is just the beginning of it. it goes on for miles and miles, this is that stretch that drivers have been told to slow ot to 40 miles per hour, but that might n be enough. crater after crater after crater afr crater after crater after crater. it literally goes on for miles,
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specifically on the southund side of the baltimore-washington parkway just south of route 32. is it the worst you've >> it is. >> it's a hole mile ofpotholes. you have to go on the side of the highway to avoid them. it'sdi lous. >> reporter: this gives you an idea how rough this stretch is. look at those holes rht there. these are easily, 3, 4, 5 inches into the ground and they just go on and on and on along the parkway. this road is in terrible shape. we tweeted the park service how bad the road is, and they showep up toch them. >> i hit one of the massiveow potholes and'm waiting for triple a to come get me and repairy tire. >> reporter: she just pulled off the road with a flat. >> i think the sign said rough
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road. no it should say roadith deep potholes, be careful. >> reporter: the national park service says it's going to need consistent warmer temperatures to e repave the rd here but it's clear more action is needed sooner rather than later. we've heard similar stories on the gw and clara barton parkwayr the parkce tells us they are trying to get to a transportation infrastructure back sbl j backlog at not fixing it. >> swung in the news room described it a the surface of the moon. >> it looks like it. >> reporter: i've never seen such a stretch of road so bad. breaking news in the last hour involving the redskins. the team making a major move in free agency. reportedly they have agreed to a six y $84 million deal with safetyandon collins. collin f comingm the giants.iv
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the redskins dision rivals. he made the pro bowl the last three seasons with the giants. they were in need of a play making safety after releasing dj swearinger last season. a gaithersburg family is dealing with two tragedies in two years and an uncertain future in the united states. they lost everything in the fire last friday. she and her a husband young son were among the 24 families whoost their homes in the fire that started b someone improperly disguarding smoking materials. >> for me and my husband it's rely rough because we both hard so we can have our own things and now we don't have anything. >> reporter: you may remember her from a story two years ago when both her brothers were the teenagers were well known in
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montgomery count soccer community. her own future here is also in doubt because she is a daca recipient. a fight over funding for maryland schools. >> today a renewed effort to even the playing field for all students -- >> and an eye opener for all of you coffee lovers. i'm consumer reporter susan hogan. i'll show you which coffee makers are best. >>bout this, 61 degrees. a beautiful afternoon. to the sou 60s, to the north 40s. we'll tk about what to expect tomorrow. >> rehe's tommy mcfly. >> jenny from the block got a huge rock. i'm tommy mcfly with your
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celebrity 60. first beyonce, 'rjay-z th going to be honored together in los angelesanith theard award that goes to artists who have supported and continued to amplify and be there for people in the lgbtq community. captain marvel is the biggest movie on the planet and brie larson spent opening weekend surprising ewers, giving popcorn and getting behind the concession stand at theatres. and jennifer lopez said yes. a-rod posted a photo of this anantngagement ring over the weekend. ellen degeneres wants to
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back now with a live look outside our studios. >> we los an hour of sleep over the weekend. i know at least one person i know is feeling it,g struggl to keep the eyes open today? >> not me. ouai caffeine fix for some of you is needed more than ever.
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and susan hogan is workingpor you to hou pick the right coffee maker for your kitchen. >> we love ourff , don't we? >> can't live without it. >> whether you like a latte, exrex sew or capuccino, you wanc that can here are consumer report's top picks. >> it goes off at 7:00 every morning. >> we all love our coffee. >> just a nice way tohe start day. >> the experts at consumer reports run the coffee makers through tests. a great coffee maker can deliver the caffeine you want at home. coffee con sours want to consider a drip over single serve or pod machine. >> you want a drip coffee maker that can heat the water between 5 and 205 degrees. if a cofe maker can't do that,
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chances are you're n going to get the best tasting coffee. >> this cuisinart tops the report, consistently. >> it earns top rating for satisfaction. >> you can get a brew performance from the $25 hamilton beach. but if getting the coffee fix fast single serve might be your best option. they reviewed the makers, then consumer reptsxpert taste testers weigh in on the taste. >> of the 40 single serve none earns better than a good rating for taste, which is mediocre. >> instead they say consider which brand of pods you want to drink. looking f the bells and whistles it might cost you. this $380 one has a built in
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milk frother. >> it delivers the first cup fast. it uses nespresso coffee capsules. you think espresso delivers the st caffeine? it does per ounce but you get ounces of caffeine from one shot. while an 8 ounce coffee serves you 96 >> that's a minimum. >> i gave my kids the coffeepot iad in college, like those mr. coffees. >> it still works? it still works. they love it. >> wait a second. the ones that invest the k-cups make the worst >> that doesn't make sense. >> i used to love the k-cups but it's so expensive and it -- convenient. it is. >> you coffee drinkers are such zombies in the morning, can you
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taste the difference? >> yes. >> good point. >> everyone is always staggering around. >> yes, we can taste thece differ >> wendy and i are both tea. we're good with the tea. >> we wak up refreshed anyway. >> tea keeps you up. >> leon, join us over here. a refined tea drinker. >> my cup's like there you go. yesterday was so great, and today is not bad. >> yeste ay wasamazing. we went for a high -- i went for a high yesterday on friday, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, d.c. hit 60. front royal hit 70. baltimore is cooler, it was about trying to get tt. cooler air today it's out, dealing with cloudy skies r 61 degreeht now winds out of the southwest at 12 miles per hour. the southerly wind helping to brings the nice warm
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temperatures. average high is 54 we are above that today. 60 in huntingtown. we hav c numerousuds out there because we have a sstrm syem just to our south. it's not here, we're not seeing the storm system here, but it is going to bring us changes. notice the shower activity down into portions of the carolina's here, this is a storm bringing rain into raleigh, this is f cont moving through and it's going to lower temperatures tomorrow. e much cooler air. 32 in buffalo, 61 new york only 52. down to the south, you have to go down to new orleans, look at this difference, 30-degree difference between jackson, mississippi and 84 towards orleans. that's one front. 'r have another one moving our way. going to get on the cooler side of this tomorrow. if you've been waiting f the warmer air, tomorrow is not going to be the good day. we will sunshine but cooler and breezy, a bit of a wind
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chill out there. 51 in d.c. but many of you to the north and west will stay in the 40s all day. th is what we're talking about, 10, 15 and 20 mile an hour wds put the wind chill down into the 30s tomorrow. it will be a chilly day, but nothing like we've seen this winter with frigid da. as we move through the next 56 on days, back to wednesday. wednesday a nice day. look at thursday, 67 degrees. here is theay we'r watching. it is friday. we have a storm system coming our way.en oes the front move through? the earlier it moves through, maybe just a couple showers, al littater it gets warmer and we have a chance for thunderstorm activity. nothing about the system at all, it will bring cooler weather for the weekend but a dry weekend, and boy iske that we've not had many of them, 54 5on saturdaon sunday. look at next week. right now in the next ten days, i have o day with any
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significant rain chance, and boy do we need to dry out a little bit here. >> boy, do we.ra >> temres are staying right where we want them. that's the cool thing. >> i'm going to go get some tea, guys. >> see you later. we're working for you to help you get fit for spring. >> that's right. today the workout peopleove to hate, four ways work for you. ng new reaction to the president's demand for more border wall -guys, i want you to meet someone. this is jamie. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mdle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together. right, champ? -i'm getting more nuggets. -how about some carrots? you don't want to ruin your dinner. -you're not my dad!
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-tfair. overstepped.
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power couple j-lo and a-rod are celebrating the engagement. >> over the weekend he proposed with an emerald cut diamond that an only be described as massive. >> huge. >> we're joined by kit hoover for more onhis engagement in the bahamas. if you're a-rod or j-lo you better go big or go home. >> boy did they deliver. they've been dating two years,
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they got engaged. here's her 15 carat sparkler. she's 49 he's 43. it'll be his second marriage, her fourth, i'm not mad at that at all. and time aga she said s kw it was in the cards. >> i love the way that you look at jennifer. >> yes. >> i really do. i feel love that you capture all of the moments that we need. >> i do. >> brother, you -- >> no. i'm like why did you post that? most of the time he's like, what? >> how funny is that. i thought she asked him to do that. i love their social mea, how they post that stuff. what do y'all think of this? do you think this is the one? what? what is wrong with you two. get in here scott evans. >> i'm the wrong one to ask. scott, you would know better
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than us. >> yeah, you know -- >> scott -- >> it's the one for right now. it's the one. for 20 >> there you go. >> there you go. >> how about that? >> you get onen, ti you partner them with another titan. >> they're both leos. they both have two kids and they seem to all get along so well. they're both in their 4s, right? she's coming up on herh 5 birthday ready to settle down. i love it's her fourth wedding. she's been proposed to six times. i don't know six peopleli that me that much. >> after four you might want to give it up for lent after a while. >> i think she gets to keep all those rings. i've never seen a 15 carat sparkler. >> my parking space is not that >> she might be shooting for lucky number seven. >> stop. enough with the negative. >> she's only 49. >> 're going positive with love. >> this could be it, i agree. >> all right,girl.
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take care. >> great see ying you. tell pat have fun on cay. a push for equal opportunity across maryland schools. tracee wilkins explains wet would hav to change. the president is laying out his new budget priorities and he wants more money for the wall, but there's another issue setting up for a fight. another liv look outside, amelia draper is going to join us next with new research on the impact
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4:00. >> a welcome bac 4:30 with the lathat on wt is called a worldwide tragedy. people from more than 30 nations killed when an ethiopian airlines plane crashed. >> there are new concerns about the safety of that model of t rplane. scott macfarlanee live desk to bring us up to date. >> the ntsb and boeing have headed to the crash site in ethiia to help sort through the wreckage there. we know authorities have recovered two black boxes fro flight 302. 157 people, including eight americans died. the boeing 737 max 8 jet was the same m and model as the plane that craed in indonesia last year.
4:31 pm
american airlines have not moved that model plane from service yet but several countries, china, indonesia and ethiopia have grounded the planes. >> i doesn't mean the defect on this specific fleet but we have taken this as an extra safety precaution. >> today we're also hearing from the flight attendants union which is calling on the faa to conductn investigation into the safety of the 737 max 8 planes. they say it's important to not draw conclusions withouthe facts. and it's important to ensure confidence to the public and the crews. we have a profile of many of the vicnms o our nbc washington app, search ethiopia air crash. we have breaking news coming in now on some new comments beingade by hou speaker nancy pelosi. these are her strongest comments yet regarding the prospect of
4:32 pm
impeaching president trump. she said the idea of impeachment is so divisive for the country she's opposed to going down that path unlesshere's something compelling and overwhelming and unless it has bipartisan support. she added in her words, he's just not worth it. president trump sent his new budget request to congress today. the immediate takeaway, expecte another bat over the border wall. the president's new ask on the llwall almost $3 n more than the old one that the democrats rejected. blayoo alexanderng through the fine print. she joins usith thelatest. >> reporter: this is what amounts to a white house wish list but one thing is getting a lot of attention, it is that requested money for the border wall. efe white house today held its first bg in 42 days and the budget proposal was the first thing ty talked about, it's something that's getting a lot of push back on capitol hill.
4:33 pm
hot off the press and straight to capit hill. president trump's new 2020 budget proposal reviving a new fight. >> front line defenders are overwhelmed at the border. >> reporter: the president is asking for $8.6 billion for the ll, that's more than the 5.7 that led to the longest shutdown in history. de >> the pre was forced to admit defeat and reopen the government withoutetting his wall. the same thing will repeat itself if he tries it again. >> reporter: lawmakers have until the end of september to a pass budget. this draft likely dead on arrival. it does lay out the president's priorities, calling for a $750 billion increase to defense but it would include nearly $2.7 trillion worthf cuts to nondefense spending including environmental protection and medica
4:34 pm
medicaid. it comes the week the senates expected to pass a resolution blocking president trump's emergency border wall declaration. the white house defending the declaration. >> he's doing hisjob, doing what congress should be doing. he took an oath of offe and h has a duty to protect the people of this country. >> reporte president trump has already promised to veto that ree lution. and ite house says the proposal will balance the budget in 15 years but some say that projection is unrealistic. >> blayne alexander reporting live. today students in prince george's county got out of school two hours early so staff and parents could demonstrate formake their voices hea more funding in annapolis. parents and students headed off at 6:30 tonight. they said some 5,000 edge kay or
4:35 pm
thes will hold a rally. maryland teachers have a plan to make sure that those that need more and get less have access. >> you have some communities with higher income value and their children get a certain amount of money. this makes sure that all children in the state -- that the state will provide equal and adequate funding for children. >> prince george's county is the second largest school stct. according to the school ceo, the district is 91% minority with more than half living below the poverty ouline. told us it's going to be a mild week. >> this as research shows climate change will have an impact on your temperatures within a generation. >> the study is claiming that the district is going to feel like mississippi in about 50 years if nothing changes. it fee like that already in
4:36 pm
the summer but is nayear round? >> we're talking by about 2080 we could see the district feeling much warmer here. the study tries to relate warming temperatures to various cities around the country. here are some of the cities. the district potentially feeli like parts of texas, louisiana, arkansas,mississipp minneapolis feeling like parts of oklahoma by the year 2080 as our climate continues to shift. denver potentially feeling lik rts of texas as well. tampa, florida feeling like mexico in about 50 years from now. what the study has done is tried to p new name on what a climate could potentially feel like. overall, climates are going to shift by about30 miles. for the district that means we could feel like mississippi, and that means our winter could be 10 degrees warmer a 75%
4:37 pm
wetter. i put the map on my facebook page y check it out. e and >> susan hogan is coming back to tell us about something soon. >> she's going to share thehe responses got today from u.s. airlines, the airlines that flyhat model of plane over the weekend. >> but first molette green is >> but first molette green is back with her weekday
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my name is elaine barber, and i'm a fiveear cancer survivor. surviving for five years is a big deal.
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i had so many people at ctca helpinrome find a way to go h the treatments. the reality of cancer is not everybody survives. at ctca, they have fehuge celebrate li event. that was amazing because the whole day was about all of the survivors. i'm excited about my future. learn more at cancercenterom/philadelphia.
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chances are good that you or someone you know will be affected by a brain injury. one happens every 11 seconds in this country. th most common comes from a fall or stroke. march is brain injury awareness month and advocates say they hope the new not invisible campaign will improve the lives of ctims. tonight survivors will be sharing their stories. >> the morettention we can draw to brain injury, the more awareness we canhe create, more we can understand what they're going through and how to help support them in their everyday life. >> the event starts at 6:30 and everyone is invited. hopefully this warmer weather is inspiring you to get outside for your workout. it has helped news4's molette green. and today she hit the running trails i gaithersburg to help you get f for spring. >> getting fit for spring, a lot of you want to start runnin that something i want to
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incorporate into my fitness routine so i brought out the experts, the coaches and devoted runners here, run farther and faster is the group. thanks for coming up sun -- i know you do this all the time. but not for television purposese so g us the four tips that we need to think about as we get fit for. spri let's run them down here. start with a run, walk intervalue every day or every other day, run at a conversational pace, get a buddy, sign up for a race so you mind.ave a goal in julie? >> it's important to start with run/walk tervals. just run one sbhnt walk one minute, that will build your endurancei withoutng too taxing on your body. it's important to run at conversational pace and keep brisk. k >> stay motivated. having your friends meet you at
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5:30 in the morning super motiva motivating. and sign up for a race, that puts your moame on the line, you have a tangible goal to work towards. >> reporter: run farther and faster. that's what it's all about. let's run. thanks for the tips and we're going to get going. >> working out isust half of the equation in getting fit for spring. molette's clean eating tips tomorrow on news4 >> clean eating that's a new one. i haven't heard hat one ye >> you haven't heard that? >> no. >> even susan hogan is sitting there shaking her head going what? >> i'm always open to learn. >>une in to news4 today. developing today, concerns over safety in the skies. coming up our consumer reporter susan hogan will show you the easy way to findofut what kind lane you'll be taking on your next . flight. kelly's legal team is
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responding after another tape temperatures falling into the 30s overnight. so make suret the bus stop kids have the jackets. kids have the jackets. some rain as the work week
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if you're just joining us at 4:45 let's get you caught up with four things to >> a maryland man is at a loss how he is going toov forward without his wife, she died suddenly in a crash over the weekend. originally police thought she was driving the wrong direcon on the interstate. the crash is under investigation. we're hearing safety landon collins will be joining the redskins. collins made the pro bowl in each of the last three seasons with the new york giants. a vigil in ethiopia to remember the pilots and flight
4:46 pm
crew in the crash bound for kenya. eight americans also died in that crash. there's growing concern about the safety of that plan, the boei 737 max eight. this is the second time in less than six months this model of aircraft has crashed within minutes of take off. now ethiop, china and indonesia have decided to ground the planes until further notice. and sus hogan is working for you with information you need to know if your next flight isn one of these planes. >> we haveearned from the faa that there are approximately 329 of these boeing 737 max 8 aircraft in operation right now worldwide. in the u.s., southwest and american airlines currently fly is particula aircraft. news4 reached out to both of them. southwest tells us it has 34 in
4:47 pm
its fleet, american has 24. so today, news chopper 4 spotted one taking off at bw i airport. both airlines tell usno they ha plans to ground the planes at this point. however, they are monitoring the investigation in ethiopia, whh is standard protocol for any lscident. they tell us they have full confidence in the aircraft. if you have an upcomingd flight you want to know what type of aircraft you're going to be flying on, you're going to check on -- click on flight details, also cli on your flight number. this is going to give you the detailsf the aircraft you will be on. but remember, at this point there are no plans in the u.s. to groundhe boeing 737 max 8. so if you want to cancel, you may be liable for any fees. as of right now, as you had mentioned, china and indonesia and ethiopia are among the
4:48 pm
countries that havethrounded so far. >> that has to make people nervous. >> for sure. >> really does thank you, wea won't be grounding any flights around here, at least the next few days or so. >> might be able to dry out a little bit? >> i think so. that's the big key. our lawns are so wet right now, we've had so much moisture coming off theetst year last year and starting off on a very wet note. now, yeah, we get to dry out just a bit. plenty of cloud cover right now, but the sun trying to make its way through, and temperatures up to 61 degrees under those mostly cloudy skies. temperatures dropping through the 50s, down about 54 degrees by 9:0 by 11:00. so it'll be cool. and tomorrow wl be significantly cooler if not colder tomorrow by 10 or 15 degrees. 'll feel abo 15 degrees colder by tomorrow from where we are right now. 58 gaithersburg, 63 in leeburg.
4:49 pm
a n afternoon on our monday. a nice way to start the work week. the chance for rain,nt nonexiste tonight we have a storm system to the south and one to the noneh. the to the north bringing snow and rain to parts of ohio. just a cold front. that's going to swing through here and push this storm to the south. big time stormsouth of atlan atlanta, nothing too strong but we are tatching system move through. as you make your way out and it will orrow morning be colder at the bus stop than it was today and today wasn't that bad. today was maybe i don't nee my jacket, maybe i do. tomorrow definitely the jacket. >> yeahe start the day with temperatures in the 30s. we have beautiful sunshine but it's going to be cold with a bit of a breeze. a high of 50, about 10 degrees cooler today, gng to feel more like 40 on your tuesday afternoon. the kids need the jacket at the busstop, tomorrow and wednesday
4:50 pm
as well. we start to warm up on thursday. long sleeves are going to be fine with temperatures starting off thursday in thes. by friday the temperatures are fine. we're in the 50 at the bus stop, but you want the raincoat for the kids on friday,inith some and maybe a rumble of thunder in the forecast. one's what you can expec friday because we're dry until then. a mild day, temperatures in the 60s to near 70 degrees. some rain is likely but it's not a wash out by any means. we can't rule out a rume of thunder as the cold front moves through. it would be the r firstble of thunder in 2019. as we look at our temperature trend, the average high is 54 degrees. we're well below normal tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, and friday, though, as well as saturday we're at or above normal temperaty es. and cheossoms love readings 68 degrees or higher so
4:51 pm
they'll come out more on friday. they're still at stage onesi of stages. still a while for peak bloom. >> our peakbloom? >> the 4th through the 8th. >> we think we're going to get cool again as we make our way lorough the week and the week after. at the clouds to the south. if you're in gaithersburg or frederick, winchester you're not dealing with any clouds at all right now. all the clouds are d.c. to th south, but a nice day we are seeing the sun. we are seein the clouds moving to the south before the next cold front moves in across our plgion. next c days, what are we looking at? 51 temperature back to tomorrow, cooler for sure. 56 on wednesday. still a nice day.67 n thursday. a lot of clouds on thursday ahead of our storm system on iday, that's the one amelia
4:52 pm
was talking about with thunder. we're not worri about strong storms but it brings temperatures up on friday and right back dowfor the weekend. it stands right now, the weekend is looking nice. cool for this time of b year we'll take 54 and sunshine on saturday. look at next week, a little below average but at least we're in the 50s. this breaking ews just coming in right now. a 15-year-old boy has beenbe st at the congress heights metro station. police say the boy is in serious condition and they have one suspect in custody. we're working to figure out how this started. we have a crew headed to the scene. first let's get a lookatt coming up at 5:00. by in the is standing news room. >> we are following several stories for you tonight at 5:00. comi up in few minutes, two so-called pop up marijuana parties end in violence after being targeted by criminals. plus years after a high pro
4:53 pm
file random aack in d.c., the victim is sharing his story and the impact of that attack on his family. doreen gentzler details his long road to recovery. plus what we found out when we started asking how a man shot a police officer was able to legally buy a gun. we'll see you with those stories plus a good deal more
4:54 pm
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ever wonder what $80 million worth of cocaine looks like? now you know. look at this. u.s. customs and border protection says it found more than 3,000 pounds of cocaine in a shippin contain. the bust was made at the port of new yorkn new jersey last month. rightow officials are trying to figure out where the drugs came from.on this was the slargest bust ever at that port. > r. kelly is back in the headlines. a man sai he found a tape with what he saysls a gir and a man that looks like the singer. >> reporter: thisorning r. lly out of jail but far from out of trouble. this man saying heound an old vhs tape in his collection showing a man he thinks is the singer sexually abusing multiple
4:57 pm
minors. attorney gloria alred said she isn't sure it is r. kelly, but turned the tape over because the girls appear to be underage. his attorney writing in a statement, r. kelly denies that he is on any tape with under age the doubt here is self-reporting with the man onhe tape kinda, sort of looks like r. kelly. that does not make it him. he adds it's irresponsible to continue to take the speculation of every tom, dick and harry and report it as fact. in an interview with gayle king, he forcelyend accusations. >> i'm not afraid because i'm telling the truth. >> rorter: the singe facing ten counts of sexual abuse involving four women, three f on them minors, walking out of a chicago jail afterpeing
4:58 pm
three nights before paying his wife back child support. >> ie' promise fix this. >> reporter: r. kelly due back in court wednesday on his child support case. only on news4 tonigh shot a police officer and was found not guilty by reason of insanity. but, he was able to legally buy a gun. what we found out when we asked how that happened and what's being done to prevent it from happening again. plus, it was an attack that almost killed him, a blow with a baseball bat that fractured his skull but couldn't shatter his will. >> didn't like see it as a way to blame somebody or society or anything like that. it was sort of a randomevent, and how to adjust given the current situation. >> doreen gentzler shares his story of recovery tonight and the journey his family says they're now grateful for.
4:59 pm
>> announcer: news4 at 5:00 starts now. we are starting this hour with the search for answers after a commercial jet crashes just minut after takeoff. >> 157 pple died when ethiopian flight 302 went down. nowga invesrs are focussed on the specific aircraft involved. the same model involved in another deadly crash just months ago. >> but first the stories of the victs. that include some who had ties to our area. darcy spencer leads our team coverage, she is live in georgetown. darcy? >> reporter: we are here at orgetown university whe students are returning to class today folwing spring break with heavy hearts after learning one of the crash victims is a h studente at georgetown. i was told today he is a role model and someone everyone knew wasng going to c the world. a plane crash that happened
5:00 pm
thousands of miles away in ethiopia hitting close to home for students at georgetown university. a third year law student was among those who died. students learned of the tragedy through a -wcampe e-mail. >> here you are moving along in line, going to georgetown university, pushing through your degree and something like this tragically happens. >> cedric asiavugwa was a champion for social justice serving a migrant refugees in east africa. he was a role modelalso, he guided first year students through the ups andow of freshman life. >> he was a light to the community, a fantastic person. brought a depth of compassion and thoughtfulness to everyone he engaged in. >> reporter: the crash also claimed the lives of a leader i climate change at the world bank pilots of the youngest to


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