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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 12, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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with ws 4 at 11:00 begins breaking news. we come on the air tonight with breaking news from vi hyate. >> a shooting there has left a woman dead, and the person who pulled the triggers on the loose right now. here's a look at where the shots rang out tonight at an apartment
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complex on becrest road on east-west highway. weave a team in our newsroom trying to figure o exactly what happened here. >> we'll brings you updates here and in our nbc whington app online. the biggest college admissions scam ever uncovered is unful raing tonight. >> that's right. wealthymericans caught buying their children's way into prestigious schools, takingte co spots other students worked to earn. this scandal centers around some of our y'coun most elite universities, yale, stanford, ucla, eight in all, including georgetown. >> we're working for you tonight with team coverage. shomari stone is hearing from local students furious over this news as they get ready to aly for college. >> first, leon harris explains how shism worked and who is going down for it. leon? >> jim and doreen, the schools involved unwittingly admitteho
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students w wealthy parents paid seone to inflate their test scores and create phony athletic records. that man isilliam singer. he pleaded guilty today to bribing tester ssors to let someone else take a student's mission exam. as contributioned to a charity he ran and even wrote it off on their taxes lori laughlin of "full house" fame and "desperate housewives" star felicity huffman. huffman is out of jail tonight on $250,000 bond. we asked nbc's justice correspondent pete illiams why none of the students who benefitted are being charged. >> reporter: a few of these students may not have known what their parents were doing, especially if they were ones involved in having somebody doctor their test scores, their a.c.t. or s.a.t. qualifying exams. >> it wasn't just about academs. singer also cheated college athletic programs. he photo shopped the faces of
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his clients' children on to thel faces of act athletes and then paid coaches to put children -- put these kidsei in designated admission spots. prosecutors say that the former yale women's soccer coach, in fact, took some $400,000 to pn a student the team, even though she didn't even play competitive soccer. doreen? >> wow, leon, thank you. prosecutors also say singer bribed a former georgetown coach. the revelation hits close to home for local students trying to get into their dream school. news 4's shomari shown is on georgetown's campus tonight with look at how college hopefuls are reacting to this scandal. shomari? >> reporter: that's right, doreen.oa one of thees named in the indictment was the men's and won's tennis coach here at georgetown university. he now works for another university. tonight, we talked to local parents, students and test prep instructors. they tell me that they're disgusted by all of this. >> so basically you add them -- >> reporter: nicole is a testor
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instruor no anxiety prep. >> i love what i do. i think it's extremely rewarding. >> reporter: preparing high school stunts like olivia plotnick to take the s.a.t. and a.c.t. stu tcu eti xeveskills, the hard work are lifetime skills. orter: right now they're outraged. federal prosecutors have charged at least 50 people, including two well-known hollywood actresses for allegedly lying and bribing to get students into elite colleges and universities. >> it's devastating. it's something that i think cheapens t experience of so many students who have worked hard. it cheapens the admissions process. >> we're talking about deception and fraud fake test scores. fake athletic credentials. fake photographs. bribed college officials. c >> reporter: ttroversy has a local impact. gordon gordie ertz is one othe aches named in the indictment. he was the head women's andme n's tennis coach at georgetown for 12 years, accused of taking
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millions of dollars in bribes. according to prosecutors, w he one of several coaches involved the scam where wealthy parents paid to have their children's test scores and applicions to elite colleges falsified and approved. >> i've worked so hard for so tny months to to get to my goal and knowing that people can ju get in because of their parents a because of money isn't fair. >> more importantly, it undermines the work of hundreds e thousands of students. >> reporter: noz resigned from georgetown university last year. he now works at rhode island university. live here at georgetown, shomari stone, news 4.>> all right, shomari, thank you. prosecutors say more charges couldtill be coming in this case. eun a aaron will bring you the latest developments as soon as you wake up. "ns 4 today" starts at 4:00 a.m. new tonight, the united arab emirates is joining the growing list of countries grounding the boeing 737 max 8 and 9.
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at least until investigators figure out what went wrong over the weekend when a passenger plane crashed in ethiopia killing everyone on board. dan sheneman reports the faa insists the planes are safe for you to fly. >> reporter: in ethiopia, u.s. investigators continue to scour the area where the jetliner crashed shortly after keoff, killing all 157 people on board. it was the second time a boeing 737 max 8 crashed in just five months. the aircraft has been largely grou ed around the world, b not in the united states. >> the departmentnd the faa will not hesitate to take immediate and appropriate action. >> reporter: united airlines flies the longer max 9. southwest and american airlines fly the max 8. all three say ty do not have safety concerns, but pressure for the faa to act is growing from congress --
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>> the 737 max 8 should be grounded immediately. >> reporter: and the union representing american airlines flight attendants. >> they're very concerned about eir safety but alsohe safety of our customers who we care for every day. >> reporter: concerns and questions about the max 8 persist while investigators continue their search for answers. dan sheneman, nbc news. some stunning images tonight coming from backyard in ohio. the ntsb is trying to figure out what brought down a plane just feet from a home near cincinnati. >> the twin piper caught fire on impact this kafternoon,ling the pilot. police say no one was ti home at the . crews had to rescue two dogs from inside that house. new at 11:00, a former member of the pope's inner circle has been sentenced to six years in prison for sexual abuse. australian cardinal george pell molested two choirboys in the
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'90s. the pope calledhe guilty rdict shocking. when pell's conviction went public last month, the vaticann ced it was launching its own investigation. pell has maintained his innocence and plans to appeal. d.c. area students are planning to walk out of school onarhursday and to the white house to protest gun violence in schools.yo may remember they did the same thing last year, one month after t mass shooting at marjory stoneman douglas highow school in florida. the principal at woodrow wilson high school sent a letter home to parents saying while this is not a school-sponsored event they, quote, encourage and support students exercising their first amendment rights. participating in a walkout is a individual family's decision and we encourage you to discuss your child's plans. that letter goes on to say that while the school expects students remain in class, those students who wish to participate must provide -- provide, rather, written consent from their
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parents to avoid getting anse un-excused e. people have mixed feelings tonight about the relocation of some students at one prince george's county high school. an hvac installation has to be igdone at central school in capitol heights. that means next school to attend forestville high schoolst district leaders say the $20 million project is too big for students to b in the building. parents worry about their children catching busses several miles away. students just want a comfortable place toearn. >> one day you get in there,re it'sing cold. the next day it's burning up. >> we have issues already with our busses where they're not picking kids up. bus drivers are not coming. now we're talking about putting a busids on >> forestville high school is being used as a swing space. an elementary school is in there, the plan is to have the elementary school move out this summer to make way for the high
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school students. paul manafort will be back in court tomorrow for his second sentencing tied to the mueller investigation. president trump's former campaign manager faces an additional ten i yearsn prison. last week a judge in virginia sentencedhim, you'll recall, to less than four years, far fewer than federal sentencing guidelines recmend. tomorrow a judge in d.c. will decide if manafort deserves additional punishment for unrelated finanal crimes or if hevean s his sentences simultaneously. former vice president joe biden is dropping his strongest hints yet about a possible presidential run. today biden took on in a pair of appearance that felt at times rallies witho the campaign. a crowd of firefighters cheered him on, cnting "run, joe, run," a nbc news andrea mitchell pressed himt.fter the ev >> i appreciate the energy you showed when i got up here. save it a little longer.
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i may need it in a few weeks. >> whyouldn't you run, mr. vice president? >> i can't think of any reason. >> joe biden declined to run in 2016 after his son's death. he says he'll make his 2020 decision in the next few weeks. 30 years ago this month, alexandria police charles hill was part of a s.w.a.t. team responding for a man holding five people hostage at gunpoint. >> if you lived in the d.c. area at that time, the l imagesely remain in your memory. all five hostages eventually made to safety, but not before corporal hill was shot and killed. >> this evening, news 4's jackie bensen was there as the mayor of alexandria presented corporal hill's familyit a proclamation ning charlie hill day. >> reporter: when alexandria mayor justin wilson asked corporal charlie hi's family, his widow jenny and his grown children, one now himself an
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alexandria officer, to come forwar in the city council chambers to be presented with a proclation, his other family also spontaneously moved forward as if to flank themafny. one on side, current members of the alexandria special operations team in their olive green uniforms. >> retired officer doug powell. >> reporter: on the other, the now retired officers who were there on mar 22nd, 1989, a day of unimaginable who on hopkins court less than a mile from city hall. >> do here by annually recognize march 22nd, 2019 as charlie hill day. >> even after0 years, still stands as one of the saddest times in my life. and charlie hill, and hasky were true law enforcement heros. >> it changed a lot of things thn we do as agency and as a team, and now we need to make sure that we keeps charli
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legacy alive. >> reporter: charlie hill, named for his father, was just 7 when he lost his dad. as >> the city treated us so well throughout theyears, and city, it's more -- it's more the department. they are all family. current, formho, anyone w has been associated with it, everyone has been -- just been so absolutely nice to us. >> the sacrifice of the officer shot and wounded that d also remembered tonight. the pain of thatguight, survivor t, some people call it, was too much to bear. he was found four years later of a gunshot wound believed to have been utself-inflicted, he and his family absolutely remain in the hearts of the alexandria police wdepartment. t a close-knit police community this many years later. >> yes, they are. >> jac, thank you. >> thank you, jackie. a construction worker, nt at 11:00. we'll have that sry. he w buried up to his chest. some of the biggest names in
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music embroiled in scandals ahead. >> rising backlash aga kelly and the late michael jackson. both facing the music but is hollywood ready to mute these musicians? plus wait until you see h senator mitt romney wblew out te candles on his births day cake today. it has people on social media questionteg the unusual nique here. doug's tracking a major storm that will head ou wway later thk. >> yeah, guys, that storm system right now is way back to the western portion of ite country. s going to be a monster for the middle part of theoeface, bt whthat mean for our weather?
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a construction worker buried up to his chest in dirt was rescued today in germantown. chopper 4 spotted montgomery county firefighters working to dig him out this afternoon. he was standingn a ladder in a hole that was filledt with dir when he became trapped. after nearly anhour, he was pulled to safety. we brought it to you live. we're told h was alertnd talking with rescuers when he was taken to the hospital. the popularity of r. kelly and the late michael jackson isn't going away, despite kelly being charged wit molesting teenage girls and two men in a new documentary saying jackson molested them as children. leon harris is here with a closer look at how the music of both men is doing on air and online. leon? >> well, doreen, we've been
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looking at the numbers. there are some surprises here. listeners seem to remain supportive o both artists despite the allegations against them, but in slightly different ways. the late king of pop has seen a increase in music sales since last week's explosive premier of "leaving neverland." sold 6,000 album last week, up 1,000 from the week before. people streamed his music 1 million times last week than the week before. but on the radio, a different story there. his music took a hit. fewer p stationyed his songs. down 21% from the week before. several countries have even banned jackson's music on the radio entirely, including canada, new zealand and australia. meantime, radio stations areg play. kelly's music more. the artist has seen a 71% increase since his emotional interview with gayle king last week on "cbs this moreng." more peore watching his music videos as well online, but get this, fewer p streaming and downloading his
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songs. now, despite some dips for both artists, diehard fans letting either artist go down without a fight or a big boost to their bankts acco >> leon, thank you. it's m senatt romney's birthday today. >> and hood his staff wanted to celebrate with his favorite snack. wealking twinkies. they brought him a cake made completely of twinkies, but was the way he blew out the t candles on topt is getting a lot of attention. he plucks out the candles one by one. >> some wondered if the senator thought he would get more wishes this way. it tur out he told tmz he has a told and he wanted to keep his staff healthy. >> of course there is nothing healthy about a twinkie birthday cake. kindf a creepy cake move there. >> it's easy to get a piece. just take off o twinkie. >> exactly. >> so hard. sometimes you can't find a lknife. >> hg has it been since you guys have had a twinkie?
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>> aontime. >> way long. >> since school lunch box days, right? >> pre they were so good. the filling in there. oh, yeah. >> okay. so we're going to be looking a pretty nice day tomorrow, huh? >> we've got a really nice day. >> even better than today? >> today was nice. temperatures were below average. tomorrow we go above average. all in all, a pretty nice looking wednesday. not bad for the rest of the week, until friday. and, again, tha comes from monster storm making its way across the country. right now it looksery nice but it's clear, calm and dry. and that meansee we'reg temperatures fall pretty fast. 45 degrees right now. winds out of the northeast a 3 miles an hour. but away from urban heat island effect, 45 in the city. manassas, 3 degrees, 32 in win chest? culpeper, 35 in gaithersburg. t is much cooler in those locations. waking up and stepping out the front dr for the kids we'll need the jackets early.
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tomorrow afternoon, going for a high of 59 tomorrow, mix of sun and clouds. maybe get some lunch outdoors or at least you can walk there with the jacket on and eat maybe indoors. we're seeing clear skies currentl but we've got some cloud cover back to the west with one storm system that is moving along the jet stream here. that's why we could see some clouds tomorrow. the big storm is back towards the west. look at this thing. really starting to get its act gether. severe weather right now into texas, but this is going to cause a major mess. look how big this storm is. watch when i put on the watches and the warnings here. look how much of the country, from los angeles to st. louis, from canada to mexico, that's how much of the country is going to be affecd by this storm. blizzard warnings right now in denver. down arosd southern porti of new mexico, winds now gusting to 70 miles per hour. they're expecting that raong the frone in colorado. schools are closed tomorrow along the front range in coloradotecause of the f they've got this blizzard coming.
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high wind warnings are in effect. this stem moves ourway. the good news is, it travels so far to the north that we only get the tailnd of it and this would be rain for us. makingshow you the storm its way out of the rockies. watch as it all goes over to snow is in denver. severe area around memphis, right along the mississippi river. then we see part of that storm makets way our way. the major part goes up into canada. we see the cold front behind us on thursday thursday afternoon, we get nice and warm out ahead of it. same deal on friday. we say in the warm sector. showers off and on, maybe a rumble of thunder or two, but we stay warm before cooler weather moves in justn time for the weekend. a monster stop, but really not for us. 67 on thursday brings our temperatures close to 70 on friday. again, a chance of showers on friday. take the umbrella wouh for the weekend, saturday and sunday, temperatures cool. 52 degrees on saturda cool again on sunday. a high temperature of only 52 degrees. chance of smours monday before
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well, the streak is over. hadito happen the penguins, huh? >> doesn't it. seven-game won a streak. everyone feeling confident. and then this happened. th capitals take their foot off the gas and the penguins made them pay b washingtongest rival is pittsburgh, and it's always a slugfest when they play. tonight the final meeting tweeze between these two clubs who have combined to win the last thr s straighttanley cup championnsips. pengui fans welcome carl hagelin back for the first time. he won t stanley cups with pittsburgh. econd period of jacob vrana for the e 20-goal club first time. he wted more. vrana shoots and scores.h watchis puck again. goes off matt murray. sailing over him. two goa for vrana tonight. pen pens come back to tie it. sidney crosby nets his secon goal of the season. they take a 3-2 lead.
11:26 pm
these two don't meet without some fireworks. plenty here. tom wilson takes down a penguin. thenen wilson gets to the ice. they both head to the box where they have a pretty lively discussion, i think it was aboum literature fro looking at them. in the third,n penguins o further power play. th's it. recipes. phil kessel buried the rebound. penguins take a 4-2 lead. no quit for the caps. later on, a power play of their own. alex ovechkin's shot stopped but rebound recovered by john carlson. with the assist, ovechkin now at 1,200 career points. the penguins beat the caps 5-3. ovi and crosby having a tough time with good-bye. the news that almost broke the internet. the giants reportedly tradingec wideeiver odell beckham j to the browns. s well as safety jabrill
11:27 pm
peppers in exchange for the superstar. beckham hasve gone or 1,000 yards in four of his laste fiv seasons. justigned a mega il$98 mlion to nsion and now he's going get to play with college roommate in cleveland. agreed to sign with the packers. according to reports, the deal is for four years, $52 million. smith had 24 1/2 sacks. also, offensive lineman leang d.c. reportedly agreed to a two-year $14.5 million deal w the bills. he's been s invulnerablce he joined the redskins in 2015. filling in at left tackle, rig tackle and guard. redskins' line taking a big hit. >>ow we head down to west palm beach. nats hosting the astros. stephen strasbourg on the hill. pretty good night. x strikeouts. four runs allowed in 4 2/3
11:28 pm
innings. strasbourg 4-0 this spring. probably sick ofin watchg him tonight. bottom four, launching his second heer of th night. three rbi in the game for him. nats beat the astros 5-3. jim, you were just down there getting a first row seaki he's l good, right? >> awesome. can't wait. >> there you go. we're almost the. >> we're getting closer. at havertys we kno hard to get a good night's sleep...
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and that's going too it for us. "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon is heading your way next. >> we took a poll. it's ho-hoes over tlynkies. >> exa >> a little lk. mi ♪
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not all water is created equal. there are over 326 million trillion gallons of water on earth. but only one billionth of one per cent is filtered naturally beneath the earth, with a distinct balance of minerals, and emerges crisp and refreshing enough to be called deer park®. deer park® 100% natural spring water. born better®.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." keira knightly,


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