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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 14, 2019 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> pi day, yes, of course. >> the day get away with it.and no calorie in pie in pi day, 3.14, atobviously, the of ser iser er ier is come fence of n. the up at 7:21 this morning. most lly in the 40s. temperatures i the 60s to nearly 70 degrees. that is a-plus weather for today. gh temperature around 70 degrees. there is an 80% chance for rain on your friday. more about that coming up in a few minutes. for now, let's go to melissa mollet. >> looking at bethesda.
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inner loop after rockville pike. left side is blocked by the crash there. we have a little bit of a problem but no actual slowdowns. through prince george's county, into and out of town, no big problems.ed frick, now. down to the spur. 270 here. 66 miles per hour. that's going to take you 27 minutes. as you're hea,d northbou it's nice and clear, as well. you don't have anything. to worry about or in your way. fred licksburg, 95, southbound, left side is blocked by a work zone. no issues. now, to a developing story. employee with the d.c. department of human services is accused of exchanging sex and money for benefits. dimitrius mcmillan will be in federal court today. he's accused of handing out $1.5 million in fraudunt welfare benefits. he allegedly received cash and
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sexual favors has descris and b. ee developing, t days after the oath opethiopian airlines p crashed, the faa grounded the me model airplane involved in that crash. the move came hours after canada banned 737 max 8 aircrafts in its airspace. this is a look at max 8s at this hour. >> at reagan national, we caught up with people that were getting off flights that were g tunded aftey had gone up in the air. >> the pilot gave under the circumstances gave us a call saying we weren't going to orlando and hding back to the gate. >> boeing insists thefelanes are sa but will send out an update to fix the anti-stall system in the coming weeks. happening today around the region, t students plan walk out of class to protest gun
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violence. you may rememberast year, thousands of stunts participated in rallies and marches, after 17 people were killed in parkland, florida. today, students across our region are expected participate in a walkout. some students are expected to lly at the white house today. you can keep up with your average on social media and the nbc washington app. we have an update to a deadly shooting that we were following. the apartment killed in an apartment complex in hyattsville tuesday night, was salena rivera. she was a knowns d.j. salamander and played at different spots in the d.c. area. rivera's family has started gofundme page to help pay for theurl expenses. looking at our other top stories. senate republicans are looking to vote to block president trump's declaration to use
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emergency funding to fund the wall at the border. coming up at 4:45, tracie potts will talk about this expected vote. a smash and grab at 7-eleven is believed to be connected to other we bro this to you as breaking news, after masked men crashed inside this convenience sthee. it appearsrooks are the same ones that have stolen several other atms from businesses across prince george's county, d.c. and baltimore. this morning, a bald eagle is in the care of wild life rescue. chopper 4 captured the video of the rescue during rush hour. metro had to cut power to the rail after the eagle was spotted. police and departments of resource officers, used blankets
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and towels to catch the bird. this morning, actress lori loughlin is out on bail for her role of the college admission scandal. hundreds of wealthy paren paid millions to break the rules to get their children into top-knopp schotop h top-notch schools. the ring leader said they helped them cheat on the s.a.t. and paid desibe bribes to coaches. the redskins have signed adrian peterson to a new two-year deal. he was brought in for a rookie yesterday. it's a two-year, $8 million deal. later today, the terrapins will make their big ten tournament debut. they will take on the nebraska cornhuskers in chicago. they have beaten them in the two match-ups this season. but a postseason win will be new for marylandplayers. none of the top scorerswo hav
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in college. but the head coach seems confident this year will be different. >> we played great teams. so, competition-wise, they're ready for that. it's a stage. but we played on a lot of big stages this year. i feel good about our team. a young team keeps getting better. individually getting better and as a team, we're getting better. >> want to oee that the court. tipoff is set for 3:00 today. and that w't be the only local match-up people are watching today. george washington university u beatss in the first time. the colonials will takege on ge mason university. one that may have parts of yourivfficeed today. tipoff set for 2:30. we'll see how people feel tomorrow. new overnight, facebook and instagram are back up and running after being down for hours. facebook users reported issues logging into and posting throughout the day yesterday. the #instagramblackout2019 was
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trending. whatsapp was also impacted. instagram celebrated with tpo you see here. >> people were falling out over this losing their minds. >> that's too bad. this is one of the longest outages facebook has had in 15 year >> facebook did not give a reason for the outage. it's 4:37. coming up, a viral video prompting allegations of animal abuse. why this florida vacation is causing trouble for a local maryland business. and a guilty plea in a poisoning case. poisoning case. a mother accused for 50 years, cracker barrel
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off a dock in florida and landing on a pelican.nt grabbed the bird and didn't let go for some time. the video is sparking outrage and charg for theman. >> what is the purpose? news gordon reports how some animal lovers are going after his family and one local business. >> reporter: 31-year-old's hunter says he works at j.w.frew electric in gaithersburg. the business says they haven't worked here in fours. ye they say reaction to his video nightmare. >> people are saying hateful things. they they we're associated with >> reporter: and you're -- >> no president. >> reporter: at his home in maryland, his father tells me he is receiving threatening phone calls since the video of his son was posted. >> i'm getting life threats. >> reporter: his fathesays, if there is a warrant in this case r his son, he will drive his
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son to florida to turn himself in. he says his son is a fisherman and would never do anything to hurt a pelican. reporting from davidsonville,ma land. >> that was chris gordon. >> too wrongs don't make a rig here. >> and especially that business, who was anysnnocentnder in all of this. >> he is charged with animal cruelty and molesting a protectedspecies. >> on his facebook page, he has pictures of him holding a baby deer and a bird. florida authorities are investigating to see i the are more charges. coming up -- >> oh, my goodness. >> wild winds out west, causing major . a closer look at this wild video and what this area looksth like morning. chuck? >> time for the dog walking forecast on your thursday morning. look athis puppy dog here.
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cheddar, would make a perfect companion. temperatures will be a pleasant day to take the dog out this morning. in the 40oss. to 70 degrees in the peak to 70 degrees in the peak of afteronno for 50 years, cracker barrel
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but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance to take care of yourself. and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. nature's bounty. i'm an ice cruncher. so i was excited about all-new colgate total. it has sensitivity relief, so i don't have to give up doing what i love. aren't we lucky. new colgate total. do more for your whole mouth. you're watching news 4 today. >> welcome back. 4:44. we have some sad news out of maryland. former governor harry hughes has ed. he w92 years old. and maryland'svgovernor from 1979 to 1987. before that, the democrats servedyln the md house and state senate. governor larry hogan shared his condolences calling hughes a
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legend. today on capitol hill, the senate has voted on a resolution to block president trump's emergency declaration along the border. a few senate republicans are about t break with their party and rebuke with president. >> tracie potts joins us live. president react to this break in party? >> he will veto the rejection of his emergencyar deion. it is similymbolic that it is significant that four key republicans, senate republicans, are going against the president on this, on funding for the border wall. want to that they don't see the border wall. for some of them, the issue is power andtrol of the purse. the fact that congress said no to the money a the president tried to go around them with this emergency declaration. not only will they vote no, but they plan to take up a measure to take another look at how emergeies are declared,
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considering a 30-day approval by congress, the next time president trump or any president want use that power to fund something that congress has already rejected. >> tracie, thank you. former texas congressman beto o'rourke could h announce is running for president at any moment. this is the cover offa "vanity ." it shows s o'rourke on a count road. and it says, i want to be in it. o'rourke made headlines when he r ran for senate and lost to ted cruz. you may remember this video showing a native american and a bunch of students. the student was face-to-face wi nathan phillips at the lincoln memorial. the video wase condemned by s saying the teen mocked and intimidated phillips. the te's family is suing cnn
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for defamation and is speaking $295 million. the family filed a lawsuit "the washington post" for its coverage. a horrifying admission from arf f county mother, only on news 4. this is video of elizabeth malone using a syringe to put her own blood in her son'souose and while he was in the hospital. she said she said it because she wanted her son to get attention from the hospital staff. after a nse saw a syringe hidden in her shirt sleeve, a camera was installed in her room. since malone has been in jail, her son's condition has improved dramatically. malone will be sentenced in mid-july. i'm cory smith at the live desk with information out of new york. a man of the gambino crime
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family was gunned d n outside of his home. he was shot several times in front of his house on staten island. he was reportedly having dinner and stepped outside to speak with someone when the shooting began. federal prosecutors had refred to him as the underboss of the organization that's according to the associated press. the gambino organization is one of the original five crime families in new york. a suspect was seen driving away from his house in a blue pickup truck. no word on any arrests. >> cory, thank you. a shoot-out in northeast d.c. w caught on home surveillance video. this video looks even worse when you hear the gunfire [ gunfire ] unbelievable. this happened in the brookland neighborhood. you see one bullet hit a f
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door. the neighbor whose camera recorded the shooting wasin wa into her house when she heard gunshots. >> come through the door. she's in t dining room on her knees. are you all right, ma? stay tundown. stay down. >> then gunmen have not b caught. police hope the surveillance video will lead them to the shooters. ki d.c. police are l for the person accused of breaking into a northwest yoga studio. check out this surveildence you can see the burglar making himself comfortable there. king off the shoes and coat before rummaging through the desk there. they stole some essential oils, a first aid kit, a block, two permits and a key to that studio. i've been to that studio. that's a little alarming. yeah. now, to more video o the wild weather out to our west. you can see the rain that was buckets.wn in
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this is in dallas, texas, yesterday morning. >> more dangerous than that rain was the wind. look at just howwiowerful the was near the airplane. >> oh, my goodness. >> wow. just ripped that roof right off these wareh there. the airporestimated about 67 planes were damaged or destroyed. once the sun came up, the scope of the damage was clea look at that. trees tumbled into people's living aloms. from the wind, mostly. >> and the fact that someone caught that on video. it was that close to the da seems really dangerous. >> over 110 wind damage reports yesterday. and dallas-ft. worthairport, 80-mile-per-hour gusts with that storm yesterday. it is a monster of a storm. and fortunately for us, we're going to get missed by it. it's so wrapped up on itself,
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it's hurting its own cause. don't come nea us. >> no kidding. we've had these before. in fact, 26 years ago toda the if you were living here then, you remember the superstorm of 1993. this storm, exactly 26 years later, is of equal intensity to that ont this one is located 1,500 miles farer to t west. instead of a massive east coast blizzard, which had snow from alabama to maine 26 years ago, this one will be wrapped up and running out of moisture before it gets to the east coast. i'm okay with that. 46 in washington. south winds are light no it will be breezy later on in the day today. temperatures in the l to mid 40s in the area now. 43 degrees in gaithersburg. 46 in annapolis. hour-by-hour planner, look at those numbers. we'll be in the 60s by lunchtime. d we'll be whisper of 70 degrees later on in the area. going al 70 for a high
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today. everybody will be in the upper 60s. and a few spots across northern virginia, that get above 70 c degreertesy of the gusty, southwest wind. for tomorrow, another breezy day and another mild day. but rain likely. not going to be a start-to-finish rain event for tomorrow. but could be a shower anytime. i think the best chance to get rained onltomorrow, w be mid to late parts of the afternoon. look at that l swirl of pressure out there. snow in the dakotas. howling winds across parts of texas. severe weather across texas and houston later today. here's your ten-day forecast, aher than a shower and maybe rumble or two of thunder tomorrow, most of the next seven to ten days will b dry. near 70 today and tomorrow. the weeken noticeably cooler. highs around 50 degrees on sunday for your st. patrick's celebrations. let's go to melissa. >> i love the accent. you can't say it without the accent.
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inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, everything is gone. 395, you can see inbound, aft the beltway, a little slow. outbound, as well. 295 nearui sand parkway. quantico tohe belt wway, 18 minutes. >> thank you. metro wants to pay r ters not te metro late at night. follow along with us here. dering acy is con pilot program that would cover the first $3 of your fare in a taxi or ride share vehicle between the hours of midnight and 4:00 a.m. this would only apply to metro service area and cover a maximum of ten p tri week. you have to register for this program. a $1 million pilot program would start this summer. metro has been fighting keep late-night service scaled back so it can do maintenance when the trains are not running.
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it n isional pi day. it is march 14th. pi is 3.14, which is the ratio of a circle's circumference to diameter. me stores and restaurants are offering special deals on pizzas and pibaked pies. would you wrathrath have a pizz pie or a pie pie? >> a virginia student won the country's highestor h for student scienti on tuesday. she took home $250,000 for the science talent system. she won for the mathematical model to determine planet locations outside of the solar system. there's a mathematical model to figure that out? i have hope for the future.
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she's the first hispeic first plinisher in 20 years. >> how old was she? >> 17.50 00. and here we are. >> wha was i doing at 17? crewing my fingernails. one of most beloved and respected power couples accepted an award here in d.c. >> gloria and emilio estefan was bestowed by congress. it honors people that use music to promote cultural understanding. gloria estefan explained what that meant to her. >> to as two immigrants, i was 2 when i got here, he was more like 15. and to be receiving this amazing popular song prize from the library of congress, no less, is beyond our wildest dreams. >> the couple joined prestigious
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names. stevie wonderil and joel. get ready for a cuteness ovload. >> caps players nicholas baklas backstrom and t.j. oshie's kids are getting skating lessons together. they are getting ready for skatg lessons with the backstrom kids. it is the same rink that their dads practice at. the kids are around the same age, 3 and 5 years old. oshie tweeted, 2038 olympics here we come. look at the helmets. so cute. if they have genes to pass down, they will be doing something great. sll ead, a judge has sentenced paul manafort to three years in nprison, but before issuing harsh words to his legal team. plus, breaking news we followed yesterday morning on news 4 today, a group of thieves smashing a truck into
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7-even, to steal an atm. what police say about the crew and other crimes they pulled off. for 50 years, cracker barrel
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to help you maintain balance and helpl-eep you active and wsted. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. news 4 today starts now. >> comg up on 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang.
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we want to start with your forecast and commute. >> we'llhu start with cck bell and a look at our forecast. >> good morning, everybody. a nice day to spent spend a little extra time outside. on your mile or two afternoon walks or evening walks. the temperatures are in the 40s. it will be breezy a milder today, and temperatures close to 70 degrees for most of the area, today and tomorrow. but there is a high chance you're going to get rained on on your friday. right now, it is 38 at budulles airport. 43 in clinton, maryland. i gaithersburg. 47 in frederick county,la ma, this morning. these numbers are from 10 to 25 degres warmer than were at the same time yesterday. so, a little easier to get the y going whenit's mild outside. afw to mid-40s early this morning. rnoon highs today, right up around 70


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