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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  April 9, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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. new at midday, a marine killed in afghanistan is being rememberedor his service in our area. the former prince george's county fefighter is being described as courageous both at home and arroad. w also following new developments at the scene of a pedestrian i accident fairfax county. we know a man w struck and killed during the morning rush. hear from a witness. and we have the clouds out there rightco now. d we see some sunshine later on and maybe a few showers?ou la'll show y coming up. [ cheering and appe ]
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plus, charlottesville is one happy place this morning and home of the new national champions. >> announcer: "news4 midday" starts now. >> good morning and welcome to "news4 midday" i'm moletta ml molette. >> and i'm air gilchrist. police are investigating a homicide in dphi, a man found dead near a sidewalk with trauma to his upper body in thek 8600 bl 20th avenue new riggs road this morning. police found him after a cal for a welfare check. officers are in the very early stages of the investig here. you could look for updates this afternoon on nbc4 and the nbc washington app. route 50 in fairfax countyk is b open after a deadly crash. >> chopper 4 flying over the scen near alderwoods drive. police say a pedestrian was hit and killed this tmorning. accident shut down lanes for hours creating a tough
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commute. meagan fitzgerald was on the ground and spokeo a witness. >> reporter: police have been out here for hours investigating. but if you lookr here, these are the two volumes involved. we talked toay neighbors who they heard this crash the moment it happened. chopper 4 was flying above ts scene t morning just after 6:00 a.m. moments before a horrifying scene unfolding on the westbound lane of route 50 just before alderwoods drive. roger cureos was at work when he heard aisturbing sound. >> i was on the side of the building and i heard some loud screeching but it wasong screeching like rrrr. >> reporter: he walked outsi and saw this, one car had smashed into the back of the ouher. fairfaxy police say a man was struck while trying to cross the stree that man died at the hospital. but police say the driver didn stay scene. >> no, it is sad. it is just unbelievable. and for me to see that type of damage. p >> reporter: tice department reconstruction team marking the area where the crash happened. trying ho figure out a man
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was struck in the middle of the morningommute. >> 's just -- my heart and prayers go out to that family. >> reporter: in fairfax county, meaganfitzgerald, nbc4. and some tragic news this morning coming out of afghanistan. u.s. military officials say three american service members were killed in a roadside bombing. >> in the last few hours we learned that one of those rvice members once served in our area. nbc4 cory smith is live in landover to explain cory, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron and melissa. the soldiers name is chrisnpher slud and he was riding near afghanistan and his life was dedicated to service. ht only was he in the military, butwas also a firefighter here at the kitland volunteer fire department. he joined the ranks back in 2000 earning the rankap ofin. in addition to protecting folks here in prince george's county he was a member of the new york
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city fire department and there that he was awarded the fire chief association memorial medal for pulling an unconscious woman from a burning building. now in a social media post the chief here at kitland said, we will remember chris for the father, husband, brother and son and friend that he was. the moral character he display daily and the courage and conviction to serve his fellow americansoth at home and abroad. now back out here live at the fire department. you could see the american flag has been lowered to half-staff. the crew here going on about their day as they normally iruld. but no doubt t hearts are heavy fw following the death and we're told they are working to give him the funeral that he heserves once his body is brought bac to the u.s. we're going to be speaking with a couple of his brothers here an fire departmenhe coming hours and we'll have much more on this on nbc4 later today. back to you. now time to check in on our weather. the rain seems to have moved
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out. we're hoping for another warm afternoon. >> lauryn ricketts is here this mornhag. what do yo for us lauryn? >> i do have cloudy conditions when we look outside of our windows here in northwest d.c. we're looking at clouds out there but we're also looking at very temperatures. look at that cloud cover. now if you go west, you'r able find a little bit more sunshine. so i know my friends out in the doah valley have more sunshine than we do, around the i-95 corrir. temperatures out there right now at 71 degrees. they'll pop up pretty quickly as we go through the lunch hour. topping out rig around 80 degrees today. ould have a passing shower out there. the winds are going to be picking up. and the reason is because we've got the frontal system right here. i just checked the wind direction and thiis where tha front is. and you could see the clouds out in front of it. so even if you areetting some sunshine, clouds are going to come back into play and not until later on this afternoon, late this afternoon through this evening. what we see is clearing. but as this front moseys on
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through, we could pop up a fewe sh around the area. and we'll show you that on future-cast and who may b getting wet and much cooler tempayatures coming our w sooner than you think, coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, lauryn. today a wo-be terrorist will appear in court charging to kill as many peopl as possible at national harbor. court documents revealed 28-year-old rondel henry as chilling plan to run down p pedestrians with a truck. >>t was inspire by isis. justin finch has more on the plan and how police uncoveredfrt national harbor. >> reporter: it really is shocking here. investigators say at the core of this plot was a real simmering hatred, a hatred forhose who do not practice muslim faith. and here at national harbor where so many families live and work is where this would-be terrorist was planning his plot. now take a look. he has been identified as ronnel henry, 28-year-os of
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germantown. authorities say he was inspired by the isis vehicle attacks seen largely overseas when a driver takes control of a large truck or v and plows into people just intent to kill here. this plan reportedly unfurling around march 26th when theyay that henry stoles thaul van from a garage in alexandria and his initial target was t a dullport but he didn't see the crowd he was looking for so his attention turned toational harbor, on march 27th. but initially here he see crowds either so he chose a kind -- to kind of lay in wait. and in doing so, not realizing law enforcement was watching him asll spotting that stolen u-haul van and later catching up to him, they say he had planned to break on to a boat and hide there before hatching his attack. rondel henry due in court to face a judge today. he remns in custody as prosecutors did request a motion to keep him there fearing that
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he might be a flight risk. a lot of sighs of relief breathed now knowing he is behind bs. at national harbor, i'm justin finch, nbc4. d.c. police need help to find peopl who vandalized a van with messages of hate. take a look at covered swastikas and graffiti and a tire sshed and window broken. the act caught on surveillance yesterday onock creek church road in northwest. new this morning, t list of the best places to live in the u.s. is out and d.c. is no longer in the top ten. the list is obviously wrong. for the third year in a row, austin, texas has takenhe top spot. d.c. plummeted 11 spots to number 19 this year. the reasons for the fall is the high cost of living and a migration of people out of the city. just a year ago d.c. ranked number eight on the list. denver, colorado springs, fayetteville, arkansas and des
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>oines, iowa rounded out the top five. but we're not too far away from the ncaa champs. >> they beat texas tech in over time. this is the uva first national championship title. take a look a that defining moment. >> and virginia -- [ cheering a e applause ] rgy and excitement there -- well not so much for the texas tech guys. it was great. a big deal. wep stayed u for the excitement in charlottesville for a long night of celebrations. >> reporter: good morning. we're inside of a store just off the corner which is much quieter today, especially when you compare it toust a few hours ago. take a look awhat we encountered. >>he roadway has turned into a pedestrian plaza. students are out. they aoy enjg it. they're feelingth good. 're feeling good. you gotta lov it. >> reporter: so we got briefly
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swoloed by the crowd but we got out. studentsontinued climbing high and others creating a mosh pit and police keeping careful watcu asnts celebrated a triumphant end to the season, a championship win. >> how did itl? f >> tonight, it felt like it was >> what time is class tomorrow. >> 9:30 a.m. >> are you going to be there? >> hard to say. >> what class is it? >> physics lecture. >> so you could probably skip that. >> we have a test on thursday. i don't know. >> it will be fine. >> i hope so. >> reporter: no word if he made it to that 9:30 class but coy tell you it is not only students who were struggling to get up to go to tlassay, it was their professors too. this whole community was part of the celebration. these are going to be the hot ticket items today. the t-shirt, national champions. so cool. these are rolling out and bet they will go quickly. in charlottesville, virginia,
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david culver,c4 the attorney general is taking questions right now about the mueller report. >> what he said it will finally be released. another leader out at homeland security. i'm tracie potts. coming up, didn't just end with the secretary. we'll tell you who else is leaving and why. and actress felicity huffman guilty plea in the college admission scandal a what itnd>>
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israel. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is seeking his fifth term. he faces corruption charges and a strong challenge from the former head of the israeli army, i should say. if nanyahu wins, he'll become israel's longest-serving prime minister and president trump has been an ally making a series of decisiono endear trump to the prime minister and many israeli voters including the u.s.
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withdrawal from iranian nuclear deal. the number of democrats hoping to become president in 2020 continues to grow. california congressman eric swalwell has announced that he's making a bid for the white house. the 38-year-old has made trips to iowa and new hampshire and often appears on cable news shows. he is now one of 17 democrats in the running right n on capitol hill, attorney general william barr is in a showdown with lawmakers over t mueller report. >> today's hearing in the house is supposed to be about theme justice depa budget but for most of the morning barr has been defending his handling of the report and at one point he tried to cut off any furth questioning. >> um, i've said what i'm going to say about the report today. i've issued through letters about it. and i was willing to discuss the historic information of how the report came to me and m decision on sunday. but i've already laid out the
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process that is going forward to release these reports, hopefully within a week and i'm not going to say anything more about it until the reportut is and everyone has a chance to look at it. >> in his preparedma s, barr talks about themeustice depa's goals of combatting violent crime and improving immigration laws, fighting illegal drugs andin prote national security. cleaning house. president trump gets rid of another top security official, a person in charge of protecting him and his family. >> a effort to get tough at the border. >> reporter: president trump is replacing secret service director and rolfe ales after his boss kirstjen nielson was forced to resign. >> anyone who wants to tell the empero he has nolothes is going to get ousted. > reporter: despite nielsen's continued support. >> i'm sure the president's goal
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is securing the border. >> reporter: they disagree onho to stop migrants from crossing the border. three officials tell nbc mr. trump wants to reinstate the familyeparation policy that led to children being held in cages. usands ofll have t children who have been separated from their parents and not reinstated half a year later. that is unacceteable. >> rep the shake-up at homeland security will leave six top positions without permanent replacements. >> i'm concerned. i'm concerned of a growing void of leadership within theme depa of homeland security. >> what happens if we're ever really in a crisis? and what hpens if we find ourselves the victim of a terrorist attack or in a war. >> reporter: getting tough with haen a d key positionspen homeland security as he braces for more. and a setbackde for the pre on the border. on monday a california federal judge said it is not legal for the trump administration top sed
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seeking asylum back to mexico to wait for a judge to hear their case. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. a conservative republican from our area is reportedly i the running to become the secretarynielsen's permanent placement. ken cuccinelli ran for governor in 2013 but "the washington post" and "new york tim h" repos under consideration to lead homeland security. hisomination would have support in congress. at the republican national coention in 2016 he led an effort to win delegates for senator ted cruz. for the first time16 i years house speaker mike busch was not there, he died over the weekend after a battle with pneumonia. busch was thevi longest s speaker in state history. the senate adjourned around 11:30 and walked across to the house chamber for ceremony honoring the late speaker. his wife and daughters were among the guests who joined the
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joint section. governor larry hoggon addressed the crowd saying the speaker was o one-of-a-kind. >> it was truly an honor to know him and to get the chance to work closely with him. mike bl ch wil deeply missed. >> bills are usually signed into law on the last day of the legislative session. governor hogan said he postponed bill signing as a way tothonor late speaker. a fraternity at old dtyinion univeras been suspended after suspected hazing sent one student to the hospital. the virginia pilot rorts that omega sify beat and spanked h and forced to drink hot sauce. the school will review greek life after the investigation. 13 parents including felicity huffman have struck a plea deal with the government and will admit their guilt in a scandal to buy their way into some of the country's most elite schools. as nbc's dan sheneman reports
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bribery andludes the rigging of test scores. >> reporter: actress felicity huffman and a dozen oth parents accused in the scandal have agreed to plead guilty to felony mail fraud and she apologized writing, i am in full acceptance of my guilt. i am ashamed of the pain i have caused my daughter, my family i want to apologize to the students who work hard every day to get into college. huffman was accused of paying $15,000 to have the answers on her daughter's s.a.t. test changed. she insists her daughter didn't knowbout the scheme. she is just one of the paren charged with allegedly using bribery and other types of cheating to get their children into into elite colleges, a scandal sparkingoutrage. >> we knew this case would be a high profile case.i not think we expected it to have quite the impact it has >> rep among the parents
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tehad. who have not made a deal, actress lori loughlin and her faion designer husband who allegedly paid half a million dollars to get their daughters usc. the remaining parents, if they are going to plead guilty, now is the time to do it. a college cheating -- scandal that values money more than merit. dan sheneman, nbc4. in an effort to combat spam and bot iaccounts, twitte limiting the number of accounts you could follow each day. th were allowed to follow up to a thousand accounts and now it is limited to 400. twitter said high numbers of following and unfollowing contribute to spam. well one of the country's favorite discount stores is start aig car seat trade-in program. what you need to know if you have one collecting dust around your house. and don't mute d.c. fit to bring music bacghk
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a combination of record-setting rain and melting snow has forced officials in oregon to release water at dams, causing major flooding in parts of the state. andriggered some evacuations. sheriff's deputies told residents if they did not leaveg the area ecy services may not be able to reach them if they end up needing help later. water levels wille above flood stage untilt least tomorrow. well forgo potholes. take a look at what ridents in alaska discovered once the snow melted there. this is damageeft over from last year's 7.0 magnitude earthquake. eese deep fractures in oad are the most significant newly discovered officials say one crack stretches up to 500 feet. >> yikes. that is something to fixfi and for sure. >> makes our parkway look better. >> we'll do a split s >> so how are we looking out
11:24 am
there. >> lking g. we're looking cloudy and i wish it was sunnier but we havetu tempes around 80 into the afternoon. >> i like that. >> i'll take it. let as do it. t we'reing these temperatures down a little bit as we head into tomorrow. even into the rest of the week. enjoy the warm temperatures that we're going to see today. and we'll take the temperatures up another0 degrees from where they are right now. not you could see the cloud cover. everybody is seeing this cloud cover. we're getting sunshine to the west. but we do have the cloud cover kind of blanketing the d.c. area. current temperatures though, despitehe clouds, still responding. 60s and 70s right now. heading into the lunch hour. so it is loong good across the area. and we will continue to see these temperatures head to right around 81 degrees. now, winds will start to pick up. maybe an isolated shower. it is going to be extremely isolated, if we do see anything and that will give us late-day sun after we have the threat of an isolated shower. but today is the nly day with
11:25 am
an isolated shower. wednesday and thursday looking dry but friday unfortunately looking wet and then we're dry as we get into saturday and ten it looks like we'll have more then heading into the end o weekend. a frontal system, dry one pretty much, scooting through therea. the back edge of this front you coming through western virginia where the cloud cover is. this will continue to move to the east.d could spark a few showers, especially here in northern imaryland. th where we think that we could see a few isolated showers. so let me time it out for you. cloud cover around today with the clouds breaking as we head into the late afternoon. but look at this. not much torite home about. maybe a shower here or there. but that is about it. and a lotf this is concentrated north of d.c. and headed north and east of i-95. points southern californ point south and east for the valley. but the best chance the easteee shore ofg showers as we have the day time heatinghond
11:26 am
plus -- that daytime heating by the time thent f comes through. as the front comes through the winds will pick up. so breezy this afternoon. gusts u to about 25 miles per hour. winds settle down overnight. into theup again wednesday. and there is going to be about 10 to 20 miles per hour through the day tomorrow and then die down on thursday. 65 degrees tomorrow. we were in the low 80s today. and 65 for tomorrow. and then we take those up just a little bit as we get into thursday your. lighter winds on thursday. mid to upper 60s. good cnce of showers a thunderstorms as we get into friday so we'll talk more about that and we'll talk more about that weekend coming up in just a little bit. , lauryn. new at midday, voters sounding off about virginia's top leadert after scandals dominated the news for all three. and the search for a couple that vanished after a tropical vacation. what the man's family is saying about the last time they heard om him. fr
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 midday." today new england patriots owner robert kraft will be in a florida courtroom on charges of solici prostitute at a spa. kraft is accused of paying for a sex act at a day spa near west palmeach on two separate occasions. he denies do prosecutors say surveillance video backs up the charges. the 77-year-old has requested a jury trial. he could have avoided that if he admitted prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him. he turned down that deal. a desperate search is on for an amerin couple that vanished on vacation in paradise. >> orlando moore and his girlfriend portia ravenel went for a romantic getaway and left theirotel and vanished. morgan chesky reports on the search for the couple. >> reporter: it is the picture capturing one of the las times anyone saw orlando moore and girlfriendora ravenelle. >> we just want my brother to
11:30 am
retusa . >> reporter: on march 23rd the couple flew from newark to the dominican republic. >> we were on snapchat him at the hotel. >> reporter: moore's sister tells nbc news both were due back march 27th. police confirm they checked out ef the hotel but family said neither made it flight back home. now 11 days later, both cell phones are off and theiren vacation rl car is missing. back home moore's car sitting in an airport parkingot. >> i just hope everyone can help me find these people. >> reporter: in february the state department issued travel advisory for thean dominic republic telling tourists to exercise increased caution due to crime. the family is in the d.r. trying to find her hoping this picture isn't the last. morgan chesky, nbc news. this morning the owner of a rare coin shop in d.c. is speaking out after someone stole thousands of dollars worth of rare merchandise. right now police are still
11:31 am
looking for the thief. take a look at this surveillance police say about a week ago the man you see here stole4,000 wort of coins from capital coin and stampny compa nelson whitman has been in business for almost 60 years. >> it is very disappointing to have somebody do this. somebody that is a criminal and shouldn't be out on the streets doing this. >> wittman homes h iurance will help cover the loss. and that is a good shot of that person. so hopefullyy find out who that is. >> recognize him. well it is atory that is as stocking as it is tragic. a young man found dead inside of a burned-out home in montgomery ounty under the home an intricate set of tunnels. >> and now the trial for the man who owned the home is getting underway. cory smith shows us what will happen today and how the defense plans to tryo avoid a conviction. >> reporter: this is day two of jury sel in this case. the judge is taking extra care to pick an impartial jury gib
11:32 am
the publicityse that caas garnered the last several years. it startedie in 2017 when d beck's house went up in flames and they found the charts and naked body in the basement. several weeks laterhe case took a turn when investigators found a hole in the basement flow that led to a shaft that dropped 20 feet down intos tunn that extended 200 feet in length and they were part of an underground bunker to protect and hired cough raw to do the digging. they are trying to% way that the death was an accident and prosecutors will conditions in his house and basement as evidence that he ignored the fire risk inside of the tunnels. if a planned, we could see opening statements asarly as wednesd y,dnesday. in montgomery couory smith, nbc4. new this morning, brand-new
11:33 am
in suggesting the crisis the commonwealth has cost ralph northam significant support in the wake of the governor's black face scandal, his popularity among registered voters plummeted 19 points and his approval rating is now 40%, still a slight majority believe he should stay in office. control of the virginiaat s and house of delegates will be on the line in november and right now they hold a four-point ad on the generic ballot test asking likely voters if they would vote for a republican or democrat if the election were heldha today and result is outside of the margin of error. the poll from the was innocenter for publi center was conducted last month. h if ye a child car seat collecting dust in your garage, target can take it off your hands. starting this month thell store have car seat trade-in events. from april 22nd to may 4th brine in any t of car seat that is expired or damaged and target will recycle them.
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and in exchange for the seat you get a coupon toward a new car seat, stroller or other baby gear. that coupon is only good until may 11th. noise levels can often divide a neighborhood. >> coming up, how one fight over street corner music could change the history and feel of the d.c. community. good morning. i'm pat law sop mute. >> and you may not i think of the rest of the body. today at 4:00 we spill the tech eek that turnsache t
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new york city mayor just declared a publicer health ncy amid a growing measles outbreak. the cdc said 465 states have been reported in 19te s second highest total sinces measle was declared eliminated two decad ago.
11:37 am
in new york, the health dertment has ordered all ultra orthodox jewish schools in the neighborhoodf brooklyn to exclude unvaccinated children from sool andhat is where the outbreak started. on friday maryland confirmed the first case of measle this is year in pikesville outside oflt ore. d.c. is the birth play of go-go music but in one genterfying neighborhood an effort to silence the sounds is getti getting pushback. >> reporter: and derrick ward went to shaw to see where people are saying don't mute d.c. >> reporter: there is something different about ts int section of seventh and florida in shaw. is the buildings? there is a change in the reetscape. but there is something missing. that is it. them.the music and for more than 20 years they've been part of a sonic scene that blaired from the speaker of this metro pcs store. >> it is something that we grew up. it is a spirit here. >> it is a main stay for the
11:38 am
last 15, 20 years. >> reporter: if you are hard core go-go and go-go covers from celine dion to talking heads ended recently after a complainr a nearby resident to the company squelched theidewalk show. >> it is different. >> reporter: long-term residentt saidre are more pressing circumstances. >> you can't go around the loud music and it is okay with them. >> reporter: now when there is a ll in the den, you can make out the music here. it is just not as loud as it used to be and truth s this is never a quiet intersection. this neighborhood pays homage to the musical roots so many find it ironic this would become an issue, i thinkhe people make mistake that a neighborhood is a geographical designation and it is not. it is a social - it is social contract. >> they wouldn't play it late. they wouldtop around 6:00 p.m. so i don't think that was really -- and there is not too much houses nearby. >> reporter: still a few
11:39 am
ssersby told us they were glad for the new found peace but others fear this changing corridor will lose the quirky urban vibe that m it special and that, they would say, would be a shame. the owner tunnel the publication he would meet with the company today to see if he could turn the music back on. in shaw,ck derward, nbc4. all right. lauryn ricketts back with us w. i'm sorry. that was -- >> i went like that. >> i caught you off guard. >> so i dn't think about it -- >> it looks good. >> shake it back into place. right here is just won't -- it is a mind of its own. >> you would be really pretty on the close-up. >> trying to fix it before. thanks, aaron. >> from the guy who hardly has any hair, >> i had to spray all mine on this morning, what are you talking about? >> you're not supposed to give away yourects. >> now come on, we'll be using that hairspray later on, even you, aaron, because it will be
11:40 am
breezy. >> gotcha. nice segment. >> my job is done here. note really. let tell you the weather because west the tend -- ten-day forecast. we are warm and breezy and the winds will pick up aft 1:00. gusts up to about 25 miles per hour. not too bad. i wouldn't say windy, i would say breezy. now tomorrow is breezy and sunny and cooler. and then we're sunny and nice ot thursday andn we have storms again on friday. some of those could be a little on the strong side.f sou are thinking about getting that car washed later on this afternoo we do have maybe an isolated shower today. i would say less than 20% chance. and not everybody has that chance. a lot of -- everybody has zero chance of seeing any rai today and we'll talk more about that. but we do have sunshine coming tomorrow. reason i say maybe a drop today, right back here where the edge of the cloud cover is, that is a frontal system and a cold front sweeping through a thea. and it may spark a few showers. considering our temperatures a
11:41 am
going to go on up, we'll be a little bit on the unstableize so again temperatures in the 60s and 70s right now. and we're headed to right around 80 degrees today. but plenty of c i think by this late afternoon we'll all have some little bit ofde sunshine. nitely clearing as we continue into the overnight. and then full sunshine ay throughout the tomorrow. so 81 degrees today. the winds will start picking up. you'll know when the front is coming through and that is when we could see aweew s possible. and then tomorrow only in the mid-60s. so quite a -- a drop. but tomorrow more seasonable for thisime of the year and plenty of sunshine and breezy out there tomorrow. but an isoted chance of showers today. mainly through maryland and northern maryland and northeast through baltimoo. i'm goingeep the chance in d.c. and southeast, if you aro back offe west, you're a-okay. dry for everybody on wednesday andhursday. d then widespread showers and possibly a few thunderstorms as we get into your friday. weekend, head into the we've got more rain
11:42 am
unfortunately. mid-70s on your saturday. and then wep. in fact, i think much of the day on sunday is in the 50s. we're breezy but dry on saturday however it looks like we could have som rain throughout the day on sunday unfortunatelk and we'll t about monday, tuesday and the rest of next week and let you know if we could have any more nice temperatures like 80s today, that is coming up in a little bit. guys. we'll see you in a little bit, lauryn. it is hard to turn down great foo from great chefs. >> both of those things could be found at an event tonight to benefit a great cause. coming up, a look at some of the food being offered at the chef's ble this evening. ta
11:43 am
11:44 am
celebty chefs from all over north america are in d.c. for the second annual host foundation chef's table. tonight they will cook gourmet meals table side for guests. all in support of the foundation fight against poverty.
11:45 am
chef helen calo joining us from the s host foundation. so explain what this really is and what you guys are aiming to do? >> well, the chef's table is our cond event. second year. it is to really raise awareness for the work of the foundation and to generate fundollect money for the charities that we support that are supporting food and homelessness and education in the culinary arts. >> so the chefs are at the bles a cooking tableside tonight. >> they are. it is a wonderful, wonderful event. we're so grateful for t talented people coming to help us raise money and awareness including >> so it is a cool idea. chef, you'll be cooking. >> yep. >> and you brought what you are making here to show us what you are doing. so how are you involved and what are you making? >> so this is one of five courses so i hope you could come for the other four. but this is something that we're making, a bone-in pork chop and
11:46 am
everythingal l sourced here in maryland and excited to partner with them to eradicate poverty for those in need. and so we have a bone-in pork chop and a hickama apple slaw and it is a great barbecue season so we have a little pork chop and we have some of the slaw. it has some apples and fennel and celerynd salt and pepper. and it is light and bright and leav behind for you guys to have. >> that is gone in about three seconds. i could tell you that.t so t looks beautiful. very springy and perfect for this time of the year. and things getting warmer. what elso are you goinge making tonight? can you tell us? >> well si'm italian and colombian we're bringingfo caia freshness and sourced everything locally and we have dishes.icious bright
11:47 am
and so we do invite you guys to come. >> it would be wonderful. coleman, how do you findhe chefs? are they raising their hands trying to come or reaching out to them? how does is that work. >> hms host operate restaurants in airports all over the country and we have a great network of folks that to be part of not only of our foundation and ngthe work we're d but be part of hms host and delivering wonderful culin in all of the different cities where our airports are located. thought about expanding this to different cities as well or right now it is a just washington-centric thing. >> this is a washington-centric thing. washington, d.c. is a wonderful we have operations in the three major airports around here. our corpora offices are just in the suburbs in bethesda. and we believe that our love to come here and see what the city has to offer. especially right now with the ather being okay and the blossoms out. so this is what we're doing right nows the future what the future is. so we'll see. >> are you excited for tonight.
11:48 am
>> i am. this is the second time i'm here and it is a great opportunity to be here to meet our other fellow chefs that we don't get a chance to see and meet new guests and hms host is great about bringint everybodether for a great big family meal and giving back to the community, which is esome so we do raise our hand and say, yes, can we come. >> like a field trip. >> it is a field trip to come here and i'll be here through the third and fourth a should they expand into los angeles i would love to do that too. >> i'l f hold you that. >> and now he'll ask for the tape. ticks, unfortunately already sold out. >> we sold out quickly. we expect to raise a o quarter a million dollars from this event. we year in all of our endeavors we shared aboutf h a million dollars and we contributed about three dozen different charities in the places where we operate. and the future is bright and we'll expand and d better
11:49 am
things as much as can, thank you for being here and for what you d dng alsbeost ofck that aaron gil et loves himself a good pork chop so i know he'll want a taste overe. thank you. >> thank you. >> we cannot get to this commercial hoda kotb has a new partner in the fourth hour of the "today" coming up we'll talk to the co-host of thehow full s
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
you know what, it is day one. are you ready? i'm ready. >> i'm ready. >> let's go. >> this week jenna bush hager of thehe fourth hour "today" show as co-host alongside hoda kotb tord. >> and they join us more on th tears and we're already seeing. so this is a crazy two weeks for you, hod a. to kathie lee and hello to jeita. what i like? thank you for joini y us. >> tha, too. it is a real roller coaster and kathie lee had a queens sendoff and she deserved every last second of it. and you know what happened on monday, it is a new day you've ever had a new relationship or started something fresh you turn a page and jenna bush hager like jumped into that with both feet, man. and she is -- i don't know if
11:53 am
e u notice, she's the perfect fit. u with me on this? >> yeah. >> she's the perfect fit. >> absolutely. >> all right, melissa. >> getting to watch you, jenna, and to see the energy you bring into this program which fits right in with what hoda is doing for so long ahere,the same time, you can't ignore the fact that you are filling the shoes of a daytime tv icon in kathie lee gifford. were you nervous with that part and what you done to make this your own? >> i mean, of course.bu i also -- partially i don't look at it because there isn't anybody that could fill her shoes. their unfillab. she's thebest. but also she was so -- and is so gracious a so generous with the way that this transition happened. i didn't put pressure on myself like that. and i just want to do something new a fun and so far so good. >> so far so good. >> it is been great so far. what plans do you have for the fourth hour? any little tidbits t share?
11:54 am
>> oh, we have some great celebrities. toda we had on jimmy fallon which he parachuted into the studio and was crazy. tomorrow we have tracy morgan and the brady bunch. >> the brady bunch reunion and we grew up watching that. >> and we have garth brooks on friday. >> and it is celebs but a lot od fun heart. so i think it is a nice place like to recharge your day. if your feeling yucky, if you sat in front of the tv at 10:00 d just kind of soaked it in, we hope that we'll make your day a little bit lighter. >> and i think you guys have -- we've watched you doing that on the fourth hour for years now and jenna, it is nice your an addition to the family in a permanent sense. so we wish you the best as you start out on this endeavor together. >> absolutely. best of luck, ladies. >> thank you. thanks, aaron and melissa. and the fourth hour of "today" begins right here at
11:55 am
10:00 a.m. on nbc4. well in case you have not heard, a surprise beyonce i documentary coming out next week. >> take a look. >> have a chance to show how kind we can be. >> you hear the voice of mia interview of an r this -- ped in o the audio over this documentary trailer that you're seeing here. this followssbeyonc historic perform ant at coachella last year where she became the first african-american woman to headline the festival. theoc dumentary hits netflix next wednesday, april>> 17th. and get ready forecasting calls. a new spinoff of "the walking dead" will film in virginia this we don't know much about the new zombie series except it centers around two female characters and no idea where it will be filmed in virginia and how many locals are hired, theew series may be
11:56 am
eligible for statedi c to entice them to shoot in virginia. >> and that is a.ood id you see people moving from georgia and different reasons or tax credito reasons that might be a good idea t to gethem to virginia. it has been nice outside. >> it has. let'set you one more look at the forecast before we head outsid >>. i can't wait to go outside and i isice and cloudy and that is what the satellite is telling m now from the frontal systemes scooting through virginia. as it rolls through, could pop up isolated sprinkles or a stray ower and that is about it and that is why i put a few drops in here. you know when the front comes through the winds pick up in the shenandoah valley and martinsberg and gusts up to abouthr5 miles per hourgh the afternoon. late-day sunshine and te eratur temperatures around 80 degrees today and winds settle down tonight and then a breeze. winds 10 to 20 degrees tomorrow
11:57 am
but full sunshine arod for wednesday. now into thursday, light winds and plenty of sun. rain showers return on friday. could be friday evening as this frontal system may slow down. temperatures in the low 70s on friday. saturday looks like we'll be dry. maybe a lite breezy at times. temperatures in the mid-70s. and then temperatures falling on sunday. day in fact i won't be surprised much of the day is in the 50s and we'll hav rain sunday and possibly monday as well. but then we clear out for tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> thank you, lauryn. that is it forddnews4 ." thanks for joining us. we're back on the air this afternoonirst at 4:00. >> get news and weather any time with the nbc washington app. with the nbc washington app. have a great
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♪ we're live in five, four, the, two, one. ♪ ♪ >> there it is. the voice is getting intense. they go live next week. welcome to "access live." >> kelly clarkson swooped in and used her last steal to add betsy to her team. it is heating up. >> a


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