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tv   Today  NBC  March 28, 2019 7:00am-8:50am EDT

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good morning. nbc news exclusive. good morning. nbc news exclusive. former fbi director james comey, the man who started the russia investigation, weighing in for the first time onheueller report's conclusion of no collusion. >> believe it or not, that should be good news whether you're democrat or republican. >> but calls out the special reunsel for what he did not do and thedent for the attacks on the fbi. >> i don't think we've seen ie history of our country a president try to burn down an o institution justice. the backlash. ouecage over the dision to drop all charges against jussie smollett. this morning the president calling it outrageous and an embarrassment. the white hot spotlight on o' chic top prosecutor forced to defend the choice.
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>> the decision to provide an alternative resolution to this case was made based on the evidence. >> just ahead, a live interview with the actor's attorney on the deal, the decision and what's next. the big fix?ay boeings it's ready to improve safety on its 737 max planes while the head of the faa facinged to capitol hill tough questions over why there was a delay in grounding the aircraft in the first place. those stories plus, going too far. shocking videof a s.w.a.t. team raid, officers were guns drawn. the target? fever. -old with a behind bars. a surprise twiehind the bridge shoving case, an emotional day in court ending with the defendant handcuffed and thrown in jail. that's rich. just a single winnern the $768 million jackpot overnight. could it be you? today thursday, march 28, 2019.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to oday." >> only 7:00, already news is happening. just breaking this morning in the jussie smollett case the president has tweeted and says the fbi and department of justice wil review what he calls the outrageous jussie smollett case in chicago adding it's an embarrassment to our nation. sounds like the federal government will look into this dismissal of charges. we'll have a live interview with one of's jussie smolle attorneys. former fbi director jsies comey r new questions and concerns in an exclusive interview over the outcome of the mueller investigation. w leste up early and is with us this morning. >> good to see you gu.
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the bottom line is mueller says on the collusion question, he doesn't see this as a rebuke of the fbi's work, the special counsel's work. e's not critical of the findings. as he said in a tweet the other day, he does have questions. >> is this a ce ofuestion asked, question answered on the collusion. is this over? >> not over until we see the transparency. re important question has an answered, we werht there was a massive russian effort t elect him and defeat hillary clinton. it's important to establish that no amerifns were part o that effort. believe it or not, that should be good news whether you're a >> reporter: president trump taking a victory lap, claiming complete vindication on the ise of hismpaign's ties to akrussia. >> mg a pretty bold claim in alat four-page letter we got from attorney genbarr, that there was no coordination, no collusion, the lguage was pretty clear. there was nothing between this campaign and russia.
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so on that basis, should he be breathing a sigh of relief? >> i don't kw that i rea the letter from the attorney general that way. i read him as saying the special counsel didn't find that the evidence established that there was any conspiracy between an american a the russians. what other evidence there is, what other evidence that falls short of tha standard oh zbloe establish is the word you're honing in on? >> correc >> then t issue on the obstruction ofe. just >> mr. mueller decides not to make a judgment on that particular ise. does tha alone surprise you? >> it does. the purse of t special counsel is to make sure the politicals, in this case the attorney general,oesn't make the ultimate call on whether the subject of the investigation, the president of the united states should be held criminally liable forctivities that were under investigation. the idea that a special counsel wouldn't reach the question and hand it to theic pol leadership doesn't make sense. i'm notju ping it. i'm saying it doesn't make sense
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on its heface. >> your firing a few days after that. i sit down with president trump -- >> when decided to just do it, i said to myself, you kn, this russia thing with trump and russia is a made-up story. >> what did think when you heard that? >> i thought that's potentially obstjuction of ice, and i hope somebody is going look at that. again, the president appears to be saying -- i don't know what's in head which is why i can't reach the conclusion. he appears to be i saying got rid of this guy to shut down an investigion that threatened me. >> reporter: democrats are pushing for the release of the full report and eloring legal options for subpoenaing robert muelle if it' not made public. >> you want this whole thing out? >> it has to. the bedrock of the department of justice is that people have faith and confidence t t it's not part of a political tribe. the only way tha establish and to protect that bedrock of
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show themidence is to your work. >> the president says this should never, ever again happen to an american president. what do you think about >> close your eyes. let me make one up for you. the iranians helped elect barack obama because they think they'll gete a betrucar deal from him. during that election an obama aide meets with the iranians that talks about the dirt they have to help obama get elected. we should not investigate that? president obama's national security advisor lies to the fbi about his contact and the president, obama, asks me to drop an investigation of that and fires me and says i was thinking of theranian thing. who on earth doesn't think the fbi should investigate that? the hypocrisy is revealed just by changinghe names. >> has the damage to the reputation of the justice system, fbi in particular, been? worth
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>> i don't know. i don't think we've seen in the history of our country try to a burn down institution of justice because he saw it as a threat. in a long run, the institutions will be fine because the american people know them and also know this president, know what he's like. so it's a harder question. i think the people of the united states are going to i see what know about the fbi. >> it is a fascinating conversation, sster. on t issue of rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general and willm barr who concluded that charges don't lie for the obstruction of justice, that there shouldn't be charges. he said he consulted with rod rosenstein. did comey say anything about rosenstein being so intimately involved in the decision not to charge? if you go back to the firing of comey. the justification came inrm the f a memo from rosenstein. he said it's curious he could be a witness in a potential obstruction of justice. yet he wasin overs almost the
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entirety of this case. he wasn't openly critical. he stopped shortf saying, look, maybe he talked to ethics folks and it was okay, but it's curious, one of the many things he h questions on. >> did youet the sense sitting with james comey that he was st ? hineuteinpois didn't expect or wish for any particular outcome other than for the system to follow through. he kept repeating that, it wasn't a sense of shock. he did have questions. some things don't necessarily ke sense to him. he notes and we all have to note that we have not seen the mu.ler repo so he's holding his breath on that. >> lester, thanks forgetting up early with us thi >> thank you, lester. this morning the backlash is goingtronger against the proposal from the secretary of education to slash all federalhe funding for special olympics among other programs.c' chief white house correspondent hallie jackson continues on this story. >> reporter: good morning.
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education secretary betsyev will be back on capitol hill and will almost certainly face new questions about the trump administration's proposal for the special olympics. this has very much touched a nerve with a lot of people including advocates and the athletes themselvesve all the country and the internet, special olympians sharstg their ies. >> i love my teammates. i love special olympics. >>ll've r enjoyed being around with athletes that loves to compete a have fun and do their best. >> reporter: that's just a sampling ofhe reaction to this. >> what is it that we have a problem with with children who are in special education? >> reporter: education secretary betsy devos defending across-the-board budget cuts, including over $17 million from special olympics. >> this is a question of how many kids. >> i don know the mber. >> it's 272,000 kids. i'll answer for you.
7:10 am
no problem. 272,000 kids. >> special olympicss a wonderful organization, supported by the philanthropic. >> maria shriver's mother founded special olympics in 1968. tim shriver chairs the organization today. >> what message do you think it sends that secretary devos wants to cut funding. >> i thinkt sends a message that you always have to fight. they have to be treated fairly. >> reporter: on capit hill, bipartisan backlash. >> completely outrageous. >> i think the federal government should continue to support the speci olympics. >> reporter: and it probably will, because the lawmakers who ultimately decide on funding says congress won't cut it. devos on defense isho pointing
7:11 am
they support kids with disabilities in other ways. saying the federal government cannot fund every worthy programs, particularly ones that enjoy robust support from private dotions. devos points out she has personally supported the special olympics with their own donations. i asked what he would say to secretary devos. he says he hopes she would use the powio of her pos to champion the rights and dignity of people with intellectual disabilities. craig joins the table. latest on a majoror morning. savannah, good boeing says it has the software fix ready that should fix the glitch that may be responsible for two recentcrashes. will the max be back in the air in time for the busy summer travel season. a ob /* nbc's tom costello is in seattle.
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>> reporter: there are so many of these maxes grounded worldwide,merican is canceling 90 flights a day, sout 130. they'd like to fly again. boeing says it has a fix. the faa say it will not approve it to fly until it's absolutely sure it's safe after these t overseas crass. 18 days since ethiopian airlines crash crashed and nearly six months sin lion air crashn indonesia, boeing says it has an urgent software fix for i 737 max. >> we're working with customers and regulators around the world to restore faith in our industry. >> reporter: on wednesday boeing briefs 200 airline pilots and executives on the details including american airlines' 737 fleet captain. >> are you going feel confident n?flying the plane ag >> yes, we were. we were confident f present state. what was explained to us today in detail are significant enhancements to the system. >> reporter: this is the upgrade
7:13 am
boeing wants the ofaa approve. two sensors will now provide the plane'sngle ofattack, not just one. now if the sensors disagree, an indicator light will warn thelo . a single bad sensor is suspected of triggering the mcas anti stall system, pushing the indonesian plane into the sea. the pilots tried more than 20 times to pull out of the nose drive. now pilots will be able tooverride emcas mor easily.ay boeing s pilots can learn the new system with 3eminutes on ipad. >> there was no factual basis upon which to ground the planes. so conversely, if you don't have the factual basis upon which to ground the plane, how doou underground a plane? >> reporter: more questions now that the plane is grounded. how will be the faa ensure it's safe for americans to flyagain?
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>> we don't know the primary causes of these accidents, but when we do, you have my assurance that we will take the action necessary that they don't happen again. >> this morning, with the wod's max fleet grounded, boeing's assembly line in seattle is still rling them out. the new and very planes piling up and at the moment nowhere to go. american, united and iuthwest all say they're encouraged by thia that boeing has, the software upgrade. but they also say they want the faa to do its job to make sure the plane is safe and to recertify it once it is. back to you. >> tom costello at boeing headquarters, thank yo y if're waking up this morning curious about thelo ery, nbc kristen dahlgren is in the lucky town this morning. >> reporter: good morning ho p.
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at thisnt we know a lot more about who didn't win, the people who havome by and told us, than who actually won the single winning ticket to this jackpot. here is what weo know. it was sold in new berlin, wisconsin, right outside milwaukee, population about 40,000. median ls hold income here, about a$75,00 year. this is going to be life changing money for somebody. this is the third largest jackpot in u.s. history. $768 million. if youak the lump sum, it works out to be about $4 million coming somebody's way. we expect wisconsin lotteryal offi to hold a press conference later this morning. the winner here in wisconsinnn remain anonymous. at some point we will know who it is. s he or they has 180 days to come forward. >> weove when they win it non-anonymously. >> we want to know.
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>> 180 day, stay there kristen, let us know what ppens. we turn our attention now to the weather and al. good morning. >> good morning. thanks forgetting your first forecahe from us. is what we're looking at. we've got showers and thunders rms firing up through parts of the ohio or mississippi river lleys, pushing on through. we're going to be watching for the areffcted by the flooding. they're still not out of the woods yet. the low willin be m into the plains today. rain for the midwest. as we get into friday, more showers and thunderstorms firing up. that will continue right on into saturday and sunday, making its way to the east. all the way down into texas looking heavy showers and snthunderstorms. back behind it. unfortunately for the missourir r, the mississippi river and even the ohio river valleys, we could see some totals up to three inches of rain we'll be watching. we probably expect to see flood watches being posted later on today into tomorrow'l wel get to your local forecast
7:17 am
coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning everody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. sun is coming up in the eastern sky. it's clear and out there. temperatures mostly in the low to mid 30s now, but with plenty of sunshine today, there will be a rapid warmup. afternoon highsoday in t low 60s. a very pleasant day to be outside. if you're headingo down nats ball park, plan on packing y wr
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sunscreen l, and we'll be nice and warm the next two days. allergy season starting to fire up. we've got moren that coming up. >> i missed your glasses day. but it's fun to see them in person. >> always glasses d we'll have more on it won't we? it's neverooing end. breaking news as mentioned overnight. the fbi now looking into the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of criminal charges against jussie smolle t. we'll hav latest on that and a live interview with the actor's attorney just ahead. plus an unexpected twist in that troubling bridge pher case. the teen behind it led out of court in e'll hear fm her and the victim. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up, girl coming up, girl power. the high schoolers who found out about a list rating their looks and decided to fight back in a positive way. also, legendary actor,
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good morning. it's 7:26 on this thursday, march 28, 2019. i'm molette green. >> i'm aaron t.gilchr in the news it's sentencing for darwin martinez torres.ea last he pleaded guilty to killing and raping naf rah h torres is facing life in prison. nals parout to nat early if you're going to opening day today. gates to the park open at 11:00i the firsh at 1:05. remember backpacks are banned from the ball park this season. news 4ill be throughout all day. keep on top of all of it in the nbc washington app. melissa. >> good mornin guys.
7:27 am
taking a look at the roads southbound 270 after shady d because of clo an earlier crash in the main lanes. northbound 95 springfield affair fax county parkway, a broken down vehicle blocking the right 66 eastbound, a broken down on the left side causingome slowdowns. what you need to know about your health insurance bef travel. we're going to check the forecast coming up.
7:28 am
temperaturesosy in the 30s as you go out the door on your thursday morning. it will be a pleasant afternoon to be outside though. plenty of sunshine today. afternoon highs in the low 60s for your thursday afternoon. and tomorrow even warmer, a little more cloud cover. maybe a stray shower in the shenandoah valley. dry in the city tomorrow with i high the low 70s, saturday
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morning drive dry, too. coming up, what you need to know about health insurance before you >>travel. he one thing to know before your next trip. i another updaten 25 minutes.
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if you build it, he if you build it, he will come. we built this studio so that kevin costner would come. of course, that's a scene from "field of dreams," a 1989 movie. we play i for two reasons because kevin costner will be here in a bitko t about that movie, but also his new film. guess what it's opening day for major league baseball. see what we did there. yankee stadium, just one of 1 today' games. all 30 teams in action. >> we need to get the weather kicking in for spring to get the baseball going. we'll get a check of today's
7:31 am
headlines. former fbiir dtor james comey weighing in for the first time since special counsel robert mueller concluded his investigation. in an exclusive interview with lester holt. comey says theeport proves t fbi was right, there was a massive russian effort to get president trump elected. democrats are pushi for the release of the full report and exploring legal options for subpoenaing robert mueller. comey agrees and says transparency is ke >> you wan this whole thing out? >> it has to. the bedrock of the department of justice which bill barr lovesob andt mueller loves and i love, is that people have faith and confidence it's not according to police they arrived at 1:22. it's freezing ld. it's a 15-minute car ride. why would you get there 40 minutes early -- to wait in that cold weather, which jussie got so mh grief for going out to a
7:32 am
sandwich. >> if they were going to attack m, they were looking for their opportunity. >> it makes more sense that they were trying to catch him as soon as he got home as opinion hoefd to 2:00 a.m. >> according to the court records, smollett was clear oht the nf the attack his attackers were had white. he saw their eyes, saw the skin ounding their eyes. was that a false statement? >> to be clear, he only saw one of the attackers. he sawne through a ski mask, everything was covered. he had a full e ski mask ept for the eyes. he did tell police from what he saw he thought it was white or pale skin was i think what he said. that's why he initially did have a harime -- >> why did he say that? he could have said. i don't kn >> he could have. >> the oh sunw dar brothers,
7:33 am
what's the case -- >> obviously you can disguise that, you can put makeup on. there's interestingly enough video -- i think police did minimal sflags this case.oo it all of five minutes to google -- looking at the brothers. e of the first videos was one of the brothers in white face doing a joker monologue with white makeup on. it's not implausible. >> he said these individuals were yelling at him these homophobic and racist smears. why didn't he recognize their voices? he had just hung -- literally just hung up with one of >> people sa as if this is a regular interaction. if you're walking in the street and somebodynd screams before you can process what they look like you've been punched in the face and you're on the floor and being kiktd. this was a brief interaction, 3s to 45 secith your head being thrown around by punches. this isn'tod som who is digesting what's happening.
7:34 am
there's excitement and all thesn things happ >> finally, i want to play you a portion of an interview that jussie did recently and ask you about it. >> i understand how difficu it will be tind them but we've got to. i still wanto believe with everything that has happened that there's something called justice. >> i if he a victim of a crime as he contends, will he urge prosecutors to bring charges against the osundairo brothers? >> i think inha light of he's been through the last two months, he's told me numerous times, i don't even care about what happened, i want to move on. >> dhis make sense? this is a terrible attack? >> what that attack was pes in comparison to the attack on him by the mayor, the cpd, by the press. >> you would be vindicated if these two were exposed as liars, would he not? we would want that. what he's been through after the
7:35 am
fact has been a much harsher lastk than what he endured night. this wasn't a very brutal attack. it was frightening and something he didn't deserve. they d sn't beat him badly, but at this point he's been victimized much more afterwards than what happened that night. >> tina glandian, thank you for your time. it's appreciated. >> my pleasure. >> we'll be back right after these messages. save a whale that had beached itself... you're gonna be ok big guy. push! lend a hand in an old-timey barn raising... you got it, jebediah! and if the middle school dance group was down one member and you'd step in and lead them all the way to glory... yes! then carmax is for you, because helping people is what our people are all about.
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7:39 am
it is a cold start to the day, u . temperatures still hovering around the freezing mark, into the mid a uer 20s for most of the suburbs in northern virginia. low to mid 30s through most of suburb maryband. ba weather. it's opening day. temperatures in the low to mid 60s during the course of th afternoon. plenty of sunshine today. a little more cloud cover tomorrow, but warmer and back-to-back days in the 70s friday and saturday. baseball opening day forecast. >> thank you, al. still ahead, amy schumer gets real about a pregnancy struggle and most moms are going to relate. first, these messages. to inspire confidence through style. ♪ i'm working to make connections of a different kind. ♪ i'm working for beauty that begins with nature. ♪ to treat every car like i treat mine. ♪ at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for.
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thursday, march 28th. good morning to you. i'm molette green. let's get right to melissa mollet in your first 4 traffic. >> outer loop before the i-270 merge, a crash with just the left lane getting by. slow through that section. a down south,okeek northbound indian head highway before farmington road, right side should down because of a vehicle fire. molette? >> your opening day forecast coming u
7:47 am
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our string of sunny days will continue, at least for another one. today skies are mostly clear. temperatures in the 30s for most of the area. you need a layer of warmth to put on this morning. if you're headed to nats ball park for opening day, perfect weather for baseball. game time temperatures in the low 60s. into thero0s tom and for saturday, tiny rain chances mainly in the shenandoahalley tomorrow and saturday. better rain chances for all on sunday. >> nice, chuck. thank you very much. another news update in 25 mites.
7:50 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, nbc news exclusive. former fbi director james comey weighiue in on theer report for the first time. >> is this a asked, question answered on the issue of collusion? is this over? >> well, not over until we see the transparency. i mean, the important question has been answered, right, the russia thing was not a hoax. >> this morning, we'll get somey's take on the investigation, the president this mning we get comey's take on the investigation as the president speaks out overnight. plus, behindbars. the surprise sentencing for a young woman who pushed her friend offbr a idge. >> ready? >> ooh! ec we're live with the latest on the judge'sion and how the victim is responding after an emotional day in court. catching up with kevin. kevin costner is here to talk about his latest film "the highway man" as well as his iconic rules.
7:51 am
>> nobody seems to know what to get mill leer jimmy for their wedding present. >> you don't look like a bodyguard. >> is this heaven? >> nos it' iowa. >> the hollywood legend live in studio 1a to thursday, march 28, 2019.♪ ♪ >> here with my sister. >> my beautiful wife. >> and our mom. >> for her birthday >> from cleveland, ohio. >> w love the buckeyes. and the "today" show! >> celebrating m birthday from winston salem, north carolina. is>> in to the "today" show on my sirius xm radio, shout-out to "today" show confidential and happy hour. >> sister trip for my birthday. >> a festive bunch out there. welcome itback. s a beautiful thursday mornino
7:52 am
we're s happy that you are starting your day with us. >> and thank you for tse videot- shouts. we haven't mentioned this, have we? #mytodayplaza. record a video, use that hashg, put it on instagram or twitr and we'll put it on tv. let's start with the news at 8:00. the end of the mueller investigation has reignited the feud between president trump and form fbi director james comey. the president voicing strong reaction oveight to comey's interview with lester holt. nbc's kristen wker is at the white house with the latest here. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good mning to you. president trump is firing back this morning after lester's exclusive sit-down interview with former fbi director james comey. mr. trump once again taking a victory lap and declari total vindication in the russia investigation during the interview o fox ws. for his part, comey telling lester he still has a lot of questions.
7:53 am
overnight president trump lashingheut at fbi director he fired, james comey. >> there was no crime. they've all admitted it. comey who is a terrible guy, fbi folks, i know so many that are incredible people. but at the top, they were not clean to put it mildly. >> reporter: those fiery words coming after comey's wide ranging interview with lester in which he defended the special counsel investigation that the president consistently called a hoax. >> there was smoke and enough smoke to justify investigating. ere was overwhelming evidence that the russians were interfering in thect en to hurt one candidate and help another. whether americans were conspiring with them i didn't know. we had to look at that. >> reporter: the former fbi director expressing surprise erat robert mueller didn't weigh in on whee thought the president obstructed justice. >> does that alone surprise yo >> it does. the purpose of the special counsel is to make sure the politicals, in this case the attorney general, doesn't make theultimate call on wheth
7:54 am
subject of the investigation, the president of the united states, shod be held criminally liable for activities that were under investigation. >> reporter: and on this 2017 change where the president revealed while he fired comey. >> when i decided to do it, i said to myself, i said, you know, this russia thing with trump and russia is a made-up story. >> what did you think whenar yo that? >> i thought that's potentially obstruction of justice and i hope somebody is going to look at that. >> reporter: the president firing back overnight saying he had nothing toain by dismissing comey. >> i'm not going to fire him and everything goes away. it would be a bigger deal if i fired him and i knew that. so it was a negative not a positive. >> reporter: when presidented trump was a if he was considering pardoning any of his former advisers tha were convicted as a result of the mueller investigation, the president responded he didn't want to talk about pardons righo for his part, comey is calling
7:55 am
for the full rept to be released. the attorney general says it will be weeks, not months, before they can see thepo . >> kristen welker, thank you. attorney for actor jussie smollett says her client wants to move on now that charges against him for llegedly orchestrating the phony attack on himself have been dropped. here is what tina glandian said just moments ago on the show. >> if he is a vtim of a crime as he contends, will he urge prosecutors to bri charges against the osundairo brothers and will he be willing to testify? e of whate' been through the last few months, he said i don't really care what happened. i want to move on. >> does this make sense? is is a terrible attack. >> what that attack was pales in comparo the attack on him by the mayor, the cpd, the press. he would be vindicated if these two were exposed as lawyers in a court of law, would he not. >> we would want that. what he's been through after the fact has been a much harsher
7:56 am
attack than what he endured that night. >> the president weighed in this mornngg. tweehat the fbi and doj will review the, quote, outrageous jussie smollett case in chicago. it's an embarrassment to our nation. chicago police maintain smollett ed to them about being a victim of a hate crime. another story we've been following for months. the viralideo showing a washington state girl being pushed off a bridge. this morning, the w teenage shoved her is in jail. nbc's joe fryer has been covering this story. joe, good morning. >> craig, good morning. wednesday was sentencing day for 19-year-old taylor smith, the teen who pushed her friend off that bridge. last week taylor pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment, a misdemeanor. in exchangeor the plea prosecutors were recommending no jail time, but the judge did not follow thatda recommtion. >> ready? >> oh! >> reporter: whastarted with a dden shove off a bridge ended with a surprising sentence in
7:57 am
court. taylor smith was taken away in handcuffs, sentenced to two days in jail. moments bore the punishment was handed down, she tearfully addresse the court. >> i sincerely apologize to jordan and her family and aviends for the pain and humiliation i caused by m mindless action that occurred last summer. >> it was all captured on video and watchednline more than a million times, high at top the bridge in washington state, jordan holgorson contemplated jumping into the wat below but was hesitant. off camera taylor could be heard egging > jordan, i'm going to push you. >> no. >> reporter: thene c this. >> oh! >> reporter: jordan plummeted 60 feet landinghest first. among her injuries, six broken ribsnd punctured lunges. >> last summer my said to be good friend changed my life for the worse. >> reporter: that's the only sentence jordan was able to
7:58 am
utter in courtednesday before she was over come with emotion. her family told the judge taylor showed no sympathy. >> she did not stop by our home to see if she was okay or in any way act like a friend. >> reporter: taylor argued she was morseful. >> my words here are siteere. >> rep because taylor pleaded guilty, prosecutors asked for no jail tiad, ins recommending 60 days under house arrest, 30 days of community service and 30 days on a work crew. but the judge sentenced jordan to two days in jail, effective immediately plus 3 days of work crew, the decision applauded by juror dand her family. >> i happy it's over. >> reporter: taylor smith's attorney and family declined to comment after the sentencing. during the hearing her attorney asked if taylor could report to jail at another time. but the judge says the victim wason inienced when she was
7:59 am
rushed to the hospital and didn't get months to prepare for that, so taylorill go t jail now. back to you guys. >> joe fryer in los angeles. thank you, joe. somebody is waking up super rich this morning. if you bought a powerball ticket in wisconsin this week, maybe it's you. a single ticket matched all six numbers in last night's drawing, that ticket is worth an estimated $7 million, the third largest jkpot in u.s. lottery history. the dream ticket was sold in new berlin, wisconsin, just outside milwaukee. seven other tickets matched five numbers but missed the powerball. those are good for $1 million apiece. >> kristen dahlgren is there for uss she said i one of the states where the winner can't remain anonymous. a little woos boost this morning. little boy named oliver. while he was waiting for his family's flight to take off from tampa was pretty awesome. >> what's your name?
8:00 am
>> krig. what's your me? >> what's your name? >> oliver. >> what's your name? >>sy lvia. >> oliver's mom says that's pretty typical. when he t runs to playground he shouts hello my friends. >> wouldn't it be nice if we all did ths. >> whaour name? >> that happens in a lot of places. we've got to work on it in new york. coming up next, as mentioned, oscar winner kevin costner is here on his thrilling nemovie and most beoved roles over the years. first, these messages. he ♪'s no escape ♪ you better get moving ♪ ready or not ♪ it's about to go down here it comes now ♪ ♪ get ready ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ get ready ♪ moving ♪ ready or not ♪ get ready
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♪ ♪ walgreens... battle beautifully ah. ee ttgn we a ,>> oh i think we need a bodyguard m bring out kevin costner. one of thet successful men in hollywood, kevin costner stars in the new movie "the highway man." it hits theaters tomorrow. d two rangers called back into service to hunn the infamous bonnie and clyde. and he has to explain to his wife why he would take this job. >> i could tell you you're too old for this or it's not your affair or that you haven't held a gun in quite a while. i knowhat's all a waste of
8:06 am
time so i won't. >> i appreciate you not telling me all of that. i'm sorry gladdie. >> don't i knew what you were when i married you. >> kevin costner, beautiful scene. i'm going to get to the movie in just a second. i imagine you're kind of about the roles you take. you were talking to us about your family and your kids. u have suc cool, great life. was this something youapped at right away when you heard about it? >> it's funny. this script came to me ten years ago and i said no to it. i loved it. i liked it, but i just saidno, it didn't fit. it didn't seem right. ten years later it came flying atk to me again and i looked it this time and i said, you know, i feel like i could do this. >> what changed? >> well, i thought -- i thought if i put on about ten, 15 more pounds. i thought if iet couldn't over the fence, i could play this guy
8:07 am
who was brought out ofre rement. i like our history for as shameful as some of it is, for as great as some of it is. this is an incredible chapter in american history. >> was it orittnally w for paul newman and robert redford? >> i think they werewi flirting it, too. when people write thmething, ey have in mind who they want. i do the same thing. sometimes these things keep moving and traveling and all of a secden ites your house. >> your co-star now is woody harrelson. i can't think oftwemperamentally more different people. woody seems just a tad bit czy and you seem pretty mellow and calm. do i have that right? >> we laugh really hard at that stuff. we've both seen so many strange things working in movies, you see a lot of stuff. there was a lot of laughs. that was the first time you ever worked with woody
8:08 am
harrelson? >> yeah. >> when you talk about this y film, guys are texas rangers going after bonnie and clyde. there's a scene where you catch clyde.killing bonnie a you happened to do it on exact same spot where it happened in real life. >> sometimes that happens. i've done scenes where certain things have happened, butly probone more pronounced, although pitching a per gekt game in yankee stadium felt goodha being on spot, i happened to see -- you see that car coming from a long ways, aw and we were in hiding. you just can't help but think every time iut would stand there, i realized looking at that car coming at me, that they had about 40 secono live. i couldn't help but wonder what was going on i that car? were they laughing? were they talking? was one asleep? i know they were in pain. i know it was an uncomfortable life. we see it as being very glamorous. but they're living out of a car. i ihased them a car for 104
8:09 am
days. it was not a glamorous life. i couldn't help but think about that last 40 seconds and then it was all over. >> you seem to be drawn to these western roles. you seem like a westerner at heart. you're worng a lot. you have a show called "yellowstone." what do y do with allhe other time? what is kevin costner's real atfe like? >>days are just like lacrosse and volleyball -- >> threekids. >> it feels like i'm going back and forth on that freeway. i know i'm going to end up going away for movie, so i take them to school, we pick them up it's about them at that poin if'm sitting down trying to study, my little one will come tnd be right there and have a ball and flick me. i'm trying toeadnd i say you want to play? the smile gets big.
8:10 am
you make sure you look backnd sometimes you can say you're too tired. sometimes you've got to ay. >> "field of dreams" comes on tv, did your kids stop and want to catch snit. >> the dog stops. the kids don't think so much about what we do. we think about what they do. i don't know how that's worked. i'm really happy it has. >>hich of your movies have you seen back the st? >> gosh, i don't watch them a lot. i think i see "open range" and "love of the game"ms a lot s to come on. es" is ons with wo cable a lot. if it is, i always watch it. it's like 3 1/2 hourslo . i've spent a lot of time watching that movie. >> that was a journ movie, it wasn't so much of a plot. it starts, it keeps going andth e's a lot of people that -- when you want to take that ride, i like those type of movies. >> we like you a yot.
8:11 am
>> thank nice to have you here. >> again, the highwaymen is on netflix tomorrow. over to a for a check of the weather. >> how about a little john fogerty, babe bichlt it's opening day. ♪ it is opening day and we're looking at decent weather in the northeast. yankees home opener nny. toronto 44 a few showers. cincinnati, partly sunny,67. ph we forecast it, you will come. adelphia, sunny and 57. arlington, texas, 72. tampa bay looking good. miami some showers. storms in kans city. forseattle, mostly cloudy as they host the boston red sox. oakland 59. los angeles partly sunny. san diego sunshine and 65. just a little more. ♪ yeah, that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening inne yo of the woods. good morning everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist
8:12 am
chuck bell. sunshine for today and already some colors starting to show up on some of our cherry trees inun and a the downtown area. peek of cherry blossoms likely to begin sunday orer monday a a couple of warm days. right now still chilly, in the 30s to get your morn64g going. up this afternoon. 70s tomorrow and 70s again on saturday. chilly raindrops on your sunday. >> that is your latest weather. all right, mr. roker. one of ourit fav times of the morning. clean-shaven carson daly. opening day, we'll start with andy cohen the "watch what happened live" who was at the partyelebratingathie lee. he's sharing lots of photos online of hison benjamin. yesterday cohen reached a new milestone in baby benjamin's life. he discovered his son's ppelganger.
8:13 am
this photo of benjamin smiling along with a photo of steve carell. cohen hilariously captured, the 40-day-oldin vi poor benjamin, already sum coming to his father embarrassing online antics. not the last, the orlatest. many in the future i'm sure. time we sat dow with o of our favorites, klg. >> what do you have more importanthan joy? >> happiness and joy. some people think they're the same something. >> happen happiness stems from happenstance. most of the time you're going to be unhappy if you're waiting for circumstances to bring you what you want in life. so you have to go to joy which is some place deep insid you spiritually that cannot be touched. >> next week kathie lee will join us a little earlier than
8:14 am
normal a we say good-bye and reflect on her incredible career. by the way, you can check out her episode of quoted by on a clip. this l.a. dad made his first trip toostco and cou not believe the deals. imagine going to costco for the very first here is his reaction to the big box store. >> what else did youd get a g deal on? >> water. you know how much sam pays for water.ife i got probably like, frickin -- >> marinara, too? >> $9.00. do you know how much a little bag is? probablyike $12.50. >> how much with the sausages? >> these sausages were i think eight bucks. >> for all os >> yes. that's a deal. e first tim at costco. that video has been viewed more than 6 million times. people can't get enough of just his pure joy of theea there. he called his son actually from
8:15 am
costco while he was shopping to ask his son, hey, ave you ever heard of this place? >> i got two coffins yesterday. 'sfantastic. >> they do sell them. and motorcycles and jewelry. >> and gas. and wine. >> and they're travel agents, remember? av>> they do everything. >> they've got it all. >> this is not bought to you by ercostco ei beauty director at h"harpers bazaar," the beauty secrets to add to >> and she's 80.
8:16 am
>> we'll have a check on your forecast when we come back, stay with us.
8:17 am
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♪ i'll show you something ♪ neeeeeewwww. ♪ i'll show you something, i'll show you something... ♪ ♪ neeeeeewwww. ♪ good morning. temperatures still in the 30s. a chill still left in the air. 34 in montgomery county, 39 in washington. but a nice warmup rcoming, war than the last few days by quite a bit. up into the low 60shs for h today. 70s for both friday and for saturday.ot slight chance of those days for a little shower along the shenandoah valley. >> chuck, thank cyou. yo get the latest news andin
8:19 am
weather the nbc washington app.
8:20 am
♪ it is 8:30 now. it's thursda it's 8:30 on thursday morning, mar 28, 2019. lots of birthdays, lots to celebrate. so happy to have everybody here. a beautiful day. >> wow what happened? >> did yr get y picture? happy birthday. >> thank you. >> happy birthday. >> lots to celebrate. >> ready for another crowd moment? let's see. i'm looking for donna from michigan. oh, right nna from michigan. how areyo u? >> i'm doing well. my daughter darcy. nice to meet you. >> nice to m t you. >> what brings you to new york? >> our first mother-daughter trip. you have a picture to meet the real al roker. >> this is not the real al
8:21 am
roker. this is a wax museum in las vegas. that's the old al. not the new al. the new and improved al roker -- al roker, come on down. >> that's creepy. th's creepy. >> oh,hi. >> so nice s to you. thank you very much. >> that's for coming by. >> what year do you think that was? >> in about 2003. >> i had done that maybe a couple of years before that. skinoming up just ahead, a care crash course that made you look younger. we'll walk you through a routine start to finish andevealward winning anti agent products. >> al, can you breathe okay with that thing around your neck?k >> it does l a little tight. >> i'm fine. he's fashion forward.
8:22 am
>> have you been hopping on this #readwithjenna thing? >> yes. >> we have a great idea we're going to do today. we brought in two experts. we're going to pair great books with great meals. a book food and snacks. >> forget about food and wine. food and books. coming up on the third hour of "today," speaking of food. we lined u a spicy conversation with sean evans. this guy is a huge youtube hit. his show is called hot lunch where people eat progressively hotter chicken wings. he's going to be on our show. good times. >> you going to eat hot stuff? >> oh, oyeah. >> on. stop it some more. let's show you what we have. looking at your weekend outlook, tomorrow, heavyain in the ohio, mississippi river valley. spring snow through the rockies. wet weaheer in pacific
8:23 am
northwest. sunshine in the southeast. on saturday, warming in e thet with wet weather making its way from the northeast down into thf snow in northern new england. spring time highs in the southwest and then on sunday, land snow in northern new englerd. wet weath in the pacific northweser wet wealso along the mid atlantic coast into the southeast. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in you neck of the woods. >> we have a sun shiny day in the nation's capital. nice looking day to take the boat out if you'reugucky e to have a boat and the day off. temperaturewise, still in the cold. 30s, mid to upper 30s. the warmup is already well under way. if you're headed out to nats ball park for openi ceremonies today, first pitch weather right around 60 degreesw to mid 60s for highs today. the next couple days promise to be even warmer. >> don't forget you can alwhs catc the "today" show when you
8:24 am
leave the house. go to "today" show sirius xm channel 108. guys? >> mr. roker, thank you. now to troubling allegations rocking the university of california at berkeley. a former intern with the school's football team took to facebook last week and accused former members of the athle oc departme sexual harassment and assault. the university says it's investinating this stigation. nbc's molly hunter has the latest. molly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. 20-year-old paigeorlius claims during her internship she was harassed by two volunteer assistant coaches, neitherea wi the anymore. she said she didn't report it at the time, worried that no oneve would bel her. inspired by the me too and times up movements, she's speaking out exclusively to nbc news. >> it's not just in hollywood anymore. it's in sports, now it's at cal. >> reporter: paige cornelius explained her explosive social media post detailing what she describes as a toxic culture in
8:25 am
the uc berkeley football program beginning wittt this aention grabbing line. i will get you fired if you do not have sex with me. cornelius says that's what a volunteer assistant coach threatened during a uc berkeley responded the same day with a statement saying in part, quote, these allegations go against the very ce of our values. cornelius who is now on leave from cal says she wrote the post two days after e-mails and phone calls she ss she made to the school went unanswered. writing, what i did nt exp was the ruthless, endless and persistent sex harassment from the coaches. cornelius says the harassment happened on andldff the f beginning in 2017, detailing two incidents last fall after hours with that same volunteer assistant coach. one night she says, he offered to help her with herchool work. she says she las been drinking, writing in her facebook poke, he
8:26 am
snuck me into my office and he immediately grabbed for my waist. i was terrified. my mind was fuzzy. he kept kissing me, pushing me ainst the wall. >> so creepy, so creepy. i don't want to get fired. i'm leaving. i doemember him grabbing at me, kissing me, putting his hands arod me. >> reporter: a few days later she quit her internship but says the coach continued to contact her.ta while sng at the same hotel this past october, she says he invited her to his room and she went saying she hoped to smooth things over. i get a text from my coach, meet me in my room. when i got to his room, i was skafrd, so i laid on the bed and tried to make small tax. he started taking his clothes i started crying uncontrollably. cornelius didn't report the incident at the time and said another coach made sexually inappropriate conduct.
8:27 am
the reason for the coaches' departures is unclear. cornelius' post unleashed support and vitriol. she said more than a dozen women reached out with similarattories berkeley. bc news spoke to sever employees who don't want to be identified said while thit's ri with daily harassment. another tells nbc news she also quit her j with the team because of constant sexual harassment by two former assistant coaches. nbc news has been unable to reach t coaches for a response. head coach justin wilcox says an vestigation was started as soon as they received corneliusa alons. >> we take great pride in trying to create an environment where everybody is respected and everybody feels safe. this cuts to the core. it hurts really bad. we want to do everything we can as a program to support then investigathere people can be held accountable for their
8:28 am
actions. >> molly, these accused coaches are gone. again, the universgy is say it's taking the allegations seriously, they're still investigating. is there a sign that this may be a bigger problem on camp? >> savannah, we don't know the details of the investigation. we don't know who they're talking to. as of this morning, paige says no one from the university has contacted her. it may be bigger than just football. poken to multiple women who currently are at cal, involved in cal athletics who says what paige described is accurate and continues today.>> ery disturbing. molly hunter, thank you so much. just ahe this morning, we're going to shift gears and step up the skin car game. the winner of ""harper's bazaar""aw anti-aging ds. first this is "today" on nbc. w soh xfinity mobile
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>>e are back we are back with today's style. onin care has become a
8:31 am
full-blown explo for women and men. thousands of products to choose from. how do you know which one to trusts? leave it to "harper's bazaar," they've nay rode the playing field with their 2019 awards. we're joined by jsica matlyn. you walk into a drugstore and you never know what you should get. how did you narrow itdo ? >> we had some help. we consulted with 20 of the world's best dermatologists to nair roe it down. >> cleansers is a big thing. you have to pick the cleanser resed on your skin. what did you thinkhe best cleansers. >> if you've got dry skin coming t of winter, you want oil-based. if you have oily skin, you want the neutragena cleanser, it's going to get rid of the l, get
8:32 am
rid of the shine, but leave your skin feeling velvety and matt. >> i always have this on my counter. >> cetail is greatf you have sensitive skin type.f all your viewers will do well with it. it's one-size-fits-al >> they always say you should put a serum on and a lotion. do you need a serum? >> serums are great. let me make it simple. serums are your specialist. if you have any problem with your skin, there's a serum to go with it. vitamin is fantastic because it's a natural anti oxidant. targets lines, wrinkles and especi ly brightness. >> this is a vitamin c >> yes, this l'oreal paris one is great because it's highly concentrated. serums can get pricey. you just need a little bit. this isn affordable option. >> you put this guy on and then lotion on top of it. >> uh-huh.
8:33 am
let's head over to moisturizers. >> roc is good stuff. >> i call thiser my delight. this has two ingredients that derms always talk about. you neat an spf and retino spf to preve line, wrinkles and retinol to correct everything i just said. it, of course, has moisturizer to hydrate and pamper the skin. a lot of people say you can't have retinoluring the day. roc tuns it its head and puts spf with it. >> it's n got ae scent, too. >> you want to enjoy using skin care,therwise you won't use it. >> eye cream. this is your dpafavorite. >> i love this estee lauder. the skin under your eyes is thinner. you smile, you laugh. all the skin, it crinkles it's goio age more quickly.
8:34 am
estee lauder has pumped this full of great ingredients. hello 2019, they put in blue light protection. it's emitted from our phones and laptops. they put in blue light protection. >> a little pricier than the others? >> a littl bit but i think the splurge is with it. >> can we talk about tech neck? >> tech neck is what you get from looking at your phones. as we look e'down, craning our laps, laptops, working late. we're getting what derms call neckless lines. fat little horizontal lines. >> they're not so yoint. put this on at night. >> they're experts. this feels particularly lovely put it o like a moisturizer and you're good to go. it's going to help build the collagen. >> use this at night. masks are the rage. >> ts mass south korea
8:35 am
two-step mask, you put this serum into thisittle pot. mix it up, put it on. it dries, kind ofets a crackly finish. drew barry moore put this onst ram. you can see it on the screen. it dries to a crackly finish. you rinse it thoff. payoff is with it. it tightens your face, an instant facelift. >> can i say you did great on your first day. you were awesome. >> hoda. thank you. >> you can find these items and more anti-aging award winners today may make a small share of revenue from your purchases. this is "today" on nbc. with this one little
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we are back with we are back with read more today. book clubs are hotter than evern
8:38 am
has one going. even professional athletes are creating them. >> jenna recently launched our #readwithjenna book club. what would a book club be without food. >> we've got isaac fitzgerald from buzzfeed and food ande lifest expert alejandra ramos. good morning. >> goo >> i heard you came up with this idea. you found each other as frequent guests independently. >> we were talking together and say we need to be there on the same day. i love food. he loves books. we went to gw. >> alloming together. >> you're giving the commencement peach. >> i know. i need yourlp >> let's get into the incredible reads. "black leopard red wolf" by marlon james is rooted inaf can mythology. fantastic read. incredible writer.
8:39 am
it gets compared to "game of thrones" quite a bit. but that is not accurate. it's i own thing. the one way in which it is comparable, it is a very violent book. marlon james is a very physical writer. so you're going to really enjoy this but hungry while you read is book. >> the gold dusted berries there. is that part of the book? >> i thinkay that have been our own -- >> how did you come up with >> very physical book, very visual and lush cbook. yo taste it, you can smell it. you can eat it. i came with a beautiful wild lush grazing table. this is one of the trends now. this is a great way to do it. a little bit of something for everybody. you don't have to make all the stuff. you can buy some things, cake, chocolate. >> i don't think you have to cook anything here, display it. >> get wild and have fun with it. the perfect way totu c the spirit of the book. >> i want to say one quick thing abou that as ll.
8:40 am
michael b. jordan has gotten the rights. if you want to read i before it becomes a movie. >> this one is pretty l.whimsi >> yes. >> "gingerbread" is a magical book. it's almost like reading a dream. it's the story of a mother and a cranky teenage daughter realizing their grandmother comes from a land that's notre ly on the map. it's about the things we hand down for generations. in this caset's an incredible gingerbread recipe. it weird doing aood and book segment, how can we not do this. >> so obvioushat to do here. i did a gingerbread tea party. it's very whimsical. the writer is from england. we'v got your tea pots. >> what's the bundt cake? >> a gingerbread bundt cake. gingerbread cookies are a ltle too holiday. cake is perfect for a party. the recipe is on the website.
8:41 am
we've got the oranges which you can see here. the's actually this beautiful theme in the book where the mother and daughter give each her three oranges or send each other three orange emojis to say i love u. we're reflecting that in there. a cute touchould be maybe if you send a guest home with maybe three oranges. guests our >> that would be really fun. >> a next-level book club. i want to in. >> what's our last book? "the otheramericans" by laila, told from the perspective of nine different characters. it talks about the divisiveness in our country right b now, also the things that bring us together. it hangs off this hidden rhyme where an elderly moroccan man was killed. so there's a mystery in there as well. a wonderful >> i love this book so much.'s a moroccan american family and they own a diner.
8:42 am
i combined the ideas. >> some of the dishesere in the book. >> a few of the things. they talk about dates, these are originally from morocco. i did some almond stuffed dates here. we did some baglvir, moroccan pancakes. you took them only on one side. you get the nooks and crannies and it absorbs this beautiful share rupp. some shakshuka. i say always do someing savory, something sweet. this beautiful carrot salad, the mother made carrots at one point for the daughter. i tried to bring that u a little bit. >> sheoes it all stunningly, masterful. >> this is great. >> great idea. so fun. thank you so much. i see carson is over there
8:43 am
snacking. sn there's not a cheese plate carson d want to be involved in. he's taking the flowers. need to start nailing things down. o is that? >> i warned him about this in the makeup room. thank you so much. we've got more on the books and the recipes a slash shop. we're back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc. citizens arrest. ♪ are you ready? ♪ are you ready for some fun? ♪
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that' going to wrap it up for us on this hour. f you can find more stuff, go high school girls who took on the male classmates they caught ranking their looks. a so-called secret in st. louis that is sparking a fiery debate online. >> bread slice or bagels? >> people are obsessed. >> we'll talk about that coming up in the third hour. also coming up in the third hour, a treat for golf fans,
8:46 am
dylan dreyer is going t s,hosw >> woit >> startsh a square and they start to shave ouf. >> after local news. >> i will watch that. 8:56 is your time on this thursday, march 28. good morning to you. i'm molette green. we've got some problems on the roads. melissa mollet has it in your first 4 trngfic. what's gon? >> good morning, molette. first 4 traffic alert right no 2 1/2 mile backup on the beltway. this is the inner loop after georgetoan pike. youee the big mess to the right. everybody only getting by on the left shoulder this morning. right now this serious crash means delays all the way back to tyson's. you can see that slowdown. northbound 295 after laboratory road, a crash blocking the middle lanes. molette. >> your opening day forecast
8:47 am
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>> announcer: live from studio 1a in rockefeller plea, this is hird hour of "today." >> all right. good morning, everyone. craig here with al and dylan. if you have been waiting for that sure sign that summer is comingtime to play ball, boys and girls. you ready? >> excita . who are yon of? >> the curly ws. bronx, kansas city,llozen other ballparks, opening day for major league baseball. >> kansa may have severe weather later today. >> way to be a downer. >> i want to help our friends of royals. one thing i get to do that i


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