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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 14, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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new zealand. all residents are being told stay indoors in christchurch and stay off the streets because the risk is extremely high. all government buildings now are in complete lockdown. no one being allowed in or out. we areit moing the situation and we'll bring you more details jhen they become available right here. , doreen, back inside to you. >> all right. thank you, leon. backlose to home tonight. a prince william county police
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officer is in the hospital at this hour after a serious crash here in manassas. towe're told the officer had be pulled from the cruiser and is in serious condition but is expected to be okay. chopper 4 flew over the scene near the intersection near piper lane earliernight. if you know the area, right theory a target store. we're told officer appears to have had e right of way and was turning when a woman in a ford edge barrelled straight nto the police cruiser. she also was taken to the hospital. she also is expected to e okay. have new information tonight about a body found ontu ay in stafford, virginia. we have now learned it was a 16-year-old who attended falls church high school. >> news 4's jackie bensen spoke to his grieving parents just a short time ago. she joins us live from falls church. jackie? >> reporter: well, the mother of jackson told me he was forced into a gang in el salvador and
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d here ter his family f to the united states, he could not escape its deadly gp. for the safety of jackson's mother and her remaining family we're not identifying her. she spoke to us in spanish, describing her grief at a text she received this weekend, a picture of a bloody tattoo on a man's fearm. she said she knew it meant her son was dead but it was not until later that she learned his body had been found in stafford county, virginia. he was certain leaving the gang he ds invol with was death. he began living in a house in prince george's county to spare h parents and family from danger. she believes th where he was killed. she says he told them kill me instead. now because jackson is believed to have been kied in that house in prince george's county, detectives there are the lead b agenc i can tell you there
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are four other police departments involved with this and there is a communication from one of them tonight that indicates two m may ha been arrested. we have not been able to confirm this and wenu will con to follow it. live in falls church, jackie bensen, news 4. >> all right. jackie, thank you. threeayakers had to be rescued from potoc river tonight. montgomery county fire helped pull them out of the water after they got stuck in a strongcu ent. u.s. park police aided in the rescue mission.e' told those kayakers weren't hurt just suffering from exhaustion after getting stuck in that strong current. tonight millions on alert from a massive storm system stretching across the country. that same system that prompted a blizzardings now spawning tornadoes and triggering major floods tonight. we get details on the triple f threatom nbc's dan sheneman.
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>> reporter: acro heartland, sirens warning of dangers. >> thin is a tornado wa here. >> reporter: a funnel cloud swirled through kentucky. the first responder couldn't escape. >> spun my car to the side and just kind of put my head down and covered my head and just kind of prayed for the best. >> it's on the ground right now. look at all the debris that's cominteup. >> repor: just one of several tornadoes to track acrosurthe state ay. it's the latest punch from what rologists are calling a bomb cyclone of historic proportions. dumping snow, hail and rain the power of a category 1 hurricane. in colorad blizzard-like conditions, more than 1,000 drivers stuck on roadways. for nebraska, floodwaters cutting off parts of oakland and leaving chunks of ice and debris. clima violent winsts across texas blowing this 18-wheelerwaff the hiin amarillo. >> it doesn't take much for
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storms to ramp up from an ordinary thunderstorm to something pretty severe in a oshort period time is in something severe moving across the country. dan sheneman, nbc news. storm team 4's chief meteorologist doug kammeusr joinsnow to explain how that storm is impacting our region. >> yeah, doug, we're n expecting any real severe weather like what we just saw. tose pictures were amazing. >> yeah, no,nk goodness. it has been wreaking havoc the center portion of the country. incredible storm. this will go down history to hit starts of colorado, kansas, new mexico, a through the plains. really just an amazing storm. for us, though, completely different. it's all going to be about temperatures. look where we are. this is 11:00 at night. we're at 62 in d.c. hagerstown now is at 68 degrees. you're still at73 in charleston, west virginia. we've got a lot more warm air to go with this system. you can see where it is right now. strong storms in towards theer ohio r valley.
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severe weather down to the south and west of atlanta and the whole ostem moving towards the east. i'll show you what it brings you for your friday, and more importantly, what it means for the weekend. something else moving in for your saturday and sunday. see you back here in about ten miutes. >> al right. doug, thank you. a developing story right now. detectives are searching the streets for the shooter who killed a man in a busy neighborhood. officers are collecting clues onight on columbia road in northwest d.c. news 4's nicole jacobs explains why police are hopeful someone caught a glimpse of the gunman. >> reporter: it was a nice thursday evening at columbia road in northwest d.c. >> you can see,ou know, even know it's a little bit darker, there's a lot of people out here. >> reporter: until just before 6:30, shots were fired. police who were already in the area swarmed an apartment complex. reports of a shooting. >> it appearshat the suspect walked up to the victim in this case and shot him and then he
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walked off. >> reporter: just beyond the rows of police tape is where the victim was found in the alley. the oirst officersthe scene tried to save him but he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> pretty brazen shooting: >> reportrazen and targeted, according to police chief peter newsham. he tells us surveillance cameras on nearly every a building providing leads. >> we do have one image right now so our detectives a our investigators are out here on the scene are going to be going door to door and see if there is additional video that is helpful in the case. >> reporter: the ca now added to many in the district after a few quiet weeks of gunfire. >> recent weeks it has slowed down pretty significantly so we're hopeful this is an isolated instance. >> reporter: in northwest d.c., nicole ewjacobs,4. now, witnesses gave officers good details about the shooter'a apnce. he's a slim man who was wearing an all-black top with a hood. his pants are unique.da they were but only from the knee down. new at 11:00, there is new
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fallout now from the cllege admissions cheating scandal that just cost two famous faces some big money. lori loughlin and her daughter were both dropped today by well-known companies. h theallmark channel fired o loughline of its best-known stars. the actress is accused of paying $500,000 to get her daughters into usc. loughlin's daughter, youtube star olivia jade, was also opped today by cosmetics company sephora and the tre-semme hair care line. is as a major lawsuit is filed. leon harris here with details on that. leon? >> doreen, that loss of endorsements may not bethe only price they pay in part because of a wsuit from a stanford university student. she's arguing her degree won't be worth a much becau of the cheating scandals. she's also suing the admitted mastermind behind the scheme, william singer, he pleaded guilty to taking millions of
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dollars from the country's rich and powerful and famous all to get their children into elite colleges. woods is suing 12 colleges involved including washington's georgetown university. this case could become a class action lsuit involving more than 1 million students. >> i was pretty hpissed off someone is able to, you know, pay their way into a school that other students worked really hard to get into. >> it's so incredibly unfair and taking a spot from someone who really deserves to be here and wants to be here. >> reporter: the mother of a child with a 4.2 grade point average filed a civil complaint alleging thatal this sca kept him being admitted to certain schools. l actresses loghlin and felicity huffman and others indicted in this case. it does not name tite unives, however, as defendants. jim, back to you. >> leon, thank you. tonight, gboe 737 jets remain grounded with no word yet on when they'll be back up in the skies. some advertisements tell nbc news it could beee at least t
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months, even six. that's because of a new software update in the works for the plane. it's now widely being discussed that a software bug could actually be an issue with this plane and it's getting a bit of a reputation with travellers. >> i've been flying a long, lonb tim two crash like that that seem to be related make you wonder. >> right now, the black boxes from the ethiopian air crash are in france. sey're very badly damaged. investigators sayatellite data shows sunday's flight experienced erratic vertical takeoff speeds before crashing. that's similar to what happened with the lion air crash in indonesia last year. eck your frideezer the next time you're in your kitchen. tterball is recalling 39 tons of turkey because it may be contaminated with salmonella. produced on july 7th, 2018 and
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shipped to a variety of retailers across the nation. authorities say you should throw it out or take it t back to store where you bought it. more details on this in the nbc washington app. search "recall." next at 11:00,om fromess -- >> we were in the shelter for about four months. >> to hopeful. >> words can't describe. words can't describe. i'm ect re
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wetaying on top of breaking news half a world away. a police commissier in new zealand says officers are responding to an active shooter. witnesses at a mosque tell some media outlets that many people dead. this is in the town of christchurch, new zealanin it is latehe afternoon in that part of the world. the police commissioner there in that city is asking residents to stay inside and off the streets until further notice. schools are all onw lockdown as l. video just coming in to nbc appears to show ambulances and w patients beieled into a hospital. police in christchurch are not commenting oner an incident happened inside a mosque or not, but there is also no offici confirmation on casualties at this point. the story is going to keep deveping overnight. the news 4 today team will have updates for y starting at 4:00 a.m. right here. also, keep your eyes on the nbc washington app. jim, doreen, back >> leon, thank you. in a week dominated by
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college cheatingad nes, a story about a teenager accepted into college after doing it the right way. nbc's kthy park has his inspiring story. >> rerter: dylan has a tou decision to make. the high school senior is choo17ng between not one bu colleges. >> were you excitedach time you received one? >> yes. it was really exciting for me. reporter: it's the kin of opportunity this new jersey teenager never expected. dylan move from trinidad to new jersey when he was 7, raised byi a le mom there were many challenges. his younger twin brothers have a serious heart condition and the family struggled with homelessness. >> we were in the shelter for hoout four months. >> reporter: t hardships turned into hard work, motivang him in the classroom. >> the knowledge that you have y. your brain, nobody can ever take that aw >> reporter: the honors student will be the first in his family toeg attend co
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>> words can't describe. words can't describe. i'm ectatic >> reporter: while we were with dylan, he got even more good news. after hearing hisstory, strangers decided to pitch in and help pay for college. >> full tuition and room and board? >> that's wha he's saying. >> reporter: even though the odds were against him. >> thank you so much. >> reporter:owhe numbers are in his favor. perseverance paying off. kathy park, nbc news, jersey city, new jersey. what a great story. we need that one. he s plans tody political science and later become a lawyer, he says. eventually he hopes to help support his family and assist his mom in achieving her dream g of openi a caribbean restaurant. >> an impressive young man. >> yes. tomorrow is supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg's devoted hday and her fans plan to celebrate in an unusual way. no cake or ice cream involved. no, people are planning to plank
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lick rbg while singing "happy birthday" on the steps of the supreme court tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. inspired by a recent interviewi which rbg called her trainer the most important person in her life. over 2,000 people have expressed interest on the facebook invite and more than 500 ve confirmed their attendance. >> we have seen her work out with he trainer. she is something else. >> she is something else. no wder he's the most important person. >> yeah, i'll say. how long can you guys plan'v gone three minutes. >> how long is the planking? you've gone threeinutes? >> have and it's not easy. i'm winded. >> it's a lot harder. i know. >> i'm not even telling you how long. >> we need proof, don't we, doug? >> not now. at thishour, are you crazy? >> i got three hours in my forecast. go rd,ght ahman. >> we'll time you. >> back to you, jim. g> i love a challenge. >> what are we do tomorrow? we're looking at some more warm weather across the area right now. very nice night after what was a earm day, not just warm, the
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warmest day weseen so far this year. boy, do we like to hear 75 earlier. now 62. winds o of the south at 15 miles per hour. still seeing that south wind and the cloud cover now is goik to p temperatures up. 68 the current mperature in leesburg, culpeper and fredericksburg. today, e were the highs we were excited, but well above ohat. back up 73 tomorrow. mostly cloudy. the only reason we're not wartor thay is because of the cloud cover around the area. a few showers and still warm.go we'va couple of chances atr showers. we'll talk about n just a second. look how warm it was across the country. 76, lexington. degrees.h, 77 buffalo, 66. that warm airhe coming up of the cold confront making its way our way. kansas city was they dropped the 20s right now, though, on the backside of that big storm making its way in. now, cloud cover,
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is the strong storms into ohio, down towards the atlanta someg storms there. area. the storm system itself, though, is moving sod far towa the north and east or north and west of our regionthat the trailing cold front's not going to have a whole lot of energy left. that's why i don't think we're oing to see much in the way of storminess in our area. 8:00 a.m., notice dy in d.c., but some showers to the west as they move across our region, though, they fizzle on out. can't rule out a sprinkle or two but i'm not expecting much. noon tomorrow, no cloud sunshine, hagerstown, leesburg, around warrenton. showers from i-95 south and east over towards the chesapeake bay. that's the best chance. if you live in southern h maryland, yve the best chance to see showers tomorrow, maybe even in d.c., fredericksburg. most of the region ereally stays dry tomorrow. 7:00 p.m. sti some showers down towards the south. eook at d.c. by 7:00.
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i think will see a nice sunset here tomorrow as the clouds are departing. meaning a very nice night to get out forne d back to the west, a little bit of a mix, maybe with snow in the higher elevations. colder air moving in for the weekend. not morrow. bus stop forecast, 59 at the bus stop. 67 recess. 73 degrees. remember, nice mild afternoon. and look at wha get for the weekend. not bad, but it's going to be a. lot col 56 degrees on saturday. st. patrick's day, high of 52. most of you will stay in ts 40 all day on sunday. wind chills in the 30s. it's going to be a bit of a ailly day, st. patrick's day. at least hav jacket. no need for the heavy coat. yes, the other night i said you could put away the puffy coats, but make sure you have jackets out because you are going to need them. 50 degrees i the temperature on tuesday. you know, most areas will stay in the 40s then w asll. so if you aren't doing any planking, it's a good ide aybe do it tomorrow, unless you
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like a little cooler -- >> 3:01, my personal best, kammehr. >> was pretty good. >> no one believes you. >> we saw it. >> cong up, tom wilson reaches a career milestone -- i'm out ot bh as the caps fly past philly. hey, guys. lily singe is here with a big announcement. big. plus weave oscar isaac and h choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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prevent problems, and to help provide the most reliable service possible. my name is tanya, i work at the network operations center for comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. this is xfinity sports desk. >> caps up in philly back to their winning ways. >> absolutely, guys. despite coming off their first loss since february 23rd, theps till one of the hottest teams in the league, winning 9r of thast 11. trying to sweep the series against the flyers and their googly eyed mascot gritty, which i got to be honest, i love. tom wilson never hit the 20-goal mark in his career. sitat 19. brett connolly comes up with a turnover. already got one goal. make it two. connollyith this 18th and 19th
11:25 pm
goals of the season. he's also closing in on 0. caps up 3-1. later in the same period, dmitry orlov tozn evgeney kusov, tom wilson, right there, 20 goals for the first time in his career. one of four 20-goal scorers on the team. they win 5-2. still up on the islanders in the metro dision. football news, landon collins, the redskins six-year 4 million safety formally intro ced today. playing for washington. a dream come true for collins. he grew up idolizing the great shawnaylor. collins joins six other crimson tide players on the roster including jonathan allen and ryan anderson both crucial to landon collins. >> we know each other like the back of oh our hands.n weow how each other plays, how we get after it, why we love this game and where we came from we are bama made.
11:26 pm
we know what it takes to win. all we want to do is win. playing with guys you know are going to get out there just as much as i'm after it. that makeser a big dice. maryland looking for the first postseason win in three years taking on nebraska. second w half,th the steal. a little bit of contact there. no foul. not pleased. gets hit with aec tical. and 90 secon left, maryland down six. james palmer jr. says this one is over, fellls. terps 69-61. acc tournament, calvvaliers the top seed facing nc state ine the quarrfinals. kyle guy for three and one. that makes it four. that's like doug kammerer on the floor right there.29 game highor guy. and later, guy spreading the love. nice no-look to jack salt. career high for salt with 18. virginia wins -56.
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they play florida state inhe semis tomorrow. more madness. let's fire up the band. a10 tournament, george mason taking on george washington. second half tied at 52. working the ball out for the finish there. colonials up two. patriots answer, though, right away. otis livingston ii good look. bottom. beats washington 62-57. they'll play st. bon venture in erfinals tomorrow. more acc action. virginia tech matching up with florida state. onwild final seconds of the game. hokies up one. gets a little bit of room and nails this one. head coach buzz williams, he's pretty jacked up about that. yes! now, this one went int overtime. final seconds tied at 63. terenceann gets the foul and shot. that is the dagger.
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rhode island avenue and silver spring. >> still unclear if this will impact the morning commute. make sure youurn on "news 4 today" when you wake up for the latest o this situation andhe shooting in christchurchnew zeala, nd
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