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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  April 2, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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grace there. >> a little bit>>better. let's begin with a check on the commute and forecast. >> melissa mollet hasth more on traffic, and meteorologist chuck bell is here with the forecast. >> the earlier you can do things e, the better the skies to do it in. mainly clean for now. therencill be a c for showers later in the day, not a big rain chance for everyby. highest rain chances today will be along and to the east of the i-95 corridds. our frind neighbors in the shenandoah valley probably won't even get a drop of rain today. temperaturewise, we're below freezing through the shenandoah valley, even the western and northern suburbs are perilously close to the freezing mark. downtown, a somewhat milder 40 heour planner, then, for degrees. today. some sunshine around here for the first part of the day.rn g partly to mostly cloudy later in the afternoon. highsoday around 50 degrees. might be a little warmer in the shenandoah valley because you'll get a little extra sunine out there for today. rain chances do creep up after
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-- especially after the sun goes down this evening. more about that and the return of sunshine tomorrow coming up. g,lissa, good morning. good mornchuck. taking a look at the roads. 27at old h dred, northbound, southbound, everything good at 109. same situation on the beltway. no roadwork, nothing to worry about here this morning. everything is rolling along nicely. in the district as you head in, nond 295, suitland parkway, single lane is getting by. that work zone right now, zooming out, 66 and 95 in virginia, no problems there. aaron? >> tyou. 4:01. this morning, we're following a developing story out of maryland. the second time in a week, a person has been hit and killed by an amtrak >> and just like last week's incident, this one also took place in prince george's county. it happened just before 11:00 on tracks just north of landover near then new carroll station. the train was heading from d.c. to philadelphia. we're told no one onra the was hurt, but the accident caused delays for those s.
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travel police say the person was trespassing on the tracks. officersave not released their name. you may remember just last monday a different amtrak train hit two people in bowie it. one of those people died. investigators say those people he e also trespassing on tracks. this morning, a maryland man is accused of trying to hire a man to threaten a little girl and hermother. police say 63-year-old ma suds mactari met an undercover police officer last month in the the montgomery mall andim offered$350. the officer said maktari wanted him to go to north potomac, town home, force his way inside and put gun tohe 7-year-old's head. he waso instructed t tell the mother she had three days to leave the home, or her daughter would, quote, be gone. we detectives learned what his plans , and fearing for the safety of the adult female and her daughter, they immediately arrested him. >> police don'tnow why maktari
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targeted the family. he faces four felonies counts including solicitation of kidnapping, assault, and home invasion. today dominion power is expectedo liver new transformers to a fairfax highrise apartment. this is after the old one caught re. >> most of what happened next was caught on camera. fire raged through the skylinea plomplex in bailey's crossroads yesterday morning. the building is 26tories high. the smoke current through the erilding and forced firefighters to o an evacuation. >> this is frustrating. atfhis point it's kind o overwhelming right now. >> about 1,000 people were rced out. the red cross set up temporary housing nearby. ts morning, residents in portions of southern prince george's county remain under a boil water advisory. take a look. if you live in the red shaded area here, you will needo boil
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water for at least three minutes before using it. that's the result of this water main break that happened sunday along indian head highway. the water main is fixed, and the road is back open. wssc says the boil-water advisory is still in>> effect. 4:04. a terrifying experience for a young girl in district hehts. a 10-year-old says two men tried to kidnap her after .school last friday, valeria rodriguez was walking home from the bus stop when the men asked her to get into an suv. this happened at mason and senator avenue off kipling heavy. here is what the little girl told us she did next - >> the driver told me to get in the car first. he toldme, like, normally, and then he yell at me. then when i saw that he was trying to open the door, i run. >> she ran to a neighbor's house, and the men took off in a tan-colored suv. the girl's mother says she will walk her to and from the bus stop from now on.
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new this morning, we're learning new information in that suspect locker room rape at damascus high school last year in montgomery county. a report says school leaders waited more th 12 hours to call police. according to the "washington post," school leade discussed the incident in a group text message on halloween, naming thi im and three possible suspects. laudents were also reportedly pulled out of and questioned by school leaders before anyone called lice. the montgomery county school system is not commenting on the report. five teenagersre charged with assaulting one of their j. football teammates inside the locker room last year. today is the deadline democrats gave attorney general william barr to release special coposel robert mueller's . this morning we now know what they may do if barr fails to meet their demand. he could face a subpoena as early a this week. housera democtic judiciary chairman jerry nadler wrote in ohe new york times" that if barr doesn't hanr the document in its entirety, it,
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quote, undermines the work and the integrity of his department. this development comes after barr promised he'd turn over a redacted version of the mueller report by the middle of this month, well after the mocrats' deadline. president trump is reportedly thinking about apinting an immigratizar to oversee the situation at the u.s.-mexico among the p he is considering -- former virginia attorney general k cuccinelli, who was spotted at the wte house sterday. this while the threat to shut down the border remains on the table. there areoncerns over what a move like that would do to the economy. the u.s. a mexico trade more than $1.5 billion in goods every day. we're getting a better idea of what a border shutdown may mean for us. for starters, we would pay more for goods. our country relies heavily on produce. nearly half o all imported vegetables and 40% of fruit comes from mexico. along with that, tomatoes,
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cucumbers, and berries, we could all run out of avocados. this time of year, mexico supp%es nearly 1 of our supply, meaning we could run out of avocados in three eks. and it's not just food. mexico is also the largest importer of refined fuels that our country exports. 4:07. developing now, measles continue to rise across the country. new numbers show the measles count so far this year has already surpassed all of last year. according to the centers for disease control, there have been 387 cases through mpach. that's cd to 372 meefrls cases in all of 2018 -- measles cases in all. of 2018 the numbers have been driven outbreaks in states including new york. most people who get the measles have not been ccinated. more than a dozen people are injured following a vigil for a my-nominated rapper. this after a chaotic scene overshadowed the memorial for slain rapper nipsey hussle last night. andovernight, we also learned
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that police released this picture of the suspected shooter of the rapper.o accordinghe lapd, eric holder is wanted for homicide in the shooting. nipsey hussle was shot several times on sunday in front of his clothing store. olice believe the shooting was gang related. we know more about why the rolling stones have postponed their just come be tour. "drudge report" says mick jagger is expected t undergo alert valve replacement surgery this week. the tour was to include a stop at fedex field in may. if you have tickets, you're ing told to hang on to them. jagger is expected to make a full recovery and should back on the road soon. as it prepares to make itser move to nor virginia, we've learned that amazon is considering an eco-friendly design for its new herkadquarte. the campus in national landing could be zero energy, meansing the building will en-- meaniin
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the bui will generate the energy it uses. nothing official yet. when it makes the move, amazon is expected to receive hefty tax incentives, and that is not sitting well withyb evy. today protesters will gather outside the arlington county budget meeting. many of them are local art supporters who say that those amazon tax incentives are coming because of cuts to children's programs as it relates to the arts. it begins an hour before the budget meeting starts. > 4:09. verans will now find it easier to get inside the giant v.a. medical center following an i-team investigation. we've shown the severe parking shortages because of construction. some veterans had toalk nearly a third of a mile to get to the facility. the v.a. promised a new parking garage. yesterday it delivered. the elevators aren't quite working yet, but we told there will be a shuttle to carry vets with mobility challenges from theirhears to t front door. how' this for an idea to help people prosecuted more --
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the prince george's county library system has installed a short story dispenser at the beltsville location for the maryland motor vehicle administraaton. with thebase of more than 100,000 stories to pull from, customers help pass the time without losing a spot in line. the six-million pilot program is successful, the county hopes to ins more dispensers at other locations. i'd read a short story. ray bradbury. speaking of stories, yesterday i was invited to participate in read acrosda d.c i spent time at bright start early care and preschool. nuggets -- >> i read one book. the second book, though, these 4 and 5-year-olds took over. they read "brown bear, brown t bear, w do you see" to me. like a recital. a big thank you to the d.c. fice of the state superintendent and the folks at bright start for having me out yesterday. this was my first time in all my years of going to schools and visiting with kids, my first time withsc the pol set. >> the little, little ones.
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just starting to make the words out. >> it's so much fun. everything is like -- you know, the's this constant awe. >> cute. >> it is. rugbre it's ay popular sport in europe. gaining a lot of traction here in the st ses. much so the sport is about to have its ownna profess league. d.c. will be home to a franchise next season. the team goes by "old glory." our cameras were there at the combine or the weekend at catholic university. players say they're excited about this new venture. >> it's almost comforting to know that i'm going to get the amount of competition that i'm seeking. there's a high amount ofer v talented rugby players here. so i kno that i'm going to be tested. >> if you want to check out the team before next season, old glory will hold four exhibition games in may and june at catholic's cardinal st nium. there' padding. there's no helmets in rugby. and all the rules that you have to bass it backwards h --e you ever watched a rugby game?
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>> yeah. have i ever watched a rugby game? >> never mind. hard to keep track. >> right after i watch curling. >> don't sleep on curling. i went to the winter olympics and watched the most exciting curling -- remember? the u.s. men's team won the old? >> yes, i doremember. still ahead, summer's just around the corner. if you areooking for a very -- a way, rather, to earn extra cash, we ha details on 500 new jobs coming to the area. would you pay just so you could drive on a busy city street? one american city is looking at the idea. t we'll you where. chuck? i was busy watching competitive badminton back here. >> guys arehe worst. >> four things you need to know about the next couple of days. w cloul be moving in. a couple of drops possible for some later this evening. onhe whol more of the rest of the week will be dry, then wet. the fi-day forecast coming uvep. i'm alex trebek here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50-85 and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, member the three p's.
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if you need a summer job, you might be in luck.ns top golf p to hire about 500 part-time and full-time workers for its newest location. top golf nationabor is slated to open sometime in early, not far from we've posted a link in our nbc washington app if you'd liko see what jobs are available. new york city may become thc firsty in the nation to charge drivers on some of its busiest streets.>> he lawmakers reached a deal this weekend to begin a congestion pricing program. the detaitill have to be worked out by a specially apinted panel, butere's what we know -- it is an electronic toll that would impact anyone driving in the so-called central business district. drivers there could cost as much
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$11.52 or higher. city transportation officials are banking on a return of $15 billion. that revenue would beo used fix the subway system. a lot of money. >> to some degree you wouldn't have a choice. that was everything below ce yral park. 'd have to take the subway. force you to do public >> which appar is falling apart. >> right. we're learning more about the new grocery store coming to prince george's county. >> the good food market wil i op seat pleasant, an area that's been called aoo desert. prince george's county bureau chf tracee wilkins explains how important the announcement is for local residents. >> reporter: there are more food deserts in prince george's county than anywhere else in our region. there was one grocery store in seat pleasant. in 26 it closed its doors and was not replaced leaving no supermarkets between her and the d.c. line. 15% of prince george's county's consider a food desert by the usda. those areas are shown here in pink. that means there are fewer
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healthy food optns for residents. there are more deserts in prince george's county than anywhere else in our region. seat pleasant is one of them. >> we didn't have a grocery. but on the end we had a dialysis center. i just want to be real about it. to tell h you howt i was to realize that we had left the people of this community in that situation. >> reporter: the county executive announced good food market, aatrocer with a ln in d.c., will soon move into the addison road shopping center. the store's mission is to build where other retail grocers won't go. the super beauty, planettn ess, dollar tree, all of that is where the safeway used to be. the new grocery store is going in in this one location behind the wells fargo atm. we have no d specifice yet on when that's going to happen. in seat pleasant, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. new video. mother nature roars in malaysia. take a loo at thi water spout
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that was close to an island yesterdae it briefly mt on land before it went away. there was minor damage to some buildings, but no reports of any injuries or deaths. >> wow. look at that thing. >> a bigone. wow. >> yeah, it is. >> that was very scientific, chuck. thank you. >> i tweeted that out yesterday. i saw it come throughfe my , like, wow, that's pretty cool. next to the thing -- me to one hu -- no one hurt. scary. >> we're getting wet weather ourselves. >>ust a little bit. >> okay. >> a skos >> chnical. >> a smidgeon. don't expect a big impact from rain toy, but there will be a few drops to contend with, especially for folks who live or travel into southern maryland today. that will be the place that has the highest rain chance today. nenandoah valley, north maryland, has the lowest chances to get rained on.e, otherwit's a quiet start. no rain for the first part of the day at all. it will be a dry start to your tuesday. any rain chances really don't start to move in until after
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3:00 or 4:00. ll show you theuture weather in a second. for now, it's all about the chill. downtown locations are near 40. as soon as you get away from the city and the water,t's a lot colder this morning. 29 degrees in warrenton. 33 in gaithersburg. 30 at dulles airport. 34 in upper marlboro. heer's the plaor today -- sunshine and 30s this morning. n up tor 50 degrees. just about the time we would eeally start to warm things up, clouds will mn and thicken up. a slight chance for showers as early as about i think our best chances for rain are between about 7:00 11:00 p.m. this evening. then for tomorrow, by the time you wake up, this will all be nothing but a memory. t we'll go bac sunshine. breezy tomorrow, but it will be a much prettier day. ayobably the last best to get outside and see the cherry blossoms. here's the little curly l q of pressure coming througharts of tennessee now. that is the main area of storminess that will be for the most part passing us just to the east and sou later today. so here's future weather.
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brings the clouds in. here's 5:00. here's the reason i say shenandoah valley not really in the hot zone for rain today. showers along and east of ou95. soern maryland and the lower bay is going to be the favored place to get rained on, between 5:00 and 10:00 p.m. by 8:00 tomorrow, poof, o goes. we'll go back to sunshine for your wednesday. cloudy skies for thursday. i don't think there's much of a rain chance thursday until well after the sun goes will be a different story. that will be enough rain i think to take most of the remaini blosso off of the cherry trees. so you have a couple more days to get out and enjoy the peak ou in the area. we all know it can't last forever. i'm optimistic that the weekend will be on the mild side. >> all right.. i like th i like the temperature tomorrow, as well. 66 here, a liv look east of nutley, eastbound, westbound, don't have any big issues on 66 right now. no problems on the beltway. no work zones, inner loop and outer loop, everything rollingll
4:21 am
along takoma park, northbound new hampshire avenue near east/west highway have the left lane getting by the work zone there. southbound on 95 from 32 down to the beltway, 68 miles per reur. that gets you t in ten minutes here this morning.n? >> thank you. would you pass up thousands of dollars worth of free money? i mea- no. >> of course not. >> of course not. >> but each year billions of dollars in available college scholarships are left unused. coming up, newss susan hogan is working for you showing you all the ways to getour hands on that cash. and check out woody harrelson on "ellen." it airs here at 3:00. then stick around for news4 at 4:00.
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frequent flyers have spoken, and nthey have chosen southwest airlines as the best overall carrier in the u.s. for this year's travelers choice awards.e singapore air was named the number-one airline in the world. this is the second straight year that both airlines have taken the top spots. i'd like to travel to singapore sometime and maybe test it out for myself. it's far to go. >> let me know. this week we're working for you helping your family get ready for college. would you pass up thousands of dollars in free money? >> of course you wouldn't. but every year students leave dollars on federal the table.
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>> consumer reporter susan hogan explains the mos important thing to do if you want financial aid. ♪ >> reporter: the u.s. department of education gives over $120 billionn grants a loans to college students every year. less than half actually apply for it. we're talking about the free application for federal student aid also known as faa. by not filling out theat appln, college students are missing out on a seriously federal grants do not need to be repaid, federal student loans have low interest rates, and work study pro can help pay for your education and build your resume. myth -- my parents make too much so i'm not eligible. fact, according to financialid experts, most americans are eligible. aid is avaable for anyone with a household income below $250,000 a year. and even if you top that, you may still be eligible for
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low-interest federal loans. one very important thing you need to remember -- you have to fill out a fafsa every single year your student is in lle. back to you. 4:26 right now. coming up, a child placed in handcuffs and into a police car. what dee.c. police are saying about the storyehind the now-viral video. and good morning, everybody. waking up, not always the t easiesng to do. on your tuesday morning, temperatures outside in the 30s. so a cold start this morning. there will be plenty of sunshine early befores clo move back. a chance for rain for some of us, as well. plus, return to d.c. tonight bryce harper is back in the district in a different jersey. what his former team isah sayin d of tonight's big match-up. nothing says spring like fresh flowers,
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so let's promote our spring travel deal on like this: (sneezes) earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at
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it is 4:30 as we kick off this tuesday with a live look outside. another cold stahi to april morning. temperatures in the 30s and 40s depending on where you tlive. t's too cold, fyi. >> it is for april. from the nonscientific speck. >> yes. >> we -- that's our caveat here. >> we offer this it's too cold for april 2nd. > for us. good mornineryone, i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. it has to warm up sooner or later so chuck can stop listening to us -- >> we're wearing him out. >> thanks for joining us. we are working 4 you to get you rey for the tuesday. melissa mollet is standing by with your fst 4 traffic -- look at chuck's face. he's like, can you guys just cut it out? it>> he's just over >> yeah. >> i'm done. i'm done listening to you -- melissa, you have t luxury of being in the traffic center. i have to listen to this all morning in the studio. >> i'm by myself. it great. >> i know. don't eat my snacks, melissa. >> i will eat your snacks. >> i noticed a bite out of my sandwich yesterday. this morning, mostly clear sky for now. temperatures are primarily in the 30s. it's a col


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