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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 13, 2019 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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this cold weather out there this morning. storm team bell has a look at our forecast and check in with melissa mollet for a look at the ros. one more really cold day, chuck? >> this will be far and away the coldest morning of the next couple. almost everybody below freezing. as soon as you get outside the capitol beltway or away from the water, it is freezing. 28 in new market, 2maryland, in new market, virginia. 27 in, columb 30 degrees in fredericksburg. bundle up. wakeup weather forto y, sunrise just under three hours, 7:23 this morning for sunrise. so we'll be well below freezing between now and then, but the dry air mass thas in place that has helped get us so cold this morning, dry air also warms up very, very quickly. so by on in the day today, most areas will jump more than 30 degrees. we're going to get cloo 60 today. enjoy. nice and mild for tomorrow, too. but, rain and showers and maybe even a rumble or two of still looks like 100% chance
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coming up on your friday. we'll time out the beginning and the end of that friday rain chce coming up. for now, let's go over to melissa. good morning. taking a lk here at the roads, washington eastern avenue still shut down between varnum and randolph street in northeast because of the crash investigation we've been showing you the video here this morning. al a lanes still shut down. we'll let you know when that reopens. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway has cleared. chevy chase southbound just after the beltway right when you get inside ight near jon bridge is blocking the left southbound lane. 66 and 95 overall no issues as we zoom into prince georges county, everything looks good as well. eun? >> 4:31, breaks news right now an m has been stolen from a local 711. take a look at this video from the scene. prince georges county police say this happened just beforehi 2:0 a.m. morning. this is on fin's lane.
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mehen mcgrath is headed to t scene and we'll have an update at 5. more developing news out of prince georges county overnight a woman is dead and the gunman is on the run after a soting in a busy o part hyattsville. not far from the mall at prince s. police say they found the woman who had been shot but she died before anyon could save her. no official word from police about a possible spect in this case or what could have led to this shooting. some breaking ns in montgomery county now, cory smith at the live desk with the latest on an apartme fire there. cory? >> reporter: yeah, details are still coming into the newsgh ro now, aaron, but what we do know this is at the summit hills apartment building on 16th street downtown as these pictures tell the story that lot of damage has been done at this apartment complex. at one in flames could be seen shooting ut of windows of that apartment right there. fire officials say this fire started on the second floor of that building, but no word yet on just how it started. the good news here, though, no
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injuries hav been ported. we're working to learn just how many people have been displaced because of this incident. back to you. >> lot of damage. cory, thank you. and now to our other developing story, a college admissions scandal that is putting local schools and hollywood in the spotlight this morning. parentsfre accused paying up to millions of dollars to guarantee their children's admission to top university. 50 people were indicted as the fbi announced operation varsity blues yesterday. >> they include college coaches, entrance exam administrators and parents including actresses felicity huffman and lori laughlin. huffman is out on bailfter spending several hours behind bars. lori isxpted to turn herself in. she was said to be returning to the u.s. after a work trip abroad. >> the actresses and others are acsed ofaying william singer ntobribe their kid's way college. he pled guilty to multiple charges and admitted to being paid more than $25million.
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some made donations to his charity and then wrote off the taxes.on their singer allegedly helped change student's test scoresr recruit stud ats into collegethletic teams, even if they had never played that sport. right now the schoolshemselves are not believed to be involved in these cases. prosecutors also say william sing eer bribed a former georgetown coach. gordon ernst is accused of taking $2.7 million in bribes. this morning he's free on $200,000 bond. ernst has not coached there since 2017. that's after an investigation found he violated university admissions rules. the university of rhode islan says ernst who was hired in au ost was place administrative leave. it's now 4:34, fair fax public schools faces three separate federal lawsuits byst ents who say the school system mishandled sexual misconduct investigations. the associated press reports two
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boys say the school system wrongly punished them based on false accusations. a girl says the school system ignored her complaints that she was groped on a band trip. her attorney says the school investigated her for allegedly engaging inonsensual sexual activity on a school trip. update to emergency rescue we brought you live as it happened here on news 4, a construction worker trapped in a hole is recovering this morning. that man had been standing on a ladder in that hole in germantown when the hole caved in on him. he was trapped up to h chest in dirt. it took nearly an hour to dig him out. we're told he wasnd alert talking with rescuers when he was put into an ambulance. an autopsy is scheduled for today onyhe b of the man who was found dead outside of a falls church gas station. he was found yesterday morning in anff alley arlington boulevard not far from the target shopping center. police he not released his name or how he died but are calling his death suspicious. taking a look at our other
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top stories at 4:36. the federal aviation administration is facing criticism forot grounding boeing's 737 max 8 jets. the european union and the united arab emirates joinedost of the world of banning the jets after two deadly crashes. the latest happened on sunday when an ethiopian airliner killed all 157 people on boar a judge sentenced the vatican's former finance minister to six yea in prison. a jury convicted australia cardinal george fpell o molesting two choir boys in australia in 1966. the 77-year-old must serve a minimum of thr years and eight months before seisligible for patrol. today paul manafort will appear in federal court in d.c. for a second sentencing hearing. the 69 faces ten years i after pleading guilty to two
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counts of conspiracy as part of the mueller investigation.k just last w he was sentenced to 47 months in prison and in a separate case inia virg. ahead at 4:45, we'll check in with tracie potts for more on today's >>sentencing. d.c. area students are planning to walk out of school tomorrow. they're set t march to the white house to protest gun violence in schools. you may rember they did the same thing last year. it was one month after the mass shooting a marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida. the principal at woodrow wilson high school sent a letter to parents. she says while thi not a school-sponsored event, they, quote, encourage and support students exercising their first amendment rights. participating in a utwalk is an individual family's decision and we encourage yis toss your child's plan. threater says while the school pects students tomain in class, those students who do wish to participate must provide written consent from their parents to avoid getting an unexcused absence. 4:37 now, a wild night in
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pittsburgh ended with a disappointment and end to ain streak for the capitals. the caps were u 2-0 halfway through the second period. then it just fell apart when the goals in cored three less than two minutes. that hurt. then the fists started to fly. tom wilson took down a penguin player and kept things going in the penalty box. before the end, alex ovechkin made assist 1200 of his career bu the p's seven game win streak ended. they lost. >> lick your unds. shake it off. >> it always hurts more when you lose to the penguins. >> they'll be back on the ice tomorrow night in philadelpa to take on the flyers on to the next win. >> all right. 4:38 right ng up, big changes coming to the redskins's roster in just a few hos, what to know about the big names coming to and leaving the team today. plus, feeding o four-legged family members. you may end up -- you may be up early rather to get the dog or cat the food. up next a warning about the
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despite waings from veterinarians people love feeding their pets table food. >> they're so cute >> no good, eun. >> i know. the human society -- humane society rather says there are some foods that are okay to share but other foods should be onsidered forbidden for the sake of theanimal's health. here are the foods that are okay to share with dogs and cats. carrots? my dog doesn't want to eat carrots, apples, white rice, fried eggs or turkey and chicken in small doses. make sure the food does not have seasoning. think very bland. they don't want salt and pepper like we do. >> a lot of spices may be ttoic them. it could affect their nervous
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system or just an. irrita >> in addition, pets should never have anything containing or prepared with grapes, raisins, avocados, onion or chocolate. the chocolate i definitely knew. i have to keep my chocolate away from my children and my pets now. >> and reall yourself. sometimes you go a little overboard. >> fine, fine. >> all in moderation, right? 4:42 now. >> dog-walking forecast time here. will ma would be loved to be added to your home. good old wilma there. only a year old being little companion. dog-walking weather, if you can t until with it, w later in the day. later in the day. it's a freezing cold rs for 50 yea cracker barrel
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all-lgate total. ♪ i'm cory smith here at the live desk following news out of prince georges county. one person is in custody after driving a car into a house. go ahead and take a look. this happened around 2: this morning. prince georges county police telling us someone crashed into is home overnight. there you can see that black car right smack dab into the door. this is in the 8500 block of bray brook drive. police areelng us that the driver was taken into custody. you remember there was an atm heist als in lanham overnight, but police are telling us these two incidents are not connected to one another.t again, one person in custody after crashing a car into a house in prince georges county. as soon as we get more updates, we'll bring iu. to yo for now, let's send it back to aaron and eun. >> cory smiiv at the desk.
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thank you. the world is watching as there is more fall out in britain. parliament rejected theresa may's second deal to orderly leave the european union. today they'ree expected to v to cut all ties to the eu athout a deal. tomorrow lawmakers expected whether to ask the eu for more time and delay brexit until later this year britain is set to leave the eu on march 29th. today, former trump campaign chairman paul manafort will be in federal court again. >> a judge will sentenc him after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy. news 4 tracie potts joins us live now. tracie a lot of people will watch to see what this judge does sinceanort received what a lot of people thought was a light sentence around. >> justnder four years out of what could have been 24 years is virginia week, but now in d.c., similar charges, different courtroom, different judge. judge amy berman jackson will decide if he gets up to ten years. and if that ten years runs
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concurrently or not with the sentence that he already has. in other words, will it be ack-to-back will he add time to his sentence? these are the tax fraud and bank fraud charges paul manafort received from the russia investigation for his workith the russian-backed ukrainian government. this had h nothing for for being the chair of themp trump cagn but he ran afoul of the judge and the prosecutors after he was foundssuilty of w tampering and lying to prosecutors after he cut a deal for a liger sentence. so today, he will face that gets and find out if he the full ten years or something less. and if he'll spend much of the rest of his life behind bars. >> all right, tracie potts, live for us thismorning. tracie, thank you. 4:47 now. former vice president joe biden may be on the brink of announcing a possible presidential run.n biden tookresident trump in a pair of appearances yesterday that felt at times likeampaign rallies without the campaign. a crowd of firefighters cheered him on and chanted run,e, jo
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run. nbc andrea mitchell asked him about his future plans. >> i appreciate the energy you showed when i got up here. save it a little longer. i m need it in a few weeks. i can't think of any reason. >> biden declined to run in 201 after his son's death. he sayse he will mak his 2020 decisionn the next few weeks. this morning, we have an update on a public health crisis. surge in the number of women dying in childbirth. american women today are 50% more likely than their mothers to die inch dbirth. the risk is 3 to 4 times higher for black women than white regardless of income or education. a congresswoman from illinois will intilduce a this week known as the momma act to take a multi-pronged approach to this crisis. steps include establishing national protocols, addressing plicit bias and expanding
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medicaid coverage for a year after a mother gives birth. >> it was unbelievable that it was safer to have baby 25 years ago than it is now. that's iunacceptab this country. >> a absolutely. it's horrifying to see other industrialized countries their rates are going down, our's are going up. >> more than 700 women die in the u.s. every year from pregnancy-related causes. today is brain injury awareness day. advocatebe and patients wil meeting with lawmakers on capitol hill later this morning. chances areood that y or someone you know will be affected by a brain injury. one happens every few seconds iy this cou commonly from a fall, stroke or concussion. people who are affected wanto make sure lawmakers have their backs. >> we will be o meeting wit representatives and our congress people and asking them to join the congressional brain injury task force. and just advocating for individuals that lived with brain injury. >> some d patients mustl with the affects of brain injury that
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may be invisible to others. advocates hop the new not invisible campaign will improve the livesf victims and bring awareness. 4:50 now. a prison program designed to give convicts some incentive to behave is used to put killers back on the streets after just a few years behind bars. in annapolis tuesday, they appealed to change the program. it called good behavior. if they work, take class and stay out of trouble, they can get early release but that program is being usedy convicted murders like the one man who has already been ed relefter serving eight years for killing a teenage girl. >> if there's any type of good time credit, it needs to be something that they earn in the prison to affect them in the prison. not coming home to society. >> the womenre asking lawmakers to not allow people convicted of first or second degree murder to be eligible for
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the program. they say if the change isn't made this year, they will keep fighting until thehae happens. a gunman wanted in a shooting that was caught on camera is now in custody. the suspected shoder and sec accomplice turned themselves in yesterday morning. surveillance vid shows a gunman firing into a crowded room on eighth street in northeast back in late january. detectives say the suspected s gunman diago beltman he and accused accomplice mrs. williams are charged with assault with intent to kill. now to aes bizarre a getting a lot of attention on the nbc washington app this morning. stafford county deputies made a strange discovery when theyar sted this woman last week. they say shanna holwager was drunk and carrying cats in a suitcase. she claimed she was taking the cats to a shelter. they confiscated the animals, handed the cats over to animal
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control. she was released after sobering up then arrested again the next night for public intoxication a second time. we don't know if she found new >> i think she should stay away from the cats. >> and the bottles. >> yes, aaron. 4:52. getting ready for some skin'sst changes. nfl free agency begins this afternoon and the skins are expected to make a deal with three-time pro bowl safety landon colns right at the 4:00 p.m. start time. 21 skins are also free and rumors are swirling about who will be having to say good-bye to. it looks like linebacker prestoa smith isding to the packers. he was a second-round pick back in 2015. another big f lossor the skins, ty neske is heading to buffalo. he's been a key player the last few seasons while filling in for trent williams. there's also reports that the jets will sign former skins' wide receiver jamison crowder. another big loss for the skins,
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punntended -- we just said that. we're going to move on to the next story which is about the trade. it's going to be good for us. the giants are reportedlyg trad wide receiver odell beckham jr. to the browns that's good for ushe because giants are in the same nfc east league. no more odell beckham. espn reports theiants will get first and third round picks s a well asafety peppers in exchange for that superstar. so the giants losing a couple big players. both planned and unplanned avalanches in colorado'sigh country shut down one small community. the town of ouray where avalanche control work over the weekent an additional 60 fe of snow and debris on to the highway. state crews say it could take another week to clear all that snow. winter storm iasthe for today could complicate those efforts. >> big one, too. >> yeah? >> bigrm in the middle of the country. you know, always accuse usf
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making words up. remember theal c bomb storms. >> yes. >> this is over land very unusual. also going to be a bomb cyclone. >> a bomb cyclone? >> a bomb cyclone. this will be huge in the middle of the country. if it drops more than 24 million bars in pressurve a 24 hour period the bomb comes before it. it will impact our weather at homecoming up on friday. metween now and then, it is going to h the middle parts of the country. for now, here in washington, all is quiet. there's hardly a breeze outsidee are mostly clear and as a result of the dry air and the light wiems,ratures have really dropped off if you get away from the city and the wateer mid to u 20s now in most of montgomery and frederick counti in maryland. shenandoah he valley. mid 20s in stafford and fredericksburg. quantity quo p35. 28 ince georges county. your planner for today, a cold r below freezing in just
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about all the suburbs this morning. t dry air also warms up very, very quickly. so with 100% sunshine today, we'll get into the upper 50s to near 60. that's about a 30 degree jump in temperatures for today. won't be as cold tomorrow morning, mostly in the low 40s. and it will be even milder tomorrow. we'll be well up into the s. there's the storm. really getting going now across parts of the four r cornersion there. it's going to generate severe weather today if you're flying towards oklahoma city, dallas, ft t worth, down the houston area and moving up towards chicago and st. louis as well. a lot of fotential forght delays today and that rain will be coming here as we get into friday. dry weather for today and morrow. here comes our rain chance by wakeup time on friday. rain likely off t and onough most of the day on friday. but, it will pull out in time for the weekend. so, both saturday and sunday st. patrick's day will be sunny, saturday will be rather blustery and both days will be very, very chillyllnd that c weather will hang around for most of next week. now, let's go oor first 4
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traffic. good morning, chuck. taking a look at a crash investigation in northeast washington, aery bad accident. we know very serious injuries here this morning. the road is still shut down. we're talking about eastern avenue here between varnum street northeast and randolph street. with this crash vestigation, this is video taken just a short time ago happened just after t 1:00 morning. all lanes are still blocked. what else is happening? chevy chase right now southbound after the beltway work zone blocking the leftf lane. reste belt way is looking good. 66, no issues. 95 rthbound, southbound looks good but dale boulevard eastbound at minieil road, all lanes shut down by a brand new crash. we'll let you know what's happening coming up. still ahead on news 4 today the department of defen makes a big decision on the future of transgender troops in the u.s. military. plus, changing schools. why the school body of a locch highl will need to head to a different building next year.
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iand why thea isn't sitting well with parents. well with parents. news 4 today continues
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so, come on to what you love. come on home to cracker barrel. to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways elp you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. >> announcer: news 4 today begins with breaking news. >> a very busy morning here on news 4 today. we're covering all stories for you. this morning two people are recovering after a crash in northe at d.c. >> thooefs made off with an atm from a local 711 by smashing
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a vehicle into the store. headed tong news 4 is the scene. it is 5:00 a.m.od go morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. also just into news 4 today, footage of actress felicit huffman inside a california courthouse. she was arrested yesterday and charged as part of that massive colle admissions scandal. she is one of dozens of people who were arrested. we'll check on your commute and your forecast befor we get back to our other headlines this melissa mollet look at the roads and rails. let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> if you're downtown or next to the chesapeake bay, you're probably above freezing. it's a much different story away from the citynd water. 26 at dulles airport, 37 in washington. 35 in annapolis but only 28 in prince georges county. so, again f you're away from the city or the water, it's cold one. so school day forecast then, kidsn


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