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tv   Today  NBC  March 13, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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. join today at . . good morning. operationarsity blues, prosecutors cracking down hard in the largest case of college admissions fraud in u.s. history. >> fake test scores, fake athletic credentials, fake photographs, bribes college officials. >> this morning, the accudod. zens of healthy parents, hollywood stars and c enchtszos charged with lying and scheming to get their kids int top university across the country. is this jt the tip of the iceberg? doubling down, the faa resisting grows calls to ground boeing737 max 8s, very concerned about their safety but also the safety of their customers. the 737 max should be grounded
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immediately. >> but the planes continue to fly in the u. so what's next in this braces for a business sard, a late winter storm set to slam the rockies and midwest with up to two feet of snow and fierce winds, creating travel problems coast to coast. al has what we need to know. all that plus ready to run? the big clue joe biden just dropped to nbc news about al potent presidential bid in 2020. nfl blockbuster, a shocking trade overnight involvetion one of the league's most popular ueayers. and royals of honor, george and amal clooney stealing the show as a star-studded buckingham palacer dinne today wednesday, january 13, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news this is ""tod with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb.
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>> welcome to "today" on wednesday morning. just when you think you've seen it all, prosecutors have come out with a case that's truly shocking. >> this story is onhe front page of every paper in the country, that shocking college admission scandals outraging colleges around the country. >> a nation wide scheme to get children spots at eig elite university. two of the highest profile names actresses felicity huffman of desperate housewives and lori loughlin of "full house" fame. huffman is free on bond after her initial court we have complete coverage of the scandal and the outrage. what is going on. we will start with nbc justice correspondent pete williams. >> good morning, savannah, federal prosecutors call this is biggest case of college admissions fraud they had ever handled. of the 50 people that had been arrested, that includes 33s parend the college coaches they're accused of bribing.
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the colleges are some of america's most elite and hardest to get into including yale, georgetown and stanford. the fbis s eight university in all unwittingly admitted students with phony athletic records and phony test scores paid forir by t parents' bribes. >> we believe all of them, parents, coaches and facilitators lied, cheated and covered up their crimes at the expense of hard working students and taxpayers everywhere. >> among tse charged desperate housewives star felicity huffman, "full house"laughlin. >> i understand the stress that college aission process can put on your family. he plead gill fi to tuesday of $25 millional to get students admitted as athletes even though many had never played a sport.
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he said he used some of the money to bribe coaches who put the applicants into the designated admissions slots. he also admitted paying test procrs to let s else take the students' admission exam like the s.a.t. parents disguised their payments to singer to contributions t a arity he ran so they could deduct the payments on their taxes. >> we're not talking about donating a building sool the schos more likely to take your son or daughter. we're talking about deception d fraud. >> prosecutors say more charges against more parents are possible as the investigation goes on. >> most of the coaches involved have now been fired. a few were put on leave. but none of the students have been charged. prosecutors say it's the parents and the coaches who were to blame. savannah and hoda. >> pete williams starting us off, thank you. >> the details are shocking involving stars, once respected college coaches and test taking
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ringers. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has that part of the story. >> investigators say the man who rigged the system worked with at least ten college coaches. they allegedly o profited the pay-to-play scheme as parents and stars shelves out big bucks to getn their childto big schools. >> reporter: before posting a $250,000 bond, felicity huffman faced a chuj, accused of paying0 $15,o boost her older daughters' s.a.t. scores, saying she arranged for a third party to purport to proctor her daughter'ss.a.t.s. her husband is mentioned indictment but is not charged. call me becky. >> famous for her role on "full house" lori ughlin is also charged with wire fraud. investigators say she and her
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husband, fashionig dr massimo general neely agreed to pay prescribes toting $500,000 in exchange to having their two daughters designated as recrews to the crew team d pite the fact they didn't play. the alleged mastermind behind the scheme, william singer told investigators parents paid top dollar to pass their kids off as star s athletes going far as to photo shop the faces of their children onto picture of actual players. singer is also accused of paying a georgetown tennis coach $2.7 million who designated pproximately 12 applicants as recruits for the georgetown tennis team including some who did not play tennis competitively. officials say it wasn't the only time. >> in one example, the head womes soccer coach at yale, in
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exchange for $400,000 accepted an applicant as a recruit for the yale women's team despite knowing that the applicant did not even play competitive soccer. >> families of wealth and fame, accused of buying admission to a higher education their children never earned. we've reached outo bot huffman and laughlin for comment, but so far no response. prosecutors say the schools involved are not targs of the ut investigation,he university also say they've launched their own investigation and a reviewing their admissions processes. >> let's bring in nbc legal analyst ari melber. this is a real beauty. so shocking. these parents and coaches are charged with fraud sentially. is it likely they would go to jail for something like this? could they face real prison time? >> they face real prison time for a felony, although if you can imagine if they cooperate,
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the feds not wanting to jail a bunch of parents. we've never seen a racketeering case like this. >> is it t possiblet the parents thought they were paying for test preps and this guy went rogue. >> you're such a nice person. >> are you available for their defens rvices? >> just wondering. >> that's always as possible defense. eryone is presumed innocent in our system. >> what we have is this erwhelming evidence, documentary and otherwise, and the person at the center of the racketeering charges flipped. you have evidence of people on th inside which is always the worst thing. >> wiretaps. >> the recordings, the evidence that really shows the cons ousness of mind. it doesn't seem like they lumped in parents who didn't know what was going on. >>ere is the accused. he's pled guilty and is cooperating with prosecutors. normally you g someone to cooperate to g after the big fish. but in this scheme, if he's the
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guy who is actually perpetrating the scheme, isn't he the big fish? why does he get a deal? >> it's such a great question, savannah. that's usually the way it works. in this case, though, his clients, if you want them that, were in a sense bigger fish. they had so much money and power and fame and influence and they re still trying to use that to cheat the system. in a sense his clients were as big or bigger than him. >> let's talk aut the kids. the prosecutors say they weren't going to charge these kids. what do you think is in store for them if they were in the know o knew what washappening. >> it's very clear they've drawn a line and not trying to go after the teenagers who were in a situation where their parents facultyes school n and stafd?f were pushing them along and doing this. they're not the most blame wort worthy, but clearly in violation of honor codes at their own schools, the w colleges thee seeking. other problems out of the courtroom. >> so it may be up to the schools oo figur how to
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handle this situation. >> all right, thank you somuch. >> we'll have a lot more ahead on this including the outrage being aimed particularly at the hollywood stars involved in the scandal. >> meantime, the eas. isy alone in the world as the faa doubles down on the decision not to ground boeing 737 max 8s. that's the plane invold in sunday's deadly crash in ethiopia. a o growing wave airlines and countries have been taking their own action taking the planes ouf service. nbc's tom costello covers .viation for tom, good morning. >> hoda, good morning. about 150 of these still flying, mostly in the u.s. and canada. these airlines in north america and the pilot unions for the st part are standing by heend the plane arguing that until w know why two planes crashed withinix months of each other, it's premature to ground this plane. d>> threes since flight 302
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crashed, investigators still haven't reviewed the plane's black boxes. the ceo of ethiopia airlines says the cockpit voice and data recorders will be sent to another country for analysis, either the u.s. or somewhere in europe. he says similarities with last year's crash in indonesia that he calls troubling. meanwhile, growi calls for the u.s. to join the rest of the world in grounding the 737 max 8 8. >> it makes sense to ground the tragic involved in two accidents in only six >>months. even american's flight at ten damages. >> we're very concerned about not only our safety, but the safety of our customers. >>. >> reporter: some pilre trying to reassure their passengers. >> i'm 100% this and every other 737 max we have in the fleet.
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>> reporter: while the max 8 is grounded in most of the world, it's still flying in u.s. and nada. the faa says so far there's no hardest evidence to justify grounding . >> if a issue that affects safety is department and the faa will not hesitate to take immediate and appropriate action. >> reporter: a former topfaa and ntsb investigator says the u.s. sho gd note in to global pressure. >> i hope follow aeronautical engineering principles and evidence and facts before they would just simply gund an airplane due to an unknown public fear. >> reporter: meanwhile at the crash scene in ethiopia, families have been gathering in anguish as the eight americans who died are being remembered back home including antoine
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lewis, a u.s. service member. >> i screamed to the heavens to ask for the answer. >> and the avid surfer and environmentalist sent to a summit in canada. >> nile was better than a normal human. he was an exceptional person. >> reporte 157 lives cut sho short. >> also this morning, a federal database thatil allowss to report on issues, complaints, concerns. some inhe u.s. have complained about the max, that the nose can pitc forward. boeing is pushing an urgent software patch to address a computer glitch that may have been identified i the indonesian crash five month ago. big story ahead inti po. craig joins the table with that one. >> good morning. we're getting n clues directly from former vice president joe biden himself this morning about
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his intentions when it comes to the 2020 presidential nbc correspondent peter alexander has the latest on that. >> reporter: the former vice presidentropping h strongest hints yet he is getting into the 2020 race. joe biden, supporters say, has the name onrecognition, s support among blue collar workers, the same demographic thated prope president trump to the white house. joe biden cheeredn by members of the firefighters union. >> save it a little longer. i may need it in a few weeks. be careful what you wish for. >> reporter: if biden joins the only crowded 2020 democratic field, he would immediately become a front-runner. at back-to-back events test driving messages he could carry into the campaign. >> mean pettiness has overtaken
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our politics. >> reporter: and casting president trump as out of touch with the country's >> in america everybody gets a shot. that's what the nextheresident ofnited states needs to understand and that's what i think this current president understands at all. >> reporter: regarding 911. >> you can knock us down but you can never beat us. never, never, never beat us. >> reporter: building support as a familiar establishment face in a party increasingly driven by young progressive voices, unfazed when pressed by nbc's andrea mitchell. >> why won't you run, mr. vice president. >> i can't think of a reason. i wish he were in high school, i could take him behind the gym. >> i think he ran three times and never had more than 1%. >> reporter: another prospect, democrat beto o'rourke, set to make his first trip to iow
7:16 am
tomorrow. a source familiar with his thinking telling nbc news o'rourke plans to announce his decision before the end of this month. >> the country is counting on us. it.'s do >> reporter: after recently facing off against the president with duelling rallies along t border in his home of el paso. o'rourke hasinly sounded like he's leaning toward a white house bid, why els would have a former texas congressman go to iowa this weekend to campaign for an unknown state senate candidate. hoda, saf vavannah, craig. back in anafort is court facing another prison sentence. what more can you tell us about that? >> paul manafort is facing another judge today after dodging a bulletit last week what was widely viewed as a very lenient prison sentence.da s sentencing for a different case that's also he special by counsel, robert mueller. man fort, the former trump campaign chairman turned convicted felon. he's going toind out how much
7:17 am
more prison time he could get with the possibility of an extra ten years behind bars. craig? >> peter alexander at the white house for us this morning. thanks, peter. >> al is ekng c late winter snowstorm. it will smash records in the rockies and midwest we thin mr. roker. good morning. >> this thing is going to have effects coast to coast. looking first of all, high wind waings. some places will see tropical force winds. we have flood risks from the great lakes all the way into the plains. then weave got winter weathernd advisories blizzard warnings stretching from texas on up into partsf the plains and we've got severe weather to talk about as well. the risk of tornadoes, especially from northern louisiana all the way into westernestee, damaging winds, hail. this moves east on thursday from detroit all the way down almost to jackson. possible tornadoes in the ohio river valley. a vigorous storm bringing blizzard like conditions into the rockies, the plains ahead of it. flooding rain forhe midwest today. we move into tomorrow, snow in
7:18 am
the upper midwest, rain in the great lakes. by friday it gets here into the east, starts to lose some of its um of. back behind it we've got very strong winds and a lot of cold ai the rainfall forecast through friday, some areas in the plain picking up three inches, upwards of four inches in the lower mississippi river valley. blizzard-like conditions from denver into the plains and parts of the western plains looking ae anywherom six inches to 18 inches of snow. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the necked 30 seconds.
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good morning everybody. sun just about ready tomome in our eastern sky. it's clear outside and it is cold oncyyou get a from the city or away from the bay. temperatures are below freezing this morning. 22 now in manassas, 26 in montgomery village, 24 at dulles airport. 36 in washington. today, a big jump in temperatures. most places will climb 30 degrees today to the mid and upper 50s and milder coming our way for tomorrow, rain on friday though. >> and that's your latest weather. still to come, much mor on that massive college admissions scandal and the outrage facing sto and lori laugh land felicity huffman. >> the alarming new numbers showing how bad road age
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my metastatic breast cancer with verzenio. be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. 7:26 is your time now on this wednesday, march 13, 2019. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. developing this morning, an atm stolen from a loc 7 eleven. police say it happed before 2:00 on fins lane in lanham. smoking blamed for this apartment fire in silver spring. the assrican red c is helping five residents who areh now witut a home. no injuries have been reported. let's check on your commute with melissa mollet in your first 4 >> good morning. in greenbelt, inner loop at kenilworthsh avenue, c blocking the right lane. outer loop is still slow from an
7:27 am
earlier crash. hyattsville westbound 50 near a 20 disabled vehicle there. looking at 270 live northbound and southbound at montrose looking okay the main and local lanes. ro calls are annoying and coming in at record numbers. >> new tonight on news 4, consumer reporter susan soeg gan is working for you with a closer look at what's being done to stop them. >> we'll take a break and check yock forecast when we come stay with us. (alarm beeping) welcome to our busy world. where we all want more energy. but with less carbon footprint. that's why, at bp, we're working to make energy that's cleaner and better. we're producing cleaner-burning natural gas.
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and solar and wind power. and wherever your day takes you... we have advanced fuels for a better commute. and we're developing ultra-fast-charging technology for evs.. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. so we can all keep advancing. all right. the sun finally coming up on a cold wednesday morning. below f oezing in most the suburbs this morning. down into the twenl20s in fairfd montgomery county. frurs in the0s thi afternoon. a 100% chance for yain onr
7:29 am
friday and leaves us dry for the weekend. >> chuck, thank you. another local news update in 25 minutes. >> for now back to the "today" show after this short break. have a great day. pp
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[ cheers and ause ] welcome bac welcome back on this wednesday morning., 7: a sea of blue on the plaza as we honor kolo rectal cancer awareness we happen t dressed up in blue as well. it's an important cause. >> you colorectal cancer the second leading cause of deaths in this country. younger and younger people are now being diagnosed. we're going to talk about that troubling trend with dr. oz. >> i know it's very personal to you as well. we'll talk about that. coming up, breaking overnight, the most senior catholic cleric to be conv sted of chi abuse was sentenced to six years.
7:31 am
asdinal pell faced as many 50 years in prison. the judge said pell's age and history of cardiac issues were a significant factor in the sentencing. the 77-year-old cleric denies iothe alleg and is appealing his conviction. r> more than 700 inmates on california's dea are getting a reprieve. governor gavin newsom plans to sign an executive order to stop the use of the death penalty. he says it won't allow and ned inmate a chance at relief. a lot of football fans still in shock this morning after a blockbuster trade in the nfl. the new york giants traded odell beckham junr in exchange for the first and round third pick and get safety jabrill peppers.l
7:32 am
whe beckham is one ofhe best ayers in the game, he's temperamental. the oddsmakers say the trade kes the browns a legitimate super bowl contender. ne were you shocked? >> st we'll go bag to the massive college admissions scandal, called the largest ever in the u.s. the details are jaw dropping. wealthy families, celebritiesse ac of lying and scheming to get their kids into top schools. it's causing a lot of fury among other parents as you might. expe natalie is in los angeles with more. hi, nat, good morning. >> as if getting into a top college isn't hard, enouow there is major backlash against the wealthy celebritind ceos accused of fraud. investigators say they paid millions to guarantee their kids a spot at some of the nation's best university. >> so you must be rebecca. l >> please cal me becky. >> some of tvs most be loved
7:33 am
moms. actresses felicity huffman and lori loughlin among those accused of bring coaches and administrators to get their kids into elite the sch themselves are not targets of the investigation. >> this is a case where ty flaunted their wealth, sparing no expense to cheat the system so they could set their children up for success with the best education money could buy, literally. >> according to investigators the "full house" actress and her husband agreed to pay bribes tot totaling $500,000 by payingo have their daughters d rignated asecruits to the c crew team despite the fact they didn't participate in crew. they even had their girls take fakephotos.
7:34 am
>> loughlin appearing on "today," gal emotihen talking about sending her to college. >> when i think about it too much, it will make me cry. so i got to stop. >> yloughlin'sounger daughter olivia blogs from college and has nearly 2 million youtube followers. >> i want the experience of gama ys, partying, i don't a really caut school, as you guys all know. >> many v of herwers venting you are a spoiled brat that heeated into college others had to work hard to get in. this abuse of privilege and money horrifying hard working families. >> that's so incredibly unfair and taking a spot from somebody who deserve to be here and wants to be here. >> felicity huffman is accused of paying to boost her daught daughter's s.a.stores, ranging for a third party to an sutre sy correct her
7:35 am
answers. so many children over come immense obstacles in hopes they can even apply to university to better theirlives, here you come jumping that line, pushing your daughter ahea early the fame and the money has gone to your head. >> felicity huffman is out on a $250,000 bond. lori loughlin is expected to appear in court today. reps for both women did not respondo our request for comment. >> here with more on the fallout and this scandal and what it says about college admissions i nbc's business correspondent is nbc's stephanie ruhle. this story has hit a real nerve. youwo er, is the admissions process completely broken? >> sort ofhe beauty of the process is gone. college has become a business. you know admissions departments now have metrics and data they have to meet. every year deans of admissions are pushed, did you increase the number ofe applicants, h you
7:36 am
decreased the acceptance rate. it's an institional priority for colleges and university to look for students that are going to have a philanthropic family that can give to the ifschool. ou think that's not a factor, it absolutely is. it's legal for a famil to say we'd like to give $2.5 million to this school, we'd like the development office to meet with urus and help child. even that was unethical. it wasn't that way when we went to school >> you say college admissions is a business. that would be fraudulent business. >> college admissions has become a business and because of that, it could be gamed. what these people did w the system and it's twisted. it's twisted because they robbed evenheir own kidsf that process. when you're 16 or 17, you're supposed to have that conversation what am i about, what do i want to do with my life and start that journey. there's over5,000 schools. >> and swhat about the kid who ownthe scores on his or her
7:37 am
merits and has the grades but didn't have rich parents to buy their way in? >> that's what's so foul. for all those students, you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. maybe they didn't get into the school of their choice and you can't unwind it. weon't know what the schools are going to do with the children of these people who are there. it's complicated. >> what's the fix? how do we fix this system, if we can acknowledge it's not the meritocracy we thought it was. how do we fix the system that can be so easily gamed. >> people should write their own essays, get to spend time with admissions officers. now you've got a common app. you can bust this thing out. have to find way to personalize again because you want tdiversity, you w kids that have a different perspective, not just this >> there are also lots of really, really fine schools. to exalt these schools with the and the ivy leagues, it's
7:38 am
like a brand name, chanel or prada or something. you can get an education and be just as excellent. ieeeel like we to change the way we think about these particular set of schools. >> evenore than excellent. how about the school that's just right for your kid? if you're cheating on the s.a.t.s s woha do youou think it's going to be like for them whe they show ut yale and they should be at a completely different school. they robbed their kids o that chance. you wonder, really? way to have no confidence in your own child. >> steph always has a hot take on these thin, thank you. let's head over to mr. roker for another check of the wealth ever. >> two words, sunni -- suny o oswe oswego. looking shifting warmth. chicago today 57, pittsburgh 57. kansas city at 62 degreee
7:39 am
th colder air making its way east. in the meantime, indianapolis flirti with 70tomorrow, boston 61, jacksonville 80. dallas 62 that's seven below average. then weekend, the cold air moves ea saturday chicago at 39. on sunday new york city after getting up to 66 o friday down to 46 and world will drop down 77 bysunday. that's what's going on around the country. here is what'sapning suny oswego, in your ne of the woods. >> sooner from this oklahoma eladuate. temperatures freezing in the suburbs. a plain load of folks going up to the river today. a nice afternoon after a cold start this morning. a humongous jump in temperatures. most areas will jump some 30 degrees from where we areow to afternoon highs it will be close to 60 degrees today. evder tomorrow, but it will be a lot more cloud cover around for morrow. ra moves in for friday. dry weather for the weekend. noticeably cooler again.
7:40 am
>> all right al. thank you. coming up, hollywood royalto iding with british royalty. inside georgand amal clooney's special nightt buckingham palace. we'll share a few laughs withl's" aidy bryant. firs the alarming spike in the disturbing road rage cases d what you can do if you find yourself caught in a yourself caught in a confrontation right after this. and live your lives. that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately following injection. we've reduced the size of the needle and removed the citrate buffers. and it has the same effectiveness you know and trust. humira citrate-free is here. a little change can make a big difference.
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what does it take to work that's a great question. if you'd stop in a monsoon to help someone change a tire, save a whale that had beached itself... you're gonna be ok big guy. push! lend a hand in an old-timey barn raising... you got it, jebediah! and if the middle school dance group was down one member and you'd step in and lead them all the way to glory... yes! then carmax is for you, because helping people is what our people are all about. this morning on this morning, alarming n data when it comes to cases of road rage. nbc's joe fryer has more on that. joe, good morning. er>> i'll n forget this crazy vi o, a guy riding on the hood of a car after roadside incerent with ano driver. today the two men are expected in court. this is hardly an isolate case. in fact, numbers provided to nbc news from the department of ho
7:45 am
transportation a dramatic nkestli tti i frohem road rage incidents. this morning we're going to show you how to avoid road rage and what you can do if you can find yourself a target of an enraged motorist. you're watching extreme road rage. the driver of this suv repeatedly smashing another car over and over -- oh, my god. >> then jumping on the roof. this driver attacks a vehicle with a tire iron. a scuffle on the side of the highway. >> mmm, mmm, mmm. these two men acting a fool on the side of>>35. reporter: out-of-control road rage caught on vidnd again again and again. >> that's what you get. >> watch this motorcyclist kick that car, setting into motion a dangerous chain reaction.
7:46 am
and then january, this guy riding onf the hood o a car. >> get off my car! >> reporter: it finally comes td motorists ther block him in. all this over a fender-bender. it's amazing no one died in any of these incidents. but others aren't as fortunate. cording to the federal department of transportation, the number of road rage fatalities jumped dramatically from 110 in 2007 to 487 in 2017. that's 350% increase. but there are a number of ways you can deescalate the situation and avoid road rage i'mwi here th driving safety expert alex epstein with the national safety council. thanks for being with us. before you get in the car, there are things you should keep in mind. >> absolutely. you have to first remember that driving is fundamentally one of the most dangerous things you'rd going t all day long. it's important to be in the proper state of mind when get in a car.
7:47 am
relax, calm, ready to go. gry, not now, i'm not feeling in a rush. that's a good thing, right? >> it's a great thing. >> i'm behind the wheel driving a car on a stretch of road closed for this demonstration b the el monte california police department. in another car, maureen vogel also from the national safety council, playing a part of an aggressive driver. >> she's tailgating us, weaving back and forth, honking her horne what should be doing right now? >> the main thing we should do is get away from her,et her go, deescalate the situation, pull to the right, let her pass, don't >>engage. easy enough. watch what happens when she pulls up next to mein d a stop. >> what are you doing? this is ridiculous. me.he's yelling at what should i be doing? >> looking straight ahead. don't engage with her. roll up your window, lock your doors. let her proceed ahead.
7:48 am
>> i'mke pretty w up right now. part of me wants to say something back to her. should i do >> no, you should not do that. take some deep breaths counting backward to 20. >> by counting backwards, what does that do? >>eaowers your rate and allows your body to relax. you want to be calm behind the wheel and focused on the task of driving. >> s seple tips to avoid this. hels is something to keep in mind, if an enraged driver on follows, get out of your car, try to get to a place with public people, preferably a police department. using your horn is almost always an instant agitator. ask yourself if it's really worth putting yourself at risk ju shave a few seconds off your trip. >> joe fryer in l.a. you make a good point. being behind the wheel, that's one of the most stressful places. >> you're helpless, nothing you
7:49 am
can do. you feel weirdly protected in there, that you can pca off e you're in that space. >> keep your hands on the wheel and go utohm, b then back on the wheel. just ahead, dr. oz is here with good vice. talking about kol lcolorectal c this morning. it's on the rise in younger people. we'll dig into that after these messages. but what if your psoriasis symptoms didn't follow you around? that's why there's ilumya. with just 2 doses, a majority of people were clear or almost clear. and over time, even more people were clear or almost clear. all with dosing 4 times a year... after 2 initial doses. plus, ilumya was shown to have similar risks of infections compared to placebo. don't use if you are allergic to ilumya or any of its ingredients. before starting treatment, your doctor should check for tuberculosis and infections.
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7:56 is your time on this wednesday, march 13. let's check i with melissa mollet for your commute. >> silver spring inner loop debris reported in the middle of the road. we are seeing some delays, also the inner loop going acros the woodrow wilson bridge. you can see delays southbound through rockville about 30 miles per hour. frederick, urba pike southbound at bucky's pike, disabled vehicle causing slowdowns. melissa, thank you. we'll check your forecast next. stay with us.
7:57 am
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maxx life at t.j.maxx
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beautiful sunshine here washington to get your wednesday morning started. it will be mostly sunny all day long toda temperatures in the 20s and low 30s now. so definitely a chill in the ain first we'll be up close to 60 today, near 70 tomorrow as clo to move in. rain likely for your friday. dry weather over the weekend. but right back into this march chill. all right, chuck. thank you. now back to t "today" show after this short break. have a great day.
8:00 am
00 it's n "today," coming it's 8:00 on today. shocking admissions scandal. dozens of wealthy parentscl ing hollywood stars and top ceos facing criminal charges this morning after being accused of payin bribes to get their kids into elite university. >> we're talking about d and fraud. fake test scores, fe athletic credentials, fake photographs, bribed college officials. >> the man behind it all pleadings guilty what's being called the largest college admissions scam in history. where does the investigation go from here? we're live with the latest. plus growing erisk. th new study showing how colon cancer is on the rise among younger patients . dr. oz is here with what you
8:01 am
need to know. king george and amal clooney hit buckingham palace for a royal date nightnc withe charles. we've g all tay details t, wednesday, march 13, 2019. ♪ >> we're thearoline high school choir. >> wearing blee for colorectal aweness month. >> from roanoke, virginia. >> high to our parents in. califo >> and iowa. >> i'm lynn and this is rin. we're a therapy dog team from raleigh, north carolina. >> from xavieruniversity. whoo! >> let's look at this beautiful plaz it is a nice spring morning.
8:02 am
we've got a great crowd out there. wthed in blue for a really important reasonhich we'll get to in a littlee'bit. >> go outside as well. we also appreciate all the mytodayplaza messages that you're sending. get out your phone, the #mytodayplaza, put i instagram and twitter and we'll put you on "today." right to the news at 8:00. on. much going federal investigators say they are not finished exposing a network of alleged bribery and cheating that helped wealthy parents and g celebrities their kids into top u.s. colleges. nbc's national corrent miguel almaguer has the latest on the scandal and the outrage it provoked. good morning. >> good morning. some of the nation's most elite colleges have been caught up in the admissions fraud including georgetown, stanford, yale, usc. eight units unknowingly admitted students whose scores or athleticme achievents had been faked by their parents after they paid as much as $6 million to guarantee entry or cheat the
8:03 am
system. the parents include actresses felicity huffman and lori loughl lougngin. william admits paid him up to $25 million to get their children admitted io prestigious universities. he paid ringers to boost s.a.t. scores. some 50 people have now been arrested. prosecutors say mor charges could come down the road. savannah, back to you. >> miguel, thank you. the faa is resisting pressure to ground boein 737 max airliners despite pressure from politicians and the flight attendants union. most of the world has banned ths plance sunday's deadly crash in ethiopia. it's the second disaster involving the aircraft in eight months. ethiopianirlines sayhe black boxes will be sent to europe for
8:04 am
expert analysis. one of hood's most glamorous couples joining prince charles for dinner at buckingham palace last night. keir simmons is awi the palace a look at george and amal clooney's royal date night, shall we say, epkeir. >>ter: you can call it date night. not like any date night i've been on. inside buckingham palace. providing some added sparkle at a buckingham palace dinner party. last night, hollywood royalty, orge and amal clooney rubbing elbows with a real lawyer. human rights lawyer amal in a design by stella. mccartney joining a host of celebrities for a prince's trust charity dinner at the palace. the clooneys whoade their home in the uk have become close to
8:05 am
harry and megan, attendinghe couple's glamorous wedding in 2018. amal, mother of twins, providing help and advice to the soon-to-be first-time mom. along with tennis superstar serena williams. it's also rumored the clooneys provided their jet so heavilypr nant meghan could travel comfortably. meghan spoke out about female empowerment on women's day. >> if tngs are wrongnd there is a lack of justice and there's an inequality, then someone needs t say something and why not me? reporter: george clooney recently slamming the media for attacking her, she is a woman who is seven months pregnant, meghan insisting it doesn't get to her. >> we make a choice on what we click on, what we read, what we
8:06 am
engage in. >> reporter: a celebrity friendship that seems to have become much more. when harry and meghan moved from central london to windsor, they won't be far from the clooneys, guys. so friends and neighbors. >> keir simmons, buckingham palace. >> quite a neighborhood.ou >> morning pboost. hine number on a billboard to call up and wish him a happy birthday. that thing went viral. he was getting calls from allhe around world. >> hello. >> hell happy birthday. i'm from south carolina, by the way. >> thank you. >> ihello. wanted to say happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >>ea that's >> appreciate it. where are you calling from? >> florida.
8:07 am
>> tnk you very much i appreciate it. >> how about this? chris logged 15,000 calls and texts in the first few days. ils sons paid $2,000 for the billboard which be there for another three months. >> he's going to have to change his phone number. >> cute ough. >> happy birthday. straight ahead, the new star fr one of my favorite shows. we'll talk to karlie kloss about hern new gig o "project runway." dr. oz is here to tk to us about a health risk on the rise for young americans. that's right after this. to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it starts acting in my body from the first dose and continues to work when i need it, 24/7. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise.
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forget injections and look up to 5 years younger in 12 weeks with no7 laboratories new line correcting booster serum. it works so well, 76% of women said injections can wait. exclusively at walgreens, target and ulta. welcome back, everybody. we're back with welcome back. we're back with your health today. march is colorectal cancer awareness month. a loof people in our crowd wearing blue. there's a purpose of that, to raise awareness. >> more than 100,000 americans will be diagnosed this year and the growing number of those cases will be younger patients. we'll talk to dr. oz ability that in a moment. first, a troubling trend tied to the disease. this is the face of a survivor. diana was just 32 when she starte to reali something was wrong.
8:13 am
>> i used to have a stoma of steel. i tveled for work and never, ever got sick. i could eat tanything. n she started getting sick all the time. >> it's one of those things that eryone is so embarrassed about, that you'll find any ofuse not to go to that type doctor or get those tests, not even knowing what tests they were. i knew i didn't want to go. >> she did go. she had symptoms that included persistent cramps, drrhea and blood in her school. >> after tweaking her diet and taking antiotics didn't help, her doctor recommended a >> i'm like, that seems really drastic a also, no thank you. i'm really lucky she was very proactive about it because a lot of fellow patients i speak to were misdiagnosed for rsons. >> a resents study found 63% of kol low wreck tar cancer patients under 50 waited three
8:14 am
to 12 months after seeing symptoms. by the time they did see a doctor, more than 70% were diagnosed with stage three or four of thee. dise according to a separate study, the number of patients inheir s and 30s diagnosedad grown by up to nearly 2.5% each year since the 1980s. dr. john marshal of georgetown units hospital. >> when i trained a long time ago there was nobody under the age of 50 today in my clinic, half of the people we saw today are under the agef 50. 20-year-olds, 30-year-olds, -y r-olds, 50-year-olds, and we don't know why. one they dr. marshal and his team believe has to do with the gut's micro bio. they're trying to f out if an imbalance in this immuneac system and may even pl
8:15 am
a role in hows cancer spread. >> we rent sli foucently found cancer that started in the colon and spread to, say, the liver, has bacterial a which means the bacteria had to in some way be the carpet or the guide to allow the metastasis to happen. >> more research is needed. inhe meantime dr. marshal says if symptoms are there, doctors need to consider the possibility of colon n cancer matter a patient's age. diana's diagnosis was stage four. >> i thinkhe people think about colon cancer, you don't look lnee som that had colon cancer. >> i googled and it said the average age of diagnosis for women was 72. i was less than half that age. >> her treatment required a series of surgeries and seven months of chemotherapy. she and her husbanded dre up black tie formal to celebrate
8:16 am
her last chemo session. that was ten months ago. since then she's been cancer geee. diana's mes to other young cancer patients is simple. >> t there's hopet you can get through so much more than you think you're physically capable of. >> dr. mehmet oz host of the dr. oz show. my brother diagnosed stage four. he had stomach pain. by the time he went in hwas at stage four. these incidents we're seeing, dr. oz, of young people getting lon cancer more often, is it the micro bio, the gut stuff we were hearing about. >> i think it has to be the major component because our dna wouldn't change that quicary. yourts weren't getting colon cancer that young. turns out none of our parents were. they did a dramatic shift.
8:17 am
it makes resense. parts of our body that touch the outside world, our skin, our lunges breathing in air and our intestines touches all the food we put in our body. micro bio is profoundly important. we know the bacteria can either promote dna healing or cause dna damage. it can calm irritation or it can cause inflammation which leads to more toxic problems likeno al dna which then becomes cancer. the battle has to be fought there. the issueith younger people has a genetic element as well. people who he weak dna can't cope with all the craziness of the micro bio and get cancer more readily, at an earlier age. >> what's confusing, you're supposed to get a colonoscopy at 50, then they said 45. now we see younger people. should you get checked when you're younger >> i thi for younger people the takeaway has to be identify.
8:18 am
if you catch at stage one or two, the success rate is huge, over 90%. put a beautiful blog on the "today" show web page. readt and identify all these. if you identify symptoms early on, you'll catch it. young people still don't get cancer of the colon that often. screening everybody doesn't make sense. starng at 45, everyone has to get screened. >> make your pitch for the colonoscopy. i was told by my doctor two years agoo get one. i just did it two weeks ago because i was avoiding it a lot of people do. i feel like the prep has gotten easier. it's not as bad as you think it's going to be. mah. your pi >> it is the best cancer of them alloo because you cannot only find the problem, you can cure the problem. when you do mmo ygraphyon'tant you've started the process. with colonoscopy, gi specialist goes in, finds a polyp, clips
8:19 am
th i'm a pretty healthy guy. my family has no history of the disease. at a 50 i went in not because ite w to, because i was getting browbeat ten by a lot oe pe i got i done. i found a precancerous polyp. it was remarkable. i was completely stunned. what changed my mind is at first prep was miserable for me. because i had lentils the morning before prep. lentils expand in your gut. >> tmi, dr. >> the day before your colonoscopy, stop eating. don't eat that day. within an hourp of the p you're clear. >> how about food? he>> this iseason i want to talk to everybody. these are foods that we bieve dramatically impact cancer rates. these change the micro bio. rye bread in particular isbe
8:20 am
ficial. the fiber helps get things moving down. also helps the right bacteria to grow. cheese,carson, see this? >> i see it. >> bread and cheese, guda. >> this i'm avoiding on purpose. processed meats, world health organization significant increase in colon cancer rates. turns out high quality meat has a small increase as well. not one glass of alcoh but moderate to high alcohol consumption because we believe it might influence how that cro bio changes your gut. a little is okay. is l >> is that a lot or ali le? >> dr. oz, thank you. thank you so much. don't forget you can catch the dr. oz show every y. check your local listings. >> mr. roker, a check of theat weher. >> does exercise lp? i'm going to walk over here. got some in already. here we we are looking at the storm
8:21 am
system now. this is a vigorous system snow and blizzard conditions on the back side of it. ahead of it, severe wther and flooding as well. in fact, you can see high winds. we're also a talkingut flood risks and snow advisories, blizzard warnings as wells the system pushes. also a risk of severe weather today from mem miss all the way down into central uisiana. tomorrow, it makes its way from detroit all the way down to jackson. million people at risk. we're also talking about anywhere from three to five inches of rain from the plains all the way into the south, and izzard conditions and upwards of 18 inches of snow from denver up into the plains. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neckf the wood good morning, everybody. bright sunshine for washington this morning under a mostly clear sky. we'll see a f more clouds rolling in later in the day. no chance of rain. rain chances onfriday. below freezing across most of the suburbs.
8:22 am
you'll need your coat. o with plent sunshine, we'll recover nicely. into the mid and upper 50s todalo very to 70 tomorrow. and then rain friday, cooler for the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. well, i get up at 3:00 a.m. every morning, take my fountain pen and by candlelight irite "popstart." i was told we had aidy bryant. to heck with pop start. let's enjoy our time with you. congratulations. this is a very funhow coming to hulu. you play annie, who learns to get comfortable in her own skin despite what others may tell you. >> oh, my god, you're tonya. i was taking a photo so the tabs were available forther ople. >> here, take a tab.
8:23 am
>> oh, wow. your wrists are tiny. youe actually h a really small frame. there is a smallson inside of you dying to get out. >> oh, well, i hope that small person is okay in there. >> aidy bryant is here. good to see you. congratulations. >> thanktyou. >> w a great job at "snl," and that affords you the opportunity to do shows like "shrill." you wrote and produced it. how much of that is happening in real life? >> tha has actually happened to me. someone thinks they're trying to help you and you're trying to live your life. >> tell usbout your character and what she's up to and what the show's premise is. >> annie is a journalist, her entire life, the entire world
8:24 am
has told her literally make yourself smaller, both in your body but also your personality. be sweet, be nice, be polite. i think she gets to kind of a breaking point and decides to ndop putting time and energy money into making her thighs smaller and to go after her dreams. that's whas the show all about. >> is some of this auto biographical? >> yes, absolutely, yeah. iif ide so much with lindy's story, best on lindy west's memoir "shrill." i certainly hit a breaking point. how much lger c i give all of my time to hating myself? and once i can put that aside, my life really changed. h i goted by second city. two years later hired by "snl."f suddenly my was taking off because i was believing in myself. >> can we hear for just a second, that ,n cryout. you walk in there. i'm sure your heart is what was that moment like for you? >> so bad, so scary.ea
8:25 am
it'sy stressful. i also felt like i had done ny, many shows in front of very bad audiences who didn't want to see me and they were eating chicken tenders. if i can me it through that, i can make it through this. >> did he laugh? >> they told me no one will laugh during your audition. i did get a couple of laughs. >> you're not going to be leavin "snl" now? >> no, never. i love it there. it's truly my home. so, you know, i'm not ready to go. >> i heard something shocking about you. >> uh-oh. >> that you't drink caffeine of any sort. >> not really. >> how do you feel right now at this >> i'm hurting so badly. thank you for bringing it up. i don't ow. jittery. >> your one-year anniversary coming up? >> yeah, married for almost one year. can't you tell? i'm a gorgeous bride every day
8:26 am
of my life. >> that's conro'malley, your husband, very funny writer. >> that's righur >> be to check out "shrill" streaming this friday. rlie kloss is here. we'll check her out. good morning everybody. 8:26 on this wednesday, march 13th. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's start with a look at your commute. melissa mollet has o first 4 traffic. >> good morning, aaron. looking at the beltway right looking okay. inbound on 395 is bit slow. 66, 95 in virginia both looking good.d 270 southboun from frederick down to the spur will take you 46 minutes. that slow spot south of gaithersburg down t the spur. >> melissa, thank you. we'll get a check of the forecast when we come back. stay with us. with the rv penfed car buying seice from penfed credit union, you can get rates as low as 1.% apr on new vehicles. and everyo is welcome to apply.
8:27 am
visit [music]
8:28 am
[female voiceover] today, people across the nation are experiencing the benefits of joining penfed credit union. with the penfed they're finding the right car at a better price. and everyone is welcome to apply. join today at good morning everybody. hope you're enjoying your wednesday. off to ahilly start. at least the sun is shining and the gusty northwest wind we had to endure yesterd is gone. light south breeze today will allow temperatures to go from the mid and upper 20s and low 30s now all the way up to near 60 degrees this afternoon.
8:29 am
a very leasant daycoming. even milder tomorrow but turning cloudy. friday.ely on your dry weather returns for the weekend. >> chuck, thank you. and an get the latest news weather any time on the nbc washington app. >
8:30 am
>> hey, everybody. we are back at:30 now ondn this esday morning. on this e back at 8:30 wednesdayh morning, 13, 2019. we are spending theh day w some happy fans here on the plaz again, this is almost spring break-esque. happy eryone is here today. savannah had a big day yesterday. do you remember? >> no. >> what were you doing? >> the bunny hop, yes.
8:31 am
the bunny hop. unnyad a great time at the hop. this is a really important event for memorial sloan kettering cancercenter. they have this great event for the kiwe. ll went and it was insanity. look at little calvin. they have the bunny hop for kids, something sweet to do. a good friend of ours had cancer. she said thisce saved my life. when she asked general in anlvi to get in, we're like, we're there. >> speaking about great work they've donee've got friends from the colorectal cancer alliance along with survivors and their lovednes here, spreading the word about screams and support.he among t there's a proud moment, diana and her husband alex, there's diana. weeared diana in the story a few moments ago. diagnosed with stage four, doing just fine, cancer free. what does it mean to be surrounded by friends andnd
8:32 am
supporters this great alliance? >> it's always great to be in any community and just opportunity to spread the word, especially for younger people that might be having weird symptoms and thi it's nothing, any opportunity to make you take it serious li is really impoant to me. >> getchecked, get checked, getc chd. >> absolutely. don't assume you're too young for colorectal >> you gre great, thank you so much. >> thank you nchts. > karlie kloss clones shoes on project runway. >> i'm starstruck. he's out here on the plaza, so cool. >> more of our "schlleep better today." all the simple switches you can
8:33 am
do to catch more and better sleep. on the third hour of today, natalie goes on the job with literally artists. they're called foley artists they create the sound effects for some of your favorite tv shows and movies. the sound r grant part of your favorite program. and some ofhahe things fill in for the actual sounds will amaze you. >> i love that. let's get a check of the weather. in all right. looking at and snow, blizzard-like conditions behinds that system thaking its way out of the plains. severe storms ahead of it with the possibility of tornadoes. into the move tomorrow day, we're looking at milder weather, clear along the ea coast,evere storms move a little further east. the cold continues. windy and snowy. west coast dries out rather nic. that's what's going on around here istry, what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning everybody. a sunny and cold start this morning. still in the 20s for most of the suburbs.
8:34 am
low to mid 30s here inside the city and bown the cheese peak bay. afternoon high today close to 59 degrees. aump in temperatures today and plenty of sunshine. the extended forecast calls for anotild day tomorrow as clouds increase. rain likely on friday, but it will be a mild and breezy raindrop on friday. then on saturday blustery northwest winds return. and we'll stay t coldern average through the weekend and most of next week. >> that is your latest weather.s . >> thank you very much. golf's biggest stars are gearing yers r this week's p championship. to give us a sneak peek on the tournament, nbc's mike tur rico is joining us fm ponte vedra beach. first, you have the players, the unofficial start to the golf season hang in march, not may. igrst, woods who was scratched from the palmer invitational last week. what's the deal with tiger this week? >> reporter: he's been out here practicing like the biggest
8:35 am
names in golf. this is always the best field. of courseeadlined by guys like tiger and phil mickelson. justin thomasea we'll from in a second. dustinjo son. >> tell us about some of the big names we should be looking at. rory in sunday's round, molinari played, he was unconsciou p you seel there. jason day trying to get back in the mix. who should we be looki for? >> all those names you mentioned. rory mcilroy has had a fantastic year onur francesco molinari had a wla we ro golf sta rts to point to the big events every year. well, this is thehe first of big events. each months on the new schedule there's a big event. it starts with the players. i'll bring in one of the guys with a great chanceo win this week. justin thomas, four in the world, won nine events on tour.h is the players championship. what does this event mean to all of yo >>t's a big deal.
8:36 am
it truly is the players championship. it's our championship all the guys that play every single week of all year tour. it's ourmajor, our first fifth major, if you will. it's aeally big deal. this will be my first time playing in march. littleing to have a different vibe, but still have all the excitement. at thing when we watch this event year in and year out. you're going to hit a shot athe one of most intimidating holes in the world. tell us about number 17 from a players perspective? >> it's hard to describe. we hhi shots like all the time, from 1 yards to sometimes s150. w me 145 real quick with the 9 iesh before we go. we'll g justin to hit one to ole island, the most famous hole in from a visual standpoint and for the players. you're under pressure.e we under time pressure. just knock one on here, would you please? if you want to makeit, you can do that, too.
8:37 am
>> these guys come here. they don't think twice about it. they step up and hit it. justin, thank you. w carson look forward to a terrific week for the best players in the world at one of the best golf courses on ottour >> bad shot there. good looking hole early in the morning. tell j.t.est of luck to him. you can catch full coverage of the players championship o channel and of course right here on nbc starting tomorrow. you know where i'm going to be savannah. >> i e's carson's whole week. coming up next, karlie kloss is here. she does it all, the new host of "project runway." also she's doing great work for young girls, coding with klossy. applications open, right? >> that's right. >> first this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
january 21st is squirrel appreciation day. but squirrels aren't the only ones saving for the future.'s thhy a-a-r-p dedicates today to you. yeah, you! from planning and budgeting. to getting a deal on your next trip. a-a-r-p is here to help you take on today. we're back with welcome back. one of our favoritesos karlie is here. >> as a supermodel, she walked the world's greatest runl ways
8:40 am
and graced the coverf "vogue" just 40 times. she's even done a few stories for us on the "today" show. >> multitalented. if that was not enough, she's now the host and executive producer of "project runway." season 17 getting a 2019 upgradg puttome of the power in the hands of the viewers. >> this challenge, select t challengesoughout this competition, america is going to make.n the look that y the winning look that the judges pick and the fan favorite look will b o manufactured demand by 19th amendment and sold on v. bravm. >> this is good. karlie good morning. i'm onef those viewers. i can't wait to vote for the looks. sometimes what the judges decide on "project runway," i'm likeou what are smoking. >> sometimes in fashion we're in
8:41 am
our own bubble. these chas that you just saw, the audience can vote on the books they love and the winning look will get made and can be bought in realtime. >> karlie, do you remember being a little girl watching "project runway." >> i'm from the cdwest. remember sitting on the couch with my sisters, my dad even got in and watched, and it was my window into the fashion worldor long b i ever knew i would be a model and working in fashion. "project runway" for me was a way to be inspired by designers and fashion and watch the creative process. >> now look at you, you're not only hosting it, you're the exutive oducer. why was it important for you to get that title, too? >> i've been in the industry for ten years. for me being an executive producer allows me to bring my experiences in helping shape thesechallenges. this show is a massive platform to showcase these designers and their talent, help them build their businesses, and i'm from the midwest. that's like -- it's an awesome
8:42 am
show. >> you seem so nice. i have trouble pturing you being tough as a ardge. you a local simon cowell? >> i have my manners. i give critical feedback when needed. el's a way to the designers learn. >> what was it like toer lly step in heidi klum's shoes? she's done the show for 16 seasons. now you get to put your own stamp on it. >> she's inkredsable. the show has such legacyhich is why i'm so proud to take it into this next chapter with this amazing cast.ea it'sy a new chapter. we're reflecting what's happening in the industryeaoday, havingconversations around inclusivity and diversity and fashion and social media. a lot has changed since the show rst -- >> i feel like people look at
8:43 am
you and see a model and person on tv, they know about one-tent this code with klossy. >> any ofour teenage girls, neighbors apply. we're running summer camps,ir teaching how to learn to code for free. it's a really powerful skill set. it's something i'm really passionate about. >> you've g a lot going on. i can't believe i actually read this right. do you have 8 million instagram followers? >> something like that. >> can you help us out? >> i think you're doing just fine. i can learn a lot from you guys. >> you have a yellow dress instagram post. beautiful. >> thank you. it was just paris fhion week i just got back. this dress was crazy this was at the off white show. >> was there a white dress? >> oh, yeah. >> was it aedding dress?
8:44 am
>> yes, that little white dress. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> how is life? >> life isgood. i'm so happy. still i the honeymoon phase. loving it. >> congratulations, karlie. you'll come back f in therth hour with hoda and kathie lee? yes. the whole project runway gang. >> tomorrow nightreers 8:00, 7:00 central, back on bravo. to that >> we've been waiting. no more waking up in the middle of the night because your sheets brch up maybe you overeat. we have products that will change the wayt. you first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
this is you shopping. and this is you maximizing at t.j.maxx. you shopping, you maximizing. you shopping, you maximizing. find the brands you love and get more you for your money, every time. it's not shopping, it's maximizing. start maximizing today! maxx life at t.j.maxx
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we are backith more of our we're back with our ek ong "sleep better" series. >> lifestyle lech has searched and
8:47 am
with everything she discovered. we start i wheithre the bse? >> all thehings are so cool. never better rested forrn an eay g segment. nothing more annoying when you t twisted up in your own fla eet. what's so smart about this, the flat sheet snaps on the duvet. >> you sleep under all of it or inside like a sleeping bag? >> you sleep under it. and then in the morning when you're waking mauer bed, you don't fish out theee >> so smart. >> really call this the goldilocks of bedding material. the next up, beauty ieaiders by silk pillowcases. but they're expensive. i thought there's got to be one expensive. i tested a bunch. we linked the one i fell in lovh it's on
8:48 am
>> doesn't leavenk ws on your face. >> doesn't make your hair frizzy. >> what's with the lamp. >> the casper glow light. i posted on my instagramrntory this g, the process how it wakes you up. it slowly dims over 30 minutes. you can customize it using an app. in the morning you can set it to wake you up. i set my alarm,nd too this gradually comes on. if you're sneak out for a midnight snack, you carry this with you. >> pretty cool. carson and i are both into this pillow. we want this. >> yes. >> it's a smartpillow. >> the smartest pillow ever called the pilo. it has built-in sound. >> how does it help you fall asleep? >> if you want a white noise machine, this is like one builtu right into pillow. you can play ambient sounds off the app or anything that's on your phone. >> the yankee games on there?
8:49 am
>> you sure thn. may keep you up. >> also a contour pillow. it contours to disburse the weight of your head. >> ridiculously expensive? >> $160. n investment. it will last you forever. i'm obsessed wits t comforter. it's called the buffy. y ey use the same technol that adidas and the u.s. army use for temperature control and comfort. micro cells in here that control your temperature. e way they puthe material in there, it feels like -- >> you get hot at nigh >> ilways get hot at night. this is the first comforter my husband and i have agreed on it keeps me warm -- >> follow me into the light. whato we have here? >> gravity blankets, weighted blankets are a big thing. this is an eye mask. t en you want to go to sleep night, this has the same gravity eye mask, stays in place and double sided.
8:50 am
one side is cotton for oling, the other is fleece for warming. doesn't is flat, so it make a big lump if you're trying to sleep with it on it. >> sweet. what'slo this p spray? >> pillow spray. this is amazing. this is from this works. a friend of mine in the uk told me about it. you spray your pillow. it uses aromatherapy to help lull you to sleep. it's a new way to do, be ber than youic aromatherapy. >> always good to have a ritual, do o t thing,n the next and the next. >> speaking of rituals, this i another nice one. this eye mask can be cool or warm. helps your sinus, helps lull you to sleep. >> you put the gelabales to your face? >> no. >> oh, this feels good. >> depends on how cold or hot
8:51 am
you want it to be. really eomfy onher side. yoous it in the morning. then stick it in the freezer. itidill get of puffy under eyercles. and these are transdermal patches. it will time release melatonin, all the things you want up to 12 hours. when you're done, just take it off. >> you're not smoking anymore. hi kit cat. >> better than your basic pajamas. i never really believed i pajamas until these. these are cloud could nine. they're known for their material and swimwear. this is so comfy, it has stretch in it. >> if you sweat at night, that's what you'reupposed to use. >> still cozy >> what does brit have on? >> comfy?
8:52 am
>> lunya has a restore line that uses technology, basically all about restoring your body. it refls it. if you're big workout buff, this is a great pajamas line for you. restore your body while you pesleep. cozy. i've been testing it out. i love it. >> you don't have to have all these ings. >> thank you, jen. we ap slate it. products more of these and other ways on m/ thank you ladies, thank you, je as always,e're back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc. >> good night carson. >> this is right. massage on your eyeballs.
8:53 am
8:54 am
you've been trying to get a this o week. >> i have. it's a good one. a bank in moscow put together a
8:55 am
very special celebration complete with an orchestra. you know the champag structures. there. as the bartender is pting the finishing touches on the tower, he reaches -- the ones at the difficult.fully it only takes one. >> oh. >> cleanup on aisle five. >> the mosting thing is one of the members of the orchestra, the violinist just keeps aying. watch the background. the violinist is back there. >> unfazed. >> you need a steady hand. >> that was a sad click. >> a cautionary tale. you can always find more great stories like that on li>>ne t oodveayr t the proper ofchips. plain, nacho, barbecue. they're limitless.
8:56 am
>> they're tacing this on the third hour. >> doritos obviously at the top. >> we'll see. savanna has her six-minute marathon with patriot act host hasan minaj. >> he's so funny. >> where do you find that? >> i heard it's at today/allday. >> big morning planned for the third hour after your local news. 8:56 is your time now on this wednesday, march 19, 2019ni good m everyone. i'm eun yang. let's check on your commute with melissa mollet and first 4 itraffic. how going, melissa. >> problems inner loop near braddock approaching river road as well. just a little slow through there. inbound on395 also has delay. goldsboro between river and mass
8:57 am
avenue, work zone. traffic alternating in bethesda. in ashburn, eastbound wax zlooet pool at --
8:58 am
8:59 am
sunny and chilly outside as you get your wednesday going. most temperatures in the 20s and low 30s now. headed for a high close to 60 degrees today. close to 70 tomorrow a ses become mostly cloudy. rain is expected for your friday.l the weekend we dry but we'll be right back into this chilly pattern again and breezy on saturday as well. sunday, don'to forget wear your green for st. patrick's day. >> chuck, thank you. get the latesnd news weather any time on the nbc washington app. have a great day.
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio plaza.rockefeller and a good wednesday morning to you, craige melvin h alongside al and sheinelle, dylan dreyer. >> good morning, guys, we're gointo start with that story that broke yesterday. everyone's talking about it. >> yeah. >> and it's obviously this massive college cheating scandal, but i think folks are talking about it because there's so much to this story that's beyond just some superstars trying to get their kids into school. >> it's onof these ings, we've always kind of thought this. >> mm-hmm. >> but that it was at a biggele l, you know, like people donating a building or a wing or something. but this i so much more basic. >> and it's especially frustrating because we've al perienced that stress of, okay, i got to go to college


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