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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 16, 2019 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. a nation in shock. this morning, a suspected mass shooter is in custody, accused in the most horrific attack on innocent lives that new zland has ever seen. how the rest of the world is mourning wh that smallnation. developing overnight back here at home, a d.c. police officer rushed to the hospital in a squad car after getting hit by another car. more onhe scramble to track down the driver who took off. plus, a brutal murder case that spans across maryland and virginia. a teen's family says he could not escape a violent gang. this morning, these five alleged ms-13 gang members are charged with killing him. welcome in on this saturday
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morning, the 16thrc of 2019. good morning to you. i'm david culver. as you saw there, we are following several developing stories from overnight. we'll get you up to speed on all of those in a moment. first, we are inor a big cooldown today after we saw what was a taste of some warmth, summer preview, if you will, yesterday. storm tm 4's lauryn ricketts is back with us this weekend. that was really nice for those of us looking forward to the warmer temps. have to bringut the jackets today? >> all good things come to an end, temperatures topping out a good 20 degrees from where we were y. yester yesterday at 2:18, we hit a high degrees. it was so nice yesterday. plenty of sunshine. we'll have the sunshinetoday, but now we've got the wind. you trade the warm temperature for these blustery northwest winds, and we get much cooler conditions. 48 is the temperature right now. you see the bottom of your screen. we do have cloud cover out there right now. we wl start to see some
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sunshine. once the sun comes up, about 15 minufter 7:00 a.m., 48 degrees, winds out of the west at 12 miles per hour. probably felt them pick up a little last night. ey're going to stay with us throughout the day, gusting up to 30 miles per hour. esburg seeing gusts up to 36 miles an hour. on the breezy side today. listen,e have a little rain, possibly some snowflakes. oh, yeah, big changes coming our way. that's before we get out of the weekend. we'll talk about your weekend in detail coming up. >> snow? all right. we'll check in then. 6:02. the tragedy out of new zealand. muslim communities around the world are paying tribute to those killed in two different mosque shootings. area has been set aside near the christ church hospital. ther doctors are treating dozens of people injured in the shooting. 49eople were killed when anm opened fire during friday prayers. in the hours since, croes h left these flowers and messages
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to express support for the people affected by the tragedy. a day after the attack, the man appeared to be the main of the shootings appeared before a judge. the 28-year-old was in court, flanked by guards. he is handcuffed and wearing a white prison suit. in the images, his face is blurred. it's not because we're protecting his identity, but it is required for n for suspects not yet convicted. th is charged with one count of murder. judge says more charges could follow. his next court appearance is scheduled april 5th a. we'ro learning details about the attack. the suspected shooter came through the front door wearing all black, a helmet. he had a camera on. the soter live streamed several minutes of that horrific attack on social media.r af unleashing his rampage inside one mosque, investigato sayhe gunman then drove 3 miles to launch another deadly attacke. at a second mos
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later, police rammed his vehicle. it is inside the vehicle they found explosives. they then took the suspect into custody. this brutal and senseless attack inis spa emotions worldwide, including here at home. shomari stone spoke to mourners in sterling, virginia, at thes ad center, cs theyame together for a vigil. >> reporter: a prayer service at the adams center mosque in sterling, virginia. paying tribute to the l ateast 49 people killed in a terrorist attack at two mosques in new zealand. >> it hit very close tohome. we're at a mosque right now.he >> reporter: tse women are thankful. jews, christians, loudoun county sheriff's a deputi the fbi. >> this kind of response is what gives us comfort. >> reporter: are offering support to their heartbroken community. >> there's people from all over behind us, from different places of worship here to support us.
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we're feeling very supported. >> reporter: the worshippers in new zealand were attending friday prayers when the gunman opened fire. >> my heart ached when i heard about this very horrific tragedy. youknow, it was just obviously concern about, you know, copycats. >> it angers me, but it also concerns me. oudoun county chair at large phyllis randall says hate-filled rhetoric is responsible for the seemingly endless tror attacks. >> when you think about what happened to charlottesville, think about mother emanual church in southern california, the attack on the synagogue couple months ago, and now this, it just o keeps happenir and over. >>his hate is just not going to make us move forward. it is just not helping anything. >> shomari stone with that report. today, the islamic c virginia is standing in
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solidarity with thoseec ad in new zealand. a vigil tonight will be at 6:30. it will be followed b sunset prayer, located in falls church. we'reollowing the latest developments out of new zealand an are regards to the investigation in thebc washington app. search new zealand. let's bring you back home for a developingstory. d.c. police investigating after one of their officersco is ring after a driver hit him, then took off. this morning, one man is in custody. officers are still searching for other suspects. all this started when police were rponding ton armed carjacking ontheast last night. officers tracked down the stolen vehicle. as they were closer to the car, the suspect drove away and ended up hitting an officer. the officer wil okay. but later, the men crashed into another car. officers arrested one of the suspects. right now, they're looking for
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the second one. we'll post the latest in the nbc washington app. now to an update on a gruesomegang-related murder ott ut of falls church involving a teener there. the mother of the 16-year-old victim says her son w about to murdered, or thought he was about to be murdered. he suspected this might be coming. police have five arrests in the murder. officers say the victim once thou t of the click ofms-13 based in fairfax county as his friends. untihe showed up for meeting at a house on varnum street in prince george's county. >> the violent attack took place. our victim was stabbed as many as 100 times. he was murdered in the house on varnum. they eventually took his body, placed it into a vehicle, and drove back to virginia, at which dime they dumped the body on the side of the r and also set him on fire. >> just brutal.n' jack mother tells us that her son had been forcedng into e n el salvadorsalvador.
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they fell back into their clutches afteril the f fled to the u.s. he was a student athu fallsh high school. the principal said, in part, jackson was an engaging, young man. he will be greatly missed by the community.ool we have an update to a deadly shooting out of prince george's county. poli have arrested a man they believe killed a woman at an apartment complex in hi hyattsville. this man shot rivera while tr hng to rob during a drug deal on bellcrest road. she was a local deejay who went by the stage name dj salamander. her family started a gofundme page to help pay for the funeral expenses. a man is behind bars after a drug and gun bust. this started last week when policeri noticed ar lingering. when officers went up to the
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car, they found hethe man along with two passengers. amano, handguns, and cash were found. after searching his home, they found several loaded weapo they believe are linked to burglaries and armed robberies in the area. theyve also seized450 thc vapepens. he is being held this morning without bond. >> want to take you up to boston, where firefighters spent much of the night battling wt was amassive, nine-alarm fire at a casket company. after raging for hours, the inferno has been knoed down. you have to check outsc the ene. crews got nearby residents out of their homes, as the flames shot through the roof. the fire got so intense, all fire companiesere orderut of the building. they were told to get off the roof. aerial footage there shows t firefighteing to put out the flames from above uveng
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l ladder trucks. everyone was out of the building when the fire broke out. so far, no one has been seriously hurt. 6:10 is your time on this saturday. live look outside. we had a taste of summer yesterday. this morning, much cooler. you can see a slight breeze.ur ricketts tracking snow. yes, snow. we'll check in with her, right after this. november 17th is national take a hike day. at a-a-r-p, we're all about hikes
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and other things to keep you healthy. it's why we offer health tips for your body, and your brain. today is your day to make fitness happen. and a-a-r-p is here to help you take on today.
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welcome back. it all started with a failed drug deal, setting w off ad chain of events, including policeou chasing a man thr a quiet neighborhood. the incident rewreaked havoc in 2017. this morning,he man responsible is beginning his long prison sentence. ne 4's derrick ward got his hands on the body camera video. he explains how long the man suspected to be behind this will
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locked up. >> hop out of the f caror one minute. yove anything on u? >> reporter: this bodyeo cam v shows what was almost the ghlmination of a dangerous day in a quiet nborhood in silver spring backn april 2017. almostecause the man pol ere looking for wasn't through runnin >> stop! stop! >> reporter: police eventually captured then27-year-old lamont jones after this foo chase. they say he was involved in al drug d gone bad. the shots were fired on another suspectbout to carjack another car when he was arrested in the kingsburyun coy. >> this individual, who just had reckless consideration forell the peon that neighborhood. >> reporter: lamont jones was sentend to 35 years in jail, on charges of accessory after the fact and attempted first degree murder, attempted carjacking, and a weapons charge. adding t authorities' outrage is where and when it all happened. >> gunshots in the middle of the day, around /32:0 in the
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afternoon, on a weekday. >> reporter: police started getting 911 calls about the gunfire, and two other men turned up in a car, believed to be involved in the initial drug deal. one man was wounded. the car had bullet witn all describe a gold or champagne colored ealade suv being involved. police searched the area and spted the suv. jones had jumped out. police caught him after the foot chase. a lot had happened in half an police found a bag behind a port-a-john wh 3 pounds of marijuana, loaded .45 automatic, an e anty clip. jones had a prior two counts of robbery in fairfax a years before. he could be on parole in 20 years. at montgomery county circuit court, derrick ward, news 4. a live look outside here in northwest this morning. there. see the flag a breezy start to your saturday. much cooler today. for those of us hoping for more warmer days like we had yesterday, well, laurenyn rickes
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an alexandria teen claimed a national science honor, a big win with a huge prize. $250,000. news 4 introduces us to the ed self-profepace nerd in the spotlight. >> from d.c. williams high school in, alexandr virginia,
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anna humphrey. >> reporter: it's the biggest ience competition in the country, and alexandria, virginia, native, anna humphrey has won it. >> being a part of the science talent search has been a dream of mine sin the sixth grade. >> reporter: the science talent search comes with more than jusg brag rights. as the first place winner, anna takes home $250,000. >> it's goi to take a while for this all to sink in, for sure. >> reporter: this is anna and her father in the hls of tc williams high school, where she is a senior, and he happens to be a teacher. >> not only proud of all she's done, but also reallyf proud how the schools here, and the teachers she's had really supported her over the years. >> my goal was to figure out how massive e planet could be. >> reporter: how did shelaim is national honor? 's her work all of this research on exoplanets,lanets that orbit stars beyond our solar system. >> if you have a larger planet,
6:19 am
the possible places it could fit get smaller. i'm a space nerd, as simple as that. >> reporter: and her school couldn't be more proud. >> we didn't go out and recru anna. we didn't ask her to come here. she is our own alexandrian who comes to our school. we as a public high school get that recogtion through her is amazing. >> reporter: where does this space nerd go from here? college. anna wants to one day be an si astropst. >> my goal has been to do good science. >> reporter: whatever she chooses to do, h l futureks out of this world. news 4. >> she calls herself a space nerd. i love it. >> do you consider yourself a weather nerd? >> yeah. >> weather and math >> i don't like , mat i can do it. that girl --
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>> very impressive. >> goo for her. folks are going to be disappointed. yesterday, those ofes getting warmth, then what'd you talk about, snow? >> a little bit. >> walk us through this. >> a fewsi flakes pe sunday night to monday. that's about it. a few flakes.d. not that i had to say something to tease it. we had 78 degrees yesterday. we have 50das it is going to be a little on the chilly side out there today, especially compared to yesterday. temperatures were really warm. mygoodness, yesterday was so nice. les show you what's going on. sun coming up in an hour from now. we are looking at some beautiful conditions out there today on th k saturday. w there's a lot of festivities going on out there. let's break it d tn over next four days. yesterday. as warm as a good 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. we also have the winds out thera it is going to be a little blustery at times. lighter winds are a comin us tomorrow. tomorrow, we'll havech the ill, but it won't be as blustery. now, monday, we have some
6:21 am
morning precipitation, a little bit of rain, a littl bit of snow. by the time we get into tuesday, we're pretty quieter out as far as your weekend outlook is concerned, we have a 5k in lington. listen, a lot of 5ks, 10ks picking up as we enter the itring season. l be a little on the blustery side out there, but we'll have plenty of sunshine once the sun comes up, 15 minutes after 7:00. grab the warm jacket. ny outdoor chores, getting the gardening going, it'll be windy but we have no ra h. you probabrd the wind pick up overnight. 20s and 30s right now. winds gusting up to 30 mes an hour across the board. we could have gusts over 30 miles per hr, but that'll be about average. we're dry. try to have sprinkles north and west of d.c., but we're dry. a lot of that not hitti the ground. 56 will be the day titime high h
6:22 am
please sy c plenty of sunshine. once again, full sunshine out there. passing disturbance through late sunday night into early monday. we're dry sunday night. look. at th as we get into monday morning, oh, yeah, that's a little bit of snow that you s out there. listen, as soon as it hits the grhend, with temperatures in 50s this weekend, it is going to melt. we're not talking about accumulation. this will fly right on by through the mid-morning, it'll all be out of here. i'm not expecting issues through your monday morning. don't think there will be cancellations or delays for schools. as far as this week, pretty quiet conditions. the temperatures are going to be .round 50 degrees as we head through this we low to mid 50s as we head into the upcoming weekend and back intohe 60s next
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a city is literally lighting up the streets, but this is not for some big party. they're trying to ward off zombies. >> that's right. we're not talking aboutctual zombies, okay? officials are trying to help so-called smartpho zombies. we got them around here, too. >> oh, yeah. >> people just looking at tir phones before walking into the street. >> so in l-aviv, light strips have been built right into the efound, so people looking down will spot them be accidentally walking into traffic. we've seen the vids on
6:26 am
youtube, walking into cars. >> it's sad that's what we've come to. i >>s sad. >> it's not a bad idea. london, they tell you which way to because cars are coming from the opposite direction. follows that tren you came in a quite a story about a coy we hybridf or something. >> tried to attack my jeep today. >> iallegedly. think this story tops that. it is one thing you couldn't stop home security wise either. talking about this moose. falls into someone's basement. this is in colorado. >> mooses are bigs -- it mooses? is that the plural? >> it a plural. >> in colorado, it landed right on this bed. >> oh, my gosh. >> police say two people were sleeping in the room when it happened. they weren't hurt. they were obviously just shocked. moose was fine. wildlife officials sedated her, moved her out of the house and back into the wild. loth at . >> stumbled in. >> hey, what's up, guys?
6:27 am
>> go home, moose. you're drunk. go home. what is that all about? that' that's crazcrazy. >> insane. i wish we could stay with the 70s. >> i yknow. >> aftterday, i'm ready for spring. doesn't look like we're quite there. we're talking about sn. we haveow i
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people aren't talking about how much money they saved buying giant-brand chicken. they're not talking, because they're eating. oh, hello. at giant, it's the little things that make mealtime easy, so you have more time
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with the people you love. >> announcer: "news 4 today"
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starts now. hi there. welcome back to "news 4 ontoday his saturday morning. 16th of march, 2019. good morning. what'd you think of that? taste of summer yesterda right? how nice was that, lauryn ricketts? were a lot of folks able to shed some layers? >> yeah. >> today, we're going to put them back on, is that right? yeah, unfortunately. it is going to feel just a little bit more like it shoeld or this time of year, with temperatures in the low to mid hes today. however, we've gotind out there. you probably felt it pick up last night, if you were out and about. at least you heard it. i did after 8: l p.m.t night. the wind is going to be with us all throughout the listen, we louds out there right now. we'll have clear skies once the sun comes up. sun coming up 15 minutes after 7:00. we have a lot of people getting y to run maybe a 5 or 10k. you'll be fine out there today., howeou'll have to worry about the wind. it is going to be a little blustery at times. winds gusting to 30 miles per hour. sustained winds between 10 and 20 miles per hour.
6:31 am
even though the temperatures are in the upper 40s, going to feel cooler than that. you can see wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour all across, even out to the eastern shore. that'll be with us throughout the day today. mid 50s today, but our temperature takes us a little tumble as we head into the early next week. say good-bye to the 70s. we'll let y i know we have any more of the 70s coming up on 1e ten-day forecast. that's all about minutes. >> lauryn, we'll check in then. 6:31. we want to get breaking news. this coming in out of las vegas from overnight. aolice officnd a suspect were shot after a casino robbery on the strip. according to the las vegas review journal newspaper, there was an armed robbery at the bellagio late last night. the suspect tried to steal a car outside the building. the spect shot the officer in the chest, and the officer fired ck, hitting the suspect. the officer was fortunately wearing a bullet proof vest and is expected to okay. the suspect is in critical
6:32 am
condition. police are still investigating and looking through surveillance video to learn more. 6:32. to the latest on the tragedy out of new zealand thi morning. muslim communities all over the world are payingthribute to e killed in two different mosque shootings. an area has been set aside near the christ church hospital. there, doctorsin are tre dozens of people injured in the shooting. 49 people were killed when a gunman hoped fire during friday prayers. in the hours since, crowds have left flowers and left messages there to express support with the people affected by this tragedy.ct the main sus in the shooting, brendon harrison tarrant, was in court earlier this morning in new zealand. he faces one count of murder, but the judge says more charges are to come. in the hours following the ze attack in newand, officers here stepped up their presence at mosques. i spoke with some at the adams
6:33 am
center in sterling, virginia. >> reporter: muslims gathering for friday sprprayers, lifting n and suffering to a higher power. >> hear gose to familes to fami brothers and sisters who lost their life in this tragedy. >> reporter: resonating with muslims all over the world, including here, m 8,000es away in sterling, virginia. >> we need to stand against the teaching of bigotry and hate. >> reporter: the attack sparktig a determi in faith. >> we must be hopeful, always. we must process and stopate and bigotry, but we must continue our daily lives. >> reporter:ea is there or trepidation to step into a mosque today? >> i don't think so. i think muslims are scared in general, but nothing that would stop us from coming and doing what our religion requires us to
6:34 am
do. prayer is really impornt for us. >> reporter: loudoun county sheriff's deputies stand big to safeguhe prayer, as muslim leaders take oa deeper effort to root out ignorance. they hosted a group from virginia who knew little about islam. >> they said, you kn, i'd love to grab coffee with you. you're just like us. humans. eah, we're >> we're all human beings. we have the same red blood flowing through our bodies. >> reporter: loudoun county supervisor encouraging people to sl down. recognize that humanity in others. >> when you see your neighbor, instead of going quickly by them, stop and say hello, and talk with one another. spread the message of pee. >> that peace-filled message will continue today at the ismic center in virginia. solidarity ding in with those affected. dar hal-hijrah ising a vigil tonight at 6:30, followed by
6:35 am
sunset prayer. that's in falls church. we're following thet lat developments out of new zealand on the app. the digital team updating that throughout the day. search new zealand. to other headlines this morning. the man accused of sending pipe formethrough the mail to president obama, to cnn, and to other people he believed to be opponents of president trump, is about to make a plea deal. he is expected to plead guilty next week. he was chargeder in oct with sending 16ro impsed explosive devices through the u.s. mail to victims across the country. none of the bombs actually exploded. all new this morning, police arrested a man they say tried to kidnap a little girl in prince george's county. officers were called to a neighborhood off cherry lane in laurel. they say alexander walked up to a 7-year-old girl playing in her front yard. after allegedly showing her images on his phone, he grabbed her and tried to lead her away.j
6:36 am
children nearbped in, starting to scream, which alerted the girl's father. alexander started to run, according to police, but was held down by theather until officers arrived. he now faces attempted kidnapng charges. now to a troubling, new report about mental health in america. mo teens and young adults are struggling with depression, anxiety, a thoughts of suicide. experts think electronics and social media are partly to blame. researchers at san diego state university looked at data from drug use and health, dating back to the 1970s. 52% increase in teens dealing with depression over the past y decade, there was no significant increase among older adults. researchers did not study the rememb reason behind the trend but say technology changes how people interact.
6:37 am
with social media and phones replacing face-to-face interaction, crucial for mental health and development. if you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, there is help out thereo head t website and click on changing minds for a list of thousands of students in d.c. skipping school, demanding action on climate chchge. crowds m to capitol hill as part of a worldwide rallyo protest the lack of action against global warming. protesters are worried about the future of the environmen >> agricultural industry, the meat industry, fossil evfuels, yone needs to do their part and protect the earth. >> some students have gone vegan to help the planet. others cut back on waste. rm,is part of the plat pushing for the green new deal to be passed. the senate is expected to vote at the end of e month on whether to take up the resolution of the deal.
6:38 am
students around the globe are demanding action when it comes to climate chan. this is aprotest in new york city, where demonstrators gathered near central park. at least six were arrested after blocking traffic. the protest started online and spread through social thmedia. e organizer of the movement is a teenager from sweden. she was just nominated this week for the nobel peace prize. this morning, you have to ve find alternate routes through the cower courts 4 miler race will be up until 11:00 this morning. there will be detours in rosalynn as well as coming over the key bridge. ahead on "news 4 today," a mother pleading guilty to poisoning her own son in the hospital. she thought she could help doctors but only made herhild worse. news 4's
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
a young mom is accused of harming her disabled son, setting off a medical emergency. only on news 4, we're seeing the hidden camera video that played in court last night and led to the woman's arrest. as northern virginia bureau chief julie carey report, evena he woman pleaded guilty, she denied she intended to hurt her child. >> reporter: this is hidden camera video of the moment that got this mom arrested for child abuse. elizeth malone injecting her disabled son with her own blood as he lay gravely ill. these are the syringes used. didne starts by denying she anything to her boy. only finally admitting it titearfully when dets tell her they have video.
6:42 am
>> i don't want to intentionally cause him harm. i know i did. i know i did. punish me. please let me see my children again. da>> reporter: in court the mother of three pleading guilty to one count of child abuse. defense attorney telling the judge, quote, she denies any intention to harm her child. she loves her child likeny mother. she didn't like how her son was being cared for, so she injected himteo get a b response. prosecutors say the injections left the child with infections and high fevers. he spentru much of fy and march of 2018 in pediatric icu. doctors baffled by spoeeaneous ng from his nose and mouth. then during a subsequent april hospitalization, a nurse spotted a syringe hidden in malone's shirtsleeve and a bloody napkin in the bathroom. the decision was made to insert a camera. in her purse, they found
6:43 am
syringes and needle. since malone has been in jail, her little boy's condition haspr ed so much. he's even been able to attend school. malone will be sentenced in mid-july. in fairfax county, i'm julie carey, news 4. 6:43. a live look outside on this saturday, as the sunday makes its way up. we are tracking cooler
6:44 am
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y" "tohow is coming up soon. we have peter alexander and j sheinellees standing by. >> good morning. saturday morning on "today," the latest from new zealand, where the man police say killed 49 people had his first court appearance. the community and world reeling from the hate-filled attack. we're live in christ's church. ahead this morning, is there a brewing mob war happeng in new york city? that's what some are wondering after a reputed mob boss was in cold blood. as the irid riditarod comes finish in alaska, we have a racer whose supporters are pushing her to theinh line. >> we have those stories and more when we get started on a saturday morn heerg ing here on "today." >> we had a taste of warmth yesterday, but lauryn ricketts
6:47 am
is tracking snow. something to look forward to. >> no. okay. >> we'll see you in 15. >> see you. tomorrow marks a special f birthd music lovers. nat king cole wouldave been 100. he is being honored at the museum for african-american history and culture. we toured the museum with his twin >> reporter: nat king cole had a voice like no other. while he tied at young age of 45, he left behind a tremendous body of work, including dozens of hit records, shows. as movies and tv cole was the first african-american singer to have his own network show. >> announcer: the nat king cole show. >> he broke so many racial barriers. >> reporter: when he died in 1965, his twin daughters were only 3 years old. they got to know their father through his records, as well as the memmiies of , friends, and fans. they admit their father's legacy
6:48 am
can be, attimes, overwhelming. >> was this person real? eas this person my father? it is almost lhe mystery of santa claus. >> reporter: at the national museum ofmet by the dictor. >> they got to see artifacts. >> he was one of the greatest jazz musicians. the way he masterfully uses the piano. >> reporter: the cole sisters continue their 's legacy with the generation hope foundation. >> empowering children with the wonderful, creative expression of music. >> reporter: what they'll be thinking on theirfather's100 birthday. >> it seems like he is still here. >> sounds amazing. he never left. >> reporter: a new retrospective of icole's music being released to coincide with his birthday. saturday, the museum will host a
6:49 am
panel discussion on cole's career, as well as performance by gregory porter, who is f nominate a grammy for his album of nat kg cole songs. for more, go to nbc and search at king cole." mark segraves, news 4. >> going to be a cool exhibit. he shares his birthday with st. paddy's day. it'll be a busy weekend celebrating. >> celebrating nat king cole's birthday and st. paddy's day. >> if it was yesterday though, it would have been a time. >> were you off yesterday? >> i was not, but it was great to work outside yesterday. >> i was off yesterday. i didn't know if yesterday you were off. i was off yesterday and so excited because it was so nice. >> it was beautiful. >> yesterday afternoon, 2:18, 78 degrees. >> i love it. >> average temperature for this time of year, 56. that'll b going to be today. >> okay. >> temperatures slip a little bit as we go through this week. not going to be too bad, temperatures will be in the 50s. we can deal with it we do have a beautiful sunrise
6:50 am
coming up right now. let's look at o maps. you can see, isn't that pretty? >> stunning. >> look at the sky, the cover of . listen, we'll have these clouds scour out. right now, we're seeing the we will have some clearing throughout the morning. sun coming up 15 minutes after 7:00. what a beautiful sunrise it is going to be if we can keep the cloudsaround. just gorgeous out there right now. listen, not a lot of rain in sight. we do have some rain and even some snowflakes late sunday night to monday. we're dry today. dry as we go through much of your sunday and monday and even into tuesday and wednesday. that's not that good because we need to r g of some of this pollen. we have tree pollen that's pretty high. moderate to gh. i mean, that's what's impacting you right now, if you have a little bit of the sniff activity. again, the pollen report, trees are running high, and been the last couple of days. need to get some rain to get that out. no rain in sight, not today. just the winds carrying some of the pollen around. winds are gusting.
6:51 am
look at that, leesburg report gusts up to 38 miles per hour. little blustery and cool. the temperatures right now are starting in the 30s and 40s. some areas, annapolis on the water at 50 degrees. of course it fee cooler because of the wind, so it feels like the 30s and low 40s out there. hras we gogh your saturday, listen, we'll have plenty of sunshine. it'll be breezy throughout the day today with temperatures rising into e mid 50s. as we continue into the evening andovernight, those temperatures will fall as the winds go light. they're not going to go light until aft10:00 p.m. tonight. not a lot going on. little disturbance passing through pennsylvania right now. for the most part, we are dry if you're traveling throughout the mid-atlantic. as far as the forecast goes for tomorrow, today will be in th mid 50s. and tomorrow more of the same. however, tomorrow, we're not going to have the winds. much lighter wd tomorrow but plenty of sunshine. still a little cool. right on paror this time of year. let's go ahead and start this futurecast at 5:30 tomorrow
6:52 am
afternoon. you can see we're dry. then as we head overnight hours, oh, yeah, that's a little bit of snow out there. that's coming early monday morning. listen, temperatures are going to be in the 50s. we're not expecting any accumulation, so you'll see flakes flying around, maybe a little wetness onour windshield as you wake up for work monday morning. it scoots out by theiddle part of the morning. no accumulation expected. it'll be a wet snow, mainly rain with wet snowflakes mixed in. we're dry through muchf monday. we'll have cloud cover around. we have the am showers on sunday ght intomonday. again, windy out there today. winds settle down after 10:00 p.m. tonight. temperatures drop into the 20s and 30s. ck into the 50s tomorrow. tomorrow night into monday, t we'll hav little risk of a shower and snowflakes we're dry going through next week. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, the temperatures gradually go right on up. by next weekend, we are in the 60s. not a lot of rain in sight. again, that'll be something we'll continue to watch. rightnow, it's
6:53 am
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it takes minerals d it drives it deep into the tooth surface so that we can actively help repair weakened enamel. i do think dentists are going to want to recommend the new ipronamel repair toothpaste.g it's such an easy answer and it will do exactly what their patients need. 6:55 on this saturday, here are four things to know. e main suspect in the new zealand mosque shootings appearing in court one day after the massacre. brenton harrison heate tarrant charged with one count ofikely .
6:56 am
athome, a show of solidarity. dar al-hijrah will have a service at 6:30 tonight. stay up to date on developments about the shooting on the nbc washington app. a d.c. police officer expected to be okay after a driver h him, then took off. he was struck while responding to an armed carjacking in t nighast l one man is in custody, but this morning, policese are still ching for other suspects. if you're traveling through arlington this morning, a heads up. r locale could slow you down. today is the four courts 4 mile race. these are the main streets that are going to be impacted. it is going toead to several road closures until 11:00 this morning. i cannot get enough of this. this is beautiful. >> gorgeous. i'm going to go back and tweet this out. i don't know how much you can see of this, but it is absolutely beautiful. th colors are stunning. sun coming up in 15 minutes from
6:57 am
now. let's go ahead and take a look at the ten-day forecast. let's just take a look at this.y hone not a lot going on with the ten day. temperatures in the 50s. breezy out there today. as we go through the day tomorrow, lighter winds st. patrick's day. plenty of sunshine. maybe light rain and snow. no accumulation sunday night toy mo we'll be dry much of monday and dry through much o nooex weext . >> what happened to the 78? >> see you later. >> that was so inice. was great yesterday. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes fo
6:58 am
6:59 am
[vacuum] ♪ introducing fresh step clean paws, with low tracking litter.
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your vacuum becomes a cat toy. let's make litter less of a mess. let's start fresh. good morning. breaking overnight, suspect in court. the gunman believed to bebehind new zealand's first terror attack ever goes before a judge. appearing to flash a white nationalist si incourt. the world reeling after 49 were killed and dozenin jured, after he apparentlyd wal into two mosques and opened fire. family and friends trying to figure out if l theired ones are among the dead. >> don't know if our family members are alive or dead. if they're alive, they don't know where they are. >> the country's prime minister is vowing there will ber stric gun laws there. we're live in new zealand. >


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