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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 13, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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a vehicle into the store. headed tong news 4 is the scene. it is 5:00 a.m.od go morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. also just into news 4 today, footage of actress felicit huffman inside a california courthouse. she was arrested yesterday and charged as part of that massive colle admissions scandal. she is one of dozens of people who were arrested. we'll check on your commute and your forecast befor we get back to our other headlines this melissa mollet look at the roads and rails. let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> if you're downtown or next to the chesapeake bay, you're probably above freezing. it's a much different story away from the citynd water. 26 at dulles airport, 37 in washington. 35 in annapolis but only 28 in prince georges county. so, again f you're away from the city or the water, it's cold one. so school day forecast th t, kids plan peratures near or below freezing as you wait
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for that bus here early thi sun is not up until 7:23 today. but it will be outdoor recess and outdoor after school play time today. full sunshine. a big warmup high temperatures in theerid to u 50s. no question about the daily grade for today,elsa mollet, a-plus. i like that overachiever. in the district varnum stree northeast and randolph street, all lanes shut down. we have ain crash stigation. as soon as it clears, we will, of course, let you know. dale city, eastbound dale boulevard at anyonenyville roa all lanes shut down because of a crash. police don't have too much information. just got on the scene. we'll let you know as that develops. 66 into town, out of town no oblems. 95 northbound and southbound at virginia looking good. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway no worries. same situation top of the
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ltway, talking about 95 and bw parkway, chevy chase southbound work zone in thene left la. >> thank you, melissa. back to some of the breaking news we told you about a moment ago. we'l begin in thedistrict. two people were seriously hurt in a crash on eastern avenue nortast right at the d. c./maryland line. two vehicles were involved here. both victims are said to have critical . injuri in prince georges county a car crashed into a house in lanham. the driver has been taken into custody, according to the police. we're working to figure out how that crash happened. we're told no one was injured. just a few miles away, police are on the scene of an atm heist. >> megan mcgrath is live in lanham. what have you learned? >> reporter: well, a lot of damage here at the 7 1. tus just off lanham road or 450. you can see the plate glass
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window in the front to the left mpletely smashedout. you can see the lottery sign just sort ofha haprdly dangling from the chain there. now, this happened right around 2:00 a.m. this morning. apparently the thief used a pickup truck to back into the plate glass window and made off with the atm. not sure how much money was in that atm, but they were successful inetting that entire machine out of here, a large machine. now, therc sh for the thief is odill on. fortunately noby was hurt here when this happened. 711s typically open 24 hours. we can see a couple of employees, perhaps an owner inside they have been talking inside in the area of the store that is not damaged. should also mention a lot of people also coming through the area have taken a look and then had to turn around. they've rolled down their windows and said guess i can't get my coffee this morning. that's going to be the case for rewhile as this investigation continues now this is the 711 on fin's
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lane just off of 45 in lanham. we're expecting itill be closed for a while while they put this back together to get some of tht things t have been knocked around inside the store cleaned up. andaybe board up that plate glass window. back to you. >> megan mcgrath l ie lanham. thank you. developing in prince georges county overnight, gunfire at an apartment complex lef woman dead. >> now the search is on for a killer. news 4 justin finch joins us now live from the scene. justin, what's going on? >> reporter: well, eun, aaron, you have to imagine that neighbors here last night hadqu e the scare after all their building, their home back there, wa the subject of a police investigation involving a after that woman died from being shot in an upstairs unit here last night. let's take you to that scene. thispe hd close to 8:00 p.m. or so with a call of shots fed at the mosaic apartment off the 6200 block of bell crest road right by east west highway here.
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hiyatts hyattsville police that call but the woman did die a short time later after being shot. she has not yeen identified at this time. as we come back out live here, you can look aund and see why this was such a concern for those who live and work in this area the mosaic apartments right by the prince georges plaza metro there right across the from the mall after prince georges over here. this is a very busy area, up and coming, where pple live and work everyday. of course police right now are working to find whoever is responsible for that woman's death. we're live in hyattsville, i'm justin finch, news 4. >> thank you, justin. it's 5:05. now to the latest on what's being called the biggest college admissions scand in history. >> 50 people were indicted by the fbi c after beingght buying their kid's way into prestigious schools. now this scandal centers around eight elite uversities including yale, stanford and georgetown. court documents s parents paid
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college prep business owner william singer millions to get their kids into top colleges and universities. among them, tv rack tresses lori laughlin from "hull house" and felicity huffman. huffman is out on il. federal prosecutors broke down the different crimes that singer ishaed with. >> one was to cheat on the s.a.t. or a.c.t. and the other was to use h connections with division i coaches and use bribes tose get t parent's kids into school with fake athletic credentials. >> singer apparently photo shopped faces of his client's uachildren on to act athlete's pictures and paid coaches t put children in their designated admission spots. prosecutors also say singer ibed a former georgetown university coach. georgetor university forme tennis coach is among those indicted. gordon ernst was the headmen's and women's coach at georgetown
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university for 12 seasons. we talkedo a local student working with a test prep program to try to get theest scorehe can for her dream school. rt says this scandal is h breaking >> i've worked to hard for so many months to try to get to my goal, and kewing that peo can just get in because of their parents and because of money >> court documents allege georgetown's former coach was paid nearly $3 million and designated at least 12 applicants as recruits to facilitate the admission. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort will be back in court t today thise in d.c. >> this is his second sentencing hearing in as many weeks. manafort faces up to ten years rison as part of special counsel robert mueller's russia investigion. he pleaded guilty to two ivnspiracy counts, each is punishable up to years in prison. last week he was sentenced to 47 months in prison by a judge in virginia that followed aon convictior financial crimes. now to c thesis in the catholic church a judge sentenced the vatican's former finance minister to sixears in
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prison. a jury convicted australia cardinal george pell of molesting two choir boys back in 1966. the 77-year-old must serve a minimum of three years and eight months before he's eligibl for parole. he denies the allegations and plans to appeal this case. the vatican launched its own investigation to determine whether he'll be defraught. >> it's now 5:08. he federal aviation administration is facing criticism this morning for not grounding boeing's 737 max jets. this is the same jet series that crashed in ethiopia on sunday killing all 157 people on board. much of the world, including the european union and the united arab emirates have banned the jets. sunday's crash was the second deadly crash involving this type of plane in just six months. united, american and southwesti ai fly various models of the 737, none of those companies has expressed concerns over
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passenger safety. meanwhile, the investigation into what caused the crash remains on going. a spokesman for ethiopian airlines says the plane's black box will be sent overseas for analysis because theye don't hav the capability to study it in ethiopia. students and community leaders are fighting to keep a charter school alive in southeast d.c. b a schoolrd voted to shut it down next year. nae d.c. public charter school board says nat college yal prep is being shut down because of performance issues like poor st scores, low enrollment and a declining graduation rate. the school's founder, though, says that some of those problems are due to other errors. she sayla the c of 2018 lost several students that moved to other areas, but the school didn't keep track, so it appeared those students dropped out. schoolay leadersow their plan is to try to get the board to reverse its desion. >> i don't understand how you close a school in the most distant franchise community when they've made eight of the nine goals. n the school board released a statement sayinional
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collegiate prep was, quote the lowest performing charter school and declined year after year. no one ever warrants to close a school but we're focussed on the quality education for all students. they're mixedreaction for relocating students. an hvac installation has to be doneea next school students have to attend forestville high school. $2s million project too big for students to be in the building. parents worry about their kids catching a bus several miles . aw students say they just want a comfortable place to learn. >> one day you get in there, it's freezing cold. the next day it's burning . >> we have issues with our buses already where they're not picking kids up, where b ivers are not coming, they're leaving. so now we're talking about putting more kids a on bus. >> forestville high school is being used as a swinc space it closed. an elementary school is there right now. the plan is to have the elementary school move out this summ make way for central
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high school. well, there could be a new course for high school student in maryland. organ donation. according to our news partners at wtop a new billth moving ugh the general assembly would make way to educate high schoolersboutecoming an organ donor. the build would require count boards of education to begin teaching the course in public schools starting in the 2020/2021 school year. >> also new this morning, amazon is removing books promoting autism cures ama misinfon about vaccines. the online marketplace confirmed it is removing books that unscientifically claimt children can be cured of autism with methods such as eating and bathing in a potentially toxic form of bleach and taking medicine meant to treat arsenic and lead poisoning. after a report criticized the retail giant. the department of defense has approved a new regarding transgender troops. it will for the most part bar oops and recruits from
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transitions and require them to serve in their birth gender. the policy falls just short of the all-out transgender ban that was ordered by president trump. it will likely force the military to eventually dischargn ender individuals who need hormone treatments or surgery and cannot or won't serve in their birth gender. 5:12 now. kor sets and other shape ware give you the look you wantor a ecial occasion. now doctors are saying it may come at a price. coming up, we're breaking down the newest warning. chuck? all right. time to start thinking about the weekend because i ds hump today. saturday and sunday will be our first dry weekend in amo h. but it will be chilly and little on the blustery side for your boturday. more the big changes before the weekend gethere comis ng
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4 today. y r time is 5:15. tomorrow when "empe" star jessie smollett appears in a chicago courtroom, camllas will beed. he is facing more than a dozen charges. chicago police say he lied about being the victim of racist and homophobic attack. attorneys said details aboute te case hav been leaked and added that many of them aren't prors say smollett staged attack to further his career. it's not just smollett facing mounting troubles. >> both r. kelly and the michael jackson estate are under increased scrutiny under recent allegations of sexual abuse.y kell is charged with molesting teenage girls. and jackson was accused by two men of molestinghem when they were children. the popularity of either entertainer is taking a hit. slight has seen a increase in music sales.
5:16 am
he sold 6,000 albums last week and hisusic was streamed more than a million times. fewer radio stations have played his music and canada, new zealand and australia banned his music on the a wavings. >> radio stations are playing r. kelly's music more. he has seen an 71% increase since his interview with gayle king on cbs. more people are watching his music videos online as well but fewer people are streaming and downloading his songs. i think there's a lot of ve curiosity inv in all of this. 5:16 right now. parents, doctors warn you that vaccinating your children is necessary. the centers for disease control says there have been 1 n cases of measles in the last week. that brings the number of cases nationwide to 228. no cases have been reported in our area. last month, two passengers on an international flight to san francisco became infected with measles from a traveler who picked it up in another costtry. year was the second highest annual total for cases of that
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disease in more than 20 years. and a warning for anyone w uses shape ware. it may help you achieve the look you're going for, but some doctors warn that clothing may not be doing such great things for your insides. internists say once you squeezed yourself into shape ware, your muscles are going to relax,en ing your core. so your core includes muscles that help you stabilize your spine. doctors say that means shape ware, popular workout coresets lead to back injury. doctors suggest ware them for 12 hoas a time and should never wear more than one item of shape ware at a time. i mean, that's a lot of work. if you're a hollywood celebrity and you need to go to a special occasion, maybe. >> maybe. ake a look at this footage. this was taken off the coast of france. it's an italian cargo ship that sank about 206 miles off the coast after it caught fire. 27 peopleer on board all rescued. the ship named great america was quickly engulfed in flames there
5:18 am
and went under. now sits more than 15,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. is that right? surface of the ocn? >>ah. >> yeah. i get you. >> okay. >> well,ppently some pretty deep water, 15,000 feet. yis. even the titanic is only 12,000 feet down. >> i love that you kno that fact. >> weird-o. >> how many people were on board? >> 2,200 o the titanic. >> was it cold? >> it was cold. very cold. >> stop it. >> didn't you watch the movie? right.l speaking of cold, time to start thinking about planting your sprint flowers,ut before you do that, downtown dwedoers can hat much sooner than those in the suburbs. checkut the difference, final freezes the last few years at dulles airport, usuallyo have wait until well into the month of april before you can really get past the threat of a frost or freeze. last year the final freeze at
5:19 am
dulles aport was april21st. meanwhile, downtown at reagan national airpo inside the urban heat island and next to the unfrozen waters of the potomac, the final freeze in washington las a year was full month earlier than that. makes a big difference depending on where you live and typical of that type of a pattern, washington now 37, dulles airport 26 degrees. so a solid ten-degree drop between the downtown and bay side areas compared to the cooler suburbs early the morning. pur warm, puffy coat on. it will be cold early this in mo but, it will be bright and sunny from start to finish today. so a n reallye day to spend quality time outside. temperatures will go up0 some degrees from today from this morning until later on in the day today up into the mid and ilper 50s. big-time storm have a big impact on our friday weather. today, it's developing into a humongous storm out across parts f the front range of the rockies and the high plains. severe weather across a big part
5:20 am
of texas and oklahoma. if you're flying that way and changing planes at dallas/ft. worth or houston, be on the lookout. we'll be all quiet todaha noe for rain today or tomorrow. we'll see a gradual increase in clouds during t course of our thursday, but i think any rain chances hold off until the time th sun comp on friday morning. rain in spits and starts off and on through most of day on friday. maybe a rumble or two of thunder as well but mild. 59 today, 69 tomorrow. 60s and rain on friday blustery and much colder for the weekend but at least the sun will be shining. lissa? >> that is true. that sun is shining, things just look a lot brightern general. eastern avenue between varnum and ranlph streetn northeast still have this crash investigation with all lanes shut down. could be tre for some time. dale city, eastbound dale boulevard miniville road all lanes bocked there as well. 66 and 95 no major issues right now. chevy chase southbound
5:21 am
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welcome back at .5: a question for you, do you mainly use cash or credit cards to make everyday purchases? i'm a credit card only person. >> i go both ways depending on what's going on. credit cards give us convenience and rewards points while cash puts a limit on o spending. news 4 justin finch is working for you with what financial experts have to say about cash versus credit. >> reporter: it used to be cash is king, but the i days may be difficult to find people who carry cash. so, what's the big deal? heath carealotam progr director at prince george's community college says when it comes to saving moy, cash is t best way to go because you can clearly see when you're running. >> when you have money and it's deple depleting, you say, a-ha i need to save more or repurpose it, reallocate, hold onept to. >>ter: limiting yourself to cash may take some getting used to, so carelock suggests you use the envelope system. you pt a set amo of money in an envelope for each category like gas, food or clothing.
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>> this gets back to spending, which is a really important concept to have discipline around. >> reporter: using cash is not advised when you're buying big ticket items. >> that's when electronics and appliances, sometimes thety warrhat credit cards offer allows a person to have a bettey warran bill than the retail ty warran. >> reporter: when you use credit card, carelocktays it's bo pay off that debt in three billing cycs or less. the key to saving money is to be disciplined a aut your money only spend what you have. justin finch, news 4. it's now 5:25. coming up protests planned. students set to walk out of boass for a cause. what we know a the rally your children may be joining this week. plus, new details about the admissions cheating scandal wh ties from here to hollywood. next at 5:30, new details about the man who admitted to making millions getting students into top schools. and good morning, everybody. if you haven't taken advantage of the dry weaer yet, you can still take advantage today, get
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cut. love it! and havertys spring fever sale is the perfect time to buy! when you spend more, you save more -- up to $10. our best pieces are on sale now! it's time to prepare your home for the future. havertys life looks good >> announcer: news 4 today begins with breaking news.
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a busy morning of breaking news as you wak up onhis wednesday. a crash and robbery at local 71. we're live with an update with what was stolen families forced out by flames. new photos inside an apartment building evacuated during an overnight fire. o coming u 5:30 right now, good morning, everybody, i'm aaron lchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we'll get right to the breaking news in just a moment. p want to h you get out the door on this wednesday morning. bundle up withla rs. chuck bel has more with your forecast and a warmup coming up and then melissa mollet will have a look at your commute. chuck, how is it going to look today? >> you're going to like the way it looks but youbleed she layers out the door this morning. it is below freezing in all of our suburbs this morning. live view over downtown washington, still bathed in darkness now. sunrise still two hours away. fortunately, tho,h it is co there's not much of anything in the way of a breeze. so there's no real wind chill to worry about. that being id, as soon as you
5:30 am
get outside the belt way, it is below freezing. 26 in f church, 30 degrees lovetsville. 29 in leonard town, maryland and 33 degrees in charlottesville. wakeup weather then, certainly off to a cold start, but dry air that has cooled off so quickly overnight will also warm up very, very quickly. sore most will be way up into the 40s by lunchtime today. today' hightemperature, 59 degrees. that's nice. forle bit of a south breez today. more of a south wind tomorrow, but even warmer il 69 tomorrow, but it will be raining shortly after that. i'll tell you r when then moves in and out and whether it will stick around for the cweekend. thating up. melissa good morning. good morning to you, chuck. taking a look right now at a reroly bad crash here overnight. we still have this closure in the district. this is eastern avenue betwe varnum and randolph street in northeast. bad cra t around 1:s morning. again, still shut down because
5:31 am
of this investigation. all lanes are blocked. we know some serious injuries there. couple of people were trapped. let's take a look at what else is happening right now. taking a look in dale city, eastbound dale blevard at miniville road all lanes shut down because of a crash. we made calls. they said they were on the scene there and now they have just the left lane blocked. 66 and 95 in virginia don't have any inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, same thing, nice and clear and through princ georges county into town and out of town no worries there. eun? >> melissa, thank you. breaking news in prince georges county. police are investigating ay robbt a 711 in lanham. in it the thieves took off with an atm. >> megan mcgrath is live with details on this. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. yeah, the search for these thieves that took this atm still under way but b what a lot of damage they left behind here. take a look at the 711 behind me. you can see that the plate glass front windowhere, everything
5:32 am
basically to the left of the front door completely smashed out. we've got the lottery sign just sort of hanging there at an angle fro a chain. now, this was 2:00 a.m. in the morning. hat's when police say that the thieves drove a truck through that plate glass window there into the store. they grabbed the atm and then made their escape. no worn how much money may have been in that machine, but wholeere able to take the thing with them. and they still have not been found at this point. now, this is the 711 on fin's lane just off of 450 in lanham. everything is closed at that point. a lot of people stopping by, tryico to get ee, but closed right now and looks like they will be closed for some time to come there's a lot that needs to be cleaned up inside of there. now, there are a number of surveillance cameras on the outside of this building, so hewe'll have to seeer those cameras caught anything that could help police find the thieves responsible. back to you guys.
5:33 am
>> megan mcgrath, thanks. te a look at this video. you remember this scene, montgomery county policesp ded to this other attempted atm theft on new hampshire avenue inri silver last month. this was also at a 711. you can see the piup truck driver going reverse through the store's front window. police say the suspects tried to steal that atm but their attempts later that morning, detectives locatepi the ckup truck. it had been stolen. no arrests have been made. more developing news. da woman isd and a gunman is on the run after a shooting in a busy part of hyattsville. police say the woman was shot a block south ofigast west hay not far from the mall at prince georges. police found the woman. she died before anyone could save her. news 4 i justin finch in hyattsville this morning. he'll have more on this developing story in just a few minutes. >> we have breaking news in montgomecounty. cory smith is at the live desk with the latest on an apartment fire. cory, what's going on?
5:34 am
>> right now we're told that multiple people have been displaced by this fire. what we know is that it happened on the summi hills apartment building right there on 16th street. here is a closer look at ha pictures from scene. you can just see a lot of damage was done to thisx. comp fire officials telling us that it started on the second floor of thatng buil but no word yet on just exactly how it started. good news here, no injuries have been reported, but again investigators telling use multiple peo have been displaced by this fire in silver spring. eun, back to you? >> cory, thank you. now tour other developing story. a college admissions scandal that is putting l al schools and hollywood in the spotlight this morning. parents accused of paying up to millions of dollars to guarantee their children's admission to toper unties. 50 people were indicted as the fbi announced operation varsity s yesterday. >> they include college coaches, entrance exam adminis parents including actresses
5:35 am
felicity huffman and lori laughlin. laughlin is expected to turn hersf in at anymoment. >> the actresses and others are accused of paying william singer to bribe their kid's way into college. he pled guilty to multipl charges and admitted to being paid more than $25 million. he made donations to his charity hen wrote off the bribes o their taxes. singer allegedly helped change student's test scores or recruit students on to college athletic teams even if the student had never played the sport. right now the schools nhemselves ar believed to be involved. prosecutors also say that lliam singer bribed a former georgetown coach. gordon ernst was the head men's and women's tennis coach atge getown for 12 seasons. now, he's accused of taking $2.7 million in bribes. >> this morning, he is free on
5:36 am
$200,000 bond. ernst hn't coached at georgetown since 2017 after an investigation found he violated university admissions srules. he now at the university of rhode island but was placed on administrative leave. update this morning to an emergency rescue we brought you live as it happened here o news 4 yesterday. a construction worker who was trapped in a hole is recovering this morning. that man h a been standing o ladder apparently inside that hole in german town when it caved in on top of m. he was trapped up to his chest in dirtthere. it took nearly an hour to dig him out. we're told he was alert and talking with rescuers when he was put into an ambulance. and autopsy is scheduled for today on the body of the man who was found dead outside of a falls church gas wstation. found yesterday morning in an alley off of arlington boulevard not far from the target shopping center. policeen h released his name or how he died, but are calling his death suspic37us. 5: just about now and our othees top sto this morning,
5:37 am
federal aviation administration facing criticism for not grounding boeing 737 max-8 jets. the european union and united arab emirates joined most of the world from banning those jets from the air spa after two deadly crashes in less than six months. the latest happened on sunday when an ethiopian airlines jet liner crashed shortly after plkeoff. 157 p died. a judge sentenced the vatican's former financeni mier to six years in prison. a jury convicted australia g cardinrge pell of molesting two choir boys in australia in 1966. the 77-year-old must serve a minimum of three years and eight months before he is eligible for parole. pell denies the allegations and plans to appeal his case. today, former trump campaign chairman paul manafort will appear in a federal courtroom in d.c. for his second sentencing hearing. the 69-year-old faces ten years in prison aft pleading guilty to two counts of conspiracy as part of the mueller investigation. just last week he was sentenced
5:38 am
to 47 months in prison in a separate case inrg viinia. coming up at4:45, we'll check in with news 4 tracie potts for more on today's sentencing. it's now 5:38, big changes roster in he skin's just a few hours. what to know about t names coming to and leaving from the teamtoday. plus, feeding our four-legged family members. you may be up earlyo get the dog or cat their food. up next a warning about the man food you should avoid giving them.
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provide the most reliabl se. my name is tanya, i work at the network operations center for comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. schree goals in less than two minutes. yikes. then the fts started to fly. tom wilson took down a penguin and kept things going in the penalty bo before the end, alex ovechkin
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made assist 1200 of his career but the can-s seme winning streak is now over. boo. >> they'll be back on the ice tomorrow night, ough, in philadelphia taking on the flpers. holly and getting a win. >> yeah, i think we can beat philly. let's talk about football. >> s. >> get ready for redskins' roster changes. nfl free agency begins this afternoon. >> the skins are expected to make a deal with landon collins right a the 4:00 p.m. start time. 21 skins are also free agents and rumors are swirl who we'll have to say good-bye to. looks like preston smith is headed to the packers. he was a cond-round pick in 2015. another big loss, ty kneskhe is headed to buffalo. jets will sign jamison crowder.m iiss him. i remember him. > also not a redskins trade but will be good for us the giants are report lid trading wide receiver odell beckham jr. to thees browns. pn reports the giants will get
5:42 am
first and irthround picks as well as safety peppers in exchange for the superstar. >> as long as this all meansng good t for our team, right? >> absolutely. chuck bell, that's a good dog. >> this is wilma, lit under a ye old ready for adoption from the humane rescue alliance. go to their website. then youet to yell, wilma, like fred flynnstone. dog-walking weather for today, a cold walk this morning. you need to keep the pace up for sure. if you can wait until lunchtime or after work or hool, it will be perfect. temperatures up near 60 degrees. evento warmer rrow. rainn friday. o
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♪ ime now is 5:45 on this wednesday i'm cory smith here at the live desk where we a covering story out of prince georges county. a driver is in police custody ter slamming into a house early this morning. take look at video from that scene. there you see the car smack dab right in the middle of door. this happened in the 00lock of bray brook drive in lamham. e ofcar practically ins that house. prince georges county police telling us it happened around 2:43 is this morning. no injuries have been reported and no word yet on what exactly may have caused that crash. this again happening in lanham br an atm heist happened a fewm s away but police are telling us the two incidents are not contacted. we'll be sure to update you as soon as we learn more. back to you. >> cory, thank you. now at 5:45, police in prince georges county worked
5:46 am
late into the night after a unman wasd down in hyattsville. this was the view from chopper 4 after the call went out. this was not far from the prince georges county malcolm plex. they're starting the hunt for the killer. news 4 justin finch has been tracking this case for us this morning. he us live now with the latest. n,stin? >> reporter: aaeun, that's right. prince georges county police are now working this case trying to learn who shot this woman and why. we know that she was found upstairs in the unit here at the mosaic apartments last night. let's give you now a look at just where we are. this is the 6200lock ofell crest road right by the prince georges plaza metro and right across east west highway from the mallt prince georges. this happened, we are told, close to 8:00 p.m. last night. hyattslle police responding to a call of shots fired here at
5:47 am
this comple g hoeyo inside and they find that woman was shot. she will be prounced dead, though, a short time later. he identity at this time has not been released. as we come back o live, we can tell you we're nowg standin by pr more details about this case,haps to learn more about who this woman is and perhaps if police have their eye on a suspect at this time. however, we can tell you they're still asking anyone who may have seen orny hearding this this area yesterday to come forward with what they know. we're live here in hyattsville, i'm justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank you. toda former trump campaign chairman paul manafort will be in federal court again. >> a judge will sentence him afte he pleaded guilty to conspiracy. news 4 tracie potts joins us live now wh mor on this. tracie, a lot of people will be watching what this judge does since just last week manafort received that surprisingly light sentence >> exactly, aaron and eun. ifot of people are worrying judge amy berman jackson will ry to correct what legal
5:48 am
xperts thought was an unfair sentence, way too light, 4 years out of a possible 24 lastweek. this is a similar case. tax fraud and bank fraud charges. but also this is the case where paul manafort wasound guilty of witness tampering and lying to federal prosecutors after he cu a deal to lighten that sentence. it's not about the trump l.campaign at ou all goes back to what y just saw there. his russian connections an his consulting work with the russian-backed ukrainian paul nafort, 69 years old alre ay with nearly four-year sentence, just over three with time for credit served. today he'll find out if he gets another ten yean top of that. >> all right, tracie potts, live for us this morning. tracy, thank you. former vice president joe biden may be on the brink of announcing a possible presidential run. bidensi took on pnt trump and a pair of appearances yesterday that felt at times like campaign rallies without the campaign. crowd of firefighters cheered him on and chanted n, joe,
5:49 am
run. nbc's news andrea mitchell asked him about his future plans. >> appciate the energy you showed when i gothe up . save it a little longer, i iay need in a few weeks. [ inaudible question ] >> i can't think of any ason. biden declined to run in 2016 after his son's death. he says he will make his 2020 decision in the next few weeks. this morning, we have an update on a public health crisis. a surge in the number ofomen dying in childbirth. american women today are 50 more likely than their mother's to die inchildbirth the risk is three to four times higher for black women than white women regardls of income or education. a congresswoman from illinois will introduce a bill this week known as the momma act to take multi-pronged approach to this crisis. steps include national protocols, addressing implicit biased and medicaid coverage for a year after a mother gives >>rth.
5:50 am
t was leunbelievhat it was safer to have a baby 25 years ago than it is now. that's unacceptable in this country. >> absolutely. it's horrifying to see other industrialized countries their rates are goiwn, ours are going up. >> more than 700 women die in the u.s. every year from pregnancy-related causes. today is brain injury awarenes day. advocates and parents will be meeting with lawmakers on capitol hill later this morning. chances are good that you or someone you know will be affected by a brain injury. one f happens every second in this country. commonly from a fall, stroke or concussion. people who are affected want to make sure lawmakers have their backs. >> we will be meeting with our representatives and our congress people and asking them to join the congressional brain injury task force. and just advocating for individuals that live with brain injury. >> soment pat must deal with the effects of a brain injury that may be invisible to others. advocates hope the new not
5:51 am
invisible campaign will bring aware tons the dilemma and improve the lives of victims. >> d.c. area students a planning to walk out tomorrow. >> they are set to march to the white house protest gun violence in schools. you may remember they did the same thing last year. it was o month after the mass shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. the principal at woodrow wilson high school sent a letter to parents. she says while this is not a school-sponsored event,they, quote, encourage and support students exercising their firit amendmentts. participating in a walk-out is an individual family's decision and we courage you to discuss your child's plans. the letter saysth that whil school expects students to remain in class, those students who wish to participate must provide written consent from their parents to avoid getting an unexcused absence. 5:51 right now. up to speed on today's forecast with chuck bell. >> yes, indeed. off to cold start.
5:52 am
skies are clear. winds have been light overnight and as a result mucholder start if you're outside the city limits this morning. dulles airport down into the mid 20s and this is the time of the year when we start thinking about planning those spring flowers, but downtown dwellers can get away wh it and you probably could if you're by the bay, but you have to wait nearly another month or so before that's safe to do out in rue l areas. dulles airport, the final freezes of the springtime, apri1 , april 12st, april 14th, april 12th, april 21st, the last five years in a row,o mido late april before it's in the all clear. last year the final freeze of thegtime was a month earlier, march 21st at national airport. here is why. the urban heat island a the waters of the potomac keep things a lot warmer. 26 in dulles and 28 in prince georgesolcounty. scay forecast, kids, you need to bundle up on the way out this morning. plan on sub freezing temperatures but outdoor recess today. shedab f layers sure and
5:53 am
don't forget the sunglasses, a-plus weather coming our way fortoday. light wind out of the south. plenty of sunshine and high temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. torrow, not anywhere near as cold tomorrow morning. and a gradual increase in clohes duringay tomorrow. it will be a mild one. we'll be in the mid to upper 60s but this power house of a storm getting going out here across the iaier mou west and developing out on to the great plains. severe weather for much of oklahoma and texas if you're flying out into the lone star state or chicag and st. louis, this storm will have a big impact on travel over the next 24 to 48 hours. for us, it will be sunny and dry today. just some high clouds around. clouds thickening up dur day tomorrow and here is future weather friday morning at 6:00 a.m., showers around. and hit and miss rain chances off and on through all of your friday. but that rain pulls out of here just in time for your weekend. it will be muchcooler, though. high temperatures only near 50 degrees both saturday and
5:54 am
sunday. saturday will be breezy as well. sunday, of course, is st. patrick's day. don't forget to wear some green. >> right. and have that corned beef and cabbage, too. takinglook, we have this crash investigation in the district. so this is eastern avenuee be varnum and randolph street in northeast still blocking all lanes. we'll keep you updated and let you know as this changes, trying to get a shot from above as well. let's take a look at what else isappening right now. dale city here eastbound dale boulevard miniville road left side still blocked by a crash, 66 into town, 95northbound, southbound no worries. inner loop, occupier loop of the bengway also loo good here this morning. let's look at the travel times, 270 southbound, 64 miles per hour. top of the beltway, out loop, 47 miles per hour. in virginia, 66 and 95 looking w.od going more than 60 miles per hour right that's about as good as it gets. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car
5:55 am
day. aaron? now to a bizarre arrest getting a lot of attention in the nbc washington app. stafford county deputies made a strange discovery when they arrested this woman last week. they say she was drupg and carrying two cats in a suitcase dourg waringto road. deputies say she claimed that she was taking the cats to a shelter. confiscated the animals, arrested her and handed the cats over to animalcontrol. she was released after sobering up and arrested the next night for public intoxication a second time. we don't know if she had more cats, though. >> let's hope not. >> stay away from the cats the booze. >> yes. despite warnings from veterinarians people love feeding their pets table food >> the humane society says there are some foods okay to share but should be that considered forbidden for the sake of the animal's health. foods okay to share with dogs and cats includes carrots, apples, fried eggs and turkey or chicken but all in very small doses. you need to make sure that the food does not have seasoning.
5:56 am
think very bland. in addition, pets should never have anything containing or prepared with grapes, raisins, avocados, onions or chocolate. good morning i'm kate rogers at cnbc headquarters. chipotle finally launched its reward program nationwide and giving you a chance to win cash if you sign the chain is teaming to give away $250,000 to about 25,000 people per day. you can win anywhere from 1 to 0 nd no purchase is necessary. me.comto chipotle reward and enter the phone number you used with your account. you need to act fast, though. the contestnly runs through friday. i'm kate rogers with your cnbc business report. still ahead the department of defense makes a big decision on the future o transgender troops in the u.s. military. plus, why the student body of a local high school will need building a differe next year. and why the idea isn't sitting well with parents. well with parents. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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switch to geico. it's a win-win. >> announcer: news 4 today begins with breaking news. a very busy morning here on news 4 today. several stories breaking overnight and we are cover og al them for you. this morning, t a peoplere recovering after a crash in northeast d.c.
6:00 am
and thieves make off with an atm from a local 711 by smashine a vehnto the store. this morning, news 4 is on the ene. it is 6:00 a.m., good morning, everybody i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. also just in to the news room, footag of actress felicity huffman inside a california courth ase. she wasested yesterday and charged as part of that massive college admisl.ons scanda she is one of dozens of people who were arrested. >> we'll have then latesthat investigation in just a moment. we begin now, though, with a check on your commute and the forecast.a melillet has a look at the roads but start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and what we need t know this morning. >> what you need to know, it's cold in the suburbs this well below freezing for most of the area. ait will be bright sunny start to finish today. it will turn into a gorgeous afternoon, butl youed shedable layers to stay warm this morning. have a two-day warming trend today and tomorrow. and then rain likely maybe even a rumble or two of


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