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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  March 17, 2019 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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- [narrator] tame the tuition monster... - huh? - [narrator] colleges across the country. visit . one of new zealand's darkest y. >> they cheat the system. >> planes in the area will be grounded. >> i am running as the next president. ♪ good morning, welcome to "sunday today" on this saint patrk's day, i am willie geist. over night terrorist attack of the two mques in new zealand has raised to 50 this morning. the brave man w confronted the suspecg is speak out. >> is joe biden ready to run?
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he's launching his candidacy on saturday night in delaware saying he has the most progressive record of anybody running but quickly to correct himself to say i didn't mean that. we'll talk to chuck todd aboutn bind beto. a new entry to the field this morning. plus, rising floodwaters across the midwest and this week's melting snow are forcing residents to theirme a sunday sit-down with woody harrelson in austin texas. the legendary career that began in a dare in his high school's library. >> talend -- i am like i can't do my elvis here,oo many people. before you know, they convinced me. i just started singing. >> still got it though. >> oh, thankou. >> a sunday sit-down with woody
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harrelson that you don't twoowao miss and harry smith on this stunning college admission scandal. let's begin with the latest in new zealand where the deaas toll risen over night after the attack onwo mosques in the city chris church on friday. one woripper is being hailed as a hero for confronting the nbc miguel almaguer, good morng. >> reporteigils like this are growing across the country. 50 people dead, more people were killed in the singling day shooting mass spree than murdered in a year. >> repter: the most savage attack in newla zeand history,
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gunfire ended prayers in two mosques christ church. it cou have been much worse. >> come this way, i want to tak his focus out of the mosque. aziz ran out to fiend out the suspect. he poicked up the empathy gun that the shooter discarded. >> he drove off. >> reporte >> it was just bloodvewhere. people dead everywhere. it was like a slaughter house. >> adid trapped under body survived. his father was shot in t back and is in serious condition. >> myk dad t a bullet for me. when i woke up, he was lying on my head.
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after appearing in court, he's likely to face multiple counts ofmurder. >> at this moment, only one person has been charged in this attack. the 28-year-old australian had bethe move. the suspect had recently been in dubai, turkey, bulgaria and romania and hungry. this small nation tragedy rippling around the globe. vigils held in afghanistan,in a and turkey. >>. >> reporter: this morning the world sharing the citysorrow. >> reporter: dozens remained in the hospital. the youngest victim is just two years old. the primeys minister he
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suspect will be tried in this country and later today, he' ta talk to lawmakers about stricter gun laws. miguel, thank you. back here at home, the field of democratic candidates hoping tomp defeat president t continues to grow. this morning after a two-month explo explatory run made it official. gillibrand, she's in. and biden, he has another hint of his contention. morgan radford. good morning. >> right now biden is back and may tipped his in front of enthusiastic supporters showing 2020 may be a possibility. >> reporter: joe biden known for
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the occasion slip of a tongue when he was vice president, ressibly made another one when he spoke in dela last night. >> i have the most progressive record for anybody who would run. >> reporter: the crowd roaring with approval. >> i didn't mean it. >> reporter: biden laughing and making the sign of the cross. >> reporter: one of biden's potential rival beto o'rourke, weoming him to run. >> i think it would be lucky to have vice president biden in this race. >> reporter: o'rourke was off oa rday on saturday literally. >> voter turn out was up all over the state, voter turn out was up 500% from year.
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>> reporter: be r orter: bernie sanders saying his ideas did win even though he did notwi >> those ideas that we talked about four years ago that seems so radical at that time, today the majority of the americanup peoplert those ideas. >> reporter: cory booker and amy klobachar are als running hard in iowa. this morning gillibrand announced she's in the race. >> thas why i a running for president and why i am asking you for your support. >> reporter: gillibrand's entry in the race now means 14 democrats have officiallyun and their running. the republicans had 17 around and right now the contenders are showing each other respect with the first democratic debate, we'll see how long this will last. >> as they get on the debate
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stage, that'll change >> we'll see. >> morgan, thank you. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press." >> you got busy show on "meet the press." >> yep. >> i want to ask you about joe biden. he keeps dropping these hin w abouther or not he may run. can we assume he's in the race and number two, when he does get in the race, what does he doe i field? >> yes. >> we should be treating them as a presidential candidate that has notiled the papers yet. my god, we all have sources of theundraiser who agreed to throw the first fundraiser and things like that. it is all happening, they're just literally doing the infrastructure. i can tell you this. i was in iowa over theweekend, willie, it was a fresh reminder that these iowans are going to be looking for new. frankly bernie sanders as well,
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these voters are shopping and looking for new c. they are drawn to new and drawn to something unfamiliar, not familiar. they like joe biden t somebody they know. can he withstand six months of this and be the guy at the end to say well, all right, i am going w to goh biden. that feels like what their candidacy is going to he got to figure out how to make his candidacy seeing new and fresh and forward looking. that's a hugehallenge for m. >> that's before he's in the race and before we really get a look at the field. beto o'rourke made it official. he got in the race, hee has on lunch counter as standing the all week. he got a huge media coverage. how do you like his chances? >> the guy reminds me of every candidate that does well in iowa. he's upbeat. when you look at obama, he did
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well in iowa and mike huckabee and jon edwards was good in wa. they lik this. you can see it. they're trying to fall in love wi him. od, he's frustrating at times on his lacks of specifics. getting edibly good of a question and showing you how much he knows about that issue and not taking a position. at the end of the day, that may work. the question is how long can he keep it up and will democratic votersit be okay that? >> we'll see how he does with you in just minutes on"m t the press." >> we got some hints about the mueller report this week, some people read one lead lawyer stepping away from the counsel's office as an indication of things may be wrapping up.
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do we have any sense here of where this is head and how soon we may get it? >> no, we don't. it is sort of a warning. we know it does appear that the investigative part is over and now it is more about the report and finishing the trials and re about -- you saw every time you see a sign that mueller is about to wrap up that there is another sign of one of the tnesses, rickgates, in particular, they need him longer. cases.s to help with the it is coming in the next few weeks. there is this bizarre anticipation in washington over it. at the end of the day, i will be honest with you, i am tired of speculatg about it. let's wait and see what happens. when he files a record, there is goin to be one sentence press release that says the mueller report had been filed and we get to spend a day parsing that one sentence. country.aks for t call me when it is over. let me know when the report is
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here. >> i am with congress. 4:20. let's go. >> we'll look more on "immediate the press, chuck is joining amy klobachar and beto o'rourke> olice have made an arrest, officials took 24 years anthony carmelo in to custody on saturday and plan to chargeim with murder. francesco cali was gunned down. rescue tms are out in force across theidwest as warmer temperatures are meltinghe winter snow leading to rising floodwaters across several states. r rescuersg saveople trapped in their homes. flood warnings and advisories remain in effect. now, let's get a check on your local weather.
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straight ahead, the highs and lows in the wk including senator mit romney with a novel approach torong out his bihday candles, one by one. we'll continue the important national debate abouthat. >> the australian paraglider who stuck the landing but got punched by a kangaroo. >> the college scandal that was at theop of the country this week andhat it says about the
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culture. >> does it feel that the plain feel is not even? >> it feels like no matter how you go about things, it is going to be an uneven game. >> it is all coming up on "sunday today." our photo of the week, doug mis of democratic house speaanr of pelosi and the shadow of president trump as the political rival passed each political rival passed each ot i can't believe it. that we just hit the motherlode of soft-serve ice cream? i got cones, anybody wants one! oh, yeah! get ya some! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. ed! ed! we struck sprinkles! [cheers] believe it. geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. geico could save you fifteen percent stop fearing your alarm clock... with zzzquil pure zzzs.
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and if you have any medical conditions. so, what do you think? now i feel i can do more to go beyond lowering a1c. ask your doctor about jardiance today. gan ratford is back as we run through the highs and lows of the week and ourirst hig goes to the high level of national interest in tt romney's 72nd birthday celebration to you. ♪daappy bir to you ♪ happy birthday dear, senator romney ♪ >> thank you. ♪ happy birthday to you >> so f so relatively normal. turns out senator romney lovese twin so his staff got creative and made a twinkie cake, got it, but it'sd what happeext that drew the curiosity of the world. watch how the former presidential nominee blows out his candles.
8:19 am
>> those are all wishes i'm getting. >> senator romney plucking the candles and blowing them out one by one. romney's method fascinated many people cnd thep quickly went viral. a little odd maybe but romney became a hero to the people who don't want the birthday boy or irl blowing germs all over the cake. even science about it. a 2017 study from clemson university publish in "the journal of food research" shows blowing out all the candleset once like all do probably and litting all over the place increased bacteriels on the cake by 1,400%. now you know. so it turns out mitt romney's not weird. you are just gross. >> is that really te, c willie? >> it's science. >> is that the conclusione' drawing. >> it was in "the journal of food." embarrassment nd i got from watching that video, come on, man, who is taking a
8:20 am
tking on twinkie one by one. >> romney's awkwardness combined by the one by one. >> il take the germs. >> for the first low i'll paraphrase the old wide world of sports line. it was the thrill of victory and the agony of being punched by an onery kanroo. an australian paraglider jonathanomishop was cg in for a perdict lan after a two-hour ride over the national locals n a couple of hopped in to welcome hick bam to earth. the locals were kangaroos and the welcome was a ricross.>> what's up, skip? >> back offck off. get out of the way. >> yes. the kangaroo popped up andpu nched the man as he landed a couple of times. that will teach you not to call an angry kangaroo skip. i an interyour sk, bro. >> he wasn't feeling that, and he sort of steered towards them, howiful the wildlife.
8:21 am
>> they weren't ready for it and neither was he. >> hs like this is our home, bang. another gh goes to a birthday celebration. a new jersey man was turning 62 yearspened andis sons who o send florida wanted him a perfect gift and settled this on this a billboard encouragers passers-by to call their dad and wishim a happy rthday. they were kind enough to include his personalr. phone num when a photograph of the billboard went viral around the world his phone almost melted down. >> hello. happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> this is from south carolina, by the way. >> thank you. >> hello. >> just want to say happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> where are you calling >> florida. >> thank you. thank you very much. i appreciate it. have a gre night. >> he has received now tens of
8:22 am
thousands of calls and from around the world, including from places as far away as nepal and. the philippin chris says pranks like this from his sons are a tradition, but this is the biggest of themif a. you're wondering chris' voice mailbox is currently the billboard will be up until april. >> i can appreciate the good samaritans who stopped and called, but if you ever put my personal number out here on the "today" show we're going to have a >>problem. ounds like it's not the first time with the sons with theidad. >> ourinal low goes to the russian waiter who knows how to bring down a party and a ♪hampagne tower. >> he doesn't seem all upset about it. after the disaster, by the way, the orchestra playedn just as it did on the "titanic." i've never quioo under the champagne tower, how the
8:23 am
mechanics of that work, you start at the top and it spills all the way down. >> i've never been luck you enough to be at an event where there is a champagne tower. >> he's kind of like it's happening. nomp cne tower for the next event. >> no. >> not a good idea. coming up next, a sunday sit-down with woody harrelson in austin, tngas, talbout his big break on "cheers" and the real life lawmen that caught up to bonnie and cde and why he only goes to awards shows these days. >> and a discovery in the ancient soil that could be a major medical breakthrough. >> and then morgan and i are ready to answer questions on live tevision. send us your best and weirdest on facebook and twitter with the #sundaytoday. we'll do that at the end of the show. it's a reminder of your struggles with psoriasis.
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lanham, and another woman is in the hospital this morning. police sayhis happened in a neighborhood along alcona street. at the scene officers found both people inside a home suffering from gunshot wounds. right now police are collecting evidence, and so far no word on a possible suspect. listen, before youead out for st. patrick's day, you'll want to make sure you get home safely. why lyft is offering free rides for those of you celebrating the holiday. the ride-share company isg team up with the washington ingional alcohol program a to offer promo codes. it will cover your $15 fare and anything after that you'll have to take care. it starts at 4:00 p.m. today and goes to 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. warmer temperes are on the way and lauryn ricketts will be back with your forecast.
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a little chilly today, but it looks like the sun will be out. we'll check in with lauryn ricketts. what's it looking like? >> locking beautiful out there right now, meagan. we'll have plenty of sunshine out there all day long on this st. patrick's day. temperatures right now a little chill toe start. we're in the 20s and 30s and we'll warm right on up into the low to mid-50s. looking good throughout the day and by this afternoon wonderful. if you liked yesterday you're going toseike today bec we don't have the winds today. now, some overnight rain and snow showers not going to amount to anhing, but we could have a few around for the morning commute. we'll dry out late tomorrow afternoon. we're dry this week and spotty
8:30 am
showers on thursday. >> amazing. ank you so much, lauryn. more news and weather, of course, comin up here but for now back to "sunday today." >> i think garry is probably playing with us, like a rat with a mouse. >> that's a cat and a mouse. cat and a samouse. >> a cat and a mouse on't play together. they are mortal enemies. they don't even know the same games. think before you speak, sam. >> that is a young woody harrelson on "cheers," theic ichow where he starred for eight seasons as a bartender named woody. that emmy-winning role was the beginning of a long, wonderful hollywood ride fory woodl harrelson. after a 35-year career that includes oscar nominated performances like his lat"t in ee billboards outside ebbing, missouri" and "hunger games" and "star wars" movies
8:31 am
and r aurn to tv in "a te detective," woody has remained woody, a one of a kind guy you definitely want to hang how the with. he and i got together for a sunday sit-down on the colorado river in austin, texas where he wa previewing his new netflix movie. he arrived in a cowboy jacket, denim pants, cowboy hat and slippers and ready to nroll. >> w was a kid i thought i'd like to be famous. >> woody harrelson always knew he'd end u in show business one way or another. >> i remember at the time this film crew coming through lebanon, ohio and i was like, n, this seems like it would be cool life. >> his career was born one day in a high school library with some help from the king ofll ro 'n' >> they had these -- these records you could f gm "tv guide" and one of the records i got was elvis' golden oldies.
8:32 am
cut to i'm in the library, and someone s,s, wood do your el vicious you know. i'm like i can't do my elvis in here. there's too many people. well before you know, it they m convinceand i was like -- ♪ and i just started singing. >> still got it, by the way. >> and then it started getti a little louder, you know. ♪ ♪ scares me to death and everybody is around, clapping, and up comes this girl robin rogers who is one of the prettiest girls in the scol, never paid me any time of day and came up and said i'm robin rogers, i'm with the drama club, i think you ought to try out for a play. >> really. >> and i'm like, robin, i will certainly try out for a play. ♪ i'm all shook up >> elvis and robin inspired wood to a movie career that took off in 1992 with "white men can't jump."
8:33 am
>> this guy is a chump, am i right? >> followed in success by the hits "indecenturroposal," "n born killers" and "the people versus larry flynt" whi earned harrelson an academy award nomination. >> tell everybody the pervert is ck. >> on tv woody starred most recently in the hbo series "true detective." >> the what do you think you're doing, man? >> but itll started with another woody. >> this is amazing. >> one of my buddies said, hey, we'd, there's this part in this show "cheers" that the part is called we'd, and, you know, it's from indiana which hee are g to college in hanover, indiana, and you ought to go audition tore it. >> my first bachelor party. no dates, right? >> how did you work through that part of being the star of a huge show? >> i didn't tnk i was dealing with it very well, you ow.
8:34 am
>> what did that mean? >> i was a mad man. >> yeah. >> just probably too much party and too loose moral type of behavior, you know, as young christian boy i could have done better. >> that covers lot of ground, loose moral behavior. >> yeah. >> in 2008 harrelson married entrepreneur lawyer aerolui who happens to be his former assistant. they have three girls and live in hawaii. >> was it like bei the only man in the house? >> there's a lot of energy around which is probabl g good for like me. i mean, i got just some unbelievable daughters. >> harrelson and his two anon,ers were raised in l ohio by their single mother diane, a secretary. >> my mom was obviously a very big influence on me. she was the parent who was actually there, you know. my dad was not around so much.
8:35 am
she camey to every p when i was-ins college and i don't remember having grown up a momma's boy and i don't mind that. >> harrelson's father was a career criminal who spent much of his youth i and out of prison n.2007 he died in a colorado phiitentiary serving two life sentences for killing a federge j what was impact of you on youro life asrew up and knowing why he wasn't around? >> i'm happy withho i am, but but probably could -- >> everybody could use two parents. >> walking along the river front in austin, the texas-born harrelson fits rightin. >> i could see living here. >> and he was in town for the premief his new netflix film "the highway man."
8:36 am
he stars in the story of two texas rangers called back into service to track down and te out the infamous bonnie and clyde. >> i think people looked at them as really robin hoo types who were stealing from the rich and given to the poor which wasn't a fair account of who th, b they somehow got just good p.r. you know what i mean. >> itighte good to have a doctor look at you sometime. >> might b good to have a doctor look at you sometime. >> i ain't got no bullet in me. >> were you aware of this part? >> i didn't know with them. it's great entertainment, and it's kind of cool tha we g to remedy some of these facts. when i heard kevin was doing, it i was really psyched. >> going to takedo them . >> what a fine idea. >> woody is getting good reviews for his performance in "the high waymen" but the three-time oscar
8:37 am
nominee stopped worrying about g awards a l time ago. >> you've been nominated for oscars before, including most recently for "three billboards." is it important to you to some day get an oscar? do you think about that stuff? >> not at all, i honestly don't, and i knew like with the last three billboards, first of all, i voted for sam rockwell. i thought his performanceas astoundingly great. so i don't know. it's kind of like i feel like i got an haward wit my life. >> you got to a place where your priorities have shifted. >> it shifted completely. after the first major disaointment, and that was a golden globe for larry flynt. you know, ieft the golden globes after and i just went home ias so dejected so by the time i got to the academy awards i know i'm not going to win and i'm going to have a [ bleep ] great time and that's how it is. i'm psyched to come to e party.
8:38 am
i don't give a [ bleep ] if i win. i know >> that's a good way to win. enjoy the party. >> we'd harrelson, ladies and gentlemen. "the highymen" streams on netflix starting march 29th. to hear we'd talk about his series "true detective" and whether he and matthewco ughey could get the band back together check out our weba extrace hear the entire unedited interview with woody harrelson. it's a fun one. find it on apple podcast or g wherever y yours. next week a sunday sit-down with nyong'o fromlupita his rise to production assistance to academy awardin wi roles in "12 years a slave" among others and coming w this morning, morgan radford
8:39 am
and il answer your questions. use the #sundaytoday on 2008er, facebook or instagret. we'llo that at the end of the show. first, a check of your local weather. >> a little chilly out there to start your st. patrick's day 2nday morning. temperatures in ths and 30s. reagan national airport coming in at 39. notice that win a lot lighter right now, and it's going to be lighter throughout the day today compared to yesterday, so if you liked yesterday, it's going to be about the same, just mine yutz wind. 5 it degrees will behe daytime high today so any activities that you're enjoying, brunch, parades, even nighttime festivities looking good. overnight a fewndight rain snow showers and no accumulation or no issues tomorrow morning. >> next on unday today," in the wake of this stung collegei admi bribery scandal, harry smith visits an organization working to getdi dvantaged students into school without the benefit of million dollar payoffs. benefit benefit million today, molly got dressed for a big night out
8:40 am
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turn up your swagger game with one a day gummies. one serving... ...once a day... ...with nutrients that support 6 vital functions... ...and one healthy you. that's the power of one a day. this week federal plosecutors charged 50 p in a stunning elaborate scheme that had paren paying bribes sometimes in the millions of dollars to get their children into elite american n.several cases according to the indictment college athletic coaches accepted bribes to lie and say a ospective student was being recruited as a sports star when the student didn't even play the sport. the mastermine of the massive fraud ran t perrin money through a charity set up, he claimed, to help dunderprivile students. the story shines a light on wealth, privilege and corruption around the college aissions process, but this morning harry
8:42 am
smith shines our sundayn spotlight an organization that actually is helping disadvantaged students find their way to a good school. >> reporter: this week weere dumbfounded by a whole new category of march madness. >> we're talepng about decon and >> reporter: the ends to which well-to-do people will go to enroll their cldren in elite colleges. >> the fact that people would lie or cheat or bribe to win a spot at thesenstitutions for their children, it tells you the value of these degrees and it tsines a light on how much we perceive these spo to be unattainable. >> debra biel has spent 30 yrs lping ethnically diverse, poor and working classoo public s kids getting into colleges. >> there are so many young people who don't have access to those resources and who want a
8:43 am
shot works want a chance to go to shows same schools. >> when we're talking about race and gender -- >> reporter: biel is the fnder of theosse foundation. how many students have you served in 30 years? >> well, since 1989 we've sent over 9,000 students to college. they have w an astounding $1.5 billio in leadership scholarships from our partner schools and graduate at rates of over 90%. >> that's crazy. >> it's great. biel believes parts of what is ailing college admissions system is dependence on test scores and the students hurt most by the system are the ones she's to help. >> we limit ourselves when we so narrowly define excellence. there are so many young people who are extraordinarily talented, who are black, latinau es februaryration, who are smart and can excel at any one
8:44 am
of these institutions. >> right. >> reporter: biel's students are meticulously screened and spend eight months in an arduous pre-college transition program. we met some this week. their thoughts about the cheating scandal? >> i thought it was outrageous. owl of us went through rounds of interviews and worked so hard to get to the where we are and to knowt t because people out there who have money get to be whe we wanted to be is so disappointing. >> reporter: does it feel like the playing field isn't >> as much as people try to make it balanced, it feels like no matter how you go about things it's alwaysbeoing t an uneven game. >> the deck as it were in america is more severely pitched for some than for others. asia morales, a posse alumnd s if some parents and students have lost perfective. >> this idea that we're placing all of this weight, you know, on the names of usc, harvard, stamford, yale, it's not what
8:45 am
we're supposed to be using the value of education for. reporter: it's what happens when the values getost when talking about the value of educatn. for "sunda today," hair smith, new york. >> harry, thank you very much. next on "sunday today," a trip to northern ireland on this st. patrick's day w re doctors say they may have found a medical pot of gold. trip to ireland where docto say they >> the lesson and some of the cures are right underner h y feet. >> just need to look for them. >> need to look closely for them, yeah. r, and la a life well lived. the united states senator remembered for his work to end discri anationinst women in america, and for his heroism one night long ago. harrowism one night long ago. sweat. dedication. cupcakes. i'm michael griffin. i'm brian orakpo. we played football together for the titans. now, we own a cupcake shop. we bake, we decorate. i love this new surface pro.
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it is st. patrick's day,we probably should be drinking green beer and whipping up corned beef and cabbage for you at this point in the show but we're cting the holiday a little differently this morning. we take you across the atlantic e the emerald i where the luck of the irish may have just turned up a majoral med breakthrough. nbc's dr. john torres has our "sunday closer." irish may tur n
8:49 am
>> reporter: across the atlantic lies the mmmd r isle has the rolling hills dotted by sheep and here in e pubs guinness. and the tradition of folk medicine where e family has all sorts of quirky cures for ailments. and this local res depth has lived in ireland all his life and them well. >> cures are a very irish traditional thing. lots of different people would have cures, you know, in the family. i know somebody locally has the curvey warts. >> there's rituals like tying a piece of rope around your wrist to heal a sprin or how about this for haar tlities. soup made from nettles that must be harvested on the 1st of may. jerry quinn, a true man of
8:50 am
science, never gave much credence to the cure untile went to this is a hundred-year-old church in northern ireland. the soil is said to have healies proper that people say helps with everything with tooth aches to throat infections. a light bulb went off for jer who has been searching for new types of antibioticso t treat superbugs. it's a major crisis killing millions of people every year. could this myscal dirt hold the answer. there's a basis behind i there's some reason at work we just don't know about and that's what you're looking at. >> we can look at it and say maybe it's superstition or you can investigate. >> reporter: jerry dug deeper. >> this came from the soil. >> reporter: what he found in the mineral rich limestone stunned him. brand new strains of bacteria never before seen. he wondered, could they fight killer germs?
8:51 am
the result was shocking. the bacteria in the irish dirt killed some of the world's deadliestsuperbugs. scientists have been looking for this for deca ts, something kill the superbugs and you possibly found it in rish soil. ah, yeah, it's quite surprising. >> the next step, studying it in humans, but for now a reminder that the pot of gold we're searching for could be hiding right before us. some of then is cures are right underneath your feet snow just need to look for them. >> just need to look closely, yeah. >> reporter: han in this cas looking closely at a wee bit of celtic culture to find a cure for what ails us all. for "sunday today," dr.john torres, northern ireland. >> how beautiful is it there. dr. torr, thank you so much. this week we highlight enough life well lived. the women's rights movement of the 1960s and '70s was led, of course, by the smart, talented, brave women who took to the streets and the courts to fight for equal rhts and opportunity, but they also had a
8:52 am
man on the inside in senator burch bayh. he was the lead sponsor of the alunsuccessful e rights amendment which sought to put into the constution protections against discrimination based on sex. he succeeded in champion the wtle 9 lawch reshaped the country, leveling the playing field but barring discrimination against women at any institution that receives federal money. senator bayh was also the architect of the 25thnt presi who laysous the precedent for removing a president who is incapacitated and the 16th amendment that set the voting age at 18. bayh will be remembered, too, for an act of heroism in june 1964 when he and hiser wife traveling with senator ted kennedy in a small plane when it crashed on landing in massachusetts. to you people were killed and
8:53 am
kennedy broke his back. senator bayh and his wife escaped but bayh crawled back into the wreckage to pulled keto safety, saving his life. ation years later in a famous speech on the floor of the senate arguing foritle 9, bayh says the facts absolutely contradict the myth about the weaker sex, and it is timeo change our operating assumptions. senator birch bayh who helped change those assumptions died thursday at his home in easton, maryland. he was 91 years old. pars if your teeth chew beyond their limit, then they've earned 62,000 movements a minute. if your mouth's used to a manual clean, treat it to microbubbles that feel great in between. if your amazing mouth does more than its share, give it philips sonicare. next level clean, next level care. there's always a way to make life better.
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some questions. >> i'm ready. >> bethenny wants to knone c beef and cabbage or reubens for st. paddy's day. >> i'm not sure how i feel about the option so i'm going to go with reuben. >> neither is a oioice. >> i'm reubens also. >> a nice guinness or an irish coff ont. patrick's day? >> i don't drink could have de, but i'm here for the whiskey. okay. >> i'm going to go with irish coffee. >> i'm with you with that as well. i can pure bourbon in there. >> a little . kalo >> fireball. >> fireball you want straight but we'll talk about that later. >> finally r g asksen beer or no green beer? that is the question. >> ooh, t are really tough for me this morning. if i have to drink beer, i'm going to go with green, like green eggs and ham. >> really put you on the spot. >> i don't want green in my beer. >> it's st. paddy's day. >> i'm going t drink irish whiskey anyway. >> lynn in providence, rhode yoisland wants to know i didn't have this amazing dream
8:58 am
obb on the "today" show, what would your team be? >> that is a great question. >> that's a good question. >> i would be a o professor southern literature, fiction specifically, like pat conroy, faulkner. >> you know, life is long. there's still time. you may be that person some day >> maybe. what about you? >> i wouldn't mind running a political campaign. >> oh, i could seethat. >> also i was a great landscaper for three summers so maybe i'll have a landscape company someda y. pizza delivery r.can i do all that. real triple threat over inhere. >> i rosemary from jersey city, new jersey, wants to known are you wat march madness. who is your favorite team, morgan? >> mye favorteam. >> basketball. >> it is duke. >> duke. why are you putting me on the spot. >> i'm going to say go i went to vanderbilt. grant williks. thanou for spending part of your morning with s us. we'llee you back here next week on "sunday today."
8:59 am
protesters cleared outes reprtatives for amazon in arlington ahead of the county board's vote over millions in tax incentives for the tech giant's new headquarters. >> the death toll rises days after a gunman opened fire on crowds of people praying at two mosques in new zealand. outhis morning thery is looking for ways to make sure something like this never ha aens again. lip of the tongue at a dinner may have given away joe p biden'ns when it comes to a 2020 presidential run? >> typical joe biden thing to do, wouldn't you say? good morning to yo i'm meagan fitzgerald. >> and i'm david culver. adam tuss has this st. patrick's day off. not surprisely. sure he's enjoying itp in philly somewhere. lauryn riblgts is with us on
9:00 am
eh >> did you guys l yesterday? >> minus the wind. take away the wind and that's the weather for today. temperatures rig around 50 degrees. we'll have some sunshine out there. you're seeing that sunshine out there right now, and the sun is staying with us all throughout the day. sun came up at 7:16 and goes down at 7:16 tonight. again, we're looking at fabulous continues out there. blue skies. this is the view all day long. now after dinnertime, that's when the clouds start rolling in, but not until then. 42 degrees is our temperature right now so we've come up a little bit. again, winds are a lot lighter than they were yesterday. as far asr forecast on this st. patrick's day, temperatures are going to be in the upper 40s to the lower 50 but, again, plenty of sunshine. now, we head into the overnit hours. we've got some rain and we've got some snow, and i think a good deal of our area is going


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