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tv   Today  NBC  April 11, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. breaking news. julian assange arrested. the fugitive of wikileaks founder in custody in london this morning. the figure b accused ofng an expelled from the embassy he's been holed up for seven years. so why now and will he be sent here to face charges? > in custody. overnight a suspect arrested in connection with the string of fires at threeca historilly black churches in louisiana. we'll have the latest. april snow showers. that powerful storm intensifyg snd on the move this morning. whiteout condition causing havoc on the roads and at the
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airports. high winds leading to dangerous accidents. even a baseball game snowed out. al'sracking it all. all that plus miracle rescue. two hikers found alive nearly five days after vanishing on a rugged california mountain. >> i'm ready to get to bed and get some rest. ah> joining forces. what oprs now saying about partnering with prince harry on a project to change lives. and spectacular sight. the unbelievable story behind theer firs image of a black hole. and the young woman who made it all possible. "today," thursday, april 11th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, s "to with savannah guthrie anda hod kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. thank you for joining us.
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that image of the black hole, we're going to learn a name we didn't know before. her name is kayte bowman. look at her. >> when you thought the image was impressive, here's the young lady with the team. the fact we were able to see it. incredible story. we're going to get to that. we've got a busy morning and there's breaking news out of london this morning. one of the most controversial figures of our time, wikileaks founder julian assange under arrest. almost unre>>gnizable. e's been led out of the embassy. assange officially taken into custody for skipping bail, but he is wanted in the u.s for one of the most embarrassing leaks of classified documents in our history. kelly cobiella has the latest.
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>> reporter: he was arrested today on a warrant dating back to 2012 for skipping bail here. he was granted asylum and has been holed u the for the past seven years. the this morning the ecuadorian showed he was status andng asylum police were invited into the julian assange now with a beard carried out of the ecuadoran embassy. theon culminaf efforts to oust him by both ecuador and the u.s. as revealed in a wikileaks presseronference yey. >> we also know that there was a request to hands over visit logs from the embassy and video recordings from within the
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security cameras in the embassy. so we ass that this material is extensive material that has been gathered and has been handed over to the trump administration. and thn ecu has been all too willing to help out by pushi julian assange out of the embassy. >> reporter: his arrest today ape to a warrant over the allegation. it has nothing to do with recent charges from the u.s. justice departmenthich filed criminal charges against assange over the publication of classified material. assae created wikileaks which gained enormous attention in 2010 after releasings tro of classified united states documents and videos about the wars in afghanistan and iraq. during the 2016 campaign, wikileaks also released thousands of emails stolen from lhe computer system of the democratic natiocommittee. it's no secret relations with hisosts have soured.
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ecuador's president says he's repeatedly violated his asylum. there's been issues with his housekeeping, internet usage, even his pet cat. at one point thesy emb cutting off his internet. acce ecuador granted asylum in 2012 in the midst of a investigation in sweden. the case was eventually dropped. but assange has chosen to remain in the embassy only seen for occasional addresses from this balcony. now forced to leave. assange will be held here in jail. he'll be sentenced for skipping bail here in the uk. the big question ishe will u.s. try to extradite him? if that's the case, wikileaks has made clear they will fight it. that fight will take months if not years. >> you said assange has been in that embassy for years now. seven years. so what specifically was it that changed in that relation? >> reporter: well, at leastof pt it, hoda, is the change in
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leadership in ecuador. the president there even as recently as a few weeks ago accusing juliansang sange hacki his personal email and photos as nall. it seems they filly had had enough. >> all right. kelly cobiella, thank you for that. also breaking overnight, an arrest has been made in connection with that string of suspicious fires at historically black churches in louisiana. gabe gutierrez has t story. >> reporter: those fires had shaken the community there. three fires in ten days. the atf and fbi joined the investigation and now the suspect is reportedly the son of a sheriff'sde ty. this morning a suspect is in custody in connection with the string of fires in louisiana. a federal prosecutor confirmed the arrest late wednesday night saying officials stand shoulder
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to shoulder with victims and the st. landry parh residents. >> all stations, we have a church on fire. >> reporter: the three churches are just a few miles apart. the first one up in flames on march 26th. pre second on april 2nd. the third, 4th. >> the fire are suspicious. have believe that crimes occurred. we believe that the three fires obviously are not coincidental. they are related. >> reporte prosecutors did not indicate a motive, but the naacp labeledhe fires domestic terrorism and called them the reflection of the emboldened racial rhetoric across the country. in the deep south, burning churches trigger memories of racial intimidation. but the affect of congregations >> they're taking our building for now. but you haven't destroyed the churoi. >> there's to be another building. >> reporter: worshipping elsewhere and vowing to
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louisiana's governor and law enforcement officials are expected to provide more details about t arrests at a scheduled news conference later this morning. ndda savannah? >> thank you very much. to the historic storm bringing nasty winter weather to tens of millions in apri it's causing a lot of problems on the roads, at airports. and this thing is not overeyet. weoing to get to al in a second but firstet's get to morgan chesky in minneapolis. >> reporter: the calendar b be saying april, but it is much feeling like december right now. this isng spme in minnesota. overnight about six inchesow of fell here in minneapolis, but in some areas this sameug system b blizzards and even an extreme fire risk. more than 50 million people waking up to a spring storm reeking havoc acss the country. blizzard warnings across six states with some states facing a
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simultaneous threat of the mixture of snow and ice creating a travel nightmare in southern minnesota where 40pa sete crashes shut down a streh of i-35. slick roadways also causing this u.p.s. semi truck to careen off a road in kansas. and in colorado, a police officer in a wreck. parts of south dakota already >> we're tired. we're fatigued. we're tired of the season just as much as everybody else. >> reporter: overnight, airport cancellation and delays totaling more than 3,000 nationwide. the frutration f in denver. >> we'll keep an eye on visibility and our operations team will make that call. >> reporter: to the south, those same winds posing another problem. dry conditions prompting the national weather service to issue an extremely critical fire risk. its highest level. back in the midwest, even though
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april fool's day is long past, it's believed this is a cruel trick from mother nature. postponies forced to their game with the atlanta braves wednesday as snow covered coors field. and this morning, we're still waiting for those offial numbers to come in, but consider this. in some areas they could be seeing more snow over two days than in any month ever. hoda? >> oh, my gosh. thanks. >> only one person to go to now. mr roker, what do you expect today? >> we've had already reports of 0 mile-per-hour wind gusts in texas and also colorpio. some placeing up 2 feet of snow. here's what we're looking for for toda'v got right now 16 million people that are as far as the winds are concerned, 36 million people affected. and there's also sev te weather k about. we've got a severe area for 9
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million people in the midwest. so a lot going on today as this system pushes to the east. we're going to see snow and wind continuing for the plains and the midwest. plus a line of severe storms strengthening this evening from chicago down to memphis. then as we get into friday, heavier rain develops into the east coast by nightfall. airport delays are going to be a mess. minneapolis, kansas city today, ch st. louis for showers and wind. detroit later today. and then also as we move into friday, rain overnight for friday will cause delays. same in d.c., detroit. minneapolis rain and snow. speaking of snow, we're looking at anywh from 6 to 18 inches of snow from the dakotas into ceotral minn and the interestingly enough, were supposed he to have a tornado drill today. owck been canceled because of o you. >> all right, al. thank you so much. all right. we have craig here with a story t of washington. >> good morning. that's right. a nrm fire s has been sparked by some explosive comments from attorney general
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william barr during the sene hearing on wednesday. democrats now firing back after barr claimed the government spiednt on presitrump's presidential campaign. we have two reports and we start dewith white house corresp peter alexander. good morning. >> reporter: hey, craig. good morning to you. democrats are taking aim at william barr, the nation's top law enforcement officer arguing his latest comments declaring his belief without evidence that the trump campaign was spied on call into question his independence. nancy pelosi slamming barr saying he's acting n attorney general of the united states but of donald. this morning the attorney general under fire. how very, very dismaying and sappointing that the chief law enforcement officer of our country is going off the rails.r >> rr: the backlash after william barr's startling assessment wednesday questioning whether the early days of the counterintelligence investigatio into the trump
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campaign may have been handled improperly. >> yes, i think spying did occur. >> well, let me -- >> the question is whether it was adequately iedicated. an not saying it wasn't. >> reporter: barr laterar clied he wrong doing just that he wants to make sure there was no unauthorized surveillance. >> i have no specific evidence r would citht now. i do have questions about it. >> so youe just have s interest in this, you don't have any evidence? >> i have concerns about various aspects of it. >> reporter: barr's comments echo what trump's campaign said repeatedly. >> they spiedied on me. they spied on our campaign. >> repter: the president escalating his outrage on wednesday. >> this was an attempted .co this was the attempted takedown of a president and we beat them.
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>> reporter: democrats called it unfounded and unresponsible. >> when you start linking spying with the law enforcement or the intelligent community, that sets off red flagsyw evre. >> peter, back to the mueller report for a moment. still a lot of folks eagerly anticipate its release. dide barr g more indication on what information he is planning to lease? >> reporter: bor told lawmakers while it will include redactions, he will not black out information just because it would damage the president' reputation. saying he's looking to protect people in private life, not pu office holders. as for the report itself, the president says he hasn't seen it and doesn't even ce about it. claiming again he's been totally exbaerated. 's summary on mueller's conclusions as we reported beforeays on obstruction of justice, mueller did not exonerate the president. p>>er alexander at the white house, thank you. of also this morning, one
7:15 am
the first muslim women elected to congress is defending herself after making controversial comments about the 9/11 attacks. oins us welker joir with that story. >> reporter: minnesota's freshman democratic candidate ilhan omar has been at the center of a fire storm before. now she's reigniting a controversy over comments she made about the september 11th terrorist attack. now, the remarks came last month when omar was speaking at an event for the council on american islamic relations in los angeles. she inaccurately said the group wasounded as a result of 9/11. take a listen. >> c.a.r.e. was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were ltarting e access to our civil liberties.or >> rr: now c.a.r.e. was actually founded in 1994 well
7:16 am
before the terrorist attacks. some conservative commentators have criticized her remarks. not because she got that date wrong but accusing her of down playing the 9/11 attacks. one commentator questioning the congresswoman's loyalty t united states. omar responded overnight on late show" with stephen colbert. >> i took an oath to upholdhe constitution. i'm as american as everyone else is. >> reporter: omar has sparked backlash in the pa shortly after taking a you was, she was admonished by nancy pelosi for makg comments that some felt were anti-semitic. omar did apologizet the time and she told cole bare overnight, quote, when you tell me you a pained bomething i say, i will always listen and i will acknowledge your pain. da? >> all right. kristen welker, thank you. >> a lot of reaction here in n york as youight imagine. the cover of "the new york post," it says here's your something. so you can see that there's a
7:17 am
big reaction. some frightening moments for passengers on board an americans airlines plane. they were forced to turn the plane aroundhend return to airport because the plane hit a sign along the runway as it was taking off. the photo there was taken by a passenger and of course shows damage to the wing. passengers were eventually putl on another and were able to do their flight ts. >> wow. all right. al, you're back with your forecast. you're talking about travel delays as well. >> you nee one of those side view mirrors that says objects closer than they appear. let's see what we've got around the rest of the cou we are looking at blizzard conditions in the plains. strong winds through texas moving into the pacific northwest. nshine up and downhe east coast. a little on the cool side, but not too shabby. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next .
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good morning, everybody. thursday off to a beautiful start. his ht and sunny out morning. litt chilly. there's a noticble northeast breeze this morning. you'll need your spring fleecon our way out the door. we'll have a nice recovery though. temperatures will jump about 20 degrees today. afternoon temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. today's high expected to reache 68 de warmer weather coming our way for tomorrow and the weekend. unfortunately that also comes with rain chances. >> coming up in the next few minutes, we'll look at some potentially dangerous weather for the south this weekend.
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just ahead, the miracle rescue. two hikers missing for nearly five days on a rugge california mountain. how their snowy footprints helped crews track them down and what they're saying now about that ordeal. plus oprah winfrey opening up about her new project with prince harry. first this is "today" on nbc.
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still to come, we will introduce you to katie bowman. she's the young computer scientist behind the world's first-ever photo o a black hole. also kim kardashian ollowing in her father's foot steps? what she's revealing about her serious plans to become a lawyer. after your only thing u have to say is wow ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ ♪ and you never felt this type of emotion ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪
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tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the most common side effect is nausea. talk to your doctor about chantix. 7:26 now on this thursday, april i'm gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. in the news this morning, an 80-year-old man is being charged with a 46-year-ol cold case. he is being accused of killi no teens back in 1973. investigators hav said how they cracked the case but the used new technology to make a arrest. today a sit-in subcommittee is going to work onng p an end to robocalls. phey will reveal a report by the fcc to sto calls but not those from legitimate businesses.
7:27 am
the burden could go to wireless companies. time now for a look at your traffic. good morning, guys. manass mana. blaidensburg road there diverted to 17th street because of a water main break. and ijamsville, an overturned vehicle just getting by on one lane. we'll take a break now. we're check your forecast .
7:28 am
> good morning, everybody. sunny, breezy, and chilly this morning. temperatures in the 40s for now. you'll need your extra layer of fleece first thing this mornin but i will be bright and sunny. temperatures up in the upper 60s later toda a clou a south wind returns
7:29 am
tomoow. showers likely friday evening. hit and miss rain chances on your saturday. rain likely sunday. >> chuck, thank you. >> another local news update here in 25 minutes. >> now back to the "today" show after this short break.
7:30 am
we're back. 7:30 with a black hole seen for the very first time. as exciting as tha image is, we like this one too. this young lady, she's the scientist whoorked forit, came up with the algorithm as we understand. we'rehaoing to her incredible story ahead. >> katie bowman was an relectrical enginho found herself here and now look at her in the middle of history. >> one of her friends also put it out there, it wasn't katie that made surene the world it was her. also humble. we're going to get a check of headlines now. julian assange,he fugitive founder of wikileaks was arrested in ldon after almost seven year in the ecuador
7:31 am
embas embassy. al unrecognizable. assange was wanted by police for tiipping bail in 2012 while he was under investion for rape in swed. but he's wanted here in the u.s. for one of the worst and most embarrassing leaks of classified government documents in history. a source dirtly familiar with the situation tells nbc news the u.s. is making plans to seek extradition in connection to charges. president obama's former white hous counsel greg cra in possible legal jeopardy. attorneys say he expects to be indicted in coming da. overnight sources say they believe greg cra will be charged with making false statements to the justice department unit that oversees activities of foreign agents. craig's legal team denies those s. parts of downtown durham,
7:32 am
north carolina, are still shut down this morning after a massive gas explosion on wednesday. search and rescue teams are c stillbing through the debris. they're looking for more victims. at least one person was killed, 17 others hurt. a security camera captures the blast. cout 30 minutes earlier, firefighters werled to the scene when someone reported the smell of the leak apparently caused by a contract who are hit a gas line while drilling. authorities evacuated the area but they could not get everyone out before something sparked that explosion. now to a remarkable rescue in north carolina. two hikers were rescued ernight. miguel almaguer has all the details. what happened? d reporter: it was suppoo be a day-long trip hiking on southern california's mt. ba i. but a young couple got lost for five days. a
7:33 am
overnight, miracle on the mountaintop. >> thank you to all the volunteers that were helping look for us. we are very grateful to be found tonight. >> reporter: a pair of hikers in southern calornia found alive after going missing for nearly five days.ot >> we're perfectly fine, no serious injuries. >> reporter: eric displinter and gabrielle wallace set off last saturday when they began veering off course. a former national guardsman who served in afghanistan, he i a veteran climber who said the path got too rough. >> we just lost the trail and had a bit of a slip and decided we wouldn't go back up the ice and snow. so we tried to descend through a valley. buthatalley was more treacherous than we thought. >> reporter: soaring more than 10,000 feet, mt. san anton often referred tos mt. arkss
7:34 am
ldi is the largest mountain in los angeles county. it's also considered one of the dangerous in the u.s. >> we rationed our food, used a life straw. >> reporter: a search team scoured 19 acres for days. finally they discovered two sets of footprints and began fothowing them. alerted a chopper crew of the coordinates. helicoptersg flyin over the area spotted the couple's campfire. desplinter's mother graful for e rescuers. >> there's nothing i could give them in return that would be good enough for me to express my gratitude for them. >> reporter: this mo after a series of dangerously wrong turns led them on a y's long ordeal, a pair of hikers are thankful a trail ofed clues to their rescue. >> miguel, it sounds like the rescue is pretty tricky. >> reporter: yeah, it certainly in fact,cue teams say it rs.
7:35 am
took them quite some time to fccess the situation and because of the time day, they thought it was too dangerous to send a team in on heot. in end, both of the people were held continuered out, hoisted up one by one both happy to be safe and sound this morning. >> incredible. brave rescuers. thank you. another big story this morning, the weather. we're looking at some thunderstorms down h. >> and possibility of some tornadoes, too, as we head into the weekend. here's what we're looking at for saturday afternoon into saturday night. 22 million people at risk. this i very unusual. third day -- three days out for the natnal weather service too put this out. damaging winds, hail, and to adoes. significant tornadoes are possible. here's what we're looking at. new low developing in the south on saturday. coming through texas. the flood threat increases in the sthern plains. the rain and storms move east. backside of the system, frozen precip, a mix of snow and rain possible for chicago. strong stormsevelop in the southeast sunday.
7:36 am
rainfall amounts general t about 2 inches. as you get into the lower mississippi river valley, that's going to put more pressure on the rivers that are already at flood rothat's what's going on aund thwoods. >> good morning. your thursday's off to a pretty start here in the nation's capit capitol. bit of a northeast breeze. highs today will be in the mid to upperab 60s. t 68 here in downtown washington. that storm that al was talking about there, thatill bring us rain sunday night into monday. in addition t the rain, it will be windy. saturday will be the drier half of the weekend and a little bit warmer with highs in the mid-70s. >> and that's your latest weather. crai >> all right. thank yosir. the young woman you can thank for that first-ever view of one of the most mysterious things in the entire universe. a black hole.
7:37 am
plus the rising number of kids feeling stressed out and anxious.o we'll talk t a group of teens on what's causing all that worry.>> and what was jfk jr. like as a boss? we've got words from his staff 20 years after his passing. but firste what we relearning about prince harry and oprah joining forces to change lives. we'll hear from them a ♪ i'm working to make connections of a different kind. ♪ i'm working for beauty that begins with nature. ♪ to treat every car like i treat mine. ♪ at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for. ♪ with a lot of othe young couples. then we noticed something...strange.
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♪ so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. ♪ the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ because the future only happens with people who really know how to deliver it. t morning on "in-depth this morning on in-depth "today." g e collaboration mak worldwide headlines. >> we talked about it on pop start yesterday.nd oprah prince harry teaming up for a new series on mental health. keir simmons joining us with more on this project. >> this i one of those that gives people in our business pause just to say, w, look at that collaboration. two people who are instantly v recognizab their first names. and who would have thought a
7:42 am
british member of the royal family would haveit teamed up oprah to get people to talk about their feelings? >> reporter: this mo aing, powerful new dream team is taking on mental illness. britain's prince harry and the queen of american media herself oprah winfrey. teaming up to create a um multi-part dtary series on set to launch on apple tv next year. >> harry and i are going to normalize it to the point that people will be like, hey, i got mental illness. that's what you wal. to it out to the point where it's no s longerh a stigmatized big deal. >> reporter: the ptnership was announced on prince harry and meghan markle's instagram account say wr harry writes, our hope is this will be enlightening andinclusive. sharing global stories of unparalleled human spirit fighting back from the darkest
7:43 am
places. a addi, i am proud to work with oprah. oprah responded saying delighted yobe partnering with hope we shed a lot of light and change some the series which the two have been developing secretly for months according to the official announcements was teased by oprah at a star studded launch vent for apple tv plus last month. >> yet unnamed multi-part series focuses on mental health and how the scourge ofepression and anxiety, post-traumatic stress, addiction, trauma,nd loss is just devastating lives daily across the globe. >> reporter: it's an issue close to harry's heart. >> some will afraid to ask for help. others won't have anyone to turn to. >> reporter: in 2016 harry teamed up with his brother prince william and duchess kate to launch heads together. an initiative aimed at
7:44 am
decreasing the stigma around mental health issues. in 2017 harry famously opened about his own issues. >> indeed, princess diana has died tonight. >> reporter: following the death of his mother in 1997 when2 he was years old. >> losing my mom at the age of 12 a shutting down all of my emotions for the last 20 years has had a quite serious effect on not only my personal life, but also my work as well. ve probably been v close to a complete breakdown on numerous occasions. >> winfrey also revealed howhe partnership started saying she ntked harry what he thought were the most impor issues facing the world right now. he responded, climate change and mental wellness. >> wow. awesome story. the other sry people are thinking about with the royals is when is that baby coming. do wenow anything about the royal baby? >> we don't know very much, honestly. we don't think meghan will give
7:45 am
birth in the same hospital where kate gave birth, wre diana gave birth. here's the interesting point. you heardut harry talking a his childhood and the difficult times he had. he's going to be very, very protective. i suspect he won't want to see the press outside the hospital. remember our friend natalie morales knitting outside the hospital day after day? >> reading "greatexpectations," yes. >> i don't think harry will want to see that kind of thing. >> and arehere fewer obligations for harry because he's not in line for the throne >> exactly right. we've heard harry talk about thf pressures royal life. it'll be interesting to see where he goes and where megha goes and how they live their lives in the decades to come. because they are moving away from the family. >> this partnership though, that jt announced, it continues to be fantastic to hear so many prominent people talking about the importance of mental wellness. only good can come from that. >> that's right. >> thanks, keir.
7:46 am
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we are back. 7:49. carson is in the orange room wi o of our favorite stories of the day >> the first-ever image of a black hole.ig 55 million years away, this revolutionary photograph was made possible thanks to the event horizon telescope. while it was a major day for , scientist was an even bigger day for female scientists as the world learned that this younglady, 29-year-old m.i.t. grad katie bowman who helped develop the algorithm that made that moment possible. she shared a moment writing, watching in disbelief as trs image i ever made of a black hole was in the process of being praise poured in from all around the world. amazing. so glad you're getting t recognition you deserve. mighty woman, indeed. another one,ns congratulatnd more power to you and women like you. you're making u all of proud. this is a cool split screen here. bowman with the hard
7:51 am
drives on the left ne to her is the apollo guidance software code that she helped develop. bowman made sure tle w team got credited here sharing this group photo of scientists from all around the world. no one algorithm or person made this image. it reqred the amazing talent of a team and scientists from around the globe and years of hard work. i'm lucky to have had the opportunity to work with all of you. bowman said she didn't know anything about black hole when she started this project six years ago. she was 23. this image here, hetoo, by way, that's stunning. just to give you a little reference of its size. that is 6.5 billion times larger than the sun. >>wow. >> that's big. roker, you were saying it's not a photograph in the typical sense of the way. >> it's data and the absence o things and then everything gets stitched together. but it's gorgeous.
7:52 am
>> the data from all around it and what wasn't there was the black hole? >> and a globa network of telescop all grabbing this data together. just ahead, kim kardashian attorney at law? kim k.'s very serious plan to become a lawyer even cramminghe for bar example. >> and the hilarious moment brad pitt was told to wrap it up during a passionate speech. we know that feeling around here. but first your l i'm amy tran, pure leaf tea master. i was inspired by nature's finest ingredients to create new pure leaf herbal iced tea.
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7:56 am
7:56 is your timeow on this thursday, april 11th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. let's get to a couck of commute with melissa mollet. >> good morning. southbound bw parkway, a cra l blocking tt side. also seeing delaysrthbound. bladensburg road. lanes blocked for the water main break. and ijamsville, an overturned vehi.e. >> thank y .e'l y forec [ up-tempo music plays ] we don't just play music in d.c. ♪ cwe make songs thatebrate life... and love and living.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
good morning, everybody. thursday is going to be a pretty day to spend some time outside. we're around 50 now. highs will be in the mid to upper 60s. plenty of sunshine for thefo cast today. clouds move in tonight and showers become likely later on in the day owtomo rain most likely early saturday and late sunday. >> all right, chuck. thank you. another local news update for you in 25 minutes. now back to the "today" show after this short break. have a gre
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, breakinws ne. julian assange arrested in london. the wikileaks founder nearly unrecognizable as he was removed from the ecuadorian embassy where he's been in hiding for seven years. what t doess mean for criminal charges against him in the u.s.? we have the latest. plus, remembering america's prince. we will ar from john f. kennedy's second family. the staff from the magazine he founded. >> how was he as a boss? >> inspiring, encangouraging. and hitting the books. kim kardashian opening up about her serious plans to bec e a
8:01 am
licensed attorney. >> it's definitely not a trend. it's not a fad. it's notetomething to attention. >> how the tabloidixture is turning her idea into a reality without going to law school. "today," thursday, april 11th, 2019. ♪ >> from virginia! >> hey to my brother in attle. >> and my mother in colorado springs. >> from richmond, virginia t -- >>new york city for the "t! ♪ >> from chelsea high school in michigan. >> hi, i'm chris. and i watch the "today" show before i go every day. i'm a wine guy here in nap odvalley. >> t's my 9th birthday. >> happy birthday. welcome bk to "today." it's a busy thursday morning. we're so happy that you'r watching at home. folks who for the came out, put their coats back on. winter came bk again.
8:02 am
>> also thrilled about those shoutouts. if you'd love to join in the fun, use the hashtag bottom of your screen. my today pla is. share yourmas with us and we'll put you on tv. >> now we have a tour guide in napa. we have a lot to get into. fugitive wikileaks founder julian assange under arrest this morning dragged out of a foreign embassy and now facing chargesh in the u.s. kelly oeb yea ya is in london with the odtest. morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. julian assange is here at this central london police station this morning. rrested earlier today for skipping bail essentially back in 2012. that's when he sought asylum in the ecuador em bbassy. this morning, ecuador's president announcing on twitter that he was withdrawing
8:03 am
assange's asylum status he said it was for repeat violations to international conventions. we now know there appears to be more to itth than . just a short time ago, the metropolitan police releasing a statement saying that ase has been further arrested after his arrival here at the poliche station on behalf of the united states on an extradition warrant. assange, of course, fnded wikileaks, the organization behind the classified document dump in 2010. documents related to the afghanistan and iraq wars. and again releasing documents stolen from the democratic national committee in. 20 now, a source directly familiar with the situation tells nbc news, the u.s. is, in fact, making plans todi ext assange to the u.s. in connection with sealed federal charges filed in the eastern district of virginia. theon nature andnt of that
8:04 am
criminal case is unclear, but the source also tells nbc news that it relates to conduct dating back to the early days o. wikile this morning, assange's lawyers says they are bitterly disappointed. they called this extradition effort unprecedented andss say thatge is a foreign journalist publishing true information. a long fight ahead. >> all right. ll take that. thanks, kelly in> london. e powerful spring storm causing travel chaos in the midwest is heading east. al's got it aut happened for us. good morning. >> hey, guys. good morning. we're talking about wind over 100 miles per hour in colorado and texas. and look at this. we're actually seeing thundersnow right around siouxf s. this gives an idea how muc this is. 1 to 2 inches per hour. and 16 million people under some sort of winter advisorywa ing, ice storm warning, or blizzard
8:05 am
warning. we've got 36 million people under some sort of high wind watch or advisory. and we've got severe weather warnings. 9 million people at risk for damaging winds, hail and some tornadoes possible. still intensifying. a line of showers ands thunderstorm strengthening this evening into chicago all the way to memphis. rain makes its way to the east coast. the heaviest going to be up to the northern plains. we're looking into the midwest nywhere from 6 to 12 inches more of snow. >> all right. mr. roker, thank you. a suspect is under arrest this morning in connection with fires at three historically black churches in louisiana. the most recent was one week ago. the suspect is repordly the son of a sheriff's deputy all thehurches were badly damaged. no injuries were reported. the hea of the naacp has called the fis, quote, domestic
8:06 am
terrorism and says they are part of the racial tension spreading across the country. >> the companies paying no federal tax has reportedlyd doub the first year since president trump's new tax law took effect. the center for public integrity says at least 60 companies owed nothing or eard rebates for 2018. that is despite a combined $79 billion in pre-tax income. he companies include amazon, chevron, and drug maker eli lilly. the tax cuts and jobs a signed by president trump lowered the corporate tax rate fm % to 21%. more than 20,000 people are expected at today's memorial service for murdered rap singer nipsey hussle. free tickets remain available this week and they were all gone in an hour. fans embced him for his
8:07 am
community activism as well as his grammy nominated music. all right. we've got the news coveredt 8:06. give you a morning boost. you've probably seen those viral videos of pets hiting a ride on those omba floor cleaners. this one went old school. wouldn't let go of the shaggy mop. he went across the cool service. kept going. he was playing with it. the dog is having a all you need is a mop and a dog. we have a lot more including wrap it up mr. you have to what happens when a county board member had to shush a hollywood le>>nd. first, jfk jr.'s second family. the staff at the magazine he started honoring their boss and friend ahead of the 20th niversary of hisdeath. their never-before-heard stories afr this. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin
8:08 am
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8:11 am
♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ and welcome and welcome back. this morning on "today's" talker, we are remembering the prince of camelot. jfk jr. >> it will be 20 years when he hiwife, and her sister were killed in a crash. he'sreeing remem by those who knew him the best. >> good morning. hard toelieve it's been 20 years, huh? john jr. ce from a political dynas dynast b in the end he chose to cover politics instead of running ffice. he cofounded the political magazine "george" and armed with a smallstaff, that staff became like a second family to him. this morning, some of them are opening up about the man they knew away from the spotlig >> reporter: he's remembered as america's prince.
8:12 am
john.ennedy jr., born to john and jackie not long after his father was elected to the white house. o thel office, john john's occasional plground. this indelible and heart breaki image on one of nfamerica's mostul days. the wor watched john jr. grow gto alamorous and determined young man. and despite a few growing pains -- >> i don't think that i've seen as many of you in one place since the announced the results of my first bar exam. >>eporter: he found his initial passion outside of washingtan. >> ladies d gentlemen,t m george. >> reporter: john cofounded the magazine "george" in 1995. >> "george" was him. the tersection of celebrity and politics. >> reporter: the "george" staff became john's second family. a dynamic they remember fondly in an article for the hollywood sat down with some of them to talk about their former boss and friend. how was he as a boss?
8:13 am
>> he was inspiring. he was encouraging. and he always had this way of putting people in a little bit over their heads because he fatt hey would rise to the occasion. >> i never met someone like that again who is so willing toy try an idea. >> reporter: "george" became known for its eye-catchingbr celey covers including supermodel cindy crawford dressed as georg washington for the first issue. what was his wildest idea? >>utting madonna on the cover f the magazine dressed as his mother. i think that was the wildest idea. >> reporter: if george wasat opg today and he was there -- >> oh, wow. we would be having the time of our lives. >> reporter: do you have a favorite cover? >> the happy birthday, mr. president cover. r.happy birthday, president ♪ >> that happy birthday mr. president was sung by marilyn monroe to his father at a time when a lot of people thought
8:14 am
they were having anaffair. was he atll reticent to do that? >> he had this way of big irreverent and playing with the ic of his family. he could separate it. he didn't take it personally. ow>> it has been confirmed that all three bodies, john f. kennedy jr., his wife and her sister have been found on the ocean floor. >> reporter: july 16th, 1999. jfk jr. was flying a small plane to his cousin's wedding on cape cod. a trip he'd taken dozens of times. but kennedy, his wife, and n-law would never make it to their final destination. what do you remember about that day? >> well, i wasng sta at his apartment that night because my and onditioning had broke about 11:00 the phone just started ringing off the hook. >> there wer so many people w loved him, who he had touched deeply. he had so much to give. we're so unused to seeingas somebody who that power,
8:15 am
that beauty, you know, everything open to them who doesn'tbuse it. and so -- and he never be. and so i think people - like to they're interested in him because they think how did that happen and how did we lose it? >> wow. >> and that's what i think is why people are still so attracted to his story after 20 years. because it is that loss of promise. and what he could have done with his life. >> there was talk of political office for him. >> and they said, you know, he didn't want to be a senator, they said, because he thought all they did was talk. he was more interestedn being a governor because you could doactually get things . >> and he was such a new york staple. i remember walking through central parkhen i'd just moved here and he was playing, like a frisbe i remember people just watching awe of this >> he'd take the subway. >> he was a new yorker. >> yeah. i remembern the day iame for my interview at nbc news, i was
8:16 am
walking back to my hel and he walked by me and he looked up and smiled and i thought he's my good luck charm. >> it worked. flying a friend to martha's vineyard thatheight and weather was just terrible. >> appreciate it. let us get a check of the >> announcer: "today's" weather brought to us by "missing link" in theaters everywhere tomorrow. >> little c tl here in northeast, but we've got at least some sunshine looking at sunny skies the east coast. severe storms developing in the central plas and mississippi river valley. blizzard conditions western plains and upper mireest. anger because it's so dry and windy in the southwest. that could be a b problem. and then look for more wet weather and snowy conditions through the pacific northwest. hawood what's going on around >> good morning, everybody. it's going to be a nice day to be outside today. temperures are in the upper
8:17 am
40s to around 50 now. a little bit of a breeze. there's a hint of a chill in the air this morning. those winds will come a the southeast later on today today. that will help f a warm-up. we should be in the upper 60s this afternoon. toigrrow, warmer in the low 70s with showers likely afte00about 5:00 or hit and miss rain chances throughout your saturday. steadier rain late sunday. >> that's your latest weather. >> all right. two reasons to be 'vcited. got jenna here. >> is she the new host of the 10:00 hour? >> it is. >> is that still me? >> goingawesome. >> and here for pop stt. >> first up, kim kardashian wes reality and tabloid fixture. lawyer? huh? that sounds strange. you may have to get used to i telling vogue magazine she's studying for the bar noexam. the watering hole. the real thing.
8:18 am
aliestart correspondent n morales has more for us. natalie, what can you tell us about this? >> okay, guys. well, california's actually one of four state that does not require attorneys to have a law or even a college degreeo take the bar exam. instead, you can do an apprenticeship before taking the bar. it's par of an o system now being pursuedy an icon of the social media era. >> reporter: kim kardashian esqui it caught many by surprise when she started speaking out on criminal justice reform. >> i love this woman. >> love this lady. >> reporter: but her voice made a crucial difference for ale marie johnson imprisoned for two decades on anon-violent drug charge. kardashian west telling hoda about her white house meeting with president trump. >> i first said that i am here because i really want to know why you kicked khloe off "the ti appren." he laughed and it broke the ice and then we got focused. >> a week after that meeting,
8:19 am
alice marie johnson learned she was going e then, kardashian west has continued to use her celebrity for t use. telling van jones that she's ready to take it to the next level. >> i'm like, if there wasn't the long college process, i would be an attorney. but i just -- i researched that in the state of california, id coul assist an attorney for three years and just take the bar. >> reporter: vogue reporting kardashian west hastarted her apprenticeship and plans to take the bar in 2022. kim's attorney shawn holly saying that she's serious. >> it's certainly not a trend. it's definitely not a fad. it's not somethingo get attention. this is a true and authentic interest that she has had and a commitment to taking it to the next level. >> reporter: and if the idea of kimin kardashiang legal rreal, friendss say it's in her genes.
8:20 am
>> getting ready for tomorrow is all we're doing. >> reporter: her later fat robert had been o.j.simpson's personal attorney and partf his legal dream team. now kim addingilo the f legacy keeping up with shher la books. kim tells vogue at some point this summer she's going to take a shorter version of the exam. the baby bahe if passes that, she can continue for three more years of study. she's takinit very seriously. so she could be kim kardashian esquire some day. >> there's a terrific by bar on lex. >> savannah, you could help her study. >> how hard ishe bar? >> really hard. it's really hard. >> give me oes sample on. >> i can't. o t i will tell you california's bar is thought one of the hardest. it did used to be three days. two now. it but it's all -- you have to memorize -- >> is the baby bar easier? >> i guess.
8:21 am
i've never heard of the baby bar. other than the one we visit.s i gu it's probably some test to make sure you can take the actual test. look, the bar exam is very hard. you have to memorize a lot of law. and it's multiple choice and it's an essay portion. so i say ian she pass that bar, then she deserves to be an attorney >> she needs a tutor, call savannah. >> i've forgotten everything i once knew. it's all gone. >> natalie, thank you for that story. brad pitt earlier this week, the actor took a different roleg th usual pla a concerned hetizen during a council hearing. attended the meeting to advocate for more funding to be made to a museum or the l.a. county museum but was cut off by the board of supervihers chairman he went over his allotted time. >> this part of the building and this part of t blding and this part of the building. and i can'tay enough about him. i know my time is expired. >> wrap it up, mr. pitt.
8:22 am
it kills me to say that. but wrap it up. >> we actors suffer from ver bosty. i ask you to take a leap of faith and the collection in -- >> thankyou. >> -- the vision of the future and how we move thrgh this museum. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. >> wcut. >> only do one take here. >> wow. the chairman would be great. >> she's like scorsese. >> wrap, wrap. >> diane keaton there too. >> yeah. she was also there helping out pleading for the board to approve that funding. wever, she wrapped up her speech with time to spare. which she reverted back to brad pitt. last night drew barrymore was a guest on "late night."
8:23 am
around ughtd they' as nbpages. ♪ ♪ >> it's frightening to think that could be perceived as normal behavior by the tourists. >> just another day. they didn't even bat an eyelash. >> they got this large crowd here. fun fact, they reported that just using cell phones too. and finally, jb mts nph. you sat down with neil patrick harris for your digital series.
8:24 am
during interview, he revealed when he first fell in love with books. >> do you remember where you were when you first fell in love th reading? >> i have had a love affair with the tactile book sense i was a child, really. i grew up in a small town in net mexico, andre was a book shop there called the aspen tree bookshop. and she used to hire kids on january 1st, new year's morning, to do inventory. and i from t ot point just loved the way they feel. i love the way they smell. i love looking at your library and having it be a reflection of who you are. do you know what i mean? >> you're lost in all that book talk a >> i such a nerd, but you know what? neil patrick harris loves oks. he's an avid reading. he's also a writer. he has popular series out "the magic misfits" that kids crazy about. he also recommended a parenting book which i recommeed to you which i think you read a couple
8:25 am
pages. brain lled "the whole child" and he recommended it to me because i needed a little help. >> will you guys read it and give us the bullet points? >> we'll write the cliff notes. perfect. >> did you talk about anything other than parenthood. he has 9-year-old twins. i'm a twin so we had twin talk. erds all around. >> watch that full episode with toil patrick harris. head to for that. we have time far daly clip? >> i think so. >> masters tournament getng underway at famed augusta national. this morning it's going to be starting. jordan spieth already putting on a show during t par 3 contest. >> cool. >> tried to on purpose skip a golf ball across that lake on the par 3. >> did he me it? >> yeah. watch this. >> about 14 feet fro the cup. this is all for fun. put on a show for the crowd there to try to skip it.
8:26 am
>> that's amaz hg. >>ing some fun. we'll see. so good luck to the players out there. teens opening up about their 8:26 is your time now on this thursday, april 11th, 2019. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. let's start on a check of the roads with melissa mollet. >> eastbound 66 before sud lee road. crash here everybody trying to get around. it is slowing folks down. nort5ound after duke street, this crash on the right side of the roadway. we're a little slow inbound there near duke street. lod inbound bladensburg road laneded because of a water main break. we'll take a break wenow. l check your forecast when
8:27 am
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and we all know how important being reliable is. novec provides electricity from multiple renewable sources. groovy man! and will soon include even more solar. yeah! and novec offers convenient 24/7 online services. i just paid my electric bill. novec. power you can trust. we are enjoying plenty of sunshine this morning. chilly though. temperatures in the upper0s to near 50 degrees now. mid to upper 60s plenty of sunshine today. pretty high chance for rain
8:29 am
friday evening and higher chance sunday afternoon and evening. >> all rit, chuc thank you. get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app. have a g.
8:30 am
"today's" >> announcer: "today's" crowd moment is created in partnership with our sisr company universal pictures and "secret life of pets 2." ♪ today is a very special day. you can see the crowd here on the plaza fired up. 've got a very special crowd ment in honor of the occasion, national pet day today. we love our pets.
8:31 am
it's a beautiful thg. and we'rezr looking for e lilith, and margaret. where are you ? one, two -- , okay. hello. you want a high five too? do you guys have dogs? >> yes. well, after we had a baby, he went to live with my dog. so not anymore. dog? you have a >> yes. >> everybody's got dogs. how about here? at's your name? >> ezra. >> do you have a dog? >> no. >> have you talked to mom about getting a dog? >> yes. >> and how's that going? >> good. >> where's al ror? ca you come here if you don't mind. i'm going to let al step in here. >> look, this isheidi. and your mom is giving you a surprise with the help of our friends here at hearts and bones rescue. this is heidi. and she's for you guys. mom knows all about it. she's aittle rescue.
8:32 am
she was a stray from texas. what do you think? >> hold on tight. we're so excited for >> oh, ezra, lilith, and margaretad have a netion to their fa. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. enjoy heidi. oh, she loves you. >> we've got more for you. we've got a giftasket of "secret life of pets 2" a bunch of goodies for you to take home. bigger than the dog. how>>o you feel? great. >> how do you feel? good. >> are you so happy? >> yes. >> look how you're >> thank you, mom, too, for working with us. >> okay. best mom in america right there. that is so cool. >> again, mom was in on this. >> well, enjoy. >> that was pretty cool. >> that's how you do it.
8:33 am
national pet day. >> i d if we can t a puppy giveawha. but w a good half hour coming up including molly sh shannon. she's trying something with a new role. we'll talk about that. and a live performance from lizzo. but you hear her, these guys held up a sign, hey, ask us to sing. where are you from again? >> virginia. >> sure. ♪ i went down down to the river to play ♪ ♪ sunny thatood way ♪ and who shall wear the starry crown ♪ ♪ good lord show me the way ♪ oh children let's go down ♪ let's go down come on down ♪ oh children let's go ♪ down in the river to pray >> wow. >> nice.
8:34 am
>>uppy giveaways, impromptu concts. >> but wait there's more. >> there's not. coming up in the third hour of "today," a special pet edition of our take it off segment. how one woman helped her overweight sluggish dog. hoel shed him get moving again. >> plus pepper, my pepper and dylan's boscoe will be making a special thirdour pearance. >> love it, al. you've g some weather too? >> yes. there's that as well. let's look at your weekend ahead. friday snowy and windy up through the upper midwest. mountain snows in the rockies.e we got some eastern storms on friday. it turns mild in the east but look out. we've got severe weather to deal with in the lower mississippi river valley. sunday, sunday those strong storms move into the southeast. heavy rain in the midwest. cool highs through the plains.
8:35 am
and lo for more snow and rain in the pacific 'swoods.t t's going on around >> a pretty morning. but temperatures are still in the 40s for most of the area. montgomery county near 50 once you get to prince welcomilliams counties. highway today expected to reach 68. plenty of sunshine. a bit of a northeast breeze to this morning. it will ease off a bit, turn te the sou later on in the day. for tomorrow, friday up into the 70s with increasing chances for rainnd hit and miss rain chances through the weekend. rainiest late sunday. >> puppies. kids. >> and two more seconds. you got anyor more songs us? >> yeah. ♪ so now my people beware you're in charge the season ♪ up next, a look at why teenagers are experiencing more of stress and how to cope with it. but first this is "today" with this one little
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8:37 now. we are back a8:37 now. we are back with our stress less segment. >> nbc's senior national correspondent kate snow is here. >> we're all stressed out, tright? a rec survey found 44% of us say our stress levels have i go the past five years. but teenagers are particularly ealnerable when it comes to stress which can ld to obesity, epression, and a lot of other long-term health problems. >> reporter: being a teenager in new york city right now isn't easy. just ask high school journal elias and seniors allison, dava, and sujana. >> we're all competing with one another in a way to sho we're tter than one other. >> very much keeping up with the joneses. t there's as pressure to be the perfect person.
8:39 am
everyone's simultaneously telling you take every pportunity, do every extracurricular, get all the good grades. but also it's okay if you can't. it's okay if you only focus on one thing. pick a side. >> reporter: she applied to 30 colleg 30? when's the last time you had a completely free day, no plans? they can't remember. >> i just feel like -- at least wh hanging out especially, i feel like everyone's on our phones. >> our cll phones and soc media has become a huge part of our lives. it's like, when we step away from that, it's like we're missing something. >> aittle anxious almost. >> it feels like no one else is acknowledging it. no one is acknowledgingeyhat e stressed out. no one is acknowledging that they're feeling the emotions that they do. >> reporter: and yet everybody is stressed t. >> jeyeah everyone is havin the same experience. >> the constant exposure to information, s toocial
8:40 am
evaluation in a way that is truly nonstop 24 hours a day can in younge to high levels of >> reporter: at the child study center at yale university, the doctor is using biofeedback and brainca to measure teenagers' physical reaction to stress. they're showing t kids how manage when it becomes debilitating. >> try to pace your breathing. justic practing some simple exercises, breathing in and breathing how the at a slow pace, we're able to bring down that physical stress level and to increase their relaxation. >> reporter: they also teach parents how to be supportive of a child with anxiety but not overdo it so children learn to regulate stress on their upn. >>rt is the key, but they're also showing their child i have confidence in you. i know that you can be strong. >> reporter: what do you do to
8:41 am
get rid of stress? >> spend time with my friends. >> talk with my mom. >> surrounding myself with people i love. >>meditation. >> reporter: what would your advice be to kids that are a little younger? >> take the time to connect tou the peopl love. connect with your parents. connect with your friends. >> reporter: nice. one, two. elias offered up another solution. when he goes to lunch with his friends, they put their phones in the middle of the table and whoever touches t phone first has to pay the bill. >> i've done that. that works. nobody touches theirphone. >> i sometimes feel like stress is c ltagious and i feee parents are doing the right thing to destress their kids. >> yet we're overscheduling them and making them stress. a couple of tips from the experts. one, show understanding when your kids are stresd out. you know, validate them. say i undersnd, iet this. also your child can cope. you don't have to cope for thema yo help them learn how to cope. and model -- this is what i'm
8:42 am
baat. be a role model. don't be stressed out yourself. when my daughter needs to deepe e, i have to do it with her and kind of get myself in that head space as well. >> it's like when i was a kid, i wasn't that stressed because i was dumb. i that seriously. i was ignorant. there wasn't a super infor highway. i didn't know things. i didn't know the every move my peers were making i realtime. so i was ignorant to it around me. what'd i do? you want to play ball? do the simple things. >> and the doctor talked about that. that we are in suchon informa overload, our kids are getting just stuff coming at them nt cons. say just listened to nicki i've got too much stuff. all right. ta what you don't have to >> do. thanks. >> thank you. let's go over to craig. >> look who's here. molly shannon live from studio 1a. we're going toalk about her surprising new role. did you know critics are describing it as brillit?
8:43 am
>> really? that's so nice. >> but first thi so with xfinity mobile i can customize each line for each family member? yup. and since it comes with your internet, you can switch wireless carriers, and save hundreds of dollars a year. are you pullin' my leg? nope. you sure you're not pullin' my leg?
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8:45 am
we are back we, are back and we are wit molly shannon. of course you know molly from her years on "snl," but now she's takin on a very serious role. >> that'movie's called "wild ni with emily" playing emily dickinson. >> i always ask myself, what is etry in essence? i >> ifeel physically like the top of my head has taken off, i know that is poetry. if it makes my body so cold no fire can ever warm me, i know that ispo ry. >> the question was intended to be a rhetorical one, largely. shannon, welcome. you know, this is such an interesting role for you. if you were expecting mary
8:46 am
katherine gallagher, this is not . this is a dramatic and serious turn you take. why were you interested inthis >> madeline olynyk directed it. i met her in drama school. she is very talented. ere were these erasures found dn her work through technology where they can f all this stuff about great historical figures. they realized a lot of her letters and poems were written to susan, her brother's we who she had a long romantic relationship with for 40 years. >> found it in her letters, things that were erasedr imprints. >> they were erased in her letters. so many of her poems andwe letts to susan, her brother's wife who she was in love with, was her partner. but she was presented to the public as apiter recluse who was brokenhearted about men when really it's not the trutht all. so the movie is telling the blazerbout this trail rebel who was dying to get
8:47 am
published but they sold her to the public as if she was just didn't wt to get published, wanted her poems burned upon death which is an interesting message for not a good message for women. we could look at her story and think women who are tryingo get theiroices heard now, we can use her as an example -- >> kind of claiming her ory. >> yes. >> so prepping for this kind of a role, was tre somebodou were like i'm going to try to go down this lane or what did you do? >> well, wead an amazing -- our historian does extensive search. and madeline and martha our almost emily dickinson scholar. so felt like taking a history class. they know so much about her. you have so many projects. you have a show where you're a momager. is that a role that's easy a b ause you have teenagers? >> her husband just passed away and she's with her kids in new york city. her son is becoming the next
8:48 am
justin bieber. it's a fun show. my character in season t is going to get her own talk show. >> amazing. >> yeah. it's such a fun character. she's like a mom from ohio coming to new york city. >> i know people still probably look at you and think mary katherine gallagher which is a cool thing. do you remember when natalie morales -- was there ever a better impression of you than the one natalie did? >> that was sogood. >> natalie was all in. >> she went all in with the sniffing of the armpits. i mean, come on. it's got to be flattering to see people try to do that. >> i never mind. i guess because i hustled for so long to try to make it, that i'm like,ea i could take it for the rest of my life. >> a beloved character that , like, legendary. why not? >> molly, thank you. congrats on this role. getting rave reviews. >> thank you. >> it's called "wild nights with emily" in theaters tomorrow.on ca over to you. >> hi, molly.
8:49 am
guys, get ready. this one here, super catchy songs. ouesome, infec attitude. got a record coming out next week. l lizzo is here. but get ready. s is "today" on
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. b we ark with rising star.- it says rising you're a bona fide star. this is lizzo. if you don't know her ye that will soon change. >> rolling stone calls your hit "juice" the first great song of 2019. h it's off new album "kauz i ve you." lizzo not only sings. you play the flute. you've got it going >> thank you. >> sasha.on flute. >> why do you call her that? >> well, she was my alternate ego in college. because by day i was, like, studyingflhe e. by night i was partying.
8:52 am
i was like by day'm lizzo. my day i'm sasha flute. >> you put bop back on the map. i love the self-love and posiabvity you're all t. you're comfortable in your own skin. how did you get there? >> it took a long time. it's not just one moment in time yoe. get th my music is supposed to help others get there too. it's about loving yourself. >> well, you're going to hit it for us. >> bringing the juice, baby! ♪ ♪ mirror mirror on the wall ♪ don't say it kauz i know i'm cute ♪ ♪ louis down to my drawers and lv on all my schough shoe ♪ ♪ i beripping so much sauce got ta be looking like ragu ♪ little like a crystal ball that's cool baby so is you ♪
8:53 am
♪ if i'm shiny everybody gone that shine ♪ ♪ i was born like this don't even got to try ♪ ♪ heard you say i'm not the baddest what you lie ♪ ♪ it ain't my fault that i'm out here getting loose to blame it blame it ony juice baby ♪ ♪ ain't my fault i'm out here making news ♪ ♪ i'm the pudding in the proof got to policewomble it on my ju♪ ♪ blame it on my juicela ♪ bme it on my juice ♪ blame it on my juice ♪ no i'm not snack at all ♪ look baby i'm the whole dang meal ♪ ♪ b you ain't being slick ♪ don't dare try to cop a feel ♪ the juice ain't worth the squeeze if the juice ain't look like this ♪ ♪ hold up please don't make me have to y taker chick ♪
8:54 am
♪ if i'm shiny everybody gone that shine ♪ i was bn like this don't even got t try ♪ ♪ i'm like chardonnay better over time ♪ ♪ heard youay i'm not the baddest you lie ♪ ♪ it ain't my faulthat i'm out here getting loose got to blame it on the goose ♪ ♪ got to blame it on my juice ♪ it ain't may fault i'm out here making news ♪ ♪ i'm the pudding in the proof got to blame it on my juice ♪ ♪ blame it on my juice yeah ♪ blame it on my juice ♪ okay ♪ somebody comehi get man i think he got lost in my dm♪s ♪ my dm ♪ ♪ you better come get your man i think he want to be way more
8:55 am
than friends ♪ ♪ more than friends ♪ what you want me to s ♪ ♪ it no it ain't my fault yeah ♪ it ain't my fault that i'm out here making news ♪ ♪ i'm the pudding in the proof got to blame it on my juice ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ blame it o my juice yeah ♪ yeah ♪ blame it on my juice ♪lame it on it yeah >> yes! amazing. pressive. >> thank you. >> that was so fun, y'all.
8:56 am
>> we saw sasha. >> you're going to be back with me and jenna. don't you forget. the party's going to go on. >>rsut the third hour of "today." by the way, that was a "today" shfirst. singing dancing and the flute. after your local news, the third hour of "today." good morning, everybody. 8:56 now on this thursday, april th. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's start with a look at the roads with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> taking a lk at southbound 395 past edsall. eabound 66 at fairfax county parkway, stay left to get by tis problem which is on the right side of road. another issue on 66 eastbound
8:57 am
before sudley. we highlighted both of them for you. crash blocking the left lane there. bladensburg diverted to 17th street. lanes blocked, water main repairs. >> thank you. e 'll have a check of your .orecast when we c this is you shopping. and this is you maximizing at t.j.maxx. you shopping, you maximizing. you shopping, you maximizing.
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good morning, everybody. it is a sunny start to the day. still a little cool out there. upper 40s to right around 50 degrees. afternoon highs today will be in the m to upper 60s. about 68 for a high today. 72 coming our way tomorrow. mid-70s over the weekend, but a high chance for rain especially second half . >> all ght, chuck. thank you. of course you can get the latesa newsnd weather any time in the nbc washington app. now ♪ ♪ protect your pets from fleas and ticks with frontline plus for dogs and frontline plus for cats. its two killer ingredients work fast and keep working all month long preventing new flea infestations on your pet.
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frontline plus. the number 1 name in flea and tick protection. live from studio 1a in rockefel third hour of "today." good morning. you're sheinelle. >> it's me. sheinelle here alongal with craig and dylan and it's thursday. of course, our good friend. willie >> willie g.! sweet willie geist. willie geist. >> talking about augusta. someone i can talk to about golf that doesn't make fun fme. >> we weren't making fun of you. >> a national park. agree? the most beautiful place. >> not everybody can get . >> even more special. i got in. >> prefer uncle willie or sweet willie g.? >> what al wants. >> sweet willie geist. >> it whanges. ever al


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