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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 11, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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a plane crash that happened thousands of miles away in ethiopia hitting close to home for students at georgetown university. a third year law student was among those who died. students learned of the tragedy through a -wcampe e-mail. >> here you are moving along in line, going to georgetown university, pushing through your degree and something like this tragically happens. >> cedric asiavugwa was a champion for social justice serving a migrant refugees in east africa. he was a role modelalso, he guided first year students through the ups andow of freshman life. >> he was a light to the community, a fantastic person. brought a depth of compassion and thoughtfulness to everyone he engaged in. >> reporter: the crash also claimed the lives of a leader i climate change at the world bank pilots of the youngest toaptain a boeing 737.
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max was aommunications leader with the world bank. he was on his way to a conference in nairobi. a world bank statement says max was deeply committed to the flight against cmate change and brought tremendous reativity, energy and passion to hiswork. our deepest sympathies go to his family and loved ones and to those of the other victims of this tragedy. family members identified the pilot of the plane, with ties to northern he's shown in a photo with his cousin, she was not on the flight. his family said in a statement, as a confident captain, his seniority at ethiopian airlines comes with an accomplished record of 8,000 hours flight time and has mads proud of his achievements. we ask you to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we go
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through this difficult time. >> reporter: we learned that the georgetown student was supposed to be at a conference in chicago but there was a family emergency so he made the inlaste decision to go overseas and ended up on that flight. nwith the latest this investigation and the problems with this plane, let's go to leon harris standing by. >> reporter:to investi in ethiopia have recovered the black boxes as they try to figure out what went wrong on this flight. this is the second deadly crash involving boeing's 737 max 8 aircraft. an upgrade on a model known as the work house aroun the world. in the previous crash last fall it appeared sensors sent incorrect data to the sensors. this time around ethiopian airlines said the pilot sent a distress call. more than ath dozen o victims
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worked for u.n. affiliated grou o and several were their way to an environmental conference. back here in our country, the aiansportation department it's monitoring everything it can but so far no order to ground the max 8s here in the u.s. eing has delivered about 350 of those planes to carriers worldwide. in a statement, the company said they don't have any new gdance to issue operators. >> thank you, leon. news4 is working for you to keep you safe in the skies. coming up susan hoganindsut which u.s. airlines are flying the max 8 jet she shows us how you can find out what aircraft you're flying anyway. that's at 5:30 here on news4. a wife and mother killed in a fiery car crash knew her commute was dangerous and wanted to change jobs. e lost her life saturday
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driving up i-95. tonight her husband tells our megan fitzgeraldt feels to lose the love of his life. >> reporter: shana was the rock of her family, her husband hans said she was the best mother to their two children with special needs. and she was the provider to the family. >> i have two autistic chdren. it costs money. >> reporter: that's why hans said she would drive over an hour to baltimore, sometimes six days a week. assistant hysician's at a jail where she helped inmates. >> she wanted to leave the job for the.ongest ti it's very dangerous going there. >> reporter: hans said she was heading to work saturday morning at around 4:00 a.m. but she didn't make it. this is footage of what happened on her way there. c shana' caught fire after crash. in a bad maryland state police first thought she may have been
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driving the wrong direction in the northbound lane on i-95 near the beltsville exit when shell ed with a car head on before crashing into two other d the car started burnind she burned to death. >> reporter: the crash is still under investig hion, but husband strongly doubts it was shan >> somebody hit her from behind and she started spinning around at the exit. >> reporter: while police try to figure out how this happened, her husband hans is trying to determine how he can move on without her. megan fitzgerald, news4. now detectives tell news4 it will take several weeks to analyze this crash and dermine wh exactly was at fault. a coast guard officer accused of compiling a hit list that included democratic lawmakers and members of the media, pled not guilty to federal charges.
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christopher hasson was arraigned earlier today. federal prosecutors call him a self-desatibed whitenalist and a domestic terrorist. after his arrest last month investigators found 15 firearms, re than,000 rounds of ammunition at his silver spring artment. he's facing 30 years in prison if he's convicted of all these charges. drivers tell us it's like riding on the surface of th moon, so many craters and potholes on the baltimore-washington parkway. adam tuss has been taking a clos look for us at the road and he joins us live from the parkway. it's rough out there, adam. >> reporter: jim we have moved into tangerous category. that's where i would put it. you were seeing the veo there. let me show you. this is the start of a mile or 2 miles long of deep, deeppo oles. drivers have been told to slow down in this area.
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you can see whyec it'se such a problem. crater after crater aft crater after crater crater after crater crater after crater crater after crater, it literally goes on for miles. specifically on the southbound side of the baltimore-washington parkway, just south of route32. >> i think the sign said rough road. no, it shouldoa say with deep potholes, be careful. >> is it the worst y ever seen? >> it is. >> dave is a mechanic. he said so many cars pull into his sp right off the parkway. >> people that need new rims, if somebody is driving bmw, they got a smashed up rim, that rim brand new can cost anywhere from 3 to $500 jus for the rim. >> reporter: this gives you an idea how rough this stretch is look at those holes there. these are 3, 4, 5 inches into the ground and they go on and on and on down the parkway.
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this road is in terrible shape. choppe 4 giving us a bird's eye view. >> watching a drivers try to navigate their way through the swiss cheese that is parkway. too far to the center you risk a flat, too far outside, a bent rim. >> reporter: we eve been tweeting the park service about how bad it is and crews showed up foruthis section like p puttingcoh tape on a hole in your wall, it doesn't work. thhe said need consistently better temperatures to repave the road here. but action is needed sooner rather than later. >> we heard about similar conditions on the gw parkway and cla barton parkway. the park service tells us they have a transpotration infrture backlog that they're not able to get to just
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yet. >> that's going to be tough. thank you, adam. new fallout as the investigation into whether d.c. co ecil member jackns abused his position for personal gains widens. today d.c. mayor, muriel bowser, would not say if she would support evans if he decided to run for reelection. bowser had this tsesay to mark graves today. >> it's early to talk about reelections andio ele of next year. i can't really comment on the investigation, mark, but i know jack. jack's a friend and he's done a lot of t good work f city. and i'm sure he wants this to get to a conclusion. >> bowser, alongnt with thee d.c. council,st adminitor, several clients of evans' law firm have all been subpoenaed in this investigation. andns e has apologized for, quote, major mistakes.
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but he insists othe's doneng illegal. the council will vote later this month o whether to officially reprimand him. the white house is out with its new budget request tonight and it'seeting opposition already on the hill where the house speaker called it short sided. the administration is requesting a record 4.75 trillion in spending. the increases the president was $8.5 billion for d wall, well above what congress appropriated last year. it also increases spending for the military andva and it has big cuts to education and environmental protection ending. and it would reduce federal medicaid snding by more than a trillion dollars over the next decade. the white house is responding to concerns it will also increase the debt >> walance in 15 years, our first budget balance in ten, ont reasons we weren't able
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to balance quicker because it getsarr each year congress doesn't go along with the budgets. six years ago tc maslin robbed and beatenhile he was walking home from a b eball this rm and vicious attack this night changed his family's life in unimaginable ways. >> there wasoerfect before. ere's no perfect now. >> right. >> we had a beautiful life before, we have a beautiful life now.e we h very different sense about ourselves and the world and what'san impo >> just ahead doreen gentzler brings us their story of perseverance and the long road to recovery. only on 4 tonight, the changes under way after a man who shot an alexandria police officer in the head wasen ry able to legally buy a gun. and we're looking at a
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beautiful d out there right now. 61 in d., 58 in hagerstown, sunshine but cooler weather moving in for morrow. it's going to feel 10 to 15 degrees colr tomo people aren't talking abg giant-brand chicken. they're not talking, because they're eating. oh, hello. at giant, it's the little things that make mealtime ey, so you have more time with the people you love.
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a young couple relationship tested after a violent robbery more than six years ago in d.c. >> preinjury i was very like future oriented in terms of like planning financially and career andhe kids and houses and things like that. now i think i'm way moreth i present moment. which is really good i think, justha enjoying we have right now. and it's shifted my mindset drastically. >> tc maslin suffered a severe traumatic brain injury that left him unable to walk or >> after that vicious attack his
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wife faced the challenge of caring forha a man seemed like a stranger in so many ways but they faced the known together and now doreen gentzler joins us with their story today. doreen? >> this is an update to a story we started covering years ago. it's a story about pain and perseverance. the couple forced to look at their relationship with new eyes after a traumatic attack here in d.c.n it's b a long road to recovery, they're still on it, but the jrney has made them both grateful for love and life. >> and school -- >> if you saw w themking down the street together you might think what a beautiful family. and you'd be right. but there is so much more to this family's story than aat. >> polic working on a time line in that beating case of a man on capitol hill. >> 6.5 years ago, tc mazlin was attacked andob rd after he walked home after a nats game.
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his skull was shattered by all baseba bat, a traumatic brain injury that nearly killed him, insteat him unable to talk, read orig use the rht side of his body. our hearts ached for thi young father and his family. >> i thi i am doing a lot better. >> we met tc and abby six months later. his hospital stayr was o and abby left her teaching job behindo take care of his medical care and therapy and their 2-year-old son jack. it was overwhelming but they were determined >>hi. >> this is tc mazlin today. the injury itself is not always evident to people. it's sort of a -- what's tte i was trying to say. >> invisible. >> invisible injury, right? because you wouldn't see me walking down the street but if you listen to me or sit with me long enough you might catcht
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eventually. >> after years of therapy and intensive effort, he's back at work at his former position as anal environme analyst, a huge victory. his first goal waseang to his son. >> i saw the value of having a son, having my wife, having m health, and i just kept my eyes on the prize of getting back to that. >> and ab was right there with him. >> if i hadn't kept the idea in my heart this was possible, i don't know that we would be here. i think the hope is what has kept us working so tirelessly over all these years. >> their son was important to recovery, too. >> jack has been a light throughout the entire journey. he was the constant reminder that life goes on, that life is vibrant, that there is light in the world during really, really
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dark days. >> jacks an 8-year-old that looks like his dad and heas charming sister, row see is 2.5. the maslins are living back in their old capitol neighborhood. abby is teaching at thee s elementary school she left years ago, and she's written a book out their perience. >> it's a book about brain injury, but it's for anybody that had to revent their life. who had a plan or vision about how things might go and needed to look at the world through new eyes. >> abbyescribes the shock of tc's injury, the pain of the long recovery but especially the emotiol journey for all of them. the book is called "love you hard" something tc said to her when he couldn't find the right word. >> 's broken language has punctured the heart of the
5:19 pm
matter, love is hard. there's no way to save this matter if i compare tc to the person we lost. it's time to stop sitting submerged in my grief and concur it itself and ii can find a way to love the new tc, i'll have done morey than save marriage, i'll have transformed myself in the process. >> how do you feeloueading that loud? saying it out loud? >> it's still true. it wil always betrue. >> it's beautiful. it's beautiful, yeah. >> i just love you that much. >> i know. >> i really do. >> life is not totally back to normal for the maslin's tc'sal challenges are unpredictable. abby's book, "love you hard" hits storees sheomorrow and
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she'll be on a book tour through our area. we'veet posted a com list of all of her readings on our website.fu wond to get to reconnect with your family. >> what a spirit both of them are. especially her. she not only helped her husband, she had another baby, wrote a book, got back to teaching. >> this book, i will tell yo has all the raw details. all the really paiul emotional challenges. it's a great book for anybody who is facing significant challenge. ma so ny victories. >> it'she likehave a lot of wisdom as well. >> love this family. >> yeah. >> thanks for sharing that with us, doreen. we appreciate that.s for the criminal case, three men were convicted for the attack on tc main, tommy branch was sentenced to 24 years in prison, m michare and sonny cuti were also concted
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for t roles. las year police began a crack down on pop up marijuana parties but they're not the only ones targeting those events. just ahead pat collins on the violence that erupted during two marijuana parties just this weekend. plus folks we have a cool night ahead and a colder morning at the bus stop. doug is back with a check of your forecast. we e following breaking news. new video from congress heights metro station where a 15ear-old was stabbed a short time ago, a 15-year-old boy. metro police say the boy is in serious condition and a suspect
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doug, we're going t off, huh? >> yeah, after a nice day today, temperatures going down tomorrow i think 10 to 15 degrees colder than today. if you like this warmer weather, tuesday is going to bee ooler. but wet staying on the cold side at all as we ramp the up.eratures back look outside right now, the sunshine making its way back. still l a of clouds in the southern zone but north and wes of washington nothing but sun. temperature right now sitting at 61 degrees winds out of the west at 12 miles per hour we are tracking a cold front that's going to make its way wards our region.
5:25 pm
59 manassas, 58 towards martinsburg and 52 in annapolis. a nice afternoon for everybody. average high 54. we're well above that today. but tomorrow we'll be below it. no rain or snow across our region. we have two systems one to the north, that's the cold front that moves in, and one to the south you can see it there before the radar goes out onme. this is what we're watching making its way to the d.c. metro area. 61 d.c., 31 in buffalo, 40 in chicago. really no hot air anywhere across the east uil youet to florida, that's an 86 right now in lando. look at new orleans, 83. jackson 54. for us we'll be back to the 40s and low 50s tomorrow afternoon.f goin a high of 51. so 10 degrees cooler and a breeze, it's going to be a bit
5:26 pm
colder tomorrow. 48 leesburg, 46 in frederick. 52 towards fredericksburg. temperatures a little bit below average b not a bad day, a day we will need the jackets because with the breeze it will feel that much cooler. 56 on dnesday. then look, back up to 67 on thursday, that's ahead of our next front. that brings more clouds on thursday. friday we see the front come throughnd watchingfriday, which part of the day does it come in, ear we have cooler and showers, later we're warmer with thunderstorms potentially. that's something we're going to be watching for. not t expecting anything strong but the front brings in coolerer weaaturday and sunday. 54 on saturday, 52 sunday. low average for the weekend but still not d. nice on next monday and next week. we are dry, the only exception
5:27 pm
coming up on friday. we'll watch that one for you right now. a here'sk loo what's ahead. >> reporter: parents, employees and students in prince george's county head down to annapolis to fight for equal funding for schools. i'm tracee wilkins. that story next on news4. plus continuing coverage of authorities in several countries grounding a boeing jet after that second deadl crash with this aircraft. susan hogan has what you need to know if your flight is on one of these planes. only on 4, how a man who shot a police officer but was found not guilty because of insanity was able tourn around t
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 5:00. virginia state police are completing exhaustive review of their do not sell firearms list this evening. newhis action comes after learned a man who shot an alexandria police officer recently bought a gun legally. in a story you will only see on news4 julie carey explains how thathooter was able to get gun and what's being done to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> it's bad. especially, you know, so soon after he gets released. >> reporter: that was former
5:31 pm
alexandria police officer peter la boy's reaction when he learned last month the man who ot recently rearrested. he was found not guilty by reason of insani in 2014 but last summer a judge released him from a mental health facility. this search warrant affidavit showed he'd gottenis hands on two guns and suppressers now news4 learned one of his guns was purchased legally ats t gun store. stunning news for laboy and the alexandria state's attorney. >> i don't think there's any way to portray it as otherhan a tragedy narrowly diverted. >> reporter: we calledhe police to find out how this could happen. they launched a review. it revealed a human error was made. bashir's name was never added to
5:32 pm
the list of people barred fro buying a gun, they go on to say, the virginia state police recognes the severity of this situation and is taking the necessary strep steps to address the matter i >> of course concerned it might occur in the future or there might be other similar cases in the same posture right now. >> reporter: laboys thi there should be consequences. >> i don't want to blame anybody in the state police but it has to be at person tould responsible for that. ou know, how can they miss that. >> reporter: a state police spokeswoman tells me they are ming back through all of their records toe sure they haven't missed any other defendants found not guilty by reason of insanity. in alexandria i'm julie carey,w bashir is behind bars in prin william county facing a preliminary hearing later this month on the arson and gun charges. growing safety concerns over boeing 737 max 8 jet.
5:33 pm
tonight airlines in several countries have grounded that aircraft aer the ethiopian airline crash this weekend, the second crash involving that same kind of aircraft in lxs than months. it was lt october when a lion air flight went down off the coast of indonesia killing everyone on board. and now the question, are there any similarities between these two disa here's what we know. both planes went down soon after takeoff. lion air flightra 610ed 12 minutes after takeoff. ethiopiagh airlines f 302 disappeared from radar six minutes after takeoff. the crews of both planes struggling t maintain control. and we know the pilots of both planes both asked to return before that plane crashed. finding o what went wrong is a high priority for investigators because this is one of the best selling aircraft in the world. as of january 31st. boeing had morehan 5,000
5:34 pm
confirmed orders for its new 737 fleet. the max 8 is one of four types. more than 320 of the 350 planes delivered so far are the max 8 aircraft. theit popul of boeing's newest jets means you'll likely find yourself on one of them soon. susan hogan working for you tonight with information you need to k yw ifr next flight is on one of these airplanes. susan? >> what we' learned from the faa is there are approximately 329 of these particular boeing 737 max 8 aircraft inperation right now worldwide. in the u.s., southwest and american airlines curntly fly this aircraft. news4 reached out to both of them, southwest tells us it has 34 in its fleet, american 24. so today, news4 chopper spotted one of the southwest's max 8
5:35 pm
planes taking off at bwi airport. both airlines tell us they have no plans to ground the planes a at this point. however, they are monitoring thi investigatio ethiopia, which is standard protocol for any aircraft accident. they also tell us they have full confidence in the aircraft. if you have an upcoming flight and you want to know what type of airplanu're actually going to be flying on, you can click on flightdetails, click flight number, this is going yo gi details of the aircraft. remember, at this point, there arelao in the u.s. to ground the boeing 737 max 8. if you want to cancel because you are concerned, scared, liable fong to be any of those fees. as of right now, china and indonesia are among the countries that have grounded them and i just heard from air i canada 10 minutes ago, 8ey have 24 of these max
5:36 pm
they're also not grounding them. but you can imagine passengers ngwho are g to be flying are wondering. what we said about what aircraft you're flying on, that goes for everything. >> it's good to know. everyone gets to make their choice. they know what they have to pay if they do. >> susan, thank you. parents and stunts are going to meet tonight to talk about a principal who admitted to using the n word during a black history month assembly. morror this month joy told our tracee wilkins she used the word to make a point as she was explaining theacism she witness stand growing up. the meeting starts at 7:00 at the school in hyattsville, high school students are welcome but the discussions not for younger children. free agency starts and the redskins may be makin a splash. sherree burruss has more on what we're hearing about theteam's big signing.
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millions of people fighting sickle cell disease. this is a painful genet disorder that affects mostly african-american. red blood cells t distorted in shape and block vessels and block vital oxygen supply to new tissues. part of the procedure, blood stem cells are removed from the patient, under go gene therapy and put back in the patient. >> this is a picture from after gene therapy, and there are no visible sickle cells. >> right now the only cure for sickle cell disease is a bone marrow transplant but patients are only temporarily treated with medications or blood transfusions. doctors hoping this new option could one day cure the disease before theom sym start.
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and the symptoms can start if a child is jt 4 months old. likesushi? want a piece of sophisticated sushi? a companyt south by southwest is debuting 3d sushi at this festival. it plans to open a restaurant in tokyo next year that will customize its sus to individual dietary needs but it's going to cost you. when you make a reservation, they send you a health test kit that will collect your saliva and your urine, then they turn out the perfect pie of sushi for ur body. no. i likhe it old fashioned away. >>fter that effort it canno be what i want. it is already the home to some uniqu art. and now the museum is trying to raise its profile.
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the new program that would make it a gatew to the mall. two men shot at two separate pot parties. they were just blocks
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
over the weekend a pair of shootings just a block art from each other in the district. one person killed another niunded. this e we learned both of them have been linked to so called pop up pot parties. rht collins is live in the brightwood neighd in northwest d.c. >> reporter: two shootings same day, close by. saturday morning, a man d.woun police say saturday night another man, ad would be ar robber killed here. surveillance camera video of a suspect car in an attempted
5:45 pm
armed robbery of a pop up pot party. soon you'll hear a gun shot. that shot had deadly consequences. police move in.rt then s clearing the place out. a violent weekend at popot up parties in the brightwood park section ofur city. shooting number one, the 5400 block of ninth street northwest. police say that someone was using this airbnb for a pop up pot party, people coming and going, coming and going all night. shortly after midnight a man with a backpack goes in and then he comes back out. he tries to get an uberar over here. there's gun fire. he's robbed. he runs back, wounded, to house. terry smith, he lives around here. he says gun n fire iso stranger
5:46 pm
to this neighborhood. >> we've been hearing gun fire nstantly for ten years. >> reporter: shooting number two, the hubbly bubbly. i'm out front but the action was out front. come with me. about 8:00 saturday night, police say there's a pop-up pot y at hubbly bubbly. they say a man comes up in the alley and goes in the back door and tries to rob the place. there's gun fire and thatld wou be robber wounded. he gets into the getaway carth d take off. but a short distance away, the getaway driver realizes that the wounded man isleeding out. he stops the car, calls 911, the man is taken to the hospital. a shortime later he's pronounced dead. now, leon sims lives nearby
5:47 pm
where all that happened. bohe's not happy what he saw that night. >> bad. i don't know what to think. i just want to hope that the neighborhood is safe. >> reporter: so who killed the would be robber, and where did he get his gun? was this a case of self-defense or selething ? police, they're working the case. jim and wendy, back to you. >> thank you, pat. doug joins us again and we're kicking off, this is going to be a fairly quiet week, right? >> this is a fairly quiet stretch for us. it is. the storminess is moving off to the west, that's good for us. we need dryer conditions. we'd like dryer conditions and nice warm air and dry days with sunshine. weorave that you too. right now we have the drynd ions, sunshine, we have clouds though. down to the south, southern maryland, down around fredericksburg you're still seeing the clouds but d.c
5:48 pm
northward it's all sun.en cu temperature 61 degrees. by 7:00, dropping to 57 degrees. it's going to be chilly tomorrow, we haveolr air sweeping in throughout the night. 59 in gaithersburg, maybe about 49 tomorrow. 59 manassas, 61 d.c. a really nice monday. now as we look towards the satellite and radar, nothing here. look at the radar, the wider view. notice the rain down to the south and the sevrse thunrms again in the south, into parts of georgia moving towards t jacksonville, florida area. we're watching this littleha co fronts going to sweep through tonight that's going to bring us colderai at the bus stop tomorrow morning it's jacket. today was a half and half y, you walk outside, i don't need it, i'll take it just in case. tomorrow jkets on, amelia. >> yeah, we're starting with
5:49 pm
temperatures in the low to mids 30 in the sub burns and 39 in did distric andannapolis. we have sunshine tomorrow not just in the morning but roughout the entire day. it's even chilly tomorrow afternoon, we're going to be 10 degrees cooler than we were today. so the kids not only in need th jackets tomorrow but wednesday as well. at the bus stop on thursday, it's kind of that in between day. i think the kids are going to be fine with long sleeves out there on thursday with temperatures in the 40s. friday we're mild at the bus stop, 50s but the kids will need their raincoat with rain in the forecast. it's not aou wa of a day, we are going to be mild on friday. here's what you can expect, temperatures in the 60s to near 70 degrees. rain is likely but dry time as well. could have a rumble of thunder on friday if that cold gh a little bit later in the day, something we'll be tracking. tomorrow we're going down but then we start to warm up,
5:50 pm
we esday, thursday intofriday. our average high 54 degrees. i have thein on the cherry blossoms. they love it when the temperatures warm upe to upper 60s. right now they're stage one out of six. but thursday and friday i think we see the buds come out a little bit more. but we ve a ways away to get to the peak bloom april 4 the 8th. >> we expect thers numbe to come down next week. lookt what we've got with the warmer days to thursday and friday. tomorrow a chilly day. next a weekrage high moves up to 55 or 56. we'll be at orelow average just about every day next week ven though we have plenty of sunshine. but temperatures in the 50s this ime of year with sun, that makes for nice weather. i'mething we can get behind here. take 50s. just no more 40s. >> yeah, hear, ar. is getting a front row seat to watch your favorite team really work?or >> one local man the answer is a resounding yes.
5:51 pm
it i the job of his dream. sherree burruss joins us om capital one arena with the man behind the mic at wizard's games. >> his voice is foettable. >> yeah, when you hear unique things -- you can kind of hear him warming up right now, that is ralph wezsley, and you know it's almost lsme time. he te he's living out his childhood dreamalng wizard's games. >> it's game time! game time. thoset faces are j natural. i'm -- i had no idea i was making tho faces until somebody put me on camera. i was like, wow. the d.c. -- >> reporte one of the most recognizable voices at a wizards
5:52 pm
game iralph wesley. >> i'm a actor, so even when i'm in the booth at home or 1250u studio, wherever, i get animated, i've always bn that way. when i get excited about something i'm passionate about at's what happens. >> timeout lwmikee. >> reporter: wesley is from and still lives in northeast d.c. getting to root foris hometown team in the best seat in the house, a dream come true. >> bradley beal, d.c. family defense. >> being fro this town, looking in the crowd and seeing people that you know and saying, ralph, he's doing great. i'm making them proud by being here. it's a great moment because i'm a i'm a and i love the team and i get to cheer for them in my own way. i kind of take it for granted gmetimes because people are like you to sit down that
5:53 pm
close. they're guys likyou and me. i'm humbled by the experience. reporter: even after nine years ralph saying you know what, this gig doesn't get old. jim? >> seeing his face and the nopressions make the voice even better. we can put the two together. that ought to be on the big game.n the whole switching gears to the gridiron. the redskins making a big free agent sioring. >> repr: yes, they're bringing in ldon collins. if that name sounds familiar, it's because he's coming from the nfc east rival theew york giants with last year's release of dj swearinger, ha ha clinton-dix going t free agency, it's known the redskins weren the market for a safety and they make a big splash with this move. collins grew up idolizing sean taylor, he wore number 21 to pay
5:54 pm
homage to him. so we'llave more on the addition of lan donin c in sports. today leaders announced a resident orchestra is goi to be part of the outdoor pavilion, there was a piano concert following that announcement. 50 years ago, it was envisioned an orchestra. today they announced soulful symphony out of baltimore will be the first there. both the national orchestra and the baltimore have had stints at meriweather post. it's been a part of the national mall for decad but it's possible you may miss it if you walk by. now the sculpture garden is set for a significant facelift. here's a look at the initialco ept. this will be the first big renovation and redesign since 8 ths.
5:55 pm
no word yet when this project will begin but it's called a new fron door.t
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
just when you got used to the construction on the memorial ridge, things are changing again. starting tonight crews will be reducing the number of lanes. justin finch explains the impacts should be minimal unless
5:58 pm
you are traveling overnight. >> reporter: traffic cones, ilrs, crews, cranes, cramped conditions that stick around on the arlington memoria bridge for a bid longer. now work is set to ratchet up, work is down to three les and beginning tonight that trickles down to one lane. the next phase of be repairs calls for lane changes and construction betweenm. 9:00 and 5:00 a.m. that means if you're up and driving in those times you'll see one of now three open lanes shutdown for hours. a second lane will close for 15-minute intervalseaving one open lane. a flag person will be on sight during those urcl. another inconvenience but one with drivers in mind. they're confining this work to overnight hours allowing crews to drive in, layow and
5:59 pm
install panels. a critical face in the bridge's ongoing rehab. the sidewalk will stay open so bikes and pedestrians will be able to get by. as you look at the bridge, it's very ctill a work in progress. you might wondering how much longer do we have for thi ase? it begins today and runs until the fall daily from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., so if that's your target time for that bridge get your work arounds ready. i'm justin finch news4. now at 6:00, safety in the skies. m twor airline crashes involving the same model pne lead to new questions about safety around the world. >> the company ought to voluntarily itself ground these aircraft. >> tonight theasngers and the pilots on that ethiopian airline flight with connections to our area and why the boeing jets are not grounded in the u.s.
6:00 pm
plus a budget battle, how the president i reigniting the conversation for his fight for a border wall. >> and veterans waiting on improvement at the local va hospital, an update to investigation. tonight hundreds of boeing aircraft grounded after one of the world's newest planes is involved in its second cra in ss than a year. >> we know authorities have recovered two black boxes from the wreckage ofio ean airlines flight 302 now a witness says smoke was coming from the plaefore it hit the pground. thelane went doub on its way from ethiopia to kenya. more than 150 people o board died. >> it has passengers and flight crews concerned about the boeing 73 max 8 aircraft. as jay gray reports, the u.s. is stil allowint to fly. >> reporter: a


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