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tv   Today  NBC  April 16, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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♪ neeeeeewwww. ♪ good morning. breaking overnight. history in flames. the world watches in helpless horror as notre dame cathedral burns. firefighters battling for 12 hours to save the 850-year-old church. oh, my god. >> this morning, the full scale of the destruction revealed ast e sun rises in paris. tears, prayers, and hope among the rubble. just ahead, the race to save priceless tts and find out what started the fire. we're there live. the untdown. the mueller report set to be released to the public thursday, but how mh will we actually see? fightg back. actress lori loughlin facing up to 40 years in prison pleading
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not guilty in that college bribery scheme. why she's decided against cutting a deal. those stories, plus dash for freedo the north korean defector shot whil fleeing the country shares his story for the very first time. nbc news exclusive. our investigati offacebook. did mark zuckerberg push to sell your private data? and neverde surrenr. the u.s. marine who crawled t acrohe finish line of the boston marathon and the heroic reason he fused to give up. "today," tuesday, april 16th 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news thit is "today" wsavannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning and welcome to "today." it's tuesday morning. nice to have you with us. you with us, willie. it felt like the whole world was watched yesterday through tears as notre dame just the symbol of
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the catholic church, the center of paris, france. sop many visitors have comth to space. here it is this morning. that's a live look having been destroyed part of it by flames. >> and o the people paris, the people of paris stood by elpless as they watched their cathedral burn. i guess we can wake up this morning and be thankful that part of it is still standing and that some of the treasured and priceless relics have been preserved and saved from that fire. >> this is a morning that's all about finding out what was lost and what was saved. overnight officials announcing at least the fire is fully extinguished. now they're workingeo fig out what started the fire in the first place and just how much of this nearly 900-year-old cathedl has been damaged. >> good news as i said. much of the priceless artwork nd relics inside have be saved including the 800. hy pe organ.
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e of the largest in the world. >> a fund raising drive has alrey received more than $300 million in commitments. we have a lot to get to. we'll talk to cardinal timothy doland in a moment. but let's start with richard engel in pition there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. what a blow to this city. people have been coming here to see what is left of notre dame cathedral. as you said, some good firefighteere able to save the building itself, but they now say that with the roof removed, which burned off,ct th ste is uns daybreak over a new and diminished paris skyline. theda cathedral of notre still stands but without her elegant spire. fire. away by a >> for me notre dame is for me is mother. and suddenly you feel your mother has been hurt by the
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fire. while a investigation is still ongoing, french officials are so far calling the blaze unintentional. they suspect it started around 6:30 monday night among scaffolding at the base of the spire. but the flames spread quickly across the medieval roof. made of so many timbers, it was nicknamed the forest. thep heat k building and rising until the spire came crashing down into the church's interior fanning the flames even further. for s that felt like days, it seemed like notre dame, our lady of paris, might be lost. >> flames we everywhere. and people were everywhere. it was very quiet on the street. very somber. >> reporter: frenchto officials the nation to brace that she may not be saved. and that this gothic masterpiece visited by 13 million a year and filled with priceless art and relics would be reduced to ash.
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around 400 firefighters finally contained the flames enough to go inside and saw this. the interior was badly damaged, but not a charred shell. firefighters announced they'd managed to save the structure. notre dame would survive. and they said major works of art and relics including the hfy crown o thorns were saved. parisians came out to sing for their beloved cathedral. and prais the firefight french president emmanuel macron told the naston, the wor has been avoided. notre dame will be rebuilt, he said, because it is what the french people expect and what their history deserves. as if to protectre not dame from further devastation, parisians came in groups to sing and to pray for an icon of this city, of france, of theworld. around a hundred firefighters are still on duty on standby to protect in case t fire starts
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again. but the real concern now is that with the loss of that roof, the structure is unstable. and there's a fear among french officials that there could be a shift, there could even be a partial collapse. >> let's hope that doesn't happen. richard engel, thank you. let's turn to cardinalth ti dolan who has visited notre dame on many occasions. good to see you. i wish it were underetter circumstances. it feels like a loss in the family. and i know you love this place and it's one of the most, most revered places in >>tholicism. ou put it well, savannah. willie, nice to be with you both. thanks for the invitation. there does seem to be a dea in the family, right? and not just the catholic family, but the world family. i was walki taking a little walk last night and people would just stop me to give sympathies. i thought i was at a anke. as people gather around and look at the charred remains of our beloved notre dame, it's almost like we're at
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parlor and we're seeing a loved one who has died. but what moves me and i don't know if you would agree, wt moves me is already the spirit of resurrection, new life, revival. ittrikes me as -- listen, if a tragedy like this has to happen during holy week and passover, bad. because the sacred message of both of those is from dying ngmes risi so maybe this is going to bring about a great revival. you already see it in the french people. >> on a personal level, cardinal dolan, what did you feel as we watched yesterday? so many of us around t were horrified. we felt helpless and sad andtc wad the spire fall into the church. what were you feeling? >> i have to say it was my on brother, the archbishop of paris and his predecessor who had begun as you know notre dame was under repair and restoration like we'dust undergone at our st. patricks cathedral.
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i thought of themly personal tried to call, couldn't get through. sentemail. secondly i have to tell you, this may have been a bit preserving, tut iught of st. patricks. i thought are we safe. >> your own cathedral here. >> and we just had that repaired. and thank god the bny hasn extraordinary vigilant and helpful. because we've got a wooden roof too. i don't know wt major structures don't. but a wooden roof. so i canhe remember t fire department saying we have to get the mist system, we have to get the fire retardant in gere. thank we got it. but it was personal because i thought what would i be doing now if st.s patrias burning? that's the suffering the french pe kept thinking this morning about what i wasug always . when two or more christians gather together in jname, that's a elchurch. >> wl said. >> however, this place means so much to so many people. >> doe't it? the church building, all right?
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is extraordinarily important. but what you said, what goes on inside is the church with a capital "c." community, faith, prayer, worship, charity, hope, art, nobility lifng the mind and heart to god through jesus. that's what goes on in the chur with the capital "c." that can never be destroyed. act of faith is inspired by this. >> you may be able to put into words the significance of that cathedr to the french revolution to world war ii to the nazis and the americans liberating in paris. all in thedo sha of that cathedral. why is that such an important place? >> it's become an icon of not only faith. it's a house of prayer and community. it's alson icon of art, poetry, literature, french pride and gratitude, french identity.
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it-- almost becomes the t hae i we call civilization. everything that is best, most nd upliftinginspiring and nobling of he human project seo up with those spires that are now damaged. so it is an icon for what's best in human nature. because what's bt in human narore comes f god and goes back to him. >> cardinal dolan, you said it well. it is a week of loss and rebuilding in the christian faith. here.l see what happens thank you for being here. >> always a joyn to be o even far somber topic. a blessed holy week and easter and passover. >> same to you. thank yo rdinal. we will have much more from paris later this morning. craig making his way to notre dame hecathedral. ill join us live. but we turn first to washington and the countdown of the release of the mueller report. a heavily redacted version of the special counsel's investigation. white ho correspon krisn welker joins us with the
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latest. good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning to you. the president and his top advisers are bracing for the release of the mueller report on thursday. mr. trump's outside lawyers have been huddling to look at their response plans. it comes as the one dozen current and former officials working with mueller are expressing concerns that the release could expose them as the source of damaging information about the president. one person close to the white house saying there is a breakdown level anxiety among some current and former staffer. another former official telling nbc news, the million dollar question is just how report will be redacted. the other key focus, what will e report say about the issue of objection? of course released his four-page summary last he sd there was not enough evidence to charge the president th obstruction but mueller himself didn't make a determination. separately, barr was sharply criticized by democra for testifying last week he believes
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u.s. intelligence officials spied on the trump campaign. all of tngt fueli democrats' urges to see the full unredacted report. we'll be watching closely. >> and we will learn thursday morning how much ofor that rep we actually get to see. thank you. move now to anbc news exclive. a tor whose dramatic dash for freedom was caught on cameravind went l. he is speaking out for the very first time. "today" senior international correspondent keir simmons is in seoul and has the story. go r morning. >>orter: hey, savannah. good morning. it's incredible when you watch this interview to think that this is the defector watched by millions as he dashed across the border most dangero and yet he tells us it was a spur of the images were dramatic. a north korean defector fleeing across the border. collapsing in a hail of bullets. dragged to safety by south korean soldiers.
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pictures seen around the world. we showed them to the former north korean soldier who made that stunning escape. this is you running for your life. i still can't believe it's me, he says. the son of a gen in north korea, he lived on $100 a month. now he lives in a small apartment without his family but with his freedom. >> we heard two bursts ofbo aut 40 rounds. >> repieter: lenant commander daniel mcshane was the joint duty officer that day. >> he had, hoindeed, been s twice in the shoulder, twice in the stomach. and one went in and hit a bone and went up into hislung. so he was shot five times. >> reporter: the man wounded seemed unlikely to live. >> he looked pretty done. >> reporter: what's that like to have your friends, the people that you haveerved with firing at you as you run for freedom? if i were in their shoes, i'd
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have done the same, he says we showed him savannah's exclusive 2018 report retracing hisst s. your story was told on american television. i would love to visit the u.s. one day, he says. he wants to say thank you to the american medics who helped to save his life as he was held continuer to safety. he says every time i realize i'm alive is a miracle. and the diplomacy here grinds on. kim jong-un warning of rising tensions. p saying he would be open to a third summit. but this defector says he is having to deal with feelings of loneliness and guilt and says that he would just like to see the two koreas reunited. guys? >> how fascinating to hear they storrom his perspective after
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seeing that video so many times. seoul, thank you very much. also this morning, that massive college admissions scandal back in the spotlight. actress lloi hlin, one of the most high-profile parents to be indicted now has entered a not guilty. pl nbc news national correspondent miguel almaguer has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. prosecutors turned up the heat on lorili loughlast week char with with conspiracy to commit money laundering. legal experts say the second felony carrying more prison tima meant to send a message. now the actress is shong she may be ready for a fight. lori loughlin and her fashion designer husband pleading not guilty to two felony counts. bringing the celebrity coupl s onetep closer to trial whie th possibility of a plea deal dwindles. facing a maximum0entence of 4 years in prison,rs investigato say they have a trove of evidence including wiretaps. proving the power couple paid
7:16 am
half a million dollars in bribes to get their daughters into usc. it comes just a week after actress felity huffman and a dozen other parents agreed to plead guilty to one felony count. with loughlin waiving her right, she's fodder for comedians. >> you paid 500 grand for usc? >> oh, yeah. that's not including the 300 grand i blew on tuition. did your daughter major in? >> communications. >> reporter: but this morning wi jokes aside,ta the ss are getting higher as a college scandal involving the rich and famous takes anoth hlywood twist. with four other parents also entering not guilty pleas, legal experts tell us because loughlin faces two felony counts and allegedly spent up to half a mi bribes, she'll likely get some prison time if convicted. it may be one reason she has not
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reached a deal wit prosecutors. >> miguel, thank you very much. let's get a first check of the weatherrom mr. roker at the wall. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for getting your first weather from us. we got this system now comg intoest and this one's going to be another coast to coaster bringing rain and snow out west. rain and mountain snow across the west. by tomorrow this system starts to strengthen over the plains. thunderstorms developg by the afternoon. plus a rich plume of m up out o going to significantlylow this thing down. and then as we get toward friday, not a lot of great news for the east coast for the easter weekend.av hey rain from florida all the way up into the northeast. and that's going to last into the weekend. here are the impacts we're seei for this. for wednesday, we've got damaging and severe thunderstorms. the greatest risk is going to be large hail. a tornado threat and strong winds eheecially in t lower plains. then thursday, we are looking at again a wide area of damaging
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winds, small hail, and a few tornadoes. we'll be watching that. and rain is going to be a big problem, too, especially through the south. but locally could be 4 inches or more. a slow movement of this sys is going to increase the flood risk. we're going to get to your local .orecast coming up in the next was ahead of its time. still, we never stopped making it stronger. faster. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better. there's never en a better time o to become partthe mercedes-benz family. visit the mercedes-benz spring event il before apr 30th for exceptional lease and financing offers on the 2019 c 300. >> well, it is a cold start out there this morning with temperatures in the 30s and 40su plenty of sunshine and a much lighter wind out there
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today. temperatures will warm into the 50s by the mid-morning. we're topping out around 70 degrees today. few clouds overnight. few rain showers north tomorrow of d.c. just some light stuff. clouds around tomorrow with temperatures in the upper 60s. but severe weather possible on friday and then some showers into this holiday weekend. >> and that is your latest weather. >> thank you. coming up, the reaction pouring in from around the world this morning to the destruction we're seeing in paris. and how the notre dame cathedral me to symbolize so much to so many. then facebook's new pricy problem. the nbc news investigation revealing shocking ways the company used tried to use your personal data. but first, this is "to
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just ead, more of our trip holy land and visits to the so-called land of monasteries.
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♪ oooooh bring color to life with the very best paint, a 7:26 is your time now on this tuesday, april 16th, 19. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. today the mournersre paying final respects to maryland's longest serving house speaker michael bush. he's laying in state until 10:00 a.m. bush died earther this mon after a battle with pneumonia. la plata high school is having aft meeting a two students were found with guns on campus. it starts at 7:00. now let's get to melissa mollet with the traffic. >> just showing you some volume here. nothg major at this int. rest of the beltway looking very
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normal. no big worries. eastbound pennsylvania avenue at second street southeast. right lane blocked by a broken down bus. and bw parkway looking typical. tonight on news4, susan hogan dives into credit card rewards and how to squ more out of your points and perks. >> tt's tonight at 4:00. we'll take a break now. your forecas.
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it's a beautiful by chilly start out there as we have temperatures 30s and 40s. we're going to quickly warmp though. those temperatures right around w degrees today. beautiful, lightinds out there. maybe a few clouds later on tonight. tomorrow we do have some passing s mainly north. then south temperatures will be in the low 70s with a little bit more sunshine as a back door cold fronthr moves tgh our area. stray shower thursday shows up.
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chance of severe weather on friday. shower through your easter weekend. >> thank you. another local news update in about 25 minutes. >> now back to the "today" show re we're really close. super close. but we don't live together anymore. we still do everything together, like stream shows on netflix. we have a system to watch it all at the same time. get ready, so we'll pick up 1,2,3 go. i think i was fastest? that was the same time! and since we're on fios, there's pretty much no lag for any of us. nobody misses anything.
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nobody misses anything unless they fall asleep. like angel. the best internet is even better with a year of netflix on us. switch now for our best price. only on fios. we're back. 7:30. eit's a liv look at notre dame cathedral in paris on a sad morning. the skies match the mood there. a devastati fire al vatican cng this the beating heart of paris. you see the before and after. again, lot lost, but much is saved. >> that picture on the right will be perhaps the iconic one of this fire. and it's been so beautiful to see the outpouring of support frrl around the wo people have already stepped up saying we will cover this renovation.>> it's not just answering the call. they answered before the call
7:31 am
even had time to this of co begins the check of this morning's headlines. french president emmanuel macron isauhing a call to renovate. investigators believe the fe was an accident possibly related to renovation work. officials say the towers have been saved alongh many religious relics and priceless works of art. architeets plan to m at the landmark today and determine just how stable the building is. there has been another surge in the number of confirmed cases of measles in the united states. federal hlth officials reported 555 cases on monday. an increase of 90 from just one week ag the highly contagious disease is now active in at least 20 states. iowa just confirmed its first case since 2011. and the world health organizationda reported mon that globally there are now four times as many cases of measles >> there were at this time last
7:32 am
year. we learned some sad news overnight. georgia engel who played georgette on "mary tyler moore" n tuesday. >> you do ted's laundry, huh? >> yeah. he likes the way fluff and fold. engls l ao guest starred on "everybody loves raymond" and in musicals. she was 70 years old. meanwhile, the impact of the fire at notre dame cathedral is being feltonar bey france. it's visited be millions every year. let's go back to richa in paris. good morning again. >> reporter: good morning, willie. th frenchnterior and culture ministers just gave b aefing and they had a mix of good and bad news. the bad news is while the
7:33 am
overall integrity of the building is instakt, they say it is structurally unsound. they areoncerned about one place. the northern transit. they said they need toor rei that area. they've taken the step of evacuating five residential buildings around that. concern there could be a collapse. the partial good news is that since most of this fire was focus odd think roof of the building, the majority of the religious and artistic works of art and icons were saved. notre damecathedral, an iconic symbol of the beauty and history of paris. and a pilgrimage site for christians worldwide. the majestic spire collapsing into ash as a fiery inferno raged underneath. >> i feel like paris is crying now. just me. >> reporter:s is where
7:34 am
napoleon grabbed the emperor's crown in 1804. also home to quazi modo of "thec huack of notre dame". >> who i theell ringer of notre dame? >> quazi modo, your majesty. >> reporter: incinerated in a matterf hours. keir simmons gave us an inside lo last year. >> 13 milli visit every year. >> reporter: taking us into the bell to>>r. ere we are. >> liberation of paris was celebrated with these bells ringing. >>eporte then climbing the 500 steps to the top of the towering spire. >> wow. >> reporter: tha i now laysn ruins. feelings of loss and heart ache crossing oceans. in america, presidentrump was somber. >> it's one of the great treasures of the world.
7:35 am
but it's a terrible sight to behold. >> reporter: the archbishop of new york expressing his sadness in the shadow of america's greatest cathedral, st. mpatricks. >> god, for the world, notre dame cathedral represents what's most noble, what's most uplifting. and to see that reduced to ashes, that makes our sorrow particularly intense.r: >> reporteor many new yorkers, the reaction was se same.>> i can't even imagine. >> reporter: many taking to ir personal hare t stories of visiting the stunni back in paris outside notre dhe whictranslates to our lady, a haunting scene at twilight. parisians singing the catholic hymn "hail mary" as theon structure cnued to burn. an etional reminder of the power o t faith in face of adversity. some of the smaller artistic
7:36 am
works and religious objects were taken to city hall. others will be taken to the louvre. the rose windows, the big rose windows appear to be undamaged and intact. back to you. >> some good news there. thank you. bit. be to you in a let's turn to al with another check of the weather. we're going to have a soggy easter out east. >> it's looking like it. let' dwell on the positive. it's cool out west but the jet stream moving up to the north here. chicago, you're going to be up to 66 eedegr wichita almost touching 80. new orleans close to 80. nashville, 79. then that warmth makes its way east. atlant0 degrees. tulsa 78. albuquerque, 59 degrees. 13 bel and nice and mild for washington 73 on friday. 82 in jacksonville on friday. d omaha warming up to 75 by
7:37 am
saturday. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's i happening your neck of the woods. >> you definitely need that jacket out there early this morning as temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. small umbrella for your thursday and friday. shers passing through as we get into your friday. currently those temperatures in d.c., mid-40s.ts oue the beltway, upper 30s and lower 40s. but don't worry. we're all going to warm up to around 70 degrees today. wthe temperaturesill shoot right on up. not looking too bad for the game atationals park. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. coming up, more of our journey to the frontiers of faith. this morning the difficult and pain staking work being done near jerusalem to preserve one of the world's holiest sites closed to the public for five decades. plus, does practice mak perfect? seems unlikely in this case but we'll out when savannah and jenna perform their get fit
7:38 am
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this this morning on in-depth "today," an eye opening and exclusive nbc news investigation. >> new documents we obtained show that facebook used data as api bargaining chip des saying that privacy is aty priori. stephanie gosk has the latest on this. >> reporter: good morning. we all know facebook gathers information on us. all the likes, shares, photos, and friends. now document in new detail how the comndny used a planned to use that data. with very little discu.
7:43 am
facebook under new scrutiny this morning. more than 4,000 documents obtained by nbc news from court case against the company lifted the curtain on facebook's business practices between1 201 and 2015. one employee evenng compari the company to villains in "game of thrones." as the social media giant looked for ways to grow business. executivesncluding mark zuckerberg discussed ways to sell user data. in 2012 documents show zuckerberg wanted to figure out the real market value of user data to set a public rate. a plan seemingly at odds with his public message. >> we offer these extremely robust privacy controls. where, i mean, literally any piece ofinformation, you control who sees it. >> reporter: ultimely facebook says it never sold data but did trade information with other companies.
7:44 am
>> facebook is being strategic in terms orading user data in order to get stuff in return. >> reporter: the documents show that facebook allowed special access to data for companies described as friends of zuckerberg like amazon. which received special treatment in june of 2013 because it was a .acebook advertis while another messaging app seen as aom ctitor was restricted from accessing facebook's data. they say the information wu cherry picked. the sets of documents by design tells only o side of the story and omits important context. we still stand by the platform changes we made in 2014-2015.ce fabook has made a greater pushri to addrecy issues. like the data of 87 million users that was improperly shared with political consulting firm cambridge analytica which put zuckerberg in the hot seat on
7:45 am
capitol hill. >> it was my miste and i'm sorry. i started facebook, i run it. and at the end of the day, i am responsible for what happens here. >> reporter: still, some say facebook's past attempts to trade and sell user data raise more questions. >> and it is complicated. it sounds like the allegation is that faceboo t was willing give data on users to companies it was friendly with, had good relationship with. what kind of data? and what did those company dos with it if they got it? >> there are different tiers of data when you think about how you use facebook. there's the personal information you share. your email address. adur real ess. maybe your phone number. then it's your and that's the stuff that you do when y're on facebook. what do you like? what do you share? what information about vacations, places you go. all of that behavioral information is hugely important to companies who want to try to sell you stuff. it ends up being this currency
7:46 am
for facebook and other companies like it to trade with. now facebook says they are not. >> not doingit. and those documents are from awhile back, it sounds like. >> that's right. a time that febook was struggling to make profits. they were trying to figure out how toet mone this creation they had come up with and that was one of the original ideas. >> all right. stephanie, thank you very much for that. if you want to learn more about this vestigation, we've got it on our website coming 7:next, thesping story of the united states marine who crawled to the finish line of ma rerday's boston and your mother told me all her life that i should fix it. it reminds me of her. i'm just glad i never fixed it. listen, you don't need to go anhere dad. mehristine, she's going to help you around the house. the best home to be in is your own. from personal care and memory care, to help around the house, home in-tead offers personalme services
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7:51 am
u.s. marine veteran who ran to honor the lives of three men he knew while serving in afghanistan. simply put, there was no way he wasn't going to finish. at marathon momen going viral overnight. video of micah herndon crawling over the finish line in the 123 boston marathon monday. herndon, an ohio native competing as a tribute to the memory of three marines he served alongside. those three men didn't survive an attack in afghanistan in 2010. their last name mark juarez, matthew haimer, and ballard attached to his shoes. he said the repetition of their names again and again a serving the fuel to keep him pushing through the pain. finally that pain becoming too much toopar. herndondropping to his hands and kneesns paikingly crossing the finish line at three hourses
7:52 am
and 38 minut a marine on a mission to honor his fellow soldiers. an incredible sight. he actually did it quickly. but he said the pain he felt was nothing compared to the pain of losing those servicemen. >> what a way to honor them witp every ste and every mile. incredible. >> chills. thank you, dylan. stillaheae've got more of our holy week series we're calling it frontier it is o faith. this morning and spiritual journey to the river jordan. ...and brutal on my skin... ...but knowing how i earned all at dirt... pretty empowering. when i get home,he first thing... ...i have to do is use the dove beauty bar... get rid of all the junk. it helps me retain my... ...natural beauty by making it... ...soft and nourished and cleann and th on the weekend... ...i get to dress up. as a woman ironworker, i feel like i can do anything, i can conquer the world. i feel both strong... ...and beautiful at the same time. dove cleans and cares beautifully.
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7:56 is your time now on this tuesday, april 16th, go201. od morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. today mourners are paying final respects to maryland's longest serving house speaker michael bush. he is lying in state at the state house until.0:00 a.m bush died earlier this month after a battle with pneumonia. now let's check on your commute with melissat and your first 4 traffic. s>> good morning justwing you volume on the top of the beltway. rest of the beltway looking good. t this time of day. fairfax eastbound 50 after west ox road. and bw parkway at 202, northbound, southbound, no >>nk you. issues. we'll take a break now and check your forecas
7:57 am
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well, dry conditions out there day. but a chance for some rain. wednesday, thursday widespread rain showers and thunderstorms on friday. then another chance of isolated showers into saturday. we're wming up rather quickly. temperatures will top out in the 70s for daytime highs today. hrssing showergh your wednesday mainly north. temperatures in the upper 60s. oybe a stray shower into your . humi friday with showers and thunderstorms. could have some severe weather leading to flooding and s e strong winds. isolated showers unfortunately for saturday. and then sunday we'll also see some spotty showers around for easter. >> thank you. another local news update for you in 20 minutes. now back to th.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, d.>> oh, my god. >> firefighters picking up thep es this morning after a massive inferno tears throu the iconic not dame cathedral. france's president vow bu reild. what was lost and what were first responders able to save? we're live in paris with the latest. e plus insid the holy land. we'll get a first-hand look at the important work being done to restore one o the holiest sites. and we'll visit ani meaful place for both christians and jews. when you have your feet i the river jordan as we do now, what do you think about? >> it's a reminder of w to whome
8:01 am
belong and of our o baptism. and time to shine. back in january we made our ew year's resolutions to get in shape. >> dancing into the new year. >> you will be pforming a routine. >> we'll check in on our results and jenna and i are going to show off our dance mes "today," tuesday, april 16th >> sisters from new mexico. >> north carolina. >> celebrating our 7th anniversary. ♪ >> celebrating springtime in the rockies. good.morning. >> o >> hi, everybody. good morning. happy crowd. cute b
8:02 am
e've got ot here and craig on the road this morning. >> that's right. it's great to be with you. and we love those shoutouts like the onesou just saw. record your message and share it with us using #my today plaza od twitter a instagram. >> we love to see your faces. let's get right to the news at 8:00. a massive worldwide fund raising campaign is on to rebuild notre dame cathedral after it was partially destroyed in a catastrophic fire. craig has madeis way to paris this morning. a long night of travel for you. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. i can tell you that so far that fund raising campaign has netted more than $300 m. tlls i'm going to step out of the way and show you a little bit of notre dam here. this is, of course, the backside of that famed cathedral. u can see the scaffolding. that is where the 300-foot spire
8:03 am
stood until just a few hours lago. if youk to the left there, you'll see two men in front of the left side of the tower. right now we're told that they're not as concerned about that side of the cathedral. the right tower, if you look to thht you'll see a crane there. s there'se concern that there may be some structural instability there. theye evacuated five residential buildings. meanwhile this morning the fire is thankfully out as investigators continue to search for a cause. and precisely how those flames were kespard. this morning, daybrea over a new and diminished paris skyline. this gothic cathedral of notre dame still stands, but without her elegant spire, burned away by a devastating fire. >> for me notre dame is probably as many as f americans, it's a
8:04 am
mother. and suddenly you feel your mother has been hurt by the fire. orter: fre officials are so far calling the blaze unintentional.t they suspect i started around 6:ig monday nht among scaffolding at the base of the spire spreading rapidlygh throu the medieval roof. >> oh, my god, the steeple just fell inside the church. ame eporter: the spire crashing down into the church's interior fanning the flames even further. french officials told the nation to bracehat this gothic masterpiece visited by 13 million a year may be reduced to ash. but around 400 fefighters finally contained the flames enough to go inside . the interior badly damaged but not a charred shl. figh announced they managed to save the structure. notre dame would survive. and they said major art and relics including the holy crown of thorns were saved.
8:05 am
parisians came out to sing hymns for their beloved cathedral. and pised the firefighters. french president emmanuel macron ld the nation, quote, notre dame will be rebuilt because it is what the french expect and what as if to protect notre dame from furthedevastation, parisians came out ins group to sing again and pray for an icon of this city of france, of the world. i can tell you so many of these parisians, hundreds if not thousands, are sll here this afternoon with their camera phones just taking a look, snapping pictures of what's left of the cathedral. when a lot of folks think about notre dame, by the way, they think of tho famous facades y. naturall but we wanted to show you a little bit more about what this wonder of the world has inside. the 300-foot-tall spire.
8:06 am
that spire used to sit in the middle of the structure. those fs rose windows are a trio of immense stained glass. glass windows dating back to the 13th centy. and then if you look in the front there -- i should say the rear of the cathedral, what you're seeing behind , the twin bell towers. they make up part of the famous facade. they were, in fact, the tallestr structures h in paris until the eiffel tower was completed in the late 19th century. and in that system of buttresses on the there. and the high altar in the 1980s. and for all of us who had an portunity to traipsehrough the sacred cathedral, it is one of those few places here on earth that as soon as you walk in, the magic and majesty, it really is breathtaking. is is me back in 2001. i did what a lot of college
8:07 am
students do. at this point i was just out of college. i decided to backpack through europe and our first stop, our first order of business here in ris was, of course, notre da. >> yeah. so much history there. craig, thank you so much. we appreciate it. meanwhile, congress and t public soon will get its first look at the mueller report. the justice department says attorney general william barr will release the report on russian election meddling thursday. although many reports expected to be blacked out or redacted. that includes sect grand jury testimony, classified information, and other delicate information. democrats demanding barr release e full unedited version of the nearly 400-page document. president trump now railing against those efforts and repeating his viewhe that t report exonerates him of any wrong doing. well, the president tru is rewarding tiger woods for his victory at the masters with the presidential medal of freedom. he said on twitter he would bestow that award because of
8:08 am
tiger's incredible success and comeback in sports and more important life. mr. trump did not say when that award would be given. the presidential medal of freedom is our nation's highest civilian hon> that's the news f. let's get your mboning t. >> that's right. crying babies sure know how to get our attention. but one father in philadelphia got his little baby to stop crying by turning the tables on this boy. >> you don't even know what to say now, do yo >> t baby didn't know what to think. he's mesmized, stunned. father is a genius. look at him. the face, the eyes. he is just loving that. dad went on wailing for a whole minute. and look at the baby. quiet as can be. >> saying dad, you are a lunatic.ex >> tly. what's wrong? >> why didn't i ever think of that? there's much more ahead this morning including kim kardashian's response to
8:09 am
doubters as she studies for the bar am. but first, our trip to the holy land. wooem show you the delicate wor being done to let future .eneration does this map show the peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop. you hear that? (vo) our se aru outback lets us see world. sometimes in ways we never imagined. our because of smoking.ital. but we still had to have a cigarette.
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8:12 am
delivered to yn r car cdoor so you ca more.urs wtry drive up at target. ♪ feels so good ♪ feels so good target run and done. ♪ feels so good we are back now with more of our special holy week series frontiers of faith. savannah took us to jerusalem yesterday for a fascinating and moving look at the easter story. this morning another extraordinary find not far from there. >> that's right. chances are you've never seen the images we're about to show you. we got a rare look at a sacred place pilgrims used to travel to for centuries. but then it had to be shut down. and now there's hope it will thrive again. one of the holiest places in
8:13 am
christianity where it'sie belved john baptized jesus in the jordan oriver. god is so amazing. >> reporter: sacred to both christians and js alike where elijah ascended to heaven and the children of israel crossed to the promised land. >> it's beautiful. it's pretty special to be able to experience it. oasis rter: a spi where over 800,000 pilgrims come every year. >> i am feeling extraordinarily spiritual and very emotional. >> reporter: some for the first time. >> just like to be one with jesus. >> reporter: father eugeneo aliada brought me here. we're walking i the jordan river and this is such a special and meaningful place for christians and for jews. this is the place where it's said that jesus was baptized by
8:14 am
john the baptist. >> john the baptist like a dove coming from the heaven and saying this is my beloved son. >> rorter: pastor traveled with his chuh on pilgrimage from charloe, north carolina. when you have your feet in thed river jorn as we do now, what do you think about? >> it's a reminder of to whom we belong and of our own baptism. >> reporter: enjoy your time. it's magical.t but jus a half mile down the road, another holy site known as the land of the monasteries, church built not far from the river jordan but abandoned more than a half century ago. after the 1967 six-day war, israel lay several thousand land mines along the border with jordan as protection ags attacknd then shut the monasterie down. so this whole area was closed
8:15 am
for decades. >> yeah. >> reporter: it was too dangerous. >> yes, too dangerous then and now. >> reporter: marcel aviv is heading up the effort to clear the mines. so when you clear the mines, ultimately the public will be able to come in and rediscovere plac like this. but nobody has set foot in here in all those years. >> yeah. it was a military -- closed mi >> reporter: for five decades, it would have been too dangerous to walk this.ery pa but now a whole new generation will be able to discover the treasures behind these walls. father yeugeneo took me to the franciscan monastery stillh riddled wit bullet holes. the israelis are working with halo trust, the same nonprofit that cleared the african mine fields princess diana once walked through. ng the ust is fun
8:16 am
project and getting the proper approvals. not an easy task. how is it now the land mines can be removed and reopened? >> first of all, a peace with jordan. more difficult to convince all the churches toe.agre all of them together tol clean his area. >> reporter: how difficult is this work? ch difficult and dangerous. >> reporter: whihurch is this? >> this is the ocontinuic. >> repor how much churchs e here? >> here we have seven churches. >> reporter: over the past year, five of the shrines have been cleared and this is one of the largest. now we are enter the grounds of? the ethiopian church. >> you can see also the cross. >> reporter: you can literally see the evidence of the cflict that was going on that caused the military to shut this down. priests were livingere during this time when bullets were flying and booby traps were being laid. oh, my sh.
8:17 am
incredible. this would have been aelchap. it's so beautiful. inside, frozen in time down to the 1960s magazine left behind. people were asked to leave, drop everything and go. >> yeah. it was dangerous. >> reporter: it's hard to even imagine what was here before and what will be >> hopefully. my vision is that this land will be blooming again. >> reporter: hopefully it'll be beautiful again. >> we looking to the possibility to reach all the land of the monasteries. many pilgrims come here that we can offer them a place to pray near the jordan >> these pieces are such a gift. because they're beautifully shot and you tell the story so well. but they're alsoti an educa in religion and the history of these places that we think we know something about but we're learning so much more. >> this is something i knew nothing about. we all know about the jordan river. t after the 1967 war, they
8:18 am
closed this area. it was too dangerous. and these churches have just been standing tngre falli apart and falling apart and now this group got together, they're going to come once they clear all the mines and it's not done yet. they're going to open them and build them. and the franciscan monk i spoke to said they're going to make them bea piful and ace where people can come and worship. and so it's just a for one of the holy sites near jerusalem that's holy to many different faiths. >> that's what's amazing. so see so many different faiths in one collection of property right there. gorgeous. >> it's really special. tomorrow we're going to go back to the city of jerusalem, of course, as you guys know. it's a city holy to christians, jews, and muslims. their sacred sites are all within steps of each other. we walk those steps tomorrow. >> can't wait to see it. thanks, savannah. of s turn and get a check the weather with al. >> we're basically looking at wet weather in the pacific
8:19 am
northwest. this is part of a system that's going to be bringing big problems. night, 29 million oon people under the threat of large hail, moderate risk for tornadoes doo waco. then as we move into thursday, that danger area moves to the east for 18 million people. nashville, memphis, birmingham, jacksonville, new orleans, and panama city. a lot of rain too. we're going to be worried about flooding in the low and mississippi river valley where we could see upwards of 4 inches of rain through friday. that's what's going on whas hap neck of the woods. >> so that system will be knocking on our doorstep for friday. for today, we're dry. passing shors into your wednesday and thursday. and al was just outlining storms tessible through the day on friday. eratures out there right now warming haup, tnk goodness,
8:20 am
under this april sun. we're headed to right around 70 degrees today. much lighter wind. a we will be dryll thr >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. we've got a packed house foo start. jenna,ne sheille, dylan with us. >> we've got lots to get to in pop start. let's start with kim kardashian as we've been reporting -- >> dylan? dylan, i'm so sorry. i've never done this to you before. i think i have a really good pop start story. >> okay. >> to share with you guys. it's an exclusivah >> ye >> yeah. i have someone -- i think you're going to want to hear this. it's someone on the phone right now. and i think she's there. hoda, are you there? >> oh, i'm here. hi, guys. >> do you have something to tell us? >> yes. it's a girl. it's a girl. >> oh, my goodness!
8:21 am
>> oh, wow. >> and her name is hope. >> oh, my gosh, hoy. >> m goodness gracious. >> congratulations. i am so happy for you. >> hoda. >> boy, you keep a secret. >> i know, i know. >> savannah ha said a word all mornin right when she said burst into iars. hows life with two? >> oh, my god, youguys. first of all, she's laying on the boppy pillow right now and i'm feeding her and't i can believe it. like, i'm sitting here and your life changes. maybe you've gotten what you deserve. but ma i'm so happy she's here. >> oh, my. so many questions. but how's hailey liking having a little sis? how's she doing? >> she's digging it. this morning at breakfast she you rying to feed her,
8:22 am
know, her raspberries. i was like not yet, babe. she was literally marchin around saying, i'm a big sister. like -- i mean, she did try to crawl into her bassinet. but it's so much fun, you guys. ourhoda, did you ever think heart could give even more love than you already have given? >> you know what's funny? you think that you're full. you think you're full. that's exactly how i felt with hailey and joel and everything. and joel and i were standing heere when hand you the baby and it's thelosest thing to a live birth, i think you'll ever see. but in that moment, i was like, oh, my god. heart just grew ten times. it's. anyw, i just -- i can't believe it's happening, y'all. i can't. >> so happy for you. >> hoda,'ve been giving out
8:23 am
kleenex,ut i think i'm going to need a mop. the kleenex aren't going to do it around here.l hoda, i'lever forget the moment where my daughter first walked into the room and saw my son and realized, oh, two of us now. i get to be a big sister. can you describe that moment and what it felt like? >> yeah well, we had hailey downstairs and joel and i said wait, we have a present. so we went upstairs and we h ca doding her and we'd been telling her baby hope's coming. and she literally walked up to her and looks and her andoes, hope. and i just -- it was like one of thosestoments that fir of all, i can't imagine any of this is happening. i feel like i'm going to wake up and god's goi to say, hey, remember how you were before all this? that's really the way it is. and i mean, you know, you hope, you pray, you dream about things. we thoug hope and we nameder middle name catherine after my best friend karen who's
8:24 am
her daughter -- i think you guys know her husband passed a little while ago. and i catherine so super strong. and just so happens, she was here this weekend with karen. what? was like, you know there are no accidents in life. like, everything is supposed to haen in this momen. but anyway, so hope catherine kotb. >> and just before easter. it's so wonderfuye >> >> so special. >> you know what? craig as you know is in paris, he's covering the news for us. but he's got to get in on this. >> hi, craig. >> reporter: hoda, i just -- hey, sweetie. i know this has been quite the journey. i am so, so happy for you. and as a parent of two, buckle up, baby. you're going from that zone defense to a man-to-man. how's joel? how excited
8:25 am
>> let me tell you something. joel, i've seen him cry on occasion. ried when tiger woods won the masters and he cried when hope was car into the room. and he -- and i was like, man. it's like igdy, winning, and hope in the room. those are his threus >> i j love -- we talked this weekend, hoda. so excited. she facetimed so i got to meet hope on the facetime. then i saw your instagram on monday morning and it just -- it said choose hope. and boy, we did and you did and we just can't wait to love her and just wrap our arms around you. we're so happy. our joyis, like, overflowing for you. >> andbo think aut how many people you're giving hope to today. by the way, when you facetimed me, i was in a starbucks and i had to go in the woman's room and . we're just so happy.ll
8:26 am
>> you a made up for your cher interview. >> we're up against, giving me the ten-second countdown. but we love you. >> love you. >> hooray! >> now to yours everybody.orning, 8:26ue now on thisay, april 16th. i'm aaronch gilst. let's chec morning commute with melissa mollet. >> outer loop and inner loop looking good at univty pretty typical. river road at stoney creek road, all lanes blocked with a downed tree. hopefully that's out of the way soon. and fairfax eastbound 50 after west ox. two right lanes will be blocked until 5:00 p.m. through the work zone there. l hav a check on your .
8:27 am
8:28 am
well, temperatures in lower 50s and 40s out there. calm winds out there although we have a breeze in some spots that can kick up from time to time. we're going to continue to warm temperatures wbe right around 70 degrees as we head into the afternoon. now, if you want to go ahead and get that car washed this afternoon, tak your chances. e do is a dry day, but have rain chanceses wey, thursday. widespre rain and even a few thunrstorms on friday. rain chances continue into your holiday weekend. but for friday, we're really going to have to watch theev threat ofe weather along with some flooding.
8:29 am
so ifngou're traveli on friday, take note that we could vy rain e pretty h around the region. >> thank you. and of course you can get the latest news and weather any time. just open the stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery...t nosix. stronger is being a tycal kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier ... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them.
8:30 am
because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. ♪ we're back now at 8:30 on a tues y morning. the 16th of april, 2019. another packed plaza on a beautiful morning. greeting us with some cheers and smiles. and we are still getting over e news of baby hope joining the party. >> hope is here! >> how long he you been
8:31 am
keeping the secret? e sunday.een keeping the secret you know i have a big mouth, etoo, so i'v been bursting to tell. >> you're good. >> i received a cryptic phone call on sunday night. we need you to come in f a couple of days with no explanation. and d to hear why. >> i love hailey's face. >> so precious. >> she couldn't be happier. >> we got a crowd moment? >> yes. so yesterday there was this doppelganger thing because someone i the crowd looked like carson. we found another. does this look like anyone you guys know? >> yes! >> she's got the same moves. >> yes and i get a lot that i look like you. >> oh, that's so cute. >> i take it as a compliment. >> what's your name? >> denise. >> denise, high. let's stand side by side. >> i could seethis. >> where are you from? >> maryland. >> nice to meet nyou. >>e to meet you. i'll be your twin. >> all right. let's be twins.
8:32 am
sounds good. >> you have the sheinelle energy too. just dance a. >> she has the exact same moves. this is crazy. >> do you have the dance moves too? >> i do. i try. tina turner, not yet. >> we'll work on that. we'll do duet t >> nice meet you guys. >> she does look like you. that's so cute. you m going to stand by over here. >> with your twinsie. coming up, everybody knows the fifty shades series. now el james is going to tel us about her new series. and we have all been cycling, planking, dancing our hearts out in the name of our get fit "today" challenge. just ahead, we reveal which teams reached their goals and as an added treat, savannah and jenna will be showing off their heart work --
8:33 am
>> thank you, lord, for that. >> -- with a special live dance routine. >> then on the third hour, we're talking family, faith, and life after football with legendary coach tony dungy and his wife >> the great. y'uren. but first, with mother's day on its way, we're on the lookout for deserving moms. we'll be hosting apecial mother's day brunch on friday, may 10th here on the plaza. area. and your mom wi head to "today".com and tell us why she's so special s we can toast her here. let's get a check of the weather. >> let's what's happening. today, we have the snow in the west. the spring warmth into the plains and gusty winds in new england. for tomorrow, well, we got severe storms in the mid-plains making a way with rain developing in the northern plains. mountain snow in the rockies. sunshine in the eastern third of the u.s. looking a littleit better. and sunshine returns to the west coast as well. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening i o you
8:34 am
neck the woods. >> well, we've got some sunshine out there. temperatures around 50. continuing to warm up into the 60s by the mid-afternoon. topping out right around 70 degrees today with a much lighter wind. o umbrella today. but you're going to need the small one for wednesday andsd thur with stray showers passing widespre showers and thunderstorms. a some of which going to be severe as we get into your friday. temperatures tw mid tup per 60s mainly passing north of d.c., but plenty o clouds around for your wednesday. >> and let's head back inside. savannah? >> all right, al. thank you so much. just ahead, no surprises. we'll get back to pop start. but first this day" on nb ♪ ♪
8:35 am
day" on nb protect your pet with the #1 named in flea anck protection. frontline plus. trusted by vets for nearly 20 years.
8:36 am
all right. hlcome back. should wee a take two on pop start? >> let's do. >> i like the other one. je it's so rude to interrupt. >>a's so excited she's
8:37 am
her new workout. >> i'm ready for our workout. >> i really thought i had something significant on my face or there was some reason you were interrupting me. best snnews ever. back to pop start. s we've been reporting, kim kardashian west has taken up a cause that's near and dear to her and she's letting her fans and critics know just how serious she is about it. guess who's here? sheinelle jones has more on that. >> good morning. yes, indeed. she's hitting the l books in the hopes that all the hard work will one day earn t reality star and social media icor yet anothetl. it's not the typical social media posthat kim kardashian is known for. the selfie queen instead posting about study time in her quest to become a lawyer. on instagram monday, 38-year-old wife of rapper kanye west writes in part, last year i registered with the california state barla to study
8:38 am
for the next four years, a minimum of 18 hours a week is required. i will take written and multiple choi tests monthly. although she doesn't have a college degree, the state of californiaow alls aspiring lawyers to skip law school provided they study for four years in a law office under the watch of a practicing attorney. kardashian has already completed aear and says she's looking forward to the challenge the ng, i am preparing for baby bar, a mini version of the bar. the so-called baby bar is notoriously difficult with a very low pass rate. despite the naysayers, the mother of three soon to be four says it's tough but she's determined. her voice helped alice marie johnson imprisoned for more than two decas on a non-violent drug charge successfully lobbying president trump to free her. telling hoda about her commitment to the case.>> it became this mission that i w just didn'tt to give up. >> reporter:kim's attorney shawn holley believes she has the drive and the smarts to make it happen. >> i would not be surprised if
8:39 am
she were to use her powers -- continue to use her powers for good which can only be enhanced by her having a law degree and becoming a lawyer. >> reporter: and new show of altruism from a reality staror known f glitz and glamour. she's so cmitted she says she even changed her phone number and disconnected from friends focusing on makg this enhapp. her late father was one of o.j. simpson's attorneys. if she can pass the bar which it noasy and in california. >> the california bar is really hard. it's all memoirization. if you can do it, go for it. you earned it. >> and use that platform for good. >> exactly. have you ever heard of this mini bar, i was asked. mini bar, yes. >> that $8 snickers is worth it at midnht. >> good stuff. >> back to you. >> thank you so much. up next, more excitg news
8:40 am
this morning. we're launching a new series request womho rock. it will featu music stars inspiring artists. we brought in maren morris who mentor keyier ra brown. she sat down with brown and they discussed finding their voice in a male dominated industry. >> when i do i sessionss all guys. there's never girls in there. so what were some of yourqu techni when you were in the studio with all those guys? how did you, like, kind of hold your own? >> at the wbeginning, i really timid. i didn't know how to voice an opinion because i felt like i was either going to sound uneducated or like i was being too aggressive. you know, when it's your music, it's your song, you wrote the ng, your voice is going to be on the song. you have complete creative umbridge to voice your opinion. i have to be the final say a >> so obviously they had a very
8:41 am
interesting discussion. r theull video and more, go to and finally sweet willie j. >> willie's pregnant! >> it just looks that way. >> but you did open up with your recent interview with tracy moan at his home. tracy has some interesting things in his home office. >> as we're talking, we're sitting do there's a trophy case between us. and i look and i'm tlike,re's an emmy in there. i've done my home work. i know he was nominated. then there's an emmy, an oscar, and a heisman trophy. and i'm like, tray, what's going on with this? he said, it's america. moneyta s. >> is it true that his office is also modeled after the god
8:42 am
father's? >> yes. vito coeone's office in godfather. it's in his home. like, down to the shades and everything. he's got ate all all. >> does he have a horse's head in his bed? >> he does not. >> everybody lov willie so much. they're like, come inside my home. >> i'm surprised he didn't give you the i.c.heisman. >> i asked for it. he didn't give it to me. he's a blast. >>dylan, great job. take two was awesome. coming up next, el james is coming up. she's going to tell us about "the mister." but first this is "today this i.
8:43 am
8:44 am
and we are back with best-selling author el james, the master mind behind the "fifty shades of grey" phenomenon. >> the steamy series has sold more than 150 million copiesdw worle and the hit movies, of
8:45 am
course, have re ed in moran office.on at the box >> and now el james is introducing us to two new characters in a brand new love story in her latest novel "the mister."rn el, good ing. >> good morning. this is very elaborate. >> yes, we really set up the whole table here for you. because your new book actually takes place across england. >> itdoes. ea does, indeed. it's probably t time in england, so this is perfect. >> this is perfect. >> i hope the tea works for you. we've got finger sandwiches if you're hungry. we should point out this isro separate "shades of grey." >> absolutely. new characters. >> what can you tell us about them? >> it's a boy meets girl and shenanigans ensue sort of thing. he's fromhe upper crest in society and she isn't. she's a woman with mystery behind her. you know, they fall in love and stuff happens. >> how does it work? how long do you have these characters in your mind before you can really put them on paper
8:46 am
and tell the story? >> these two have been in my mind for a long, long atime. ong time. i wrote a rough draft way back in the day. but they came -- they've slowly come into focus over time. i had to go tolbania to really get a sense of this young woman because that's where she's from. it wasn't until i went there last march that she really, really came into focus for me. you've living with christian and anastasiya for a decade. they've made you a star around the world. 150 million copies o your books. >> it's staggering. i don't get it either. >> was it nice for you to step in a little bit different? >> it was reall -- it was refreshing to have a go with other people. they've been in my head for so long so it was great to get them down on the page. christian and ana are still in my head, so they haven't gone ay. but i have other characters in there as well.
8:47 am
so it's good to get them out of my head. so they're no longer in there. makes you a bit crazy. >> let's compare the two stories. how would you compare "the mister" to "fifty shades"? >> i think "the mister" is more cinderella and "fifty shades" is more beauty and the beast. there are silarities that both christian and max are wealthy. christian made his money but max hasn't. >> what dylan is really asking is would she have to take a cold shower after reading these books like after the others? >> hopefully. we'll see. there's some intimene mom in there. so yes, that hasn't gone away. k and do you thinhere will be a movie as well? >> we'll see. >> i suspect there may be. right? >> we'll see. we'll see. >> do we stillr get the racie scenes then? that's what you're saying? how do you get into the mind-set
8:48 am
when you w i have music i liste. i have various bits of music that g me in the mood. >> who do you listen to? >> the black eyed peas. there's a song called "sexy." and there's a version of "don't fear the reaper" on called pro sack f lovers. >> we have learnedhi so much t morning from el james. thank you so much. the new book is cald "the mister." fibo out more aut it on plus on, el takes keir simmons on a tour of some of the locations in the book. great to see you. >> thank you and thank you for having me.e >> andhould mention the fifty shades move views are produced by our sister company universal. we've got trainer to the stars tracy anderson. plus savannah and i are about to amaze with our get fito
8:49 am
dance routine. we hope. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
mousse ♪ we're back with our get fit weaver back with our get fit series. we all made new year's resolutions to get in shape. >> we divided interteams. remembthat? we were tackling specific goals. then we broke a sweat, felt the burn, and we tracked our progress along the way. >> reporter: high hopes for the new year. >> hoda and i are going to bike 1,00 >> our goal is to increaseur core strength and our flexibility. >> we're going to dance for 45 minutes. it's not going to >> reporte our track record was far from >> some of us are just a mom dancer. >> i can't touch my toes. can you? >> reporter: but we we motivated to get mov >> there they are! thelue team!
8:52 am
>> we kicked off our challenge in full >> danng into the new year. >> here's the big whammy. you will be performing a so far the big money is on hoda and al. >> reporter: our trainers put us right to work. >> dude, that is hard. >> it really hurts. >> al, nobody's b sweating us. >> yeah. >> reporter: wra tcked our progress. some of us more than others. >> get fit today. let's do it. >> reporter: hours of. practice >> five, six, seven, and eight. good job. you got that one. >> reporter: early wakeups. >> well, it's 4:40. walking to the gym. it's early.te >> reporr: and some friendly competition. >> she's going to win this. it. no mistake about >> reporter: as we all work toward one common goal. getting in shape for spring. okay, well, quick reminder the experts at men's and women's health create our training plans. how did we do? it's so cold it's hard to talk.
8:53 am
how did we do, liz? >> you did amazing. i'm so impress two of you did exceptionally well. there was one special team, right? >> i'd like to mention tracy anderson who was our teacher for our dances as well. >> what kind of students were the two of these? >> what i love about them is they came in truly wanting to challenge themselves. really not believing they could do it, but they had belief in themselves and positivity and a great attitude. they did it. i can't wait for you to see. >> i do sort of feel like it's recital.f the i hope we don't bomb it. >> i'm a proud mom. >> the only difference is there's several million people watching. so good lk with that. >> let me put my hair in barrettes. >> let's do . roll it. ♪ ♪ don't thiut abo it ♪ just move your body
8:54 am
ohisten to the music sing oh ♪ ♪ just move those left feet it ♪head get cra anyone can do ♪ sing oh oh ♪ show the world you've got that fire ♪ ♪ feel rhethm getting louder ♪ ♪ show the world what you can do ♪ ♪ prove to them you got the moves ♪ ♪ i don't know about you but i feel better when i'm dancing ♪ ♪ yeah yeah ♪better when i'm dancing ♪ yeah yeah ♪ oh we can do this together ♪ i bet y feel better when you're dancing yeah yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ when you finally let go you y that's yolo ♪ ♪ because youisc singing oh oh ♪ because you're confident babe ♪ ♪ you make your hs sway
8:55 am
♪ didn't know you could do it singing oh oh ♪ ♪ show the world you got that fire ♪ ♪yire bab ♪ feel the rhythm getting louder ♪ ♪ show the world what you can do ♪ ♪ prove to them y got the moves ♪ ♪ i don't know about you but i feel better when i'm dancing ♪ ♪ yeah yeah ♪ better when i'm dancingea ♪ y yeah ♪ oh we can do this together ♪ i bet you feel better when you're dancing ♪ ♪h yea yeah ♪ ♪ i feel better when i'm dancing ♪ ♪ i'm better when i'm dancing ♪ hey oh oh
8:56 am
♪ i feel better when i'm dancing yeah yeah ♪ ♪ better when i'm daning yeah yeah ♪ ♪ don't you know ♪ we can do this together ♪ bet you feel better when you're dancing ♪ ♪ yeah yeah ♪ >> you killed it, ladies! liz, tracy, va van that. jenn 8:56 is your time now on this tuesday, april 16th, 2019. good morning, everybody. yang.n right now let's check on that morning commute with melissa mollet and yourirst 4 traffic. >> outer loop here at university, still looking typical volumewise. potomac southbound falls crash
8:57 am
there. and take a look fairfax station. fairfax county parkway northbound at burke center. a crash blocking the left lane. >> thank you. we'll take a break now and check cyour forecast when wee back. stay with us. fast, reliable internet is crucial. does it every go down? yes. can't do my job. business grinds to a halt. our gig-speed network not only downloads files up to 20 times faster, we go beyond fast with 4g backup for complete reliability. so if the unexpected happens... (snaps fingers) you stay up and running. we lost power... but not to that. i want that. (laughing) for a limited time get fast, reliable internet for a low price. call now. comcast business. beyond fast.
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well, temperatures out there right now warming right on up. 50snd 40s out there on our way to 70 degrees today. it's going to be beautiful. few more clo as we increase through the afternoon and evening. passing shower north of d.c. tomorrow. temperatures right around 70 if you're southouf d.c. yl be dry. stray shower possible on thursday. warm temperatures around 80. severe weather possible on friday with storms and showers in the afternoon. >> all right, lauryn. thank you. get the latest ns any time in the nbc washington app.
9:00 am
live from sdio 1a in rockefeller plaza this is the third hour of "today." >> and good morning everybody. i'm al along with sheinelle, dylan. we also have our friend nbc news correspondent anne thompson here. we will be alking about the news out of paris. historic notre dame cathedral. drag is where. wel talk to him as well. before that, we just got some great news in our "today" show family our colleague hoda kotb has a new addition to her family. take a look. >> are you there? >> oh, i'm here. hi, guys! >> toet you have somng to tell us? >> yes, i do.


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