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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 20, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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normal people. first up at 6:00, our last few hours of dryth w for a while. >> yeah, we've got a soaking rain on the way, folks. and cold and wind behindt. big changes coming over the next few days. >> let's take a look at storm team 4 radar right now. doug, seems like we've got storms coming at usff from ent directions. >> yeah, we really do, guys. officially spring began two minutes ago, but it's not going to be feeling much like spring over the next couple of days. tomorrow a cool rain all day. one coming in from the west andt south,lly helping to bring that one up from the south. you can see thain spi down here.s the carolinas the next storm back to the west. this storm moving east. this will allow all of this moisture to the south to come up. we're talking a pretty big soaker of a storm during the day tomorrow. moving in tonight into early
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rrotorning. owhere's 7:00 a.m. rain from ne york to raleigh. a mess alld day. hat rain is going to stick with us just about all day as well. did hit 56 degrees, just a little below average. tomorrow a little bit cooler. we'rracking what to expect for your friday. that's when winds couldp gust rather 40 to 50 miles per hou much more than that. we'll see you back here in a few ignutes. breaking t, justice for a young woman attacked exactly two yearsgo today. >> the man accused of raping, torturing, and kilng her was just found guilty on all 13 counts. news 4's meagan fitzgerald is outside the courthouse whereve e ict was reached. >> meagan, you just spoke to the victim's heartbroken family. how toughn't imagine a day this was for them. >>eporter: while they are glieved that there is a guilty verdict, it'sef that you can't even begin to imagine because as you said this ishe second anniversary of her death.
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two years ago today she was brutally raped and murdered inside her northeast d.c. apttment. and jn hour ago jurors unimasly decided that elijah tore was guilty on a 13 counts. guilty on those atrocious crimes inside heren apar guilty of andng her blue toyota prius driving around the dmv, taking her atm karld and taking some $2,300 out of banks. but just an hour ago, when those jurors read that verdict i can tell you that courtroom was cked with family members who were tearful at the sound of guilty on all 13 counts. many of them feeling a relief. we had an opportunity to speak with corrina mill's father and stepfather minutes after that wasea take a listen to what they had
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to say. >> it feels like justice. i only hope that he dies in prison, so i guess that's the rest of his life. and the sooner the better, as far as i'm concerned. >> the jurors took their time and made their decision, and mr. toure cannot hurt anyone elseag n. he'll be in prison. >> reporter: elijah toure sat emotionless during that trial even when they were reading the verdict. >> thank you, meagan. we're on the scene of another developing story in prince will krm county. tonight police are investigating the shooting teaths of people in a home in a quiet neighborhood in dumfries. they saynhere's no rea for the public to be alarmed, that the shooting was contained to the home. neighbs are shock said, no. david colver talked with some of them. he'll join us with a live report teter this hour. maryland solice are
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looking for the people tonight involved in a dry by the beltway. by this time monday night police in a goldmeone vehicle drove up behind an suv and started shooting. the gunshots hit a6-year-old boy in the leg. no one else was injured. police believe that suv was targeted, but they need morerm inion to make an arrest. some tragic new developments after a baby was rushed to the hospital unconscious over the weekend. tonight we've t learned 3 month old has died. the baby girl was found in a home o g street in southeast. the medical examiner is calling her death a homicide. 4news chris gordon picks up the story. >> reporter: neighbors are upset hearing the 3 month o infant died from a head injury. >> oh, no, that's sad. that reallys. that happened to a baby. >> i can't understand how someone would beat a baby to death. not a little innocent baby. >> reporter: police are trying
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to determine who is responsible for the death of the baby girl. saturday nightoliceeceived an emergency call that 3 month old skylar newmanas unconscious. the call came from a home here in the 4300 block of g street southeast. the police report says afi d.c. crew tried to revive the baby performing cpr. she was unconscious, not breathing. she was taken to a local hospital. tuesday she died. the d.c. medical examinert is ruling i homicide. four police officers wearing body cameras gathered evidence, opening the investigation. concluding t baby died from blunt force trauma to the head. esthe police report n no suspect, but lists two different offenses. murder and firstegree crawlty to children creating grave risk. no one answered the door when i stopped by the house where the baby was foundunconscious. we searched for phone numbers trying to find the mother of the baby, 3 month old skylar erwman.
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a wom answered the phone, asked who was calling and when i said it was me she said we have no comment. >> i pray for the family but this is not good news. n>> reporter: police hav charged anyone in connection with the baby's death. they'reg offer a reward for information that helps them close this case. chris gordon, news 4. new tonight the airplane maker boein has now bee hit with a wrongful death lawsuit. families of the o 189 victi the lion-air crash in indonesia filed that suit today. t alleges the crash was caused by a defective anti-stall system in's boeiax 8 jet. this comes as new recordings show just one day before that crash a veny similar emerg happened on the exact same plane. nbc's tom costello has temore. >> rep good afternoon. a lot of moving pieces in the 737 max story. to begin with, in indonesia on the case the lion-air plane
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that crashed last october reuters is now reporting that the crew onboard that plane was frantically trying to save the nane but could figure out why the plane was in a nosedive, and ultimately they were not successful in saving the plane. but the day before that exact same plane was experiencing the exact same problem according to bloomberg, and ail who was deadheading along with the cockpit crew, in other words an extr pilot who was in the cockpit, he was the one that recognized the problem, a problemtwith that se we talked about. he said we've got to turn off that software, they did and suly the pla turns around and starts flying again. it's likely this plane will not be flying again for some time. tom costello in washington. back to you. >> and you can cch tom's full report tonight on nbc nightly news with lester holt. coming up at 7:00. nt> some promi republican lawmakers are defending the legacy of senator john mccain
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even as president trump once again revived his cricism of the late arizona senator. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who rarely contradicts the president and senator martha mcsally both praising mccain as a hero.t and an ohio plant that manufactures military equipment, the president spent about minutes ripping on mccain, a vietnam war veran. susan mcguinness jones us now with strange airing of grievances months after mccain's death. >> reporter: i can aexplain .t, dore the president appeared in ohio to be in full campaign mode today, but it was clear he had john mccain and other thingsn his mind. touting his perceived successes here. >> well, you better love me. i kept this place open. that i can tell you. >> reporter: earlier h focused on the mueller report
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expected to calling it ridiculous. >> let it come out. let people see it. i just won one of the greatest elections of all-time in the history of this acountry, even you will admit that. and now i have somebody writing a report that never got a vote. my vote is don get it. and i don't get it. >> reporter: and in front of ohio voters the president spent early five minutes again attacking the late senator john mccain. >> so i have to be honest i never lik him much. >> reporter: friends and colleagues of the late senator came to his defense. >> i think the president's comments about senator mccain hurt him more than they hurt the legacy of senator mccain. >> reporter: meahile in ohio, the president took credit for saving the tank factory, having designated nearly $ billion of nufacturing the tank. >> they said we'relosing it and i said no, you're not, and
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now you're doing record business. >> reporter: but that sentiment could fall an death ears where gm closed an ailing plant. areabig loss to the because it's going to be millions if not billions of dollars in loss of renue and jobs. >> reporter: gm says the factory is a casualty of the president's trade war with chi. now, the president has been urging gh to reopen that plant or sell it. jim? a right, susa thank you. the question surrounding former s run resident joe bide for the white house now seem to be about when than if. "the wall street journal" reports biden has reached out to a number of supporters saying he's in, but he may be using a different approach. the journalays he's looking to raise some major campaign can otherions to keep up with democrats who raised big first day fund-raising amounts. many in the field have said they would not accept money from litical action committees. instead getting support from a
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broad group of smaller donors. you put your loved ones into assisted living care to keep them safe. >> so why did one local center wait days to report a possiblea se abuse allegation? the news 4 i-team with a disturbing new report coming later in this hour. and up next, roadside rescue. how two local deputies managed to save a woman from her burning car and then rive her after pulling her to safety. i'mdam tuss. would you pledge to be a better driver out here on the roads? driver out here on the roads? i'moing to tell you about one
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we e in weather alert mode on this wednesday. that's because two storms are about to comeng together to b us heavy rain overnight and intr to. we're talking an all-day rain. doug is back to talk timing and rainfall amounts in less than two minutes. this next story is simply the right people in thetight placehe right time. >> news 4's derek ward explains w two sheriff's deputies saved an unconscious woman from her burning car. >> reporter: most people in law enforcement will tellth you e's nothing routine about the job. eric keys and philip norris were moving ane pri last week. but this trip took a diversion here along route 302 in upper marlboro. something happened here, but it doesn't tell a wholest y.ey wouldn't have normally come that way, working around an accident that turned out to be a
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twigs of fate. >> we looked out to window and saw a vehicle that struck a tree. >> r orter: the woman who was driving was still inside and she was unconscious. deputy norris had to stay with the van and prisoner. that's protocol. deputy key grabbed the fire extinguisher. he got her out, but the woman wasn't breathing. he started doing cpr, and rig there his partner had the double duty of watching the prisor and hispartner's back. >> i was on the radio trying to kind of talk to them. >> after about 5 to 10 minutes ofancpr she b to breathe on her own. but at the time ste fire was ill burning, the vehicle was still on fire and we had to move her. >> reporter: now theom started having a seizure and the fire was still spreading. >> i remember the trees were on fire, shrapnel flying over our head. >> reporter: finally it wo ulance arrived and the deputies were back on the road, norris at the wheel. >> i really couldn't have done
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anything i did without him. >> exceptional performance by both of them. >> reporter: and new respect from their prisoner. after months of debate maryland will bome the next state to change its minimum wage to $15 an hour. both the house and senate passed a bill today. that will raise that minimum wage gradually until it hits15 an hour in 2025. small businesses withr5 employees fewer will be on a different schedule, giving them an extra year to comply. governorarry hogan opposes the increase, but it has enough support to override a to. here's how the change stacks up against the rest of our region. d.c. already approved its own gradual increase to $15 minimum wage. it will reahat mark next year. west virginia's minimum wage
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al$8.75 an hour. and virginia's $7.25 an hour, the same as what's required by federal law. the man accused of killing anlexandria store manager was attacking his own family in the weeks before the killing last summer. that's what we learned in court today. the older brother of the defendant spe hours on the response stand, sometimes tearfully as he described his dother's sudden mental health breakown. the faem's testimony is crucial to defense attorneys plans to ild an insanity defense. he'd just been discharged from a new jersey psychiatric hospital the day before he stabbedat and rad jackson to death in old town alexandria. the two men were total strangers. defense testimony in the case will continue tomorrow. a previously planned concert featuring a group frum new zealand will go on asplanned, and some proceeds from tonight's
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show in amx druwill now benefit families ofivals in their home city. christchurch, following that mask attackef that 50 people dead. the vocal collectiveed sched the u.s. tour before the attack. tonighs show willnclude a moment of reflections ll as performances by two local singing groups. hen you put a sticker on your car you take a pledge to be a safe crteous driver who always obeys the law, at least that's the plan. wh's behind thisffort to make our streets safer by asking drivers to just be nice. >> reporter: it's unbelievable, some of of our driverso sad, they're so bad they should actually take a pledge to be better dvers. well, guess what in one part of the area that's actually about to happen. putting a sticker like one on your car saying that you'll drive the speed limit, stop for pedestrians, you know be a
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courteous and responsible driver. >> i ahink that'sumed anyway. i don't know why i would need a bumper sticker. >> reporter: have you seen some of the drivers aund here? >> well, yes. >> reporter: would you take a pledge to be aac car, setting an example and slowing down speeds? the city of fall church plans to roll the initiative out later this. ye >> this is one small thing that is within our direct control to >> reporter: dave snider on the falls church city council. is it sad it has to com to a sticker that you aveee to dri the right way? >> well, unfortunately, all you have to do is walk a few blocks anywhere in the area and you'll se a total break down of driving in the area. >> reporter: other cars will recognize the sticker and why those driversre actually following the speed limit. still some are skepticat' and t just it, maybe this is an attitude shift, ain reminr rest the drivers who use it and those around the car to take
6:20 pm
a second and just follow the rules. >> it's not going to solve the neighborhood traffic problems that we all see aonund the regibut it's one small component that came very much up from the grass roots. >> reporter: adam tuss, news 4. >> we all have our moments. >> it can't hurt. well, across the country students and volunteers took part ins eve for national kick buts day. >> it's not about fighting or sports, though. these kids are trying to fight underage smoking l they canvassal stores to make sure they aren't selling to anyone under 18. a substance abuse survey found reported tobacco use has gone down in recent years. but national health experts are warning lately about an increase in vaping. i know people do smoke because they don't know to dirt some typef stress we feel in our societys
6:21 pm
teenagers. so i think there's a better way of, like, releasing some type of teng or stress. >> virginia lawmakers recently approved a measure toncrease the legal a to buyge tobacco products to 21. that's set to take effect in july. > still to come tonight on news 4 at 6:00, the best helmets for kids playing youth srts. researchers at virginia tech put them to the test and we'll tell you what theyfound. and we're in weather alert as you know. icug's traffking tomorrow's
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>> i've been telling everyone bring the big golf umbrellas. is there such a thing t asnis umbrellas? >> no. >> you think we'd play tnis with an umbrella in one hand? >> you're going to feed something out there because i tell you that umbrella is to be necessary all day tomorrow. and if your thinking about playing tenne, it is in dome. a pretty nice shot of the washington monument this cloud cover, but not bad. 54 degrees, wind out of the southeast at 12 meals an hour. that wind is going to be pickinh upe. nothing on the radar now kushtly. there's been a couple of showers trying to make their way down. you can see those right here. a lot of cloud cover, too. and reallyin ahis is two storms. one to the west, one down to the th spinning down here. south. this one is going to be thepr ominant storm and really
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give us a walloping. rult of this storm right here. if this storm wasn't re, that storm would probably stay down to our south and not do much for us, but this one is allising one to come up and produce a lot of rainfall tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon right on through the evening commute tomorrow and then probably some swers even after that tomorrow night. now, the heaviest rain will come tomorrow during the between about 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., that nice 12-hour stretch right there. i'm expecting 1 to 2 inches of rain,eriods ofeavy rain tomorrow. we could see some localized as well out of turning window for friday, gusts to 40 miles per hour or even higher. a windy day on friday and even rather breezy on saturday, too. high temperatures in the low 50s there. with that wind it's going to feel a little koorler. sunday's it day to look for. a pretty nice day. 63, that's a day you can get out there and play a bit of tennis.
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the umbrellas on sunday you'll need them for the sunshine on sunday. next at 6:30 tonight, hoping for an encore. a local music school fighting for its financial life. why it's in danger of closing after serving theommunity for deevdes. newelopments in the prostitution sting involving new england patriotst owner rob kraft. he may not be taking a plea deal after all. and late breaking news out of prince william county. police now officially
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now a 6:29, shock and concern in a prince william county community. a man and woman found dead inside tir own home. >> moments ago investigators ruled it a murder suicide. neighbors in the dumfries communit say the family was peaceful and deep ly religious and they can't imagine what could have happened. >> northern virginia bureau reporter david colver joins us with the latest on this sad story. >> reporter: doreen and jim, a twist that just cameut of thi story i want to walk crow through. initially the neighbors in this community thoht the couple involved in this murder suicide were the ones who lived in this home. but in the past 30 minutes prince william police telling us that the man and woman found dead inside today were not the residents. instead they were visiting their loved ones. nonetheless, thisti dom dispute has got neighbors
6:30 pm
stunned. it's too much to ke. >> my heart is broke. i'm in shock still. >> reporter: she says a and wife and at least two teenage children along a grandmother live here. late today police say relatives visiting the home got into a fight. investigators say a man shot and lled aoman then turned the gun on himself. >> it's devastating. i really cannot -- i cannot believe it. this is the last thing i expect. >> so heard like boom. >> reporter: neighbors heard gunshots just after 10:00 this morning. >> i hear like -- >> reporter: prince william county police rushed to the home off of marjon court. chopper 4 above as police investigated below. inside the home polid say a man an woman lie lifeless, shot to death. >> i am so sad. >> reporter: investigators secured the crime scene but soon determinedthrust no threat to neighbors leaving rahele to
6:31 pm
wonder what could have sparked a deadly domestic dispute. >> when i go to their house they always play gospel music and stuff, peaceful house. and they come over here and pray for me. >> reporter: eight hours after ehis murder suicide you can see investigators hern prince william county still on scene. the question remains, though, who are the man and woman who were found dead inside? i did ask police that about releasing their identities. they say as of now they're sti having some trouble tracking down some extended fammy mbers. i do know this family is from ethiopia originally. so perhapst has to deal with nasome intonal connection issues they're working through. >> very sad. keep usosd. a man is in custody tonight for the murder of a beloved business owner. police say dale wright ofest
6:32 pm
virginia shot jeffrey evans in the head and chest. investigators say a fight started during a business transactwen b the two just off route 7 in clark county on sunday. police say ans tried to drive off but crashed. and by the time authorities got there he was already dead. evan's family friend tells us the two men knew e h oth because wright worked at a business near utan's shop. wright will appear in court once he's beenxtradited from west virginia. roberttlraft is appar rejecting an offer from prosecutors that would drop charges against him. the new england patriots owner will not take a pretrial plea deal. it would have required kraft to concede he would have been found guilty, complete community service and pay some fines. kraft is accused of soliciting prostitution at a massagearlor
6:33 pm
in florida. kraft's charges are not related to human trafficking. he's due in court next week. gw, com up on nbc nightly news this evening we'll hear from the founder and former owner of that massage parlor in question. that's ahead at the top of the hour. doreen? for nearly of a century a hyattsville music school has taught buddingsec butse of financial problems those lessons could soon be coming to an end. the am story the school's owner hopes will hit just the right tes with all of you. >> reporter: these 6-year-olds on the apian steel drums learned to play their instruments here at the ottley music school. of 185rew from my house students and 12 teachers to 37
6:34 pm
and 12 teachers. inyounger you start the quicker this develops and theyo higher aspirations. >> reporter: but in recent years enroecment hasned and it's fallen on hard financial times. the last government didn't help either. >> people not being able to pay andh, so fond you don't want to stop and, you know, but i can't have teachers that don't get paid. >> reporter: so now ottley is selling some of the school's instruments from pianos to horns and strings to help ends meet. >> f them to not be continuing and maybe even moving onto the xt generationsould be a pity and an extreme >> reporter: maxine gross' daughter started training here in second gradeig now aschool senior. >> she's been accepted in music programs of six different universities, and it's just a estion of which one she's going to pick. >> reporter: ottley hasco a ection to many of the instruments they're selling
6:35 pm
here, but she says letting them go isn't as hard as it may seem. >> i wouldn't say i have heart break in letting them gau no, bec it's to the betterment of the school. >> reporter: they have a number of instruments for sale if you're interested in helping out or getting more information about the school, go to nbc washington and search music school sound. inhyattsville, news 4. >> we wish them the best. and who knew tracy anyhow how to play piano. we've got a lot more ahead. delays in reporting a sex abuse allegatid a local assisted living facility in some hotr. wa disturbing details uncovered by our news 4 i-team. >> you didn't know the man returned? >> we had absolutely no idea. plus new testing for youth football helmets protecting your kids from concussions.
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it's an important story for parents whose children play football. for the first time ever adults accessches c information on the safety of youth helmets and see which ones pwork best totect their child's brain and reduce the risk of suffering a concussion on t field. virginia tech's helmet lab performed rigorous testing on a crash test dummy the size of a 10 to 12-year-old boy. censors inside the helmet measured how hard the player was hit and where the hit landed on the helmet. during t simulation researchers could determine which hit was most likely to cause a concussion. of the 17 youth helmets tested seven earned five stars, the highest possible rating. the helmets that did not perform well typically had front pads that were is to stiff. to see the complete list you can search helmet in the nbc washington app. heco you could some big money tonight.
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all it takes are six luckynu er. . the powerball jackpot has shot up to nearly a half billion dollars. it's $33e million if you t the lump sum option that's dfore taxes. therawing is tonight. look for the numbers on news 4 at 11:00 if we're here. >> we'll see. coming up a disturbing sex gallegation at a local assisted liv center. the news 4 i-team found out it took days to report. scott macfarland up next with what the family wants to happen wonow. and storm systems coming together to give us some rious together to give us some rious rainse
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an investigation of sexual abuse in a most sensitive place. the bedroom of a woman with dementia at senior living home. > a wans witness saw something happen. >> a series of delays in telling police and family and theeaafety down inside what's supposed to be a safe place. >> reporter: making the rounds on a friday a housekeeper worried when her knocks went unanswered t she unlock door to find the female resident in bed. she also found a construction worker for the property standing nearby partially unclothed from the waist down. he cursed upon being seen. but what happened next is a
6:43 pm
mystery because the housekeeper clos the door andeft the woman behind. and that woman suffers from dementia. she's the resident of an assisted living facilityou >> feel like your trust is broken. >> absolutely. >> reporter: the woman's sonie wo his mother was taken advantage of by a sexual predator. we're masking his identity to protect his mother's. >> there was a lot of things where things broke down and proper procedures were not followed. >> reporter: he says he didn' know about the april 2018 incident at the house in d.c. for nearly a week after it happened. the i-team's uncovered there's a lot more he wasn't possible sex crime witness bide an employee went unreported to the facilitytr adminor and to police for nearly a week. in the meantime the construction woer returned to work just days later and was seen on that woman's floor here.h d.c. hea department records we obtained under the freedom of information act paint abl trg time line. april 6, 2018 the housekeeper
6:44 pm
witnesses a possible sex crime and tells a chevy chase house receptionist. april 8th the receptionist notifies the activities director later explaining to public health investigators he didn't report it immediately because he thought it was likely consensual. april 9th, the construction worker is back atork and eventually questioned by the director and escorted off. apri 12th nearly a week after the incident the administrator calls the cops and the woman's family. police say they couldn't make a hse. alth inspection indicates the woman has no recollecti of the incident. what do you think of this? >> i thought it wasou ageous. >> reporter: an expert in elder care. she said the long wait not only delayed the woman getting any care she neede but could have compromised the case. >> you need to follow up demediately in to preserve evidence, in order to get recollects of individuals with
6:45 pm
dementia. reporter: the d.c. health department did its own o inspection int what went wrong. the agey found the employees failed to immediately report allegations of sex abuse to the facility failed to thoroughly investigate and failed to take appropriate action to protect residents during the investigation. when we showed you what we found, this surprised wayou? >> i extremely surprised. >> reporter: the woman's son and his attorney k ow little this until the i-team contacted them and revealed what we found. you don't know the man returned to the office? >> we had absolutely no idea. >> reporter: didn't know it took a week for this to get reported to policend had been going through several employees? >> we did not know that. >> reporter: didn' know the man cursed when caught by the housekeeper? >> we did not have those facts. >> reporter: the chevy chase house declined to answer requests with nod answer questions about the case. in a statement they said they retrained staff and their
6:46 pm
license is intact. the woman's son says he med his mother from the chevy chase house after learning of the inci snt. she say has no memory of what happened, and health investigators didott find any r incidents. but her son can't help but worry what he doesn't know. how many times his mother or other people with dementia may have been harmed. d.c. health records showed chevy chase house met with residents to discuss the alleged incidents in august, abo four months after police were called and a month after h d.c.lth inspectors were called to answer their. questio a fine, $10,000. .o disturbi >> it seems like every step of the way people failed to protect this woman. the d.c. health department does annual surveys at assisted living surveys and they include time lines of the things they investigate. well, if you have a tip for the i-team log onto the nbc
6:47 pm
washington app a click on investigations. doug is back with more about our weather and giving us tim to getll of our heavy rain gear ready. >> my tip for the i-team somebody's stoupn the first of days of spring. rain the first full day of spring. spring officially began about an hour teure-wise, we actually got to 57. hey, we hit average today, everybody. how about that? not badfternoon. not much in the way of wind, either. right now tracking the rain. not on the radar currently, but all you have to do is widen out here and you see the rain down to the south and east and back to the west. this system justd of stalled out and just kind of sitting there waiting for this one, this guy right hereo pick him up and bring them right on in. and that'ng why it's g to be
6:48 pm
an all day rain event. so much of that moistur through atlantic coming right up through 95. so 8:00 noroblem. 11:00 tonight,vetarting to nto our southern zones. and by tomorrow morning look at that rain area wide. notice by1:00 a.m. that rain right along the ori-95dor, that's where we think it's going to be the heaviest. and we really feel the real bulls eye is going toht be r around here, right along d.c. back to the north and west just little bit. 1 to 2 inches, maybe even 2 1/2 inches of rain. and not ending until the evening rush. so the evening rush still going to be problematic, getting out of here by 10:00 or 11:00. forecast your school for tomorrow? rain, rain and rain. that's really all you need to know. sure the kids have an up brella at the bus stop. on friday,he it's not umbrella these kids are going to need.
6:49 pm
it's going to be the coats again as the wind is going to be a big factor. >> so the weather concerns tomorrow are going to be floodingso someted flooding and hydroplaning. and then on friday we could see some wind damage out. the now, the flooding concerns mainly confined torban areas where if we see enough water falling it has trouble drainin time, and that's where we could see some isolated flooding issues not widespread. if you're going to be out especially around thend midday early afternoon hours we could see some hydroplaning issuesit develop that moderate to heavy rain. ith that being said the morning and evening commute could just be soggy out there. so you probably want to budget some extra time heading to and from work on your thursday. on friday some downed trees and maybe even some spotty power tages. again, tomorrow it's all about the rain gear, the rain boots, the rain jacket friday and saturday. you want the warm coat, the
6:50 pm
windbreaker. saturday, it'sooking really nice. just a light jacket. finally a niceinay of s on spring. but check out the temperature versus wind chill friday morning. it's starting off at 42 degrees, but with the winds already gusting up to 40 miles an hour, it'll feel like it's 33 degrees out there fndday afternoon evening. temperatures in the 50s but feeling about s 40. dougurday morning we'll have wind chill temperatures only around 20 sagrees, so rday just a cold and plusry day. sunday, though, looking rea y nice. >> saturday is one of those days esn cially in the afternoon the sunshine and the wind's not really blowing, the wind comes in and you g it is a little on the chilly side. sunday aig hh temperature ofsu . ay really does look good, guys. and then you're thinking what's next forext week? how about some rain or snow chances? yeah, we've got a system moving in monday that could bring us
6:51 pm
enough moisture and cold air to give us a chance of rain orow it's really a tough thing to get this time of year, but looks like we got a chancef it next tuesday. finally warming as we head towards the end of next wee so again, tomorrow, friday, whoo, saturday, whoo. >> seems loue this push back that cherry blossom date. >> we predictedool throughout e rest of march. that's why we had our date past it.e the park service had 4th through the 8th is where we still cal it. coming up the nhl best visiting the defending
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
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oh, this is g ang to be good one. on top, >> reporter: yes, i am so excited for this matchup, but, you know, today is the fst day of spring which signifies these
6:55 pm
hockey games ang get that much more important. and for the capitals a little chance at tirede. today they are hosting the tampa bay lightening, the best team in hockey and the teamea that bt them just four days the capitals and lightening playing their second of three gas in just 15 days. things getting chippy in game one in tampa bay's win. theightening are looking like a team on a mission this season. but we all remember last may when the capitals overcame aic-2 series defit to beat the lightening in seven games becoming eastern conference champions on their way to winning the stanley the caps know tam t wasn'too happy seeing that. nd a new exciting rivalry was born. >> they're obviously not happy with what happened so i think ultimately that stanley cup final right there, that series. so it'll be fun, a good test to get us ready for the playoffs. >> there's a little snarln the
6:56 pm
game and really that's good for us. i think we've shown we're goore when we' challenged and engaged. >> there's a lot of feelings carried over from the year before and, you know, i don't think you'd ever have thought a that would be bit of rivalry. but when you play those important games again a team a year prior you expect it to carrover, and crow never know when you're going to run into them down the ro. >> reporter: so the anticipation building here as puck drops in about 30 minutes. but there's anticipationng builor tomorrow before taking on belmont. our johnny holiday is in jacksonville. >> reporter: well, the belmont bruins just finished their t shoot-arouhis afternoon with jack snville. maryhot around earlier today. the number six seed, the bruins the number 11 i had a chance to catch up with eric. all maryland has to do is worry
6:57 pm
about their game, not belmont's game. >> weatched themhis morning. we go out there and do our thing. so whether that's locking in defensively, making shots,. >> reporter: mayes played nine game for a totalf 29 minutes but last night on the the "tonight show" with jimmy fallon he got 10 seconds of national fame. >> if you combine some of the players name you can makin' veven more likable player. >> reporter: what did yourma tes say about that? >> they re all talking about it walking out of breakfast they are they said i shouldn't be eating with them, i'm too big time. >> he's a celebrity know. i'm excited forhe him. a good guy.
6:58 pm
>> we all knew the whole media is going to be on reese's side so ipr sed i'm getting interviewed tomorrow. i bruno, i hope tomorrow it's going to be good game so i cani rview you. for the first time in 15 seasons catholic uniy will have a new head mens basketball coach. steve howles announcing his resignation today. no specific reason was given since he led the rdinals since 2014, and the school says a national search for a newoach will start shortly and talking more tournament collegell basketeorgetown hosting harvard tonight for the mit tournament on campus. guys, bac to you. >> lots of action sn. >> we'll see you at :00. >> we'll see you for news 4 at 11:00. have a good evening.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, president trump unleashes a stunning new attack on the late senator john mccain seven months after mccain's death. >>e him the kind of funeral that he wanted, which as president i had to approve. i don't care about this, i didn't get thank you, that's okay. >> tonightca a republin senator calling the new attacks deplo deplorab deplorable, saying he plans to deliver the president a pu.ic whipping breaking news, sources tell nbc news the fbi has joined the investigation into how the faa certified the plane involved in those twin air disasters. the the founder and former owner of the massage parlor where patriots owner robert kraft is accused of soliciting prostitutes is speaking out to nbc news. what she says about her business


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