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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 22, 2019 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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again, strong winds coming later on today. and another chance, another likelihood, that you're going tr getned on this afternoon, as quick-moving showers come racing back through the area. winds are closing in on 30 to 40 miles per hour in m spots. there's the wind advisory that goes through the remainder of the d toda gusts over 50 possible this afternoon. the heavy rains are pull ought. it will be dry for the nex couple of hours. there's a likelihood, 60% chance of more showers coming on later in the afternoon. temperature-wise, not a big change. mid to upper 40s in the area now. there's that shower chance. highest rain chances today from about 2:00 to3:00 this afternoon, to 5:00 or 6:00, this evening. more on the weekend and impacts on your saturday, coming up. dave, good morning. >> good morn og. al that heavy rain yesterday, certainly took its toll, chuck. we understandhat northbound traffic on the george washington parkway beyond laney and
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turkey run, stopped because of whats described as potholes. the initial description was the word.ord, the sinkhole southbound, apparently, unaffected. but big potholes nonetheless. let's take you to chopper 4, over adadelphi. it's looking the left lane of new hampshire avenue. outer loop of the beltway, slow through montgomery county. back to the storm team 4 weather alert. we're looking atome of the flooding around the region. >> let's begin in montgomery county. rescue crews were busy helping folks out of flooded vehicles ere. and check out this rescue in fairfax county.
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the driver tried to mah his way throe high water, before he realized, it was a bad idea. police ended up blocking the o roadke sure no one else drove through it. >> there's a lot of commuters that come down this road, that don't think about it. they feel they can drive throu anyway. >> when you come across standing road, turn around. a dangerous road inur area is getting more attention. dozens of people are dd along indian head highway over the today, leaders will announce a plan plan. justin finch is on theg.oad this morn >> reporter: a new collective of county leaders, wanting drivers to t on safe habits behind the wheel. ebits they h will save lives here, as well. it was just about a month ago that a man l his life at route 210 and barry road. he was in a cthree-carlision
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at that intersection. he is 1 of 60 people oo die this roadway in just about ten years' time. enter driving it home. it's a hash tag the county hopes will be a way of life. it calls for drivers and passengers to use their seat belts for drivers to stop texting and driving. to avoid driver distractions, drunk driving and speeding and aggressive driving, as well. we had hdreds of crashes in the past two years here on route 210. five people dying here last year. d the county executive, and others saying patrols s help. but drivers who are alert and follow the rules ofhe road can help, as well. they will roll out their driving at home campaign, at 1:00 p.m. today, at oxon hill hh school. we are live on 210, justin finch, news 4.
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and t man who runs barbershop near the howard university campus now sits in jail, charged with sexually asulting students. he is a serial rapist. three alleged victims have come forward so far. two howard university students were raped in 2015 and 2016. all three cases have been nked with dna evidence. everett would sometimes pose as tia student and meet the v for drinks before the alleged assaults. >> he would use web or social media sites affiliated by howard university. he would carry out the sexua assaults. >> he opened the barbershop lesa thile from howard. police believe there may be more possible victims. a father and daughter will remain in jail until their trial
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for the murder of a harvard county woman, after claiming a panhandler killed her. the hearings came hours after this video was released. it shows the two arriving back in maryland. the father told police, a panhandler stabbed his wife to ath in december. we're learning about a murder/suicide in dumbfries. police confirmed a husband killed his wife. she had gone there for safety, after her husband assaulted her the day before. chopper 4 flew over the scene. christopher shot and killed his wife before turning the gun on himself. officers went to her home on y on a domestic violence call. they tried to arrest quincer and serve a restraining order, but officers couldn't find him. new developments in an
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assault case at damascus high school. a football player tied to an assault will be charged as a venile. all of the teens charged in this case have been moved out of rault court. they are accused ong fellow junior varsity football a players ocker room. one attorney referred to the incident as hazing and blamed the school for a lack of supervision. prosecutors say the assault amounted to rape. maryland lawmakers are looking at emergency legislation aimed at containing a scandal at a major medical center in our area. the man who serves as the chief executivof the university medical system is on leave. several board members have been making hundreds of thousands of dollars from contracts with the hospital network they're supposed to oversee. the baltimore mayor resigned from the board over a children's
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book contract. today, lawmakers will consider a new bill to prohibit lawmakers from using tiv office for e gain. this morning, we are learning that president trump's legal team is preparing a counterreporto robert mueller's investigation. we know that mueller's final report could be released soon. in that report,t we expeco get the answer to a key question. did the trump campaign help the russians meddle in the 2016 election? president trump has denied the accusation. eld just this week, said the report should besed to the public. attorney general william barr will decide if that willappen. barr said he will release as much as he can legally. we'll have more on this coming up in the next half hour. now to decision 2020. there's growing buzz that maryland governor larry hogan may challenge president trump in the republican primary. he appeared with his friend, former new jersey governor, and trump ally, chris christie.ho n is giving mixed signals wh for a ite house run.
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the gernor said challenging trump may not be the thing to do, at least not right now. >> currently, it doesn't make any sense at all we don't know what the future holds. don't know what that might look like several months from now. >> christie echoed the not right now sentiment, butbee did say he eves hogan has a future in leading the republican party atn the na level. two service members have been killed in afghanistan. military officials did not provide a specific location. the casualties happened today. the officials are working to notify the families before they release the names of the service member we turn to march madness. picking against the terps may have busted your brack maryland pulled out a two-point er belmont in the opening round of the ncaa tournament. the game was back and forth.
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the terps were down by six. and opened the second half with a 14-0 run on the's other big swings, as well at the end of beont's la -second heave fell short. and they pulled out the 79-77 run. their first tournament victory in three years. >> what a college ball game. i told the guys after the game, how cool is it to be part of something like this? and this time of year, so much is at stake, so many people care. to come through with a team like that is a terrific day. >> now, the rps will be back on the court tomorrow, taking on number three seed lsu. >> virginia looking to avenge last year's embarrassing loss when they take the court against gardner-webb. liberty plays mississippi state before 7:30. my vcu rams taking on the university of central florida. and the hokies are playing in louis.te game against st.
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that is just before 10:00 tonight. going to be watching the rams tonight. got my black and gold, supporting my rams today. >> when you wch the game, you need your sweatshirt. you need that gear. >> washednd ready. i have nefseveral of these that will be filled with various things. >> what is going to be in there? >> we can't talk about that on morning television. i can't. or> still ahead, a travel scheme that left than two dozen people with fake plane tickets and out of thousands of >>k your medicine cabinet. the fda is recalling a baby ugh syrup. it could be contaminated. we'll tell you which brand is affected. aaron, i'm counting on your vcu rams. picked both of them to win. >> a smart man. >> if that doesnha en, you're paying me the entrance pea fee.
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saturday, it will be windy and chilly more about. t>
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u're watching news 4 today. >> this morning, we're dealing with lingerings probl from yesterday's rain. >> megan mcgrath is gng to let us what you need to know befor hitting the road. >> reporter: the rain has stopped. we're not seeingai any but we're seeing problems around the area. this is piper lane in bristow. this road leads to the e station. it is completely closed off in both directions. it'se lit dark. you can't really see.
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down arod where the curve is, there's three feet of water. they are diverting traffic. this is a little road that leads to an industrial park here. we have seen some drivers trying to persuade the officer to let them through. at this point, it is a no-go. about three feet of water down there. you don't want cars to over there. it's a low-lying areaon that's to flooding. you can't see it right now. i can see glistening liat. definitely down there. we're seeing but some of the low-lying areas having issues. >> thank you for theheads-up, megan. dozens of prince george's county residents say they were duped by a travel agency that
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sold them fa plane tickets. this was something that telemundo 44 uncovered. 25 people say they gave money to a woman named anna maria. she owns a company called azteka travel.s she wapposed to book tickets but just took their money has been arrested and charged with robbery. the same thing hpened two years ago when she pled guilty to the same charge for smming 35 other people. news 4 your healththere's a baby cough syrup that could make your child sick. d.g. health naturals are recalling the product. the bottles could be contaminated this is sold at dollar general stores across the country. so far, no illnesses have been reported. if you have this brand, you can return it for a full refund. ems crews rush patients to hospitals with seconds to spare.
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what if the trauma center could go to the patient? david cuer gives us a look at inova's new factor protocol. >> reporter: inside a hospital, we got a look at how efficiently the program works. starting with a call from the medic to the hospital's blood bank.ks the team the blood, handing it off to an emergency currier. in this simulation, ems crews. they bring the blood to a cruiser, an ambulance, or a chopper. loading it up and sending it off. >> the patient's hospital vit begins when the paramedics arrive on the scene. >> the only way we can do that is if we have an adequate inventory at all times. >> reporter: inova, saying theyt need dns. >> it's the only way to save
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three lives sitting down for o hour. good news for those of you we're looking at a high-wire stunt relesiased by the sheriff ite tough to watch. here's some of it. eight high-wire wallenda family members plunged 40 feet.s there safety net, either. five of the performers were injured. saw an interview witone of
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them, a woman who said she broke every bone in her face. >> people come to see the dangerous stuff happening. >> reason number 506 why i'm not a wallenda. not to mention the last name. don't try that with the windy weather. you're not going to make it. >> don't do high-wire acts for sure. be ready to t hold onht to the steering wheel. high-profile vehicles, dave will be along here to let you know if orhe any of the wind restrictions are in place. look at the wind. northwest is averaging 21 miles per hour. es per around 30 m hour and on the whole, widespread, 25-mile-per-hour to 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts already. the winds will get stronger and stronger inwihe afternoon. advisory for the northwest corner. wind gusts well over 50 miles
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per hour in the advisory area. and 40 miles per hour and 50 miles per hour elsewhere. 47 here in town. and today, only 52. not a big jump. windy and wetater on in the afternoon. this pocket of low pressure, as it moves offshore will really turn on the wind machine today. and there's a pocket of cold aloft over cleveland. that will be racing through here during the peak of daytime heating today. those skies will clear outl and weave sunshine between 9:00 and noon. clouds will build up during the afternoon hours. here's 2:00, bursts of rainli ly in the shenandoah valley.e bursts coming through the washington area, between 3:00 td 5:00 this afternoon. and coming an end by 5:00 or 6:00. we'll be back to dry weather by 9:00 p.m. and the weekend will be rain-free. the wind that cranks up today,
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will be with us for morrow, as well. take the umbrella. a 60% chance you will geton raid later today. northwest winds, 20 to 35pe mil hour. good kite-flying weather. sunday ishe day we' waiting for. sunshine, light wind andear 60 degrees. you better believe it. in the meantime, we have to get through the damp commute. we're live abo t george washington parkway. chopper 4 seeing the response to road damage and what some are calling a sinkhole. these are the northbound lanes blocked. they are diverting traffic off of the parkway behind the camera shot. around through turkey run park. southbound traffic, rubber necking the activity. outer loop of the beltway, the crash before connecticut isn the shoulder. we'll keep you posted on the george washington parkway.
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>> a busy morning. thank you. still ahead on news 4, your credit score can be the key to your finanal future. and coming up on "ellen," beyistiller. >> p michael cohen. how did that come about? did they call you or did you say, i can do this? >> ben stiller explains how he made a cameo appearance on "saturday night live" and more. you can watch the full interview on "ellen" at 3:00 this we afternoon, folby news 4 at afternoon, folby news 4 at 4:00. [female voiceover] with the penfed car buying service from penfed credit union, you can get rates as low as 1.49% apr on new vehicles. and everyone is welcome to apply. visit [music]
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weback. all week, we've been working 4 you, making sure your credit is on track. a but whut people with no credit? >> how do they get started building a history? susan hogan is here with details on a new scoring system that may help. >> reporter: getting that first credit card or loan can be a real challenge, when you have no credit history. something called the ultrafico score is aiming to change that. but we're working 4 yowith what you need to know before signing up. it's part of being an adult. using a credit card to buy things or go out to dinn. 18-year-old jake weintraub would like a credit card but so far, his applications are going nowhere. >> getting rejected from credit cards is frustrating.
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>> reporter: you need a credit score. most banks use your fico score. it's based on how well you have handled loans in the past. but what if you've never taken out a a new scorsystem called ultrafico will debutn summer. >> the ultrafico system is going to base its ore on how people use traditional savings and check accounts. those kind of accounts are easy ts set up. those kind of accoan be a good choice for somebody with a weak credit historor no credit history to build up their credit. >> reporter: but consumer reports cautions you have to opt in. and then, share confidential information about youranking accounts. and it's unclear if lenders are ready to buy into the ico score. >> we have another ccern, that making credit easier to t, may cause some people in over their heads. then, they may not a bee to
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pay back their debt. >> reporter: jake has a checking and savings account, and is careful with his moneyo heading backllege, he says, he wants to show he can handle credit responsibly. the ultrafico scoring system isn't necessary for people who already have good credit and well-accomplished credit histories. those people should stick the traditional co scoring system. pothes continue to ague the baltimore-washington parkway. coming up, the new plan to get them fixed. cbd oil made from hemp, now set to be sold in cvs. we'll have those details. chuck? school day forecast. it's breezy and chilly. put your coat on for sure. winds will increase and some shower during your after-school activity. your
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news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> workweek not ending without a fight. that rain kept up much of the night. now, friday arrives. strong winds and a return to cooler temperatures, coming along with it.
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good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green. in for eun yang this morning. let's check your forecast and thecommute. >> dave is in for melissa, keeping an eye on the roads for us. let's start with chuck >> all today will be as much about the wind as it is about the rain chances. city cam this morning, all is dry. and skies trying to clear out. the heavy rain we endured, that is ming offshore. this area of storminess is cranked over the ocean, it will really openp the floodgates for a windy day today. the rain has stopped for now. a daily and monthly raiall record. 2.69 inches of rain, alone at dulles airport. the rainiest march day on record at dulles. winds ts morning, between 25 and 35 miles per hour, with temperatures in the 40s. so, your dog walking forecasto y, dachshunds and danes will
6:31 am
have troubles today. dachshunds may have trouble with the puddles and d grees and the high-profile dogs, buffeted by the win. pattycake would love to keep your company. there's your forecast. 60% chance of showers later this afternoo more about that, the weekend and the ten-day coming up. we're following breaking news right now that mayimpact your commute. a portion of the g.w. parkway is shut down. >> brad joins ush live w a look at what's going on there. hey, brad. >> it is never a good thing when you have mor thoroughfare with police cape crossing it. right now, all lanes are closed on the northbound side of the g.w. parkway, for is, a large -- some are calling it a sinkhole, others are calling a pothole. it's causing damage to the roadway. it's creeping into that left
6:32 am
lane. right now, the closure point is at the cia. but i you're headed out the door, you can take the northbound side of the g.w. parkway but you want to get off at 123 kchambridge road. >> weng are keep eye on the closures. traffic northbound is being diverted off of the george washington parkway through langley. the traffic is being turned around using the turky run p turnaround. the traffic is getting by the scene but with rubber necking at play. now, the other side of the potomac river, a tree brought down wires yesterday. and mcarthur boulevard is blocked today. that's for utility repairs from the wires that were t down.
6:33 am
we'll keep yst . back to you. >> thank you so much. a lot happening o there. let's get a check on roads affected by thursday's heavy rain that came just down. >> megan mcgrath is live in bristol, virginia, with whatlk need to know. >> reporter: hey, guys. we're seeing pblems with the low-hi low-lying area s around the region here. we're on piper lane in brtow, virginia. it is closed in both directions here. water is across all of the lanes here. piper lane leads to the vre station. that's a bit of a problem here. people will have tuse the back entrance, the goodwin drive to wakeman utrance. an't get through here atpe lane.
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for the time being, the detour is in place. the areas are low and historically they flood. >> megan mcgrath, liveor us. this morning, the mother of a preschooler tries to explain how her daughter's sexual abuse is affecting their family. >> her little girl is one of 15 victims of taylor boykin. he was convicted of molesting children. parents testifying at the sentenci o hearing. mathe children have deep emotional scars. >> we deal with nitmares. we deal with anxiety. m es it difficult. we are a little bit closer to having some closure. but there's concerwith the day care.
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>> some parents are considering suits against the academy. a suspect is in custody in connection with a gang killing of a student. five suspects are in police custody. all are members of the ms-13 ng nd all entered the country illegally. 16-year-old jason pinead, was found dead earlier this month. he was stabbed dozens of times and his body was set on fire. authorities say jose zameda was the ringleader of the attack. he had entered the country twice new details on a man who killed his own uncle and injured his aunt in a home.ud yesterday, the ordered he be held without bond. g mond and his uncle argued
6:36 am
before the shoot lanham. he was found in a baltimore hospital and arrested. president trump has signed an order requiring colleges to preserve free speech on campus. this comes after a growing number of coervative voices say they have beero blocked speaking on campuses. enforcement of the rule will be left up to agencies that oversee the $35 billion that are awarded to colleges each year. your time, 6:36. here's a l k at the top stories we're following this morning. the man and woman accused killing a baltimore woman and staging the murder to appear as ti a panhandler did it, were denied bail in a bre court yesterday. keith smith and his daughter were arrested in texas. prince george's county police have arrestedverett and who is accused of posing as a college studenonline and assaulting them.
6:37 am
two of his accusers are howard university students. there may be more victims. a growing scandal at the university medical system. our affiliate reports that severaboard members have been making hundreds of thousands of dollars with contracts from the hospital they are supposed to oversee. the president and chief executive is on leave. lawmakers will consider a new bill to prohibit board members from usinghat office for private r. kill be back in court today. the eviden collected against him will be shared with his legal team. he's expected to ask the judge to leave the country to travel to dubai. still ahead, signs that point that special counsel robert mueller may wrap up his inveigation. >> how the white house is preparing >>r that. plus, turning up the heat. that's what maryland's governor is doing to fix the potholes plaguing one of our most heavily-treled roads. it
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you're watching news 4 today. philadelphia may be home to the 76ers. at doesn't mean there isn't room for an l.a. laker. >> kobe bryant surprised s students with w novel. he is actually from philly. ten student athletes participated in a und table discussion about the book and ad with the superstar. bryant says it reveals fears that are common among people. >> does nike make onesies? >> it would have been strange. cvs will start carrying -bproducts with the cannabed cbd. the chain will offer cams,
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sprays and lotions in 800 stores but only in ndstates. maryill be included. cvs will not sell cbd food products. cbd is the nonactive compound in marijuana. it won't get you high. ere's your cnbc business report. >> i'm kate rodgers at cnbc headquarters. more than two-thirds of americans are expected to get a tax refund but they varyn what to do with the cash. 18% say they will sa of their entire refund. p more than 30n to pay down debt. a quarter will use a portion on travel and entertainmentll about 20% wi make retail purchases. 14% will pay for home improvements. and 4% will donate that money to charity. with your business rort, i'm kate rodgers. 14 the heavy rain is drying out now. we will be dryafn the rnoon. but the winds will be increasing. they will bring a 60% chance of bursts of rain during the middle afternoon. i'll show you fut ur
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6:44 right now. it w not an uncommon seen yesterday. floodwaters turning roads into ponds and drivers getting stuck. at continues through much of the night. now, that appears to be moving out. the wind is taking its place and ushering in a cold start to the chuck bell wiloining us with a look at your forecast. developing this morning, waiting on mueller. the country is anxio awaiting the special counsel's final report.
6:45 am
this, whilehe white house braces for what it may say about the presiden and his inner circle. this investigation is not complete. but everyone has an opinion on it. >> some are speaking out. s liveisten welker joins from the white house where the trump administration is preparing for the end of theio investig kristen, good morning. >> reporter: they sure are. aaron m aette, good morning to both of you. robert mueller's report is expected any day now. the key question, of course,did the president collude with russia to meddle in the 2016 electi? thursday, attorney general. >> boomer: williamr b and his deputy, rod rosensteint which attention. president trump lashing out on a new interview with fox news, calling the investigation nonsense and a hoax. his campaign is sending an e-mail to supporters overnight, arguing no solution. mueller was appointed after the presidt fired former fbi director, james comey. on thursday, comey weighed in,
6:46 am
saying he has no idea what mueller will find. a mr. trump is not impeached and removed from office. a significant portion of this country will see this as a coup. we'll have that and more coming up on "today." >> kristen welker, thank you. see her full report coming up on "today." >> we're staying on top of breaking news this morning. two u.s. service members killed in afghanistan. the casualties happened today. the officials are working to noy fy the families before t release the names of the service members. today marks one week sincer 50 people illed at 2 mosques in new zealand. you're looking atideo from a service for 26 victims. the burial included the service
6:47 am
for a 3-year-oldboy. new zealand proposed sweeping gun control regulations. it includes all military-style assault weapons and high-capacitymagazines. now, look at these flames. montgomery couy officials say it took 75er firefig to put out the rwflames. d record at silver spring. dy was home. no injuries were reported. no word on what caused that. it a maryland road that's claimed dozens of livver the years. >> officials are going to band together to save lives. the effort is calling driving it home. and our justininch is on the road this morning. justin, what can you tell us about what theni newative is about? >> reporter: well, molette, members of the prince george's
6:48 am
members and l, others are hoping this plan will save lives on treacherous route 210. it asks drivers and passengers do some simple steps here including wearing your seat belt. for drivers to stop texting a driving. to avoid driver distractions, drunk driving, speeding and acrossive driving, as well. one or more ofhose hazards leads to scenes like this. this was the mangled vehicle after a three-car crash left a man dead last month. now, back out live we can tell you last year, five people died on this stretch of road. eae county executive saying, yes, they are inng patrols. they are talking about rovingme s. and drivers should cut down on crashes and save lives.
6:49 am
1:00 p.m. at oxon hill high school, they will unveil theirl plan and w hopefully have more people follow the rules of the road. this morning, wreeeing drivers doing a little bit of everything they don't want them to do. i'm justin finch, news 4. >> thanks. another big road hazard to talk about. the potholes all over the mo washington-bal parkway. and larry hogan wants t step in. >> you put youev car at risk ery time you drive on that road. he says that's proof that the national park service isn't taking care of the highway. drivers don't seem to care who e the road, as long as it gets fixed. >> if the governor were to take it over, is that a good idea or no? >> if it gets fixed. >> and you're saying that po withoulitical affiliation? >> no. iteeds to be fixed.
6:50 am
>> the pk service says it's filling potholes every day, weather permitting and has asked for help. traffic israd all o our region. but a study says the roads in maryland are theost congested. the average commute is 32.7 minutes. that's second only to new york state. nationally, the average commute is over 26 minutes. state leaders say easing congestion is key to helping the state ow. >> congestion, which is choking our quality of life. and it's choking opptunities for businesses to op efficiently within the national capital region. >> in the morning,tehe most congroad in maryland is the topside of the beltway, outer loop, between route 1 and route 29. in the afternoon, the most congested road is the i-270 spur.ce
6:51 am
ok stored hundreds of millions of passwords in unencrypted servers. that news is leading to concerns about how the company handles your data. a researcher first reported the wesue in a blog post. and facebook folup with results of its own internal review. while the passwords were not encrypted, there is no indication the information was accessed. the company will notify users as a precaution > jimmy carter set a new record just by waking up this morning. he is the oldest living esident in u.s. history. he's 94 years old and 172 days. he surpasses george h.w. bush who passed away last november. carter left the white house in 1981 and he has kept busy, creating the carter center and becoming involved for habitat onfor humanity. a few presidents have lived past the 90-year mark. president reagan lived to be 93. >> carter spends a lot of time
6:52 am
at church, too. 6:52 right now. chuck bell is tracking this weather alert for not a bad picture there, chuck. >> not at all. skies arelearing out. we'll end up with sunshine for a little bit. and plenty of sunshine to finish the morning and get into the afternoon before clouds build and rain chances return. right w, 47 degrees. northwest winds are averaging 21 miles per hour and are gusting to over 30 to near 40 miles per hour now. e wind advisory hereor the northwest corner of the viewing area, that goes into the afrnoon hoursnd into tonight, as well. winds could be between 40 and 50 miles per hour. but gusts over 60 will be possible today. ke in mind, exceptionally windy. temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s around the city right now. not a big the wind will help hold any climb and temperatures down. we'll get in the low 50s today. a 60% chance for rain, primarily
6:53 am
focused between 2:00 and 7:00. area of row pressure pulling off. this pocket of cold air aloft here, that will beacing in on the powerhouse of a northwest wind. that will bring cold air aloft, at the time of daytime heating. that allows rain chances to return. 2:30 inn.he aftern showers moving through the leesburg area. by 4:30, the first line of rain into southern maryland. there will be quick-hitters, not a day-long rain event. they can drop aer qua to half an inch of rain. and with the winds strong today, wind gusts can be extreme. a rumble or two of thunder not out of the question. so, watch out. these thunder showers this fternoon, will be packing a punch. 52 today. windy for the first half of the day tomorrow. wis will settle down late in the afternoon.
6:54 am
moryay will start and end with rain. tuesday, very chilly weather through next week, before we turn late march-like by friday of next week. we're still following some breaking news that will impa your commute this morning. a portion of the g.w. parkway shut down. chopper 4 has more on this. brad? >> well, right now, the g.w. parkway is closed down on the northbound side a could be for quite some time. you see t the cautione across the lanes there. this is why. the depression on the roadway has compromised the road surface. they were able to get all of the ivers stuck prior to this closure out of the way and reversed on t g.w. parkway. get off on 123. o continueallow you to the capital beltway without a further delay. you have a viable option if this
6:55 am
is your commute. the southbound lanes will slow down. you will encounter delay south of the beltway. expect this closure to be in place. and for the rest of the story, we go to dave in the tffic center. good morning. >> great shots from above. and you can see the perspective there. you can see southbound traffic getting by. thank you, sir. they are official diverting traffic at 123. you can't take clara barton parkway. we want to tell you tha macarthur boulevard is blocked between goldboros road. nothing unexpected. i-295, though,y apparen also structural damage. southbound near exit 2. the right lane may be blocked for some time. at least traffic is getting by on 295 southbound.
6:56 am
atat's thet from the wtop traffic center. let's take aook at the situation in bristow, virginia, th now that the sun is coming up, we're getting a better idea of whatapning on piper lane. it is closed because of high water. drivers have to find another way recedes.e waltter reskreeced g.w. parkway is closed because of a t alteration to structure. follow twitter for updates. been arrested. serial rapist has julian everett asaultd three wim, at least. hete tar howard university students online and took them home. r. kelly is due back in court for a discovery hearing.
6:57 am
he is facing tenounts of sexual abuse and assault. two u.s. service members killed in afghanistan. the casualties happened during an operation earlier today. officials are working to notify families before they release the names of the servimembers. look for this ahead on "today." that's the news 4 today. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" sw will be back. we'll be back with 25 minutes
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
. good morning, bracing for im good morning. bracin for impact. all eyes on robert mueller this morning. the nation's capitol waits and wonders. is this the day he releases his special report. the president speaking out. >> for twove years we' gone through this nonsense. ere's no obstruction. well, there was no collusion. that was a hoax. >> we're live at h the wouse with a waiting game. breaking overnight. a major airline cancels the airline for dozens of 747 max jets. the $5 billion hit to the company over these deadly crashes and atu snning revelation about the keyafety features left off the doomed planes because boeing charged traor them.


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