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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 17, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, the state of a emergencs deadly flooding overwhelms a giant swath of the plains and midwest. water breaching levies, washing away evacuations going on around the clock. after the new zealand terrop attacks, theme minister there promises to change gun laws and a hero emerges as social media companies try to keep footage of the massacre off the internet. the field of democratic nominees for president grows even bigger. and they are out in force. the latest from the 2020 campaign trail. oro the f line in syria, the bate to tee feet what remainsisf . >> we have to get out of our interview was interrupted. it loore like t was counterattack by isis. >> as we see firsthand how the aght is far from over.
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on this st. patrick's day, a story from the emerald isle about a discovery that could cure disease and locals have known about it for years. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with kate snow. good evening. in nebraska, they'reci b for more historic high water with record snowfall in february, then rainfall this past week. rivers arees crng. 11 million americans face the threat of flooding from nebraska through other parts of thees mi down through the mississippi valley all the way to the south. kathy parks start us off tonight inbr aska. floodwaters have cut off freemont, nebraska. the only way in is by helicopter or small plane. >> we can't get in and out. i want to go be with my kids and my husband.ea >> reporter: rain, snow melt and ice jams creating dangerous floodosters acrs the
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midwest. reaching levies, submerging neighborhoods and stranding homeowners and livestock. >> we got pictures of the horses it's really cold water. >> reporter: thousands of people forced out, many now in shelters >> much like an ocean everywhere. >> reporter: nebraska's governor declar a state of emergency, describing the damage as unbelievable devastation. in nebraska, 90-year-old spencer dam was destroyed, sending floodwaters into nearby thtowns some bridges washed emaway, ergency responders went in on boats to help. >> the entrance. insane. >> rising waters are blamed for two deaths in nebraska, one in iowa.d farmer kil trying to save a trapped motorist. another rson refused to evacuate and a driver decidero after goingd a barricade. several communities in wisconsia
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and minnesoo dealing with flood emergencies. the missouri river, overflowing to record levels as residents downstream fear theea t isn't over. and whi the water is starting to recede in some spots here in valley, nebraska, you can see the flood risk is still very high. and it could trigger another set of problems. kate? >> kathy park forus, thank you. as survivors of the terror attack in new zealand begin to share their stories we're learning about the unspeakable that and also bravery day. >> reporter: with heavy hearts, this nation is grieving, t n loss of another soul, a 50th victim has been found after the shooting at two mosques. >> my dad took bullet for me. >> reporter: this man survived,
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his father in sn.ious condit >> all he said was take care of your mom and your brother and sister. >> reporter: police say the terror came at the hands of brenten tarant. a racist manifesto was r by police nine minutes before the gunfirega >> i start yelling and i seen the shotgun. >> reporter: he found a shotgun left behind by thehooter and chased him away, preventing rther bloodshed. >> he sat on the driver's side. i just threw on him like an arrow on his. wind >> reporter: the suspect was arrested blocks away. his grandmother says he no sign of extremism. we're all gob smacked. we don't know what to think. >> new zealand's prime minister codorting families s now vowing to change firearm legislati legislation.
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>> we cannot be dtherred from work we need to do on our gun laws in new zealand. >> reporter: tonight dozens remain hospitaliz. this man and his 4-year-old daughter among those shot multiple times. >>y please p for myself, for me and for my daughter. >> reporter: a country torn apart by hate, nowromising to come together with hope. >> reporter: with the death tol5 now at not far from here, dozens remain hospitalized, including a2-year-oldchild. we also know that many of the victims' bodies remain inside ecthose two mosques thate crime scenes. they are slowly being released to their families. kate? >> so tough. miguel almaguer over there, thank you. the shooter's decision to live stream the murders on facebook. that company and other social la mediaorms are trying to remove all copies and, in some cases, even mentions of the massacre. morgan chesky tellss us, it' an uphill battle. reporter: an actf violence
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made to go viral. this stillframe a split second of 17 minutes of murder, streamedn facebook live. condemnations came quickly. facebook, twitter and google, all promising to remove the video. youtube, terminating any account that shared it. night, the footage lives on, almost impossible to regulate. >> they know this is a problem. they have the t technolog stop it. but they have to have the willingness. >> reporter: facebo responding in the first 24 hours, we removed about 1.5 million vtteos of thek globally, of which over 1.2 million were blocked at upload. also removing any praise or support for the crime. cw lawmakers are faced with the question of how ttain the online chaos. >> this is a new, very, very important c.llenge for i don't think there's an obvious or easy epanswer. >>ter: tonight, the new zealand government taking a legal stand against the video, saying that anyone who shares any version that have footage is in violation of local law.
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kate? a minister says it appears a crash of a boeg jet in ethiopia last sunday had similarities of the crash of e same plane in october. the countryay paused tod to mourn. here is nbc's morgan radford. >> reporter: thousands lined the streets of addis ababa today, 17 empty caskets the o focus a nation in mourning. remains of the victims of the omed ethiopian airlines flight won't be recovered for months but newsha todaythe black boxes pulled from the field where the plane crashed are already yielding information for investigators. the ethiopian transport minister says preliminary results show clear similaritiies with anr earldisaster, lion air flighthat wen down in october. the boeing plane crashed when an aumated system meanto keep
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the 737 max 8 aircraft from stalling actually caused the plane to crash into the sea. >> this data is going to bell care analyzed and it will tell the tale of what happened. > reporter: the faa today saying the u.s. government has not yet validated the data. a preliminary repors expected to be released within 30 days. morgan radford, nbc news. >> insyria, the final battle against isis has dragged on for weeks tnow, as militants put up strong resistance, some even resorting to suicide attacks at the same o timeer isis fightersre giving themselves up. nbc's matt bradley witnessed one of those attacks. >> reporter: the islamic statea sod caliphate is coming to fight.but not without a for months the u.s. has battled its last stronghold from the air as the sdf fight on the ground. people have been streaming out for hours and they tell us there's many, many more left
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inside, including women and children. surrendered the past few days, many badly we spoke with an sdfan commr. he says we're going to the first point where his fighters have reached and afterth , it's just isis. but our interview was cut short. >> go, go, go, go, go! go, go! >> reporter: wut have to get o of here. our interview was interrupted. it looks like there was a counterattack b isis. as we race to safety, sdf fighters carry a young boy and girl seriously injed to a field hospital. when we returned, he had taken up a sniper position himself. reports, conflicting but the commander told us two female suicide bombers are pretended to surrender, but detonated themselves instead. the two injured children, the so o and daughter one of the women. the young boy survived, but the rl died, the mother willing t
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kill her own children for her dying cause. matt bradley, baghouz, syria. residents of los angeles had a scare this morning after a nker carrying gasoline exploded. massive fire and black could be seen for miles. the explosion so strong, it sent man hole covers flying. two people in a house wered injuy that blast. democratic nominees for president are out stumping for votes on this st. patrick's day. it is packed field of 13 and could get even more crowded soon. nbc's kello'donnell is following all that have and has our report. >> reporter: on this st. patrick's y, iowa holds its own electoral pot of gold for democrats. amy klobuchar from neighboring minnesota stepped out wearing the green and campaigning on it. >> day one as your president, i will sinus back into the international climate change re agent. >> reporter: but first comes the party's electability test.
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>> i will do what it takes to win. >> reporter: for beto o'rourke. >> i really feel the call ofis moment. >> reporter: that test is abo expandthinmap. >> i want wisconsin to know that i'm here. >> reporter: a state democrat still grimaced about losing in 2016. up>> when we don't show, we get what we deserve and that is to lose. >> reporter: the path to the nomination may be paved with selfies. >> how is everybody? >> reporter: and voters sampling the broad field. >> i think we need fresh fa , we need somebody young. i like the youth. i like the youths. id >> reporter: today after exploring a run for several weeks, kirsten gillibrand made her entry official on video. >> we need aleader. >> who makes big, bold. >> choices. >> that's why i'm running for president. >> reporter: while former vice president joe bid nearly tripped his way into the race with ath slip o tongue protecting his policy cred. >> i'm the most progressive
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nominee of anybody rung for -- who would run. >> reporter: running atis own pace today, the president, who typically goes to church on chr christian holidays, attended st. john's epispal with the first lady, the first regular sunday service he has attended in office. the president's upcoming campaign schedule is mixed in with his official duties. he will be attending a fund-raiser this week in canton, ohio. the following week, a rally in grand rapids. the campaign says that will be his 18th visitic togan and it certainly is a sign, kate, that both parties will give a lott oftion to midwest voters. kate? >> it's going to be a long number of months. kelly o'donnell,hank you so much. police have a suspect in custody tonight after the murder of a reputed new york crime boss, francesco cali. the suspect backgrod his ckup truck into cali's and when cali, the reputed boss came
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out to inspect the damage, carmelo shot him ten times. at this point, authorities say it does not appear the killing was mob lated. now to a csyovoner that ha environmentalists and energy industry making noise, approving seismic testing along the eastern seaboard, allowing companies to use sound search for oil and gas, but conservationists say the tests could harm sea life and are challenging them in court. nbc's anne thompson has more. >> reporter: the waters of the atlantic, the site of aegal and political storm over theds so underneath, seismic testing, to find oil and gas. south carolina congressman joe cunningham tried to replicate te the . was that disruptive, mr. oliver? >> it was irritating but i didn't find it particularly disruptive. >> reporter: noise that can disturb sound marine life. >> to communicate, find mates, food and avoid predators.
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>> reporter: the trump administration has approved seismic testing along the atlantic coast from delaware to miid fl air guns dragged behind a vessel it sound waves every ten seconds, that penetrate the sea bed. the reflected pulses create a map of the oil and gaseposits below. how far can these sounds travel? >> 1,000 to 2,000 miles. >> reporter: scott krause from the new england aquarium. how loud is it? >> imagine you're at the end of laguardia's runway and aah jet flied every 10 to 15 seconds at 100 feet. h >> reporter: hay colleague most at risk? north atlantic white whales. >>s seismic adding a very big ndressful impact on top of everything else this population is at the tipping point. >> reporter: to the point they disappear all together? >> it's possible. >> reporter: the government concedes there could be impacts but not enough to kill or
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seriously injure marine life, assurances echoed by the oil industry. >> we've been coexisting with marine osystems for years, and we just haven't seen adverse impacts. >> reporter: but atlantic states fear testing could lead to exploratory drillingth and a deepwater horizon disaster, threatening the fishing and tourist industries worth billions. >> air gun ilastingthe loudest economically and environmentally destructive noise that humans will never hear. >> i say stop it! >> reporter: bipartisan opposition turning to the courts, hoping they'll listen. anne thompson, nbc ne york. still ahead tonight, to the green hills of northern irelandm where think the soil could help cure what ails us. also, he broke barriers, serving as t navy s.e.a.l. serving as t navy s.e.a.l. and at you need insurance. but it's not really something you want to buy. it's not sexy. or delicious.
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his (danny) after a long day of hard work... have to do more work? (vo) automatically sort your expenses and save over 40 hours a month. (danny) every day you're nearly fried to a crisp, professionally! (vo) you earned it, we're here to make sure you get it. quickbooks. backing you. scientists have made an incredible discovery in northern ireland. it's about the soil there and how its use as an ancient folklore could actually help modern medicine fight infections. our medical correspondent john torres takes a look. >> reporter: urgent warning about the rise in deadly germs resistant to antibiotics. >> every year in the united stlees 23,000 pe at least, die from an antibiotic-resistant infectn. that's lik a jumbo crashing every week. >> reporter: these germs are
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called superbugs and scientiss s say if new antibiotics aren't made soon, millions of people could be at risk. microbiologist jerry quinn believes the answer m behere, in northern ireland, a land where the rolling green hills are dotted with sheep and the drink of choice is a pint of guinness. >> around this area there's ethanol pharmacology, local folklo folklores, local medicine and those cures have been around for years. >> reporter: one of those folk cures passed from generation to generation uses plain old dirt except they say the soil possesses special healing powers. >> you take the soil a small sample, put itnder your pillow. >> sometimes in a handkerchief, a little bag. >> and say a series of set prayers. >> it's a cure to cure all illnesses. >> and there's a basis behind it.
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there's some reason it works that we just don knowabout. >> we can look at it and say it's superstition or we can look closely and see -- we can actually investigate. >> quinn teste soil. what he found in the mineral rich limestonenias ng. new strains of bacteria never-before he wondered, could they fight killer germs? the result was shocking. the new bacteria is able to kill some of the world's most deadly superbugs. could this be the cure for antibioticic resistance? >> it's part of the answer. >> reporter: the next step, testing it in humans and perhaps this ancient irish secret could be the cure to what's ailing us now. dr. john torres, nbc news, northern ireland. we're back in a moment with fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard.
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som scenes from across america and the world where people today celebrated the feast of st. patrick, otherwise known as s patrick's day. there were parades, there was green beer and there were green rivers. s> a sign ofing now with truly stunning pictures from southern california. it's called the super bloom, following weeks of rain, california has finally emerged from its drought a wild flowers have begun to blossom. these poppies are drawing crowds of thousands of people. wednesday, by the way, marks the official start of spring. from flowers now to fires. residents of an austrian town says they've built the world's tallest lmbonfire,t 200 feet high. it took three months to build, but burned to the ground in lesa than hal hour. really hoping that someone
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ask your doctor if cologuard is right for you. covered by medicare and most major insurers. when bill goins became the first black navy s.e.a.l., he didn't know he was a trailblazer. at over 80 this veteran is still serving, inspiring a whole new generation. geoff w bennettt to virginia to meet up with an american hero >> reporter: retired master chief bill goins is on a mission. >> the training is excellent. it takes about a year. >> reporter: the 82-year-old nearly missed his shot at
6:57 pm
joining the elite force because of an accident in s high schoodworking class. >> that's when i went to get examined and the guy noticed that my -- part of my finger was missing. he said that's your trigger finger. i said no, i'mle -handed. >> were you? >> not really. i wasn't 100%. >>eporter: that obstacle, among the many goins faced becoming the first african-american navy s.e.a.l. r his 32-year career he carried out classified missions all over the world, including three combat tours in vietnam. his favorite part of the job? parachuting. >> i was dumb and young then. >> reporter: what does it feel like to be atrailblazer? >> it was way into my career before i reelsed i washe first african-american navy s.e.a.l. >> reporter: few people of color ve followed him. of the more than 3,000 active duty navy s.e.a.l.s, o justr 1% are african-american, nearly 9% are hispanic.
6:58 pm
>> having a diverseroup with different ways of thinking helps us adjust to the ever-changing battlefield. >> reporter: but goins d inspire the first officer tomm d a shield team, his identity concealed for security reasons. >> focus on training ratherhan focus on being the first. >> reporter: bill goin long retired by bu still serving. >> if he can do it, anybody can do it. >> reporter: a pioneering navy s.e.a.l., passing on an enduring legacy, virginia beach, virginia. that is "c nightly news" on this sunday night. lester holt will be with you tomorrow. i'm kate for all of us at nbc news, have a grt night.
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