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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 13, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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right? >> yes, yes, blayne. >> great saturday to you. rumble of thunder woke some of i was watching as a storm moved across the region. the good tws, thender and lightning is done for the washington area for the most part and lingering showers particularly east of the beltway. folks in anne arundel county, picking up rain showers. to the west, drying out. looking for drying conditions across this region. the loop of the radar, it will be a nice day today.
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good day for yardwork and outdoor activities. shers end and sunshin returns. sunday, not a bad day as well. mainly dry. looks like another round of rain showers moving in just in time for the overnight hours sunday into the morning commute. we'll give you hour-by-hou where the showers move out and in and talk about it throughout the weekend. blayne, david, back to you. >> clay anderson, thank you. and 6:02 onhis saturday. up to speed on breaking news ot ince georges county. an overnight shooting leaves a man dead in fort called to tu road just off saint barnabas road. onceon-scene found a man outside of a home unresponsive. he did not survive. now police are searchg for the gunman responsible and trying to figure out the answer to the question, why? the motive. we'll stay on top of this and post it in thebc latest washington app. today many will take
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advantage of thehe warmer we out there. >> we're excited. favorite, national cherry blossom parade. that means a lot of street closures. the ma how to get around. highlighting the many roads shut down along the parade route today. runs along constitution avenue to 17th street from 10:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. also tday is emancipation day. another parade. a concert. also fireworks. that parade starts at 2:00 this afternoon and a concert following a 3:00 and firework later on pennsylvania avenue and also a number of road closures for that event as well. blayne, tell folks about this terrifying scene. alarming video showing the moment a blind man fallsth on t tracks at a metro station here tuesday morning. you c see, medical center stationre along th line. you see the passenger making his way along the platform towards s the tra then falls in. finds that edge.
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suddenly, right on to the tracks. the man manages to get himself upright. nearby passengers saw what was going on, scrllbled to p him back on to the platform just before that. you see it. 50 seconds later th next train arrives at that station. the man was taken to the l. hospita we're told he is going to be okay. here's the thing. this happened before, last summer when a visuallypa ed woman fell on to the tracks at the van ness statn. she was searching for the door on one of metros newer 7000 series trains and mistook a gap between two railcars, stepped off the platform and tell on to the tracks. thderal transit administration ordered immediats cha metro later switched the rubber barriers to chains between rs rail >> terrifying video. the death of an arlington philanthropist is now investigated as a homicide. when penny holloway died six months ago officials thought it was natural causes. policeay the evidence and medical examiner's report point to a homicide.
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the report says thatholloway died from o a combinationf smothering, drugs and alcohol. a number of neighbors areery concerned. >> smothering involved plus the drugs. i don't know whatto think. maybe assisted suicide? hopefully it wasn't, you know, foul >> r now no word on pe suscts, but police want to stress they do not believe there's any threat to the communit all is calm this morning, but chaos really erupted feet away from the white house yesterday afternoon. a man in a wheelchair set his jacket on fe while sitting along pennsylvania avenue. the secret service re ionded seconds put out the fire and rendered first aid. that man was tak to the hospital and expected to be okay. law enforceme sources tell us the man had mental issues and there was never a threat to president trump. a plan noemeant to improve commute. toll lanes i-270 and the
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beltway could force thetate to take people's homes along those routes. the governorromised no homes would be taken through eminent main. a new proposal claims nearly half a den homes moved in silver spring. cutting time spe in rush hour traffic as much as 35%. neighbors whoset homes are risk are not agreeing on what's best here. >> it wouldn't make sense rush us to go somewhere else. >> easy to say when you're four houses away from the project itself. you know? it's just the wait is. >> we should point out here still very early in the proce the state's holding meetings to talk about the different proposals and potential impacts. today presentations at pyle 00ddle school in bethesda. they start at 1his morning. if you want to go to one, go to the nbc washington app and search beltway to find thee ne presentation near you.
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something else happening today, speed limits goi back up on the bw parkway after the olmassive po were finally repaired. the national park service the speed limit returns to 5 miles per ho per hour between route 37 and route 22. speaking exclusively to news 4 yesterday, the new secretary of interior parks says the park ed service still help. >> we need to work with congress to come up with a better way to manage the assets we and have take care ofhat we have, and it's not just here in the baltimore, washington, or gw, it'shroughout the resources we have t people lovehe parks and we need to up our game a little bit across the board. >> bernhardt said the park service currently faces s service currently facess $12 repairs. backlog
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and operating in spotsylvania county, improving a plan to put nearly 2 million solar panels on five square miles in the rural western part of that coun c. thmpany says the project will bring hundreds of construction jobs and at least two dozen full-time jobs and bring in millions of tax dollars to that county. opponents fear it is too big and will bring noise and water republic the area. and cleaning up several parks in maryland and the district part of the anacostia watershed society's earth u cleday. picking up trash as marvin gay park and the anacostia river itself. starting at 9:00 this morning, rain or shine. reminder that later this month, news 4 working for you with an in-depth look a our changing climate. we're going to show u how it hapacted your family, your money, your health, even your
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spmmute. our primetimeial airs on earth day that is april 22nd at 7:30 right here on news 4. all right. talk about the caps. >> >> it. they need to win 16 playoff games to defend the stanley cup. so in a few hours will go for win two. >> because the puck drs this afternoon, but we know plenty of fans are still excited from the team's game one victory. this is the first playoff run in a decade for the california hurricanes and early in the game, it really showed. aps jumped out to a hot startth rsday night at capital one arena, up 3-0 with that goal from al ex-ovechkin. the hurricanesd moun a comeback within one goal when the caps landed anmy net goal to seal the game. we invite you to stay with nbc 4. we have playoff coverage today. defending the cup special starts at 2:30 this afternoon followed by game two against the hurricanes. that starts at 3:00. then after thegame, stick
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around. we have highghts for you and headlines of the day on news 4 at 6:00. exciting>> day ahead. 6:10 is your time. a young boy told his father someone was beating him. the father goes online to have his fears confirmed. up next, find out how a police officer went from being indicted for child abuse only t have the charge quietly dismissed. the full story, just aheadight the full story, just aheadight r
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and six is greater than one. you can make roomancial cfor everyone. get rewards and more with suntrust advantage banking. welcome back. now to a story you're only going to see on news 4. a prince georges county police officer indted on child abuse charges. >> the after suspended from the epartment after charged way buzing his girlfriend's 3-year-old son back in 2016. then soon afterrg those c were quietly dropped. >> tracee wilkins spoke with the ttle boy's father who says he is still fighting to protect his
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son. >> reporter: this is a picture perfect image of co-parenting. a father posi with her son's mother and her new girlfriend an sayin he thought things were good until he says his 6-year-old son started complaining about his mom's boyfriend. >> he would say, daddy, francesco which is his mom's yfriend hits me in my face and hits me in my stomach and is really mean. >> francesco is a prince georges county lice officer. after conversations with his kid's mom went nowhere he went the internet to try and contact francesco on his own last month. >> when i did a google search i came across an article. >> in fact, a long list of old articles by several tv stations and news bloggers in the d.c. region. indicted by a prince georges grand jury for beatingar l son in 2015 which he was 3 years
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old. en you did you think heard the details of the case? saw what was reported? >> that this is -- this is outrageous. like, why and how can someone keep something from me for so en long w that is my child? >> reporter: because he livesous the deregion he was unaware of the charges. abusing child after he soiled the be state's attorney and the police chief released statemen condemning the officer who was ndicted and charged with child abuse andassault. >> lamar was able to retrieve hisc son's me documents from children's national and what's detailed in the pages explains why the officer was indicted by a grand jury. according to those records the 3-year-old was spanked on the buttocks by the boyfriend. the child's head hit the drywall and he began foaming at the mouth. the officer performed cpr. doctors say the child suffered head trauma. >> my son was unconscious four
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minutes. hhewas foaming from mouth. >> reporter: the medical report goes on to say he's a county officer and when other officers responded to the scene ruled it accident so child protective services was not conducted. lamar also was not contacted when this happened three years ago. not by the child's mother or anyone. >> did you get any mail from the state's attorneys office? >> no,ma'am. >> from social services in prince georges county? >> no, ma'am. on >> reporter: a ago lamar won temp rare custody. he needs an attorney and has a go>>ndme account. y son was suffering, still was suffering until i was granted temporarycustody. >> reporter: according to sources with knowledge of the case the charges against the we officer dropped by an assistant state's attorney after he agreed to anger management. his recordt expunged alm
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immediately. prince georges county police confirm he is back with the >> what is your reaction to no one contacting the biological father to let you know your son was an alleged victim of abuse? >> i feel someone didn't do their job. >> reporter: tracee wilkins, news 4. >> wow. >> incredibly disturbing. the thing, maryland state law biological uire the parent to be contacted if the custodial parent chooses not to involve them. the mother's attorney says when lamar tried to take out a protective order against the officer that it was dismisse lamar went back to court this week to defend his protective order against he boy's mother. really disturbing story. 6:16our time. a live look outside on this saturday morning. a rainy start. kind of anri picture there looking live. clay anderson just sitting exwn to us will break down the hour-by-hour when the rain will move out and we can enjoy some move out and we can enjoy some clear weather.
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♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone!
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keep goin' man! you got it! if you ride, you get it. ♪ here i go again geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. . having fun this saturday morning. the town of middletown is gearing up for a very big day.r coming toget to help clean up the place. >> extra special this year. celebrating success of a year-long effort to keep cigarette butts off of t streets. we cheed it out. >> reporter: kind of like
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maybury buried in butts. thousands. not just an eye sore, also a health hazard. >> every year hundreds ofus tds of children get poisoned by eating cigarette butts, ition to that, they're hazardous to pets and wildlife. >> reporter: the town knew something had to be done. >> started as a result of cleaning the town of middleberg streets and finding so many cigarette butts arying to find a way to dispose of them in an environmentally sensitive manner, people see an issue, they get engaged, get involved to make theommunity a better place. >> we came up with receptacles s like t that collect the cigarettes. >> easy to do. not time consuming. just a, just par of taking care of keeping the town clean. >> reporter:im cole is the cleanup guy. he does not mind the extra work. >> when you do see itg, helpin it -- it's worth it. er >> reporter:e are 15 butt llectors around town.
6:21 am
and every couple of weeks those butts are shipped off to the cyclers. >> eliminate the ide ofwaste. we do that creating collection programs and solution systems for hard to recycle wastes. things you can't put in your ormal blue box all the way to used cigarettes we now recycle in nine countries. >> reporter: since the pro began nearly 7,000 pounds of cigarette butts have been recycled. >> so middleburg's cleanup starts at 8:00. in about90 minutes. looking to join meet at the community center. >> a fantast reminder later this month news 4 is working for you with an in-depth look at our changing climate. we'l show you how's impacting your family, your money, your health and even your commute. our primetime special airs on earth day which is april 22nd at 7:30 p.m. right here on news 4.d >> ime to bring in clay anderson this morning. how beautiful a start, showing a purplish sunrise? >> yes. it's all about location,
6:22 am
location. when you start from the radar in virginia, as in middleburg, not a bad way to start the morning. east of the beltway, you're up picking rain showers and moderate rain. waldorf across highway 50, show you that right now across the area. as i said, it's all about lotion, location. we show you storm team radar, notice that winchester, leesburg, chfrederick, not m rain across that area to the west, but to the east we go, and we notihat we are starting to see more rain showers starting to creep inside the beltway, and annapolis, across highway 50 into eastern maryland picking up rain. moderate rain southeast of princegeorges county. and these showers, leonardstown, frederickstown but we dry out. saturday's not a bad day at all. 58 in manassas with moderate
6:23 am
rain. and 64 in t town and out the west. a snapshot of the time frame for saturday and sunday. showers this morning. still 63 degrees. in the afternoon, by the noon hour, great, everyone. temperature, 76 degrees. sunday, not bad. warm humid,cloudy, but rain showers late. in other words, rain showers will be late,after the evening hours into monday. we'll give you more with then- y forecast in a moment. against, for the weekend, not looking too shabby at all. get outside and enjoy it. we'll give you more details and that ten-day forecast in
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video of a south carolina fourth grader is going viral this morning after her mom posted it showing her dancing and turning flips with a prosthetic leg. >> i'm excited to see this. take a look. born with a contion that left her with one leg that's shorter than the other. so since the age of 5, she has worn a prosthetic leg. after watching her sister dance with the team the 10-year-old said she wanted to try out as well and says s's very thankful to her mother and her coach who support her and will mever let her give up. >> they help never give up for, like what i do, or if i say can't do something. sometimes i will cry, but -- don't tell ta
6:27 am
they'll tell me to never give up because i can. >> that video rackmo up than 2 million views. understandably so. >> she's awesome. >> yes. heard of the running of theu bulls, butave ever heard of the running of the cows? >> no. apparently in the sunshinest e, that is a thing. okay? folks in florida have quite a sight when several of them were loose. take a look here. almost two dozen cows were seen trotting down a busy road. you can see they brought out quit the crowd. somehow they broke out ofheir pasture and were out there for about 15 minutes or so before their caretaker was final able to bring them back on in. i think this was a chick-fil-a stunt. my guess. behind this one. all right. it's known by some as the world's biggest water fight. >> when you see this video you will understand why. tak a loo several tourists and locals marked the thai new year having a water fight with elephants. that would be a fun competition. this was thursday about an hour north of bangkok. the annual water festival
6:28 am
typically takes place in april and often obsered in other southeast asian countries like laos and cambodia aswell. >> so cool. >> fun. looks fun to be outside. the weather looks perft for it. >> the elephants, they're decorated. >> they are. >> dancig along. having a good time. >> having a great time. they're used to this. this is thei annual tradition, clearly. >> i love it. he's in step. okay. as we look outside we see ah, it's getting to be a place where it's night to be outside. right? not quite there, but clay promises it will look up for all the festivals going on. he's going 's on! get to the ross spring shoe event to score the latest styles for the whole family... ...and something for you. oh yeah. that's yes for less. you heard me - 20 to 60 percent off
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department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. >> well, welcoback. a lot going on today including a number of parades and that means road closures. several busy roads cled for parades around the district. we'll show what you areas to avoid if you want to stay out of potential traffic messes this weekend. >> gunfire overnight in fort washington ends with one person dead and police working to find the shooter. and white house sources say it will not happen. president trump is threatening to bus migrants detained at the border to sanctuy city. more on the controversial plan this morning. >> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. hey there. welcome in. good saturday morning. i'm david culver it is a good saturday morning because i get blayne alexander me this morning. >> the sweetest thing. appreciate it. glad to be beside u. >> good to have company.
6:32 am
>> i'm sure. having a lot of fun during meshal breaks. what matters. and having fun today because a lot is going clay pro us the weather is going to clear up for all of the things going on around the district. >> so much going on, clay. folks, probably head out this morning need the umbrella. >> please. this afternoon? >> yes -- and yes. >> good. >> the ponchos you get in the little plastic bag, when u go see the cherry blossoms and hang out and so forth, what you needr this ng. rain showers will be done, out of here late in the morning, but for the ne hour two, you're going to get wet particularly coming south and east, cming in to the district. we show you the radar north and west are thest dr areas right now. as far as precipitation or rain showers are concerned. showing you about a six-hour tam lapse. interstate 81 movedss ac about 4:00 in the morning. on the second round now. drying out, out to ou west. looks like a very nice saturday for all of us across the area h and we you live radar.
6:33 am
again, drying out. still looking ataishowers, prince georges county, charles county, saint mary's county. keep an eye on that particularly if you're on the roads. give you all the details on the forecast for both today and tomorw and look at traffic. i'm melissa mollet. a lot of things happening. cherry blossom parade starts saturday constitution avenue between eventhnorthwest. and constitution between seventh and tenth, fourth and seventh between constitution and independence. 9:00 a.m., tenth and 23rd. 17th between new yk and independence and no access to the 14th street from the 14th street bridge. that corridor there. the rest of the weekend, emancipationay parade also saturday. freedom plaza shutting down at 7:00 a.m. on saturday.
6:34 am
that parade starts at 2:00 p.m. pennsylvania avenue closed between ninth and 14th and that closure begins at 1:00 p.m. caps and na t at homeis weekend. so, of course, to navy ya ballpark for it nats game and saturday the caps game, 3:00 p.m. right here on nbc 4. >> melissa, thank you. following breaking news in prince georges county. an overnight shoots leaves one man dead in fort wa called to tucker road just off saint barnabas road and found ai man o of a home unresponsive. he was rushed to the hospital and later pronounced dead. right now police are searching for the gunman responsible and trying to determine a motive. of course, we'll stay on top of this story and post the very latest app.e nbc washington to montgomercounty now. for several sexual assaults, police worry there may be more victims. they also tell us one woman was raped while the man was out on bond.
6:35 am
police say astin vann attacked a woman in 2017 and another earlier this year. t at first attack a woman says vann lured her to an empty apartment to cct her belongings she left at a party. then in january, while vann free and awaiting trial on that first case a woman says she met im on social media. she met him at a bethesda restaurantk left the drunattended. when she woke up later in an an familiar place says vann was raping her he's held has a detention center awaiting trial. meanwhile, a man sentenced for running atu prostion ring out of his home in sterling. he w exploiting women who spoke little english and struggled financially. police say he would traffic the women from new york and advertise the service on business cards. he is an undocumented immigrant from el salvador and sentenced n to more than two yearsil for that crime. greg craig back in court monday. the former obamahite house
6:36 am
counsel about work on behalf of for governments. he was released from custody and scheduled to be back in court next wednesday for a hearing whether tois surrender passport. the charges grew out of special counsel robert mueller's investigation into paul manafort's lobbying activities. craig is accuses of sleading the justice department aboutr woon behalf of the pro-russian president of ukraine in 2012. three years aftter craig he white house. to the latest in the fight over illegal immigration. president trump is strongly considering a plan to bus migrants detained at the border into sanctuary cities. >> bsting it as political retribution. local authorities refused to prosecute undocumented immigrants a everybody other to deportation.d accoing to the "washington and sanew york, chicago francisco among the cities the white house considered targeting. >> it's just another notion that is unworthy ofhe presidency of
6:37 am
the united states and disrespectful to the challenging we face as a country. >> according to the "post" the white house pitched the idea at least twicepa over the six months. administration officials dismissed the report calling it a suggestion that was floated and rejected this latest twist in the immigration fight, of course, front andnt c on "meet the press" tomorrow morning. chuck todd and his panel will dissect t very latest developments out of the white house this week. of course, that starts tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here after "news4 today." t6:37 onis saturday. heads up for you. in the oaon and chantilly area today and see or hear several fire trucks, medevac helicopters, don't worry. practicing skills in case o a mass casualty. the exercise lasts from 8:00 this morning and should wp up around noon. something for parents to listen to. a dire warningif yoave young infants. st using the fisher-price rock
6:38 am
n' play couple lost their son and praised the recall. >> the silver lining w hearing that the recall was actually else ing, and that no one has to suffer from their baby dieing in this thing. >> the cpsc says fisher-price voluntarily fasttracked the recall. safety is its top priority and stands by the product blaming deaths on thepe sl used ifincorrectly. you have one of these rock n' play sleepers, stop using it immediately and contact fisher-price for a full refund. it. 6:38, man-made project from more than 50 years ago could be causing a longl fish cove to dry up now. leaders celebrated improvement this week. this week. after the break, mark segraves
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for for decades a scenic spot to take a boat out on the potomac river. >> now fletcher's cove is in danger of drying up. a problem that could one day leave the area land locked. >> reporter: in us for generations. about 100,000 people a year use this boat dock. locals like alan. >> coming down here over 20 years. >> reporter: last winter flooding fro a storm destroyed the boat dock and left tons of debris scattered along thecove. local and federal leaders celebrated the cleanup anden reing of a new dock but warned it's just a temporary fix. >> now the dock goes out further, that gives us more time, but it just gets sentimented in. the natural river flow doesn't work right. >> reporter: the pa tootomac ri
6:42 am
doesn't flow right because of this man-made dan built back in the '60s. the result, doesn't get the proper water flow. so the cove is drying p. >> yeah. it's a horrible situation. job its first day on the the new secretary of interior david bernhardt expressed support for saving the cove. >> we're trying to eliminate the maintenance backlog for the area. >> reporter: maryland congressman jamie raskin took to the river himself today was kaushtly optimistic. >> i hope that the secretary will commit to work with u to make sure that the whole area stays usable and friendly for recreation and for wildlife and for the fish. >>ereporter: we asked secretary what the federal government is committed to doing at fletch many. >> we're committed. be here a long time with our partners and will give it our best effort. >> reporter: the good news for now, the shad population like the other wildlife in the potomac river gorge ishriving
6:43 am
at fletcher's cove markegrave segraves, news 4. planning to head out on the anr, clay
6:44 am
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i want that. (laughing) for a limited time get fast, reliable internet for a low price. call now. comcast business. beyond fast. we've > we've got the "today" show up here next on nbc 4. >> sheinelle andeter with a preview. good morning. >> good morning to you. coming up on this saturday in mo nearly 20 million people bracing this morning for severe stormslu inng the
6:46 am
possible tornadoes from texas all the way to alabama. dylan is live wi a look of what to expect. also ahead, the border battle rages on with president trump warning migrants cou bused from the border to sanctuary cities. democrats denouncing the idea as retaliation. and britain braces for a new royal baby. could the newest royal be born at home? we have details. >> those stories and more when we get started on "today" right here on this saturday. and david and blayne right here on nbc washington, d.c. nbc 4. >> >>thanks. and finally bringing home a championship. today the uva community is getting ready for a very big celebration. >> couldn't get to minnesota to see the game in person, charlottesville,the next best spot. i know that because i was therea
6:47 am
find to get a feel for all the wild excitement. >> reporter: uva's john paul jones arena, packed for students, staff, alumni. this -- [ cheers ] well, this was the place to be. >> very near and dear to all of our hearts. we love sharcharlottesville and so xcited to behere. >> reporter: more than 1,000 wa miles a from minneapolis. doesn't matter. the excitement from the uva fans is electric. no need to see the players to understand the plays. just look at thefans' faces. all excitement to start out. followed by moments of concern. then -- spurts of jo high fives all around, but wait.d appointment, and shock, frozen faces. students holding tight to one another. defeat inching closer, but got wiped away with a rush of encouragement and pureel ation. a big, a huge, major win.
6:48 am
>> whew! >> the best thing i've ever seen. >> reporter: how insane? >> that was crazy! >>porter: what does it mean they're coming back here to charlottesville as c mpions? >> yeah. they put in a lot of hard work in the offseize and during thee sze ton get to this point and w re so proud ofthem. they deserve every minute of it. >> we won! >> reporter: from the packed arena to the crowded corner, this -- , this is a sight you rarely see. it is shut down. the roadwayurned into a pedestrian plaza. students areout. they are feeling good.go feeling d. got to love it. you've got to love it. so we briefly got swallowed by that loves crowd asother students reached new heights climbing high above. policeul keeping car watch as the joy spread. some believing this moment was destined to happen. >> it felt like it was written in the stars. >> reporter: and now -- it is written on the shirts.
6:49 am
virginia, national champions. there is still time toin that celebration today. 2:00 ent is scheduled a this afternoon. it's going to be at scott stadium in charlottesville. gaes open at 12:30. there's no charge for admission or for parking. it is going to "the" place to be to celebrate with that asrade. >> what a toughgnment you had this week. i feel bad for you. >> made so many trips to charlottesville for bad news stories. this was so enjoyable to be down there for something happy and people are prod to tax about. >>ting to watch. awesome story. the question will be, got the parade down the buta lot of events locally, clay anderson. e at do you think of weather? rain this morning. going to move on out? >> it's going to move good news, it's early for us saturday morning.a appre you being up with us. by the time you have that second cup of coffee, think late morning, 10:00, 11:00 a.m., rain showers move out.
6:50 am
2:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon,r all about that. nice and dry and maybe start thinking about the lawn mower. yes! the lawn mow perp outsier. clouds, and visibility issues but notreally. stratus clouds across the area. stratus coming at us, but not a bad dayecause it will dry out across the area. the radar, everybody is talkingh about now. rain showers moving across from the west to the east and we will drive from the west to the east. waldorf, saint mary's, prince georges and thenn sunshine an hour or two across the area. showing you live radar. temperatures responding in the warm, moistair. temperatures in the 60s. cooler,ir drier sunshine breaking through. what you ed to know for your saturday. 63 degrees by 8:00 lingering showers maybe east. isolated showers late in the
6:51 am
day. temperatures, sunshine, 76 degrees. not a bad sunday, everyone. we'll have morninghowers that give way to rather humid conditions and a strong cold front overnight, late sunday into monday morning. for saturday and sunday, 76 and 77 degrees respectively. with that, the forecast, on ever for the next several days. take a good look everyone. a couple 76or degrees our high temperatures for saturday and sunday. as i said, great the way people y.nt the rain at night and dry during the what our saturday and sunday will look like. monday, tuesday and wednesday y. bree cools down, but it warms up onc. ag 77, 80 degrees, chance for possibly strong thunderororms friday. keep a look at that, and another cod frontoming through the area and we start to cool down and temperatures, now, remember, avere high temperatures for our period are temperatures in the 60s. about 64 degrees. as you look xtacross the seven to ten days, we still continue to be well above
6:52 am
average across the region. enjoy this weekend, everyone. thebe rain showers will ending, as i said. ending 10:00 to 100 a.m. the west. noon hour, east of the beltway a grust afternoon for all of and do it all over again for sunday and 70s and
6:53 am
6:54 am
ditzny unvase, chevron acquires and uber opening its
6:55 am
books all in the eek thatwas. a big bet or shale, oil and natural gas big anadarko petroleumor $3illion in cash and stock. disney unveiling its strategy take onstreams services like netflix andamazon video. disney plus shows based on marvel and "star wars" but the big draw, acss to disney's movies and fox shows like "the simpsons." service available in november and cost $7 a month. significantly less than netflix. disney shares posted their biggest gains in years and set a new all-time high. netflix shares fell and uber getting ready to become a public company. lost more than a billion last year. with more than 90 million customers every month, uber expected to valued around $100 billion in its initial public offering of stock. i'm dominic chu, get all
6:56 am
your business news right here on cnbc. and set you up with four things to know. one man is dead after an overnight shooting in prince georges county. police found the man unresponsive outside a home along tucker roa in fort washington. so far no arrests made. and several roads shut down near theth national mall morning gearing up for the end of the cherry blossom festival, emancipation day and the japanese street fest value all in dc. traveling in to the district today, taking the metro might be your be bet. ed party continues in char00ttesville. a .m. parade set to celebrate virginia's national baskensall champp. gates open at scotts stadium at 12:30. it's free. can't make it t to grounds tune in to news 4 at 6:00 for gh high. and the caps round two in the series. tune in at 2:30 for our
6:57 am
special. the cup" >> clay anderson, so much going on around here. >> good news, those in virginia to the west,in rhowers have already ended. inside the beltway to the east give it a couple more hours, the rain continues to move to the east. seven day. morning showers give sunshine for all of us. temperatures in the 70s everyone both today and tomorrow. so for us, enjoy your afternoon today and tomorrow. not bad. monday is cooler and drier. time to get outside, but get back here for 8:30. see you then. see you then. backin 25 minutes you can make roomancial cfor everyone.
6:58 am
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threat. nearly 20 million people bracing for severe storms this morning from texas to alabama. large hail, damaging a wind and high threat of tornadoes through the weekend. dylan is tracking it all. border battle, president trump slams rep claiming he pressured h new homeland security secretary to shut down the border. this as the president acknowledges he's considering sending detained migrants from the border to so-called sanctuary cities. >> we'll give them more people. we can give them a lot. we can give them an unlimited supply. >> democrats blastinghe idea, calling it unworthy of the presidency. slip of the foot, a scary moment for tiger woods a the masters asec aity guard slips and clips


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