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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 13, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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the former trump campaign chair member is in for another sentencing. thieves take off with an atm. we'll talk to the man w saw it all. it was a little chilly out there to start this morning.ay but it looks like you could break out the flipflops and maybe eve the tan tops heading into the end of is workweek. we've got the details on that ten-day forecast coming up.> good morning. welcome to "news 4 midday."
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i'm socorey smith. i'm erika gonzalez. sentencing for paul manafort. he's back in court for a second sentencing hearing in as many weeks. manafort faces up to ten years for conspiracy. against the u and witness tampering. the charges are part of special counsel robert mueller's investigation into ties between the trump campaign and russia.ud today's is likely to take into account allegations by prosecutors thatan mort tampered with witnesses after he was charged andhat heied to investigators even after he had pled guilty and pledg to cooperate. nbc news is reporting thatn manafort court today in a suit saying, i'm sorryor what i have done and for all the activities that have gotten us here today. so as soon as the sentence i handed down, we'll update you on the velopments. > developing right now, a search for a killer in prince george's county. >> this is after w aan was found shot to death at an
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apartment building in hyattsvilat ville. >> justin finch has been tracking the case all morning and joins us live from the scene. justin? >> reporter: erika, we have been on the phone with prince george's county police throughout the morllng. they're g us they're hoping to identify the victim in this case as well as other detail too a bit later in the y. having been here for hours, this is just not sitting well withth . this is busy gilchrist road behind us. the metro right there, the mall across the street. an upscale building last night at 8:00 p.m. is when police say this happened. word that someone was killed in at building, for many it comes as a shock. hete tuesday,lash of red and blue police lights outside the mosaic and metro apartments where neighbo stood by awaiting answers as hyattsville andnt prince george's cy police sought them out in their investigion of a shooting of a woman inside that complex.
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a shooting that took her life. >> reporter: on ts day after that woman's death, police continue their investigatio w found that word about that shooting is still getting outhe at the complex. some neighbors saying they didn't want to go on camera and talkbo it. others say they weren't home when it happened. understandably, that may have left a lot of neighbors here shaken. their new hyattsville luxury complex is part of a growth trend in the area where a lot of residents feel safe living and working. and that's what sticks out for so many people. that's condered a safe building back there. a safe street as well. how did this happen and who is that woman? police are hoping to answer a few of those questions, as many as possible inust a few hours. they're saying, too, if you saw or heard anything suspicious in that building, in this area last night, they do want it hear from you as par of their investigation. we're live here in hyattsville, i'm justin finch, news 4.
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back inside to you. >> thank you very much, justin. we're ready to learn moreh abou a crashed into a house in lanham early this morning. it's on braden drive. the driver of the car has been taken into custody. you can see right there smack-dab in the middle of the front door, it is going to take a lot to clean up the damage caused by that crash. we'ro also told that one was inicred. but pol are working to learn exactly how this crash happened. develong right now in lanham, the searchs on for thieves who stole an entire atm machine from inside this 7-eleven store. >> they slammed a pickup truckh through store leaving this huge mess behind. megan mcgrath is livesi o the store in annapolis where folks will not be gettinginheir mo coffee the same way today. megan? >> reporter: that's right. no cup of morning joe, no slurpees, at least not for now. yogcan see everyth is still closed down at the 7-eleven on
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fins lane. b they'rerding up that smashed out glass storefront. now, it's difficult to crack open an atm and access the money. what the thieves did in this case, tthy too whole machine. smashed glass, the electric lotliry sign dang -- lottery sign dangles at a strange angle. another sign reads atm. but there is no atm, not anymore. thieves stole it overnight. they drove a truck through the glass orefront, loade up the machine and drove thisas working when it happened. >>ng they b the truck and they hit the door and they break heeverything and they taketm machine. they took the atm machine. >> the heist happened just before 2:00 a.m. at the 7-eleven on finns lane in lanham.
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nobody was hurt but there's a big mess to clean up. workers spent the morning covering the hole with plywood. cust fers looking their morning cup of joe were turned away. >> reporter: and you're taking a live look at some of the several or some of several surveillance cameras that are mounted here o the side and the roof of the building here. a lot of cameras and apparently there is video of this robbery hang. in talking to police this morning, they have actuallt looked at t video and they are in the process of doing what they need to don order to release it. at some point tod we are expecting to see that truck go into the 7-eleven and maybeil somebody recognize the truck or the people involved. back to you. >> all right. megan, thank you so much. all right. let's talk about pleasant things, sha we? like our weather. the sun is out, it is warming up. >> lauryn was talking about flipflops and tank tops. let's take things slow. shorts today. >> that's a bit much. the pedicure is not ready.
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come on. >> today,te this oon, yes, you can. it's going to be a little chilly out there. temperatures will be above normal for this time of year, cory. listen, these temperatures will be a little warmer each day than the previous day before. yesterday at 52, 53. today a 59, 60. tomorrow, upper 60s. so, again, break out thets sh have them ready. also have that tank top and flipflops ready. all sunshine out there. at least rht now. 47 degrees is our temperature. we'll take the temperature up into the0 uppers as we continue through the day. it's looking goodhi later on afternoon. look at this. a little bit more cloud cover this afternoon as we see the system, a monster system out of the midwest dropping lots of portions of snow. through wyoming, throught ts s way. so we're going to be watching for that to come towards the end of the week for us. what's it going to bring?
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we'll let you know coming up in a little bit. >> we'll see youthen. two people critically injured following this crash on eastern avenue in northeast d.c. this is right on the d.c./maryland line. you can s the crash involved this very large truck and a very, very compactar. those are the only two vehicles involved in this crash. but it still shut down that area of eastern avenue for hours. no word on what caused the crash. but we have learned that smoking is being blamed for thi apartment fire in silver spring. montgomery county fire officials say the american red cross is helping five residents that are now without a home. herer a clo look at pictures from that scene. fire officials say the firn started the second floor and a working smoke alarm woke up the residents. officials also say that a closed bedroom door was what helped shield the fire from residents. no injuries have been reported. prominent people are facing
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criminal charges, accused by federal prosecutors ofg pay bribes to get into elite schools. in all, 50 people have been dicted in the nationwide scam, including parents and coaches. pete william reports. >> the colleges are some of america's most ete andde h to get into, including yale, georgetown and stanford. the fbi says eight universities in all unwittingly admitted students with phony athletic records or inflated test scores paid for by their parents' bribes. >> we believe all of them, parents, coaches and facilitars lied cheated and covered up their crimes at the expense of hard working students and taxpayersyw everhere. >> among those charged, desperate housewives star felicity huffman. full house actress, lori loughlin. corporate ceo hs andigh priced lawyers. the fbi says a california man arranged it all, w sliamger who ran a college prep business.
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>> i understand the stress tcot llege admissions process can put on your family. >> he pleadedsd guilty t to accepting a total of $25 million to get students admitted as athletes even though many have even played a sport. singer used some of that money w to bribe coachho put the applicants into their designated admissions slots a kept the rest of the money for himself. singerdmitted to let someone else take students' admissions exams to pump u their scores. they disguised them as contributions to a charity he ran to deduct the payments on their taxes. >> we're not talking about donating a building so that a school is more likely to take your son or daughter. we're talking about deception and fraud. >> prosecutors say me charges against more parents from possible as theti investi goes on. >> most of the coaches involved have been fired. a few put on leave. but none of the students have been ard. prosecutors say the parents and
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the coaches were to blame. pete williams, nbc news, >washington. now, among those named in the federal indictment include a former coach at georgetown. gordon gordy ernst, head coach of men's and women's tennis at he's accused of taking more than $2.5 million in br oes. he's o a $200,000 bond this morning. he hasn't coached there since 2017 when an investigation found he violated university admissions rules. ernst is now at the universit of rhode island. but has been placed on leave.trative are you feeling lucky today? you have 448 million reasonso buy a powerball ticket. nobody won saturday's jackpog. it's grow the cash value, worth $271.7 million. drawing is tonight. good luck. >> the highest ranking catholic parish worldwide to be convicted of child sex abuse sentenc today. how the church is react will. ethiopia is aing forelp
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to investigate the plane crash. safety questns are growing about the boeing 737 max.
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the crisis is the catholic church continues. they sentenced him to six years in prison. he's accused ofolting two choir boys in 1996. the 77-year-old must serve ami mum of three years and eight months before being eligible for parole. he's the highest ranking catholic cric to beonvicted and sentenced for child sex abuse. he denies the allegations a plans to appeal this case. the vatican launched its own investigation to determine if he will be defroched. a new be policy regarding transgender troops. it will bar troops and recruits from transitioning and require them to serve in their birth
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gender. thelsolicy fhort of the all-out transgender ban ordered by president trump. el will l force the military to eventually discharge transgende individuals who need hormone treatments or surgery and can't or wot serve in their birth gender. we're learning more into the plane crash in ethiopia. the black box will be sent to europe for analysis. aviational administration faces criticism 'sr not grounding boeing 737 max jets. he same jet series that crashed on sunday killing all 7 people on board. much of the world, including the european union and the united arab emirates banned the jets. the crash was the secondeadly crash involving this type of plane. a lient air has put the schedule of delivery of fourim silar jets on hold while it waits for the outcome of the investigation. tomorrow, empire star jussie
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smollett appears in a chicago cam remarks the cameras will be rolling. he's facg more than a dozen charges. ut being he lied a the victim of an attack.e details havbeen leaked and add thad many of them are not true. prosecutors say smollett staged the attack to further his career. d.c. area students are planning to walk out of school tomorrow. they are set to march to the white house to protest gun violence in schools. you may remember, they did the same thing last year. one month after the deadly shooting at marge stoneman douglas high school. while this is not a school sponsored event, they, quote, encourage and support students exercising their first amendment rights. participating in a lkout is an individual family's decision and we encourage you to discuss your child's plans, end quote. the letter says while the schoos expects studeo remain in class, the students who wish to participate must provide written
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consent from parents to avoid ax suescused >>absence. meagan fitzgerald explains what the community is doing to keep the doors open at a struggling charter school. >> we introduced you to the graduating class of 2017 here at national collegiate prep. a charter school in southeast d.c. every student was acceed into college. >> but this year, they're fighting to save their charter. the school is being forced to shut down 2020. >> it' bad because kids want to give back to their school, come and see the old teachers who helped them get to where they are. >> we demonstrated a low graduation rate, below the state standard. >> the ceo of thelrr is refeing to the d.c. public charter school board. the board voted tolose the school in 2020 because it says
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they've had performance issues, like low test scores, a low reenrollment rate and graduation rate the last few years. >> what we found is that we had some error in our processes. 2018 s says the class of lost several of its students who moved to different areas and schools and they didn't keep track. so it looked like they dropped out of school when she says that case.t the the school says for a decade they have invested in and changed the lives of so many students, giving them opportunities to see the world and gain morthan just an education. >> they want to build you to be what they know you can be. >> the school has the support of councilmember white and other unity leaders. the next plan of action is to encourage the board to reverse the decision. >> i don't understand how you close s aool when they've made eight of the nine goals.
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meagan fitzgerald, news 4. there are mystery actions about relating students at one prince george's asgh school. ito be done in capital heights. next year students have to school.forestville high the district leaders say the $20 million project is too big for the students tbe in the building. the parents worry about the kids catching a bus several milesay students want a comfortable place to learn. >> one day, you get in there, it's freezing cold. the next day it's burning up. >> we have issues with our buses already. they're not picking kidup. bus stops are not coming. we're talking about p oting more ki a bus. >> currently, forestville school is being useds a a sling space since it closed. the plans to have the elementary school students move out in the summer to make room for central hihoolers. we have an update on a public health crisis. a surge in thef number women dying due to child icbirth. am women today are 50%
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more likely than their mothers to die in childbirth. the risk is three to four times higher for black women than white women regardless of income or education. a congresswoman illinois will introduce a bill known as e momma act to take a multipronged -- address implicit bias a expanding medicaid coverage for a year after a mother gives birth.s >> it unbelievable that this was safer to have a baby5 years ago than now. >> it's horrifying to see tt while other trilized countries are going down, ours are going up. >> more than 700 women dien the united states every year from preg nancy-related causes. if you've complainedch abou how our electric bill is, stick around. you have to see one shocker. mer vice president joe biden join the 2020 race for president? he sounded a little like a
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' all hate high bills, right? s multimillion dollar bill sent to a customer. nearly $38 million. they were quick to tweet it out. i own 600 square foot apartment in astoria queens. maybe ju off by a couple, huh? i do not know the entirety ofnh tan island. this is insane. fix it. he received a quick response and his bill was adjusted. he only owed $77.14. >> how did that happen? >> a small difference. >> con ed is not t sure howt was generated. >> not promising. >> some people not new yorkewo d say, their electric bills are just as high as yours. >> we cahe turneat off today. it's beautiful out.
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>> i didn't have it on yesterday. >> i had it at 70. low. >> i had to turn it on last wanight. >> i chilly. >> chilly when we came in this morning. we started in the 20 3s ands this morning. we're warming up. yesterday we topped out in the low 50s. today we're going to be in the upper 50s. just wait until nexttuesday. let me tell you. have you been sneezing a lot? tree pollen is out there. tree pollen is rolling prett high. we'll talk about that coming up in my next segment. let's talk about the sunshine. it's beautiful. you can see the trees startinss to b. i was on a run yesterday. the trees are blooming out there. it was nice yesterday afternoon. except it was breezy. today, warmer conditions. a few more clouds and again, we're not going to be as breezy as yesterday. same t dealorrow and tomorrow the temperatures go on up. by the time we get into friday, we have rain. there could be a thunderstorm here or there.
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then saturday, we get into saturday, the winds come back and we're a little chilly on saturdayn temperaturesaturday are going to be about where they are right now. right around 50 current tempes out there. upper 40s and lower 50s. on our way into the upper 50s for highs today. so, by the time everybody heads home, tperatures under the 60-degree mark. sun going down 15 minutes after 7:00. n, a few more clouds increasing throughout the day. i do believe the temperatures should be abl to jump to near 60 degrees. you can see the cloud band right here. that's going to be coming our way and moving to the east. that is rolling through the middle part of the united states. look at all of this rain. lots of thunderstorms going up throh nebraska. lots of snow going back off towardsou dakota and even through colorado. remember tom kiein, our meteorologist for 35 years, he lives out here now and seeing some of hiss pictu wyoming. pretty incredible. speaking of blizzard warnings,
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they have those out there. we're going to get a ltle rain from that system. nothing like out there. 69 degrees for tomorrow. no getting the rain tomorrow. we are dry tomorrow. however, as we gonto your friday, that's when we'll start to see rain showers. maybe a few in the morning. depends when the front comes through. could have lull this is precipitation. i do believe by the time we head into the afternoon, if it stays on track, we could have showers and maybe even a thunderstorm into your friday afternoon. we dry out for saturday. could we be dry for sunday? that's st. patrick's day. we'll talk abgt that com up. thank you, ma'am. the 27th annual environmental film festival kicks off tomorrow in d.c. s we haveak peek from the opening night film that will have you holding your breath to one film's connection to the national zoo. making travel plans can be stressful. we have help from the u.s. state department from passports to safety. what you need know before to
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we start by continuing to keep an eye on the d.c. courtroom. paul manafort is being sentenced.he 's back in court today for a second sentencing arg. .e faces up to ten additional years in prison we know manafort addressed the court today saying, quote, i stand here toy to assure the court that i am a different person who stood before you in october of 2017. he also told the judge he was sorry. brought up his wife. asking the judge n toeparate them. the udge responded saying defendant isn't public enemy number one, but he is not a victim either. that is direct quote from the judge who will be sentencing manafort. as soon as the sentence comes down, we'll update you on the developments. former vice president joe biden may be on the brink of announcing a possible presidential run. biden took on president trump in a pair of appearances yesterday
11:30 am
that felt at times like campaitn ralliesut the campaign. a crowd of firefighters cheering him on. and chanted run joe run. nbc news andrea mitchell asked him about his future plans. >> i appreciate the energy you showed when i got up here. save it a little longer. i may need it in a f weeks. >> why wouldn't you run for president? >> i can't think of any reason. >> biden declined to run in 2016. you'll remember after his son's death. he says he'll make his 2020 decision in the next few weeks. one of the oldest and largest filmesvals is getting ready to kick off here in waington. >> t d.c. environmental film festival shows more than 100 filmar barbarason has a preview of some of the films you can see in venues across the city. >> riveting. >> that's scary. >> if we lose the elephant. >> life. >> drama.
11:31 am
>> whoa, whoa, evwhoa. erybody stop. >> that will leave you on the edge of your seat. soun like an ad for the latest thrillerce these are from the informative and by the way shall entertaining at the environmental film feshival here in wton, d.c. >> we're entering our 27th year. the festival is the longest running environmental film festival in the united states. it's the largest in the world. >> many of the films this year focused on people as they face environmental challenges around the world. shark water extinction, for instance, is a spellbinding tale that follows rob stewart in a dramatic high seas effort to expose the billion dollar illegal shark fin industry. >> he tragically passed away during a dive on this film project. his parents continue to produce the film. >> the river and the wall bound to spark lively debate during
11:32 am
the conversation that always film's each of th screenings at the festival. >> the film takes on the issue of the wall separating mexico and the united states. but it does so in the context of how it would affect the environment in that area. how would it affect the ecology, the wildlife. >> there are no guidebooks. no one you can ask >> another thriller comes from filmmakers bill and lori -- the lost city of the monkey god. >> there has been a rumored lost city that we've heard about for a long time. >> the film tracks an expedition that after generations of failed and deadly attempts uses new-age technology to try to find the lost city. >> do they find it? >> you'll have to come to a screening to find out. >> this year's fesvaleatures a local filmmaker, rashaan patel. he worksor the conservation biology institute at the national zoo. >> i've been here for about two years. >> he took his interest in the
11:33 am
world's dwindling elephant population all the way to myanmar to do a three-part film on saving them from poaching and evtual distinction. >> i've thought about it f years. every year, that's really scary. >> it's called free solo. the winner of the 2019 oscar for best documentary. it's also an entry in this festival. >> it focuses on alex hon. alleged, a rock climber. he climbed the he will capoten in yosemite fashion al park. >> even though you know the ending to the film, it is absolutely thrilling. >> the d.c. environmental film festival opens tomorrow and runs through march 24th. there are 25 differt locatio where you can see films. theaters, embassies, museu and e national sdploo. many of the events are free.10
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tickets are per person. to check out the schedule, open uphihe nbc wton app and search film festival. at t tvel and adventure show this weekend, you can get vacation ideas a talk to travel experts and you can apply for a passport. andreas rodriguez is here fromt u.s. state department with reminders about passports and recent trave'r warnings. getting into the spring break season. people are looking to get the quick get aways by themselves or with the kids. talk to me about ts travel warning that has been issued for mexico. we have seen this before. talk to m about what is in place right now and how do travelers need to, i guess, heed the warnings when planning vacations. >> right. we call them travel advisories. we issue them for every country in the womed. co has a level 2 travel advisory. practice increased caution when travelingo that country. >> can you give me -- what's the scale, one to ten. >> one to four.
11:35 am
two increase caution, three, think about not traveling. 4, do not travel. each country in the world has a travel advisory. >> okay. >> with mexico specifically it's listed as number two. practicere ied caution. within mexico, you have different travel warnings where l toecommend do not tra some states mainly because of crime. >> right. >> we want people to know about the advisories and the information on our website before they travel. twe really w people to do research on the destinations via ourwebsite. before they leave the country. >> you want to travel with peace of mind to enjoy your time there and helpful warnings likehat of ab lert, be aware of your surround tgs. we menti opportunity to be able to speak with experts and apply for a passport. what do you think are the most frequent questions at an event like this where -- i mean, is it where do i start? where do i go to? can i do it online?
11:36 am
>> we see a lot ofovice travelers with no passprrt. you neef of i.d. to get a passport. for people who have passports, e question is when do i need to renew? we recommend whenou have a year left to start thinking about renewing your passport. some countriesequire that you have a minimum of six months validity left on your passport. >> i've had friends turnedwa at airports not realizing that their pasort was six months away from expiring. that's always important. anything else you want pple to know about the travel and adventure show at theng wasn convex center. specifically, where you will be. how they can s yo what time you will be there. >> it's a one stop shop for eaanyone interested ining more about travel advisories or for applying for a passport. will be there saturday and sunday. it's a one stop shop. you can get your photo taken on the spo and submit your passport application. assport in thehe
11:37 am
mail. at least you'll be able to go -- actually, you'll be able to receive free entry into the show. you can apply for your passport, take yush picture and see the rest of whho the has to offer. >> andreas a rodriguez wit the u.s. state department. apprecia> your time. cory, back over to you. cash from chin oatly. cash from chin oatly. coming up, e easy way toth
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it only runs through friday. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm kate >>rogers. 47 degrees right now. plenty of sunshine out there, though. that makes it ce. and dry cars forn miles. no r in sight. >> until friday. the thing about that, we're not going to have any rain to geen pout of here. we're in that season again spring, we start to see the pollen pop up. everybody is sezing and coughing. eyes are watering. what's going on. the tree pollen out there. juniper, maple, elm even. we're dealing with hat tree pollen levels running pretty high. i suspect they're going to do that through the day on friday oktil the rain washes it out of here. t these temperatures. today above normal. our average temperature is 54. tomorrow, looking good. looking like spring this graphic. even friday lookinggood. now we fall a little bit for back into the low 50s. really not too bad out there.
11:41 am
what to wea this afternoon. you still need the light jacket and sunglasses.av we'll an increase in the cloud cover. springtime tomorrow, mid to upper 60s. umbrella an friday. of course, all the st. patrick's day festivities gng on this week. you'll need a warm jacket on saturday and sunday. why not make it great. the temperatures plofg inmoving into the 50s in the afternoon. a light ewind, few m clouds on the increase. all in all, not a bad day. upper 4s currently and lower 50s. we've got work to do to take the temperatures up. i'm ionfident we can do with the march sun angle. 59 degrees. not going to be that bad o there throughout the afternoon. here comes the clouds moving into the ea. we're seeing a few right now. we suspect them on the increase throughout the day. monstrous system in the middle part of the united states. l with a cold front that's going to shoot an area of low pressure towards the great lakes and eventually this will bevi
11:42 am
our way. it's going to happen on friday. not tomorrow, though. bwe get anotherak tomorrow. more clouds around tomorrow. ahead of that system. e temperatures, though are going to soar into the upper 60s. it's going to be mild tomorrow afternoon. looking good. again, we'll have an increase in cloud ver. here comes rain on friday. depends on when the front moves through. somest it moves in, in the early morning, some in the afternoon. if it moves in the afternoon and en we get the rain in the afternoon and evening, we'll be a little unstable because of the temperatures on friday. still in the mid to upper 60s. thunde ttorms, we'll have watch the timing of that. keep an eye on it. by saturday morning, we're dry. a look at weekeforecast. temperatures around 50 degrees. we're dryoth days for this weekend. plenty of sunshine. we'll talk about next week and if the temperatures fall or staying spring-like. we'll show you that comingup. > lauryn, thanks so much.
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the fda's recent approval of a drug has people excite it has the potential to help patients with treatment sesistant depression. the drug the first antidepressant in decades to be approved with a unique way of rking. interestingly, it's a chemical cousin to the anesthetic and part drug ketamine. psychiatrist dr.oshua winer joins us to talk about this development in the treatment of depression. whether this hy it warranted. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us about this new medication and wch there's so buzz about it. >> number one, this is a relatively rapid acting antidepressant. so one of the problems with a lot of the traditional s,
11:46 am
antidepressahings like prozac or ssris as they're known, they can tak weeks before they start to work. st that's number one. number two, this is working for people who haven'tesponded to other ways. thed is where you've t couple for a sustained period of time and it's not working. i think a lot of people a interested because of the fact this is related to a party drug likee ketamd very surprising to people. >> how is this different from antideprnsants already the market? >> the mechanism of action is different. th traditional ones affect certificate tone inlevels. that's what really makes it different. we note ketamine has been on the market for a while in an iv form being used off label. s.ople could go to the ketamine infusion cent generally run by a anesthesiologi anesthesiologists. the interesting thing here, now
11:47 am
that this is fda approved and an easier form of administration given that it's just a nasal spray, the hope is that the insurance companies will start to cover this. >> are you buying all the hype orom arepatients really going to be disappointed with how the drug performs in studs? >> i think lot of people are saying wow, this is amazing. i have to delve deeper into the details. i do think it's a little disappointi disappointing, actually. there is value to this medication, but there were essentially a handful of studies presented toirda for t review and approval. basically what they do is say, okay, they looked at hundreds of people and said you have not responded to your traditional medications. we'r going to put youn a new antidepressant plus a placebo or a new antidepressant plus the s-ketamine. they followed those people out. essentially, they found there was absolutely no difference between ere two groups in of how well they did. in general, for the other studies, they found there was really only about a 10%
11:48 am
difference in the response rate in the group that got the s-ketamine plus the antidepressant compared to the group with the placebo to the antidepressant. yes, that is what we call statistically consistent. we know that difference was to the s-ketamine. il personally wobt cat clinically significant. reople will write t a significant difference, but they knock out the statistical significant i part. n't think 10% is a huge number. >> as with any new drug, how much wl it cost potential patients and who would you recommend it for? >> thisat medn right, it's unclear how much it's going to cost in the long-ter we have to see whether insurance companies will cover it and how well they cover it. if you want to get this, it's about $500nt per treat in general, about ten treatments. thisiss not cheap. s a lot of money. the iv infusions of ketamine m
11:49 am
seem to e effective and run the same price. those probably are far away from gettg fda approval. but the person i would consider this for is just that difficult to treat person, particularly the person who is suicidal. who you really don't haveun the oppoy of time. you don't want to wait a month, two months before you whether they respond. you want to get them better as soon as possible. >> we'll continue to monday tort developments. dr. joshua winer, t snk you much. >> my pleasure. changing the world one chi at a time. that's the lofty goal o an le organization cgrand en love -- it sends volunteers into schools. rn virginia bureau chief reports that seniors are learning the program is changing their world, too. >> marlon's grandparents live in morocco, an ocean away. he gets his grand fix everyeek when mike fox drops into his fifth grade classroom at park
11:50 am
land elementary. fox is one 1 of seniors who volunteer with grandin lve. it's placed seniors in 18 different schools. a primary focus, helping secon language learners. >> i'm working with a cambodian girl who was practically mute, she was so quiet. and now she's a ball of fire. >> on this morning, four volunteers all from the nearby goodn house retirement community helping out with assigned >> this is what it's divided by. >> she's been there for three years now. >> know that they talk to me that they don't talk to him about. so i know that i'm oming to fill a need in many of their lives. the program gets n county funding but washe started they asked -- >> they wanted iointergeneratl programs and more exposure to other cultures.
11:51 am
>>t's a purposeful volunteering that pays dividen for the children. as she rbads a , mary mclellan takes time to show them how big the wingspan id. the will tell them it's the relationships they value as much as the learning. >> he's a nice and kind man and likes working with kids individually. he likes to know them better. >> it's nice to be with someone older. i think she wise. >> t seniors entertained by some of the questions they get to the wkids. >>l i have white hair when i'm 100? >> young and old. what strangers in their community now connected and both groups the better for it. in fairfax county, i'm julie carey. news 4. gr> if you want to learn more about the p or how to volunteer, you can open our nbc washington app and searcgrand involv running a half marathon is a
11:52 am
bigge challor almost all of us. >> imagine doing it blind. ake man ting e challenge
11:53 am
11:54 am
one runner ready to go the distance. >> one distance runner will have his best fri leading him the entire way. >> kristen dahlgren has the story. >> when he hds out for a run,
11:55 am
it's never without his dog. a good gus isn't just training partner, he's tom's eyes. >> i have to follow his footwork very closely. >> when a genetic condition took tom's sight in his 20s. >> it's like seeing the world disappear in front of you. >> one of the things he really missed was human guides could lead him. but he craved more innocence. so he had a thought. >> dogs love to run and i love to run. so it sort of made sense. >> it takes special training. >> hold my arm and close your es. >> and a special kind of yust. >> are trusting him? >> i'm trying. >> gus leads us around obstacles in central park. >> make sure we're not dogging it. >> gus, you're setting a fast pace here buddy. >> thomas's organization, guid tg eyes for blind helps to train dogs for others. this month he will becomehe first blind t runner complete a half marathon with a canine companion. threern dogs will take tu
11:56 am
guiding tom. but it will be gus who crosses the finish line. his final task before retiring. >> he deserves a medal. really does. >> a man and his dog showing the rest of us. >> if you have a disain't there are no limits. >> there are plenty of finish lines ahead. kristen dahlgren, nbc news new york. >> i wonder how it navigates different runnen the way. >> i have been on a race route like that and seen many inspiring a story. none quite like that. that is something the rest of us have no excuses to get to the finish line, whatever that may be for you. so with that said, let's send things to lauryn on this sunny wednesday. >> great day to get o for a run today. if you're doingt you might want to take thallergy medication. rtees now just got the re,po fee l the sniffles out there. suffering if you're from allergies. remperatures in the mid to up 50s. we'll have more cloud cover this afternoon.
11:57 am
all in all, not bad. still dry tomorrow. friday, a few showers, maybe even a rumble of thunde temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. temperatures fall through the morning on saturday. most of the afternoon in the 50s. it will be breezy not only friday but also on saturday. we're planning on sunshine and pret much dry with temperatures around 50 as we head through next week.> l right. that is it for "news 4 midday." thank you so much for joining us. we're back on the air this afternoon at 4:00. you can get updates any time with the nbc washington app. have a great day. >>
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we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> lori loughlinul from house was also charged. she plapd aunt becky. there is a warrant for her arrest. this could be the becky were the good hair beyoncearned us about. it's all bey, right? looks like becky could be going from "full house" to the big house. i'm so disappointed in you, aunt becky. i expected this from a desperate housewife. you? photo shops, use your head, people >> i love it. everybody is talking about


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