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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  April 13, 2019 12:37am-1:38am EDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- jordan peele -- creator and star of "fleabag" actress phoebe waller-bridge -- chef and auther action bronson, featuring the 8g band with fred armisen. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth"leyers. this ie night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] that is wonderful to hear. in that case, let's get to the ent trump yesterday tweeted a picture of a signed check that he wrote donating 00,000 of his annual salary to the department of homeland security. of course, if you want to give part of your salary to the
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governme, you can just pay your taxes. [ laughter ] according to politico, the white house is expected to drop the word "acting" from acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney's title and they'll replace it with "soon to be quiing." [ laughter ] y the "nk times" has published a report on president trump's history with deutsche bank and found that e bank loaned trump $2 billion over two decades. wow, you ever lend one of your friends 50 bucks and then you see them with a new shirt an you're like, um, how about 50 bucks you owe me? [ laughter ] this guy has a gold apartment. [ laughter ] an artist in texas has created a two-acre crop circle of de cratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke's face. and text there reads beto 2020 and can be seen from the sky.y oh, so that's ump grounded all those planes.
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[ laughter ] according to reports, president trump's 2020 budget proposal could cut funding for br dcasting stations such as pbs and npr. said an npr host -- [ audience boos ] yeah. said an npr host, unbelievable. the time is 8:30. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] don't say i don't give you the npr comedy you came for. [ light ughter ] president trump today accused facebook, google and twitter of being,uote, "on the side of the radical left democrats." he then added, "i've also been really striking out on tinder. [ laughter ] so it's hard not to think they did something to the algorithm." [ laughter trump supporters are calling for a boycott of designer tom ford after a fake quote spread online of him calling first lady melania trump a glorified tecort. but it is a fake qso it looks like you maga heads get to
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keep your tom ford cly shearling fur knee boots. [ laughter ] according to reports, although he has not yet formall announced his presidential run, former vice president joe biden o considering selecting a running mate earin his campaign. said his first choice, "for the last time, joe, i'm not interested." [ laughter ]'r so ysaying there's a chance! [ laughter ] h spri reportedly suffered a data breach that could have exposed customers' calling history. said millennials, calling history? oh, that's fin [ laughter ] that's fine. like enter all, no, yeah. go, you can have that. [ light laughter ] today was the 40th anniversary of c-span, and it look they're having a huge party just off camera. [ laughter ] c-span and npr in the same ght.
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[ laughter ] we're really aiming for our base! [ laughter ] and finally, we're going to get u back with this one. you always follow -- when you tell a c-span joke, you've got to make sure you've got one coming right a'ser it thoing to get everybody back on board. it's called a reverse c-span. [ laughter ] and finally, a man in california was arrested last weekend after allegedly riding a horse while intoxicated. police first became suus after he tried to fill it up. [ laughter ] there we go!ha take c-span! [ cheers and applause ]gr we have t show for you tonight!th he iwriter and director of the highly anticipated new rror film, "us." my good friend jordan peele is here tonight! [ cheers and applause ] she is the creator and star of "fleabag," now playing at the
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soho play house here in new york city. it's absolutely fantastic. she's fantastic, as well. phoebe waller-bridge, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] who else is here? and we never have a bad time with this next guy. he's a rapper and beloved chef whose new book, "stoned beyond belief." it's not what you think, unless you think marijuana. [ laughter ] it's available now. action bronson is back, you guys! [ cheers and applause ] before we get to that, iowa republican congressman steve king drew criticism over n the wewhen he posted a meme on facebook that seemed to call for a new civil war in er ama. the meme read, "folks keep talking about a civil war. one side has about 8 trillion llets. the other side doesn't know which bathroom to use." and then king added, "wonder who would wi" this brings us to a segment called, "couple things." [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: first thing, t believe that steve king really wants a civil war. but you've got to remember, e
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there lot of unstable people out there who are prone to violence. and one of them right this es moment is ent. a president who, and i can't believe this is true, is susceptible to memes. [ laughter ]ng second t that is a very poorly designed meme. it is way too many words, a good meme is sht and sweet, like this one. [ laughter ] itu see? it's funny, becaus a relatable feeling, and because why would a robot care what day it is? and also, bonus points, it's not about americans killing each third ing. you're from iowa. and in this meme, iowa is blue. [ laughter ] that means -- [ cheers a applause ] eans if there is a civil war, you would have to be a spy in enemy territory, and i just don't think you will be that believable as a liberal union rker. [ laughter ] finathing, we know which bathroom to use. it's the bathroom that corresponds to your gender identity.
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not that difficult, unless you're in a hipster .r in brookl oh, oh -- [ laughter ] oh, man, i think'm a bird, but the squirrel line is so much shorter. [ laughter ] the important thing is, we all know to use the bathroom. k unlike steg, who smears his [ bleep ] all over the internet. this has been "a couple things." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ we'll be right back with jordan peele, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ we don't just make cars... we make technology that moves people ♪ this is the 2019 nissan rogue featuring tech like propilot assist it helps keep you centered in your lane ♪ and in control this is how nissan intelligent mobility is reinventing driving-
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcood back, ever give it up for the 8g band right over there! [ cheers and applause ] and also, so thrilled this week that fred armisen is back. how are you,owred? >> fred:ou doing? >> seth: i'm wonderful. and i love having you here, because we get to catch up, we get to talk. one of the things we were talking about today, i'm obviousl busy.busy, you're very we don't have as much time to read as we used to. and you said that you have solved it. because you have developed a process where u can look at the cover of a book, and just from the cover alone, you know everything about the book. to read o longer hav it. you get the full experience. [ laughter ] >> fred: yes. i don't have to read a book. >> seth: and that's a true thing. >> fred: true, very.d >> seth: we coy it right now, and you could prove to me and the whole audience that you're not just making it up.
12:49 am
>> fred: sure! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: all right. let's test it out, once again, in a segment called "fred judges a ok by its cover." ♪ >> seth: all right. here's the book. it is "sorry not sorry," by sophie ranald. fred, what is this book about? >> fred: so this is -- it's kind of like -- i would describe it as a book where when life gives you limrg, you make itas. >> seth: oh yeah. yeah. [ laughter ] >> fred: and it's pretty much a cookbook. >> seth: oh, it is. [ laughter ] >> fred: and, you know, as you, kids get oldat do you do with their toys? it's a great question. so you start putting them into mixed alcoholic drinks. [ laughter ] so you could, you know, pile some legos into a beer. that's a recipe that's in therek you can alsoold barbie dolls, and put them into margaritas, and -- [ laughter ] just, you know, stuff them in there, put a little lime in it. that's, by the way, a toy lime. [ light laughter ] and so it's just recipes for different drinks. >> seth: his is an entire book that is recipes for alcoholic
12:50 am
beverages that use old kids toys. >> fred: yes. >> seth: gotcha. >> fred: yes. >> seth: what would -- you know, what do legos add to beer, like as a drinking sensation? >> fred: i love muat question so . [ laughter ] a lot of the frothiness, and the sort of golden amber color to it. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> fred: comes from tht of yellowish legos that you can get, those kind of smaller ones that sort of bring those bubbles up >> seth: oh, wow. [ laughter ] >> fred: yeah. >> seth: and this is interesting, cause based on this -- this is a cookbook with not a single photo. ] [ laught >> fred: you don't need them. you just need the descriptions is all you need. >> seth: yeah i mean, i guess know how to pulegos into beer without a picture. >> fred: yeah. >> seth: give it up for fred armisen, everybody! cheers and applause ] our first guest night is an academy award winning writer, director, and comedian you know from his work on the film "get out," and the series "key & peele." he wrote and directed the highly anticipated film, "us," which is in theaters friday. let's take a look. >> i thought i already done told y'all to get off my property, okay? so if y'all want to get crazy,
12:51 am
we can get crazy! now the cops are already on their way. hey, hey, hey! hey! hey! ♪ [ door slamming ] [ laughter ] >> seth: please welcome back to the show, my very good friend, jordan peele, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> seth: welcome back my friendy >> tha. [ cheers and applause ]
12:52 am
>> seth: this is -- >> thank you! >> seth: this is very -- the last time you were here was to talk about the film "get out." >> yes. >> seth: and so since i last saw you here, you won an oscar. >> mhmm. [ eers and applause ] >> seth: you were -- you were a producer on "blackkklansma this year. so you were nominated for an oscar this year. >> yes, i was oscar adjacent. >> seth: oscar adjacent. did you enjoy -- did you enjoy this year as well, beg at the oscars? >> yes, it was fun. i mean a little bit of the load off, cause i knew if i won f best picture, i wouldn't have to talk, because it's clearly spike's -- >> seth: right, spike. and so that must be -- i mean the year before where you ended up, and you did have to speak, and you did a great job. >> thank you. >> seth: but that must be in the whole f your head th time. >> yeah, you're just kind of like the whole thing. you missed the thing cause you're like --om thank my thank my mom. it's -- yeah. it's much -- it's much easier to just kind of watch the show. >> seth: that's fantastic. and you -- i know, obvioly, "get out" was a sensation, continues to be.
12:53 am
you have an idea for a "get out" yove been pitching. not a "get out" sequel. a "get out" ride. >> yes. [ laughter ] yes. well, you know, 'cause i work with universal studios. >> so i have the fast track. so, i've been pitching the ride. you've got to be. >> seth: it doesn't feel like -- naturally it doesn't, when you see that film, you don't think, rk this is definitely going to have an amusement ide. [ laughter ] >> no, you don't. you don't presume that, and they haven't bit yet. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> you know, they're still -- i'm still waiting for their response. >> seth: >> but the ps like, you have to be this color, or darker to enter. >> seth: okay. [ audience groans ] >> no? [ laughter ] these are the jokes. [ laughter ] no, it turns out there is already a "get out" ride i it's called america. >> seth: oh boy. [ audience oohs ] [ applause ] this -- i'm very excited.e i was telling your stars, winston, that i'm going to the premiere tonight. d i'm thrilled, because i watched "get out" on a screener when you were coming last time,
12:54 am
and so i didn't get to see it with people which i feel like -- i mean, it was amazingo but you wante it with people so i'm so excited about tonight. and i'm particularly excited, because 20 years ago you and i were going to horror movies together. >> yeah. >> seth: so this will behoike the firsor movie i've gone to with you in 20 years. and you wrote and directed it. >> and i made it. >> seth: when did you get the idea for this one?, >> the idea cau know -- i've been terrified of the idea of doppelgangers since i was a kid. i had, you know, i always had this vision of like seeing myself across the subway platform. and just kind of thought, like, what if you saw yourself and then like, if that's not creepy enoughwhat if you went, like -- [ laughter ] you know? the other you, sort of smiled at you. and so this kind of, this idea of like, all right what's that about?an you know, i've been -- i put it -- the idea of a doppelganger family, i thought was like okay. well, then my imagination went crazy, and out came this film.>> eth: that's so wonderful. and you had a cast then who had to -- [ laughter ] getting ideas is wonderful!
12:55 am
[ laughter ] trust me, i know writers who don't have ideas. not very happy about it. >> sure.- >> seth: youu had a cast, they obviously had to play two versions of themselves. >> yes. >> seth: obviously, it challenge for them. was it a challenge for you as a director having to do both of their characters? >> yeah. that was -- i mean, i don't recommend it. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> like you're doing a scene with four actors playing against themselves. it's kind of like -- it's kind of like the movie "big ss busi but scary. no? "big business?" bette midler and -- ay, well, i've forgotten. [ laughter ] i don't expect you to. but no, it's very difficult. you've got to like plan it right. lily tomlin. >> seth: there you go. [ chrs and applause ] >> represent! lily tomlin! lily tomlin all day. represent! [ laughter ] very difficult, as it turns out. and you have on the days where our actors are the family, it's like fun, and ke light. and then when they come in as like the scary versions, it's like, ooh, you just feel the
12:56 am
crew just like -- >> seth: yeah. >> everyone's just like -- ass u drops out frer them. [ laughter ] when like lupita walks onset. >> seth: and lupita, i meajust from the poster, the first time you saw her in the poster, the evil version of her is something else. ou would have to get -- >> still pretty somehow. >> seth: yeah, still gorgeous, yeah. you would have to give notes to her in character. >> yeah. >> seth: was she tha of actor where -- >> she totally went full daniel day on this one. y >> seth. [ laughter ] >> which is totally creepy. yeah. i'd be -- she'd be in her dressing room alone for like hours waiting. i and you'd wa and you know she has -- she's doing this voice. it's just really scad really creepy. and you'd walk in, and she'd just be like standing in t corner like looking at you. and you'd be like, oh! [ laughter ] and then, of course, inevitaery you'd give note, and she'd have to say something like, you know, "we need more chex mix on craft services." [ laughter ] "chex mix. i got you."
12:57 am
[ laughter ]no bushe -- her performance -- the entire cast is brilliant. she -- you know, has the job of playing the lead, and the main villain in this. so it's kind of like she's doing like both sides of the "silence of the lambs" like spectacle on full. it's amazing to watch. eth: i can't wait. another thing i remember you talking about with "get out" to sort of add levity to another movie that- you know not just terrifying, but heavy in theme was you would direct sometimes as tracy morgan, you would direct sometimes as obama.yo dihave anything you did on set here? >> you know, it wasn't the same kind of vibe, because, like when we came in, it was kind of like chilling and cool and quiet. but there wa-- you know, we shot the bad family first. so that the good family could react to them. and kind of know what we're dealing with. and so i was like, okay, lupita, tem going to play your performance from yay. she's like, oh no, you know, i can't -- that'll distract me. >> seth: oh, we you just going like play the audio?
12:58 am
>> i was just going to throw the audio of her like monologue as the bad guy on, and so she was like, no, no, that'll distract was like, um, okay. so then, basically i did -- that's where i learned to do the voice. by like doing -- you know. no spoilers, but it was li -- you know, she starts, and she's like, "once upon a time." and it was just -- it was like the full test like, not reverting to "key & peele." >> seth: right. [ laughter ] >> like hammy comedy bits. >> seth: yeah. >> 'cause you know we would have had a good "us" sketch. >> seth: right. >> if this movie came out. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's really the serpeneating the tail. that is. >> seth: if you guys come back for another season, and just do your movies, parodies. >> be awesome.nd [ cheerspplause ] all right, i like that idea! >> seth: there you go. >> that's great. >> seth: you know, you make "get rdout" and obviously it's because you're not a director before, and so you have those hurdles to get over. it seemed like the different set of hurdles this time is now you're the guy who made "get out." did you feel that? >> yeah. >> seth: or did you feel that pressure? >> yeah, i did. you know, people were -- you
12:59 am
know, i get, you know, asked a lot --eh everyone'syou know you've got a big task on your hands here. and i returned to this idea that like if i make my favorite movie that doesn't exist, like you know, if people don't they don't like it. but i can watch this movie in like 20 years, and get entertained. and so that's what i did. and it's a very different film. but it -- you know, i like it. >> seth: you had a screening at south by southwest, which we were saying backstage just n.couldn't have been more >> so, i mean, the feeling of getting like a shudder like when that scene that you played like -- hits. you know, at the time of the movie, you just get thisreat shudde the crowd was so nice. you make ts -- these movies with the idea that people will be yelling at the screen in the hope that they'll be, you know, laugng and screaming. so when it all comes together, it's like, that's -- it's- that's, you know -- that's the final piece of the
1:00 am
puzzle. >> seth: that's really exciting. >> yeah. >> seth: i can't wait for tonight. it is always just so great to have you here, and i can't wait for whatever it is you do next, buddy.nk >> tou. >> seth: always such a pleasure. [ cheers and applause ] that's jordan peele, everybody. "us" opens in theatres friday. we'll be right back wi phoebe waller-bridge. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ great. another wireless ad. so many of them are full of this complicated, tricky language about their network and offersd ah blah blah blah blah blah. look sprint's gonna do things differently, and let you decide for yourself. they're offering a new 100% total satisfaction guarantee. try it out and see the savings. if you don't love it, get your money back. see? simple. now sprint's unlimited plan comes with one of the newest phones included for just $35 a month. so switch now.
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a♪ [ chee applause ] >> seth: our next guest is an emmy-nominated writer, producer created the wh critically acclaimed tv series "killing eve" and "fleabag" which will dut it's second season on may 17th on amazon prime video. ome is starring in her one show "fleabag" at the soho playhouse through april 14th. please welcome to the show, phoebe wallebridge, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:05 am
♪ ♪ >> seth: hi, phoebe! >> hi, seth! >> seth: i am thrilled to have you here. for those who don't know, this started as a ten-minute show -- >> yeah. >> seth: -- that you then developed into an hour-long stage show that yothen adapted yourself into a television show. >> yes. >> seth: and now you have br ght it back to a one-hour stage show in new york city. >> i am milking it for everything it's worth. [ laughter ] >> seth: there will be nothing left after this. >> no, no. she's exhausted. >> seth: and it's sold which is fantastic. congratulations. i always feel bad when people -a [ cheers alause ] yeah. >> thanks. >> seth: when people come on to cpromote something and th't gain anything from their appearance here. do you have any -- because you've done it for so long, and had it in your life for so long, can you still get nervous before a show? is that something that happens? >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: okay. >> no, absolutely. yeah, it's just that moment of r
1:06 am
hell just like seconds before you go -- like i just had here now, actually. [ laughter ] why do we do this? and then you're there, and then you're there and you're like, "oh, this is why." >> seth: is there a moment -- i mean, there's the first scene, which was the first scene in the television show,s well, yes? that you opened. >> yes. >> seth: i mean, that's such a good scene. you must have a moment of, like, if i can just get to that first laugh here, then i'll be off and running. >> yeah, once you get the first e down, you're okay. yeah. and it's nice, because i have recorded voices in the show so it fls like -- even though it's a one-person show, it's between me, my stage manager, shaw, and the recorded voices. >> seth: the recorded voices. are those the original recorded voices? have you ever redone? >> no, no, no, yeah, that's the director's ex-boyfriend. >> seth: oht wow! [ la ] >> so, he still remains. >> seth: and there's sound effects, as well was this something you spend a lot of money on, getting the voices and sound effects? no, okay. >> no. ay, when we first put the together, i mean, we had, like, no budget and we have so many sound effects in thehow. we had to, sort of, do them all ourselves, really. my mom is one ofhem -- just is one of them.
1:07 am
[ laughter ] >> seth: she's a voice in the show. >> she's a voice in the show. and then my sister did the sound design. and there's, kind of -e's like porn sounds during the show. so, she had to go and create those for us. [ laughter ] >> seth: not from scratch. i hope she went to the internet. [ laughter ] she did go to the internet. she came in like -- and then the rest we, sort of, created ourselves. >> seth: gotcha. were any of them hard to create or were they pretty --? >> well, there's quite a lot of talk about sexe show. and there was one point that we wanted a, kind of, sex sound ef ct that was less, sort of, fireworky than the porn sound effect. so, we needed a, kind of, light, sort of, slapping noise. [ laughter ] you know. you know. [ laughter ] so, we couldn't work out what the right sound was. and we decided -- i don'yoknow hoend up in these situations but i ended up in a cupboard with my sister in the dark with my director just gently tapping my bum like this. [ laughter ] and that's in the show. 9:00 every night. >> seth: wow, that's really great. [ cheers and appuse ]
1:08 am
do you have any preshow ritual at all? >> oh, yeah, yeah. myself and shaw, ourtage manager, we shout "you and me, baby." to each other. i have to shout it and she shouts i fback. and th some reason, since we've come to new york, we also shout "bocca di lupo." h: which is, "bocca di lupo?" >> mouth of the wolf. >> seth: oh, wow. [ laughter ] >> but i restaurant in london.y >> seth: oh, well, there you go. >> it's a nice thing to yell. >> seth: i like you said some reason, like, you guys didn't come up with it. >> it did feel like that. we decided then we were like, oh, no, that's gonna be -- i don't know how long it's goi. to go on f >> seth: that's going to stay. there are obviously -- it's very funny, but there are some real moments of emotional resonance in the s a -- there's a gasp moment in the cey when i was there. is that something that happens? and is that something you're happy whenou hear it? >> oh, yeah. that's another one of those moments where you think, "we've still got them." like, even if it's a quiet - audience, if it's a gasp's called the guinea pig gasp for reasons that we'll, you know, something happens to the guinea
1:09 am
pig. and wh i first scripted it in the early previews, i was describing this thing that ndppens to the guinea pig, it just wasn't landing with audience. and i was doing two or three previews in, and i was like, "el don't 'm getting a reaction from them." and vicky jones, the director and i, we sat around and i saidw "changed tds a bit, changed the rhythm of what i was saying." and then there was one night when i said, "okay, we're going to try it with this new rhythm." and i said, "what happ ps to the guin?" and the entire audience went -- [ gasps ] and i went -- [ gasps ] [ laughter ] so, now it happens. and then last night, actually, i tried something a little bit different and the au laughed but there was one woman in the audience that, kind of, just -- the gasp went the wrong way and she just ended up screaming. [ laughter ] she sa [ laughter ] >> seth: you -- because, of course, you adapted and unlike your stage show in where are no guinea pigs, there are physical guinea pigs in the television show, because you run a guinea pig-themed >>yes. >> seth: and i do not believe this is true, but you brought proof in order to get when you wanted to find guinea pigs for the show, they sent you head
1:10 am
shots. >> well, yes. [ laughter ] yes. we needed one guea pig, hillary. and so we had to find her. and, of course, they sent us the "a" list. >> seth: the best guinea pigs. >> the best guinea pigs. [ laughter ] and they told us -- we spoke to a few handlers, and they sent us e head shots. >> seth: and so -- >> we decided they were the eq valent of, like, hollywood stars. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> this is like -- she's like the jennifer lawrence of the guinea pigs. [ laughter ] you can, like, see she's got real depth and also kind of blonde. well, this is the emma stone. >> seth: emma stone guinea pig. sure, yea. >> clearly got ranh:. >> slearly got range. you can tell, like, funny and serious. [ light laughter ] >> funnynd -- she actually got the job in the end. >> seth: oh, she did. you went with emma stone. >> yeah, yeah, emma. i mean, how could you resist? this is actually ryan gosling. >> seth: oh. [ laughter ] i can see that. >> the gender is, obviously neutral in our casting. so, he didn't quite make the t. >> seth: gotcha. >> yeah. [ audience ohs ] i know. i mean, i really wanted to give her the gig. bushe's not quite right.
1:11 am
i'm not going to say who that reminds me of, actually. >> seth: really? you're not? [ la i will say -- i will say this guinea pig looks like it was maybe out a little late. >> yeah. yeah, yeah, [ laug >> seth: and you maybe couldn't quite depend on it showing up on time. [ laughter ] d >> or when ss, it's really raw and edgy stuff. >> seth: and they were like, "if you can get her out of her traile she's great." [ laughter ] but, like, sometimes she's eest -- like she's in the and she's got -- >> yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] s h: obviously, you've been a performer and a writer for a very long time. you got your start -- one of thh thingsrd you started with was you wrote an anonymous article in your church paper. h chu >> church magazine. >> seth: wow. how did it comup you got the ea to write for it, and why did you want to be anonymous? >> i think because i was saying -- i was about 11 or 12. i think i was exposing quite personal things in the family. >> seth: gotcha. >> the main reason i wanted to anonymous. the main storyline -- although i did call it "life at number 62", and we lived at number 62. s h: okay, gotcha. [ laughter ]
1:12 am
>> and i think people were like -- and also, it was mainly kind of hamster adventure-based. >> seth: gotcha. >> news. >> seth: oh, i see. >> and we had a hamster. >> seth: your writing has been, sort of, rodent inspired for your whole. [ light laughter ] >> i just realized that. [ unintelligible ] my god, this is where it all comes from. and then, the news was like -- my hamster was called ops and he went missing. and so, obviously i needed to express and write about that. >> seth: yeah. >> so, i wrote it, and shared ie withommunity. and -- >> seth: yeah. th it was really dark. it was like, daye, still no sign of chops. [ laughter ] mom's got edgy. >> seth: so, it was like "gone girl" but for a hamster. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] and it's like, my brother jess has been searching and no sign. so we all thou the amazing thing is, is chops came back! >> seth: wow! >> chops came back! [ cheers and applause ] yeah!ch rs and applause ] and so, you can imagine that entry. >> seth: oh, yeah. >> i, like, walked out around our community and church bs,ng like, "gight? right?" i wanted to, like, feel the audience response and everyone -- there was one person i think who was keen.
1:13 am
>> seth: yeah. that's good. do you think chops maybe saw the article and realized he was loved? [ laughter ] he's like, "i got to go home. i didn't think they'd even notice." [ laughter >> he looked a bit like she who should not be named. >> seth: number 4.>> e went in looking like jennifer lawrence and came out looking like that. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's the before and after, yeah. [ laughter ] the floorboards, do not go under there. >> i had an amazing time, man. oh, my gosh. >> seth: you -- olivia colman, oscar winner, olivia colman is in the series. and did you -- how do yoliget someon olivia colman to agree to do your show? >> oh, well, you emotionally bribe her with your friendship. >> seth: gotcha. that's a nice starting point, a friendship. >> so, i made her come see "fleabag" the play. and then made her tell me that she loved it so much she wanted to be in anything i wrote. and then she camee the play, and she's -- i mean, loveliest woman in the world. and also the naughtiest, most mischievous. and she really likes the play. and she said, "if you ever want me to be in anything, then let me know."al
1:14 am
but i'ady written the pilot for the show. for the tv show. and so i was like, "oh, let me juor quickly write in a part olivia colman." and then -- there's one role in the play of the godmother that is talked abt but not -- only for a couple of sentences. so, i spoke to her abouthat. we talked about what she's like to play. and i just thought, "god, i haven't seen her play somey e who is reaful and, like, mean." >> seth: yeah. >> and the kind of cruel -- >> seth: and when you give a friend a part and say, "hey, i wrote you as an awful person," did she >> hrilled! >> seth: thrilled? yeah. >> thrilled. everyone wants to play the villain. >> seth: yea and she's really good at it. >> yeah, she's brilliant at it, yeah. >> seth: thank you so much for being here. just such a pleasurehao see you. >> you! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: congrats on the show. that's phoebe waller bridge, everybody. "fleabag" is playing at the so-ho playhouse thorugh april 14th and it's sold out. s season two of the tv serll be available on amazon prime video in may. we'll be right back with action brons [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug
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♪ [ chee and applause ] >> seth: our next guest is a yolented rapper and chef whose
1:20 am
new book, "stoned belief" is on sale now. please welcome back to the sacw, our friendon bronson, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> seth: how are you? >> i feel tremendous right now. >> seth: that's good! >> i feel so good, it's crazy. >> seth: that's great. usually -- it's great to have you here on the couch. usuay, we stand over there. >> oh, wait my spoon is falling out. >> seth: your spoon in falling. what have you got for us there, action >> well, this is my luggage. i just came off the flight. so, i brought some -- >> seth: they didn't make you check this? >> never. this is only carry-on. >> seth: okay. g >> you a rainbow moreno's icy. [ applause ] neyork style, right here. >> seth: new york italian ice. >> yeah, i'm gonna show you how to eat it. >> seth: okay. how do you eat it? >> you open it. [ light lahter ]
1:21 am
>> seth: okay. and this is all in the book. [ laughter ]hi >>is all in the book. i'm telling you, this is yoda level right hter ] >> seth: and how do you eat it? >> now you want to burrow around the sides. >> set >> you want to create a burrowing situation over here. [ laughter ] >> seth: yep. okay, great. >> every once in a while releasing it. [ laughter ] the point is -- the point is to lift -- >> seth: oh, you lift e whole thin >> -- the icy out of the -- >> seth: yeah? >> just to expose that. >> seth: oh! a [ cheers andlause ] >> do you see that? >>haeth: yeah. >>s the real treat right there. >> seth: oh, you go upside down. >> that's the real treat. >> seth: well, cheers to you. >> cheers to you, h: friend. >> s wouldn't have known that. >> it's in the book. so you don't -- [ laughter ] >> seth: i don't have to remember it?he >> it is. >> seth: this is -- i want to ask -- >> all that good granulated caramelized sugar on the bottom. [ cheers and applause >> seth: and this is all -- these are new york staples.s >> t a new york staple for sure.
1:22 am
>> seth: and everything in this book. this is great. egg d cheese on a roll. >> egg and cheese on a roll. salt, pepper, ketchup. >> seth: and these are beautiful photos. >> thank you, man. i appriate it. that's actually a burger my mom made. >> seth: really? >> yeah. >> seth: and this is -- people have described this book as a love letter to weed. would you agree with that? >> yes. [ laughter ]i uld agree. there's no doubt about it. >> seth: okay. >> i like to call it an earl memoir. >> seth: a memoir? >> a memoir. and there is also all kinds of tricry in there. it shows you how to hide -- well, growing in up in new york, u had to hide weed. you know, like in los angeles and all the west coast p you can just smoke freely. i had to hide weed under my nuts. [ laughter ] >> seth: when you were going where? >> to anhere. just riding around in the car. because you never know when you could be pulled over. seth: oh, wow. >> and, you know, you don't want -- [ laughter ] more than likely, they're not going to go there. >> seth: yeah, more than likely. >> i like to tell thce i'm not wearing underwear so they don't check me.
1:23 am
>> seth: gotcha. [ laughter i'm going to make a guess here. i bet that's the first cookbookh 's in. >> i'd say so. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] there's a -- t the book about you getting your mom high. >> oh, man. my mother is the one who turned me on to weed. [ laughter ] so, it was only right that i reciprocated. so, this was 4/20 about two yearago. >> seth: oh, that's nice that you did it for the holiday. >> well, she came over for lunch. she's like, "i want to get high!" [ laughter ]s i ke, all right. i got some oil here. so, i gave her just a little touch of some ve potent oil. >> seth: uh-huh. >> oh, man. it was like this woman was on ketamine. [ laughter ] i don't know that feeling. >> seth: yeah. >> but she does. >> seth: and then you did -- >> she's from that era. >> seth: you did wt every son would do if he got her mom high. you recorded her.
1:24 am
>> i recorded her. >> seth: yeah. >> and then i carried her up the stairs home, placed her in bed. she screamed, "don't take my bl p ] shoes off! [ laughter ] i need them for grip!" [ laughter ] [ applause ] what a woman. w whatan. >> seth: we actually -- we have onshort snippet. here is action broalking to his mom after he got her stoned. >> just tell everyonhigh you are. >> no, i can't talk. i'm not telling anyone. [ light laughter ] >> not tellin' anyone. >> are you recording me? >> no, i'm not. >> you are lying. >> can you please tell them? >> ian't describe it. i am so high. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: ts one right here. that's melty cheese. is that -- >> that's a it's all melty cheese. you know, this isn't about integrating cannabis into the food. this is about getting high and eating.
1:25 am
>> seth: okay, gotcha. [ laughter ] >> that's what this is about. >> seth: that's an important diinction. >> it really is. because i don't like to be overloaded. i like to smoke and then, you know -- or indge. >> seth: and so, just out of safety, there's -- you wouldn't say, like, make it and the stoned and eat it. you can get stoned first and then make it. nothing here is too . >> no, there's no patterns here. you can just do whatever. you can have it in your mouth while you're making it. you know. whatever. [ laughter ] there's no rules to this life. [ laughter ] now, look at that. this is another new york staple. a jamaican beef pay with cheese. >> seth: all right. [ audience ohs ] i don't think i'ma ever had a an beef patty with cheese. >> well, you have to come to jamaica queens. >> seth: okay. >> and remember, i tu, come to queens. and you know what we're gonna do. >> seth: yeah, yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] but you better not record me or take my shoes. >> d't you worry. laughter ] i'll never take your shoes. >> seth: and so this is easy to make at home? or do you have to get the original first? >> i mean, the original is --
1:26 am
you can make the original. omu get a nice beef patty 165th street and jamaica avenue. island flavors. you can get a jerk chicken style. you can get kalalu. you can get whatever y just open it and stuff it with paleo mozzarella. you can even put bacon and meatball. you can get crazy with it. at's what they serve at the gzzeria in new york city. >> seth: that isd looking -- >> it's a vegan alternative. [ laughter ] [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: we joke around. we have our this, here, is no joke. you're in a martin scorsese movie. >> i >> seth: thi photo -- >> it's crazy to even say that. >> seth: this is a real thing. you were in a photo -- this was you and bobby de niro and marty scorsese. [ cheers and applause ] >> that looks photoshopped, right? >> seth: and you are -- this is the film "the irishman." >> it is.
1:27 am
it's coming in october, i thinkn >> seth: it's be on netflix in october. >> i believe so. >> seth: and what was the experience like? e mean, obviously, you're a new york guy, toth these guys. >> it's illuminating from behind. [ laughteras it's likf god was in the room. the quote when i put this picture up, this is like -- this is a religious experience right here. you know? you watch so many movies, these people become part of your lives. and martin scorsese is, like -- all right. action! [ la ] i always wanted to say that. i'm like, all right. [ bleep ] have me back for another. [ laughter ] >> seth: and, you know, obviously, theres -- a guy whose movies have always been the most authentically new york films you can see.en you're so aucally new york. did you feel nervous or did you just know if you were yourself it was going to be whoever he wanted? >> yeah, i was just chilling all day long, honestly. [ laughter ] >> seth: you don't strike me as a guy who ts nervous or stressed out that much, action. a today i got stressed out because i was doinoking
1:28 am
segment, and they didn't have the god damned powdered sugar on the table.[ ughter ] so, i was furious. >> seth: really? >> but other than that, i'm good to go. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> seth: man, it is so nice having you back. that's aevion bronson, ybody! "stoned beyond belief" is available wherever books are sold. we'll be right rs and applause ] ♪ ♪ alrighty, you guys are almost all set. great! sounds good! honey, while you finish up here, i'll grab us some coffee. ok. ♪ (music stops) ready to go? but... i... ♪ getting a volkswagen during the sign then drive event. it's almost that easy. with practically just your signature, you can get a 2019 volkswagen jetta for zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing.
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hertz. we're here to get you there. marvel studios avengers: endgame in theaters april 26th. ♪ [ cheersnd applause ] >> seth: my thanks to jordan peele, al phoeber-bridge, action bronson, everybody. fred armisen, 8g band. stay tun for carson daly. see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ]♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
1:37 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> carson: hev, what's up, ybody. i'm carson daly. this is the flatiron room, and you are watching "last call." thanks so much


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