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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 20, 2019 4:00pm-4:54pm EDT

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strong winds. a working for you consumer alert. new action today aimed at stopping these dangerous furniture tip overs. i'll explain. breakinghiews afternoon. maryland is one step closer to raising the minum wage. but what will governor hogan decideo do. first this afternoon, our weatherte alert from stor 4. say good-bye to our calm sunny weather. >> so are you looking at these two systems on the radar behind us? they're pretty noticeable. they're coming together and coming together tonight to bring us a monster rainstorm packing >> let's go right to storm chief doug kammerer. >> brobably the time i'm coming on the air with you about 11:00 tonight and really heavy rain right on through the day tomorrow. this is two systems one of which back towards the great lakes. this swinging down across our
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area, and it's actually going to help to lift this storm which you can really see vengting just off the coast of theca linas, and we're talking a lot of rain associated with this storm. tomo tow is going be just one nasty day. behind only that, but this storm we get rather windy. here come the c stormsing together. it's going to be a mess of a thursday for you, and we think a mess of a friday as well. the rain is over by friday, but we're talking 40 mile per hour winds in behind this system, and tracking yet another storm into next week. all of this, i've got it for you coming up in just about 15 minutes. >> and we are working for you as this storm moves through. wake up tomorrow to news 4 today. be here to alert you to any issues. news 4 starts at 4:00 a.m. now to breaking news from annapolis. the marylendal assembly as given final approval to
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raise the states minimum wageom $10.10 to $ an hour. both the house and senate still passed this bill with enough votes to override a veto.ow so does maryland's minimum wage compare to others in the region? d. will hit $15 by next year. virginia's the lowest wage. west virginia's minimum wage $8.75 an hour. right now prince william county police are surrounding a dumfries home. >> officers found the two dead outside their home. that's where david colver met with friends of the family who are shocked by these deaths. david? >> rep pter: that's right,
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and erika. you're going to hear from them just a moment. but here we are six hours into this investigation. just look over my shoulder. you can see crime scene units are still on scene going through that home. this incidt was contained to that home. they have not made any mention of any suspects o any search for any suspects leaving open the possibility that this was a murder suicide. but that possibility has neighbors here even more tunned. >> it's bad neway for us. >> reporter: for them it's too mucho take. >> my heart just broke. i'm in shock, actually. >> it hasn't sunk in. >> no, no. they're people, normal people. >> reporter: she's referring to the couple that lived in thise. ho a husband and wife and at least two teenage children and alongw a grandmother live here. the family used to help take care of rahel's daughter.
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>> it's tough, and i cannot believe it. tthis is last thing that i expected. >> so i heard like, boom. >> reporter: neighbors heard gunshots just after 10:00 this morning. >> i heard like a -- >> reporter: prince williamco ty police rushed to the home. >> for a shooting in progress. officers arrived on scene. they lected two adults that had been shot. >> rorter: investigators secured the crime scene but soon determined there was no threat to neighbors leaving rahel to wonder what could have sparked a deadly domestic dispute? >> when i go to their house they always play gospel music and uff, a peaceful house. and they come over here and pray for. >> reporter: i'm still in touch with police tonight working to get the names of the victims. they of course have to identify extended family thmembers. e was something the neighbors saw outside this home yesterday that could explain
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what played out today. i'm going to get into a little more detail in our next hour. for now back to you. a baby that was discored unconscious and not breathing inside a d.c. home over the weekend has now died. police were called to g street southeast saturday night. the baby identifieds skylar newman was just 3 months old. the medical examiner says the cause of death was blunt force injuries and now police are treating this a a homicide. so far no one has been charged. a man has beenes ad for the murder of a beloved business owner from aldy virginia. police say dale white shot jeffrey evans in the head and chest. investigators say ited sta during their business transaction and within ten minutes of meeting police say wrights shot evans. evans tried to drive off but he crashed. by the time police got there he
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was dead. family tell us they knew each other because wright worked f shop near a body the airplane maker boeing hit with a wrongful death lawsuit. families of the 189 victims of the lion-air crash in indonesia filed that suit. it alleges the crash was caused by a defective anti-stall system in boeing's max 8 jet. this comes as new recordings show just one d before that crash a very similar emergency happened on the same type of plane. nbc's jay gray h the alarming new details. >> reporter: with the 737 max still firml on the ground, the focus of multiple investigations, we're lrning much more now about two fatal i crashesolving the jetliner. citing sources with knowledge and onformation the flight voice recorder reuters is reporting that before theon ir crash that killed 189
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last october, pilots were desperately pouring over a handbook while fighting to keep the plane in the air. nbc news did not have access to the fght recording or transcript. and according to a report from bloomberg, a day before the accident on another lion airplane an off-duty pilot riding in the cockpit recognized problem with the flight control system and told the crew how todisable it. that information comes as investigators continue to examine data that indicates a faulty sensor ordered the jet to dive durin this month's hiopian air crash, and whether pilots had the necessary training to respond to the emergency. >> safety is at the core of who we are at boeing. >> reporter: speaking publicly for the first s timece the accidents, boeing's ceo says the company is committed to h understandin and why they happened. >> we're united with our aline customers, international regulators, and government authorities in our efforts to support the most recent investigation, understand the
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facts of what happened, and help prevent future tragedies. >> reporter: boeg has now suspended the deliveryf all new max 8 jet liners. an unusual scene today at 4 mile run in arngton, virginia, after an suv ended up in the take a look at this. this it bluemont park. police say two people were in the vehicle at the time but they weren't injured. it's still unclear how they ended up in the stream. as aon precau hasimate teale were cald to the scene to check out a fuel spill. today marks exactly one year since a deadly shooting at great mills high school. this morning a moment of reflection was held. students held several tributes throughout the day to focus on recovery. the mother we spoke with says while the communiit's still raw
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community come together. 14-year-old dezman barns was also injured in the attack. police say the shooter was her ex-boyfriend who took his own life. the gun violence prevention grou march for our lives, encouraged people to wear teal today, her favorite color to honor her memory. the h jury in ah profile d.c. murder case is taking longer than expected to reach a verdict. careena neal was raped and brutally murdered two years ago to the day.le l experts expected the decision would come quickly but ws 4's mgan fitzgeral is live there. >> reporter: i've been speaking with legal experts who say it's surprising, not unheard of but surprising it's taken this long for jurors to come to a verdict because both defense attorneys and prosecutors agree there's
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erwhelming evidence here against the suspect elijah tore, but there's also a lot of evidence here. so they're combing through each piece of evidence to make a decision they feel is the right one. she was packing up here blue toyota prius outside her a northeasrtment when she was tied up, raped and brutally. murder a week later elijah tore was arrested. prosecutors spent the last month trying to convince jurors that it was tore who killed her, sang his dna was found on her body and on the backpack he was arre with. they say he was captured on several surveillance cameras around the dmv using her bankcard and taking $2,300 in cash. prosecutors say many of those cam raws also captured him in the car. but the defense painted a
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hecture of someone wrongly accused of t crime. but this victim lived to tell her story. a suspect in that crime was never aested but tore was not considered a suspect. the defense hopes they've sown enough doubt so their client can walk through. jurors have nor 20 minutes to reach a verdict. if not, they'll be back here tomorrow morning at 9:30. the boston globe is reporting that new england patriots owner robert kraft has rejected a plea deal from florida prosecutors in his prostitution case. authorities say kraft is seen on deo twice paying for a sex act at a day spa. prosecutors in palm beach county areffering torop charges if he admits he would hav then proven guilty at trial. that'sccording to "the wall street journal." the state attorney says such deals wit first time offenders are standard in cases like this.
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kraft has pleaded notguilty. >> well, storm team 4 is tracking a monster of a storm on this first day of spring. >> rit, we're talking rain, strong winds. >> really amazing how much rain we're going to see outlet of this storm systemaking its way right up the coast. this is the same storm that brought 4 inches ofain to parts of florida. now it's coming straight up 495 towards our region. what this means not only for tomorrow but for friday and the first ful weekend of spring. and susan hogan is here with a consumer alert. thipe kind of overs happen more often than you might think. renewed effort today to help create safer furniture for your family. also we take a look at the impact intensifying feuds. the republicans who are now bristling a his new insults today. we're backn 90 seconds. i s
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>>rm team 4 issues a worth alert for a big storm moving in on us. tomorrow's heavy rain and strong winds could be tough on t cherry blossom trees. peleton the maker of those popular video streaming exercis bikes and now treadmill, they've been hit with a $150 million lawsuit. a group of music p lishers is suing the company for copyrig infringement. they apeloton used more than a
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1,000 songs from artist like lady gaga,r justin tim laked anthers without permission. a consumer alert this afternoon about furnitureip over dangers. this video shows how easily a dresser can tip over even wit just a small u. of weight. >> tip overs are frightening, and they're common, and new legislation announced today would help create safere furnitor your family. consumer reporter susan hogan is llrking on details. >> we know kids. they love to climb on everything includin furniture, of course. but they can get severely injured or even die if furniture falls on top of them. every 24 minutesd tip furniture sends an injured child to the hospital.
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so today surrounded by parents who have lost children to tip overs u.s. congressman from illinois entered legislation that she hopes will end deaths ands. injur it's called the sturdy act and would require consumer product safety commission create mandatory standards for furniture manufactures. currently there are only voluntary standards which some consumer advocates just don't go far enough enprotecting kids from tip over incident. so this legislation would cover all dressers includingr those un 30 inches which right now are excluded from those voluntary standards. it would also require real world testing imke sating actual stereos to see whether furniture could actually hold a child's might. severahers shared their heart breaking stories about their loss today and the nee s foer furniture. >> my husband was under his dresser and not breathing.
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i immediately started cpr as i was trained to do and he died after four days in a coma on ther's y, 2014. >> we want to be unequivocally clear that every single manufacture must comply to the standard. there are too many families. every t days a child is killed. >> so if the sturdy act passes thecpsc would have to issue the mandatory standards within one year. the best prevention of tip ors right now is to purchase those anchors that connect the furniture to theny wall. urniture companies do offer them for free. these continue to happen time and time again. >> it's so great to finally see them doing this. >> a lot of us have ikea hfurniture. thpens a lot with ikea furniture, but almost sever single one of those does have those anchors and it's that one
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last step you do to protect your kids. >> we've done demos, and it truly is easy. it's just making that extra. st >> easy and worthwhile. >> thank you, susan. a locall music sch struggling to make ends meet. >> weather time. >> but we're going to talk to doug first. >> b i love music. >> we've got some really serious weather. >> this is nasty storm that's going to make our thursday really not look so good. not just a little umbrella but the -- >> the big umbrella. >> the big golf umbrella for ndre, that's going to be the case all day tomorrow. we are expectingn all day rain and on friday put away the umbrella but get ready for hair spray because we've got the winds coming with it. 56 degrees right now, winds out
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of the southea 5 miles an hour. nothing on the radar now, and we're not gng to see anything until later tonight. we're not talking about rain now. down there towards the norfolk area and d.c. down to the west. look at this storm right here. look how it'spinning just off the coast south of the carolinas. now, it's just sitting there. it needs something to bring it up, and this is the next storm coming down from chicago, making its way towards our area, and it's going to spin thisay and just lift this storm up i-95. parts of florida from t s same system are picking up 3, 4, rain.hes of and that's what it's going to do for us. here's the storm that's actually going to help bring this one to the north,y and tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. right on down towards raleigh andng i-95 just go be a mess towards the rush. heavy rainfall. this is all the way through
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4:00, still seeg the rainnd we expect this rain to continue all the way to about 7:00r 8:00. as this storm strengthens the next thing we see is the wind. you see 1 inch around annapolis, more than 2 1/2 inches around gathesberg. we do not have any flood watches per se because we have been dry for the last seven o days so. but i would not be surprised to see some problems with flooding' and t why i'm expecting periods of helvy rain tomorrow, paunlding on area roads. think about some of our roads. the potles are so bad out there. you're talking about the vw rkway forone, and you put rain on top of that and those oi potholes are to be hard to see. turning wimdy friday,o gusts 40 miles an hour. that could be an issue as well
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friday afternoon because of the fact we're going to have strong winds. nice on sunday, a high temperature of 63. i've got to go because i'm out of time, but not before i tell younce have a c of snow next week. >> no w. >> just saying. >> i thought we were in the clear. >> i'm out of time. i can't tal to you. >> how convenient. we'll see you soon with more details. a local music school st eggling to makes meet since the government shutdown. next, ware in the community with an emergency effort to keep the sound of music alive. and message in a flower. the p
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news 4 working for your health with an update about travel warnings related to the zika virus. the center interest disease control and prevention is now down gratding it's advisories for women who areregnant or going to become pregnant. the cdc hadom advised to stay away from nearly 100 countries where za was prevalent. the new guidelines for women who are pregnant to talk to their doctors before traveling. all right, and we are working
4:25 pm
for you in the community learning about a unique program. in an effort to prevent drunk driving the prom notes program puts safety message inside corsages. >> i do want to give a big shot out to our high school students from mcclain high school this morning, and our senior brabden right there in the cor br who wi going to prom this year. okay, these messages of safety, you'll find at this flower shop started this so many years ago,mist ms. beth. please don't drink and drive, that's basically the message inside. chip and sonya have been keeping it going for so many years. >> i think it's a very important thing. we need to get the message out as many ways as we can. >> reporter: an officer with fairfax county police is here to talk abont how import is to work with the community.
4:26 pm
>> absolutely, we are very encouraged and ensupport of t businesst do those things and help communities in the challenges they face today. >> ahe four things you need to know to stathsafe remember underage drinking is against the law. there are stiff consequences that include loss of license and a hefty fine, $500. and the threshold for your blood alcohol is lower for you're underage, 0.o2. and you don't need to drink a drive to have a good time, right everybody? let's have a safe and happy prom season. th is the latest. back in to you. well, if you are just joing us stormeam 4 has issued a weather alert. >> rn and strong winds moving in as we take a look at the radar. doug is back with the timing and a look ahead at your weekend. megan mccain says today trum has hit a bizarre new low. >> you would think it was lilairious that o president was so jealous of him that he was dominating the news cycle.
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>> next seniordi politicalr mark murray with a look at what
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storm to the southe t, coming together right over our area during the day tomorrow providing us with heavy rainfall. 1 to 2 inches likely, some areas even more tha that. and behind it much windier
4:30 pm
enditions. weoing to have much more on the impacts of this. amelia joins me in just 15 minutes. >> thank you, doug. right now heating up several f ongoinds. one of those feuds with the senator john mccain. >> just within the last hour the president hit mccain with a fresh attack while speaking at an army tank in ohio. joining us now with more is nbc senior editor mark murray. >> even as rublican allies are now criticizing the president for his tweets and all of his remarks, why -- everybody's asking why is he doing ,is? you knhat's behind it? >> pat, that's a question we've been asking ourselves for the last four years since the 20nt, 2016 presil campaign. and there are people in president trump's orbit who love it, the base gets fired up.
4:31 pm
but there are rank and file republicans who don't see this circular firing squad as helping them at all. in fact, whenlo you end uing at the president's poll numbers when he sometimes has these tweett thatk his own party we've seen them go down temporarily, and of course we've seen republican lawmakers defend john mccain's legacy, criticize the president for his mean tweets. and of course the tweets going at george conway, kellyanne canway's husband goes directly at a family member of the administration. this is something we've seen throughout his presidency. >> all right, mark, let me ask you aboutth this really bizarre feud. this is the one with george conway. so what is going on here? and we have seen recently that kellyanne responded and she seemedo side with the president. i mean, wow. >> erika, the only thing i know is i'm probably going to stay away from a dinner invite with that family for the time being.
4:32 pm
but you're referring t the interview in which kellyanne conway gave in an interview in which she defended the president, saying the president was completely in the right to criticize her husband. andn we've s george conway criticize the president had his behavior and past tweets, and the president now has responded. but certainly going to a prominent member of the white house family, and instead of rsing afterremocrats other unsavory world leae're having these mean tweet storms inside the republican family and inside the white houst f. >> well, this has been a lot. >> it's almost painful to watch. >> very good work. >> all right, remember that you can catch more on all of this and all of the latest political stories on nightly news with lester holt. thank you to mar murray. nightly news coming up at 7:00 right here on nbc 4. right s now we havee breaking news. a verdict has been reached in the trial of a man accused of killing a d.c. artist.
4:33 pm
news 4's meagan fitzgerald in the courtroom waiting for that verdict to be delivered. ang warbout people targetting cars in the middle oh in they are not breaking in. instead shooting out the windows. ta a look at some of the pictures here of just two of dozens of cars with shattered windows. why this community is concerned happening. >> angry basically. >> reporter: he's not in a good mood. >> my car is out there and anyone can come and damage it. a couple of smaller holes over here and the window was shattered. >> reporter: take a look at this photo that shows his shattered drivers side window. deputies s someone drove into his neighborhood, fired three shots with a pellet gun sunday
4:34 pm
night. what wasn your reaction wu saw the damage? >> i was a little upset. >> reporter: especially since he had to pay $250 to fix it. because the cost was less than his deductible. he's not the only victim. sheriff deputies believe the same people shot out more than two dozen windows in the county in the past two weeks. a home security camera captured thiste wour door car at the same time of several of the shootings. police are on theoout. meanwhile imran hopes they make an arrest. >> and you can help catch who's behind thi charles county crime solvers is offering a cash reward of up to $1,000 for a tip that leads to an arrest. a music school in prince george's county has fallen on rd times and is now forced to sell some of its instruments in order to make ends meet. the ottley music school has operated for more than 46 years.
4:35 pm
it spent 20 years at its location in hyattsville. she's now selling some o t schools violins and guitars, wind instruments and pianoes. the school director says things got really tough after this last federal government shutdown. >> parents came telling me i'm on contract, i don't have the money. soan give them the lessons but you didn't get the money. >> students 3 years old and older can get lessons at this school. it is accepting new students. our nbc washington app has more informion about the ottley music school. just search music school sale. prince george's bureau chief tracy wilkins with the school's next steps coming up on news 4 at >>5:00. all right, friends, get your brackets ready. the ncaa tournament kicked off.
4:36 pm
sixth seeded maryland will take on 11 seed belmont tomorrow just after 3:00. johnny holiday joins our march madness coverage and caught up with star bruno fernando this afternoon. >> i think everyone is excited and can't wait to get on the court and start playing. and i think everybody's on the sameage right now and you can just see the excitement in everybody's face. so we just can't wai to get it ggoing. >> comp on news 4 at 5:00 he joins us live from jacksonville. switching dpeergears, thougo systems moving towards each other right now on the radar. doug and amelia coming with timing andhat to expect. plus new video shows some of the rigorous new testing of youth football helmets. and a unique occurrence tonight as spring begin and wse
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an hour. >> and with it comes our third super moon of 2019. amelia draper is here in the studio with more. hey, amelia, is it the last super moon as >> actually it is going to be the last super moon of the year. here's some amazing video that our chopper actually shot a few days ago of the almost full moon out there it was coming occupy over the city. just a beautiful moon rise thite. and ae bit more on this fll super moon. this is actually tl worm super moon. and it's going to be its fullest out there tonig at 9:43. unfortunately, clouds are going to continue to thickenut throughe evening hours. i think some of us might beble to catch glimpse, especially those of you farther to the north of the d.c. metro area. but i wouldn't necessarily count on it. the worm part of the nameomes from the native-american name as the ground starts to warm up and the earthworms start to make
4:41 pm
their way up. this is going to be the la o super moo the year. now, the first super moon to occur on the spring equinox since 1981. so we haven't had this happen since 1981. and of course abo kick talk the solstice and equinox. summer solsticee is whenve the longest day and shortest night. and winter solstice whe have shortest night. and with the spring equix we get equal time of day and night. hopefully the clouds kin of break up. >> thanks, amelia. if you're just joining us we've got breaking news, breaseng developments in t deadly boeing jet tcrashes. >>he lawsuit filed today by the familiesf some o the victims. it's just one more thing that cindy loffer and jay-z have
4:42 pm
in common. whilegame of tle"game of throne leased half a dozen all around the world and they want us to go find them. also in d.c. jay-z, curtis mayfield, neal dimond and others all being add to the lay braer of congress because they arehe worthy of preservation to he nation's recorded south heritage. look for an event in person coming up next month. and congratsll to the 25 and congratsll to the 25 others for becoming a part of [female voiceover] with the penfed car buying service from penfed credit union, you can get rates as low as 1.49% apr on new vehicles. d everyone is welcome to apply. visit [music]
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joining us at 4:45 let's get you things p with the four to know. >> a storm team 4 weather alert today. scattered showefo moving in re midnight and after that even more rain on the way. team coverage from doug kammerr anamelia draper just ahead. >> neighbors in a quiet neighborhood in dumfries say they're shocked by the shooting deaths otwo people this rning and they are still on the scene trying to figure what happened there. northern virginia bureau reporter david colver spoke with neighbors who heard the shots, and he joins us live at the top of theou h breaking right now, the maryland general assembly has given final approval to raise the states minimum wage by 2025. there's one compromise, though. businesses with 15 or fewer employees will have an extra year to comply. hasrnor larry hogan threatened to veto the measure, but the house and senate both passed theh bill w enough votes to afternoon, the
4:46 pm
airplane maker boeing hit wh a wrongful death lawsuit. families of the 189 victims of the lion-air crash in indonesia filed that suit. it allegessh the cra was caused by a defective anti-stall system in m boeing's 8 jet. all right, and we go to more breaking news this afternoon. a verdict has been reached in the trial of a manused of killing a d.c. artist. the suspect has been found guilty of murder. meagan fzgerald has been monitoring this storye outside ourtroom now for several days. we understand the verdict has just come in, the jurors found him guilty on all 13 counts. this information just coming in now, and meagan fitzgerald will have much more on this coming up. now we go to a story every parent needs to see. for the first time ever researchers at va tech have performed rigorous testingl
4:47 pm
on youth foohelmets to which ones offer the most protection for young athletes >> doreenensler is working for your health to break down these findings. doreen? >> pat and erica, mt people who play football aren't nfl players or college ath'rtes. th just kids. and we know that parents worry about theety out there on the field. now for the first time ever parents and coaches have acces to some important information about the safety of youth football helmets to see which ones work best to protect the brain from serious injurs on the field. virginia tech's helmet lab tested 17 different youth footballee helmets to which ones offered the most protection to reduce r tk of concussions. the helmets were fitted on a crash test t dummy size of a 10 to 12-year-old boy to replicate experiences on the field. nsors inside the helmet indicated where the player was hit and researchers could
4:48 pm
determine which hit was most likely to cause a tincussion. re to all this now from the director of the helmet lab. >> this is really useful informatio boss it's the first of its kind inferring. there's never been dat available on youth players on which helmets are safer than others. so this is the first specific youth design criteria we llhave. >> wow take a look at the results of the 17 youth helmets that were tested. researchers say seven earned five stars, the rest earned three or four stars. the melimates that did not perform well typically had front pads that were toostu stiff. every company had at least one five star helmet available for sale. the ratings come amid increased juteany for helmets for children paying contact sports like football. to see the complete list search helmet in our nbc washington app. >> all right, doreen.
4:49 pm
a lot of parents will be doing that. thanks so much. turng now to this weather. so tell us what it's going do be like tonight before all heck breaks look. >> tonight's prettyic we've got cloud cover, not quite as cool as bits been the past couple of nights. this evening it gives you enough time to find themblla. although the last year and a half has been a veryet time period. tomorrow is going to be a very wet day. th c is what y expect for the rest of the afternoon. cloud cover out there. you have tempe part. th way.storm team 4 radar is dry. now we're tracking two storms. one to the west, one to the south. this one to the south just kind of sitting there not doing a whole lot, kind of snning there. well, this one is going to make as way towards the east and it does it's going to pick this one and come right up i-95 and
4:50 pm
really wreake havoc, as far as 1 to 2 inches of rain coming on through. so here it is as future weather. 8:00 tonight no problem. watch what happens here around 11:00 tonight. starting to see the rain down alwards southern may r but most of us still dry. if you want to take the dog out e lasttime, maybe still watching, you can do that maybe during the first commerciale break and cack in for weather. and then by early tomorrow as you're watching chuck bell and melissa mul.a. here at 5:00 a.m., we've got rain area wide. you know we're goi to have problems on area roadways. look at 11:00, starting to see heavy rain come through. from baltimore down throughed icksburg. heaviest rain looks to come right around 2:00, and even some oranges here. and this is why we think we could see 1 to 2 inches of rain by 5:00, 6:00, it starts to pull out and i think by tomorrow
4:51 pm
night it'll look better. this is also going to be a big dealn friday. >> absolutely, doug, because we talk about the winds out there on friday. theeather are flooding, hydroplaning and wind dabbling. the national weather service has not issued any sort of flood alert just yet and i don't thin because as doug was saying we've been pretty here for the last month or so. but nuns you could see some floodi occur especially if waters have trouble getting down storm drains. we then get into hydroplaning. and i think the biggest concern for that isoing to be midday and tomorrow afternoon when we're seeing the heaviest and steadiest rainfall. there's a chance your morning and evening commute is we w so yt to budget some extra time for that. as we look to friday it's all about the winds and potential wind damage out there. trees d see some downed and power outages.
4:52 pm
so tomorrow it's the rain gear. nhe b's t a, the rai jacket. friday and saturday defoitely want grab the wind breakers, saturday, finally looking like a nice day out there. your windorast on friday is windy. again, gusts up to 40 les an hour means we could see some downed trees especiallyrom all the rain we have tomorrow and on top of it strong winds. wind chill not just saturday but friday as well are going to be in the 30s and0s. so, doug, tomorrow the first full day of spring as we look td friday saturday, not feeling very much like spring at all. >> no, we have one real spring like day. that's going to be temperature of 63. again, windy friday, breezy saturday, pretty nic on sunday. and then monday watching a system that could produce a couple of showers. look at this on tuesday, temperatures in the 40s and a chance of rain or that's som we'll be tracking for you and very chilly temperatures as we make our way
4:53 pm
towards the middle of next week. end of next week looking a lot better. all right, let's get a look at what's coming up today all new at 5:00. >> jim and wendy are standing by in the newsroom. >> it is turning into a very busy wednesday afternoon. new developn nts tonight case we've been following for you. a jury has just convictedhe manccused of murdering a d.c. artist. >> that verdict was returned in the last couple ofes min it's been two days of deliberations. our meaga fitzgerald is at the courthouse. she'll have a live report at the hetom of hour. also a news 4 i-team investigation. a sex abuse allegation leads to a disturbing discovery at a local assistedivingcenter. >> this is one you must see, folks. the safety break down in whaeds suppo be a safe place. and what the family didn't know until our i-team uncovered it. plus, spotting the red flags on companies that promise to fix yourdi c >> susan hogan tells you what
4:54 pm
you need to know to protect your money. we're going to see you soon with all of the days news coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you both. see you soon. and we'll be right back.


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