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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 14, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it will be breezy and milds t afternoon. about a ten-degree improvement over yesterday afternoon, when 60.made it to we'll be 70 today and tomorrow. enjoy the th70-degree w today because rain is likely tomorrow. 37 at dulles. in winchester and frederick, maryland. 50 in la ray. and 47 in southn marylando get your day doing. these numbers are 100 or degrees warmer than yesterday morning. your planner for your thursday, chilly and d this morning. a pleasant afternoon to spend some time outside.te oon temperatures in the 60s and 70s. near 74 tomorrow. rain chances are up to 80 have y gone off the rails? is that what i heard? >> that happened a long time ago. we also haveroblems on the rails. orange line delam , power probre at deanwood this morning. might see a delay there on the orange line because of that.r chop at the top of the
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beltway, at 95. everything looking good in all directions. no complaints. inbound, clara barton, right lane shut down there. that's because of a disabled vehicle and no lights or response rightyet. urba urbana, a crash reported, 270, looking good northbound and southbound. chevychase, work zone blocking the left lane at itland parkway. 66, 95 in virginia, nsu . >> thank you. and today, a d.c. government employee accused ofexchanging sex and cash for food stamps and welfare benefits will be in a federal courtroom. >> this story was broken on twitter.s dimitrmillan is a social service representative for the department of human services. according to court documents, mcmillan issued $1.45 million in food stamps and welfnefits to people in exchange for sexual favors, and $380,000 in cash.
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at least two dozen people fi bed from these crimes. the mayor's office gave this statement -- the crimes and acts alleged in the charging documents a despicable and demonstrate a lack of government g the districtovernment takes suspected abusive and fraudulent activity seriously. all boeing 737 max aircraft in the u.s. are grounded fo owing an emergency directive by president trump. it's a jet flown by southwest, .american and united airl it's the same kind of plane that crashed in ethiopia last sunday, killing all 157 people onboard. since that crash, a growing number of countries have kept them outf the air for safety concerns. this jet wasn the air when president trump issued the order this is impacting travel across the country. >> iluding here in the d.c. region. justin finch joins us live with jugood morning.
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>> reporter: eun, good morning. when word of the grounding came down,irlines had to work quickly to not only pull the tercraft, but also accommo customers, too. it made foromuite the ment at reagan. looking at an airplane tt was in the air when the announcement was made. that's an american airlines flight making its way from l.a. to land here are an. it is a boeing 737ax model jet. flying cross country when the faa made that announcement official. the u.s. joining dozens of nations aund the world, in pulling those boeing 737 max 8 and max 9 jets, after new information has emerged about that crash in ethiopia over the weekend, as well as the other crash last year. we talked to passengers that were onard the d.c.-bound plane from l.a., they realized when they were flying in a max
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model jet, they got nervous about it. he>> when t plane drops or hits turbulence, is it that? if you're a brand-new plane and thatdas happeed twice, is that going to occur? >> reporter: a cause for concern. we were tell youorhisng at reagan, there is one max jet cancellation we hav seen here. saying thesemo models accte only a small poron of the fleet. they are still maintaining flexiblebooking. if you're flying soon, check in first. you shod be getting o of the ground. in some cases, some airlines are offeng cancellations, too. >> happening across the region, a student walkout to protest gun violence inoo sch could bring thousands of students to the white house today.
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montgomery county students are leading this protest. they rallied thousands of people ast year and hope to do the same today the principal at woodrowilson high school sent a letter home telling students that they need a note from their parents to participate in the walkoff. this comes 13 months after the shooting at moarjory stoneman douglas high school in florida left 17 peopl dead. house republicans are expected to break with their party and giv the president a rare rebuke. the senate is set to vote on blocking the national emergency declaration. the declaration allows funds to pay for a border wall without house approval. there is enough republican suppor in the senate to pass a resolution, but not enough to survive the emected veto f the president. and president trump's former campaign chairman, paul manafort
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was sentenced to 3 1/2 years of prison here in d.c. st week in virginia, he was sentenced to 47 months in preron for a difft conviction. he may serve around seven years total. he could face a bigger problem. a short time after his sentence was handed down, a grand jury in new york indicted him charges of mortgage fraud, conspiracy and falsifying records. during yesterday's hearing, the judge here had tough talk for manafort andis legal team. she smacked down what she called her defense team's no collusiont . she noted that collusion wasn't even part of the case. and that the investigation intoo collusion didnr. moments later when he was outside talking to tss, manafort's lawyer again spoke of no collusion. >> judge jackson conceded that
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there was no evidence of any russian collusio >> that's not what she said. >> protesters quickly started shouting him down before he could finish. today, president trump's long-time ally roger stone wl be at court in theistrict. the judge is set to question stone and his attorneys over his new book, which is critical of robert mueller and the russia investigation.ll stone did not er about the book, even though she issued a gag order, banning him from speaking about his case. stone pled not guilty to multiple charges handed down by special counsel robert mueller. and in chicago today, jussie smollett is expected to plead not guilty in court. the acr faces 16 felony charges after allegedly staging a racially motivated attack and lying to police. you'll recall that smollett claimed he was attacked by two men who yelled racist and homophobic slurs at him. since the incident, he has been fired and forced to surrender his passport.
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new details in the growing college admissions scaal. it now looks like hundreds of wealthy parents paid millions of dollars to break the rules and edt their kids into top-ra schools, including georgetown, n ersity. >> one of them is lori loughlin. she is out on $1 mlion bail this morning. she and her husband are accused rs paying $500,000 in bribes to secure their daugh admission to usc. they paid singer to fabricate records of their daughters being recruited for the school's rowing team. they were not rowers. singer performed similar servic for nearly 800 families, collecting $25 million. lawmakers addressed the scandal during a hearing yesterday. >> y can imagine how many students and parents are anxiously awaiting those letters on aons today.
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and how powerless they're feeling, that they played by the rules and we have a scandal that we're going to be following.ou >>families with students t that w georgetown, are accused of paying $2 million in the scam. federal agents say more arrests a possible. developing in brazil, two masked gunmen stormed a school in sao paulo. police say the gunmen were former students and they kille themselves before police could get there. rescue workers in africa are still searching for dozens ofho children w could be trapped around aed collaps building. eight people are confirmed dead in lagos, nigeria. 37 survivors have been pulled out of the rubble. new details about the theft of an atm at a 7-eleven
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we told you about this yesterday. it appears the crooks are he same ones ave stolen you might remember this from last month in montgomery county. police say the same group tried to steal another atm. this mning, a bald eagle is in the care of the city wildlife rehab center, after being rescued from metro tracks. es many of you were glued to this live rescuerday. metro transit police officer and natural resources offiused blankets and towels to safely catch the bird. the eagle was stuck against the blue and silver line tracks near the addison road station. metro cut por to the third rail and began single tracking so the bird could be rescued. while most commuters hate delays, they seemed to be okay with it this time.
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>> i heard it onhe news. i was picking up my grandson. i heard there was a bald eagle on the track. he was hurt. was like, please save him. >> we're so glad the eagle was rescued. remember the drama surroundi berty and justice and the nest. and two eagles were vying for heio atte >> did more than that. >> the eggs wereunviable. >> this is one of those guys. it was a hitjob. ed him to the train tracks. that.ope not all we're glad he's okay. he was an emergency hire last year after a promising rookie went down. >> now, it looks like adrian peterson will be around for a l little wonger. the redskins signed him to a new deal. peterson had an instant impact . last y ran for more that 1,000 yards. he has a new deal and it should
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make for an interesting backfield team. >> a.p. has a lot in him still. >> 34 next week. >> you learn a tghng or two, every ten minutes a child is rushed to the hospital because of their parents medications. >> the alarming new study and what you need to do to keep your children safe. wild weather across the u.s., impacting millions of americans. we're showing you the hardest hit areas. how about our weather, chuck? >> that's ght. the huge storm in the middle of the country ll with thrbe throw a rain chang tomorrow. it will head out before the weekend. st. patrick's day weekend, a little on the chilly side. nday, colder. sunday morning, a chance for a sunday morning, a chance for a freeze in the
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i'm cory smith at the live e desk, another big name has entered the 2020 race for the white house. former senatepndidate, beto o'rourke hased annouis entering the race. a lot of people have been wa waiting on o'rourke to make his mind up, since he lost to ted enate n november in that race. a close loss to ted cruz in texas.n o'rourke has b teasing this announcement since that point. he went on a road trip around the country, trying to figure rot what he wanted to do next. he's beening a lot of hints. he met with oprah. he went to the border when president trump went to the border and held a rival rally down there.
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he announced he would not run ainst texas senator john cornyn. that left beto with one choice, to run for president. he's going to have a uphill battle. many think he waited too long to make this announcement. and joining that field of 2020 candidates. >> there's a lot of them. >> cory, thank you. new this morning, working for your healthabith a warning t leftover medication. while you may think you found a go t hiding place, many kidshe easily find pills. a new rert from safe kids worldwide says, every ten minutes a child is rushed to the emergency room after taking medication they found. we're not talking about highly addictive opioids here. most often, children get their hands on medicines used to treat high blood pressure or diabetese >> evecations that are over-the-counter, that many carry in purses or wallets or leave on the counter, can be dangerous for children. >> experts recommend keeping
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anything with any medication out of the reach of children. the d.c. region has enjoyed some cool but reasonably nice weather this week, it's been a different story for the rest of the country. >> for the midwest, a major blast of winter. a record-breaking hurricanstrength blizzard hit seven states. meteorologists call this a bomb cyclone. chuck told us about this. wind gusts are clocking in at 8i s per hour. more than two feet of snow has fallen for some and for others, hail, rain and even tornadoes. that is crazy. >> in south dakota, it's flooding that's the problem. the bomb cyclone brought rain to that state. that and mixed with the melting snow put a town under water. this is 65 miles north of sioux city, iowa. roads became rivers there. a lot of drivers became stuck, as well. there was trouble for those who didn't leave their homes. sewer systems became overloas d and basemere flooded, too.
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and look at what was spotted in new mexico. a big tornado there, blew through parts of that state and areas of texas, too. this is one of two tdos that touched down in new mexico. ten homes were damaged. minor injuries, reported, as well. in our area, we're going to bask in the glory of e70-deg weather. >> that's right. quiet weather for us and you're wondering, what is a bomb cyclone? as long as the pressure drops more than 24 millibars in 24 t hours one dropped 33 millibars in 24 hours and had winds gusting over 58-mile-per-hour for x- nsecutive hours at denver international airport. it's eerily similar, and i tweeted this out, as well, 26 years the superstorm of march 1993. this storm is equally as intense and impressive. it's just located 1,500 miles farther to the west. the 19 storm dropped 24 to 36
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inches of snow in parts of the central appalachians. 47 here today. to g your thursday going. it's near 70 degrees today. perfect weather for an extrang alk or jog this morning, with temperatures not too cold, unlike yeerday. a high near 70 degrees for today. good weather to get your car shed for one moreday. however, there are showers in the forecast for tomorrow. the weekend s lookingdry. all of the forecast details also available on our nbcashington app, free and downloadable. there's the center of that storm now. it's really wound up. severe weather towards houston and new orleans and memphis. meanwhile, showers in the ohio valley. that's going to be staying to our west. we will have a chance for rain around here tomorrow. the best chance to get hit by rain drops will be afternoon to rain chance, 80% but it won't be
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raining all day long. a gusty northwest wind on saturday. temperatures will reach the low 50s. and sundaand monday morning, belowhe freezing in zushsuburbs. let's get to melissa and the commute. >> you can see tyson's corner, everything looking good on the bridge and the beltway. right lane blocked, disabled vehicle with no lights there. work zone blocking a lane. beltway, overall,ike i mentioned, looking pretty good. delays on the orange line, power problem at dean. >> j.d.: wood this morning. 55 mes per hour, top of t beltway. 33 miles per hour. 66 inbound, and 95 northbound, not bad overall. is your furniture ready to handle your kids dreams?
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you're watching news 4 today. >> it seems like there is an a for just about everything. now, there's an app designedo keep stiudents safe by tracking them on college campuses. >> as news 4's david culver explains, sometudents fear it's impacting their privacy. >> reporter: george mason
6:24 am
university freshmen sundiata is r technology, especially if it's making his campus more secure. >> that's cool. it would make people safe.r: >> reporould you download it? >> i would download it. >> rave guardian.s >> reporter: hferring to the rave guardian ap they promote the app for schools or organizations, designed to help, say a university's student and staff, communicate effectively. sharing potentially life-saving information. submit tips that are silent and/or anonymous. >> reporter: and the mobile app can alert police to your exact location on campus. they used to have blue light phones you could hit if the was an emergency. we noticed here on campus, theyx no longet. we're told they were rarely used and seen as a dated way to alert police.>> hey may not be where you need them when you want them. this application provides a blue light phone in your pohat is available to you when you need it.ut >> reporter:tudents worry who has access to that tracking >> ito know what information is going.
6:25 am
like, what they'reoing with the data and all that. >> reporter: the executive director of safety and emergency management stresses the da is secured. adding that students can choose what features they opt into or out of. >> you can provide as much or as little information about yourself as you would like in the app. and the location services, for them to be active, have to alwa be on. and most folks don't do that. >> reporter: other students believe that volunteering your location could be wo. >> i think a tracking location for safety purposes, as long as- if they're not selling your data for some kind of marketing thing. >> reporter: the university, t tryiadapt to a new generation, putting safety in the palm of their hands. in fairfax, david culver, news 4. coming up, a day of instagram outages and facebook failures. ate on the glitches that shut down the social media sites for hours. plus, a guilty plea in a poisoning case. a mother accused of making her own son sick.
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we're seeing the video that proves it. time for your dog walking forecast. look at thiseetheart. this is cheddar, 8 monthsly old. prob german shepherd mix. big paws. this will make a great running buddy. temperatures in the 40s, with the afternoon and after-school degrees.lose t70 we'll be right back after this. and students from our area are expected to walk o of class to protest gun violence later this morning. the video you see here is from last year's event. ultimately, they will make their way to the white house for a 10:0a.m. rally. 0
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0 (music throughout)
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neoday starts now.w. >> 6:29 right we take a live look outside. today looks nice and it will feel nice. it will be a day to spend outd brs. it will the last nice day out there for a little while. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. let's check i with chuck bell before we talk tosa mel about the commute this morning. chuck, what do you have in.
6:30 am
>> i have good news forecast today. the complaint department is closed. it will be reallyto mild y. plenty of sunshine, as well. la live look at the termi there at reagan national airport. it's sti dark. thn not up until 7:20 this morning. morning, mostly in the 30s and 40s. 47 he in washington. a 10-degree to 20-degree improvement, compared to yesterday morning. and it will be a milderte oon, as well. a little cool at the bus stops this morning. you will probably need your light jacket. but play time with afternoon temperatures, near 70 degrees. that a-plus weather for sure. more about that friday rain chance and the weekendcooldown coming up. melissa, good morning. >> good morning to you. i like that a-plus ather, especially for recess. taking a look right now. chopper 4 looks like thei fa camera is frozen.
6:31 am
inbound 14th street bridge, the left side islocked by an accident there. new problem, that onepr is a ne lem. inbound clara barton parkway, the right lane is blocked. l innep and outer loop of the beltway, no major as you approach georgia avenue. bridge.e slow after wo inbound on 66 and 270 is nice and clear. >> melissa, thank you. we're staying on top of breaking news right now. a few minutesag former texas congressman, beto o'rourke is nning forpresident. he made headlines when he ran for senate and lost to senator ted cruz. he is one of a dozen democrats that has thrown his hat into the race. you can watch more on this story coming up on the "today" show. a live look at reagan national airport. as we continue to follow a major transptation story. hundreds of boeing aircraft are out of service after a second
6:32 am
deadly crash in the last few months. the faa grounded the plane yesterday. the move came after canada banned 737 max 8 aircraft in its air space. justin finch will join us with reachoon from passengers were turned around from their ns destinat area students are expected to protest gun violence, as they did last year, after the florida schoolhooting that saw 17 dera. >> megan m joins us from spring brook high school in silver spring, where students will be walking ou >> reporter: good trning. stud organizers are hopeful that shows of communiudts aroun the region will participate in the walkout here. at spring brook high school, they have made arrangements for buses to come here at 8:15, pick up students and transport them to a metro station. students who choose to go
6:33 am
wntown for this rally, they will be making their way there, and will meet right outside the white house. lafayette park, aroun 10:00 this morning, for the rally to protest gun violence. idnow, this is v from a similar walkout tact happened y a year ago, in the wake of the deadly parkland school shooting. student organizers are calling on lawmakers to pass tougher gun control legislation, including universal background checks. white allying at the house, the kids are expected to march capitol hill. also worth noting, here ingo mory county, the school superintendent is encouraging students to stay on campus. he wants them to speak out and ttalk about thingshey care about, but he prefershey do that on campus, where things are safe, where the environment can be guaranteed to be safe. and says thatnyone who does go downtown, that w thatld be an unexcused absence.
6:34 am
we are expecting students to stay on campus. we are expecting some of the students to actually leave and make that rally a 10:00 a.m. at the white house. >> megan mrath, live for us in silver spring. thank you. on capitol hill, several senate republicans are expectedh to break witr party and vote to block president trump's emergency declaration. the declaration would allow the president tos byp congress and redirect funds to build a wall along the u.s./mexico border. if ipasses, the rez lugsolution will go to the president, who will veto it. an date on a shooting in hyattsville. the woman killed in le apartment coin hyattsville tuesday night, was salena rivera. she was known as d.j. salamander and played adifferent spots in the d.c. area. t police believe she was s during a robbery at her apartment. rivera's family has started a
6:35 am
gofundme page to help pay for e burial expenses. a shoot-out at northeast d.c. was caught on home surveillance video. this video looks even worse when you hear the gunfire. [ gunfire ] unbelievable. this happened in the brookland neighborhood. you see one bullet hit a front door. no one was shot, but the gunmen haven't been caught. police hope that surveillance video will lead to the shoots. a man believed to be a high-ranking member of the gambino crime family w gunned wn at his home in new york. he was st several times in front of his house on staten island. he was reportedly having dinner and stepped outside to speak with someone when the gunfire haupted. federal prosecutorreferred to him as the underboss of the gambino organization. saying he was related through marriage with a clan in the sicilian mafia. that's according to the associated press.
6:36 am
the gambino organization is one of the original five crime families in new york. a horrifying admission from a fairfax mother only on news 4. this is video of elizabeth malone, us her own blood in her son's nose and mouth while he was in the hospital. she said she said it because she wanted her son to t attention from the hospital staff. after a nurse saw a syringe hidden in her shirt sleeve, a ra caas installed in his room. since malone has been in jail, her son's condition has improved dramatically. malone will be sentenced in mid-july. later today, the maryland terrapins will make their big ten urnament debut. they will take on the nebraska cornhuskers in chicago. n.ey have beaten them in the two match-ups this sea
6:37 am
but a postseason win will be new for maryland's players. none of the top scorers have won in college. but head coach mark turgeon seems confent this year will be different. >> we played gre teams. so, competition-wise, they're ready for that. it's a stage. but we played on a lot of big s stages tar. i feel good about our team. a young team keeps getting better.di dually getting better and bas a team, we're gettingetter. tipoff is set for 3:00. and that won't be the only local match-up people are watching today. george washington university beat umass in the first time. the colonials will t george mason you knowlocal teams, now. >> a lot of people will be watching that one. maybe divided offices arrend >> maybe. tipoff set for 2:30. right now, and still ahead,e faok under fire. a worldwide outage and now, an inveigation, how it's using
6:38 am
your data. what to know before you check your news feed today. eagle emergency. the evening commu slowed by a bird stuck on metro tracks. an update on h thisow
6:39 am
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you're watching news 4 today. >> welcome back at 6:40. today is national pi day. pi is 3., which is the ratio of a circle's circumference to diameter. aaron remembers all that, right? >> i use that all the time. >> some stores and restaurants are offering special deals on pizzas and baked pies. chocolate pies. banana cream pies. little hungry? a little bit. new overnight, facebook and instagram are back up and running after being down for hours. users reported issues logging into and posting throughout the day yesterday. the #instagramblackout2019 was trending.
6:41 am
whatsapp was also impacted. everything came back online around 11:00 last night. instagram celebrated with the post you see here. ways fun. >> people were losing their minds over this. >> this isne ofhe longest outages facebook has ever had. a 15-year historygi this was a b >> facebook did not give a reason for the outage. good morning i'm leslie picker at cnbc headquarters. federal prosecutors are looking at data deals that facebook struck with tech companies. the "new york times" says a grand jury has subpoenaed records from two smartphonemakers who made deals with facebook to access information, such as contacts and friend lists without gettins t from users. the deals were made to help facebook create apps for phones and other devices. facebook is cooperating with prosecutors in sever investigations. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm leslie picker. good morning, everybody.
6:42 am
sometimes getting up and getting going is a little hard. but it will a nice day to be outside today. get up and get going without any fear or mostly in the 40s. near 70 later this afternoon. tracking a hige chaor rain tomorrow. i'll show you future weather coming right up. right now, a couple delays. one of them will be the inbound 14th stree t
6:43 am
6:44 am
developing this morning, three days after that ethiopian airlines plane crashed that
6:45 am
killed 157 people, the faa grounded the same airplane involved in the crash. the move came hours after canada banned 737 max 8 aircraft in its air space. justin finch is at reagan national this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: here at reagan, some relieving news for travelers and airca iers, too, as the airlines say they do not expect a major backup because of this announcement. that's because they say, the 737 max model aircraft, o percentnl fleet. the response wednesday, to the swift.ouncement was in fact, you're seeing there, a southwest jet be turned around, pulled from taxiing from takeoff yesterday, because iis a boeing737 max model aircraft. travelers had to make their way from the cabin terminals, as well, and head to southwest counters to rebook or figure out
6:46 am
the travel plans for wednesday afternoon. in fact, there were some going somewhere on that flight, going orlando, who found out on the runway, their plans would be changed. as you imagine, there were some broken hearts onboard, as well. >> are you upset? frustrated? >> not as much as the ks going to disneyland. they are upset and crying. >> there were kids crying on the flight? >> yes. that's the worst. >> reporter: that's sad, huh? this is happening as the spring travel season is ramping up. we can tell you that airlines are wking to minimize the impact because of what's happened with that grounding. they are being flexible with booking. if you are traveling soon, check ead and see iou need to rebook or get a refund, too, in some cases. 're live at reagan national airport. i'm justin finch, news 4. >> justin thank u. 6:47 right now.
6:47 am
today, a d.c. government employee accus of accepting sex and money in exchange for food stamps and welfare benefits will be in a courtroom. ott mcfarla and trent segraves reported this on twitter. dimitrius mcmillan is a social service representative for the department of human services. according to court dts, mcmillan issued $1.45 million in food stamps and welfare benefits and food in exchange for sexual favors. at least two dozen people benefite from these crimes. the crimes and acts alleged in the charging documents are despicle and demonstrate a lack of values. the district government takeiv suspected aband fraudulent activity seriously. today, the president could seef a rare rebuke from congress. >> the congress is about to take up a motion to block the to build a tuati wall along the mexico border. >> the senate expected to vote on a resolution that the
6:48 am
house passed. thisill block the national emergency declaration that would redirect funds to pay forwi border walout congressional approval. four senators said they would vote for the tsolution. but's not enough for it to pass. the bill would go to the president's desk.hi but the house says the president will veto it it could be his first bill veto. >> thank you. a judge sentenced paul manafort to 3/2ears in prison. last week in virginia, he was sentenced to 47 months in prison for a different conviction. he may serve around seven years total. heould face a bigger probl a short time after his sentence was handed down, a grand jury in new york indicted him on charges of mortgage fraud,onspiracy and falsifying recds. the judge had sufficient talk for manafort and his legal teamh smacked down what she called her defense team's no collusion mantra. new s in the growing
6:49 am
college admissions scandal. it now looks like hundreds of wealthy p ments paidlions of dollars to break the rules in s,der to get their kids into top-ranked scho including georgetown university. among them is actress lori loughlin. the former "full ssuse" act is out on $1 million bail this morning. she and her husband are accused of paying $50000 in bribes to secure their daughters' admission to usc. they paid a ringleader to fabricate records that their daughters were being recruited for the rowing peopl ining team> reporte singer performed s80vices for families. in chicago today, jussi smollettot is going to plead guilty in court. e actor faces 16 felony charges after allegedly staging a racially motivated attack and lying to police. u'll recall that smollett claimed he was attacked by to
6:50 am
men lled racist and homophobic slurs at him. since the incident, he has been d and forced to surrende his passport. new details about the theft ofn atm from a 7-eleven in lanham. we told you about this yesterday. it appears the crooks are the same ones that have stolen several other atms from businesses across prince george's county, d.c. and ltimore. officers say they take the cash out and set the machines on fire in a desolate place. you may remember this footage fromy montgomcounty. police say the same group tried to steal another atm. peterson will be around for a little while longer. the redskins signed him to a new deal. peterson had ainstant impact last year. he ran for more that 1,000 yards. a he new deal and it should make for an interesting d sackfiteam. >> let' hope for a promising
6:51 am
season. >> big things, right? >> yes. love number 26. he played his college ball at oklahoma. >> aha. >> i know you know that. he came close w toning the heisman, as well. it's back to weather now. man, oh, man, this storm out in the middle of the country, has been one for the record books. over 100 reports of wind damage yesterday. winds gusted to 97 miles per hour inolorado springs. 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts at denvernternational airport. almost 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts in a wide area acrossrt of southern oklahoma and north texas. that main storm will be going to our north. that stream of moisture, it's broken into pieces here now. we will get rain tomorrow. won't be an all-day deluge. it will be hit-and-miss shower chances. down into the arkansas and texas area. for us, future weather around here will be relatively quiet for the next couple of days. you can get the complete
6:52 am
forecast on our nbc washington app. look at that great color in the sky. 47 in washington, with a light wind ut of tout of the south. a few spots down0n the 3s. dulles airport, and winchester in the 30s. nother planeload of fol coming in. increasing clouds later in the afternoon. but dry, highs near 70 degrees. and an 80% chance you're going to get rained ont some point. highest rain chances are between 3:00 in the afternoon and 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening, peaking around 5:00 or so. tomorrow,e mild again with temperatures around 70 degrees. unfortunately, the mild weather isn't going to hang around for long. we'll be in the chilly 50s over the weekend. saturday, breezy to blustery, as ll. and many mornings, sunday morning into early next week, hwntown areas into freezing.
6:53 am
our suburbs wile a few freezes into early next week. now, let's go over to melissa d mollet. >> gmorning. inbound 14th street bridge. right now, a crash on the left side. we seeing delays as you head inbound this morning. chopper 4 over the beltway at l66. everythiking pretty good at this point. fairfax station, lanes blocked a crash. we got off the phone with police. they are opening up one of the right now, a big delay, no injuries. alexandria, rthbound, route 1, after the beltway. the right side is blocked ther . s clara barton parkway, a disabled vehicle with no lights. beltway, just slo in the normal spots. delays on the orange line. power problem at deanwood. we have some slowdowns there. maryland, travel times, 270 looks good. 38 miles per hour,uts you head ound. 23-mile-per-hour on the outer
6:54 am
loop. 38 miles per hour on 66. 43 miles p hour on 95. listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car today. it is 6:54. a maryland business says it's being attacked after a former employee went viral for all the wrong reasons. >> the man jumped off a dock ann lan a pelican. it was caught on camera. he grabbed the bird and didn't let go. florida authorities saw this. they charged him with harming a protected species. hi former employer said they have had a slew of unwarranted negative reviews on social media because of that video. his father says he's received threatening phone calls since theideo was posted, too. sense.oesn't make any >> none of it makes sense. what hepl did and p threatening his old job. >> where he doesn't work anymore.
6:55 am
an update to a story tha may have slowed you down on your way home on metro last night. >> this morning, a bald eagle is in the care ofhe city wildlife rehab center after being rcues from metro tracks. chopper 4 captured the video of the rescue during rush hour. metro had to cut power to the rail after the eagle was spotted. while most commuters hate delays, they were okay with this one. >> i heard it on the news. i was down here picking up my daughter. and i heard there w a bal eagle on the track. and he was hurt. i was like, oh, please save him. >> no word on whether there's a connection between thisanagle that justice and liberty, the other two eagles that were caught up in t -- we'll call
6:56 am
it a love triangle, bird mess. >> we don't know if this eagle is a part of all of that drama. >> it could have been. >> as long as liberty and justice stay together forever. >> they have to g o rid this guy first. former texas congressman, e beto o'rourke made it official. he is running for president. he joins a crowded field of democrats running forna doon. stay for the latest on this announcement. senate republicans are expected to block president trump's emergency declaration. that will go to thet' presiden desk and he will veto it. thousands of students from across the region could turn up outside of the white house today to protest gun violence and push for background checks. the same group that protested last year is puttingdaogether tos denstrations. this morning, hundreds of boeing aircraft are out of service after a second deadly crash in theast few months.
6:57 am
the faa issued the grounding late yesterday. coming up on "today" details on the changes boeing says it's making to try to get back in the air. there's your five-day outlook. couple degrees the nex of days. dry today. hit-and-miss showers aroun 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. and try for the weekend. >> that's the news fory. to we appreciate you waking up for us. >> the "today".how is ne >> make it a great thursday, everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. grounded. good morning. grounded. the faa and boeing facing tough questions after waiting more than tee days to pull 737 max planes out of the sky in the wake of that deadly second crash. >> the safety of the american people and all people is our paramount concern. >> so why the delay and what new red flags is the investigation raising? this morning we will ask the head of the faa in a live interview. breaking overnight, state of emergency. a bomb cyclone unleashing chaos in the rockies and the midwest. >> oh, my god!oh my god! >> heavy snow and powerful winds shutting down interstates and airpor o. thousands drivers and passengers stranded in colorado. the national guard called


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