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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  March 12, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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before you leave the house this morning. >> i feel likeit's been cold this entire month. >> i still take a coat. >> me, too. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. maybe we're done with the snow. melissa mollet with a check on your commute.ur let's things over to chuck bell. >> no. >> does thatean there's more snow in the forecast? >> are you in charge of the forecast? i think we're pretty much donei with last year, we had snow all the way as late as 25th of march. can't say no yet. but we're 11% of the way there. teeratures this morning are stilly, in the 30s and upper 40s. that tells 1half of the story. it will being bright and sunny all day.
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temperatures will come up to 48 to about 50or degrees today. nicer weather. much milder weather in the next couple days. more about that and the friday rain chance coming up. for now, let's go to melissa. >> in beltsville, route 1 near wder mill road. northbound and southbound, that's because of a structure fire. we're going to let you know what's going on there. >> inner loop and outer loop of the roadway. no road work. arlington southbound, 5, between the pentagon and glebe road. it is closed for this work zone. 66 inbound. fairfax county parkway to the beltway. 62 miles per hour gets you there in nine minutes. we're working to learn more about two crashes in montgomery county. >> one of the crashes involved a motorcycle in seneca break and a search for the driver.
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were trying to learn more about this crash. the motorcle was found in the water off of darnestown road. this care was cpletely destroyed. the car somehow rolled over at clopper road south of long draft road. the driver was transported to the hospital with serious injuries no wordn whon what caused a cra. wee're learning more about the ethiopian airlines crash. >> the boeing 737 max 8 took off en route to irobi, kenda a witness saw smoke coming from the plane.
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the plane's blak black boxes were recovered yesterday. airlinesemporarily grounded the max 8 s.jetliner the faa says the u.s. can fly the jet model. we've learned the names of three of the americans whoere killed on that flight. antoine lewis is from illinois. melvin and bennett from california. three other victims have ties to this area. max edkins was a communication for theou s collect for climate program. cedric cedric. the steph executive said the pilot a hexcellent record and logged 8,000 hours in the
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air. the family relooeased a stateme saying they are proud of his achievements. this morning, we're learning about a mother of two that was killed in a fiery cramo on sunday ing. her car crashed into three other cars and caught fi. we brought you the breaking news over the weekend. she was a physician's assistant. she committed from rockville work. while the cause of that crash is under investigation. her husband does not believe she was driving the wrong way. >> somebody hit her from behind and she startedspinning. she is survived by her two autism. who have developing this morning, "the new york times" is reporting that the new yorer attorney g has opened an investigation into trump projects. cory smith is at the live desk
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with the l >> all this was prompted by michael cohen's congressional stimony last month. he's president trump's former attorney cohen testified that mr. trump had inflated his assets and financial statemts. cohen provided copies of statements he said were submitted to deutsche bank. .e u attorney general's office issued subpoenas to deutsche bank. they are also looking at a failed effort by trump to buy the buffalo kls in 2014. "the times" is crediting an unnamed source on the thbpoenas. is a civil matter, notcr iminal investigation. but the exact focus and scope are unclear. thank you. house speaker nancy pelosi used five words in impeaching presidust trump, he's j not worth it. she's not for impeachment and it
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would be divisive for the countr she went o to say impeachment shouldn't be used ed unless ths overwhe overwh dming evidence to so. sarah sanders said impeachment should never have been on the table because the president is doing areat jo thousands marched across maryland's capital to demand money for schools. democrats are asking for $1 billion in the state budget over the next two years for ucation. a big chunk will go towards prince george's county hohools. among making a passionate flee for funding is atudent from oxon hill hh school. >> number of students receive special education. right now it'sot enough. >> coming up in a few minutes,
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prin george's county burea chief, tracee wilkins, will look >> how the funding will affect schools. a council investigation is looking at whether jack evans. he is among a local that has received a subpoena. evans have been a song ally of the mayor. yesterday, when mark seagraves caught up with mayor bowser, she had this to sa it's way early to talk about re-elections and last year.rom we're just getting over the last i have wclosely with jack over the years, not just in my role asmayor. but as a member of council. i have very high expectations for all offnials the government. but most importantly, i like to
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t the legal process evolve and get handled and get done. >> evans has apologized for what he called maj mistakes but has insisted he's doing nothing illegal. the coast guard officer that planned a kilacng a that included lawmakers and members of the media, has pled not guilty to charges. christoph christopher hasss a self-described white nationalist and domestic terrorists. investigators found 15 firearms and 1,000 rounds of ammunition in his home. he faces 30 years in prison ifn ted on all charges. also back in court, the lawyers for jared ramos. he is accused of killingpe five le in "the capitol gazette" offices.
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before making the decision his legal team asked the judge to force prosecutors to share more informatiout the charges ramos faces. the judge denied that t.requ ramos has until friday to change his plea. ufc star conor mcgregor is out of b jail afterng arrested for an alteration outside of the ring. he is accused of smashing a fan's phone in miami. we're told thisd hap when a fan tried to take a picture of him outside of the hotel in ami. police arrested him after viewinghe surveillance video. gocgrer is being charged with felony strong-armed robbery and mischief. you're a ufc fighter, you can't put your hands on people's stuff. >> it's funny to see him with bodyguards. one of theiggest drug busts of decades was made at the port of newark.
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this c isl phone video showing agents about to unload 100 pounds of that was made after authorities found it hidden in a shipping container of dried fruit. federal officials are concerned that cocaine is making a comeback. >> cocaine was t nemesis in the '90s. but this is traffickers today trying to merge cocaine and fentanyl to create a new market. >> this was the biggest drug bust since 1995. that's wn 6,600 pounds of cocaine was seized at the same rt. its video that you've probably seen on the social media feeds. it has spoarked outrage. it shows a cancer pabeent's room ing raided by officers. norman says officers come in when he was trying to eep.
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hey got complaints sayine smelled marijuana. he said he had akenthc oil outside ofhe hospital to help him sleep. he is battling sge 4 cancer and is in end of life care. the hospital later apologized to him and his family. i'm sure there will be more investigation in that case, as well. there is ao proposal cut local arts programs. arlingtonounty is oposing cuts in its 2020 budget. leaders say the cuts could total about $500,000. that means staff decisions in the scene shop, the costume shop andost ofhe support programs will be eliminated. that has the actors concerned. >> it is lamentable. >> we love encore so much. i don't want t them cut this down. i want to the everything to stop
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this. >> arlington county board members are expected to discuss the budget during the next weeks this week. >> it's sad that art has to be the first to go. right now, millions of lgbtq americans can get fseed bec of their sexual orientation. >> we're looking at the law that could change that. plus, wide weather cities around the world. we're showing you the footage. chuck? >> nothing anywhere near that ferocious. it will be breezy if you want to spend time outside. dry for now. dry for now. tracking a you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills?
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>> welcome back at 4:15. tomorrow, democrats are expected to b introduce aill called the equality act. it would modify civil rights legislation t ban discrimination by lesbian, guy and transgender people. lgbtqed advates say protections vary across the country and the bill would change th. it would ensure that lgbtq people around the country would have a remedy. if they're a fired because person is transgender, there's a kem remedy they can go to court. w, back to that massive rally for maryland schools. a studen prince george's county were dismissed ely yesterday. >> a majority of the $1 billion being proposed, will go towards
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geince ge county schools. tracee wilkins has more on how that money is hoped to be used.n >> reporter: heds of teachers, parents, students and adcates from around maryland, boarded buses to tell folks in annapolis that they wand the kirwan plan to be passed immediately. with bills passed with the portionshat can be funded now. expanding pre-k, more money for employees and wraparound money for students. a majority of the public school system, with more than half of the students here living under the poverty level, folks want to see that they get the money that theirwan plan can provide. regardless of where folks live, they'r getting the same education as those who live in richer neighborhoods. in hyattsville, tracee wilkins, news 4. > this rning, we're tracking wild weather around the globe. we'll begin in brazil. flooding has killed at least 11
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people afterorrential rain that started on sunday. you can see the water swamped a bus here, trapping passengers inside. floodwaters ravaged sweeps and parking lots. firefighters have been out rescuing people in boats. look at this dash cam video out ofdeterminengermany. it is when some roofing fell on to a car. >> yikes. >> two people were inside the car but unharmed. the stormy weather caused issues including delaysith air travel. that car is buried there. my goodne o. >> all the science and the forecasting and the , mode stuff like that, you can't predict with the weather. >> you can't. it probably had winds similar to that once or twice. >> but sometimes. >> probably loosened it a little. >> littleooler around here. >> you can feel the difference. >> northwest winds have really
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stayed up overnight. thatm kept temperatures f falling as much. it has lowered the windchills down. wa44 in ington. but a northwest wind averaging 18 miles pur. not going to be a good care day today. feels-like temperature down to 36. you look at current ou temperatures,eed to shave almost ten degrees off of these numbers. temperates in the mid to upper 30s in the shenandoah valley, feels closer to the 30-degree mark. and temperatures closer to mid-40s in the i-95 corridor. your tuesday commute, the good news it will be dry roads in and dry roads home. bright sunshine all day day. you need an insulated windbreaker anng our sses. just as much sunshine. nowhere near as much of a breezo rrow. we'll be near 50 today. we'll be in the mid-50s morrow. and we'll stay dry a couple of days, as well.
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detailed forecast, always available on our nbc washington app. and i just tweeted out an hour-by-hour forecast graphic today. in the desert no that is our friday rain chance here. we'll watch it over the next cole of days f you. future weather, all-sunshine, all the time. clear and chilly, again, into tomorrow morning. and tomorrow, mostly sunny, a few highlouds around later on in the day. thursday, skies will become partly to mostly cloudy. rain chances hold off until well after dark. iday, our 80% chance for rain and maybe even some rumbles of thunder is still there. i'm optimistichat we cet all of the rain turned off before the sun comes up saturday morning. might help set the stage for our first dry weekend in weeks. there's your five-day outlook. near 50today. rather breezy, melissa. have your hands heldn tight the steering wheel today and be ready for rain on your friday.
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>> thank you, chuck. route 1 at powder mill road. both directions. tl lanes s down because of a structure fire. we have aimee cho on the way. we'll give you a live loop and outer loop of the beltway, looking just find. this is a probm. outbound 395, between the pentagon and glebe road. had one lane getting by that work zone. it is right now shut down. look at tha backup. that's rare situation for this time of day. >> look at 270. 60 miles per hour can get you there ibout 27 minutes. a big congratulations for gaithersburg high school senior, matt walsh. he won the mr. gaithersburg contest on friday. i was one of four judges there. th night was superfun. i watched thekits, heard the letters. they each produced psas. they've been holding that contest since the 1980s.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> from galas to dinr parties and that's just aaron's tuesday. since most of us scramble on what to wear. >> the red dress, the black dress, i don't know. so many questions. that worry is a booming business, apparently. susan hogan shows us how services like rent the runway, are giving people makeovers. >> reporter: "vogue," "in style" "glamour." >> this would cast abo $900 to buy. >> thi is renthe runway. and it's revolutionizing how we
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thinkhebout cl >> these are everyday pieces. go for something like this for your next event. it's awesome for we have everything for every step of the y. >> it's all affordable. choose from these two plans. update gets you four items per month for 89bucks. or pay $159 for unlimited. then -- go in, pick out what you want -- scan and go. so, from everyday to maternity to even the big day. >> we have brides come in with their bridesmaids, with their mothers mothers-in-law. >> reporter: danielle said yes to a sparkly dress in georgetown. it allowed her to captiure this moment with her dad. op quick on, a quick dance and a treasured moment.
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susan hogan, news 4. other similar services include gwynnie ar and .lafleur. the main difference with these services, there's no actual store like rent thenw . >> so, if you do go for one of these choices, financial exrts say the general rule of thumb is that your monthlyth cg budget should comprise no more than 5% of your after-tax income. if you make $40,000 a year, your budget should be about $63 per month. if i'moi to spend $89 a month, i can buy a dress and wear that for ten years. you do the math. maybe i'm exaggerating a little bi that's why i haven't done it yet. i think i should try, maybe. om all right. g up, life-saving
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style. >> a pair of jeans credited with keeping a man alive. how his k dent him from drowning while lost at sea. i mentioned that the wind was lowering the numbers for windchills. windchills in the 20s and 30s for st how much sunshine can you expect how much sunshine can you expect on your tuesday? (clucking noises)
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news 4 today starts now. >> right now at 4:30, a live lo outside, ase start this tuesday. it's a lot cooler outside this morning than it was yesterday at thistime. so sh s so, grab an extra layer. >> i wore my puffy coat >> i put gloves on. >> good news, even though the temperatures have dropped, we'll seda sunshine again chuck bell is here with your


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