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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 10, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tonight, breaking news the massive gas explosion killing at least one, shaking a whole wntown. la buildings in fs, emergency evacuations en over a dozent to the hospital. among them a firefighte tonight the latest from the scene. a powerful spring storm on the move now. 50 million under weather alerts. al roker is tracking the threat. the new bombshell from attorney genel william barr claiming the trump campaign was obama administration. democrats firing back accusing barr of spreading conspiracy theories and president trump blasting the russia investigation as an attempted coup. cruise ship dangers, what happens if you have a medical emergency at sea? the passenger unable to find advanced help after suffering a roke.
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>> people have an unreasonable expectation as to whth e cruise ships can actually provide. >> what you should ask before booking that cruise. the price you pay, five days left to file your taxes and with many surprised by smaller returns, the irs a planning more changes to your paycheck. k what you need w tonight. the spectacular sight in space, thry irst photo ever ofcaptured of one the universe's greatest mysteries. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. it began with the smell of gas quickly llowed by hurried evacuation minutes before a thunderous explosion rocked dotown durham, north carolina today leveling a building and showering the streets with debris. but not everyone m it to safety in time. and many more ead hospitalized tonight. gabe gutierrez is in durham and has late details.
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st>> reporter: the b shook downtown durham just after 10:00 this morning. >> we got a big gas explosion. hi >> reporter: smoke billowing into the air. >> at least a couple blocks closed down. >> reporter: witnesses not only saw it but felt it. >> the whole apartment shook. debris from the ceilings fell down. the windows blew out. >> reporter: listen closely. this security camera captured it. >> this really loud boom and. rs> reporter: at least one pe was killed and 17 injured and a firefighter. >> it was under the sidewalk with a an explosion occurred that caused a partial building collapse. >> reporter: it the latest gas explosion to rip through a populated area. in february a blast in san francisco damaged five buildings and shot a tower of flames into the sky. last year dozens of explosions erupted in three towns north of boston. in 2013, at least 14
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people were hurt when several buildiigs ted in kansas city. experts say any time you smell gas, evacuate and call 911 immediately. also, you can buy a th e gas detector at home improvement stores. >> there will be hot spots for awhile. reporter: tonight in durham, authorities are searching for survivors and say parts of downtown will be closed for days. this is a still a very active scene. it could have been more deadly. authorities first got the call about the gas leak around 9:30 but the actual explosion didn't happen until later.a half hour authorities were able to quickly evacuate people during those crucial minutes. >> all right. be gutierrez, thank you. the monster spring storm on the move. 50 million under weather alerts
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tonight. at this hour, a blizzardtion is sitting the central u.s., the south is under an extreme fire risk. nbc's morgan chesky is in minneapolis tonight. >> reporter: tonight a spring storm so fierce, it promises fire and icegh now blizzard warnings cover six states including south dakota where plows rsere out. the t wave of the storm even bringing thundersnow. in colorado, up to two feet are expect in a tential whiteout with wind gusts that could hit 60 miles an hour. the governor already activating the national guard. travel on the road and >> we have 200 pieces of snow equipment to clear six runways. >> reporter: the winds posing the national weather service to issue an extremely critical fire risk, the highest level. rothe storm coming the northwest where heavy rains have already caused wide spread flooding. rising waters cut off a town outside of ile in minnesota a heavy white snow causing a messy
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commute. a reality check for crews. >> we wanted to be gone. >> reporter: tonight, here in minneapolis we leard two of the three runways had to be shut do to snow. meanwhile nationwide. more than 2500 delays tind 1,000 cancels. those numbers likely to go up as this storm moves in. lester? >> all right. morgan, thank you. let's turn to al roker tracking all the threats. watching tonight? >> reporter: we're watching this snow get ramped up. we have snow from the id rockies to thest and as we get througe ening hours, we'll see more blizzard conditions develop. 19 million pple from the midwest back to the rockies and as far as the winds are concerned, dangerous winds.
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37 million people at risk from southern california into the dwest. as far as the snow impacts, heavy snow. blizzard conditions, snowfall hates one to two inches per hour. s extremely danger travel conditions and by friday it's rain along the east coast. lester? >> a wild spring, thanks very much. we're monitoring new developmen in e nationwide measles outbreak. eight new cases confirmed outside new york city among hundreds ocases spreading in 19 states linked to unvaccinated children. nbc's ann thompson has more. >> reporter: new york's westchester county, home to the latesteasles outbreak. eight cases including six siblings from 6 months to 14 years old. two requiring hospitalization. >> i've had people me there is measles here, why should i vaccinate? well, hello, now we have measles. >> reporter: it's spread by droplets, the virus can live in a room for up to two hours before the infected person left. that person is r contagious fys before the red rash appears ur days after. nine out of ten people
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that are not immune and exposed will get the disease. at would you say to a parent? >> your child's risk is getting measles if not vaccinated and i can guarantee you if they get the measles, they will be quite ill. there is also a small dance that their brain could start to swell and a chance that they could die. >> reporter: teresa ward was one of those parents refusing to vaccinate her two youngest children until a trip to indiana changed her mind seeing so many so sick. >> we don't want to suffer. we don't want disease. it's a step in that direction. >> reporte a ngerous uptick in a disease science already conquered. ann thompson, nbc news, new york. prident trump lashed out today with harsh criticism of the russia investigation calling it an attempted coup. general made he believes the trump campaign was spied on. white house n orrespondent kris welker has the latest. >> reporter: tonight, with the expected release of the mueller re president trump taking
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perhaps his strongest shots yet at the origins of the russia investigation. >> this was an attempted coup. is was an attempted takedown of a president, and we beat them. we beat them. every single thing about it. there were dirty cops. these were bad people. >> reporter: we aske has the report been sent to him. have you seen it? ave not seen the mueller report. i have not read the mueller report. i won. as f as i'm concerned, i don't care about the mueller report. >> reporter: for months the president and supporter haves argued the russia probe began with illegal surveillance during his campaign. >> they spied on me. they spied on our campaign. who would think that's possible? >> reporter: now, in a remarkable moment, this from his attorney general today who says he'll review h it l started. >> i think spying did occur. >> well, let me -- >> but the question is
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whether it w predicated, adequately predicated and i'm not significant suggesting it was. >> reporter: the fbi gaeadership in 2016 as biasst candidate trump and the inspector general is looking how surveillance warrants were obtained against a former campaign advisors but democrats taking aim at barr's comments. >> that sets off red flags everywhere. >> it was deeply disturbing to see him make a allegation. >> kristen welker joins us. the president said this when asked who might take over at the department of homeland security. >> frankly, there is only one person running it, you know what that is? me. >> there is anher vacancy at the agency? >> that's right, lester. the deputy dhs secretary just resigned overnight. she was working with
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kirsten nielsen pushed out on sunday. the president again ca suggested he'l it more military as he promised a tougher direction on immigration. >> kristen welker, thank you. in israel tonight benjamin netanyahu heads for a fifth time as his rival was defeated. tonight a tragic ry end in a mysn paradise. two weeks after am ican couple disappeared on vacation in the dominican republic, nbc's ron allen has the latest. >> reporter: tonight investigators say they believe a body recovered in the caribbean sea is orlando moore, missing nearly two weeks along with his girlfriend porsche. the couple disappeared the day they were supposed to fly auorities now confirm that he was he found by fisan unconscious by the side of a road leading to the airport. she died unidentified last week at a hospital. a vehicle submerged in
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the sea found nearby. >> reportehe evidence suggests there was a traffic accident he says. back in new york, fries devastated. >> porsche is a vibrant energy. i'll miss her. >> reporter: 13 days ago they checked out of their hotel. relatives frank recalling u.s. and dominican officials for help and traveling there to search. 'm >>cared. i don't know what is going on. i'm saddened. >> reporter: investigators saying no foul s suspected while the families demand to know exactly what happened. ron allen, nbc news. if you're planning a vacation, there is something to consider re you set sail on a cruise. if you suffer a medical emergency at sea, many ships may not be able to provide u the level of care need when every second counts. nbc's kerry sanders has what you need to know before you board. >> reporter: john and lisa gale in happier times, now lisa struggles. >> who do i love. >> reporter: the victim of a stroke on a cruisest year. >> all of a sudden she put her hand and was struck.
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>> reporter: the shi diverted to freeport where they rushed her to a hospital. is they dumped her like luggage. >> reporter: they didn't have a functioning cat scanner. they paid $15,000 out of pocket for an air ambulance back to florida. while rare, it's a cautionary tale with or doon board as long as man navigated the seas, it's been up to the captain to make the choice of the best course to take. a decision the captain makes in the best rest of the entire vessel. spencer represents people suing cruise lines. >> people have an unreasonable expectations what these cruise ships can provide. >> reporter: while there are guidelines for medical care on cruise ships, there are no requirements what must be on board. >> they self-monitor and self-govern themselves. >> reporruise ships don't typically take insuran or foreign lands. travel insurance cost
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as little as $99 and can providcoverage for medical emergencies and an air ambulanc >> e had elderly people take taxis from mexico back to the united states. >> reporter: the gales are suing holland america for negligence arguing the 15-hour delay in receiving care caused devastating irreversible injury. holland america declined to comment but answering the lawsuit denied allegations. >> thank you for your prayers. >> reporte the gales hope their story is a kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. in maryland today, a crash turned deadly d hen a tractor trailer slamto a school bus. a car smashed between them. one woman was killed and six ople including two students and the bus driver were rushed to the chospital with non-life threatening hospital non-life threatening injuries. the cause is under investigation. tonight scientists and space enthusiasts
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around the world are ecstatic over a discovery that will go down as one the greatest in history. for the first time, we're getting a glimpse of a real black hole deep in the galaxy. here is tom costello. >> reporter: look closely, until today no one had seen it, some 55 million light years away. what albert einstein predicted 100 years ago is in fact true. he >> are real monsters. they are real beasts. it's the one place in can go but not come back. that's terrifying. >> reporter: surrounding the black hole is a disk of super hot plasma. the blackness is a point of no return ighere gas, stars and even are sucked inside and no one knows what lies beyond. to find m87 scientists linked telescopes foan array the size of earth. the black hole nearly the entire size the solar system. the findings part of a
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documentarfriday night. >> it was astonishment. a distant part of the universe once science fiction, now fact. >> reporter: nowie e fact. >> tom, forgive me, a lot of my perspective on this is from the movies. it's hard to comprehend what happens side a black hole. how do experts break it down? >> we think of star trek and star wars. they say erything collapses into nothingness including all matters and time itself. nothing survives, which what einstein theorized. it's really difficult to comp come precomprehend. >> thank you, tom. still ahead tonight, the price you pay in the big new changes that could affect your taxes. and game time as a tv blockbuster returns for the final season. stay with us. another dvt or pe blood clot... almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis
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payments due. what it means for you and the price you pay. >> reporter: with tax day looming and many americans receiving less than they wanted or paying back more than expected, tonight n comes word t 2020 could get even more complicated. >> my refund was about half of what it normally i>> reporter: the proposed changes for 2020 sll a work in progress are aimed at making your returns more accurate and predictable by making sure the amount with held is mo exact. taxpayers need to review with holdings again and fill out the new w 4 they could be asked to provide more information like additional job spousal income and mortgage details. >> there is lots of reasons why an hemployee might not want employer to know everything about the tax situation that
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the irs does. a lot of employees mighbe concerned their employers might use that information in adverse ways. >> reporter: they plan ino release a draft in may opto public comment and hoping to finalize the changes by the end of the year experts say taxpayers should be ready with old returns and plan to talk to an accounnt or your payroll department before the end of the year. lester. >> miguel, thank you. up next, the surprise announcement from an nbc legend. what's the ? the great outdoors is supposed to be fun. i heard there were fleas out here. lege. and t-t-t-t-t-icks!a lege. and mosquitoooooooooooes! listen up, scaredy cats. we all have k9 advantix ii to protect us. it kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. and mosquitoes? all three. so let's just enjoy ourselves out here. i wasn't really that scared. ahhh! get it off! get it off! it's a leaf. k9 advantix ii kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, too. (christine) things were stolen fmy son, at only 17 years old,
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now to that basketball bombshell. th big announcement from magic johnson before the lakers' game in los angeles a s > rlaephtor nteigr:. i complete shock. >> today i'm going to step down as the president. >> reporteic johnson suddenly quitting as the lakers' president of basketball operations. >> i want to go back
7:23 pm
being who i was before taking on this job. >> reporter: without rn waing, johnson announced his departure to reporters before notifying his boss, ending the latest chapter in a decade's long legacy as a laker. >> the 12-time all star becoming an advocate for hiv awareness after revealing he had the virus in 1991. johnson built a multll n dollar business empire. >> why is he leaving us? >> reporter: johnson's two years as lakers' president haveeen ything but magic. >> what i didn't like is the back stabbing. >> reporter: unable to rebound from seasons even after recruiting lebron james. >> this isn't a job he was good at or enjoyed. >> reporter: leaving lakers' fans wondering what happened. steve patterson, nbc news los angeles. up next, ready to get fired up? fans worldwide buzzing about "game of thrones" final season.
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in our spotlight tonight, the wait is almost over. the final season of "game of tones" is set to premiere this weekend and fans everywherecluding me, couldn't be more excited to see who will finally sit on the iron thrown. >> when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. >> it's game on this sunday. >> how excited can a human being be about anything? >> the final season of the blockbuster fantasy "game of thrones" will see a showdown between powerful dynasties at war for the thrown and the undead army that threatens it all. >> i think it's the e best thingver. >> the show operates
7:28 pm
on a mamm or mrk on a mamm o a. there are dragons, ice dragons and the knight king. >> i'm not revealing how the show ends. >> could you give us a general sense? ua> at the tower of londons broke out in song, dragons took over the fountains in las vegas and fans trekked to the arct in a global scavenger hunt. that mania landed on doorstep here in rockefeller plaza. what fans want to know, in the end which characters live or die and which one takes their seat as the ruler?e ries is notorious for smashing convention, killing off one of the main characters in the first season. in all, 2,339 met brutal endings. and in the final season, anything could happen. >> i think it might be kind of exciting if the white walkers win. >> after all. >> all men must die. >> let the guessing
7:29 pm
begin. that's "nbc nightly news" for this wednesday. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. so with xfinity mobile
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