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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 14, 2019 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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sunday morning. here's what we're following for you on "news 4 today." a lot of greeneaded our way. rain and thundstorms could rauch o wash out the start to our workweek. we have the sunday forecast. gunfire and more deadly violence ripples across a busy roadngy separatin.c. and maryland. now police in prince george's county and the district areg search for answers. >> a fight outside a d.c. nightclub between two pro athletes. now a super bowl champ is facing a possible suspension while a wizards player is left looking for a new team. stay on top of that for sure. we have the flag flapping behind us here on this sunday mo morning. and thank you so much forheing here wus. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm melissa mollet, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for sticking it out. >> thank you. i'll tell you what, it has been a little something with this guy. i'm just meteorologist clay anderson is standing by. clay, outside, we see a little wind and it is going to be a little yuckyak today to way for nicer stuff this week. >> absoluly. as we see the winds areto startg
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ick up, notice the temperatures have risen four degrees with all the cloud cover in the last hour. we have already started to approach 70 degrees, that's without any sunshine. imagine if the sun did peek through how our temperatures would start to take speaking of t off, the radar is showing more rain moving into our area. now for us if we go directly from washington, d.c. to the west, we're looking at mostly a rain event down to our south. severe weather pgues areas of central georgia with a line of thunderstorms. colder weather to our west. so this storm system has one place to go, everyone, from the west to the east. so we wil reach us and we're picking up light showers now across theoa shena valley as they approach. this storm system continues to wrap around as it approaches us. what we want you to know for your day today, it will be a cloudy sunday, everyone, passing showers here and there. we're looking at near the evening hour, the first of wo lines of storms move across the area. overnight tonight, the heavier
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rain and stronger winds and details and the timeline. we'll talk in a minute. back to you. >> ware tracking breaking news. homicide investigation is under way in suitland. >> one man is dead and one man was sent to the hospital. derrick ward, what are they saying about this incident? >> reporter: well, we're not getting a lot at this point, only tint the sho happened at about 3:10 this morning. take a look. this is still an active kile sce crime scene. seems to be wrapping up now. this is a block that has some small apartment buildings and then these duplex houses. it was about 3:10 this morning, take a look, we have video from this scene, when police were called here for a report of gunfire. they got here, they found one adult male who had been shot,
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pronounced dead, anotherdult male shot and taken to the hospital. we don't have any information about the condi person taken to the hospital, nor do we have information about the condion of person who was suspect. a however, take a look live with us now, police are just taking away one of the t vehiclet was parked in front of the house. you see here on theucow looks like it is going to be going ton perhaps evidence location for prince george's county police as you see a squad car following behind it. this scene just wrapping up. a lot of people not able to get out or coming home after working overnight andot able to get in. the scene is indeed clearing. the investigation moves into another phase now with that vehicle with virginia tags being towed away from the scene. no information about theen ties of the person who was pronounced dead, nor the person wounded or a suspect at this point.
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we are live in suitland, eric ward, news 4, back to you. >> watching it unfold there on live tv. thank you very much. that shootin was not far from several other violent incidents yesterday along . southern aven right at the d.c./maryland line. d.c. police and prince george's county police investigating all of this. aan was stabbed to death near wheeler road in southeast. 2:30 yesterday afternoon. few hours after that, she got word o a shooting in the boulevard heights neighborhood. police tell us that person is expected to survive and then w d.c. policee called back to southern avenue. this time for a shooting near nd the suit parkway. no word on that victim's nd ion. police say the gunman there drove off in a black sedan. leaders in the district and cprince george'snty announced they'll be working together to try to cut down on crime along thatred border. now to a story you saw first here on news 4. devin robinson is facing charges
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for fighting outside a d.c. nightclub and the team will move on without him next season. d.c. police arrested robinson early yesterday. he allegedly got into a physical fight with philadelphia eagles player jalen mills. th players were arrested outside the opera lounge on i street and are facing disorderly affray charges which refers to public fighting. the wizards released this statement saying we are aware of the incident this morning involving devin and disappointed in his acts and will not extend him a qualifying offer for the 2019-2020 seasonic to pol now, happening today, a major announcement expected for potential democratsi pntial candidate pete buttigieg. the mayor of south bend, indiana, teased this on his facebook page. he is expected to announce a run for president at noon. buttigieg has jped up to the front pack of an already crowded field of democratic candidates. democratic kennedy beto o'rourke is coming to our area this week. he'll become the first 2020
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hoful to hit rginia. he plans to spend tuesday and wednesday in the comnwealth attending a host of grassroots events from norfolk to charlottesville to alexandria. check the latest on the "meet the battle on press." chuck todd and the panel will talk abouthe latest week. it all startst 10:30 right after "news 4 today." two events are expecte collide today. virginia governor ralph northam will hold a campan event for the first time since a picture from his medical school yearbook surfaced months ago. one of the organizations is calling for his resignation and will hold a protest. today, the fairfax naacp plans to protest outside the campa an event the berk ponds community center in berk. in february, northamirst admitted and apologized to being one of the men in the photo, he later said he was not in the photo at all. back here in the district,
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thousands line constitution avenue to catch a glimpse of the annual cherry blossom all sorts of fun, balloons, floats, music and, of course, dance performances. there is waldo. if the parade wasn't enough, the japanese street festival was also held yesterday. vendors traveled from all over theorld to attend and celebrate japanese culture. very cool. e nth day is officially until april 22nd. thousands of people were out in full force and earth day event to helproct the anacostia water shed. the focus yesterday went well beyond the river itself. also two communities upstream. volunteers helped by picking up cans cups, bottles and other trash that would otherwise end up in the water. >> a p lot ofple don't make the connection from the land to the water. >> i've never been here before. it is gorgeous park. it just needs a little cleanup. >> the effort involved volunteers at more than 30 sites in d.c. and maryland. the ultimate goal to have the wimmable and fishable. >> another day of service event
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brought out several volunteers to better serve the college park area. yesterday was also good neighbor day. nearly 1,000 people took part in service projects like this t cleanup andree planting at lake artemesia. this is the eighth annual good neighbor day. the project is organized by the university omaryland, the city of college park and the national capital park and planning commission. later this month, news 4 is working for you withn in depth look at our changing climate. you can see how it is pacting yo family, your money, your health, even your commute.r primetime special airs on ,arth day, april 22nd, at 7: here on nbc 4. >> the celebration has notn stopped charlottesville as fans bask in the national championship win for the cavs. >> yesterday university of virginia fanske p scott stadium to honor the cavaliers taking the title. this is the first national championship win for the men's basketball team and their fans
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showed them how much they appreciated the team bringin theitle back home to charlottesville. talk about rocking the red. overtime thriller gives the caps another victory in the >> they're one step closer. i held this up the wrong way. caps lead 2-0 in their bestve o series with the hurricanes. here is how it all went down. five minutes lt and the caps are up, deflectionn the power play, and the hurricanes score to tie it up. to ot, that's where brooks orpik saved the day. will come into your screen on the left. he takes the pass and fires it into the upper corner of the net for the winner. now they head down to carolina to see if they can win e, maybe two down there, they with sweep it all. game three tomorrow night at 7:00. >> go, caps. millions ofeople are filling pews for palm sunday.
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welcome back. palm sunday today. >> it is. >> a lot of christians are celebrating. >> new this morning, pope francis marked the day in st. pers square in vatican city. thousands of worshipers were there, palm nday, holy week, which commemorates jesus' death. that just looks beautiful. >> absolutely. a sighto see f sure. shifting gears, a horrifying story from the mall of merica inminnesota. >> this is so tough. a 5-year-old boy continues to fight for his life after he was thrown off a third story balcony by a complete stranger. police say this man, emanuel aranda, grabbed the boy and rew him over an inside balcony, then took off running toward the mall's transit stop before he was stopped. the boy was rushed to the hospital with pretty serious
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injuries. court records show the 24-year-old aranda was charged with two previous incidents at the same mall and he now faces charges of attempted homicide. awful story. out on the west coast, aen er accused stabbing his mom to death is back in cu surveillance video captured the moment that ike suezer escaped early friday morning. he was found six miles away at a mcdonald's. they believe he hurt himself while trying to cape. check out this fiery video from the new jersey bodwalk. plumes of black smoke rising as firefighters use hoses to put out the flames. crews rushene to the sce yesterday and had trouble keeping the fire under control. they finally contained it to a restaurant. no injuries have been reported. there is no word on what spark that fire. for the first time a plane with the longest wingspan took to the sky over california's mojave desert. the gigantic jet is called the strato launch, it has six engines, longer than a football field.
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yesterday it flew around for more than two hours before landing safely. the plane is designed to carry loads weighing up to 650 tons. the designers hope to use it to send small rockets with satellites into orbit. >> i think it probably doesn't do it justice seeing it on film. longer than a football field. >> doesn't look that big right there. >> my goodness. massive. time now is 10:14. we're taking a live look at the nation's capital on this sunday mornin a lot of cloud cover in the area. can't see the cherry blossoms e. anym they are gone for this year. but, we'll check back in with clay when we comeback, we're in weather alert mode, could tap some rumbling a bumbling later nd
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welcome back at 10:17. the president offered pretty strange solution to immigration problems this week when he floated the idea of sending asylum seeking migrants to sanctuary cities. >> the white house says the idea was rejected but the president is still say he may do it. moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd joining us now. what is the strategy here? >> it appears to try to just see if thery democrats will uncle and come to -- because everythi has been -- one tool in the toolbox, a hammer. this started with shutting down the government, then the national emergency, then threatening theborder, now it is this. ironically this is actually part of a temporary solution. if you look at what we're dealing with now, the asylum system is veoverrun, we got a
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backlog of cases to adjudicate about whether they get asylum or not. they'll need to be a place to -- for these folks to thlive. will actually be part of the asking for cities and mayors and governors to volunteer.t doing this way and make it -- feels like a weaponization of the government and all of this. so it certainly doesn't make it as if democrats want to help. and i think this is what is frustrating the situation, we'lr kellyanne conway, she presents a verynveasonable sation about, like, where to have this begin and you just sit there and say, d but you't sound like the president. >> right. >> that's where it, i think, he himself messes up their e process. >> we continue to hear about migrants who are coming to the. bord >> not only that, there is evidence that he's making -- thh ats to shut the border have been used as advertiseme bs to say yter come now, they're shutting the border. it is making the crisis>> -- wow, interesting. let's turn our attention to the
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mueller report. are we expected to see a more redacted version or can you get more redacted? >> where are we? >> here's what i'm assuming, the fight this week will be over what's been redacte and not over what we saw. the level ofendistrust betwe congressional democrats and the new attorney general is pretty high. after there was already some b skeptici how he summarized the mueller report and his decision to call -- to use a presidential bucking t point,he word spying, sort of whatever threads of trust were left are gone. so demoats, ithink, will enter this with a presumption of he's overredacted. and so i assume this debate about the mueller report will last pretty much until we're alive. i feel like we're going to be fighting to see the rest of the mueller report, the same way we're waiting for allf the archives on the kennedy assassination with the cia. >> interesting to see if it ever fully get up, right? >> you know --
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>> this is a reminder that when government wants to keep it secret, they can't. >> tt's true. that's absolutely true. >> tell us who you have o comin the show. >> kellyanne conway and presidential candidate of the week, jay inslee, the of washington state, in studio, he's running on a climate change focus. >>is name is entirely too ea ll. >> pete btigieg, you're doing good today. >> beto. >> beto? >> not beto. >> beto. >> we could go through this, we ave a whole pronunciation guide. it is donald. most people call him the donald. it is dona. >> like target. >> trump. trump. >> a reminder, you can sees" "mt the pr comes up every sunday at :30 here after n"news 4 today." should be a good show. from chuck to clay. >> yes. >> we'reki t about weather alert today. >> yes.
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finally have some timings for this first round ofwo orms. first round will hit us between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. and that's the bigger one, closer to midnight. 11:00 p.m., midnight. as it stands now, 6:00 to 8:00 around 1 and the main event, 11 p.m. >> w whenre all sleeping. >> yes, could be a wake-up call. let's look outside now, even in the midst of the clouds, the rain, the drizzle, the fog, our temperatures tside, we're already above our normal high temperature across the area. 68 degreesntly the temperature in town. we're clioing ingclosing in on across the board to our west. across the bay, cambridge coming in at 68 degrees. this storm system continues to pump the moisture um from the south and east. showers and thunderstorms, tornado watches down to thes ar in georgia. snow occurring in areas across the plains and midwest.
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this is a serious storm systeng mour way. we have light rain showers just to our north and west of winchester, hagerstown, picking up a drop of rain. for most rt, we remain dry. as we talked about the line of storms, think two major lines will move across the area. the first one between a 6:00 7:00, 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. it moves across the area. it should be a heavy rainmaker if nothing else. this second system, everyone, will move quickly across the et region,en 11:00, 12:00 and 1:00 a.m. depending. by 3:00 a.m., already movingo the east of our area. so for us, we're going to keep an eye on that cold air behind the system, everyone. even out to our west, across potoma hylands, picking up cold air. what we should expect from bothy systems, h rain, strong winds, as of now, little early to start thinking about tornadoes. we'll keep our eyes on the sky, stay with news 4 throughout the with that, here is the forecast, everyone. a stormy sunday. nday night. a windy monday.
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and cool, take a look at the temperature for minimum, 43 degrees for tuesday morning. that's intown. so you'll look at upper 30s out to our west, believe it or not. look how fast the temperatures recoveck everyone. o the 60s, back to the 7 0s, starting to think about 80ose to degrees for thursday. but saturday and sunday, we have a chance to do some thunderstorms and go around all over again. over the next severalys we continue, this is not necessarily a summer pattern. but this is not an early april pattern with all the high temperatures that you see over nee next several weeks. more , more information, and it is aost time. lmst while shopping at sears, you need to place yourself in the moment. ♪ our products make the wins more victorious... and the rewards even sweeter. you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. our products and services
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i' in my johnsonville commercial, we open up in the forest. i'm out in the wild eating my breakfast. and all of a sudden, raccoon come up and asked me, bi "are thoser patties?" i said,"yep." wolf comes in and says, "wow, that's a lot of sausage." and we hat a good laugh about (laughing)
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johnsonville breakfast sausage has 15% larger patties. fits on a biscuit. here are the four things you need to know, breakingo ining o prince george's county, one manr dead, anothne left to the hospital. it allne hap after 3:00 this morning on maywood lane. the clock is ticking to get your taxes filed. the deadline is tomorrow. before midnight, to file your returns or get an extension. experts say more people have been waiting to file at the last minu virginia governor ralph northam will be holding a campaign event for first tim a sincicture from his yearbook surfaced. the lanaacpns to protest outside the campaign event at the berk ponds community center. stay tuned for "meet the press." chuck todd and the panel will go through the latest developments in the immigration battle starting here at10:30 when we
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wrap up on "news 4 today." could be some rumbling on later. >> it could be. we're looking at the clouds and rain showers and we have one more graphic weant to show. there it is. in case you do hear the thderstorms, you wilave heavy rain, possible flooding if you're driving. the key is i it is a severe signature, if you're looking up and seeing clouds spinning around, go indoors. go inside until it is all done. >> good ad >> thank you. "meet the press" next. see you.
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fight. president trump ups the stakes saying he may release migrants to sanctuary cities. >> they always say they have open arms. let's e if they have open arms. >> taunting states like california that oppose his immigration policy. >> we can give them anim unlited supply. >> and reportedly urging homeland security to close the boer even a he publicly said he wouldn't. >> it's just another notion that is unworthy of the presidency of the united states. >> plus, spy games. when attorney general bill barr makes this claim without offering eviden - >> you are not suggesting though that spying occurred? >> spying did ocr, yes, i think spying did >>occur. e pleases


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