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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  March 20, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> we have a day today to enjoy the sunshine on poke dot tie day here. 40 inwashington, 26 in manassas, 39 ins. annapo a big range of temperatures because skies were mainly clear overnight. if you're away from the water or city, much more effective night to school things down. your planner for today, all the sunshine we'll get today will be before 2 or 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon, but a sunny start to the day. temperatures gradually climbing in low and mid 50s for today. we have two things. outer banks of north carolina and that stormn the upper midwest will join forces and produce a tremendous amount of rain aroundere tomorrow. more about that and the weekend coming up. but for now, leros hear me lis say moe lay. >> so inclane, we have two left lanes blocked by the work
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zone. capital heights outer loop at central avenue right lane is blocked. northbound 395 after washington boulevard lane is blocked and inbound between kings street and duke, twoan left are getting by that work zone. inbound 66 at fairfax county, no problems there. 4:01 right n. we're following a developing story this morning, threats against local schools as one countys prepa mark a grim milestone. >> detectives in mary's county say threats of mass violence have not been credele. they wirected at schools at mary's county. ncipal said the student who made the threats has been identified. regardless, there will be an increased police presence at the school today. meanwhile, a grim milestone we just mentioned that story again. deputies in charles county -- is is the rightstory, sorry. today a grim milestone at great mills one year ago a man
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was shot and killed a classmate tin the hallway j after the school began. the shooter took his own life. a school resource officer fired his wea at the shooter but did not kill him. the funerals for those killed in thegs shootin at two mosques in christchurch new zealand have begun. special graves have to be constructed so theld be appropriate for muslim burials. local officials spent days making sure they were ready. 50 people were killed in the atta, 30 people remain in the hospital. deputies in charles county hope you can help them find the shooting out car windows in the middle of the night. inve wigators say thiste four-door sedan has been seen driving through neighborhoods where cars are being vandalized. puties say over t past two weeks someone with a pellet gun has shot out i windo more than two dozen cars. we spoke with someone whose window is shot out. hopes catching the vandals
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will show others they can't get away with something like this. >> serves as a deterrent to other people. if you do something like this, you will get caught. $1,000 reward is being offered to anyone who can help catch the people responsible for these crimes. now on "news 4 today," a ngorgetown alumni group wants action follo the college admission cheating scandal at several elite universities. an alumni started an online petition calng on georgetown university to rescind degrees and admission of any alumn and students involved in the high profile admission. georgetown is the only area school named in this vooimt. jordan i ernsts among 50 people charged in the osecutors say he accepted bribes for admitting some students. according to charging documents, one family paid him 0000. news 4 spoke with current
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students. > doesn't look good for georgetown to have this on their permanent record. >> yeah. it's definitely still shows thet inequality toes into the system. >> on one hand, it is cheating in how he got in and everything. on the other hand, he did complete all theequirements for the degree. >> georgetown university released this statement in response to the petition reading in part, quote, we are reviewing the details of the indictment, examining our records and will be taking appropriate action. 4:04 right now. a surprise devopment in the prostitution solicitation case against patriots' owner robert kraft. prosecutors have offered to drop ha cerg tpaid for sex a south florida spa. according to a plea deal, kraft and 24 other men who were arrested would have toed a nate the evidence gathered would have been enough to convict them, an alford plea if you will. if they plead they can avoid the trial. they would have to complete 100 hours of community service and pay a fine.
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kraft has not pleaded guilty and so far his attorney has not said whether he'll accept the we now know the washington capitals will visit the white tuse on monday to celebrate team's 2018 stanley cup victory. forward brett conley says he will not go. he previously said he would trcline an invite from the president p. the list of people trying to get to the white house continues to grow. >> "the wall street journal" reports joe biden will run for president. a source told the paper that biden, who is also a former delaware senator, has already asked half a dozen supporters for their help. the report says he hopes to line up contributions f major donors. the journal article is just the latest in a series of reports suggesting biden is gearing up for a run, according to the hill, biden may be prepared toc pi running mate earlier in the race to stand out from the growing field of candidates. rentmeanwhile, the c
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occupant of the white house is turning up the heat on a twitter ofd with the husband of one his longest serving advisers. on twitter, predent trump called george a total loser. george conway is a well-known conservative lawye and has been a frequent critic of the president. in recent days he posted aes sef tweets questioning the president's mental health. in an intervw with the woug post, george conway said it's maddening to watch what he calls his own posts in part to move on with the day so he doesn't, quote, end up screaming at her about it, referring to his wife. en asked about the back and forth, kellyanne c is not concerned. vice president mike pence has returned from a trip to the midwest. he was there to see the devastation caused b days of massive flooding. flood warnings remain info effe at least seven states including five major cities. the images are incredle. animals remain trapped on small
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patches of high ground. entire fields are under feet of water. billions in dolrs ofamage has been done to farmlanno and w farmers fear the groun d won' out fast enough to plant spring crops. >> people put blood, sweat and tears day after day after day for livestock and their crops to put on the tables of people around the country. now in some places where flood waters are reseeding, giant chunks of ice remain. people have to wait until they melt. arts oforthern texas are included in those flood warnings, but farther south this trouble continues to impact areas outside of athouston. massive chemical fire continues to burn. 8 of 15 storage tanks filled the chemicalak used to gasoline, nail polish remover, glue and paint thinner have been burning since sunday. it's unclear how long the tanks wiburn. the smoke has drifted so far. that local meet olists say it
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has reached austin. authorities insist the air quality is safe. closer to homhe fire that all but destroyed a prince georges family is under investigation. the trouble started yesterday afternoon with flames sparking outside of the house and creeping inside. chopper 4 flew over the evernside of the house made it out safely. a firefighter was hurt but is expected to be okay. now on news 4, embarrassing and painful is how jack evans describes the ethicsti vios he's facing. he vowed to win back the public's trust. the vote to reprimand evans came without rejection after an emotional statement from evans himself. >> this is very difficult time for this cncil and ver difficult te formyself.
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in retrospect i would have done things very differently. >> evans was reprimanded for violating the code of induct. accused of using his government e-mail to seek opportunities. >> showing to the public and to ourselves that that kind of w behavil not be tolerated. >> i want to thank yo chairman, for taking some action as a result of ensuring public nsust. >> evaas able to hang on to hisos powerful pion as chair of the finance and revenue committee but an amendment to that resolution strips some important agencies from under the committee, including theor and entertainment authority and arts and humanityties. evans also chairs the metro board and is under a separate federal investigation. bus riders in norwest shington will be getting a jump on traffic starting today. half a dozen icbus-only tra signals are going up. three are along georgia avenue, two on 16th street and another
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on nework avenue. the new signals will let metro buses leave anrs intion before other cars stopped at a red light. that allows busses to get moving without having to rely on other drivers yield to the bus. just three seconds before the other cars at theintersection head start. maryland governor larry hogan is proposing to take management of the bw parkway away from the national park seice. for weeks we have been documenting the lem, massive potholes. many popped u recently that theark service lowered the speed limit to 40 miles an hour in some stretches of that road. esterday governor hogan tol reporters the park service is good with parks but terrible at managing roads. he says perhaps the state of maryland should take control of the w. parkway. >> if we controlled it we could do something but we're not allowed to fix the federal parkway. we want to get it fixed all the to baltimoreingto because it's one of the most heavily travelled roads.
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>>ogan says his office will meet next week with maryland's congressional delegation to talk about the future of the parkway. it is that time of year, the weather is slowly turning warmer. >> slowly. >> and high school seniors across the country are finding out where they'll be attending colleg in the fall. >> 10 lucky d.c. seniors and their parents were given the surprise of the life time this week. news 4 was there when one learned she earned a fully paid scholarship to georgetown university. >> it's my great pleasure to award a full scholarship to george washington university to somia beach. >> somia beach is about to graduate. says g.w. has always been her goal and she wouldn't have accomplished it without her mom. >> knowing that my mom wasfo the r me. her being a single parent and a single mom striving, that i am n.coming more like her,
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independent woma >> wow. she planssu to pur a double major in interior designnd a business management. honor. big, big congratulations to her. sky is the limit. >> absolutely. >> i love that she thanked her mom. >> y have to. >> i hope my kids some day remember to thank me. 4:12till ahead, surprise medical bills can hit anyone even those with insurance. >> we're loong at growing problem. plus, caughtn camera. a group of skiers hits thees slnd finds themselves in an avalanche. >> wh. >> chuck? >> that would be scary. right here at home on a wednesday morning, it's now but start looking for that really big umbrella because you're going to need it tomorrow. tomorrow. i'll showou future weather y
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>> announcer: y're watching news 4 today. welcome back at 4:15. approving close to the first drug for post partum deprgsion. the dould be given to new moms by iv and is said to start working within ar of days. the centers for disease control tsays t 1 in 9 women in the u.s. suffers from depression fro post partum depression, about 400,000 new mothers each year. ly half of them are diagnosed and treated. right now the only options for moms are therapy and anti-depressants. a lot of new moms don't know what they're going through. any help isgood. huge financial problem that you might never even see coming, surpri medical bills are catching people off guard all over the country. >> and collection agencs are coming after people's paychecks and homes. an investigation by our sister station in denver found one
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collection agency alone put there.on 170 homes a major factor, surprise medical bills. nbc news fnd similar cases in half a dozen states across the country. hospitals encouraged people to talk to their insurance providers to know what hospita and what doctors are covered in their plans. federal legislation has been proposed to fix the problem and take patients out of the middle. twell, may be 4:16 in the morning, but it's 5:00 somewhere. so, it' t the perfecte to tell you about this. take a look, the drink works machine was createdy keurig and anheuser-busch. this machine's liquid-filled pods have alcol plus flavors for cocktails. now according to "the wall street journal," these machines are expanding to folks in florida, california and parts of missouri, but not our area just yet. but keep an eye out. >> yeah. can you imagine that? >> wouldn't that make life
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easier. >> uh-huh. check this out, aroup of skiers on the austrian alps survived a ordeal. they were enjoying the mountain when the ground gave way beneath them. it was anal avanche. oh my goodness, no one was buried or seriously hurt. the weight of th group put so much pressure on the snow. look at i that,t caused it to slide. >> you know, i get that -- >> i don't want to be i buried the snow. >> people like their recreation, why are you going to throw yourself off a mountain? >> you're not throwing yourself off a. mounta >> yeah, it is. >> this is something we really full-on agree on. bungee jumping, skydiving. >> i would do theskydiving. bungee jumping, you have to give me the old fashion shove. not going to do it. >>ausesroblems on its own. okay, chuck bell. so the good nts is t there still looks like milder d ander for the second half of
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the weekend. >> yeah. >> hope i couched that with a lowered expectation. >> you don't sound very >> i'm convinced it will be dry this weekend. don't worry. we have to shave back our expectation on exactly how mild it might be. monday i thought sunday might be near 07. now we might barely getbove degrees on sunday afternoon, but that's still not too bad. still little warmer than average. your wednesd morning is qui chilly. fortunately the wind has been calm but clear skies and a light wi overnight allowed a big range of temperatures. once you're away from the urban heatisland, 40 in washington and 20 miles away atrp dulles t it's 28 degrees. 29 in montgomery county. 30 forfrederick, maryland. really if you're not in downtown or next to the water of the chesapeake bay, it's a cold start today. there will be enough sunshine in the first half of the day to temperatures well up into the low and mid 50s just about ot average,oo much of a wind to worry about today. that changes dramatically
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rmorrow. heavn now looking likely. this storm is now sort of coming at us in t p differentces and they're going to form one big storm pretty much right on top o us tomorrow. energy across the upper midwest, this rain towards chicago and st. louis isoing to pair up its efforts with the moisture pooling off the outer banks of north carolina and provide us quite a guzzling of rain for your thursday. here is your future weather again. dry today. 9:00 tonight on future weather skies becoming mostly cloudy rain moves in after midnight. it will rain from morning to ev so expect rain on your morning commute. heaviest of the rain during the early and middle parts tomorrow afternoon. and then gradually tapering off to just dry weather late thursday night into early friday, but then a round of midday showe likely on friday as a howling gail of north west winds moves in here. it will be real windy on friday and rather blustery and breezy on saturday as well. t a big rain threat on friday,
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melissa. mid afternoon showersertainly could not be ruled out. >> thank you, chuck. taking a look a the beltway, falls church, inner and outer loop, the ramps to 6 westbound some lanes are blocked by work zone there, so left side on one side a right on the other. arlington northbound 395 after shington boulevard had the left lane blocked by a work zone. that has now cleared. al5andria, northbound between king and duke two left lanes getting by that work zone. live loo 270 montgomery village avenue northbound, southbound no worries throughrince georges county looking good. eun? >> offering to help you with your b credit score how many companies are legit? later today on en"e >> so it came out recently that you're datingosariodawson, right? >> yes. >> it would be an amazing wedding to have in the white house. you go in single and have a wedding in the white house, w woulwatch. that would be like our royal wedding.
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." a big thank youo the
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calvert county public school system for inviting me out for the lean conference. thet morning to start session with these young people, high school and middle school students. talkingbout leadership, talking about finding success and building their futures. they asked a lot of really great questions, too, which the kids stumped me someimes with s of the questions they asked. >> i'm sure you imparted a lot of knowledge and inspiration, aaron. >> i eied. opening session went on to do workshops that sort of help them build character, build leadership skills. it was a good time. >> very cool, this week we're working for you, helping you navigate and protect your credit report. >> a low credit score can have a negative impact on your life. plenty companies offer to help you get back on track, but how do you know they're legit. >> consumer reporter susan hogan is here with what you nee to know. >> credit card debt can be so overwhelming and when it comes to paying down the balance m
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people aren'to sure where even begin. turning to a credit repair company may seem like a great idea, but you should proceed with caution. a legitimate repair company wil do these aour things required by law, provide a written contract deiling the services they'll perform and your rights as a consumer, inform you that you have tee days from the time you sign up to cancel at no charge. explain how long it will takr their service to actually make an impact on your credit. and explain in detail any guarantees they make to consumers. watch out for these red flags, mpanies that tell you not to check your own credit report. companies that urge you to file disputes about negative information on your credit report even when that information is accurate. and companies that ask you to provide an accurate information ont card or loan applications. >> chances are you don't need a credit repair company at all. you are really the only one who
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can repair yr credind it takes time. we're going to walk you through those steps tomorrow. back to you. it's now coup, auditing the faa. the administration we rely on to keep us safe in the skies under investigation. we'll fill you in on what it meansor your nex flight. plus, a bus driver behind bars after a deadly crash on i-95. next at 4:30, we' hearing from the the passengers who woke up to a night mare ride. and your wednesday morning is all dry but r the suburbs, most of which are below freezing again this morning. so very chilly way to get your day started. it will be dry today, but we're tracking aig chance for rain of rrow, potentially a lot it. re about that and tmohe
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>> announcer: "newsay" starts now. 4:29 as y wake up on this wednesday. we're saying good-bye to winter and helloo spring. astronomical spring, just for the record. while a new season begins today, the winter's cold temperatures
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are sticking around. nter must love us around here, boy. >> is that what it is. >> i think so. back. on't love i >> good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. thanks for waking up early on this wednesday morning. we're working forou as youet your day started. melissa mollet will have a look at the roads for us. let's check in on chuck bell on the forecast. little rain coming our way? >> not just a little a lot of rain coming our way for tomorrow. could be one to two inches o more i isolated spots. be ready for a wash-out of a thursday. your wnesday morning, though, off to a seasonably chilly start. we're at 4 degrees in washington, but as soon as you get away from the city, it's below freezing in most of the t neighborhoods morning. charlestown, west virginia at 27. frontndoyal toms brook and strasburg all below freezing this morning. clinton, maryland at 31. you'll need that warm coat. kids waiting at the bus stops this rning, most of the sunshine wbe


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