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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 17, 2019 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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she broke down crying and i broke down crying. >> developing atic 11:00 p trying to hunt down a man they call armed and dangerous. he gunned down his uncle in
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prince george's county. as thousands of people in new zealand honor the 50 victims in the mosque massacre, gunen usiasts in the state make a big decision. t> and teams in our region are putting onir dancing shoes. march madness is here and we have a closer look at the key match ups. with the pull of a trigger family's world is turned upside. do good evening. the alleged shooter and his target share the same the killer is still on the loose. darcy spencer spoke to the victim's neighbor and joins us live with new reaction tonight. darcy? >> well,erika, the gunfire erupted inside this house early this morning. yighbors tell me t had seen the suspect here recently. he wasut helping doing chores
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around the house. they had no idea what was to come. >> they're very good friends. i've done cried and cried and cried. >> they w fe neighbors more than 20 years here. overnight, her or's house became a crime scene. the 69-year-old was shot and killed. a woman was shot and wounded. >> this is the bullet hole. house?llet hit your >> she points out that a bullet triggeringr siding her house alarm and a police response in the middle of the night. >> i know forensic had something to do with death. but i never realized it was him. i neverli rd it was him. i never realized it was him. >> she found out about the murder many hours later when the daughter came home. >> she broke down crying and i broke down crying and she said
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my daddy. my daddy. my daddy is dead. >>olice say their suspect in the double shooting is the man's own nephew. he lived in gaithersburg.s recohow he was on probation for a gun possession charge. now police say he and his uncle ha gotten into an argument before the shooting at th00 in morning. his neighbor will remember him as a nice and respectful man. >> i'm really going to miss him. i'm really going to miss him. >> the neighbors are ver shaken up. also many we talked to say they were too afraid to go on camera because this suspect is still on the loose. police are saying he's not known to have a car or to have access to a car. they're not quite sure how he is getting around but they say he should be considered armed and . danger back to you. >> emotional there.
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darcy speer livor us tonight. thank you.on ht we're working to learn more about the baby taken to the hospital in grave condition.e d.c. pol received a phone call about an infant unconsous and not breathing. the child was rushed to the hospital from a home on g seet in southeast. we're told the child had several traumatic inries. sofar, no arrests in this case. new zealand's prime minister is vowing to tighten the country's gun laws after the worst terror attack in the nation's history. victim families are planning funerals and the country's largest gun show cancels it's annual event. sarah james is in christ church as the city tries to move forward. >> reporter: here in c church, a grieving community struggles to come to terms with a horrific new reality. the loss of family members and
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friends, livesr ended forever altered in the worst massacre in this nation's history. 50 people were killed. more than 30 remain in hospitals, a dozen of them in critical conditions. police say they believe this australian was responsible for it. he has been charged with murder and the investigation continue in the aftermath, police say their top priority is making sure that people are safe. more than 100 additional police officers will patrol the streets. the prime minister says another priority for her government is getting stronger gun control legislation enacted. >> there are ways that we can bring in effective regulation of firearms that actually target those that we need to target and that is our focus. >> people here are drawing together and drawing strength from memorials. handwritten notes condemn the gunman's white nationalist
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ideology and hateex crimes and ess support for the victims. they invoke the phrase stay tstrong and ech words of their prime minister, they are us. sarah james, nbc news christ church new zealand. officials in s ethiopia they are getting crucial clues eaout what went wrong in sunday'sy plane crash. the information is coming in from the plane's bla boxes. government officials say the data showslear similarities with last year's lion air crash ina. indone both involved boeing 737 max 8 planes. both planes flew erratically suggesting the pilot struggled to control the aircraft and they both crashed shortly after take off. many countries including the u.s. grounded their fleet of 737 max 8 planes. new at 11:00, one of the most controversial new members of congress is laying out her vision onhe pages of the
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washington post. the minnesota congresswoman made comments that manyto consider be anti-semitic. e democrat also criticized the israeli government. tonight she said israel and thes palestinianshould move toward solution.te in today's op-ed, she also called for the united states to uphold it's values. congresswoman omar wrote, pdce espect for human rights let us apply these universs val to all nations. only then will our world one of the countries omar was specifically ntioning was venezue venezuela. tim cain is now at thebo er. he's meeting to discuss the crisis and to examine how the u.s. can best support peace and democracy there. for the second time this weekend president trump i lashing out at senator john mccain.
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about 7 months after the war hero's death. the president attended church service this morning at st. john's episcopal across the street from the white house but before that he attacked mr. mccain accusing him of colding wi democrats to doom his election chancet he w after mccain on a health care bill megan mccain defended her father on twitter. she said, n quote, one will ever love you the way they loved my father. end quote. let's take a turn now to the weather. we're just three days away from spring. some of you could see somenow flakes and for many of us we will also be dealing with rain the start of your work week. so we're joined now to talk about who is seeing what really depends on where, you li right? >> yes. it does. this is a no hypest fore tomorrow actually a lot of the
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models trending drier but we're going to be seeing some activity so we have to talk about it. ht e a look at the radar r now. it does a good job of setting up who is going to see what. north of the district, spotty flakes there. spotty rain drops further souts this going to start to increase through the overnight hours. so what to this forecast is trending drier. we're still going to see spotty showers and flakes and stick around i'llou help y plan out your monday and really break it down. >> thank you so much. ladies and gentlemen, it's time for march madness. nearly 70 teams will put it all on the line to try to reach the final four. we're joined in the studio. >> good luckhe using office copier tomorrow. brackets will be filled out with a passi because virginia, maryland, and virginia tech are alln the danc we knew all three schools would make it. their regular season resume told
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us that. toniutt we found how their journeys will begin. calm down, mark, the number 16 will play ther winne of tuesday's game between belmont and temple. maryland will play thursday in jacksonville, florida. now, also in the east region, virginia tech hoakies, they tt their bestournament seeding ever. they'll playday at 10:00 in san jose. first time virginia tech made the tournament three straight years. the virginia cavaliers. no strangers for the third time in four seasons cavaliers get a number one ed. ey're in the south region. they'll play the 16th seed coming up on friday. 3:10 in columbia, south carolina. have you got it? there will be a quiz later. actually, later in sports we'll break down the locals in your bracket. it may not be your jam. >> you're never going to let me
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live that one down, thank you, sir. so we willyo help well, dave will help you keep track of your bracket and update the schedule for information on the nca ncaa tourney and thearch f the final four, open our app and search march madness. historic hi water in the heartland. more rain is on the way. tonight a local man is fighti for his baby daughter's health. she's struggling with a rare disee. how you can help this fily in need. take a look at them botf your screen. an atv drivery
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t have record snow fall in february and then temperatures reached 50s causing all of that snow to melt. kathie park was in the flood zo>> tonight. the flood waters now cutoff freemont, thbraska. e that haven't left, by nded, the only way in is helicopter or small plane. >> we can't get in and out and i want to g be with my kids and my sband. >> heavy rain, snow melt, and ice jams creatin dangerous flood waters across the midwest. reaching levies, submergg neighborhoods. >> we have pictures of the ai horses in deep water. it's really cold water. >> thousands of people forced out. many now in shelters indefinitely. >> it looks like an ocean everywhere. >> nebraska's governor declared states of emergencies in dozens
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of counties describing the land as unbelievable devastation. in nebraska, spencer dam was destroyed sending flood water into nearby towns. emerncy responders went in on boat to house. >> oh my goodness. insane. >> the rising wats are blamed for at least two deaths in nebraska and one in iowa. a farmer killed trying to save a trapped motorist. another pedson ref to evacuate and the driver died after going around a barricade. several communities in wisconsin and minnesota also dealing with flood emergencies. the mississippi river overflowing to record levels as residents downstream fear the threat isn't over. > that was kathie park reporting. rescuers were searching for two men that got swept away by flood waters in nebraska. new tonight cell phone video shows a police officer being
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dragged down the street. dozens of people were driving atvs and dirt bikes past the arena inhe nashville the sec tournament is being held. people on the street rush to help him. the atv driver got away. fortunately the officer is expected to be okay. thook at . it's a massive fire burning out of control at a refinery plant. it started at 10:00 this morninni still b tonight and fire officials expect it to keep burning throughout the night. this ist a petrochemical facility. emergency officials issued a city wide order telling people to stay indoors. right now there's no reports of any >> a d.c. bar is using one of its busiest days to help out one of its employees. the folks at franklin hall donated part of today's proceeds to nathan epps and his family.
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his daughter is battling a rare liver disease. he learned she is going to need a liveran lant so he plans to donate a part of his liver which means missingonths of work but then yesterday he got promising news that doctors have found a donor. >> i found out the right blood type, if it is then tomorrow she will go intoer su so i guess all of my prayers have been answered. >> we are hoping for the best for him and his family.ea to helpn and the family with their mounting medical bills you can head to our nbc washington app and search transplant. all right. there'ir some very legs out there a tonight after 12 hour marathon i hockeygame. amateur players participated today in the annual fund-raiser for the fortce dupont i arena. it's d.c.'s only indoor full sized ice rink and it's trying to raise money for a new two
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rink facility. leaders p agreed to some of the city's money toward the new rink but they still need to raise $3 million for that project. all right. a few days away from the start ofpring and if you look at the10 ay forecast, that says it all. >> that's right. >> but we have to get over them omorrow before we can get to that. > we do have some snow flakes falling right now in some areas. interesting.lly we are going to be seeing the chance for some snow as we head through you monday. but the good news is that we're on the drier s te as far forecast goes. let's look at the headlines so i can make this make sse better. this is going to be a low impact event. snow spottgs will be north of washington d.c. d.c.metro area. that's where we will see our chance and all of this is clearing out by tomorrow
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afternoon into the evening. this is what is going on. some of it not actually reaching the ground. overcast skies. a little bit futther you may be picking up a few flakes. r south and spotty showers. it's starting in the west and it's to continue to pus way toward the washington d.c. metro area.he here's rain and snow chance. the spotty showers are going to take place in washingtond.c. and south. the chance for a little bit of rain with snow mixing in is probably in northern loudoun and northern howard. if weee maybe a dusting at best, we're talking far norther. maryla so here's what to expect. are y showers, snow flake going to be short lived as we are warming at least to the 40s tomorrow. still pretty cool and all of this clearing outside in the evening. so standing at the bus stop tomorrow emorning, make s that the kids grab a coat. temperatures down to the the shower chance still lingering and hovering over us
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and as we plan out your monday. take a lo. we'reeaded to the mid to upper 40s. a cool day tomorrow. i can give you the feel, cloudy, damp, rain fling, a chance for a few spotty showers but the forecast models are really trending dryier than wetter. let's talk about the first day of spring. it's around the corner. mostly sunny. not bad at all. wait until you see this ten-day focast and what erika was talking about. beyond your monday, tuesday, dnesday, thursday, plenty of sunshine. we're keeping a close eye onth sday. we could see a few spotty showers but look at the numbers. from the 40s tomorrow to the 50s by tuesday and wednesday. really flirting with that 60 degree line on wednesday and en 60s by the weekend. i'm digging it. how are you digging it, e'ika? >> ready at this point. we're ready for spring,
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sunshine, lig jackets. no mor puffy coats. >> we're on the way. >> thank you so very so lots of people feeling irish today. thounds, in fact, lining the streets in boston for their legendary st. patrick's day parade. this parade has been going on lr thet 118 years. there were marching bands. they had bagpipers. even ufc champ connor m regor. he was there too. a huge hit with the crowd today. stillea ah march madness is here. dave johnson has his dshcing s ready and will hel
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here we go wishing everybody theest of luck. who knew dave johnson was such a great dancer. >> i can bust a move. >> he does it all, when it comes
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to march madness that is. >> they call it madness because it is kind of crazy. much like me ncing. everybody in the pool, right? did you check youril e- i'm sure someone in your office e-mailed you a bracket. the fie is set. virginia, north carolina, along with gonzaga. the blue devils the top overall seed. rginia the top overall seed last year is the team to beat in the south. here's virginiaide of t bracket. the cavaliers will take on 1 seed gardener-webb. g anyway, thae will be on friday at 3:10 in columbia, south carolina. they'll face the winner ofole miss and number 9 seed oklahoma. heurth time uva is number one seed but became the first number one seed to lose a to 16 seed thanks to our friends up north at unbc.
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all sles for maryland. cheers too as they hear their name called on selection sunday. they'll play the winner of tuesday's game between belm t andtemple. maryland will tipoff on thureeay. they'll the winner of the lsu yale game. the head coach knows his guys are readyor the big dance now. >> the big 10 going into the tournament sometes is like going to the den ntist office. e they knowry play. that type of thing. this is lose and you go home-type deal. i can just tell by our team meeting today and our practye toda that our guys believe this is a new season and we have done some amazing things and the grind is over. now the fun begins. it will show kind of the way our guys hdle it today.
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plentyo cheer about. for the first time in school history, hokies are heading to the tournament for the fourth straigyear. they'll play saint louis. they move on to face the winner of mississippi state and liberty game. listen, let's shift gears for a mo ont and get heads out of the clouds. players championship final in florida. rory mcilroy one back of the lead entering the final round. this is on number 12. 12 foot put for birdie. that moves him t into lead. 8 golfers have the lead on thed. final roun including on 18. co-leader at this point. second shot. you have to be kidding me. matchthis, it's going to land right near the cup. he's bning the hole to move into the top spot at 10 but rory stands strong. back to back birdie.
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they call it march madness because usually the person that wins bases it on the team's wins bases it on the team's colors or ♪
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st. patrick's day prechaun chase. every hour racers lined up to try to beat the leprechaun around the track. they got to choose from a magic pot of gold. sure. whatever floats your boat. okay. so let's get youeady for monday morning commute. rain for most of us. snow, maybe if you're lucky.
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>> yeah, we are goingee to a few snow flakes. at this point in the game, a lot moreri air moving in. first of all, this is a low impact event. give yourself time any snow flakes will be north of thedistrict. spotty showers and then all clearing out by tomorrow evening and then we' homefree. >> and then spring is here. all right. thank you so much for joining us. orts final is ne xt
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we finished 11th in the country. maybe that's not good enough anymore but i thi it's pretty good. >> everybody that's in this tournament can play and there's no teams that can't play. >> sports fly ball starts now. go terps. that's why they callt madness. ready, get set, go ahead. fill out your .bracke for some it really is the most wonderful time of the year. march madness. the dance, the ncaa


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